South Park: Phone Destroyer™

South Park: Phone Destroyer™

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  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Compatibility: Android
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South Park: Phone Destroyer™ App

All those countless hours spent on your phone have been preparing you for this moment. Fulfill your destiny and become… THE ULTIMATE PHONE DESTROYER! From South Park Digital Studios comes a real-time battle game like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Take on Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all out mobile mayhem! South Park: Phone DestroyerTM brings you iconic South Park characters, action packed real-time strategy, exploding PvP battles, trademark South Park humor and collectible cards in a perfect mix that’s spicier than Cartman’s chili con carne. Assemble the ultimate team of cowboys, wizards, cyborgs and more and get ready to crush your opponent! FEATURES - A whole new South Park experience with new and twisted versions of iconic characters like Stan of Many Moons, Cyborg Kenny, Ninjew Kyle, Grand Wizard Cartman… and many more! - Beat down opponents in real-time PVP battles. - Experience a hilarious single player story written in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios. - Collect and upgrade over 80 unique cards featuring all-new, beautifully rendered designs. - Join a team and boost your decks by sharing cards with your teammates. - Customize your hero to be the most badass looking kid on the block. - Witness Randy cross-dressing in new and exciting outfits. - Kill Kenny.


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South Park: Phone Destroyer™ app reviews

  • Pretty good 4/5

    By StrangeSickIX
    Just got it two days ago and is pretty good
  • Bad 1/5

    By TwoTicketEntry
    Net code = bad. Lots of hackers = bad. Lots of bugs and glitches = bad. Pay to win because resources to level up cards becomes so rare = bad. If this was not South Park themed it would literally just be complete garbage.
  • Addicting 5/5

    By Sjjfdi
  • Oof 5/5

    By Ni🅱🅱🅱🅰
    Pretty addictive
  • Hilariously fun 4/5

    By Fail app is fail
    I would rate this 5 stars if I had a little more control of my card deck. I like that you can choose your cards but I haven’t found a way to control what order the cards appear in for re-use as characters die. I would prefer to see all 10 cards at once or be able to toggle between 2 pages of 5 cards so I can choose who I want. It’s annoying when you want to drop a tank card but you have to drop a bunch of smaller cards first just to get it to show up.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Ecadian
    Awesome game!
  • Best game ever!! 5/5

    By gobble de poo
    I think this game is funny+it’s a game with good gameplay and usually I don’t like games that are loaded with micro transactions but this game has a pretty small amount of micro transactions and the characters are very well made and I think we all know that South Park makes awesome clothes for any type of South Park game. It’s also kinda a challenge to earn the clothing and tickets it’s pretty easy to get money though. But in all it’s a good game if I could I would rate it a 10-10!
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Stuckylicious
    Deaths and in verse humor is very fun. Fans will find a ton of canon tidbits to look for.
  • Terribly buggy 1/5

    By Menz7
    This game has so many bugs at this point 1/17/2018 that it is very frustrating to play. At least 10-15% of the time it randomly drops your pvp match causing a loss. Mind control last indefinitely half the time instead of running out and the target becomes unstoppable. I have had it freeze after winning and get stuck at the screen never to give rewards. I finally deleted it today after repeated drops on victories in the final 10 seconds and then being a loss.
  • Pvp matches can be unfair 1/5

    By Ferretmoe2373
    I am a level 10 and have lost to some people that are level 7 because somehow their cards are much stronger than mine and/or they can send out a lot more characters a lot faster, so I am guessing they spent a lot of money to somehow be able to do that. I tried to contact them and ask them, but since I do not have Facebook nor Twitter I would have to sign up to be able to contact them. I figure this is the easiest way to get their attention is to give them a one star for this issue as it is annoying. I also agree the game does crash now and then and I have lost rewards from pvp matches because it crashed before I could open them. You can not win this game unless you spend a lot of money on it. Why would you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a game when if you saw it for the price you would end up paying in the end you would probably not buy it?? Waste your money if you really want to win, but do not get started if you do not want to waste any money!!!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Deezsweetness
    Way to much fun not to download
  • The third game 5/5

    By Weeohh
    This new South Park adaptation is funny as hell
  • Thorough and comical 4/5

    By Xath101
    I good card game. Funny and detailed. So far not a gouging pay-to-win. Enjoyable and somewhat addicting. It’s my new attention span crack. ☺️
  • Invalid battle result 4/5

    By Chenenator
    After I win a PvP battle, it then show a message up that said invalid battle result. I didn’t even get my reward after that too. So Plz fix it
  • No audio.. 3/5

