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Snapchat App

Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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  • Make a live!!!! 5/5

    By Hannahmack7771 -my Snapchat
    I think it would be amazing if you made a live for Snapchat, would prob be much better than Instagram live, other than this suggestion, love the all... great way to connect with people
  • URGENT ‼️‼️‼️‼️ 5/5

    By mattalexanderx
    Update snap so we can play music via Bluetooth‼️‼️‼️ it's long over due‼️ I'm sure we can all agree‼️‼️‼️
  • Current Update 4/5

    By qtpie248
    Each of your recent updates have made the app work worse and worse.. I no longer get the notification icon on my app, even though it is turned on in the app and in my iPhone settings.. also it will send me a banner that I have a snapchat, and when I go into the app to open it, it takes about 7 minutes (or recently it took 3 hours!) to show that I had a snap inside the app and go let me open it.... please fix these bugs!!
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By Kaiden Greene
    I love Snapchat so much and I love all the new updates so far. I suggest an option to add a second account for friends to use without having to log out of your own account 😍
  • Love Snapchat but 3/5

    By Mmmmmmmmmmmmmtttttttttttttttt
    I love Snapchat but ever since the update of today I've been having a hard time sending message and I have full connection to wifi and my data turned on for the app
  • Died from how good this app is. 5/5

    By Soms31
    Everyone in here needs to stop dissing snapchat. They don't understand how hard it is to make an app like this. I made a 2d game on the computer and it was hard. Imagine how hard it is to create this. And I get it you want to look back but it's not their fault for making it this way. Some people don't want to save chats. I hate that you guys keep saying Stuff but you can make suggestions but they can't view every review sorry they have a lot of people talking to them. So just leave the creator . If you don't like the app don't start ranting about them and being rude . Just leave haters.
  • Keeps causing my phone to crash 1/5

    By PolishPaczki
    When my phone gets to 20% and I open snapchat it crashes my phone. Now it just happened at 50%. Not. Cool.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jfjfjfjfndnfncnjcncjririr
    Amazing app! Very innovative and unique. Rarely have I experienced something so groundbreaking and unique while maintaining a sleep appearance and appeal! Original programming on the way and partnerships galore? Yes please! This app rocks!
  • CNN Mobil 1/5

    By Swag Muffin Oats
    I like what the app was designed to do. What I don't like, is how my main screen is littered with transsexual garbage, feminist garbage, and anti white garbage.
  • No sound 3/5

    By Marcf22
    So I love Snapchat, BUT for some strange reason when ever I try to take a video the sound doesn't work. I can hear everyone else's sound, but I can not record my own. I have emailed Snapchat support multiple times and still no change. I'm writing this with the hope they fix it, if not I'm going to have to erase Snapchat. Videos are more than half the reason I have snap, so no videos = no point to have snap. So pleaseeeeeeeee help snap!!!
  • Snapchat=Biased Liberal Lies 1/5

    By Oc will
    If you won't a bunch of Libby's on your news feed this app is for you.
  • Please add this... 5/5

    By Itz_ava_
    Hi Snapchat people can you please add to the app were you can change your username Because I made my Snapchat when I was younger and my name is really babyish and I really want to change it and I don't really want to make a new account caps I have all my friends and stuff on that account so if you can do that that will be great! Thanks

    By Thatmadguy
    From the extremely biased fake news to the face that I cannot record video with out it sounding like I'm in a tunnel this app is an absolute worthless data hogger
  • Nice 5/5

    By Travisauruss
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Dirndldknc
    you should take away the fact that you automatically open my snaps. i haven't opened them for a reason and if you automatically open them i may have missed important information that i needed to see. you should also consider adding the seconds back the people's stories because i don't want to waste my time watching some celebrities 500 second story.
  • Videos?? 3/5

    By Love2Draw!
    I love snapchat, but I've been having issues with videos. They're either fine for me then don't work for anyone else, or just don't work period.

