SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring

SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring

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SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring App

# Record, Measure and Track your Snoring # Millions of downloads # The No.1 App for Snorers SnoreLab has monitored more than 30 million nights of sleep and has helped millions of people to better understand or even eliminate their snoring problem. The most advanced and innovative app of its kind, SnoreLab records, measures and tracks your snoring and helps you to discover effective ways to reduce it. SnoreLab is very easy to use: simply set SnoreLab running next to your bed whilst you sleep. In the morning you will discover exactly when and how loudly you snored, and you can listen to some highlights! If you then try some snoring remedies, or register some lifestyle factors, you can discover exactly how they impact your snoring, helping you to discover solutions. SnoreLab has an average rating of 4.5 stars from more than 2,500 user reviews, and is attracting endorsements from doctors, dentists and users alike. Are you a room shaker or a snorter? A buzz saw or a whistler? Or do you purr like a kitten? Discover the truth with SnoreLab! What's YOUR Snore Score? SnoreLab is now integrated with the Apple Health app (iOS8 iPhone required), and can optionally submit your sleep data to the Health app and optionally read and write your weight allowing you to see how your weight affects your snoring. 'An ingenious app' - Mail Online 'Best Health App - Runner-up' - Best App Ever Awards 2014 "This app is a revelation. For the first time I feel in control of my snoring problem. Thank you SnoreLab!" - User review "SnoreLab is the best sleep recorder I have tried. My snoring is down 40 plus percent in just two weeks." - User review FEATURES: ▷ Advanced snore detection algorithms ▷ Records sound samples of your snoring ▷ Measures snoring intensity (Snore Score) ▷ Compares snoring across nights ▷ Tests the effectiveness of any snoring remedies that you use ▷ Measures the impact of factors such as drinking alcohol on your snoring ▷ Records sleep statistics ▷ Optional full-night recording mode ▷ Email sound files ▷ Provides information about snoring remedies ▷ Easy to use, no calibration needed ▷ Top 10 Medical app in 30 countries ▷ "What's Hot" medical app in 33 countries ▷ Featured in Lifehacker, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Quantified Self and others ▷ Recommended by top US doctors on HealthTap Here is a selection of some of our favourite user reviews: "App is truly amazing, I think it is a must have for every fellow man :)" "Fascinating and helpful - I learned what's going on when I'm sleeping." "This app is wonderful in that not only does it work, but its ease of use. This is a simple, effective tool to better health." "Excellent app. This helped me to reduce my snoring by applying some of the remedies listed. My wife and I thank you, especially my Wife!" "Take it from an MD... This program works and is a very useful tool to share with your doctor." The SnoreLab app is not a medical device and does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring app reviews

  • Bug in latest update! 3/5

    By rj1933
    Love this app and have been using it nightly for months. But I downloaded latest update yesterday and now it will not play the audio from last nights recording. Please fix!
  • It’s worth buying 4/5

    By Mehrgod
    The app is very useful to track how I sleep. Features of it are designed very well to record snoring with the impacts on it.
  • Really one of the BETTER and USEFUL apps in the store. 5/5

    By Four2x4
    Of the countless apps in the store, this should be in the top 50 or so for its value in use. It takes advantage of iPad’s sensitive microphone and delivers excellent and useful sleep data that when tied in (used in conjunction with) to a sleep tracker, such as a Fitbit with heart rate and sleep stages tracking. While the free version delivers good data, for me the upgrade is worth every penny spent. This is one app I feel is worth the money, ...not true for many other apps in the store, that is for sure. I use SnoreLab and Fitbit Sleep Stages together at night. The SnoreLab app and Fitbit Sleep Stages app keep each other “honest” in that you can compare data from one app to the other, and... one can glean very helpful analysis of sleep times, night time habits, snoring, wake times etc., and this can be helpful when working with doctors regarding sleep related illness and other useful data regarding sleep quality. Try the free version, but consider upgrading as you do get much better data.
  • Upgrade a downgrade 1/5

    By NCTim
    Loved the previous layout of the application. The upgrade is very limited in reviewing the results. No horizontal view. Indicating factors is difficult. Can not see as many bargraph's on single page for comparison. Just does not seem as user-friendly as the previous version. Also on trends the month view is the default. Should be able to select days as the default. I don't like it! Used to love it.
  • Good while it lasted 2/5

    By Uavmeister
    Two nights of use. The app worked great, then on the third night it demanded I view an ad before starting another session. I know the developers need to make some money, but pulling a stunt like that on someone about to get into bed after a long day is not a good idea. Deleting the app was just as easy as watching the ad, but a lot more satisfying.
  • Just quits. Waste of money 1/5

    By WallyPoPo
    I bought the full version - expensive for an app - and it just quits without registering my nightly results when I swipe to rnd session upon awakening. Worked great for a week or so now nothing. It’s happened five nights in a row now. Don’t waste your money on this one.
  • Doesn’t update the app to full version during 50% off sale 3/5

