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Southwest Airlines

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  • Current Version: 4.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Southwest Airlines Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Southwest Airlines App

Ready for takeoff? Our new app is your digital pilot, guiding you through the Southwest experience. It’s packed with easy to use features like express checkout and mobile boarding pass with Apple Wallet. Download our new app and see where it takes you next! Features include: • Check in, book, change, or cancel air reservations • View your upcoming flight’s status, boarding position, and gate information from the home screen • Access your Mobile boarding pass and save it to Apple Wallet • Book or cancel rental car reservations • Check flight status and setup notifications • Add EarlyBird Check-In® to an existing reservation • Enroll in and access your Rapid Rewards account • View travel and weather alerts • Access helpful airport information

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Southwest Airlines app reviews

  • Negative value 1/5

    By musesum
    Let's say your flight is two hours late. What happens? Your boarding pass disappears just at the moment when you need it. Would suggest you don't use this app if you want to keep your place in line for a late flight. You're better off doing a screen capture, instead.
  • It does the job 4/5

    By Cotel136
    This is a much better app than previous versions.
  • Bug Ridden 1/5

    By Kev1438
    Trying to make Oak-Lax trip. Shows Business Select available but then up comes inexplicable error message when choose. Thanks for upgrade App. No fix in sight?
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Daemeon
    Where's my boarding pass? Vs. Frontier I downloaded the app in the airport and had my pass immediately. It looks like I have to create an account to get that here... no need because I won't be flying this airline again with such horrible tech.
  • Very nice 4/5

    By Andrey Lev
    Good but still miss some simple and clear design. Luck of functionality and very often tricky with explanations
  • Recent Searches aren't saved 😡 1/5

    By GameSpartan
    I check for lower prices just about every day. The app no longer keeps recent searches for even 2 minutes. Please fix this and keep them saved for at least 2-3 days
  • Always works sufficiently 4/5

    By ZeroheroZerohero
    Books my flights for the last 2 years; no issues. Travel Alerts are nice. No complaints.
  • Does Not Support scan code on tickets 1/5

    By emangamma
    Had issues recently loading/scanning plane ticket to wallet. There was some issue while scanning that stated my ticket barcode was "unsupported." I was very disappointed because I've had multiple trips since initial error, and the issues continue. Very disappointed in the lack of function with Apple iPhone Wallet, my phone was updated, along with all my updates on my apps and it still would not work. Please fix the Bugg issues with scanning ticket barcodes and applying the information to Apple IPhone Wallet. Thanks
  • Slow as Molasses ! 1/5

    By hansjim
    A ridiculously slow , buggy app . As bad as there new Rewards Program. Update 12/6 - flight status is incorrect for my flight . Not good !!!! Baltimore To Denver Update 1/18/17 Can't add boarding pass to wallet on iPhone
  • Where is monthly flight calendar? 2/5

    By MVPNash13
    Love the app but it's missing the best feature SW offers. The monthly calendar with all the prices on every day. Now you have to search one day at a time.
  • Horrible app for a horrible airline 1/5

    By Dj04511978
    When southwest delays your flight at the last possible second multiple times, the app will relentlessly remind you of your original boarding time and drain the precious battery life of your phone while you are suffering at the gate.
  • Checkin functionality 1/5

    By J-E-nepa
    Trying to check in between meetings? Forget it. Even when logged in you can't simply select check in-- you need to dig out your confirmation number. Much more hassle and time consuming than it should be
  • Southwest for Life 5/5

    By loveagoodgirl
    ❤️ I will only fly with Southwest. I have tried them all.
  • Can't even log in 1/5

    By Orlando Hatch
    No reason for me to use the app. It won't allow me to log in with proper credentials. I am forced to use the website instead.
  • Had to print my boarding pass 1/5

    By cheeseboot
    The ONLY reason I have any airline app is so that I can add my boarding pass to my Apple wallet. This app says it supports Apple wallet. says that I can add my boarding pass to Apple wallet. The left hand does not seem to know what the right hand ISN'T doing. Pointless to have this app taking up space on my phone.
  • Wallet support is here! 5/5

    By FM_M
    App lets you check in easily to flights that already have your Rapid Rewards number on the reservation - that’s super cool. But if your flight doesn’t already have it, there’s no place to edit that reservation to add your rapid rewards number. I had to *gasp!* call a human at Southwest to do that. OK, it’s not terrible, but it was a waste of their time and mine; I’m already logged in to the app with my account, I just verified that that’s my flight and checked in for it… let me add my rapid rewards number to the reservation, right there in the app! Also, support Wallet is great; I'm not sure what problems others are encountering - works great for me and I fly Southwest quite a bit. However, I think Southwest can shorten what most iOS users want to do: stick the boarding pass in Wallet. Currently you have to look the reservation up or select it, load it, check in, view the pass, then tap the ridiculously small "add to Wallet" button. Just add that Wallet button right in the screen once the checkin is successful (I really have no need to see the pass before it goes into Wallet), or even better, replace the "Check in for Flight" button with one that is "Check in for Flight and Add to Wallet" - all at once. Even if that button just automates and does the other steps, that would be helpful and save us time.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Mariahziz
    Love the SW app!
  • Wish it had "flexible dates" feature 4/5

    By Zwingles
    Great app, very easy to book and buy. However, I keep wishing that they will add the "flexible dates" search feature for booking flights. I use it all the time, and I find myself just always using the computer so I can use that great tool. Hopefully that can change soon.
  • App lacks functionality and flexibility 3/5

