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  • Current Version: 5.14
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  • Developer: Charter Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spectrum TV App

Take your Spectrum TV experience with you! With the Spectrum TV App, you can enjoy up to 250 live TV channels and up to 30,000 On Demand TV shows and movies when you're connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home. Plus, when you're on the go, enjoy up to 150 live channels and up to 20,000 On Demand titles anywhere you have an internet connection. (See note on availability below.)   TURN ANY ROOM INTO A TV ROOM Your subscription to Spectrum TV turns your device into another TV screen and lets you watch live TV and On Demand programming anywhere in your home when connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network. Watch movies from your bedroom, take cooking shows with you to the kitchen or catch up with the news from your breakfast table.   FIND YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAMS • Filter live TV by category, sort by channel number, network names or program titles and quickly recall recently watched channels. • Create a personalized guide by setting favorite channels. • Search by title, person or sports team anywhere in the app.   CONTROL YOUR TV and DVR Depending on your service area and equipment, you can use your phone or tablet to: • Change TV channels on your Spectrum receiver. • Record your favorite TV shows and movies. • Delete and modify DVR recordings individually or by series. • Play a DVR recording on your TV (compatible DVRs only). • Give your Spectrum receivers nicknames to help you know which one you're scheduling recordings on (go to Settings).   SET PARENTAL CONTROLS When you turn on Parental Controls and set a PIN, you can block shows by channel or rating. You'll need to turn on Parental Controls for each device your household uses, but the channel and rating blocks you set up apply across all devices.   WHAT YOU NEED TO USE THIS APP • Available programming is based on your Spectrum TV subscription package and whether or not you're connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home. • A Spectrum username and password are required. If you don't have one, you can create one at www.spectrum.net/login. • A WiFi or cellular network connection (data charges from your carrier may apply). • Device requirements: iPhone (4S or newer), iPad (2 or newer), or iPod touch (5th gen or newer) running iOS 8 or above.   SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK We read your reviews and take your concerns seriously. You can send us your feedback in Settings. If you need help, please reach out to spectrumapp@charter.com.   NOTE ON AVAILABILITY We make every effort to offer the same live and On Demand programming that you can watch on your TV, and we frequently add new channels. However, programming restrictions keep us from making every channel available on the Spectrum TV App. Channel availability also varies by market.


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Spectrum TV app reviews

  • Won't open 2/5

    By BJFOhio
    App will not open
  • Crash and crash crash 1/5

    By Raul 11111111111111o
    Never works the way uwant
  • 7/23/2017 1/5

    By Cwps
    8/23/17 I have asked repeatedly that the red dots indicating which shows are being recorded by my dvr (and which appear on the Guide that shows on my TV) also appear on the guide in this app. I like to use the app when I am not home to be sure that I am recording certain shows. I have asked for this improvement twice since it disappeared from the app. The developers have ignored this request in their updates to the app. How hard could it be? [Time Warner used to do it before it became Spectrum.] 7/23/17 I looked at the Guide section of the app today to double check what I have scheduled to record. Since the last update a couple of days ago, the red dots that used to appear in the guide indicating when a single show would be recorded, or a stack of dots indicating the series being recorded, have disappeared. Now you have to go to DVR manager to check. PLEASE BING BACK THE RED DOTS IN THE GUIDE SECTION--they make it easier to skim the Guide to be sure you have overlooked recording a show. 8/8 The app was updated again today. AGAIN the dots indicating that shows are being recorded on my DVR are missing. Why are the App developers so unresponsive????PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! Having those red indicators saves your customers a lot of switching back and forth. 9/21 The fall season begins next week. I tried to set up series recording for several new shows using this app. Each time I get a message that recording is not available, to please try again later. WHY ISNT RECORDING AVAILABLE?
  • Give up and offer your customers HBO Go access 1/5

    By AmbassadorOfRock
    "Recently watched" doesn't work - no matter what we watch the queue is empty. Crashes 5-10 times during a 30 minute show. If not crashed, freezes. If frozen or crashed towards an end of a show (< 5 mins left) it doesn't resume (thinks the show ended.) If fast forwarding (high speed scrubbing) to the crash/freeze point has to happen it doesn't start play. This is all on charter spectrum internet with 100 Mbps download. If we try another streaming app like Netflix it works just fine. The speed test shows perfect internet speeds. All other internet related apps work fine. This happens anytime of day. After reinstalling the app again it still had all the problems related above. Only took 6 seconds of a show to freeze.
  • Stress...again 1/5

    By Tzaphqiel
    Latest update once again has the app constantly buffering, disconnecting, and claiming you do not have a subscription. Back to 1 star. It is upsetting when a company this large has such a horrible app development team.
  • Waste of money! 1/5

    By Omechopsticks
    Most times it's not working. It says try another channel, well whatever channel I try says that. Fix it or I'm canceling it all!
  • Down again 1/5

