Sniper Strike: Special Ops

Sniper Strike: Special Ops

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  • Current Version: 2.301
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Mobile Gaming Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sniper Strike: Special Ops App

Intercept, eliminate and extract. It’s time to engage the enemy. Sniper Strike is a high-octane sniper experience that pits you in battle across three gameplay modes and hundreds of missions. Experience a AAA rated sniper game like never before on mobile. Scout through immersive environments, engage in rapid-fire combat and build the ultimate super-soldier as you customise their state of the art gear. Team up with Wolf, Jackson and the rest of Strike Force as you target hostiles and take down the evil Elite Order. Go head to head with friends in online combat and shoot to the top of the leaderboard. ● Wipe out Elite Commanders and their henchmen with satisfying kill shots! ● Buddy up with allies to cover Delta Team and rescue hostages. ● Seek out online friends (and foes) and challenge them to LIVE sniper duels! ● Join forces with Clan friends to smash missions, and prepare for the ultimate showdown with the Elite Order. ● The more you win, the better you play – upgrade and engage in harder, faster challenges that will send you flying up the leaderboard! Whether you're engaged in live PvP sniper duels, rescuing hostages with breach specialist Wolf, or fighting to be the last man standing in arena mode, this is one epic FPS experience that you don't want to miss!


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Sniper Strike: Special Ops app reviews

  • Love it🤩 5/5

    By ApolloWonder
    These are the games that we need HD graphics no ads customization good campaign the games is great
  • Get ready to PAY UP!!! 1/5

    By 1jdunk
    This is one of the worst examples of the “pay to win” business strategy that I have ever seen. I rarely write app reviews, but had to speak up about this rip-off of a game. If you’re ready to spend $10-$20 MINIMUM after they’ve done their best to get you hooked on this game, then go for it. Frankly, the quality of the gameplay doesn’t deserve that kind of expenditure in my opinion. After a few easy missions, and artificially one-sided PvP matches (in your favor), you’ll start losing. And what do you know? You can upgrade your bullets or buy slow motion time for only $4.99 or whatever they try to steal from you. Bottom line, do not waste your time. The developers of this app know that they’re trying to earn money in a way that’s sleazy, deceptive and unethical, and they should be ashamed of it.
  • Pretty terrible 1/5

    By myassishairy
    Playing this game makes me feel like I’m in Las Vegas. You do the same thing over and over again and most of your time is spent looking at graphics meant to take your money. It’s also not challenging, and there is too much video and not enough shooting.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Scavanger12312
    I don’t know where to start, the maps are copied from COD, it’s pay to win, it’s also excessively boring. The bosses are way to easy for bosses and the soldiers just stop moving, seems legit. The first map is almost the exact same as the first mission in COD 4 and the missions start is ever copied from COD 4. I don’t need to explain the pay to win because it’s obvious. I was hoping for a at least HALF DECENT sniper game and what do I get, same old same old.
  • Ali bigharar 5/5

    By ali bigharar
    great game...thank you..😊😊😊
  • Not Fair 4/5

    By Gbbhjj
    Ok, first of all the animated females do not all have to wear skin tight clothes!! Second, could I please pick a female sniper character! I’m sick of having to pick a male avatar!!!!
  • Fun, but unrealistic. 2/5

    By MarsUltor2552
    This game is very entertaining, don’t get me wrong. However. When it goes into slow motion, you see the bullet right? For the rifle, it’s a 300 win mag. However, when you fire the M1911, which should be a 45 ACP, it shoots another 300 WM looking bullet. The shotgun also shoots way too much buckshot for it to be realistic for a 12 gauge, which is what I’m assuming it is. If they want this game to be more realistic, since you’re not actually taking LONG range shots, change the caliber to something the military uses for marksman and long range shots like this game; 308, or 7.62. Honestly, as funny as it is, when you get shot, you don’t go FLYING. Very unrealistic. I know I’m asking much, but this just ruins the game for me. Also, I believe I saw a review asking for the gun to look different when you upgrade it, and I second that. So: CHANGE THE CALIBERS (you make yourselves look like idiots who know nothing of guns the way it is now), FIX THE DEATH ANIMATIONS (maybe add some blood?), AND MAKE THE GUNS UNIQUE AS YOU UPGRADE THEM. Thank you.
  • Fun, but 1/5