    By Southsider1977
    Why is there no sound??
  • Pay to Win 2/5

    By Mdg0006
    I really wanted to like this game but I am not willing to pay to enjoy myself. It is offensive that the same group of people who bash pay to win implement the same exact play structure into their own games. I guess this is a classic case of, “Do what I say and I’ll do whatever I want.” (?) It leaves me with questions like: Are the South Park episodes even real? -I have been watching for years and the rebellious, status quo challenging feel the shows have is what attracted me. Why am I seeing the opposite of all those awesome qualities come out in an iPhone game of all places? Does the integrity of the show not matter when it comes to secondary offerings (ie games, merchandise, etc) in general? -If no, why not? What would Trey and Matt think? -Is this game structure something they would support? We all want income streams to draw from but with their cash, I don’t see them caring about the profit generated from the game. Is the revenue generated from pay to win significant enough to justify this amount of end-user frustration? -If so, are you looking to hire? ;D Is this even a South Park game? Who created it? -If it’s not the South Park production studio, why did you guys sell the rights? On to a short game review, I don’t think I need to write much as other reviewers have done a good job. After your first hour or so of play, you will hit a “wall.” The only way to progress beyond it is to spend some serious time and money. By time, I mean playing PVP. There is no real way to grind story missions to build your level- which is lame. By money, I mean hard earned dollars you worked to earn.
  • Not too shabby 4/5

    By Onexus76
    The text conversations are hilarious!!
  • It’s fun but loading screen takes forever 3/5

    By Joelar
    I enjoyed it for a few levels and I wanted to play more but I didn’t feel like waiting for that loading screen anymore.
  • Fun but cheats you for money 3/5

    By KnowDaWae
    Gameplay was great. Good way to pass time. Three stars because the game offered a 1.99 deal yet takes 8 bucks off of me.
  • So so 3/5

    By groanges
    Meh, something to do I guess. Nothing special
  • Game is trash 1/5

    By Dez nutzzzzx
    Who creates a level especially level 50 episode 10 with randy that is impossible to beat unless you spend money. No point in playing once you get to the Police station, officially uninstalled this game, also the game is bugged can’t change uniforms or anything. Oh well not worth my time better games out there to play than this crap
  • Honest review 3/5

    By Tommyhoff89
    Good enough game to try out. The game freezes and glitches a lot. I have had a few of my PvP matches just freeze where I had to shut down the game and re open it. One of the best parts of the game is the single player. The story mode is good and has a lot for fans of the show to enjoy.
  • Best game out!!!! 5/5

    By scottrichards2379
    Best game ever I should be a tester I have more games then any one I know.
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By [Gg]Loom
    This is a very addictive yet very fun card game that can be very funny in multiple scenes so it is very funny, very addictive, and very fun
  • Lit 5/5

    By conker6g9
    This is a really cool pass time. If you like South Park you’ll love this! Who’s they had more catch phases.
  • Stay Away 1/5

    By Monsterinoctet
    This review will get buried but whatever. Stay away from this game. It’s rich with hackers who’ve tweaked the game code so their energy regenerates at a faster rate than yours. The developers (Ubisoft/Redlynx) have done nothing to combat this. Why? Well you’ll spend more money. It’s also another”F2P” game that promotes gambling in the form of card packs. Whether they’re free or purchased with your own money, it’s a terrible concept that needs to go away. I’m surprised Matt and Trey of South Park got behind this game honestly. It’s ruined the South Park brand for me. Good riddance. In response to all the scripted replies from the devs to the bad reviews and to all the fake raving reviews, going forward, once a day I will be editing this review and adding a PVP encounter where I ran into a cheater/hacker that the developers do nothing about. Again, this game forces you to spend LOTS of your own real money if you want to either compete with other people that have opened their wallets or with cheaters. 1/16/18 - hopped back on this game today after taking a break from it for a while. The first two decks I faced in PVP, their energy regenerated at about a rate of two to my one.
  • South Park fun 5/5

    By Dankmin
    This does not play like clash royal in case you were worried like me. Other than that it's south park so I'm playing for the unique interplay of characters. Try it for the first mission and fall in love it's easy.
  • Full of lag and energy cheaters 1/5

    By Asherum
    Love how my last review mysteriously disappeared like all those under 3*’s. That being said I’m sure the devs will drop this one as well. The number of cheaters past rank 20 in pvp are literally 7 out of every 10 match’s. I know for a fact that since week 1 the devs have know about this issue and to date have done nothing. Play it for free. Don’t spend a dime until the ban or remove all the cheaters progress.....but don’t hold your breath.
  • What’s up with the bug? 1/5

    By califormula760
    Every time I win a match for the past week, I get an invalid battle result and do not receive any rewards. I also could not play this weeks challenge! And now I can’t advance past episode 11.
  • (NOT for very young children who can read) Enjoyable once you learn the game layout 5/5

    By Rgos121222
    If you have ever played clash royale and like it, then you will like this. Card based game, that requires “energy “ to deploy cards in your deck (that is customizable once you obtain enough cards). The context within the game is exactly what i would expect from a southpark product, very politically incorrect... makes me like this game that much more. Even though it might be a little repetitive, the loot is always different, and the gameplay is still fun. Solid game! I would like to see a price drop in the stores though, they seem a bit high to me.
  • Typical Pay2Win 1/5