    By pavan16
    I tried to buy the flash sale full upgrade version option which is for 3.99$. But when I tap the “NOW $3.99” button nothing happens and it doesn’t purchase the upgrade to the full version. Can you please help me to upgrade the app to full version?
  • Ok so... 5/5

    By BHunted
    Finally. A version history with substance. Back to five stars. 👍 .... it has a new pretty interface. How many updates are you going to release stating that? Be nice to know what you fixed so folks with issues can determine if their problems are resolved. Stop being lazy and release better version history notes. 😒 4 stars for being lazy.
  • Really helps... works amazingly 5/5

    By Cory-ny
    This app gives you the reality of your snor situation!!! It’s user friendly, very detailed! I used to be uncomfortable sleeping at peoples house, friends, etc.. bc I didn’t know how bad I snored, with this app I know exactly how much I snore, for how long and how loud! ITS 100% worth BUYING THE BEST PACKAGE
  • Excellent, useful app! 5/5

    By KenH123
    What a GREAT app. My wife and I both use oral applicances to deal with mild cases of sleep apnea and the SnoreLab app has been great to help us understand how things are going. It would be great if we could each have it running on our own side of the bed, but we are sleeping apart enough (travel!) that we typically can tell where the noise is coming from!!! Without SnoreLab we'd still be clueless. We use it every night. Second big benefit is how it prevents incoming email/text/etc notifications from alerting us while it is running. No need to silence alarms or shut off the phone. Peace and quiet all night long (except for my wife's snoring!). Thank you SnoreLab!
  • Does not record 1/5

    By deversm
    I paid for the full version of this app and the first two nights I tried to use it, I woke up to the “must be running for at least 30 minutes” warning (it had been running for over 6 hours). This message is the kiss of death. There is nothing you can do once you see this message that will salvage the recordings and data. Worthless.
  • The best app EVER!! 5/5

    By RNJB
    Wow!! If you want to prove to your spouse that they snore, or if you want to check it out to see if you snore, then this is the app. This is absolutely amazing and a wonderful app and I highly recommend it. Have used it for a long time now and I record myself every night
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By Ggggtttrrreee
    Have to upgrade before it's any good
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Aqualane
    I love how simple and user friendly this app is. I love the graph that shows your entire nights recording with snoring levels.
  • Changed my life 5/5

    By Ben's Nana Jane
    My husband who snores on a CPAP machine said my snoring was bad. After a few recordings I was concerned enough to go see an ENT. I could hear myself gasping for air but luckily had not stopped breathing yet. A month ago I had my septum straightened and tonsils removed. The recordings along with a pulse oximeter test confirmed my breathing was obstructed. I now sleep with my mouth closed most of the night and continue to monitor my snoring or lack of snoring with this app.
  • What they don't tell you 2/5

    By ttweety
    First you have to view ads. Then they lock you out every other night. Not the bargain you are hoping for.
  • This app is amazing specially the update! 5/5

    By Arezoo1
    I can't thank you enough for offering such a great updates! keep doing . I love the new look
  • Free Not Useful 1/5

    By shutterfx
    The app should be fully operational for the 5 days not a shortened version without paying $6.99 so we can get to know the software - what it will do, how it will work for me - not to wait and see after paying for it. This app was recommended by my Dental Doctor and I will tell her at my next visit that the app looks interesting but I’m not paying $6.99 to find out it dies/doesn’t work for me. Seriously, can’t recommend this app. Use a recorder if one just needs to hear snoring or not?
  • Good insight 5/5

    By yogini1
    I love knowing each night how much noise I'm making or not. I'm working to eliminate snoring and this helps track progress beautifully.
  • This update breaks ability to play audio 3/5

    By LiamAstro
    I love the app. However I am also confirming that it's no longer possible to play the audio from new sessions. (Audio plays fine from older saved sessions). I can also email the session and include either 5 or 20 saved segments. So. Please fix this issue. Thanks.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By ChemTeacherCDA
    I find that I sleep more than I thought, which helps relieve sleep anxiety.
  • No recording 3/5

    By PattyG101
    The app updated yesterday and last night's recording can't be played. It just displays.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By ale-mania
    If you even suspect you snore, just go ahead and get this.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Arusac
    Very accurate and helps me pick up trends in my breathing. I use it to see when and why I snore and how to prevent it from happening. Thank you SnoreLab!
  • I use it every night 5/5

    By imageshaping
    It really works. I've used the app for several years now. A must to help diagnose snoring issues.
  • Wish I found this sooner 5/5

    By dubewah
    This app has helped immensely. I now know the factors that lead to my worst and least snoring and the approaches that work best for me.
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By Dr Treb
    Great app to determine if you snore or not.
  • Simple and informative 5/5

    By Not a homebody
    I live alone so this is a good way to find out how bad My snoring is. I am also listening to see if I stop breathing. Has a way to record different intervention methods you try.
  • Great App! Try it! 5/5

