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  • Current Version: 3.12.4
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Southwest Airlines App

Ready for takeoff? This app is your digital pilot, guiding you through the Southwest experience. It’s packed with easy to use features like express check out and logging in with Touch ID. Download the app and see where it takes you next! Features include: • Check in, book, change, or cancel air reservations • View your upcoming flight’s status, boarding position, and gate information from the home screen • Access your Mobile boarding pass and save it to Apple Wallet • Book or cancel rental car reservations • Check flight status and setup notifications • View and book special offers • Touch ID for a faster and more secure log in • Add EarlyBird Check-In® while booking or to an existing reservation • Enroll in and access your Rapid Rewards account • View travel and weather alerts • Store your credit card information to make checking out even easier • Access helpful airport information

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  • Slow as Molasses ! 1/5

    By hansjim
    A ridiculously slow , buggy app . As bad as there new Rewards Program. Update 12/6 - flight status is incorrect for my flight . Not good !!!! Baltimore To Denver Update 1/18/17 Can't add boarding pass to wallet on iPhone
  • Good app. 4/5

    By Lizb129
    Super easy to find all info I'm looking for. Easy to look up flights too.
  • Broken - flawed and irritating 1/5

    By Auk54c
    Will not accept my credentials which work fine on my computer and phones browser. "Something is wrong" is what the app says. I agree! The app is what is wrong. Come one SW, I expect better
  • Not much to it. Weak. Really , what decade did you make this? 1/5

    By Thissucks1a2b
    Only allows access to your boarding pass, not family members. Good only for one person. You have to check others in on web page, which is out dated also.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Dusty Keys
    Reminds to check in, shows my flights and status with 1 touch, change flights easily, best app on my phone
  • Forgets user 1/5

    By CrossworderKing
    This app would be ok if it worked but it has the need for constant updates to fix bugs and it fails to remember your user every time. The last thing I need when I'm traveling is an app that logged me out and can't work without an upgrade or a login. App upgrades are downgrades. Now digital passes don't work. It's 2017 and I have to print my boarding pass.
  • Very Poor 1/5

    By Ddjtwo
    I don't understand why SWA will not invest in their technology to communicate with their client base when they require they communicate directly with them. This app is a clunky as their website and they still don't even offer an iPad version. Somebody needs to wake up and realize the huge deficit this is to their company and it's profitability.
  • Can't Enable Push Notifications 1/5

    By topherowens
    When the app prompts me to enable push notifications and I clicked to go to settings, it automatically opens in the allow cellular data screen. When I go to notifications, the Southwest app isn't even listed to enable push notifications.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Bhach1
    The app never recognizes my account login. I've gone to website directly and successfully confirmed username and password combo, but app doesn't recognize. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and same thing. So frustrating.
  • No Apple Watch Support 2/5

    By JeromyH
    Every airline has Apple Watch support but SW. Unfortunate.
  • Much better, but still needs improvement. 4/5

    By Adam_Tajyar
    This app has gotten alot better, and so far it seems to be functioning much better than its previous iterations. And they also need continue to work on tweak the mobile boarding pass so that it function seamlessly, updates all of the information in the boarding pass like gate number, seat number, etc etc all when the boarding pass is added to Apple Wallet (Passbook)
  • Love swa but app has too many issues 1/5

    By Jeet33
    App has too many issues, app crashes frequently on tapping exclusive promotions link in my account. How can someone miss issues like this
  • LUV Voucher/Travel Funds!!! 2/5

    By DJdm2
    I've read this review before but it still hasn't been added into the app. Under payment options, you need to add the option to pay with travel funds, LUV vouchers, etc. It is beyond frustrating to have to use the desktop site on a mobile device. It should've been added a long time ago! Still love Southwest though
  • Good, but with a little work could be great 4/5

    By dlb4200xhyre
    An iPad version would be a big plus. Add an easy option to log in and purchase wifi. Plus some easy account management functions from the website would be easy additions to the app
  • Group boarding passes 4/5

    By Kt_653
    Waiting for boarding pass to be available for groups
  • Difficult 2/5

    By Unhappy walker/runner
    I've had this app for a while, but I always have to reserve flights through a browser. There is no ease of use when tapping to select a departing a returning flight. I tap everything, and nothing happens until I go wild with tapping, but then I don't know what I hit to get to the next screen. Other airline apps are wonderful. I wish SWA could update for ease of use of simple features.
  • Need to add wi-fi purchase button 4/5

    By dlakstins
    Love the app but, couldn't you add a Wi-Fi purchase button for a quick purchasing purposes, similar to Starbucks app? This would make it so it's more convenient to purchase the Wi-Fi, versus the grueling process of typing in your credit card information every time you fly.
  • Apple wallet not working 1/5