    By Jazz413
    Great game play, loved it at first, but I hate shelling out money for every upgrade and energy boost. Would much rather pay a larger one time fee to never have to pay again. I feel like I’d end up paying several hundred dollars to enjoy this game for more than a month or two, which makes playing any of it less enticing.
  • Point. Tap. Shoot. 2/5

    By jsmits
    Easy right? Well it could be if this game didn’t do its best to get in your way. The controls are mildly cumbersome but they could be improved with practice. So I’d imagine anyway because more of my time was spent clicking through awkward menus than in playing the game. In addition to the menu interruptions, it would be prudent if the game allowed a little more practice time before asking for money. It seemed like by the 3rd or 4th round, it was “suggested” that I would have a hard time completing my mission without upgrading my rifle. Indeed, a sniper rifle with a mere 50 damage is not powerful enough to kill a man by shooting him in the head, perhaps because like the goons who come up with monetization strategies, his head is full of concrete.
  • Mediocre game ruined by IAPs 1/5

    By codefame
    Mediocre game. I mean it’s not terrible and it’s not great. All levels are micro missions; you jump in, take a few shots, then it’s over. Rewards are minimal and monetization is super aggressive. Still, I planned to kill some time with it. That is until I saw “Not enough energy” with options to buy more energy. Instantly closed the app & uninstalled. Don’t bother wasting your time. Edit: In response to the developer’s response: I’m not interested in “playing other modes.” I’m interested in a game that doesn’t put up barriers to playing it to begin with. Thanks.
  • Nothing new here 2/5

    By TitusMk2
    This game is almost identical in every aspect to Kill Shot Bravo. The graphics are a little more pleasing, but I prefer the aesthetics of KSB more. If you want a challenging sniper game with awesome pvp, get Kill Shot Bravo, not this remix.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Hyshira
    Great overall! A bit PTW but not impossible to enjoy otherwise! It need female profile pics as this game is played by more than just men. But other than that it’s pretty good.
  • Bug fixes 5/5

    By jediwannabe
    This is a very well made game, But the only problem is that if you log out of the game it does not let you back in
  • 꿀잼 5/5

    By 로즈빌204
  • Shameful 1/5

    By Himars11
    An absolute disgrace. I heard of this in a sponsored article, and I just had to try it, I mean it just sounded like the the best Sniper Elite rip-off (as I’ve just made apparent I expected little). Then while browsing their store page, I noticed the pictures looked like little more than plagiarized maps from Call of Duty, I was right. The first level of this game is the first level of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4, to the letter (just without voice acting and quality). Oh and those slo-mo kill cameras (shamelessly copy and pasted from Sniper Elite)? Might as well forget it, not only do they happen at random, regardless of how impressive the shot, but unlike Sniper Elite, they are not in a x-ray view, making them completely underwhelming and unneeded. Oh and every five seconds you’ll be given a mission completed screen, seriously not even thirty seconds in and it’s over, granted this is partially because how easy the game is. This is why real gamers look down on mobile games.
  • Great For Two Hours 5/5

    By Schoenlebers
    I set out to see how long I could play this game without having to spend money on in-app purchases or spending unreasonable time watching ads. The answer was about two hours. It was fun to that point. The graphics and animation were amazing. Obviously the creators deserve return on their investment, but to me it seems like it will quickly cost more than I’m willing to pay. It feels like you play for about one minute or less then you’re back to the armory, where you’ll learn how much it’s going to cost you to get back in the fight.
  • Great until... 2/5

    By hooknlddr27
    This is a great game, until you reach the point your weapon will no longer allow you to continue on in your campaign. What are your options? Earn a bunch of cash in arena mode and upgrade your weapon to one that will just get by for a short time, or spend real money and buy gold to upgrade to a premium weapon... no thanks. How about make the adds you can watch worth more gold so we can actually earn enough gold to buy upgrades weapons. You’re not getting $5 from me to upgrade a stupid weapon.
  • endless loop 4/5