    By Key Demo person
    I love this app because it helps me know how much I'm snoring and I have been able to pinpoint factors that diminish snoring and therefore avoid avoid my use of the sleep apnea machine. Everyone should try this. Find out how well you are really sleeping or not!
  • Very precise 5/5

    By Dr Susu madi
    Very precise and accurate
  • Works very well 5/5

    By E.g. Hernandez
    This app provides you with critically important feedback and information that is relevant to your efforts to control your snoring. I've been using it for over two years and the new version is even better. It is easy to use, has excellent graphics and provide you with easy-to-read relevant information about how are you are sleeping. It is very reliable and rarely has any glitch. I can tell you that the single most important factor that helped me to significantly reduce my snoring was to lose weight.
  • SnoreLab 5/5

    By Dance1wolf
    At last I have an accurate way to tell how loud I've snored. I get excited when I have a low score. It truly is the little things that make me happy.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ranger guy
    App works as advertised and love the new update.
  • Reliable, clear, detailed 5/5

    By drimsara
    It does what it says; helps to provide a clear picture of snoring behavior and characteristic. Will help your health if you use techniques to decrease snoring. It also cuts through denial- you either snore or not snore- this gives you the data.
  • Helpful app! 5/5

    By Murry95
    I can hear and see my sleeping/snoring patterns. Good to know for health reasons.
  • Useful app 4/5

    By wsishere
    Useful to the track how long I sleep in the quality of my sleep. Interesting to see how different factors affect snoring.
  • Deleting after 5 days. 3/5

    By Catzcats
    After your 5th day you have to pay to upgrade or you can only use it every other night. Don't care for apps that only care about money. Plenty more snore apps out there.
  • Very useful. 5/5

    By TeraSam
    I don't snore nearly as much as I was told.
  • Works better than a dream. 5/5

    By Dorothy the giraffe lover
    I needed to know if my husband was right about my snoring and he was. Now I've taken steps to remedy the problem and this app lets me know when they work and when they don't.
  • Eh 4/5

    By LiveLoveLearnGirl
    I got this app to see if I slept talked in the night. It did what it said! It recorded at the moments that I slept talk, and it was funny to go over them and see what I sounded like. There was a few bugs and glitches, nothing huge though. The only problem I had with it was that it would record ANYTHING that happened during the night, which blocked out the things that I WANTED to hear. All in all, this is an app that I would recommend, though it might take some patients.
  • Like the update 5/5

    By KatheLl
    My favorite sleep tracking app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By raftrat12
    I used the app regularly and found it somewhat useful until the new interface, now it is useless. It no longer displays any information. It does record some sound for part of the night then quits. Have stopped using it.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Catracho63
    I'm extremely pleased with this app, I finally was able to listen to what people has been telling me for years. I was able to try different remedies and I'm glad I found this app; great helper.
  • Excellent snore recording App 4/5

    By Platinum-Kid
    It does pretty much what it says. It records you snoring. With this I could see how I slept on a good night or a bad one. Only thing I'd like to know is if there is a way to distinguish me from the angel sleeping next to me. I know I'm the worst culprit by far, however I wonder why I don't hear a second quieter person when I know I can hear her. It picks up the rooster. Just saying.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Thankyousnorelab
    Awesome app. Use all the time. Helped me bring my snoring way down. Easy, accurate, great visuals. First thing I look at in the morning. Motivating and rewarding. Has soundscape too. I asked for them to add some and they quickly responded stating they would. Thank you snorelab. Great app!!
  • I love the latest version. 5/5

    By csabcs
    The new interface does indeed look great. But that's not all. What is even more important for me is that the data can be viewed by various periods and analyzed in many different ways. It is infinitely more useful than what was available in previous versions, where all data were aggregated. I have been using SnoreLab for years and after a while the statistics became meaningless because all data were averages of the entire usage period, making it impossible to see trends over time. Now I can look at different time periods and see trends. Great job with the new version!
  • I hate the new UI 1/5

    By AIHReview
    The pictures on the product page (as of 8/18/2017) are not of the current version. The new report screen is vastly inferior to the old display. There's less detail, and what's there is harder to see. Updating also completely wiped out my historical data. This app used to be one of the best. Not any more. I'll change this review if they go back to the previous display for the report screen, but messing with a good thing for no apparent reason (were your users actually asking for this change?) is idiotic. If you want to add value, update the display when recording to an alarm clock.
  • One of the best, doesn't consume extra memory 5/5

    By Nikhil785
    Satisfied, graphs need improvements.
  • Interesting 4/5

    By mslyn2
    So far I've had for three nights. It's fun to listen to the results in the morning and try to figure out last nights patterns . Going to have to kick hubby out so I can do all me and take to doc for her opinion. I got this app because I might have sleep apnea. Hopefully I don't lose my recordings if I update. But we will see.
  • App Will Not Open 1/5

    By SJC90x
    Did the update today and now the app won't open. iPhone 6+

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