Space Frontier

Space Frontier

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  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Space Frontier App

Blast off to the stratosphere and colonize Mars in Space Frontier, the addictive physics rocket game that your friends will want to play—but they can’t! Because it’s your phone. But hey! They can download it on theirs, too. In fact, you want them to do that. So you can pound them into dust with your superior rocket scores! In Space Frontier your mission is to launch your rocket as high in to the orbit as possible and beyond to Mars. Earn in-game currency from launches and hard working Martians. Invest it to acquire new parts/styles, and send more people to mars! Easy to play but hard to master gameplay means you’ll be coming back again and again for one more boost. Ridiculously Cool Features List: ◉ One-button gameplay ◉ Fun, fast physics ◉ Easy to learn, hard to master ◉ Colonize Mars ◉ Infinite variety and replayability ◉ Earn in-game currency to buy new rocket parts ◉ More than sixteen rocket styles to try


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Space Frontier app reviews

  • More Planets 3/5

    By broobs
    This game is awesome but in a few days you can get to the end of it. I really wanted more planets to keep playing! Please, add more planets and let the challenge continue!
  • Lacking 3/5

    By Yeppp era
    It needs more I beat the game awhile and I’ve been waiting for more content sadly it just doesn’t come.
  • Adds interfere 1/5

    By cdatlas
    Adds pop up during gameplay causing rocket to explode, GARBAGE
  • Fix the spinner 4/5

    By L awsome
    Fun game but the spinner always low balls me it’s so Annoying to the point where I don’t spin anymore cause it’s always useless
  • Lame 1/5

    By Mckcbddhxhchxhsgd
    This game is decent except the fact that everything is so expensive to get. And you can’t make money without watching stupid ads and the rockets get harder to use when you put people not this game is horrible
  • Needs new maps 1/5

    By Samkim051984
    Needs new maps!!!
  • Fun, but... 4/5

    By Twitch redphoenix52
    This game is fun but I dislike it when you are in the middle of playing the game just puts an advertisement in front of you when you are tapping
  • Fix 1/5

    By WigglesticksJr
    Fix it to where ads don’t pop up when ever ur in the middle of a launch
  • It’s getting boring 3/5

    By Bigkris72
    I’m seriously ready to delete this game because it seems almost pointless now. You guys really need to add more planets
  • It would be great if ads didn’t pop up in the middle of play. 2/5

    By ltshep
    Like the title says, it’s awful design to have ads pop up in the middle of a run, and as others have said, there isn’t very much to do. Additionally the cosmetics for the rockets do not feel earned when just shoving money into a lottery. I’d feel better to just have them priced, and potentially have different customization options if they would want to go that route. That’s off topic though. My main gripe is in my title.
  • Ehhh. 2/5

    By Jakhssk
    I’ve been in this game for about 3 months and half and they still haven’t added any other planets. I’ve been waiting and waiting but nothing. Wish they added something else to it besides ship skins.
  • Boring game 1/5

    By Tiny Iota
    The gameplay consists of timing a tap on the meter from your rocket. It would be better if their were different components to the rocket that had different functions you had to unlock and customize. Instead, you just save money to add another booster, and when you have enough boosters it’s easy to make it to the next planet (which there are only two you can colonize). This could be a very cool game if you had to design your rocket maybe to accommodate certain physics requirements for different space travel objectives, and/or customize planetary bases you colonize to reach the farthest parts of the galaxy.

    By Fatmans toes
    Game is fun and addicting BUT Please add MORE PLANETS. There should 100’s if not 1000’s of planets so that players can keep going to the next planet and colonizing.
  • Awesome and ongoing fun game.. but let’s see updates!!! 2/5

    By kropcircles
    Come on guys!!! Update the game! Finally find a fun game and we’re only doing two planets!???? Expand the abilities or at least let us know something is to come! I’ll adjust and update my review once the game is expanded more! It would be fun having a line up of planets making money and ability to trade goods between one another! He’ll provide special abilities that can only be reached by certain high coin amounts or $$. In all a great game EXCELLENT.
  • Lots of Bugs 3/5

    By i_like_games21
    The game is pretty fun. A big drawback are the ads. I have found that the Ketchapp ads have a bug. When you exit the ad, it opens the page in the AppStore. This messes up your run. Also, when you tap to take a part off your rocket, sometimes the game doesn’t think you tapped, and you die. This is so annoying. But the concept is really original
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Gghhhytttjkskkk&uii
    I would highly recommend this game. It’s a fun game and great time passer. I’ve had no issues with it.
  • Love it but 5/5

    By oscar de lahoya
    Game is awesome but you need to add more planets or something. I have already beat both planets and now I just don’t play it anymore
  • Add more planets 5/5

    By Al Nel
    this game boring cuz i have everything done and there is still no more planets. give us like 20 more it ain’t that hard to add these back in.
  • Needs more content 5/5

    By 41178904
    Yes, the game is great, only for one day. This is because there is not enough levels to play and I hope they can add that in the future
  • Progress 3/5

    By Chuck Freak
    This game won't save my progress for some reason. I've got the two satellite fins on my rocket in mars, but when I get back on, I only have one. Other than that it's a great game, amazing job!
  • More levels. 3/5

    By TeenaShaw
    It’s a fun game but i beat the levels in less than 2 weeks. 😑 i want more planets please!
  • Space frontier is fun 5/5

    By smoothguy11
    We need more planets....... we need a update ASAP
  • Add more planets! Make propulsion weight based. 3/5