    By Katniss124579
    there’s an endless loop with the beginning of the game for me, it says i need a 50 damage gun but every time i try to equip it it doesn’t let me, so i can’t play anything bc there’s no way to turn the tutorial off
  • Bs 1/5

    By One YouTuber to the next
    I only call this game BS because of the horrible reaction time in PvP with enemy’s spawning right in front of you. This has happened multiple times to me and my friends who are new to the game but this is unreal.
  • Sniper strikes 5/5

    By La Dodgersfan .97
    This game is awesome
  • Generic 1/5

    By 4F4469A3B
    No matter what this is just another generic game based off the same model they have used for years. Pay to win system. Wait for your time to even play to come back around. Same sniper and gun mechanics as every other game. But at least the other disappointments didn’t offer me a all in one pay to win premium package less than 2 minutes into the game. Or tell me that hey I’m sorry you have a choice of a highly expensive gun that’ll give you it all. Or you can get the basic one that is eh. And you can’t finish the “bonus” parts of a mission without the premiums just pure and utter crap.
  • Energy (and money) 3/5

    By @rlslmshdy
    Your in the middle of burning through the Campaign and your on a roll and you try to start the next mission, but you encounter a problem, you have no energy left. Your only choices are to wait 30 minutes to get some energy back (even longer if you want a full bar), buy some with gold (paid for with real money), or to watch videos, which can only be watched so many times before having to wait 8 hours to watch some more. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, what’s the point of having a pulse pounding, edge of your seat sniper game, when you have to stop about every 10 minutes to let your energy refill? I think the scrapping the energy idea altogether would make this game one of (if not the best) sniper/shooter/action games in the App Store. The money earned to cost of upgrading is greatly skewed in the wrong way. I find myself having to grind for cash just for one upgrade, only to find out I need to upgrade something else for the same price, more often than more than the first upgrade. Please make upgrades/purchases cost less or money per earned per mission more.
  • Sexist 2/5

    By lady42666624
    One the commander can only be a guy, and two the girl is depicted in an incredibly offensive manner of being greatly sexualized. The game it self was pretty easy.
  • Sniper 5/5

    By Npipia
    It is one of the best sniper games ever. 😄
  • Excellent game 4/5

    By nigelizzy
    Great interaction
  • Riddled with connection issues 1/5

    By nick86801
    Claiming they’re responsible for goldeneye 64 is a big statement id like proof. Everytime i do anything in this game it asks me to reconnect or reload game. With wifi or without.
  • WAY too many ads! Ruins any potential gameplay 1/5

    By Dark Horse (NB)
    If this game were priced adequately, it would probably be an absolute please to play but the OVERWHELMING ads and constantly being asked to buy and buy and buy more absolutely ruins the game play hence the 1-star review. Fix the ads and in-game purchasing and I will reconsider. For now it’s being removed.
  • Decent game, but huge money grab. 1/5

    By Hockeymass
    The core game is decent. The controls need work, it’s too hard to make fine adjustments because of the giant deadzone before your sights start moving. The biggest problem is the monetization. There’s an energy system, an upgrade system, the game shoves superpowered weapons in your face and is basically like “BUY THIS! (or be a scrub and take the free one)” and if you take the free one prepare to be screwed, because you’ll run into crap like having to kill 5 enemies with a 4 round magazine with almost no time to reload. It’s hard but not in a fun challenging way, more in an unfair greedy way. This is freemium done poorly.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By violator67
    Love it
  • Sunnatilla 5/5

    By Sunnatilla
    I love the is game
  • awesome 5/5

    By Sosa0317
    game is addicting and really good enjoyable
  • Terrible UX and controls 1/5

    By esreverniemankcin
    All that money spent on fancy graphics is wasted because they can’t follow the HIG and put accessible spacing between buttons and can’t make the controls usable by humans. Fail.
  • Fun to Play 5/5

    By Ph. D. G.
    It is fun to play
  • Diverse Gun Mission Gameplay 5/5

    By Bloodleg
    Graphic Colors enhance the game
  • 4.7? lol its another crap mobile sniper game 1/5

