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Southwest Airlines App

Ready for takeoff? Our new app is your digital pilot, guiding you through the Southwest experience. It’s packed with easy to use features like express checkout and mobile boarding pass with Apple Wallet. Download our new app and see where it takes you next! Features include: • Check in, book, change, or cancel air reservations • View your upcoming flight’s status, boarding position, and gate information from the home screen • Access your Mobile boarding pass and save it to Apple Wallet • Book or cancel rental car reservations • Check flight status and setup notifications • Add EarlyBird Check-In® to an existing reservation • Enroll in and access your Rapid Rewards account • View travel and weather alerts • Access helpful airport information

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Southwest Airlines app reviews

  • Used to be great... 1/5

    By stlkirch05
    Why, oh why, does the mobile boarding pass no longer work? Before the update, I used to be able to receive a mobile boarding pass and save it to my Wallet. Alas, since the update, this functionality is no longer an option (FYI - I'm current on my iOS updates). I don't receive an option of how I would like to receive my boarding pass. I only receive a message telling me to print it at the airport via kiosk or agent. Please fix this!
  • App freezes 2/5

    By Dee02
    This app has great potential. When it works, you can check in and add your mobile pass to Apple Wallet. However, this app also has the tendency to freeze during critical trying to check-in!
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Sanjay.B
    it cant even remember mu reservation. when i login i would expect it to retrieve my reservation ( that is too much to ask) . after i retrieve rsvn for return journey checkin I wud expect it remind me- it does not. And of course i have re-retrieve rsvn to checkin. So after so many generations of smart phone Apps SouthWest has regressed. Pathetic
  • No trips listed 1/5

    By chaering
    Where are my trips? I can look them up. They exist, but I can't save them! They should just show up in the app automatically. What's the point of having an account and signing in if my data doesn't auto populate?
  • Wasted Potential 1/5

    By Hgajdhzbdhwiakzbdjskxjsbwhaiak
    One would think that among the most obvious and useful functions of an app like this would be the ability to view your boarding pass, thus avoiding the need to use a kiosk at the airport, in turn saving you valuable time and frustration. At least one previous version of this app was able to do exactly that, with the added convenience that you could add the pass to your Wallet app. Unfortunately, now they've "fixed" that.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Michigan flyer
    Functionality and user friendliness is awesome!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By A Frustrated Traveler 1234
    This app does not save your flight information or have an online boarding pass. Only good for checking in. 1/10 rating.
  • No mobile boarding pass? 1/5

    By I trusted
    The only reason I get the app is for the mobile boarding pass. I gave used Delta as and United and they both have the mobile padses. This is a joke American airline. I can't even link one to my wallet like the app description says I can. Disappointing.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By amycaden
    Never had a problem with this app #southwestisawesome
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bcush
    This app is okay for booking flights, but it's garbage for managing flights. I generally fly JetBlue and Delta, and their apps are great. This one won't register my booked flight under "Saved Flights" or "Manage Flights" so I have to copy and paste my conf code from an email every time I want to look it up.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Chbymnky
    Cannot view boarding passes if traveling with more than one person on same reservation. If you are traveling alone apparently it works fine, but I cannot confirm this. Other airlines handle multiple traveler's boarding passes just fine. Sad the SW is so limiting. Makes app useless for families or couples.
  • Please add one click checkin for companion 3/5

    By Comp pass holder since 2003
    The app is very inconvenient for companion (pass)checkin. Must hunt down companion confirmation number, memorize, then manually type in. Please make a one button checkin for companion too.
  • Make sure your reservation is actually canceled with a screenshot and email 1/5

    By Lilswimchick
    I canceled my flight the day before I was supposed to fly. I got the summary page of what funds I would receive to apply to a future flight, clicked the button to cancel, and got the confirmation page. I did not know I was supposed to receive a confirmation email and I did not know I was supposed to take a screenshot as proof as the CSR told me I could've done as proof. Horrible customer experience when I didn't even check into the flight. Lousy way to make money if your app didn't capture me canceling my flight even though I got a confirmation page and didn't get an email that I was a no show. No one will budge on making an exception to provide me with a voucher for my funds and keep telling me I was a no show in the system. Btw they don't log any activity in the app as I asked if they could check the logs to see what happened to my cancellation. So beware and make sure you actually get an email of your cancellation!
  • Avoid - never connects anymore 1/5

    By J20000
    Keeps saying "no connection". They broke the app. Use the website instead - works fine on mobile.
  • Meh 4/5

    By Kt_653
    Seems overly complicated. I don't understand why make reservations aren't saved after I pull them up... If there is a legitimate reason why this happens, Southwest isn't making it clear to customers.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mikey9956
    Agree with other complaints. Would like to access LowFares/Flexible Dates area. App REALLY needs to remember your info.
  • Works well for RR members 3/5

