SoundHound - Music Discovery

SoundHound - Music Discovery

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 8.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: SoundHound, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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SoundHound - Music Discovery App

Music Discovery, Identification, & Voice-Controlled player 300M+ downloads, billions of songs discovered. Hey, what song is that? SoundHound 8 makes it simple to discover music playing around you. Whether you’re in the car or out and about, open the app, hit the big orange SoundHound button, let your phone listen for a few seconds, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s playing! Some folks have called it pure magic, and we tend to agree. Dude, where’s my app? We know your phone can get cluttered, so we’ve created a few shortcuts to that SoundHound button. Our notification center widget and 3D touch controls make discovering that song even quicker. Look! No Hands! SoundHound comes equipped with “OK Hound…”, an incredibly powerful way to interact with SoundHound through your voice. “OK Hound…” can help you navigate the app, discover new music and playback songs hands-free. Simply say ‘OK Hound...’ from any screen and say a command! Hey DJ, turn it up! Discovering new music is only half the fun of SoundHound. We’re music lovers too, so we’ve created an incredible experience for you to relive your discoveries with our music player. Connect your Apple Music or Spotify accounts to listen again, build playlists, explore music across genres, and find new favorites - all with real-time, karaoke-style lyrics through LiveLyrics®. Don’t have an Apple Music or Spotify subscription? No sweat, we have you covered with our free, built-in YouTube player. This is your music journey. Every song you discover will be kept in your own personal history. Look up where you heard that song on your Music Map. Want to keep all your devices in sync? Be sure to register for a free SoundHound account! Still curious about SoundHound? Here’s everything you need to know! Discover • Tap the SoundHound button in the app, in the notification center widget, or via 3D touch on the app icon to discover music playing around you! We’ll let you know everything about the song including title, artist, album, and lyrics! • Have a song stuck in your head? Press the SoundHound button, sing or hum the tune and we’ll do the rest! • To add the SoundHound widget to your notification center, swipe right on your iPhone’s lock screen. From there, scroll to the bottom, tap ‘Edit’ and then the ‘+’ next to SoundHound. You’re now ready to go! • Keep track of all your discoveries in your own personal history • See the hottest new music across Genre, Global, and Popular charts • Find out what’s being played near you and around the world with our Music Map Play • Songs you discover can be played back for free via our built-in YouTube player • View lyrics when playing back a song from YouTube • SoundHound comes with ‘OK Hound…’, an incredibly fast and accurate way to find great music with your voice. Hound is built with natural language understanding, so speak like you would with a friend. • Simply say ‘OK Hound....’ from any screen or tap the microphone on the play page. Once you see the listening panel, you can follow up with commands including: App Navigation • ‘OK me my discoveries’ Help/Questions • ‘OK Hound...Show me what I can say’ Music Discovery • ‘OK Hound...what’s that song?’ Song Playback • ‘OK Hound... Play Hello by Adele’ Lyrics Search • ‘OK Hound... Show me lyrics to Castle on the hill’ Top Charts • ‘OK Hound...Play today’s top songs’’ Add to Spotify Playlist (registration required) • ‘OK Hound...Add this song to my playlist’ Connect • Build personalized playlists through Apple Music or Spotify (SoundHound account and music subscription required) • View and interact with real-time, moving lyrics for your songs with LiveLyrics(r) • Keep all of your discoveries in sync across multiple devices SHARE • Share your music discoveries to Facebook, Twitter, messaging services and email! Don’t want banner ads? Upgrade to SoundHound∞:


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SoundHound - Music Discovery app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By Eskimopride07
    100times better them Shazam. I still love it! I’ve had Shazam years ago and I’m still with SoundHound and plan on keeping it
  • Create an Account Just to Add to Apple Music? 1/5

    By Thinkoplex
    Previously Sound Hound worked great and I preferred it over similar apps. Now though it forces you to create a Sound Hound account just to add a song to Apple Music on the same device?! How long would it take that unnecessary account to get hacked? I have deleted Sound Hound off my devices and will use another app from now on!
  • AAAAA++++++ 5/5

    By The-one 86
    Love this app
  • Sometimes it works,Sometimes it don't 4/5

    By Lady Hardwick
    It works when it wants to...
  • Awful 1/5

    By Holdmydickpleaseandthankyou
    It is literally the worst app to use when trying to figure out a song by humming, esoecially if you don't know the words and only know the rhythm
  • Where Did Watch App Go!? 2/5

    By Gentlemannor
    I used to use Hound Hound on the daily on iOS 10 and for some time it worked on iOS 11 but then started crashing a lot on 11. I updated to the latest version just to get it to work on iOS 11 and it removed the watch app entirely!
  • You FAILED!!! 1/5

