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Snapchat App

Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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  • IHSC 1/5

    By zigggss
    I hate the new up date because I can't post my videos that are over 10 seconds 😡😡
  • Good 4/5

    By ValduggeryisOTP
    I've used snapchat for a long time now, I really like it. it frequently crashes though
  • Front flash 1/5

    By Terrible Update ‼️‼️‼️
    Bug or something, front flash goes from bright to dim. Fix.
  • App crash 2/5

    By Emmanuelsin
    It keeps crashing when I open the app I keep deleting and re downloading the app and I'm tired of doing that.
  • Saving pictures to camera roll that were shared via chat 5/5

    By Skoonce08
    Great app, but it would be nice to have the ability to save pictures to your phone that were shared via chat. You can save them in the chat but have to view them on Snapchat. So an update with that feature would be nice. :)
  • Snapchat change 2/5

    By Montanatrav
    I had an 150 day streak with my best friend and the next day it was gone even though we snap chatted the day before all day😕 I contacted snapchat but they haven't responded to me or fixed it!
  • New update 4/5

    By Amillylove178
    I feel like we should have live for Snapchat that will be so much more better. a lot of snap chatter will enjoy this update please make it possible!
  • FIX PLEASE 1/5

    By Optimusrichh
    Guys, I can't post a video more than 20 seconds long anymore ?????? I use to be able to post videos up to one minute long now I can't even post a video 20 seconds long ????? Please don't lose a daily user.. Fix this issue please😩😩😩😩
  • Story 2/5

    By Babyjayyyyyyyy
    You used to be able to post a story longer than 10sec. Now you can't 🙄
  • Saving other people's stories 4/5

    By Destiny Santos
    I wish you can save videos from peoples stories, but don't notify them that you saved the video!
  • App doesn't work properly 1/5

    By JSONBourn
    App keeps crashing
  • It needs an update or something 1/5

    By CzarinaBruh
    This app needs an update or something because it kept on crashing. I tried re-downloading it but now it won't even let me redownload it..
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Ilene__29999
    My app keeps on crashing ever since I updated it please fix soon
  • Hourglass glitch 3/5

    By SG name
    Please fix the glitch where the hourglass won't go away the hourglass keeps coming even if I just sent a snap and doesn't go away until I log out and log back in.
  • Update 1/5

    By rufio22
    Still having issues even with the newest Snapchat update on 4/24/17 . Snap chat keeps closing unexpectedly and I'm not able to reopen it unless I uninstall reinstall 😩
  • Terrible 1/5

    By One star mike
    Please bring back the option to face swap w pics off ur camera roll
  • Fun app but... 3/5

    By Poopapotomus
    The politically charged news adds have got to go... I didn't download this app for a leftist brainwash session.
  • Snaps in low light are unforgivably bad 2/5

    By Zach H.
    My phone from ten years ago takes pictures with less noise.
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️ 1/5

    By Bad bishh😂
    Fix the camera quality . Blurry (rear front cameras) videos (iPhone 6) with & without emojis . Flash doesn't work it's bright then it takes off 😒. The beautify filter effect is ugly with the eye thingy. & snapchat drains a lot of battery & memory 😒
  • Drains my battery/: 3/5

    By Wazw
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Brianna_poof
    Love Snapchat but I've logged out of my Snapchat and logged back in and my saved photos were DELETED. Could you guys fix this.
  • Version 1/5

    By Baseball Orioles09
    I go into my snapchat and it takes me out. The app crashes every time I open it.
  • Not updating 1/5

    By Jrich101299
    I just updated my phone to iOS 10.3.1 and my Snapchat won't load at all. I can't even delete the app and re download it. It just says waiting underneath and won't update or load or do anything.
  • Update Idea! 5/5

    By Hhifdgvdffcvyhcgv
    It would be ideal if Snapchat could make a button where you can save snaps people send to you directly to your memories, but the sender can enable or disable (for all of us who praise sending double-chin selfies) this feature before they send the snap. Thanks so much for your time:)
  • frustrated😐 2/5

    By Kerina😊
    Snapchat is a app i use DAILY & by far this is the WORST update !!! Now we are unable to upload videos past 15secs ? what sense does that make!!! please fix it
  • oml 🤦🏽‍♀️ 4/5

    By Litt asf
    we can't post videos longer than 10 sec .. nor add it to my eyes only .. like i'm about to get a new phone and i want to save my videos and i move it there so i can just transfer it when i get a new phone to my camera roll .. please fix asap !!!! ALSO make a button to save videos :)
  • Please fix this 2/5

    By i💓Taliajoy🙏
    I can't post videos from my gallery to Snapchat any more! Please fix this I used to post one minute videos then it will cut them to 10 seconds each and I loved that! But with this update I can't even post videos any more fix this update please smh how are y'all trying to improve Snapchat if this app is getting less than 5 stars? Smh
  • My fav app 5/5

    By sarahsgs
    I love everything about it ❤️❤️❤️
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Reddy_76280
    Good quility except that the person can add us and we dont have to add them that means they can see our stuff unless we block them idk if that makes since but ya ok there ya go
  • Useless 1/5

    By Alexchgz
    It will not let me add any friends and when i tried deleting and reinstalling the app It will not even let me log in anymore. Snapchat is dead!
  • ❤️ 4/5

    By Xoxo_.gymnast
    i love this app sooooo much i spend most of my time on it. the only thing i wish i could change about this app is usernames. i hate the username i have, but snapchat doesn't give you the option to change it. i don't want to loose any streaks or go through the trouble of adding everyone on a new account. so if snapchat could give you an option to change your username that would be great.
  • its messing up rn. 4/5