    By Iggy alfasi
    Ive maxed out both planets with astronauts so without new planets to conquer the game is kind of pointless. There needs to be a lot of new planets to land on. The number of astronauts in a rocket doesn’t effect the lift the rocket can achieve. That makes the game a lot less interesting. Having 500 astronauts on a rocket should make it virtually impossible to launch it but it has no effect. Making astronaut weight a factor would make the game much more interesting. Maybe with a graph that shows you maximum lift distance with a perfect flight that changes as you add and subtract fliers. I’d rate this higher if these features were added.
  • Lacking 3/5

    By Marine over seas
    Fun game to kill time if that’s what your looking for. But I can honestly say I beat the game. They need an expansion. More planets. Once you reach the 2nd planet and completely colonize it, and buy all the ship skins, that’s all there is to the game.
  • More planets 4/5

    By fingerlem
    I Like the game a lot. It’s one that I can play here and there without having to get deeply involved. I don’t have that sort of time with my job. I get to enjoy playing when I can. I have gotten the top levels on both planets and would like to continue to other planets. Please create more planets. Thanks.
  • Add more 4/5

    By caradeperro78
    Add more planets please! And also be more challenging if when you send people from Mars to Europa, the population on mars will decrease forcing you to go back to earth and send more. 👌😬
  • More planets! 5/5

    By Roaring Dragon
    I wish there are more planets and moons to explore in Space Frontier. So far, there’s only Mars and Europa to explore. I hope you add more celestial bodies like Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and,Triton, one of Neptune’s moons.
  • More destinations 4/5

    By Sgtmp13
    After reading a lot of the reviews, i can agree that after Europa, there needs to be more. And like one review, if sending people from mars to Europa, decrease the number of people on mars, so you have to go back to earth and send more people. That would definitely keep me busy for hours at work. This game is so much fun, but needs more destinations.
  • Good but needs more 5/5

    By Amod2151
    I like it it needs more content and places to go and new objectives also could you add the moon pls really would like to see that.
  • Umm what about the adds 4/5

    By Evan__tester
    So I like the game a lot is so fun and the animation is really good but when I play sometimes I get an add midd flight cause me to blow up. Why is it like that?
  • Accidentally clicked remove ads with my finger on home, charged $2 1/5

    By Prawnwell
    It's bs
  • Sooooooooo, 4/5

    By ITiffyi
    Next launch site? 🤔🙄
  • Sooo what’s next... 1/5

    By amsten09
    This was a fun game. The only downside is that once you get on mars, even if you hit 7500 you still can’t get to the next planet. What kind of game ends after the second level...
  • Add More Planets! 4/5

    By LoudSiren1738
    This game is awesome and I’ve played it for about 2 months. That seems like a while, but it was for a reason! I WANTED TO GO AS HOGH AS POSSIBLE! Imagine my surprise when I found all you could do is go to mars! They need to add more planets or at least more content in general.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By bsst music downloader
    This game was very cool at first but then I kind of beat it I maxed out every thing and it’s kind of boring all they have to do is give it more. Add way more planets ship upgrades not just skins and maybe some aliens
  • Fun game but once you get rank on Europa it’s done 3/5

    By Medicgarou
    There needs to be an update to go from Europa to ??? I’m sitting on almost 100 billion credits, game isn’t really all that fun after you get highest rank. NEEDS UPDATING !!!!
  • It is fun but needs more than sending people to mars...🔴🔵 3/5

    By DuhShuua
    This is a really fun game I have to admit but when you are playing this game it would be fun to see what the people do on the planets and be able to colonize mars. If I’m bored I play this game because it entertains me but it needs more to keep me from not getting bored from it. I know you are trying to get more ads shown so we download your games but it is really annoying when I am about to start the game and press the ad and go to the website 😡 📲 Overall I like this game but like everyone else says you really should add some things to make it better. Just don’t do too much of a town thing to f we do get an update including colonizing.
  • Hi 5/5

    By Best game ever 69
    More planets
  • Further 4/5

    By Brendon Balow
    I want to go deeper into space, I’ve maxed everything
  • More!! 5/5

    By wessy G
    I just with that ketchapp would make another few world for us to colonize! I loved the game for the first two or three days but now I have a hunch of people on Europa but I have nothing to do with them except get money. I have nowhere else to go!!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Fhmgdgllhvgumvffkkfdsv
    Awesome game. Very fun. I have recommended this game to a lot of people. Please add new location to send people to
  • Good game but not enough planets 5/5

    By Mohammad matari
    Ketchapp if you read this please add more planets to the game to keep the game fun and keep people attracted to it
  • Needs more. 4/5

    By RomanMickelsen307
    Fun but needs more planets. I have over 10,500 on mars and over 10,000 on Europa and both rockets are maxed out. I want to keep launching people up ladder to other planets.
  • Cool game but... 4/5

    By Bomb bay blaster
    Liked the game a bunch. Now that I’m maxed out on the game, just sitting here idle waiting for an update for more content. What planet is next? What moon is next? Should I just delete the app and hope for the best and download it when you bring us something new?
  • Boring 2/5

    By CO1072. Ms. P
    Very boring. Not much to do.
  • More planets 4/5

    By Wrath1205
    When are y’all gonna put more on there I done with the ones y’all have now
  • MORE PLANETS!! 5/5

    By Hippy horn
    I love this game. It’s a huge time killer but we need more plants to explore and launch off of otherwise it ends so fast.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Reviewmister111
    This game is so unbelievably inconsistent it hurts.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By always looking up
    Need more Planets!!! Great game for novice. Need more planets, fun and entertaining. Did I mention add more planets.
  • Wow 1/5

    By mike19D2016
    If adds could not pop up during a launch that would be nice! Jesus Christ!

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