    By Rockchruchofdaytona
    Please add multi-city option when booking round trip flights and fix reservation issues.
  • No Apple Wallet Support 1/5

    By TMooreCanon
    Everything on their website says that they support Apple Wallet and they make it sound so effortless. But there is NOTHING in the app that lets me even SEE my boarding pass. It will only allow me to see my "boarding positions." And it says I have to go to a kiosk or ticket counter to print my boarding pass. Really frustrating and makes the app POINTLESS!!
  • Doesn't work for me. 1/5

    By Atiratiratir
    Couldn't even login. Not happy with this version.
  • Won't let you login 1/5

    By Rcoolz1
    Been having login troubles since the fall. Southwest, please get your app working properly!
  • 'Submit' doesn't work 1/5

    By CarmandatheGypsy
    I can't submit my info to use the app. Please fix this!!!!
  • Why?? 1/5

    By Fafinful
    The insanity of not allowing reservations to be stored is beyond me. What sense does it make to create an account which doesn't serve any purpose. I am totally put off, SW Airlines will always be my last resort, useless app....
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Vkody
    Only 2/5- can't add reservations to your account. Gotto look up with conf no# every time. Good to buy tickets and rent cars. Should be more user friendly and sophisticated in this age of mobile apps!!!!
  • Add to Wallet does not work! 3/5

    By UKinCallMeRay
    If you have to print your boarding pass at a kiosk, why have it? Come on man!
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By BunkerPunkk
    Error code when attempt to log in. Info is correct, won't allow a login.
  • Update Doesn't Work 1/5

    By coltsfan3794
    Updated the app, checked into my flight, and now the app doesnt show my account info or flight info
  • Do not update! 1/5

    By Tenng
    I downloaded the newest update, and now the app doesn't work. I get an error message that says "the requested service is temporarily unavailable." I even deleted the app and reinstalled it, and I get the same error message. Not cool, Southwest. 😡
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By nw3227
    Doesn't allow reservations to be saved on the app (must enter name and confirmation code every time) and doesn't allow boarding pass to be saved to Apple wallet.
  • Keep getting an error code when signing in 1/5

    By Ibjbf
    Downloaded an update and now I keep getting an error when I try and sign in
  • Fly away 4/5

    By Packer Chezhd
    I like the site, quite simple to use. It could do a better task at looking up and scheduling international flights where SWA flys to. Very difficult at that task!
  • Reservations 2/5

    By Imeteq
    I gave this 2 stars because it does not allow you to save your reservation. You have to enter your confirmation number, first and last name each time. This is also true if you rented a car through Southwest as well.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Play On 04
    When I click on flight status why doesn't it look at my reservations flight status? Why do I have to enter my flight number every time. Come on southwest. Make it easy on us here. No iPad app?!
  • Southwest app 4/5

    By What da?????
    So far so good . I like it
  • Southwest for Trump 1/5

    By Stv823
    Delete the app today don't fly southwest. For Trump= out of business.
  • Southwest Airlines 1/5

    By Jerseyzee
    As I got on my Apple Store to download Southwest Airlines which i have on my apple IPhone 6, I cannot find it on my IPad Pro. Could you tell as to why I can't!!! Is there another way I can download as an app. I have tried everything but no avail. Thank you,
  • Useless 1/5

    By Amapth
    Constant error messages, doesn't save ticket or trip. Rather use website.
  • Jim 1/5

    By Jim howser
    Constantly saying connection error blaming my service. The app has problems guess they don't care?
  • Stored credit card issue 4/5

    By Houston HG
    Fantastic app, however lingering bug still exists with stored credit card when making purchase. If I click use stored CC for purchase, I get error message and have to restart the whole reservation process. If I enter the exact same number manually (with name, CC number, address, etc), it goes through every time. I've storing it multiple times on multiple versions of app and get same error message each time. Hopefully that bug is recognized eventually, but great app otherwise!
  • Inconsistent check-in on app 4/5

    By Pkolla
    The app doesn't have options to pay by travel funds. The app doesn't auto check-in if you are A-list member. It does do sometimes and not sometimes. The recent search doesn't work after update.
  • Straight Trash 1/5

    By KayBlank216
    At this point, it's not worth the download.
  • Constant notification 3/5

    By Change profile picture?
    Does anyone else have problems with a constant notification (the annoying red 1)? I can not get it to clear even when there are not any notifications. I have deleted and reinstalled but didn't work. Can this be fixed? Other than that I love this app.
  • Past flight no longer appear on app 2/5

    By Patkoco
    Not sure what happened, but my past flights no longer appear.
  • Blergh 2/5

    By tbessinger
    A fine example of an app that just doesn't do what a good airline app should do. Poorly designed, badly executed, and only good for finding out that if your plane is running on time and at what gate it's departing from.
  • Needs Apple Watch Support 2/5

    By HandsUp1
    See other airline apps.
  • Does not work for me! 1/5

    By KCICT
    I have tried three different times over many months and the app continues to tell me "off line". And "error 404040404". I end up going to the website via safari to check prices or book. I have deleted the app once again. The newest update did not solve this problem.
  • Swa app 4/5

    By Kt_653
    Functional enough for me
  • Good and useful app 4/5

    By dsann
    Works fine. Would like to see Watch app and also more notification options (like Delta app)
  • Annoyed that I am required to update 1/5

    By Storkle P.
    If you are going to require an update for your app, make sure it isn't a buggy piece of crap before you release it.

Southwest Airlines app comments

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