Sony | Music Center (SongPal)

Sony | Music Center (SongPal)

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 5.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sony | Music Center (SongPal) App

Notification to iOS 9 user Starting with version 5.6, Sony | Music Center for iOS will only be available on iOS 10 or later. Please be aware that if your device is running iOS 9, you will not be able to run Sony | Music Center for iOS Ver. 5.6 or any subsequent versions. You will still be able to continue running Sony | Music Center Ver. 5.5 on iOS 9. However, the AppStore will not provide any earlier versions of Sony | Music Center, so if you uninstall Sony | Music Center Ver. 5.5 from a device running iOS 9, be aware that you will not be able to install the same version again. SongPal has been renewed to Sony | Music Center. Devices that were compatible with SongPal are compatible with Sony | Music Center as well. To use the control function of audio devices, an audio device compatible with Sony | Music Center is required. Please check if your audio products are compatible with Sony | Music Center from our support site. Main Feature You can playback music including Hi-Res tracks on your smartphone. Play the music contents from CD, USB, and Smartphone. Access music by browsing or searching music folders stored on your computer or NAS drive thru network(DLNA)*. You can set Multi-room, Surround, Stereo wirelessly with multiple speakers.* Change the setting on the audio device, such as Equalizer, Sleep Timer, Network* and so on. *Limited to compatible devices. Note Some features may not be supported by certain devices. With the update to ver.5.2, Music Center will no longer be compatible with STR-DN850/STR-DN1050/ICF-CS20BT/XDR-DS21BT. Some functions and services may not be supported in certain regions/countries. Please make sure to update Sony | Music Center to the latest version.


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Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app reviews

  • Completely useless and filled with errors 1/5

    By Jk44manny
    Most frustrating app I’ve ever encountered. I consider myself very technologically intelligent but this app never seems to be able to do ANYTHING of good use.. makes me want to return my speakers it’s so bad. It constantly gives me errors. All I want to do is link my speakers.
  • Decent enough except... 3/5

    By Redrexx
    I've used this app for a while now and so far, I haven't had much issues with it. Tho for a short while, the Bluetooth kept disconnecting. They've seem to work out that kink. I like how I'm able to control everything. If there's anything left to add, is that there should be volume control in every page. It's a bit annoying having to back out all the way to adjust volume after making speak level changes. I know there's a shortcut button to home page a more accesible volume would be nice.
  • App Won’t open 1/5

    By sb4827
    I have a N5100BT with app running on an iPhone 6 Plus on IOS 11.2.2. The app attempts to open but just displays a black screen.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By Jim Currahee
    The old songpal was a good app. This app does not work.
  • Don’t buy a Sony!! They advertise App compatibility, and then stop support... 1/5

    By zxbailey
    $550 str dn1050 no longer can be controlled via the App on an iPhone. THAT’S WHY I BOUGHT IT! They advertised app functionality, I bought the stereo and now I can’t use it the way I wanted to. Sorry Sony! That just earned you one less customer.
  • Are you KIDDING ME! 1/5

    By OLI WON
    My STR DN-1050 has been in storage for about 6-months while we moved the fam to a new state, then we finally buy a house and I pull out the receiver and hook up to our brand new Sony 55” 4K UHD... only to find out the app no longer supports simple remote functions. Talking about a capital F-A-I-L! This was the first high(er) end receiver I ever bought, thinking long term support and a future 4K. Never considered a company like Sony would just decommission a current gen, well-functioning mobile app when it was a key advertised feature of the product purchased only 3 years ago. Thank God, Sony doesn’t make automobiles, they might push an update that stops the steering wheel from operating. Very disappointed, to say the least.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Nikolsan
    This app is so frustratingly useless. I almost didn’t buy the speaker cause of the apps negative reviews, but I did cause the speaker has great reviews. I don’t regret buying the speaker but this app really takes away from the experience.
  • What is happening??? 1/5