    By Billy 1456
    There are several improvements that would be helpful. First as mentioned by many is needing flexible date option when pricing tickets. Another would be able to view RR points earned on previous trips. Save the recent searches so they stay when closing app. And why can't you apply voucher or unused flight credit when booking a flight?
  • Not good, nothing works. 1/5

    By GBlanch89
    My complaints are similar to the others. When I look up my reservation I cant add it to my saved trips or upcoming flights. I have to enter the number every. single. time. I couldnt "check in" using the app, kept getting an error message. Aesthetically the app looks nice and offers a lot of features, it's just too bad none of the features actually work.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By PammyRN
    This used to be a great app, you could book flights, check in online, check flight status. Now all it ever says is "Sorry! We are having trouble connecting, please check your connection and try again" My connection is fine. It works on all other apps and I am instead forced to go online on my phone. Also, why can one obtain a digital boarding pass on this app? Catch up on the times, Southwest. You're a great airline with a crappy app!!!
  • Never seen a worse site 1/5

    By Sergeluryi
    Was not able to create an account. The machine claims that my name is already associated with another account. Hogwash! Total waste of time. Had to remove the application.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nick739
    first the good, you can check in with this app, get boarding position. If thats all you want, your good to go. Second the bad, can't get boarding pass, no mobil boarding pass, can't scan the boarding pass into apple wallet; even after you print it from the laptop (PDF). I never saw a button to add to apple wallet. never saw anything asking me where I wanted my boarding pass sent to. This thing is a big bag of hurt. I have spent hours working on this thing. Even if I did getting it working, its been too much trouble. Use Browser or Kiosk at airport.. avoid the hurt locker.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By citilame
    App broken for months. Can't complete booking while signed in, get error code. Not reassuring that an airline can't manage an app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kafka the dog
    Doesn't save flight info. Have to enter reservation # every time. Information is not integrated with Southwest Vacations. I couldn't do anything through this app. I had to print out boarding passes like it's 2002.
  • Horrible app. South worst. 1/5

    By Jh2rd
    Won't remember my trips. You have to enter the confirmation number every time and it doesn't recognize TSA pre check status!! Guess that's why I fly delta most of the time.
  • Can't save trips 2/5

    By Bham321
    I can't add my child's ticket to the app. Have to type in her name and confirmation number to access her flight info. Also can't save rental car info because husband rented through his RR#. Have to enter conf code and driver name to pull it up. PLEASE ADD THE ABILITY TO SAVE INFO.
  • Fix the Problem. Error message ! 1/5

    By Wpntletmewriteanythingbad
    This app really is a Zero! Can not open. Keep getting this error message 401599190- LgwvmclxTQa_3PK-OLTg-API Worked in January, February tried to look up a flight and this! Deleted app and just last re added and no change. Come On SWA! Fix this!
  • Log-in issues STILL! (On iPhone that is) 1/5

    By jabacool
    Can log-in on MacBook but not iPhone. Getting this nutty 20+ alphanumeric error code. Deleted it from iPhone and reinstalled. SAME issue. Complete doo-doo of an APP.
  • Not great 1/5

    By SkidMD
    Would consider trying again. App is clunky and needs love.
  • Piss Poor 1/5

    By MindMelter93
    For a major airlines this app is just sad. I can't even add my flight to my "Manage Trips" page... when you try it directs you to put in your confirmation number and name, then will pull up your flight info. (Good job southwest) Then fails to let you add the info. Pretty terrible if you ask me, that is a BASIC function.
  • Cannot seem to remember my reservation 1/5

    By Delayed in Austin
    The app cannot seem to remember my reservation even after I've checked in. No notification when flight was delayed. What good is this?
  • No issues with the app 5/5

    By Laxchris90304
    luving the early bird option
  • Can't book flights 1/5

    By Poke wut
    Can't book flights half the time. Has an error code.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Play On 04
    When I click on flight status why doesn't it look at my reservations flight status? Why do I have to enter my flight number every time. Come on southwest. Make it easy on us here. No iPad app?!
  • It would be nice... 3/5

    By Jenny miller Soto
    I'd give a higher rating if you could add the option to buy tickets for unaccompanied minors.
  • Touch ID Please 2/5

    By Mr2264785
    Any app that doesn't have Touch ID by now is clearly not taking the customer experience seriously.
  • Just updated the app and now it wont open 1/5

    By Tolleville
    Fix it please! It was working great yesterday before the new update On apple ipad and iphone 6s
  • Log in fail 1/5

    By Big.Bear2012
    Updated to the latest version. Reset my PW online. App won't recognize my new PW after several attempts. Please fix.
  • No boarding pass 3/5

