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SmartNews: US Breaking News

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SmartNews: US Breaking News App

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 25+ million readers in 100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now. SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more. *** Reviews: “Better than Feedly or Flipboard. Love it!” Jack C. “Much better than the new version of Apple News.” - Polidoc “Been using Google News but this is better. Much easier to share.” Eddie H. “Literally one of the best news apps… It ranks with the likes of BBC News.” -lightspeed12 “Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.” - CNET *** Features: Breaking News Notifications for breaking news stories. Trusted News 250+ top US & World news publications. Offline News Fetch trending news and read news offline. *** Awards: - Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple - Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google


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SmartNews: US Breaking News app reviews

  • Can’t Choose Sources 1/5

    By Bdubbya
    Just another aggregator that chooses what it thinks you should be reading right up front. Update: Apparently this is by design. Looking elsewhere.
  • About President Trump 1/5

    By Pookiedoodle7
    I know that this News site is extremely Liberal Left in its “think tank”—It’s truly SAD that this site makes “Trump Supporters” out to be sub-human in nature—Have you people ever noticed that the Conservative Right RARELY criticizes the Left, unless it’s “warranted”, i.e. Hillary Clinton’s self-destroyed emails & texts????
  • News in a nutshell.... 5/5

    By sallyinnebraska
    Really enjoy keeping up with the news, bit by bit. Hopefully you will never have any of the orange ones “fake news”
  • Don’t fall for it. 1/5

    By Nicknameisallreadytaken
    I downloaded because they claimed balance. 50/50 from liberal and conservative sources they said. Nothing but one Trump hit piece after another.
  • Best news app period 5/5

    By Audiojames
    Fast, comprehensive and easy to use. Get it.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Mruiz13904
    Love the feed you can get. Never crashes like other news app. Easy Customizable
  • Used to be a great app, now it’s good 4/5

    By Mista Bb8
    SmartNews claims they don’t present fake news on their app and they seem to be trying to keep that promise. Good follow-up on fake news stories that I’ve sent them for review.
  • Completely biased anti trump 1/5

    By MusicOne!
    ***RESPONSE TO DEVELOPERS REPLY. That’s a lame canned response. So you are admitting that the default is to have biased left news and if we would like we can customize so it’s more balanced! Wow. Why not make it balanced and neutral like you claim it is? You not at all what you claim to be and unbiased. I was hoping it would be not be another source that is biased left or right but by default it was showing mostly anti trump stories. Just want news that is not picked to support your side whether left or right or otherwise. This was another news aggregator favoring their “side”. Deleted ...
  • News 5/5

    By Erbella
    I enjoy very much to read your news.
  • Stale News Stories 2/5

    By Schachtw
    Obsolete articles - I’ve seen the same stories for days on end. Terrible
  • Needs a control panel 4/5

    By Smc617
    I love this app, but for whatever reason it holds all news sources as equal. Clickhole appears but can’t be removed. The onion is in the real news tab. And it started showing me infowars articles that I can’t remove. Awesome at first until the algorithm imposes it’s will on you.
  • Smart News 5/5

    By Jaferd
    Smart News is a great app that lets me scan the major new stories from multiple sources quickly. I use it every day.
  • Hopeless 1/5

    By Al Havemann
    Pop-ups, autoplaying videos, pictures with sound, you name it all covering text of just about any topic make it impossible to read anything. Some of the videos have nothing to do with article and there’s no way to stop them or close them after they start. They sit on top of everything blocking any attempt To read. I finally killed off most of them only after enabling 6 different blockers and disabling JavaScript. That helped some but left black boxes instead of the videos, still couldn’t close them however so it was a hopeless exercise. Deleted the app, won’t load it again
  • Same old fake news stuff 1/5

    By Garyjap4
    I think it’s a branch of cnn and the rest of the fake news outlets.
  • Confirmed: Totally Biased and Ad Heavy 1/5

    By Dusty Streets
    This app continues to go downhill. It doesn't promote real news anymore, but rather the sensational, opinionated crap that we all have to endure now. Most notifications are now politically biased alerts. As an example, one notification might say: "Despicable Roy Moore tries to escape his life of pedophilia." But another notification says: "Respected Senator Al Franken apologized for his off-witted prank that occurred while he was a comedian and before he ever ran for office." See the difference? Totally biased. It certainly isn't "smart" news. It's a link that takes you to biased, opinion articles. And the links you follow will be heavily saturated with advertisements, which completely ruin the experience. I'd give 0 stars if possible.
  • Scam advertisements ! 1/5

    By Late cause of you!
    Enough said people that have the ap know what I’m talking about. :-(
  • Go to News 5/5

