Sony | Music Center (SongPal)

Sony | Music Center (SongPal)

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sony Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sony | Music Center (SongPal) App

- The center for all music lovers - Do you want to fully enjoy music whether at home or out and about? Then this Sony app is exactly what you've been waiting for. The Sony l Music Center app will singlehandedly enable you to listen to Hi-Res sound sources in the excellent audio quality. You can also connect to other Sony audio devices to play music in the best possible sound field, with the settings optimized for each individual device. SongPal has been renewed to Sony | Music Center. Devices that were compatible with SongPal are compatible with Sony | Music Center as well. To use the control function of audio devices, an audio device compatible with Sony | Music Center is required. Please check if your audio products are compatible with Sony | Music Center from our support site. Main Feature You can playback music including Hi-Res tracks on your smartphone. Play the music contents from CD, USB, and Smartphone. Access music by browsing or searching music folders stored on your computer or NAS drive thru network(DLNA)*. You can set Multi-room, Surround, Stereo wirelessly with multiple speakers.* Change the setting on the audio device, such as Equalizer, Sleep Timer, Network* and so on. *Limited to compatible devices. Note Some features may not be supported by certain devices. With the update to ver.5.2, Music Center will no longer be compatible with STR-DN850/STR-DN1050/ICF-CS20BT/XDR-DS21BT. Some functions and services may not be supported in certain regions/countries. Please make sure to update Sony | Music Center to the latest version.


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Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app reviews

  • Worked fine until new software rel. 1/5

    By Tabootal
    App worked fine and supported my system until the new software release came out. Now a message pops up and states it no longer supports my device (STR-DN850 series). This is terrible considering I bought the unit for this feature. Disappointed!
  • No longer works with my receiver 1/5

    By A nick3000
    After a year the app stopped working with my receiver. The app says to use the IR remote instead.
  • Cannot control via WiFi, nuts app! 1/5

    By worthmakingthispublic
    It was good until the SongPal for my STRDN-1050. It is not clear they just updated my existing/deleted songpal to Music Center? I hate the app sofar as I cannot access the devices connected to the receiver anymore!!! Im still trying to think why they made this change??? Sony must address this!!!
  • Screwed loyal customers 1/5

    By HatTrix3
    I’ve had this app for years. Works great for my STN-DN1050. Kids in the basement playing music/movie too loud? I could turn it down. Until the latest updates. Now its no longer supported. But i cant get the version (5.1) that does support it. What garbage.
  • Not opening 1/5

    By Brent Fitzgerald
    Blank app opening after iOS update.
  • Does not work reliably 1/5

    By Hickory guy
    Doesn’t work reliably for me to control my receivers. Wish I had never upgraded my 2 receivers if Sony cant keep the app working to control them. Most of the time, I get a black screen and then the app crashes. Seriously doubt I will have another Sony receiver.
  • Shuts my iPhone off 3/5

    By Nik0905
    I liked this app until the IOS 11.3 update happened. Now this app randomly shuts my iPhone 8 off. I deleted this app to see what was causing my phone to shut off and it hasn’t since so must be an issue with this app. Such a bummer! Please fix so I can use again.
  • Why make me not compatible??? 1/5

    By Speedywoods7
    At first everything was fine, I do the automatic update, now my Sony receiver isn’t compatible anymore... (STR-DN850)
  • Very upset 1/5

    By Ex Sony Customer
    I just spent several hours trying to figure out why my connection wouldn't work. My iPad was working only because it had not been updated. It's pretty sad that Sony is not staying current. I will purchase another unit (not Sony) tomorrow and cut my losses. I learned my lesson with Sony products.
  • STR-DN1016 / Zone 2 1/5

    By STR-DN1060
    Playing Spotify in Zone 2 and any other source in Main Zone is impossible. I just can’t listen two source in two diferente zones at the same time. I,m thinking to change all my Sony audio stuff to Sonos.
  • You dropped support for equipment one been back? 1/5

    By Rockgrind
    Why would you drop support for equipment that is one generation old. I used the app to control my system from around the house and when the family is on the patio. If you want to stay relevant in the industry this is a feature you need. If you expect me to buy new equipment every year or two because you drop support for something that worked then think again. You learn from experience I guess... Enjoy your profits off my 2016 purchase because I'm done with Sony.
  • Support. Nope! 1/5