    By LC1969RN
    Since spectrum took over from TWC, the app goes down a lot. It's now down AGAIN, for an hour and half and counting. Come on guys can't you get it to work decently without outages? Update.....now the app frequently will not load the channels at all even with uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Also the guide after about an hour does not work anymore and you have to sign out and sign back in to get it to work. Spectrum get your crap together and get this app working the way TWC had it working.
  • Poor degraded service 2/5

    By Jan103145
    Still experiencing degraded Service from Spectrum. This is not new this has been happening since Fuquay has had giant population growth.
  • At best functional, at worst irrelevant 1/5

    By mambassador
    Not a day goes by without receiving the "unable to play" message. Fix this bug or improve the app. Very frustrating. Not convinced writing a review will change anything. It likely ends up somewhere between animated limbo and the abyss.
  • wow! ***UPDATED REVIEW*** 5/5

    By bgruy
    ***most of complaints that I've read are 98% on customer end. equipment issues, lack of services available in your area or overall lack of knowledge regarding basic electronics is not on the app or on the developers of the app. and to the idiot giving a heads up of a RIPOFF ALERT? hey, boy genius, it's a free app!! to everyone else? y'all sound pathetic. get over yourselves.*** the people who gave this a bad review are the same kind of people who use actual pens to sign POS cc terminals! scary to think these same people vote - just finished watching Rangers game outside by the pool without a hitch. thanks TWC - this is a fantastic app. and for those said people, that's "point of sale".
  • Fix the log in issue 2/5

    By RML-LLC
    When the app is working which is a coin toss each day I love it. One those other days it is the least reliable app that I have every downloaded. Each error message is a new code. Like error roulette.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By SML_Lynch
    What a piece of garbage. Every channel I want to watch (NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, etc...), it tells me to connect to my home network before allowing access. If I was home, I could just watch the TV instead of having to use an app. Only allows access to crappy channels like C-Span. What idiot designed this useless piece of garbage?
  • FB chat and it's fixed! 4/5

    By Fneiling
    Edit- so I saw on other reviews Spectrum offering to troubleshoot the app through FB messenger. It took several messages back and forth with John, but now it's fixed! When it works it's great! So if you have trouble with the app. Try chatting with support on FB. Much more helpful than calling support was. Please fix the app so I can change this review. When the app works it's great, I don't even mind putting up with it crashing occasionally. But it has been UNUSABLE since the last update, it ALWAYS says I have to be on my home network to view all channels... I AM ON MY HOME NETWORK. I never open the app outside my home. I have tried restarting my iPad, updating my iPad, logging out of the app and back in, uninstalling/reinstalling the app...I even made Spectrum give me a new router... nothing worked. Please, please, please fix the app. I miss it!
  • (Still) Negative Progress 1/5

    By Frustrated, Irritated, Annoyed
    The "Watch on TV" feature was quite useful to remotely start recorded programs for my 91-year-old mother. Well, it was until it stopped working. The button no longer appears on any of the My Recordings entries. In fact, all of the entries point to future shows. Yes, things work fine when using the cable remote, so the programs are indeed recorded properly on the DVR. And, yes, I've tried re-installing the app from scratch. No joy. Does anyone there test anything? Update: Sigh. The problem was briefly fixed. Then not. I've reinstalled the app again, but that didn't help. There's still no "Watch on TV" button when drilling into shows in "My Recordings". Instead, there's a "Record" button referencing some other show. This feature has been immensely useful to me, allowing me to remotely start recordings for my elderly mother. Can someone please re-fix this??
  • Spectrum 1/5

    By eqgarcia
    Ridiculous! Keep taking features away such as no longer able to connect my iPhone to my tv monitor and view the tv app via larger screen. No projection. That is why? To ensue we rent a DVR for every room in the house? Give us a break!! We consumer invest in this technology to work with that technology in the expectation that we can fully utilize the features these devices are capable of providing, but parties that fee they might be losing something put limits on our ability to fully utilize all features simply because of money. Did you ever stop to consider that if I I use my smart phone to project the cable app onto my larger tv monitor in my bedroom rather than watch via DVR in the family room, you are still spitting out adverts to more potential consumers regardless of whether we view via your DVR device or my smart phone. Stop cutting back our ability to fully use all out technologies together the way they were meant, I makes you look petty and less concerned about the needs of you customer. We need more competition in this area. I thought Spectrum would bring positive changes not more boundaries!
  • Still no resolution 1 year later! 1/5

    By Leighrose
    Last year I wrote, "It would be nice to be able to watch all DVRd shows through the app." As of today, we still can't watch shows that have been saved on the DVR on a mobile device while away from home. This can be done on Direct TV, Fios, and Xfinity. As large as the Charter family is now, I don't understand why we can't do this. Also, can Charter subscribers get an email app?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bemay78
    Spectrum has a new thing where if you don't rent their boxes they will not provide you cable line and you have to use their TV app to watch on ROKU or smart TV well the app crashes all the time it is the absolute worse. Is this a way to force a subscriber to buy a box???
  • Doesn't work! 1/5