    By jwoodys1
    What the H happened to SoundHound? Used to just click and it went right to the song and showed lyrics. Now that got side stepped with a useless screen that I don't need when I really the old song identifying and lyrics screen to appear. SoundHound.... Your of all my devises now. You FAILED.! YOU'RE JUST JUNK TRASH NOW. ZERO STARS FOR YOU!
  • Awesome voice assistant 5/5

    By Nemra Naysikras
    This app is awesome . It’s the best music search app with voice assistant. Totally hands free
  • Sound hound 4/5

    By mlp reactions
    This app is sooooo good you should definitely download it
  • Yet another update and it still won't work with Bluetooth 1/5

    By JTinNLV
    Six updates later and the app still won’t work while listening to Bluetooth speakers. It is so frustrating that they won’t fix this. It used to work fine and was a great app but now it’s worthless to see the lyrics but have no audio. They’ve acknowledged the issue and said it would be fixed in future updates - but that was six updates ago. It really is unfortunate because this used to be an awesome app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By CookKid
    Best application for song identification ever.
  • 5 stars. 5/5

    By Gajm11
    Absolutely love how you guys have updated the app. It’s perfect, YouTube play, live lyrics, everything. Thanks! And keep up amazing me with perfection!
  • I wish you guys were available from the lock screen 5/5

    By Larry998179
    Itd be so much easier if you had permission to access from lock screen. Right now I have to fiddle a little with my phone first
  • New update ruined it. 3/5

    By Schmittywebermangensen
    I always thought this was better than Shazam. But I’m switching back. Before this app would immediately pop up lyrics for whatever you were listening to (which was probably the highlight of this app in my opinion), but not anymore. They’re now trying too hard to keep up with this thing everyone is doing when they talk to their devices. Which I think is dumb, unnecessary, and a trade down from previous features. Now they’re persistent on having you make an account and attach your Facebook and a bunch of unnecessary crap. I just want to know what song I’m listening to, and I’d like the option to see what lyrics go with it! That too much to ask for?!
  • What the F is going on with this app!?!!?!! 1/5

    By What the Hell!!?!?!
    I used to trust and depend on soundhound... well, guess I’ll never make that mistake again!! 😡😡😡 I had 548 songs on here... the app suddenly starts crashing since its recent updates, tells me I HAVE to register for an F’n account, then when I do ALL of my history and songs are erased!!!!! 😡 I could not be more livid!!! 😡 DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!
  • track list 4/5

    By ponie 5
    i used soundhound to help me identify songs on a great dj playlist .. i noticed that it did not retain all of them although it did identify them.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By TreFame
    Who tf created this voice bs man
  • Can’t identify songs 1/5

    By angov
    I downloaded this only to identify songs and it hasn’t been able to do that for any of them
  • Not bad 5/5

    By Noe is cool for you
    So ok. On most cases this app can quickly help you find the name of the song you're listening to. Please keep in mind that it sometimes will have trouble picking up on the music if there is any background noises. So don't be surprised if it fails to identify the song. Other than that my goodness it very useful on finding the name of the song. No more typing in lyrics on YouTube and google! Yay!
  • Smart app 5/5

    By Granny Swagg
  • Another Has Been... 3/5

    By Oncfari
    This used to be a great app — but no more. Now it takes me thru some random set of BS every time I try to ID a song. Half the time the song is over by the time I finally get back to the song search function. Also, it makes a lot more mistakes (some I think are intentional to sell other music) and often returns zero results, which was previously rare to non-existent. Another example of change for the sake of change killing the golden goose!
  • My favorite app RUINED! 1/5

    By NannylouG
    I have used SoundHound for years - paid for it - even back when everyone else swore by Shazam. I've converted so many people to this app. The latest update simply cannot identify anything. I don't try to sing to it, I only use it when I hear a song in a bar, restaurant, on TV or in other public places with broadcast music. It used to work flawlessly. It is now useless and frustrating. Stop trying to add features I don't want and focus on the original intent - to identify songs I hear!!!
  • The Update is Worse 1/5

    By Anita_Baltimore
    Every time I go into the app I have to toggle to “YouTube” to hear the whole song. It keeps changing back to the “30 seconds.” This is very annoying. I also don’t like that we have extra steps to take to get to the history.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Stella444444
    This app is the best! It can find EVERY song, even instrumental songs from movies or anything! This is the best song finder ever! I'm horrible at finding songs and knowing the names to them, so this app is a true LIFESAVER! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!
  • Searching for songs 5/5

    By Itubelist
    I used to love sound hound when I could type in lyrics but that feature is gone and I rarely use it now. Sad😕 Thanks for the response! I had no idea the search tool was still there! On the top of the play page! I’m back to loving sound hound!
  • "SoundHound Is The Best!" 5/5

