SONIC Drive-In

SONIC Drive-In

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sonic
  • Compatibility: Android
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SONIC Drive-In App

The SONIC Drive-In app lets you pay with your phone, get rewards, find out about new items and offers, browse the menu, check nutritional information, send gift cards and more! • Earn rewards for reloading your MySONIC card in the app (and get other rewards every month just because we like you)! • Use your phone to pay. Our new mobile payment process lets you check in to pay at any time during your order and keep track of your order’s progress in the app. Plus, you’ll get rewards like free tots for reloading your card. • Send and receive digital gift cards in the app. Pay your friends back for your last SONIC run. Say Thank You to your mom. Wish your friends a Happy Birthday, Happy Hanukkah, or just Happy Hour! • Find the closest SONIC Drive-In locations in your area and see their hours. • Browse the menu. Check out what’s new and view nutritional info for each item.


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SONIC Drive-In app reviews

  • Loveeeee 5/5

    By Fatkat3597
  • Rewards Program? 4/5

    By MikeyB96
    I think to get 5 stars there should be a rewards point program
  • Tips 5/5

    By Carmiandsam
    Live the app, would love the option to leave a tip on the app.
  • Doesn’t Work More Often Than It DOES!! 3/5

    By Mom2Cs
    This has happened on MORE than one occasion... I drive up, order, open app to pay, no option to check in to the stall and pay. I’ve checked all settings - cellular on, location on, etc. I can see the stores listed on the map, but tapping one just gives me the phone number and directions. No option to “choose” the store. I ask the carhop for help, but they never have any idea how to fix/remedy the problem. Inevitably, I pay with my debit card. I’m hard headed, so I sit here continuing to mess with the app, look up FAQ’s, etc. Close it out, open it back up (for the 10th time while sitting here). Suddenly - *BAM* - There’s the option to check in. It’s like I have money in an account I can NEVER access! Sooooooo frustrating!!!
  • Quick & Easy! Plus free food coupons 5/5

    By Ive been everywhere man
    Very easy to use app and I travel all over the country and haven’t had a sonic it didn’t work at yet!! I have it set to just load $10 at a time. And every time it reloads you get a free tots coupon.
  • Great taste, skimpy add-ins 4/5

    By Alysoneofakind
    Love the Brownie & Cookie Dough Madness Master Blast! Tastes great, but the scarcity of the cookie dough and brownie pieces was disappointing. I know not to expect things to live up to their marketing photo, but a dozen or so pieces throughout, and 6 of each on top? 🙁 But I still love Sonic 😉
  • Don’t even waste your time 1/5

    By Warrin
    The app itself never gave me any problems, but so many times I would try to use it and the stalls at the location would connect with it, but fail to process my payment. The end result was me having to pay for my order with cash/card and not get credit for rewards. And then one day my entire account was deactivated while I still had money credited to it. Corporate had no explanation and didn’t even seem concerned.
  • Sam 5/5

    By Subsam
    This app makes ordering and payment so easy.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Wmbaker77
    I really like the app, would love to be able to order through the app as well. Would also like to be able to just pay with a credit card not gift card as well as have a tip option.
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Reyn-Man
  • Great Employees 5/5

    By mm4623
    Joy was my carhop & her smile & attitude were refreshing.
  • App Menu Not Expansive 1/5

    By trewdq2
    It was small.
  • Good concept but the employees take advantage. 1/5

    By Stupidgametogetdontdoit
    Every time I order using this app, the servers ALWAYS hit the 'carhop is on the way with your food' button and it takes at least another 5 or more minutes to actually get the food. Sonic needs to find a way for us to confirm when we actually got it somehow.
  • Freebies! 5/5

    By AppleGirl2014
    I love the convenience of this app as well as the freebies I get every time I reload my card.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Cool beans 123442234432
    It’s awesome
  • Don’t put money on app, you can’t use it 1/5

    By Vctry
    I have over $11. on my card on the app, it will never let me use it, better have the cash or another form of payment ready! The workers are clueless for help, this was the 6th try and still no help...
  • The best! 5/5

