SNOW - Fun camera & Video call

SNOW - Fun camera & Video call

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.8.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SNOW INC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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SNOW - Fun camera & Video call App

SNOW is a video messaging app used by 100 million people around the world. * You can send funny stickers to your friends in video calls * Take a fun video with live face effects and send it to friends * Send a video note instantly while chatting and invite friends to a group chat * Add a video to Story to share your moments with friends * Friends can view your video only once. No more worries for ridiculous selfies Connect with us: • Official Facebook : • Promotion & Partnership inquiries: Face Technology by SenseTime Image Segmentation Technology by NALBI.Inc


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SNOW - Fun camera & Video call app reviews

  • Please don’t 1/5

    By NinjaBlueCat
    Don’t delete the video chat and’s such a good feature >.< sure your kinda like a Snapchat but I prefer you over Snapchat by so much your app is. Amazing pls don’t change it
  • Question 4/5

    By FashionFreak26
    The app itself is AMAZING- the filters are absolutely adorable, too, but I have a tiny problem. Whenever I try to add someone, it keeps saying “No Network Connection”, even with my WiFi working perfectly. It’s also not letting my friends add me, either. A little help here?
  • Super Cute Filters But... 3/5

    By Piplupcrazy
    With recent updates, some of my favorite filters were removed so I don't use it very often anymore. I wish they were added back!
  • The network is messed up I can’t add friends 1/5

    When I have good connection and try to add friends it says that I have no network connection
  • Can’t add friends 2/5

    By ReedMyMind
    I’ve been trying to add different friends and it isn’t working. They’ve tried adding me and it doesn’t work. I’ve been using the app for a while now and love it, but, um, I’d like to add my friends.
  • Not letting me add people?? 2/5

    By Phoenix Risin'
    For some reason it won’t let me add people. It says I have no connection even when I have 3 bars of WiFi
  • No Internet Connection error!!! 1/5

    By MB661783
    I’m sorry but I installed the app, but each time I try to add a friend, I got this so annoying error message at the screen top: “No Internet Connection”! While I’m quite sure I’m online!!!!!!!! I tried tens of solutions, but negative!!
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Girly_24
    It won’t let me add my friends. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but it still won’t work. Cute filters and everything is fine it’s just that slight problem.
  • Better than Snapchat 5/5

    By Kawaii Unicorn Kayla 💖
    This app has wayyy more kawaii filters and I love it!!!!
  • i cant add my friends 1/5

    By jordynology
    and they can’t add me either. it’s says “no network connection”
  • Can’t add friends 2/5

    By cozyscasa
    I tried to add my friend with her username and it kept saying no connection, so then I tried adding her with her QR code, but the camera would just freeze and then I still wouldn’t have her as a friend :/ I gave it two stars though, because I think the filters are fun.

    By Shaifalika
    OK THIS APP IS REALLY COOL AND I LOVE IT BUT I DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE FRIEND BECAUSE IT WON’T LET ME ADD ANYONE, (keeps saying no network connection when I’m connected to WiFi or even using data) PLEASE FIX THIS

    By 정 에라
    I can’t add my friends through add if it keeps saying I have no connection when I am connected to stable wifi
  • Update 5/5

    By 1770089093
    Please update compatibility with iPhone X!!
  • Awesome but.. 4/5

    By Mr.junkook
    I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the app but it won’t let me add any friends it says “no internet connection” and I have great connection. Also it won’t let me pick a new image for my profile picture..can you fix it? :(
  • Lỗi 1/5

    By Sy Tien
    Lỗi, không thể thêm bạn bè, Mỗi khi thêm cứ hiện lỗi không có kết nối mạng
  • Ugh 5/5

    By Mandinho05
    It won’t let me add my friend and it says ‘no network connection’ when I’m on WiFi.....
  • So cute 4/5

    By blueberrysc7
    but please bring back the filter with the cough guard mask and bunny ears!!!
  • Please fix it 5/5

    By Eilpanda
    Why i cant add a friend ?🧐
  • Great 4/5

    By mochi921
    I really love this app. It has many cute filters and I like how you can choose the filters you want, however there’s one thing that I hate. I don’t know about other people but for me personally it occasionally download 12 other random filters I don’t want, so every time I would go to my filters I constantly have to delete those unwanted filters. Overall the app is great and highly recommended. If anyone is also experiencing what I am experiencing and found a solution, please help me...thank you
  • how i can make live!! 4/5

    By Salwa aloamr
    how i can make live in snow !!
  • face recognition 1/5

    By Hiichtihh
    it's good but it doesn't recognize faces?
  • Needs lots of improvement 2/5

    By sxemike91
    It’s a great app with good ideas, but when I get a notification that I received two photos and then they don’t show up in my chat for me to see them it’s very frustrating. Also, text messages will show as delivered but the other person won’t get them, this has happened both ways and makes us both wonder why the other person is leaving us on read. A messaging app is useless if it’s not reliable. Please fix this issue of photos and texts not making it through even though it shows up in the chat of the person who sent it.
  • Good but... 5/5

    By Okcustomer
    The app is pretty good compared to other filter apps! They also have BTS and Blackpink filters (for ya kpop fans out there). They have a watermark, but you can crop it out. The problem tho, is that it keeps deleting the filters I already downloaded! Please change that! Other then that, you should definitely download!
  • Too cute!! 5/5

    By Soybean powder
    I love the amount of free filters!!
  • Amazing! Definitely recommend! 5/5