    By frankster222
    Now when I open app it finds speaker and stops playback. What a POS app. I just had to force close app FIVE Times to get it to recognize speaker even though I was connected and listening to it via Bluetooth. PKEASE PUT BATTERY LEVEL ON FIRST SCREEN. Is anybody paying attention to you 1 star reviews. You represent Sony! Battery status on start screen please!!! App should show battery status on first screen. There is no need to go 3 steps in to see battery status. Once this is fixed I'll rate higher. I wanted to give app feedback and no way to do it. I wish the app would show battery status on the first page instead of going in 4 steps in to find battery status.
  • Zone 2 / Connections 1/5

    By Cloudcastmusic
    Playing zone 2 by itself can be a pain. When you open the app main zone and zone 2 come on automatically. If someone is using the main zone and you open the app you change or take over their audio. Also, zone 2 won't play digital inputs like hdmi, cable, Apple TV... lack of control is frustrating. Also, audio will go dead for a few seconds and come back every now and then.
  • Bad really bad 1/5

    By Brian180052
    So when I get in my truck with my new Sony head unit the phone pairs with the radio then you need to use the phone for everything. the radio does nothing but display what is playing. u need to pick up ur phone just to move the volume, change the station everything it's the worst idea ever!! Really this app is very bad
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Ejam98712
    I bought my STR-DN850 with one of the key features for me was being able to control the receiver from my phone (a 1 year old loves to destroy remote controls). All of a sudden the feature has been removed? I’ve hear of adding features through firmware, but removing them? Bad form. If there is a replacement app, I’d love to know about it and maybe the app removing the functionality should point us that way?
  • 1050 Compatibility Removed 1/5

    By Never Buy Sony Again
    Really Sony, you removed compatibility for a receiver I purchased a year ago? My app got accidentally updated, now I am unable to use it with my receiver (1050). This is the last Sony product I buy. This is beyond ridiculous.
  • If it can connect it is great 2/5

    By Md spider
    Trouble is it doesn't keep the wifi connection. Requires several attempts before it will work. Once connected it's very good. Just wish it wasn't so difficult to connect
  • Was just ok now stinks! 1/5

    By Bozo mcnut
    Look Sony, all I want is to configure the MEX-XB100BT and save said config for when the power is cut! On a sailboat all power is cut off except bilge pump and alarm system when leaving many times each day. Also when switching battery banks. The radio is nice and powerful but reconfiguring is a PITA on the head unit. Old Songpal at least allowed a faster way to configure custom parameters. So sorry to see this new useless trash. I just uninstalled. You had the gall to force pop ups to accept what you call MusicCenter on startup. Don’t companies think about what customers really want anymore?
  • Str-dn1070 5/5

    By Azzuri09
    Works like a charm with my str-dn1070 loving it
  • Weak 2/5

    By Ken5840
    Had a hard time XB20 in party mode with another XB20
  • Sony STR-DN1050 1/5

    By Roger1999
    This app was destroyed after the 4.5.1 will not work with many sound amps like Sony STR-DN1050, they are incapable to roll back the update or to at least add an old version for users with this type of problems to be resolve.
  • Inconsistent and since the ios11 release, it crashes, a lot... 1/5

    By Lindjm1993
    I do expect more from Sony. After the last edit iOS update I cannot keep the app open, it continually crashes. If it did stay open, I would like to see the title of the song playing without having to select my music source. Which by doing that it stops the song for a moment and starts playing again. Seems very ‘clunky’ to me.
  • SONY Song Pal App - Used to be great! 1/5

    By cKOne3121
    SONY... Take a hard look at your feedback ratings, people are upset and are NOT HAPPY with your worthless App. FIX IT! It's killing your name, your reputation and overall, your product sales. I'm not really sure why SONY decided to change the Song Pal App, this App used to be so much better better before... It Worked Beautifully, Much Better Graphics, Easier to Navigate and way more features to Control Sound and Lighting Settings. If something awesome works great, then why change it? What were you thinking SONY? Bring back the the original App, you left us with this pathetic app, it's embarrassing! FIX THE PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • Screwed 1/5

    By MaineStay
    Be careful. Been using this app all the time. Updated it out of habit. Now it doesn't work with my Sony receiver. I used it to control everything I have which are all Sony. You would think they would consider how many people have the DN1050 before making such a move. Thank goodness I have a iPad that I still have older version. Now what do we do?
  • Discontinued support for my SONY?! Device 1/5