    By Winkerwinkwink
    Absolutely love the app
  • I love the Sonic App because... 5/5

    By ugokali
    I’ve carried a sonic cup in my hands for years!!! And the app has proved to be trustworthy! It’s so convenient, accurate and great for our family.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Jojo dogface
    Always has a problem to where I can never reload my card. Also has overcharged me multiple times once a few months ago. I’ve been sitting in my car for over thirty minutes trying to get it to work and there’s no hope. So many problems in this app.
  • Me 4/5

    By Mxplezic
    Include tip capability
  • Everything just stopped working 1/5

    By Justice iPhone
    The app was working fine for about three weeks and then one day I tried to reload money on the gift card it kept saying error try again later I thought OK let me log out and try to log back in now I won’t let me login I’ve tried resetting my password try connecting through Facebook it tells me that the email account already exist however it still won’t let me login. Very frustrating I really enjoyed using this app until now! Please update or fix it!
  • THIEVES!!! 1/5

    By CajunBattery
    Do not use this app or the Sonic cards. Sonic will TAKE YOUR MONEY.
  • Love this 5/5

    By frostizzle
    Very convenient and fast thanks guys!!!!!!
  • Won’t need since no more malts 2/5

    By Smyliecruiser
    The app was ok because it did give me coupons but you must be careful how you redeem the coupons because the carhops have to look at it and the phone says to push to redeem. If you push the redeem button the coupon disappears and the carhop can’t see it. So that could be better. Well anyways Seriously let’s talk Malts. 2,634,679 flavors of slushes and tea and you can’t find room in the kitchen or budget for a can of malt at the SONIC?! The place to get shakes AND malts since time began? Well darn. That’s what drew me in. Now I won’t be going. 😭
  • Love it 5/5

    By Hcavend
    Great app lots of rewards
  • Manning Sonic 5/5

    By missyard
    Manning Sonic is awesome and the owner always remembers her customer’s names.
  • Good execution of too few features 4/5

    By Lanny Heidbreder
    This lets you pay and reload from a Sonic card, and it works nicely, but you can’t place an order from the app and you can’t use Apple Pay. Both of those are (or should be) table stakes for a restaurant app in late 2017.
  • Love Sonic Drive-In ! 5/5

    By DigitalApple
    Delicious Food and Drink!! Fast Friendly Service!! This is how I Sonic!!
  • Drashley65 1/5

    By Flipping joke 1234567
    The last update is worse than the previous one. I check in at a stall and it checks me out immediately and won’t let me pay with the card in my app, which I just reloaded. Using the drive through, the employees have no idea how to use it in the drive through they think it’s only for the stalls. So why put drive through on the app. Also ha e been trying for six months to combine balances onto one single card, I have three on my app, it ALWAYS gives an error that it can’t be done. So again what’s the point of offering it on the app. Fix it or lose more business.
  • App is great! 4/5

    By nlacy220
    The setup is easy to find and very fast to order food from a smart phone. Great coupon for burgers and drinks
  • Still no Apple pay support 2/5

    By ceric20
    Still no Apple pay support to recharge your Sonic card ... With out Apple pay makes app useless I don't want to enter a credit card on an app!! Add Apple pay support!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Phatmax
    Just downloaded the app and can’t log in or create an account. Turned my phone off and back on thinking it was my service and that didn’t work. Deleted the app and reinstalled and that didn’t work. Can’t place an order and anything without an account, but the app won’t let me do anything.
  • Buy a Sonic Card? 1/5

    By Richard Samul
    You give me the option to keep my credit card stored so I can basically buy credit in the app - just charge my purchases to my credit card like every other fast food mobile app already. Seriously, it’s the stupidest way to do things short of making me go to the restaurant to buy a physical Sonic card to redeem in the app.
  • The worst app ever! 1/5