    By Dannyarch
    I can’t add my srs-xb20 speaker at all.
  • Latest SongPal upgrade is ridiculous. 1/5

    By Mr. Darned Upset
    Unknowingly lost support for my STR-1050 going from SongPal to Sony Music Center. No warnings, no reprieve, no nothing! Must have been done by a bunch of snowflake millennials who think everything goes obsolete in 3 years. What the heck do I need the app for now?
  • Works Fine 5/5

    By 24nrs
    I have the XB 30, only used it for a short time but it seems to work fine for me.
  • Shame on you Sony 1/5

    By MRH32770
    Very disappointed that Sony removed support for my new stereo system. I can't connect with the app and control remotely any longer. Wasted money and definitely false advertising.
  • Could not re add my device!!! 1/5

    By Joshuadhs
    So I’ve had my Sony xb-40 for about 2 months and have had no issues but this app causes major issues for me. Firstly you don’t have iPad support and it resets everytime you leave the app. The main reason I want this app to work properly is so when I want to turn the lighting function off then I can and right now I cant. I’ve only been able to get it to work about three to four times and then it resets. Please fix whatever the issue is so I can turn the lights on and off as I please. Also if I can’t turn the lighting off then it drains the battery. Thank you and if you fix this issue I’d be very happy!
  • Any alternative to this App? 1/5

    By Gyurza
    I own a 2001 Lexus, replaced old stereo with a Sony MEX-XB100BT. I love it, however after just a few weeks I am finding lots of bugs. When browsing through music on my USB the app or radio will just freeze. You can turn it off even removing the face of the radio won’t help. I believe it is the not so well designed or functional app is the problem, very low quality... Any alternatives so that I can pair my radio properly? Sony if you are reading...UPDATES are needed thank you.
  • DECENT! 4/5

    By Jayyy R.
    It works fine for me! Just the way the app is built. Really old software. If it was to be updated I feel like I could give this app 5stars easily
  • Great contender! 5/5

    By vet_aple_usr007
    So far it’s a great app! I would like to see a widget for the light and audio presets!
  • Digitally connected device no longer works 1/5

    By Frog911
    Apparently don't have reduced their support over time, so the actual receiver I own - which used to work with this app - no longer does. Now I have a receiver missing a feature it was sold with, and a pointless app installed on my phone to boot.
  • DN850!?? 1/5

    By Ed3454
    So still no DN850 compatibility? What gives Sony? You have lost and are losing what were once loyal customers.
  • Connection 1/5

    By Murciaaa
    The Bluetooth communication between my iPhone 7 and Sony xb30 is constantly cut out after using the song pal app
  • Incompatible device 1/5

    By RaVenHawk77
    Str-dn1050 was purchased for the sole reason (and the only way I have used this device) is by using the Bluetooth feature which requires this app. This expensive device is now collecting dust and I am very angry about it and will probably not buy another Sony receiver again because of this.

    By R-Dawg Blackie
    Developers of Sony’s SongPal App. Please add a wireless Multiroom setup for the Amazon Music App. Thanks!
  • Never write reviews but this is so bad I had to... 1/5

    By Layne (New Orleans)
    I own the HT-CT770 sound bar and SongPal just so happens to be the only source to control this device via phone. Well... it absolutely does not work... after establishing a Bluetooth connection... the wheel just spins indefinitely.... the volume does not work.... This app is absolutely useless and provides no functionality.... What an absolute joke and slap in the face to customers that support Sony and invest in their products. I would give 0 stars if it were an option. Update: 05/13/17 This app still does not work with my HT-CT770. Update 12/10/17 This app sill does not work with my HT-CT770. I hate a company that ends support for products only 1-2 years later what a garbage and trash bag move.
  • No compatibility after version 5.1.1 2/5

    By frustrated_with_sony
    My Sony STR-DN1050 is not compatible after version 5.1.1 upgrade on my iphone. Shame on you Sony. At least let us go back to an earlier version of SongPal for those of us who inadvertently upgraded the app.
  • Loss of speaker operation is tragic. 1/5