    By Fkdco97
    So it says you're able to use it in lieu of a paper boarding pass, which it did not let me do, despite it being linked to my rapid rewards account. I gave it three stars because it at least worked for checking in, so that I could get in the "A" boarding group, which is what I wanted more than anything.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Curtains McBeef
    Able to book and rebook on the fly. No complaints. Anytime there is something not working, sure enough, I need to update the app.
  • Flight Change not working 2/5

    By Leeggs
    Flight was cancelled one screen reflected that, but then when I tried to choose a new flight there is an error. Would have saved at least an hour of waiting in your line for my rebooking. Really wish the app worked properly.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By CannonWd
    App doesn't always notify to check in and costs me middle seat
  • Worst Airline App 1/5

    By Envisages
    While the app does allow you to carry a boarding pass electronically, it won't update (if something changes, you have to manually create a new boarding pass), looking up reservations is not intuitive, even though you're logged in, it shows your flight and reservation number, when you hit reservations it makes you put in the confirmation number. This really feels like an app they threw together because everyone else had one, with little thought put into business or even regular travelers.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By MimDer
    At home with reg wifi usually fine. Get to an airport and suddenly Sorry no signal, we can't connect. But I HAVE signal. Almost NEVER works when I need it most. Love SW. The app? Not so much.
  • Need More Flexibility 3/5

    By PCMacSolutionWizard
    Should work on tablets and phones, in portrait and landscape even if app doesn't fill screen.
  • completely effed 1/5

    By LakersCentral
    old version will no longer work (on ios8). sends me to apple music store to update. then says item not available in your country.
  • Where is Apple wallet? 3/5

    By 4Gatorfootball
    Check in is easy, but 2 flights this week and I still find no ability for Apple wallet. It tells me to print at kiosk or from website. Why?????
  • SWA rocks. The app does not. 2/5

    By Bioanthro
    Let"s get this out of the way up front: I love Southwest. I prefer to give that airline my travel dollars, rather than to any other airline, so whenever I have the chance, that's what I do. Thus, this app review is not about generalised displeasure with the airline. It's about displeasure with the app. What's wrong with it? Everything that other users have noted. The steps are far too clunky to do anything. Why do I have to enter my confirmation number after I've already logged into the app? The button labeled "manage trips" should bring up all trips that I have scheduled. I should not have to enter my name and confirmation number. But the worst part is finding out that booking a flight for more than just myself--in other words, booking a flight in a reasonably normal way, for both me and my traveling companion--means that I lose the ability to get mobile boarding passes. Printing is the only option. To discover this "feature" required me to leave the app (when I couldn't find the button for "add to Wallet") and go to Southwest's website, and search the FAQs. Seriously? Southwest wants me to either 1) book travel for all my companions and lose the ability to get a mobile pass, or 2) book separately-- entering flight information for each companion, followed by separately entering my credit card number, in order to take advantage of mobile passes? Perhaps reservation systems are still a bit clunky in terms of working with Apple Wallet, but Delta, for example, allows me to get mobile boarding passes for multiple people travelling on a single reservation. It's a clunky system in that I then have to use Wallet's "share pass" function to get the pass to the appropriate traveller, but that extra step at least allows me to nevertheless get mobile passes for everyone. Not so, Southwest. But. There is a happy ending. After having excoriated this not-helpful app, I must say that Southwest came through, nevertheless: after I discovered this absurd, frustrating non-functionality, I called Southwest to make sure that I was correctly understanding the situation. After confirming this non-functionality, I asked the customer-service representative to please make a note for whomever develops the app (ok, I complained vociferously...). The woman was polite and professional, and then told me that she could split my reservation into two, thus allowing my companion and me to have separate reservations. Separate reservations would, of course, allow us to get our mobile passes. She did this for us in about 10 seconds, and I subsequently had no difficulty getting both of us re-checked in--this time with mobile passes. Thanks, Southwest!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By phmokda
    Too many questions and too many criteria for password. Apps are suppose to make things easier not more complicated.
  • App leaves much to be desired 1/5

    By Touch of Whimsy
    This is the WORST airline app I have used. Let's face it, I use an airline's app because I want to go paperless through security. The app will NOT remember my reservation. I have to manually input the confirmation number every time. Sure I can check in for my flight but as soon as I click off the screen, the data is gone. Where can I enter my TSA Precheck info? Not in the app, not in check in. Southwest, I barely use my computer anymore. I like it that way. Your app is the WORST one on the market. Fire the app designer and hire a new one. Seriously. Fire the designer and hire a new one.
  • Seriously with the PW requirements? 1/5

    By TheSkunk
    Spent 5 minutes trying to create a compliant password then gave up. Tired of every site being so arrogant as to have extremely random PW requirements. Just wanted boarding passes and can get into my financial institutions easier - forget it.

Southwest Airlines app comments

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