    By Madaubby
    I usually love snapchat, but recently my friend emojis haven't been working. The people on my bestfriend list do not all have the emoji for "on your best friend list" by their names. Some even have the emoji for "your on their bestfriend list but they aren't on yours" by them. Which makes no sense because they've been on my bestfriend list for about 2 weeks and are number 2. People that aren't on my list have the bestfriend emoji by their name.
  • Chat keeps glitching out 4/5

    By The-Mighty-Quinn
    I love the new chat update. But the only thing is, it's always bugging out. Every time it bugs out I log off of the app and try it again but it'll just keep doing it. Please fix this. I love Snapchat just hate how the chat has so many bugs
  • Improve 3/5

    By Cpickron
    So my Snapchat sometimes just won't let me send pictures to people, like snaps. It will let me send in the chat feature but not snaps. It says it won't send but I have connection and it will let me do anything else in the app accept send snaps
  • Poor Backup 3/5

    By Kittiezagg
    I already don't have enough space on my phone so I turned off the "save snaps to phone automatically" switch. So I am concerned that snapchat does not have an archive of all my snaps. So the ones I saved to my phone, I can import but snaps that I didn't save are no where to be found. That's half of my snap memories gone. And where to? I can't just keep saving all of them to my phone. I will run out of space. Snapchat needs a better memory/photo archive like Instagram has. If you're upgrading might as well upgrade this too.
  • Snapchat's Awesome, But... (and one other thing) 4/5

    By Sophia G😍
    I love snapchat. The only things that I don't like about it is 1) anyone can add you, even if you don't know them. There should be a request thing where someone has to be approved. 2) We should be able to change our usernames. 3) Maybe make group FaceTime calls. It's an idea, but it might work. Overall, snap is the best! Also, to the people complaining about the cameras being blurry, it's YOUR device, not snapchat's fault. Stop complaining about it!
  • Good, but not enough options. 4/5

    By Iharv
    Why can't groups have more than 16 people??? Also, I would love it if they made it optional to disable the Snapchat news tabs because they are INCREDIBLY stupid and annoying.
  • Going live on Snapchat 5/5

    By Lilnyana
    I thought it would very Dope if we could go live on Snapchat,and add more filters.thank you
  • Great app but 2 suggestions 5/5

    By Am-ber
    I love this app but i would also love to be able to change my username! i made mine a long time ago and i no longer like it. i would also really love to be able to customize vibrations for certain people so i know if i want to answer or not
  • Why?!? 1/5

    By Rottwiler102
    Every time I open the app it just crashes. Like really?!? Snapchat's my favorite freaking app.
  • Hey 5/5

    By nxx0ne
    Okay so this isn't that big of a deal but it'd be a greatly appreciated thing of you to do. Will you please bring back the 'rainbow puke' filter and the 'pink dear' filter back as well? Especially 'rainbow Puke' because I paid for it when this app was like brand new
  • Notifications 2/5

    By Sashamariekillon
    Ever since I updated I'm not getting notifications anymore. I have to go into the app just to see if someone snapped me 😒
  • When will you guys listen??? 3/5

    By Shad0wMast3r38
    Liberal Discover Stories: CNN, Washington Post, Economist (least biased), Now This, etc, everything bashing my beliefs Conservative Discover Stories: None, 0, Nada I deleted this app around November because i was done with those stories bashing my beliefs (also because its a data waster) i came back, and i thought there could be an option to let me see discover stories I want to see, nope, clickbait liberal titles put in my face once again... Last, not everyone of us has unlimited data, i feel Discover is just taking up more data, i noticed that most of my data usage comes from Snapchat, though i usually enter once a day to see what BS CNN posts and criticize what details they are missing and deal with my streaks, like boy, i use Instagram more but it still manages to go below snapchat on data usage...
  • The new update isn't worth it 1/5

    By I'm very angry refund now
    The new update won't let you post videos from your camera roll to your story anymore, which is what I usually do. It's a real inconvenience, do not update.
  • Add 3/5

    By New Jersey Tay
    Videos should be at least 20 seconds long. Also there should be a select all button because what if us users want to send something to all of our snapchat friends at the same time instead of having to click the names one by one.
  • awesome!! 5/5

    By tidalwaveem
    Snapchat is so great!! I love this app because it's unlike other social media apps. You can send a picture or message to one person or everyone who follows you. You can even have groups, like group chats! I love the fact that as soon as the person opens your picture or message, they can only replay it once before it disappears, which makes it really private and you don't have to worry about people reposting your photos or posting your pictures all over the internet. There are also stories, which are pictures or videos that you can post so that everyone who follows you can see it. Stories last 24 hours after you post them. I love all the fun filters and stickers that you can put on photos! The filters change often and there are also geofilters, which are filters that say where you are. They're so cool and I love putting them on my photos!! I also love the streak system. When two people Snapchat each other every day, they get a streak, which is a number of the days you have been Snapchatting in a row. If you respond later than 24 hours after the last snap has been sent, you will lose your streak. :( Overall, I think Snapchat is a really great private app that you can still communicate with your friends!! If you are not allowed to get social media apps such as Instagram, you may be able to use this app!
  • Snapchat is life 5/5

    By KsLx
    My camera replacement 🤣
  • Good App! But... 2/5

    By Youtuber💯
    This app drains my battery so much, it became a problem. I decided to delete this app due to the insane battery drainage. I would definitely re download this app if the battery issue could be fixed.
  • No longer able to post certain videos from camera roll 3/5

    By Mylerkcbryde
    I used to be able to post long videos on Snapchat up to 1 minute long but now you can't post a video from your camera roll that's longer than 10 seconds. Please bring the ability to post longer videos back 😩
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Coltb7
    This version just started making my snapchat crash.

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