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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Monkey
  • Compatibility: Android
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Smileychat App

Smileychat is a fun way to create chat rooms for your friends to text, draw and play games — it’s kinda like Pictochat except for iPhone! How does it work? 1) Create a new chat room 2) Share the invite link with friends 3) Wait for them to join 4) Have fun chatting Pro tip: Attach your chat room’s invite link to your Snapchat story so all your friends can quickly join! Disclaimer: Smileychat is not affiliated with Nintendo.


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  • Offer option to remove a chat 4/5

    By aovoxo
    Really cool idea and awesome throwback I love it! Can you make it so you can delete a chat? I don’t want to turn off my notifications because I have chats I want to be a part of but I hate getting constant notifications for a chat that I don’t care about.
  • Names 4/5

    By Tvddyyghnhgf
    Let us choose our names
  • wow that's really great. 5/5

    By Koriekat148
    wow this app is really life changing🤰. i feel like i'm in a whole new world like aladdin and jasmine🌎🐉. can't wait for you to chat it up like its 2007💂🏼‍♀️! woot woot🕺🏼!
  • Some notes 3/5

    By amgiemurr
    I REALLY LOVE IT But I think some good improvements might be the ability to delete your Chatrooms and the ability to leave a Chatroom without having to exit the app, then again I’m probably just not able to figure it out if it does have that feature :P
  • Rainbow Pen 4/5

    By Chloelynn_p
    This app is so cool and brings back so many memories, but im having trouble trying to use the rainbow pen. I would type 5 rainbow emojis but nothing happens. And after i updated, when i would try to send non-drawings it would just delete what i typed
  • Cool as hell like my 3ds 5/5

    By Hatsunemikuchris
    Awesome chat as good as my 3ds was brings back memories
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By spencerbwaite
    The only thing I can really see to improve this is make it available for Android as well so my poor lowly friends not on Apple can use it too
  • Great but could use improvement 3/5

    By Snnsnsnabkememe
    Lots of things could be improved, like adding profile summaries like on the DS!! Maybe some keyboard improvements and emoji reskins to look like the old chat? Just incorporating more features from the old pic to chat basically. Also there’s no notification overlays on the apps icon which is kinda odd
  • Jessica 🌈💙 5/5

    By kate 🌈
    my friends were so happy to hear that this app existed but since they had androids, they were sad and disappointed that it wasn’t available for them :( pls make it available for all android users! xox 💙💞
  • deserves 5 but 4/5

    By Judieith
    are we going to be able to edit our names ? It’s a good concept but I really want to edit my name and that bothers me bc it’s hard to tell who’s in the chat
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Himypie
    When I first found this app i literally screamed. I still have my DS and I will always remember the days of pictochat. Thank you so much for creating this app! Keep on improving 👍
  • Fun Throwback 4/5

    By lil bil'
    My friends and I really enjoy this! Aside from not having colors, this app is a cute throwback! I hope this comes out on andriod sometime in the future!!
  • !!! 5/5

    By Meg 💘
    So much fun, throwback to Elementary days. I wish there was a way to meet & talk to new people :) But Overall Love It! 💖
  • Add This To Other Phones 5/5

    By Someone 13😡
    it’s a 10/10 app but i have friends who have like Moto phones and Samsung. so please add this to all phones!
  • good but 4/5

    By SpnTeamDestiel
    Why can’t we change our usernames?
  • Names? 4/5

    By 9801Stefan
    I wish i could choose my name
  • Works well 2/5

    By Lis la luz
    I love this app, but maybe a friends function would be great. Other than that this really takes me back to the days when me and my friends would doodle on this nonstop. Edit: Also maybe a feature where we can zoom into the drawing box and an eraser feature? Its hard to scribble such a tiny area
  • Extremely nostalgiac 5/5

    By Asksndjqisnqdoaxmajsksn
    A great way to chat with friends all while remembering pictochat
  • there’s no way this is real 5/5

    By Nikkit 24
    back in my school if you used pictochat you were popular. I was popular. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAA
  • Nostalgia 5/5

    By AvrgMeme
    I love you for making this but make android for my android user friends pls thank lol
  • Improvements 4/5

    By Chauncdy
    You should be able to do this within imessage. So instead of going to the app, you can just do it in the default imessage app for iphone. More people would download this. Great app though.
  • The CUTEST app 5/5

    By YunieShe
    Love it
  • I love it! But 5/5

    By HollywoodAngelx
    But it would be cool if you added a feature to let me change my own icon color! Blue is okay but it’s not my favorite thanksss I love the app
  • Cool 4/5

    By Itsnotkelleigh
    Kinda glitchy but otherwise rly good. Childhood memories coming back like crazy dude😅😅 having a bluetooth option or a way to connect through wi-fi might also be cool!!💖
  • So nostalgic !! 5/5

    By E.v.e.s
    This is such a great app! It would be really cool if you were able to drag letters onto the text box rather than just typing though!
  • A+ 10/10 best app 2017 4/5