    By Bossskittle
    I would give snapchat a 5 star review, if you guys would make a section JUST FOR STREAKS. No one wants to scroll through all their friends and find their streaks. I would just like to go to a streaks section and just easily send things to JUST MY STREAKS‼️‼️ JUST LIKE WE HAVE A BESTFRIENDS SECTION, WE JUST HAVE A STREAK SECTION TO‼️

    By abby abbbssss
    So I hate snapchat because it keeps glitching and deleting my videos and i had a really funny video that got deleted so screw u snapchat
  • fix asap!! 1/5

    By Welvin da great
    The videos from my friends stories are not playing. They stay frozen and even if they snapchat me it doesn't play.
  • lots of problems 2/5

    By Tifffaannyy
    Snaphat is great but now i don't get the hour glass notification when a streak ends. i snap them and the streak ends without warning. Snapchat also takes up too much space and doesn't let me open up stories now or videos i get sent. It keeps crashing alot as well
  • New Discovery 2/5

    By Changediscovery
    I like the app and all. But I wish there was a change in the discovery portion. I recommend that you input a toggle function to where you can turn on or off the discovery stories. Or at least have them on a separate page like before. It seems forceful, and it looks and feels cluttered. Please snapchat. It's an easy fix, and it benefits everyone.
  • News 1/5

    By AzizSimple
    I deleted the app because of the news feed!
  • Snapchat Filters 1/5

    By AbbyG6
    My favorite filter is the purple flower, so I don't why you guys are removing the staples. The other thing is, many of my friends have the purple flower filter but I don't get it. If everyone going to get , let everyone have it. But don't just give it to certain people
  • Plz let us change usernames 2/5

    By Heisenberg_thederg.121
    My username is bonana5078 and I absolutely hate it, I've changed my name to Maddie👻, so people would see that instead, but they still see my dumb username! I don't want to make another account because I don't want to lose my streaks! Plz let us change usernames!
  • Battery 1/5

    By Aragon2122
    Drains battery really fast please fix this by the end of my day my phone would be dead I would have no way to communicate
  • Too buggy/glitchy 2/5

    By Yoakahontas
    I give this 2 stars because it is a good app. I use it everyday for quite a while. But I'm in a few group chats, one of them is pretty active. (If you don't open any snaps for it for a day you would probably get 1000+ seconds of em). Anyways, with group chats sometimes it will say there are in-chat messages which aren't there. It will replay snaps from a few days ago and only play them over and over. Everybody has to leave and rejoin the chat in order to fix issues. Then on top of that the app drains my battery very fast. A 10minute session would probably drain at least 10%. The app is slow. The news section doesn't make much sense as the "news" in there is very biased.(mainly towards feminist and minority's). Like one "news" thing was "3 things only us black woman know". And then there is a bunch of stuff on "man spreading". I think that they should add an option to turn off the news and they should add a clear chat history thing to group chats. (If that's not a thing already. I don't explore options much) I'm not sure how much they can do about how fast the app runs. I probably just need a better phone.
  • New idea 5/5

    By Snapper🙃💕😜
    Dear Snapchat I love this app so verrrry much but I think it would be even better if u allowed more than one person to have access to someone's account at the same time, also if the video chatting would be full screen kinda like face time, also if The videos could last 3 minutes or less,it would be really cool if Snapchat already had the most popular songs already on the app to be in the background of ur snap,especially one thing I hate is that if I want to put a video on Snapchat from my camera roll or any where else Snapchat won't let me put a caption or edit the video period,so pleeeaassee just think about these things I will be so grateful if u make an exception on my request ....these are request from many people including myself and I believe this will increase the rating on ur app thank you 😁💕💗
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Idk what to put but ok
    I luv dis app sm !!!!!!
  • Glitch 5/5

    By Cutsomer
    Recently I've noticed that anytime I get on Snapchat, it glitches. The button at the bottom of the screen, along with the little memories circle, no longer show up. Also I've noticed that whenever I try to reply to a snap by double-tapping, it opens up the camera but the filters turn on. It's as if I double-tapped AND THEN touched the screen AGAIN. It get really annoying. Not to mention that the picture button isn't there. Although when replying, if I start to switch to a different filter, it appears and I can take a picture but if I X out of the filters, the button goes away. HELP!! Snapchat, please fix this outrageous and annoying bug because I have tried everything and it doesn't work. Other than that bug I love all of the app except it needs an option to toggle the news feeds. This app is amazing!! (that's why five stars)
  • Not Working 1/5

    By Minion yinnioy
    Not working even after deleting and re downloading the app. I suppose I can receive (though I haven't received any since this problem started). I cannot take any snaps.
  • Battery Drainer 2/5

    By Review4apps878
    This app drains battery. Before opening, I could be at 93%, and, right after I log in, it drops to 10% then dies. Alongside that, you have to literally stand still and make not one single move, or else the picture will appear overly bright and you have to keep focusing it. To do this, you have to exit the filter you are on, and go all the way back to no filter just to adjust it, and if you move you have to do that all over again. Very annoying.
  • Bug 2/5

    By Reigns chick
    Stories are taking too long to load.
  • Replay broken 4/5

    By aacritters87
    Please fix the option to replay it takes me back to my camera every time I try to replay one other than that I love Snapchat filters their my favorite part!
  • Look at this 3/5

    By T.fort
    You should have a section just for streaks instead of having to go through all of your friends!
  • Need help 5/5

    By Thumber25
    How do you put ur friends on your today page??
  • Can't login 1/5

    By sweetbunnitr00p3r
    I can't login since the new update.