    By JoeBeCrasie
    Can't add to apple wallet in this version on iPhone 6S with latest iOS 10.2
  • Apple wallet broken 1/5

    By The BoomKing
    I'm unable to add boarding passes to my wallet, "pass can't be added because it isn't valid" Fail.
  • Needs major work 2/5

    By machead85
    Visual interface is dated. Apple Wallet on IOS 10 doesn't work -- can't add boarding pass without error.
  • Boarding Pass / iPhone Wallet 5/5

    By The Doc V
    Boarding passes are not able to be downloaded to the Wallet? Error message: "Boarding Pass not Readable"
  • How about some calendar integration? 3/5

    By vmroberts
    It would be great if the app offered the functionality to add scheduled flights to my calendar. Other than that, the app does its job most of the time. Admittedly I obtain a paper boarding pass every time I fly, but I use the mobile checkin function seamlessly every time. I do wish the app would provide push notifications when there are changes regarding the flight. It could eliminate my need to use FlightAware for those updates.
  • Missing return flights 2/5

    By Yani48
    After an involuntary reroute continuing (replacement) flights started appearing as return schedule, having replaced the originally scheduled return flights. The itinerary did reflect correctly on WN website but not the APP. Per WN tab agent instructions have signed off, deleted APP and reinstalled WN APP after restarting iPhone; result still the same, remaining valid return flights do not show through App.
  • No boarding pass 1/5

    By uujeanne
    None for me either. Stood next to a woman who had a boarding pass - same app. But none for me.
  • Latest version won't load 1/5

    By Ex-yahoo lover
    I've used the southwest app for a long time and it's been great with gradual improvements in features. The latest update won't let me login on my iPhone 6. When I try to login with my username and password I get a pop up message that says "request is forbidden". I've tried removing the app and reinstalling several times.
  • Terrible Check in 1/5

    By FastEd_D
    App did not allow me to log in with touch Id when trying to check in for flight and locked out account. Needed to call into customer service to check-in and get a "C" boarding pass. Not sure why the app glitched at this time but looks like me and the family will be riding the middle row
  • Need to restore TSA pre-check visibility 3/5

    By A Komin
    App works well. Not as robust as some other airlines but easy to use. One major issue I have is that the app used to have the ability to confirm that your KTN number was applied to the reservation and reflected that you had TSA pre-check BEFORE checking with the new version this functionality disappeared and I have to call SWA every time to confirm if it was added or not.. Would be a higher rating if that functionality was restored.
  • Check in issue 2/5

    By Polo82164
    Users need to have a quick way to check in from the "my travel" tab by using the next flight information that is already populated. Should be able to touch the confirmation and have it populate automatically for check in. Southwest...When are you going to look at all of these bad reviews and do something? Your better than this.
  • Could never connect 1/5

    By HeidiZhang29
    "Sorry! We can't seem to connect. Please check your connection and try again. " -- Could never log on this app in perfect network or wifi connection.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ricky rocky bob
    No mobile boarding passes for multiple flyers. I have to print tickets just because I am flying with a child?? This should be stated in the FAQ. You have to memorize or search your email for confirmation number every time you want to check flight status. Very disappointed.
  • Okay, Needs Apple Watch App 3/5

    By schalliol
    The app does what it should but it lacks functionality with an Apple Watch, which would be helpful
  • No mobile boarding pass??? 1/5

    By 29priyanka04
    I just cannot seem to find the mobile boarding pass using this app. I just see a gentle message on the 'boarding positions' screen (I already checked in using this app) that says 'please visit a kiosk or a ticket counter for your boarding passes or print them by visiting on a desktop'. Bummed.
  • Great 5/5

    By Umhuh
    Does the job
  • Great airline, bad app 2/5

    By Ed Hendel
    I love Southwest Airlines but this app is terrible for two reasons: 1) It doesn't send you notifications when your flight gets delayed. 2) It doesn't autofill the Check In info (confirmation # and name), so you have to dig around your email or elsewhere in the app to copy-paste that number. Easier checkin and delay notifications are generally the two most useful features of airline apps, so I'm disappointed.
  • Mobile Boarding Pass 3/5

    By Digi Ma
    I like Southwest but please update your app! I don't see the option of having my Boarding Pass and that'd be useful to have. Thanks!
  • Pls cache boarding pass ... Needs Int'l, prices on alt dates, and Button suggestion 3/5