    By C-F-H
    Large selection. Easy to navigate. Favorite to put all my sources in one place.
  • Libertarian 3/5

    By Johncbsr1
    I’m going to try this until I catch them in a lie.
  • Best news app 5/5

    By Bunz510
    Love it..
  • All-in-1 4/5

    By itsNoyon
    Very useful. Keep it up.
  • My ‘Go-To’ News Site 5/5

    By SharleneT
    I like variety in my daily news. I have tried many apps, but this one is my #1 choice. I love the topic tabs that allows me to hop to different stories. This is my ‘Go-To’ News site.
  • Just for Me!! 1/5

    By bnlpeacock22
    Update 11/14/17: Hi Jess! I have been long pressing and reporting concern for articles since your review response. Just today, long pressed four (4) "Just For You" Kardashian articles. Still broke. 11 articles in Top News. 77 under Just For You. I was interested in the same number under each section. Just 4. Your algorithm is wrong. Clickbait!!
  • Liberal Bias 1/5

    By A0663754
    The choice of articles for the “Top” section is getting old. There’s usually 2 or 3 from CNN and several more from other extreme leftist websites. There’s never more than 1 from Fox and I really don’t think they source articles from any other conservative sites. If they do, I’ve never seen them.
  • This is not news 1/5

    By Side FX
    As long as CNN and others of the likes is on here, it’s news mixed with fake news. Give of news not your point of view!
  • Liberal fake news sources 2/5

    By Asphalt7 Man
    Too many fake news sources!
  • Fakes News Stories Not Appreciated 1/5

    By TAMiles
    I have been using SmartNews for a few weeks and have already noticed a number of Fake News stories that are unacceptable. One was about President Obama acting out during jury duty, another about Kimmel urging sign ups for TrumpCare. Very disappointed since I initially felt it was fair and honest coverage for a moderate like myself that is still searching for balance coverage.
  • Great little news app 5/5

    By VeeBeeL
    Definitely a good find!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By BronxLady001
    I was appalled to see an obviously fake article from ClickHole on Smart News today. Until now, I considered this a worthwhile app. No more.
  • Great app with one flaw 5/5

    By The Dude is taken
    I love this app. Way better than apple news app which I never use. Smart News is probably in my top 5 most used apps. But it has a major flaw. You need the ability to block news from certain sites. Too much fringe “news.”
  • Nothing but another liberal funnel of misinformation 1/5

    By Duck Octopus
    This app. places you squarely under the waterfall of the liberal media with no positive conservative voices making the cut in whatever algorithm they use to aggregate their sources. No balance... just story after story that spins positive for liberals and negative for conservatives. Even the title of this app. smacks of the arrogant lens through which liberals often perceive themselves... “smart!” Clearly “smart”news is whatever liberals believe and everyone with an opposing point of view is dumb.
  • The perfect app if you think Taylor Swift is important news. 2/5

    By Live Moar
    The app is ok, but 1/10 stories is about Taylor Swift. Let’s have some filters so we can skip the garbage.
  • Add Filters 3/5

    By Red_Liner
    Lot of good news Lot of bad biased news I would like to filter out news feed say from CNN, NewWeek, etc. remove the feeds i do not want to see I would like to filter out news feeds from people like the Al Franken; he does not interest Add these filters; this would truly be a Smart News app Also; i would like to Group my news feeds into categories i make;
  • Great news resource!!! 5/5

    By Seemesea
    Great news at your finger tip!
  • Right Up There With Fishdom App! 5/5

    By Ihave333tried44all!!
    Comprehensive, simple to use. And fun. There’s even a Twitter tie. Thank you!
  • More Bull 1/5

    By lonngooch
    With all the news today, "SmartNews" thought an important news story to share with me was about a transgender black in Minnesota winning an electron. How does a story about people supporting someone with a mental illness running for office make fire a smart story? Pathetic. More Bull.
  • Clean and Easy 5/5

    By EthiopianPrince
    Best meta-news app I have used thus far with just the right amount of content, but more if you like. Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Bias apparent 1/5

    By RichL6014
    Just saw a blatant example of app developers' bias on the app. Two totally different headlines about the president feeding koi with Japan's president Abe. SmartNews makes it appear that the president is a moron when it comes to feeding fish. The Guardian headline makes it clear that President Trump was following Abe's lead. Click on the misleading headline but get the real story. Thanks for pretending to care about bias! Subtle but effectively misleading: UNINSTALLED!
  • Captain Savior 5/5