    By Pea in the pod!!??
    Snow is one of my favorite apps for sure! I love the filters, and they are constantly adding more! The story feature is very nice. I also love the video calls, being able to use and send filters during the call. Lots of fun with friends. The only annoying thing is that it drains battery very quickly, but other than that, five stars!
  • Video quality 2/5

    By SabrinaFad
    Everytime i do a video, it appears to be glitching and the quality just kind of slowed down
  • Really good app! 4/5

    By I luv video games
    What I love about the app is that it makes my ugly face look clear, but I wish you could pay for no watermarks
  • Please Fix 3/5

    By bk101206
    I love this app and used to use it all the time but for the past 2 months none of the filters will detect my face?? Is anyone else having this issue? No other photo app gives me this problem. Please fix this!!!
  • Great but... 3/5

    By is the best
    I love this app and all, but everytime I come back to the app it would delete the ones I downloaded then after that I have to download everything again which is annoying because there are a lot and I love them all but it takes forever jsut to download all of them. So please fix this problem because it's really making me mad.
  • Good app 🌟 4/5

    By @_sailormoon.__
    I love this app💕, but it would be even better if the live stream option was available to others as well 👍🏼✨
  • Im am so thankful for this 5/5

    Omy gawd! I never seen any pic app better than this! This is most likely a 5! I mean, no ads, no paying, ITS JUST PERFECT! I think that its super duper appropriate, and fun! I appreciate all the improvements you guys have done! By the way, this app is amazing
  • Great app! 5/5

    I love this app! It’s amazing!!! I love all the filter, from the cats to the crowns. There was one problem I had with the app though. There used to be a crown similar to the Snapchat crown, but it is not there anymore. Is it possible to add it back again? Thatd be great. Other than that, I recommend getting this app. It’s has many filters like Snapchat, but without getting it.
  • Great but... 5/5

    By anabodine
    How do I go live on Snow?
  • Please stop asking for location 3/5

    By Skyleigh Kitty Meow
    I love this app more than anything. But PLEASE STOP ASKING ME TO TURN ON MY LOCATION. If I wanted it on I would've put it on the first time I was asked to.
  • Very fun 3/5

    By Chimerass
    It is super fun to video call however it overheats my phone easily and drains the battery super fast, faster than Facebook messenger
  • The App and Crashing 4/5

    By Sasha Vargas
    It keeps crashing when I’m on a call, it’ll close when I haven’t closed it and take me to my lock screen and then have me go to Snow through a snow button like if I was on the actual phone. Please fix c: Otherwise I like it a lot!
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By _PrincessJess_
    Definitely recommend it, I loveeeee this app
  • Love this app , but 5/5

    By FeliV0327
    IT DRAINS MY BATTERY SO BAD MY PHONE JUMPED FROM 60 PERCENT TO 1, and also please add a hands free record feature
  • Please bring back the rainbow cat!!!!! 4/5

    By i love the rainbow cat filter!
    I wish I could give this five stars. But I can't. I love the rainbow cat filter more than anything else in the world. Please bring it back. You kept the rainbow mouse. You kept the mouse and cat. Please. Please bring it back.
  • Not working? 4/5

    By PrincessM.
    I love this app and have been using it for a while but recently it won’t detect my face for all of the face effect filters, please fix this
  • Other people said it but 1/5

    By b00mb00mb33pb44p
    It doesnt detect your face anymore, maybe it just happens to brown people I don’t know... but don’t waste your time
  • ruined. 2/5

    By ExoticToxin
    please bring back the filters you keep deleting like the pink scribble kitty face or the rainbow scribble kitty face; where did those go? those were classic! Instead of making the app better youre ruining it! Also when i delete filters from the “my” tab i expect them to stay gone. instead my filters disappear and those i keep deleting keep showing up. absurd. please fix this!
  • The camera doesn't work 1/5

    By JediUnicornSparkle
    It looks like a really cool app and I love the pictures my friends take with it but the camera literally doesn't work. It's just a black screen and nothing works. I've tried deleting the app and re-downloading it but that did nothing. It has the potential to be great but it's very disappointing.
  • Did my face disappear? 3/5

    By amydesu
    I just switched phones to an 8 Plus and it SNOW won’t detect my face anymore [or anyone else’s]. It just says “[🙂] detect your face” but doesn’t detect it. Any help on this issue?
  • love the app but...😓 3/5

    By raranickname
    i wish i can turn un the flash light its so much better
  • Amazing...although 4/5

    By CrizzMin
    I really love this app!!! It’s really fun to use!! I love how we don’t have to buy anything in it. I also appreciate how not everything is downloaded and we can possibly choose our own to download and remove. BUT, I don’t like how the app removes the ones I download and add the ones I didn’t want to download. Please do fix that, or at least have an option for us to allow addition and deleting from our ‘MY’. Because I don’t like downloading all of them all over again. In other words, please do not remove our downloaded ones and add the ones we didn’t wish or want to download. Overall, this app is amazing!!! I thank you for making this ><
  • problem with filters 3/5

    By Music is Special
    can’t register my face
  • Pretty cool app BUT.... 3/5

    By @ShaunaSayomi
    The camera quality is horrible. Even on my iPhone 7. Grainy. Usually not worth posting tbh.
  • face detecting problem 1/5

    By hahahohoryu
    please fix it I can not take a photo with snow😭

SNOW - Fun camera & Video call app comments


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