    By Crysd01
    I rarely write negative reviews, but when I do, it’s because something is seriously wrong. I reloaded my card attached to my app with $15. It was debited from my checking and is now nowhere to be found. I tried reloading the card, failed. Reloading the app, failed. Registering, failed. Waiting a day and trying again, failed. Tried “forgot password” it looked like it took, but nope, failed. It said I needed to register my phone number... so I clicked the link, failed. No sms received. Checked both known and unknown numbers for a text. Failed. Tried to send another request, double and triple checked the number, failed! This is NOT the first time I’ve lost money, last time I called customer service and they got it back for me... but why does my money just disappear? Are they hoping I will get fed up and just let them keep the money? I will NOT be using this app ever again!! I’ve never had a single problem with my other restaurant apps, why so many problems with this one????????
  • Love sonic drinks! 5/5

    By wcattleco
    Coke Zero with double vanilla and easy ice!!!
  • Easy and lots of rewards! 5/5

    By jackieg914
    Easy to use and I love the extra rewards!!! Free and half price stuff rocks!!!
  • Clarksville TN 5/5

    By MizDivah
    The service is great and the carhops have great customer service. I enjoy stopping in to get a tasty treat before heading home from work each day.
  • First time user ~ 3/5

    By BrndaM
    App was easy to download & set up to my Facebook, I do like that feature. Free slushy is great. Will update review as I use it.
  • Can you add a feature to tip when you pay? 1/5

    By Double_bogie
    Can you add a feature to tip when you pay? Also, the app is very hard to use.
  • App is persistent! 1/5

    By Lulabell72
    This app updated itself and I have my settings off for automatic updates. I deleted it, it came back after about an hour, I deleted it and it keeps coming back!! What am I doing wrong? I don’t use the cloud so it’s not there. I went to my apps and it wasn’t there. I have deleted it probably six times now.
  • fix the app 1/5

    By j4269
    i’ve forgotten my password so i went to reset it and it STILL won’t let me log in even tho i’ve reset my password 6 times!!!!!
  • Some things used to be easier 3/5

    By XenoChron
    I don’t like the way the app works and find it to be complicated and unintuitive. I love being able to pay with it however just these stupid buttons at bottom staring at you with no labels is a joke. Nothing is clear from the start. Also why am I constantly being texted about specials that appear nowhere in the app. I think the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. They need to go back to drawing board in this one and make it intuitive and easy to use but just look at their menu at their drive in and you’ll understand why the app isn’t clear.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Cp23grl
    I haven't been able to add funds to my card at all says sorry something went wrong sorry sorry sorry cant even add a new one same message sorry! So what I do have left Prob cant spend :( Still not able to do anything we tried diff ways at sonic this am so the lady was nice enough to let me have my bfst for free !
  • Clueless 1/5

    By Hoos50
    The last two times I’ve tried to use this app to pay for my food, I couldn’t. I tried checking in to the drive thru, it took me to maps. No option to check in. So instead of using my gift card, I had to pay. Wish I wouldn’t have put my gift card on here. Very frustrating.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Bradley228
    Nothing's worked right with this app since I downloaded it.
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By Hubb84
    Love the ability to pay from the app. Very convenient not having to dig cash or credit card out. If balance of sonic card is running low app will automatically reload it from saved credit card with lowest denomination available to cover order.
  • Not impressed. Not worth it. Move along. 2/5

    By cnshea
    I recently download this app hoping it would make for a better Sonic drive through experience. The app, much like the employees at Sonic, is useless. Why 2 stars?! I like rewards. I have a gift card with a small balance and I thought it would be nice to load it onto the app to make the drive through employee less confused at check out however it keeps saying ‘looks like there was a problem’ but will not tell me what that problem is so I might correct it. Also the FAQ for this app is horrible and provides answers to only 3 questions. I guess I will use the app to pre shop menu? Just not really seeing any other point to have it on my phone.
  • Easy app! Let’s you budget money for Sonic! 5/5

    By Fastrussman
    The sonic app is awesome!
  • Needs a pay and pick up feature from the app 4/5

    By Starman_22
    Easy to use and great rewards! Would like to see the ability to order, pay on the app and then go pick up.
  • Great 5/5

    By Hogan1865
    I just used the app for the first time. Easy to navigate and could not be more simple! SONIC ROCKS!!!!

SONIC Drive-In app comments


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