    By OffShoreYachtRacer1
    This app never let's me down w/iPhone! Regularly updates & has no adverse effect! It picks up on classical & smooth jazz like no other...Highly Recommended! Fair Winds! =)
  • Small problem 4/5

    By Derek Carter
    Apple Music playlist sync not working.pressing Playlist button brings up Connect to Apple Music screen every time but doesn’t complete.
  • App crashes upon opening 3/5

    By mybabyty
    What’s up? I love this app and since I updated it yesterday, it constantly crashes and closes when “listening” to a song to find out title and artist. Fix please!
  • Awesome app I use everyday!! 5/5

    By Bulldog Fanatic 09
    I would definitely hate to be without this app.
  • Update full of bugs 1/5

    By Comet Crew
    Got the latest update. Nearly every selection in the app, causes it to crash. It will also crash not even selecting a function. Tried to send a bug report from within the app, and it crashes. Tried to send a problem report from the app's page in the App Store, does not work, says page not found.
  • IOS 11 keeps foreclosing 5/5

    By xanu8isx
    Great app I use it all the time on all my devices but, It doesn’t work for iOS 11 that well
  • Why does my app keep shutting down 4/5

    By Ronbo04
    I'm giving it 4 stars because up until now I loved this app. Now whenever I try to have it identify a song, it takes me through the tutorial on how to use the verbal commands. After I tried that the app closed itself. Also now when I try to have it listen, it gives the tutorial than automatically closes itself. Anyone else having this problem??
  • Crashes on Listen :-( 1/5

    By Is.Meh
    Open the app, click the button to listen, crash to home. Bummer.
  • Nagging 1/5

    By Margowo
    Too much trouble
  • Why make it annoying? 2/5

    By masonpeg
    The reason I downloaded this app in the first place was to identify songs for me, but now I feel like uninstalling it! 1. Can't stop the sample music, just goes to the last song. 2. Button moves on me like a game. And 3. I'm not liking the way you've move where almost everything was. More features not always better, just a bigger pain!
  • Good 5/5

    By Vago camionero
    This is greate
  • Great, but make Buy button easier to see 4/5

    By AlaLorax
    Use this much more than my wife wishes I would since it almost always ends up with me buying the song! For old geezers like me, though, really wish they would make the "buy" button easier to see. Seems like it really used to stand out, now it is just another purple button next to the others I never use...
  • Favoriteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Wertyigddvjbhh
    I love this app. It's so helpful and is usually quick with recognizing songs and you can tell it what you want to play. It's just an amazing app if you want to know what the name of a song is and by who it is quickly. Also, you can choose to favorite a song and ask to play it I believe it. It's really cool. It's also very aesthetic. I recommend it greatly!!
  • Good App 4/5

    By EMoThaGr8
    Very handy.
  • Love it! Sound Hound Rocks!!! 5/5

    By Jess'siPod
    Enough said
  • Newer isn’t better 1/5

    By Bigcathauling
    Make it easier to type the names
  • SoundHound vs. Shazam 5/5

    By LouEazyAnna
    I like SoundHound a lot , though I do also use Shazam as well. SoundHound however has proven time after time to always get the songs Shazam cannot pick up; the "deeper cuts" if you will. By deeper cuts, I mean the more underground songs (not as main stream) old school hip hop , house/trance, etc. great app (:
  • Love sound hound 4/5

    By Double O7 865
    No complaints I enjoy sound hound
  • Brotherly moto 5/5

    By Snip3510
    Sweet app I've had it for years still love it thanks sound hound
  • Great response 5/5

    By Daviddex
    I like SoundHound, the music and lyrics are spot on.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Y_bg
    I just love it!
  • Changes to app Sept. '17 stink!! 1/5

    By TLeeV
    No feature allowing for typing in a song title, lyrics, artist name, etc. really bad!! There are just some songs that will not tag by 'listening' to them. Songs that are instrumental such as Flamenco music are very hard to find by listening to them!!! You have eliminated the option of typing in a song title that someone else knows, allowing me to find the song on my device & purchase it. SoundHound was the best, not anymore!
  • No type in lyric search anymore 5/5

    By Shoechan
    Can't type in the lyrics anymore. They removed the lyric search. Thank you for bringing the search bar back!!
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By Mega Gmoni
    I have discovered great tunes because of this great app!
  • Love the Hound but... 4/5

    By Oscar the Gray
    I always rely on my hound to tell me my new favorite loves & what a great way to catalog all the music I love. What happened to the manual search? I guess like all good things, they must change & attempt to be better yet slightly missing the mark. Overall though great app & very useful! Thank you hound.

SoundHound - Music Discovery app comments


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