    By concerned samsung user
    I love the app but my phone is a Samsung and I (along with a few of my friends) can’t download it there. I don’t know how it works but eventually could it be added there as well?
  • amazing wonderful spectacular fantastic splendid unique incredible 5/5

    By lolnothnks
    im honestly in love with this its so much better than having to carry around my dsi all the time
  • Awesome ! 4/5

    By Gina Vidal
    Really awesome app. So adorable and makes me feel like a kid again. Only thing is maybe choosing usernames ? But other than that it’s lovely :)
  • Love it!!!!! 4/5

    By Brahbroom
    Its so goood but i wish it had more ds features, like pixel emojis, local chats (group a, b, etc.), more drawing features, and the ability to /drag/ characters onto the screen somehow Honestly i may be too picky but i want it to someday look ~exactly~ like the ds. Its so fun and nostalgic tho!! 💛💛💛
  • YESS 5/5

    By Nyan Cat123abc
    i saw this from a Instagram post that got over 13,000 likes and i needed to get it. I hope this app gets a lot more attention!
  • great start but... 4/5

    By the most loving review ❤️
    i've been waiting for an app like this to come out for SO long and im happy it's finally here! it's a great start for being such a new app, but here are some update ideas for the future, to make it a little more like the old game we knew and loved so much :) •you should add an undo button for doodles or an eraser, not just delete the whole thing at once! •you should be able to send doodles and text at the same time! •you should make a custom keyboard for the app, so you can drag letters and emojis wherever you want on the board •you should be able to change your color •you should be able to delete rooms, i've been having to delete and reinstall the app to get rid of unwanted rooms Thanks so much for making this, I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out in the future!
  • love it but i want more friends 5/5

    By nbonilhad
    best app ever!!! i need more friends though can you make a option where you can search for chat groups and join them? you can make it public or private and it will be so cool 😃
  • Good, could improve a lot 4/5

    By 41739628483
    This is a very good concept for an app and the app is pretty good, but it could use some improvement. Suggestions: Button to exit out of a chat and return to the menu Larger drawing area Some sort of friends system Place-able emoji stickers Undo button for drawing Different pen and eraser thickness options
  • Internet 2/5

    By starfox00743
    Does this require internet access?

    By conradsam
    honestly, yea. I do too.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By smolperidot
    Overall good app but I think you should add some pixel emojis or the rainbow pen feature! Also we should be able to change our name from the random one the app gives
  • Just send out a cool update. 4/5

    By ColdSummerNight
    If this app can get pixelated emojis just a few to start, create your name, choose color text blocks, upload into the chat like send videos and pics then this app will be so cool
  • my longest yeah boi ever 5/5

    By 😜😃❤🎀😆
    i didn’t know i needed this until now. just needs a rainbow pen.
  • Nostalgia 5/5

    By Owl freak800
    Very fun to use after all these years!!! Only request is that you add more customization and features from the original picto chat. I'm so happy this exists thank you. Also, please release for other phones like androids so ALL my friends can join in!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By E84468
    I️ love this app but one thing you should add is customizing your name.
  • genuine love 4/5

    By jjthebasedgod
    really nice HAS TERRIBLE GLITCHES PLEASE FIX xoxo thanks
  • Great app but 4/5

    By music1469
    Add the ability for us to change our name colors anddd Rainbow pen + different pen sizes
  • Android Accessibility + Pictochat Features 4/5

    By Kyle Oliva
    Make this available in Google Play Store NOW! Also, add the rainbow text and allow for symbol keyboards or copy+paste feature! Otherwise, it’s a lovely app. Thanks x
  • nostalic 4/5

    By Sassy iPod
    i love this app. it brings back my pictochat memories. however, it glitches a lot especially after i use an emoji. it needs a back button, color customization, and the little emojis pictochat had. :)
  • BLUETOOTH? 1/5

    By hello*g
    I want this to be like a real DS where you make a group chat based on who’s around you or in the area. Right now it’s not really anything special. Maybe use airdrop or something?
  • Could use some improvements 4/5

    By beeweed
    this app is good af. brings back memories. but it’d be nice if you can choose a username, give more options with drawing such as color, and landscape mode. other than that, good job, my man
  • Rainbow Pen!!!! 5/5

    By Matt52XD
    Great app! But I want the rainbow pen! Lol
  • It's alright 3/5

    By Gndstvcs
    It has a ways to go, but it's a good start. Maybe make the text box a bit bigger? Also the ability to change your username would be nice, along with some functions pictochat had. I think I remember being able to change the color of the words that you would write. All in all, it's a fun app to have in a group of friends.
  • 11/10 5/5

    By djhdjdkdjs
    reminds me of pictochat i love it
  • Nice to have 4/5

    By 😸gabbycat😸
    This is cool. I like the picto chat from the ds theme, but there is no back button.... *add a back button

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