    By Knyce215
    same old crap. this genre’s ratings are overrated to say the least.
  • CANT PLAY 5/5

    By LuckeyMan734
    Every time I download the game and open it it has to download the extra 116Mb and no matter how mush stuff I delete I can’t download it please held
  • Poor PC sniper clone 1/5

    By GameNinjazz
    There's nothng fun here. Wait for eye candy to finish while all the strategy is done, then aim and shoot with plenty of time to get it right. Final shot wastes your time with cliche follow-the-bullet animation that always looks the same and sounds the same. No depth, but lots of ads and in-app purchases for the small-brained.
  • Game Lock - Campaign Level 7 2/5

    By WG@23233
    Downloaded game today 12/8 based an App Store “today” run. Got an in-app bonus offer buy option at L7 Campaign mode...the cancel/no thanks option would not, I just deleted the crAPP.
  • Cash cow 4/5

    By Hchavarria
    Come with your wallets ready for a game that’s been over done. Basically more of the same where you need to constantly upgrade your weapon to advance. Once you decide to buy what would appear to be a weapon that’ll last at least a few missions you encounter that the next mission requires an upgrade for the weapon you just purchased. Maybe EA’s tragedy and flop will teach something.
  • Seemed neat but..... 2/5

    By BladeRunner556
    Why can’t I swap the zoom/Fire controls to the left side of the screen like most other similar games? The gun is on the right - it makes more sense to use right thumb to aim. This feels like it was made for left handed users only! Automatic delete.
  • Broken In-app purchases 3/5

    By jddaggs
    I would rate this higher but there’s a lot of bugs and the store is broken. They have specials running but no way to purchase. Sad...
  • Game froze on buy screen 1/5

    By Elkenfugel
    played for twenty minutes and the game iz frozen on a screen to buy “super rare” AX7 tactical armor. Tapped “No, Thanks” multiple times, exited game with home button and re entered to mo avail. Let’s call this bug out right now, highly unlikely that a game freezes on an almost static screen and especially one that has an option to buy. uninstalled
  • Aggressive Monetization 1/5

    By Adam Caudill
    This is a fun game, well designed, with good graphics that is utterly spoiled by greed. The use of ‘energy’ to limit game-play unless you spend money or watch ads is extremely annoying; the aggressive promotion of upgrades that require spending more money is annoying; for that matter, there’s a long list of annoyances due to trying to get just a little more money out of you. I would have been more than happy to pay a reasonable price for the game, and actually been able to enjoy it, instead of being pestered constantly. I honestly feel a bit bad for the developers that built a well thought out game, and had to ruin it with such an annoying and aggressive monetization scheme.
  • No. 5/5

    By d0c_akilla
    Why. Why is the intro a copy of COD Modern Warfare. Why did you do that? Make an original intro! The actual game is good though. Good graphics and okay gameplay.
  • Is it a good shooter? 5/5

    By Combat_Pro16
    I'd say yes, it's a great shooter, HOWEVER I need more money per mission and probably a better way to look around. Maybe a joystick would work.
  • Needs better iPhone X support 3/5

    Rounded corners are cutting off part of the UI
  • Lots of data needed to be downloaded to play the game. 2/5

    By Aventiss
    I wonder why the game size is declared 90MB so, but when you start playing it then hundreds of megabytes of data are needed to be downloaded to continue, feel kinda fooled, better be honest about the real app size.
  • Like robocop and sniper’s arena 4/5

    By Ultimate 14
    The game is good. It is like robocop and sniper’s arena. You can’t move freely like other FPS games. I like the breech shotgun missions because you can catch the enemy by surprise.
  • IAP Harrasment 1/5

    By Ravmag1201
    If you enjoy games where you're constantly pestered to make IAP's this is for you, Game is so brainless a 5 year old child can do it.
  • Awesome game 5 stars 5/5

    By Rchjc
    So far the game is amazing. You don’t have to spend $ but you can. The gear seems achievable through moderate amounts of grinding or watching ads.

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