    By 206 creeped out
    Worked great for a year. Latest update left me high and dry. My sony receiver is no longer supported and defaults to TV input. I can't watch my Apple TV with it anymore. Piece of junk. Unreliable. If I could give them zero stars, I would.
  • Needs ALL Remote Functions 3/5

    By Itsmaec
    Ok so my remote that came with my Soundbar isn’t working and I like to check sometimes what kind of audio is being output through the soundbar such as Dolby, LPCM...etc. I do this by hitting “Display” on my remote. Please add this function to the app. Also it would be nice to have this app on my Apple TV so I can enable night mode and adjust other settings without using my phone.
  • Get it together Sony! 1/5

    By upset Sony customer
    Like so many others writing reviews, I too purchased a STRDN-1050. I have my receiver setup solely for the purpose of multi-zone remote app usage. Did you seriously remove app functions after 1 year?! I called Sony for support on this issue and they had NO IDEA the problem even existed. I spent over two hours speaking to a Sony representative and literally had to send them a link from their website that explained how the app was no longer supported. I have been purchasing Sony products for 20 years and recently bought a $3,000 80" TV. I was within my 30 day return policy and swapped out the TV for a Samsung. Get your crap together Sony, you have lost a longtime customer and I will no longer recommend your products to family/ friends. I now have a $700 paper weight.
  • Why take away the old software that worked with my receiver?? 1/5

    By JJ Marinelli
    When I got the Sony receiver that worked with this older software song pal I didn't even need a new receiver I just wanted do use my phone to control it. Then they changed it to Music Center and now they made it so I no longer have a way to control my receiver with the phone. This made it very handy to change volumes throughout the house but now they have taken this ability away. It would be one thing if they said hey this new software we are writing doesn't work with your older receiver but we will leave the old software alone. But they didn't do that. Instead they purposely made my receiver obsolete and the Software remote option I bought the receiver for is now worthless.
  • Fortunate enough to read the description and not update 1/5

    By stoneairsoft
    I have the DN850 (little brother to the 1050). It's only a matter of time before I accidentally press "update", & lose the functionality with my receiver. My wife, sadly, has auto-updates enabled so she's out of luck. Come on! Stand behind your product.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 9Haus
    This app is absolutely terrible and ruins the listening experience for the Sony speakers I bought. I need the app to use both at the same time but it rarely, if ever, actually works. This makes me not recommend any sony products to people looking for new speakers. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Greasedoc
    Lost functionality of controlling my 1050 receiver. What a horrible company.
  • Do not buy Sony 1/5

    By Every engineer
    I urge everybody to read reviews for prior versions of this app. Sony will absolutely continue to drop app support for receivers that are in many cases only 1 to 2 years old. They cripple functionality on purpose. STR DN1050 no longer recognized by the app. This receiver is still sold!!! STR DN1060 and 1070 are soon going to be dropped as well. Do not buy Sony!
  • Shame on you Sony 1/5

    By MRH32770
    Looks like Apple removed my previous review calling for a class action lawsuit. Won't stop me from pursuing it however, on behalf of all the disappointed STR-DN1050 owners out there. Anyways, very disappointed that Sony removed support for my new 1050. I can't control the second zone remotely any longer. Wasted money and definitely false advertising. Shame on you Sony.
  • Bugs and glitches 2/5

    By ali437
    This app was great for me before the latest version, this latest version has released so many glitches that I can't connect to my stereo reciever any more. And it is still supported according to the website. Sony I don't know why you won't make a legacy app, it's seems very easy just copy all the code for the versions before 5 make the interface cleaner and release it for people who would rather use that!
  • DNR 850 Junk App 1/5

    By Pppoooikihih
    You guys ruined the app, the last app was fine . I can no longer control my unit in wifi. This is the main reason I bought sony. I use my unit out doors. At the pool, now you have no control over the unit settings . junk!!! Bring back the old one!
  • Dropped support for DN1050! 1/5

    By Dmills10
    This app was really getting good until you just dropped support for my DN1050 receiver. Absolutely ridiculous. Won't buy another Sony receiver!
  • Receiver obsolete after fewer than 2 years. 1/5