    By DadPad
    Without internet connectivity (eg too many users?, app down?, in a tunnel etc) the app will not display your boarding pass. Must either text it to yourself or add to Wallet. Frustrating experience on Tue 20 Dec at DEN... Had to get a paper boarding pass. (No connection 4g or airport wifi) Cannot look up International flights at all on mobile app... and the "working on it" message has been there to long. Add button to swap From/To locations when checking both legs of a trip as one-way tickets. Would be nice to see prices on the days +/- the currently selected day in the date field above the flight matrix to be able to compare prices when I have some dates flexibility. (Like the full site shows) Also.. Add a "home" airport to default to, or default to current location airport.
  • Limited Apple wallet support 1/5

    By Kiki Claire Carton
    After having just spend a solid twenty minutes trying to figure out how to access my mobile boarding pass, I gave in and called southwest. It turns out you *can't* get a mobile boarding pass if more than one person is flying. What kind of crackpot logic is that? It's 2016. Give me proper apple wallet support. And while you're at it, take a page from United's book and provide some flow, functionality, and features- it's BS that navigation is so difficult, but maybe I'm just spoiled by United's app (complete with google-maps style walking navigation for inside major terminals).
  • What's with all the whining? 5/5

    By NewJohnny5
    Seriously, one star? How could you give this app one star? It has a nice design and clean layout. It does all the basics of an airline app. Y'all are just spoiled if you give this free app less than 3 stars.
  • This app is satanic 1/5

    By Hockey mo
    This app is absolute crap. It can't do anything and is just terrible. Just awful. Like apple autocorrect awful.
  • Passenger 2/5

    By MikeH43
    Often difficult to sign in. Keeps telling me wrong ID or password when in fact they are correct. Very slow app.
  • Won't allow login with working credentials 1/5

    By Citizen Matt
    I can login to however I can't login to the iOS app with the same credentials. An app that won't let you login is fundamentally broken. I understand that this is an issue with probably just my user account as other people use the app, but that's still a broken app that could be fixed but isn't.
  • No More Mobile Boarding Passes 1/5

    By svenyonson
    They were working last summer, but after this update, the screen says "Please visit a kiosk or desktop computer to print your boarding passes. WHAT?? PRINT?? Then when I click checkin, it loses my confirmation number and wants me to type it in by hand. Useless
  • Poor app 1/5

    By ArsenalFCAmericana
    I would think a company as large as Southwest Airlines would create an app and take some pride in it. This app studders, continually cycles, and doesn't load FAR too often. Hope the same people working on their planes didn't create this thing. #AlwaysCrashing!!
  • Not worth the download 1/5

    By bitchesovermoney
    Absolute piece of crap app. Every single request will timeout with a good wifi connection.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Slkw
    This app is so frustrating. Just when I need it the most for checking in, it doesn't work. It can't bring up my reservation because of 'an unknown error'.
  • The app literally doesn't work 1/5

    By Cubedbee
    Flight in 3 hours and the app just loads and loads and loads and won't do anything. Absolutely worthless
  • Love southwest, but they are lazy 2/5

    By Marvelfan34
    I fly southwest 20 times a year, I usually gain around 20,000 points with them a year for the past 3 years, for the entirety of that that time I have received the same BS message from their app when trying to book an international flight, it goes a little something like this, "sorry we are working on this" apparently they are not working on it at all... I'm extremely disappointed about this and wondering why they can't figure it out... it's my only complaint about southwest by the way
  • Can't Connect 1/5

    By BigEbaseball
    "Sorry! We can't seem to connect. Please check your connection and try again." Doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or LTE, the app won't let me login. What a waste.
  • An app that needs some work 1/5

    By Big_G1962
    Obviously not thoroughly thought out design. It needs revisited. Well... I figured I'd test it and then come back here to update my review. All I can say is that it ranks up there as one of the worst apps I've used on my iPhone. Even southwest's website is mediocre. Higher a consultant to review and update your app. You'll be glad you did. Apple pay doesn't not work or at least not yet it hasn't. I can't even scan my bar code on my boarding pass. Junk! 1. Can't get rid of the annoying message notification at the upper right 2. To check-in you need to type in your confirmation#. Asinine, since the app also doesn't allow users to copy and paste. 3. Notifies user that apple wallet can be used, but does't state how or where. 4. View upcoming flights: can't check in from there, but you can pay to upgrade to ealybird. Really...
  • What's the point if you can't get boarding pass? 1/5

    By klmarsh3
    Downloaded the app to easily get mobile boarding pass, but instead get "Please visit a kiosk or ticket counter for your boarding passes, or print them by visiting on a desktop." What?

Southwest Airlines app comments

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