    By L Pen
    WHY NOT JUST RE-RELEASE THE SONGPAL APP? I loved the ability to increase or decrease volume in different parts of the house. Now I have to use the remote for any operation after the last update you can only play the music on your phone and not operate or adjust ANY speaker function. PLEASE bring back the old operating system and make this app useful again.
  • Could not add a device 1/5

    By Waddlecat (Max)
    I've had my SRS:-X2 speaker for a couple years. I just got the app and tried to add the device; it wouldn't work, getting stuck on the last part of the first step where it instructs you to go to the Bluetooth settings. I tried multiple times to disconnect and reconnect the speaker and forgetting the device. Even though it was able to connect to my phone the app didn't detect it. Tried deleting and redownloading the app a couple times and it still didn't work. I don't know it has performed for others but I was rather disappointed in it.
  • Im in love with my sony xb7... 1/5

    By Keventthk1
    I have a xb7 really love the speaker but the app is garbage. The led lights management need more work.. really nice speaker with terrible support 😖 please make this app better
  • Sony broke its app 1/5

    By bopiens
    With version 5.2, Sony stopped supporting my Sony home theater receiver, which is only TWO YEARS OLD.
  • Connection problems 2/5

    By ezzzzrider
    Tried to connect
  • NWZ-WS613 not pairing with iPhone X 1/5

    By dhri
    I had an iPhone 7+ and my Sony Bluetooth Walkman earphones worked fine. I got the iPhone X and now my earphones can’t be detected by the phone to be paired. :((
  • Playing on pandora 2/5

    By higherbeing2017
    When I play on Pandora the screen goes black
  • Dropping support after two years? 1/5

    By FarkinTarkin
    I’m amazed at how one update wiped out support for so many of Sony’s own devices. Many of these are less than two years old, and were significant investments for those of us who bought them. Hopefully Sony will add them back sooner than later, but I don’t have much hope
  • Please provide version for Prior Sony AVs that are no longer supported... 1/5

    By Wahoo25
    Receivers can last for years that are well made. If you cannot provide support for the receiver I purchased 2 years ago through the app, I'll find another brand to align with. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Not opening... 1/5

    By Brent Fitzgerald
    Blank app opening since iOS 11 update, and both Sony app updates. (11/19)
  • HTXT1 Bluetooth won’t work with iPad 5 1/5

    By One_BKNY
    But works with iPhone 7 Plus, frustrating- yowza.
  • Doesn’t Work at all- Waste of your time 1/5

    By Bobbyh1267
    Doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t connect to my Sony GTK-XB5. App is a waste of space on my phone.
  • DN 850 1/5

    By nomoresony
    Bought a DN 850 just for this advertised functionality. App no longer supports this Sony receiver. I will never again purchase a Sony receiver. DO NOT UPDATE THIS APP
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Itsmaec
    The app won’t even detect my soundbar anymore. Yes both my soundbar and phone are on the same WiFi...
  • Connection Issues 1/5

    By School Mac
    The app will not detect my SRS XB40’s nor will it detect my GTK XB7’s. Without connection you can no control the speakers properly. This is an issue that Sony needs to fix. I would like to be able to control the lighting properly. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE !!!!!
  • Improvement needed! 1/5

    By kaiserjeff1986
    I can’t even control my Sony Bluetooth speaker using this. It will connect but when I try and control the volume using this app then it will somehow disconnects but is still connected. I can even play my amazon music app. It’s just this app having compatibility issues with its own products! Really Sony!
  • STR-DN850 1/5

    By Rkteck
    Bring back support for DN850!
  • Connection issues 2/5

    By donthatejustappreciate
    I have a iPhone 7+ and since the update I have been experiencing disconnecting and it sounding like my phone is too far when it is one inch away from the speaker. I had Bestbuy protection so I got a new speaker and it does the same exact thing out of the box. Even tried resetting it, and the rest of my Bluetooth devices work perfectly fine
  • Why have app if you don’t support it? STR-DN1050 1/5