    By Reverend_mal
    For some reason, Sony decided to make my receiver obsolete with respect to this app. When it worked, it was slow to respond and generally unpolished. As of now, it just does not work. The last Sony I bought lasted 12 years. This one aged out in fewer than two years. It's ridiculous. I am ditching my Sony and won't buy another Sony receiver.
  • iPhone App 1/5

    By song pal
    The song pal app was awesome but when Sony switched to music center the app was working ok but now with the new 5.2 version we can't control the receiver anymore very disappointing.Will you please make an other version so we all can control it with our phones please please please!!!!!
  • Dope Af RNS 5/5

    By Tah Shakir
    The app is dope. Worked for my Sony XTM1 , couldnt find the remote, so I used this as a substitute.
  • Have to buy a new receiver 1/5

    By Blue chelseafc
    What were Sony thinking? my 1050 receiver is only a couple of years old and now it's junk for my purpose. I'm using it for an outdoor set up with one zone set for display and second for audio so that I can switch between tv and music audio sources while watching TV. Problem is the receiver is inside the house so even if I go inside to operate the remote I can't see the display because it's in the backyard. Can't believe that the what's new about the update omitted the fact that they were going to screw every 1050 owner.
  • False advertising? 1/5

    By iceburgdesigns
    I, like a lot of reviewers, purchased this particular receiver (1050) because of the advertised features. The use of this app was the main one. I remodeled my basement for home theater, and literally built a room around a receiver with this feature. Now I'm forced to either, buy a new receiver (after 1.5yrs) or walk into the adjacent room and open a door, just to change the volume. Could at least leave a legacy app for everyone to use. This decision makes no sense. Way to advertise a feature and then completely drop it. Long time Sony customer, never again......
  • Poor Software Lifecycle Planning 1/5

    By bowmaan
    Look, I'm another guy in the 1050 boat as all of the other complaints. I'm fortunately one of the few who read the note to NOT upgrade to the latest build, but here's the problem-- what happens when I get a new iPhone and my OS automatically pulls the latest build from the App Store? This is entirely unacceptable. Please consider deploying a new application-- call it SongPal or Music Center Legacy or something that is essentially the last version of the supported receivers. It's not much to ask -- these receivers are NOT that old! If that isn't a possibility, please consider open sourcing an API that would allow developers to rebuilt an interface to our legacy receivers.
  • No 1050 Support 1/5

    By DPERRY23
    My app automatically updated and now I no longer have support for my 1050. What is the replacement app to control the music services for Zone 2?
  • Need Support for Sony Str-1050 1/5

    By Hockeysaint
    Please bring back support for the Sony STR-1050.
  • Terrible app performance 1/5

    By Gregg W90
    This app wasn't great to start with but it at least did what it was supposed to do. I would regularly adjust speaker settings in the middle of a movie with friends using the app. However now i'm supposed to open a pop up menu, go through the settings and adjust speaker levels on a full screen menu?!?! Very, very unhappy about this.
  • Works great WHEN IT WORKS 1/5

    By Stringbuster
    90% of the time this app does NOT work with my srs XB30. Sony PLEASE fix this.
  • Angry DN1050 1/5

    By chrispcc
    I bought the product less than a year ago and this app made it obsolete ...
  • The developers need to be fired. 1/5

    By Honredic
    If I remember correctly the box said app supported. I'm thinking this could be cause for a class action lawsuit against Sony. Bad call on their part. Why would a company remove a receiver from an app that was already working? Money? Greed? Stupidity?
  • Please include support for 1050 1/5

    By AndewUSA
    Sony why would you want to remove support for your AV devices with this upgrade? I have 2 STR1050 amps and the ability to control them from an app was great. Simple and functional. The new app offers no support for my amps and is therefore useless. Please think things through before rolling them out as you have seriously dropped the ball with this app. Do not update to this version.
  • Never buy another Sony product again! 1/5

    By ssjcreeper
    I have two Sony 4k TVs, two PS4s, and two Sony receivers that drive audio for four rooms, including my theater room. Both receivers are located in my AV room. This app controlled all audio in my home and now you just outright killed it? What the h? Telling me to use the remote is not an option. I can't believe Sony screwed over so many customers who purchased their receivers with the intent to control them thru this app. Unbelievable! I'll never buy another Sony product again.

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