    Should be called “South Park: Whale Hunter”
  • Do U know DA wai? 5/5

    By Tyrant765
    I joined a clan from Uganda and I've started to learn "da wai" of the tribe. The time spent with the spitting natives was enlightening. Da Queen showed me da wai and my life now has purpose. Click click click click click. Oh yeah, the games pretty dope too.
  • not bad 4/5

    By helloadele1212
    You NEED to nerf Manbearpig its insane playing against that.
  • F**king Hilarious 5/5

    By Mike0326
    Love this game, even got my friends to download it and they love the game as well. While everything about this game is perfect, I only have ONE PROBLEM! Please implement a way where you can CHALLENGE and play against your friends. I think it would make the game a lot more fun. PVP is great and all, but I want to play against my friends as well. Thanks for a great game and hope you consider this.
  • Get used to losing 1/5

    By Mkat123456789
    A bug in the game allows cheaters to cause your connection to be lost, which means you lose the match. “invalid battle result” keeps happening. It’s especially frustrating to get this error after a hard won round. Or, game stays on the won battle and does not progress to the lockers. You won, but won’t be recognized or rewarded for it. Constantly downloading data and “assets”.
  • Downloading assets.... 2/5

    By Chucho726
    Played for a few days, funny and ok game play. Can’t play no more because of the loading screens, it always has to download assets and each time it gets longer and longer up to five minutes if it doesn’t get stuck
  • Clash Royale but better 5/5

    By Toilet Underpants
    This game shows many tactics similar to clash royale. Like the online pvp battles, common,rare,epic,and legendary cards. However the things that this game has that clash royale doesn't is the single player mode, custom character, and cutscenes.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Dgause4182
    I love that there are no adds and the gameplay is funny
  • Awsome Game 5/5

    By Gamerboy421
    This is the best South Park game I’ve ever played
  • PvP... 4/5

    By Alie xD
    I enjoy the game a lot, I’m on stage three at the moment. But... I hate the fact we have to do stupid PvP to advance into other stages. It’s very hard to win. I die more faster then I should. I like there is PvP if you wanted to choose that option. But it’s very dumb you have to use it to advance the story at times.
  • No cool down 5/5

    By skyrazar
    Great game with none of those energy cool down.
  • Very immersion 4/5

    By polemic89
    Very immersive game- although the difficulty isn’t quite up there, all of the plot and stuff actually keeps you in the game. It feels like an actual episode of South Park!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Parasitic Fiend
    At first this game seems great. The more I played the more things don’t make sense. It’s possible I have the worst strategy ever for this game. But when my character is 3 levels higher than my opponent, and my summons are at least one level higher, how am I losing. When you reach a plateau in arena, lvl 5, 10, 15 etc. this unlocks new cards. The infuriating thing, it never holds at a level. So it feels like I’m being punished for trying new things/cards. Furthermore, once you drop a few levels it feels pointless trying to claw your way back up to the plateau you’ve already accomplished. Just to get nothing more for your time.
  • Phone destroyer 3/5

    By hippy286
    Love the game. Just two things. He sci-fi Timmy is waaay to powerful. People who have him can put him way in the back and he can control the board the whole match. Also are there hackers in this game because sometimes I play against someone who isn’t even playing. Love the game though. But Timmy needs fixed with lower range
  • One Big Problem!! 1/5

    By {!benny!}
    Game play is really good but the hands down worst part about this game is the parameters that are currently used for PVP matchups...when your a lvl 5-6 an getting matched with a lvl 10 it’s just ridiculous....I’ve seen this to be a pretty common complaint so far so I really hope you guys will address this sooner than later...unfortunately this makes it quite easy to toss the game away after multiple one sided matchups...
  • US Players Beware 2/5

    By Brugrabud
    The rest of the world got to beta and keep their decks. You will need thousands of dollars to spend to compete with the upper levels. Many players have decks already that would take a year or more to compete with. That said the game is fun and really funny, until you beat it and all that’s left to do is pvp.
  • Updated review 1/5

    By Electrogasm1175
    Everyone has started using energy cheats in pvp. The cheaters can summon 16 energy worth of summons on the initial volley and that will end the game. Absolute garbage from Ubisoft, what a surprise.
  • Trying to push through because I love SP, not this game 1/5

    By AlphaBeard
    As a fan, i am trying to push through but this just isn’t very fun. Manbearpig is overpowered. Obnoxiously overpowered. I want my money back.
  • Full of cheaters 1/5

    By Poiromaniax
    I actually really like this game. I gave it 1 star because the pvp mode is overrun with cheaters using various hacks to increase energy levels. This has been well known since July 2017 and nothing has been done about it. It makes the special events unplayable as you will constantly face cheaters and cannot get anywhere!
  • This is the best 5/5

    By XxRickGrim3sxX
    If you love South Park as much as I do you need this game. You get to play with all of your favorite references from the show such as Awesome-o,Man Bear Pig, and all of The Stick of Truth characters. This game is the best. Must be downloaded.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™ app comments


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