  • Tired of Cosmopolitan. 1/5

    By Totally.Chloe.on.instagram
    I love snapchat. It's a great app and I use it to communicate with my friends and boyfriend because it's very easy to use and convenient, but I am so sick of the little story feature. I am a survivor of sexual abuse, and waking up ever morning and seeing "how to have better sex" and "I tried BDSM for the first time" makes me sick. Little things like this can trigger someone who has been through abuse and I'm tired of seeing that garbage. I want a feature where I can permanently remove stories, like cosmopolitan and even buzzfeed.
  • Streaks 1/5

    By Yaaa umm I'm awesome
    I have lost so many streaks even after snap chatting the person all day long.
  • Group chat complaint 5/5

    By Jiggy hehehehe
    Okay. So I love the idea of group chats and everything, but I wish that when a person leaves the chat, their words and chats still stay.
  • Group chats 3/5

    By The skilled wombat
    When me and my friends are in a group chat, things are a lot more fun. HOWEVER there are points when we have to message someone separately to tell them to type in chat because it either disappears or it won't refresh. I believe that at this point, I won't be able to see anything more in the chat because no matter how many times I refresh the feed, it still says I have no new notifications from the chat
  • Let us change our usernames! 4/5

    By egetz624
    I love Snapchat and take a lot of my pictures through the app. One thing I REALLY don't like is the fact that you can't change your username. Once one username gets old, I like to change it. However, Snapchat doesn't let you. It does tell you while you're setting up your account that once you pick a username, you can't change it, but I think that should change. Please consider adding this in a future update! Other than this, Snapchat is golden!
  • G 5/5

    By Xavier Scott
    Very good
  • Decent 3/5

    By mmon67
    1) Few glitches, fairly easy to navigate and use. 2) When in Travel Mode, recently the app has started to load every snap I get from people whom I previously sent snaps to even when I didn't load them myself. Makes the Travel Mode kind of obsolete. 3) Maybe add a feature where you can edit the text on your stories. Would help people who tend to make typos often or want to just change their caption and make the app more fun to use.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mohimen nabeel
    My favorite app in my phone I use it all day
  • "Streaks" selection button & deleting unopened snaps 4/5

    By jovonij
    So instead of having to go through and select all of your streaks to send a picture to, it'd be amazing if there were a single selection button also sometimes snaps from others will automatically open themselves
  • Hiding "Featured" Option? 3/5

    By BernardoBahena
    I get it, you have to add more features to make it more interesting. I remember when my friend first told me to download Snapchat more than 5 years ago & it was just me and her. But come on, when you wanna add News & Articles on the My Story section, it's a bit irritating. There are some Article covers that I don't want to see like Kim K.'s butt, stupid sex tips, or dumb MTV that isn't music related. I don't mind IGN or those articles that will give me iPhone tips (which are worth reading sometimes), but I think there should be an option on what "Featured" articles you want on your My Story section or take it out completely. Either way, the "Featured" articles has its own section when you swipe left from the My Story section. Please add more "Featured" options.
  • Snapchat. 1/5

    By Trolololoimawhore
    Why can't I use multiple filters on my snaps. It restricts me to 1 filter as to where my friends can use 2-3 or whatever. iPhone 5se
  • My go to social media 5/5

    By YoStudent
    I have had snapchat for about 3 years or so and it has only gotten better. I rarely ever even txt people anymore, unless we're talking about my parents, otherwise I just use snapchat. The filters are funny to use and you may learn a few things on the "news page" if you will. Mostly for you to see whats going on in the world, whether beneficial or for comical purposes. I recommend downloading if you know people who use it!
  • Love, but issues? 4/5

    By Allyh815
    Snapchat is my favorite app. ❤️ I'm on it all the time, always snap chatting people. Super great and fun. But just a question. What happened to FaceSwap?? 🤔 I love love love snapchat, I have nooo problems with it👌🏼😊

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