    By Savior Savior
    Hi Dear It firstly time I take a look In future I value your sit and give further Details but it seem to me you mad a great progress I admire your taste Thanks for your initiative You made wonderful. Amazing UniQue Truly your CaptainMK769 Savior Savior Good luck I wish to touch & get 1000,000,000$ In life
  • Left leaning 1/5

    By Frankandearnest
    Was really hoping for something. with balance , alas this is not it, same left-leaning pipeline as the Apple news feed. Will be deleting, disappointing.
  • World News 4/5

    By ReadCL
    Seems like the World News feed shows either a) news from the world about the US, or b) news from the US about the world. I prefer to see actual world news. Otherwise, it’s a great app, although it tends to lean slightly conservative.
  • Addicted to SmartNews 5/5

    By Maria Tizon
    Edited this review as it turns out SmartNews is smarter than me. I had requested a local news tab and, as it turns out, there is one. Of course, I have another request. I love this news app. I’d like to see four things. 1. A book reviews tab. Best seller lists. Writer news. That sort of thing. 2. The ability to search stories. 3. The ability to block. If I don’t want to see another thing about (insert anything here... Trump, Kevin Spacey, etc.) it would be lovely to blot it out with a quick and easy block feature. 4. Apple Watch app. Pretty please enable my addiction to your news app with ability to read on my watch. Thank you!!!
  • The best of its kind. 5/5

    By Kentucky barber boy
    My favorite news app of all time (I've had a LOT). Great variety in sources. The app functions flawlessly. It's very intuitive to customize and navigate. Kudos to the developers.
  • Good site 5/5

    By pjkoko
    Very nice assortment of good news sources
  • 100% liberal and far left left news on “for you” tab 1/5

    By RTSchramm
    Like YouTube, Apple News reader, and many other news reader, all news is filtered to give only liberal and far left opinionated news. Like the Apple News app you can select the type of news you prefer, but your selections are meaningless, you still get the news the liberal developers want you to read on the first page of the apps. Even within the subjects you select you still get news from sources you didn’t select. Another alarming issue is when you fact check each article on the first page of both this app and the Apple new app, only 25% of the articles were even remotely based on fact; a majority of the news was merely “here say” or conjecture! Many of the articles had serious spelling and grammatical errors as well. I’m not looking for a 100% conservative News app as there are many dedicated conservative apps; I just want a news app with articles based on facts, not opinions, lies, conjecture, and click bait tactics!
  • Wonderful for those on limited internet data plans 5/5

    By Electric unicorn
    12-2-2017 1st review of this app. Great app with a bunch of news "channels" that provide the user with many news items that can't be covered with only 1 news app source. This app really shines in that they are a truly apolitical news agency that helps you gets fair coverage from all valid view points on each political subject. Very helpful for those that don't have a bunch of space for a whole bunch of apps (looking at you 16 gb iOS devices). Aside from the variety of provider channels you can customize your alerts feed with this app has a smart mode that I found really helpful in areas where Internet was spotty and slow when working at all. This app is one of my bare bones installs on each iOS device I own that it supports. Of the other 5 2 are built into the iOS source code (iMessage and FaceTime). The other 3 are lightning, pollen, and severe storm weather trackers designed for my local home area by programmers that know both the law and the legal matter.
  • Opinion as news isn’t news 2/5

    By devinhedge
    I’m seeing the following things: 1. Can’t choose topics I care about. (Entertainment? Uh... no.) 2. A large number of “news” pieces are opinion/analysis disguised as news coverage. That isn’t news: that’s spin. The design isn’t half bad. Just the content stinks. And it’s about the content, isn’t it?
  • Pop up ads ! 2/5

    By Scrall1
    I love the news in this format but the pop up ads are killing me here. Can I pay to get rid of this BS?
  • Sickening 1/5

    By Dkwmejcnxndnend
    I clicked on an article of a young girl getting kid napped. When I tried watching the video to see if I could identify the kidnapper, I was forced to watch a long ad. 10 cents is more important that a young girls life to you? Your company is pathetic and should feel just as guilty as that trash kidnapper. Don't be so greedy.
  • Pop up ads? Really? 1/5

    By skylardvs
    This would be a great app without the garbage that pops up while you're trying to read an article, and won't go away unless you press the button they want you to push. I'll choose my own button: Uninstall.
  • Not Essential, mostly pointless 1/5

    By Ouch327!
    Like the “Smart View” load while off-line feature, but the idea that you are getting a curated, or select view is false. Full of “click bate” features. Junk stories... etc. Seems to be no way to limit feed to stories you might actually care about. Too bad. Clearly had potential, but those smart algorithms don’t work.

SmartNews: US Breaking News app comments


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