    By Magic6001
    This does not make a good impression and will make me rethink purchasing Sony products at work and my home theater system. This is the same for all of your other Apps for other models of your products. How is this compatible with STR-DN1040?
  • Bye, Sony 1/5

    By djtll
    I saw the warning not to update the app or else you can’t control your STR-DN1050 any longer. Well, I went and turned off auto-update for all my apps. Now, the app still won’t work. So, I’ve been manually updating all my iPhone just because of Sony & the app still broke. If it doesn’t start working again, I’ll just replace my AVR with a better brand that handles backward compatibility better.
  • Recent Problems 2/5

    By Aniroc73
    I’ve recently started having connection problems from my iPhone 7 to my speaker using the iHeartRadio app. I have updated my phone. I have deleted and downloaded the iHeartRadio app. I have update the Sony music speaker app. Disconnected and Reconnected my blue tooth and still it cuts off as if it’s losing connection. I use my data to stream music. I am not on a WiFi connection.
  • Okay? 2/5

    By Fox_McCloud_
    So the app does decently well on my Sony SRS-XB20, but tends to crash on and off. Doesn’t stop the music or anything, but makes it a bit of a challenge to adjust Bass, Treble, Light Functions, etc... hopefully this app receives better updates and bug fixes in the future. 🙄
  • Planned Obsolescence 1/5

    By emeraldthree3
    No other company stops supporting it’s products after only 2 years. The main way to control my less than 2 year old STR-DN1050 was via the Song pal, now Music Center, app, which Sony “upgraded” so it only supports the most recent model. I will never buy another Sony product since it seems from this decision that their products become unusable quicker than any other manufacturer.
  • Customer experience IS the brand. Good riddance. 1/5

    By Beantown-G
    In today’s market, customer experience *is* the brand, even more than features or price. Sony used to know that. I bought the STR-DN1050 because I could control it with my phone. A quick “Update all” apps and SongPal was gone. I have a degree in computer science and know it’s not rocket science to support multiple protocols for backward compatibility, *especially* for an army of loyal customers. Sony, you think this is going to push us to purchase new receivers? LOL. Your influence in consumer electronics is shrinking and this is just another example of the acceleration downward. (Anyone buy a Sony Clie, phone, or TV lately?). I’m exhausted being screwed by companies selling products that don’t work as marketed - or sneaky/aggressive product support decisions. Good riddance.
  • Does not control my receiver 1/5

    By brainfixer
    I too, like so many others, have a Sony receiver I bought 2 years ago, and can not be controlled by the updated SongPal. So I have to be very careful not to update SongPal. I have a constant reminder in my App Store that I have an App to update, and I can’t ever tap “Update All”. Ideally, release a firmware update for older receivers so they can use the updated Song Pal. Alternatively, why not keep the old app on the App Store for those of us who need it, and then offer a separate updated app for people with compatible receiver? My phone call and email to Sony got me a generic response that has nothing to do with my request. Terrible support Sony.
  • Worked fine until new software rel. 1/5

    By Tabootal
    App worked fine and supported my system until the new software release came out. Now a message pops up and states it no longer supports my device (STR-DN850 series). This is terrible considering I bought the unit for this feature. Disappointed!
  • No longer works with my receiver 1/5

    By A nick3000
    After a year the app stopped working with my receiver. The app says to use the IR remote instead.
  • Cannot control via WiFi, nuts app! 1/5

    By worthmakingthispublic
    It was good until the SongPal for my STRDN-1050. It is not clear they just updated my existing/deleted songpal to Music Center? I hate the app sofar as I cannot access the devices connected to the receiver anymore!!! Im still trying to think why they made this change??? Sony must address this!!!

Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app comments


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