    By modnart
    Customer service said no other reports, I said read the App store reviews... Here's the error message I get: "We're sorry, something didn't work quite right. Please try again later. IGE-9000. Retry" Again and again. Nothing works. Spectrurm - a rose by any other name is still inferior TWC service. Please fix it and test thoroughly.
  • Works 50/50 - otherwise garbage. 2/5

    By Brinka242
    When this app is working, I absolutely love it. I relied on it during most of hurricane Irma (using iPad) when I was in a safe space that I could not watch TV. My complaints are that the app often crashes with incorrect errors. The errors range from saying that I am not able to use it because I am not connected to my home spectrum Wi-Fi, which is a common error that you will see people complain about, and they have yet to fix this issue, which renders the app completely useless. Another error that happens quite often is that out of the blue it will say that MTV or another channel is not part of my package so it will not allow me to watch shows on demand, which is ridiculous because those channels are part of my package. The inconsistencies of the app and the bugs that come seemingly out of the blue have gotten so bad since Spectrum took over from BrightHouse that it compelled me to write this review and I never usually write reviews for any apps. Also I have installed and deleted and reinstalled the app and done all of the trouble shooting tips online and still, the issues keep happening randomly.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Neicey2005
    What's the point of a company having an app that rarely works. The Brighthouse app didn't have these issues.
  • Ditto 1/5

    By Lovin it!!!!!
    I ditto many of the user complaints that are already posted. This app is seriously flawed. Doesn't work more often than it does. PLEASE ADDRESS!!! Often receive message that I am not connected to my home network when I am or just won't load period.
  • No chromecast function.... 2/5

    By Its Tubby Time
    The app normally runs decently but what's up with no chromecast functionality?? A basic feature of nearly every other streaming service is looked over with this app....
  • It never works!!! 1/5

    By Matmomster
    I can't even send feedback directly to the company as that it kicks you off! I am on my home network and pay a ton of money for terrible service!!! I have never sent so many feedback emails before and no response!!
  • App not working 1/5

    By TOPMODEL407
    App is not doing anything been like this for more than a week fix the app!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By charissa556
    Pay crazy prices for home internet tv and phone, they offer live streaming but you can't watch ANYTHING unless your in the house. If I wanted to watch something on my phone, tablet or computer im definitely not going to be at my house. Do not waste your time downloading this app unless your in the house and you have no TV'S. (THEN again why are you paying for cable through spectrum.)
  • App timed out request 1/5

    By Ventuoxr
    When the app works it crashes frequently and now I can't get on at all. I get a "request timed out" even after deleting and reinstalling app I still can get in. TWC you charge money for services you should make sure they work reliably. Even months later this app acts as if you are not authorized. It will not recognize the password even when it is the correct password. The picture quality is poor and freezes giving sound only. Time Warner app worked much better. Get you act together Spectrum.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Kingg Dogg
    I have NEVER been able to use the app. Always gives me the same error message. Even when I'm at home on my home wifi, it stills gives me the same "... please try again later" error. Even more of a reason I'm considering switching to Direct TV.
  • This ap is CRAP!! 1/5

    By MarMar_56
    In the beginning I couldn't open it unless I was signed in on spectrum internet so it did me absolutely NO good while I was traveling. The last two days it won't even work. Just comes up can't show that channel. Piece of crap!!
  • Home wifi needed for live tv??? What's the point?! 1/5

    By Rycher21
    My main issue is with the live tv. I used to like to watch the live tv option when I was away from home, but now in order to get more channels available on live tv you have to be connected to your home wifi. I thought the whole purpose for the live tv in the app is so you could watch your shows when you weren't at home. What's the point of the live tv in the app if you can only use it at home?? I might as well watch the show on my television. I would like to watch my channels when I'm away from home, not when I'm 2ft away from my actual television....and it would be nice if you could watch your dvr'd shows from the app as well
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Katz 1985
    Can't even sign in, changed password then called spectrum and a very nice guy in Florida sent me a temporary code nothing worked. He tried not his fault. I get errors on Roku and IPad. Can't give any stars 😖
  • Useless. Two steps below other TV Apps 1/5

    By RF/KB
    This app is absurdly painful to use and has zero ability to do anything useful with. Compared to other company apps it is a joke. Charter/spectrum is bad enough as a provider, but this app takes it to another level. 👎🏻
  • The worst app ever!!!!! 1/5

    By Ruben Manning
    I have never seen such an annoying app. Very unstable and sometimes just asks foe login and then does not allow to log in putting a message that I need a subscription. I am very close to change to DirecTV
  • Power button? 2/5

    By ClemsonTigers08
    This app would be so much better if I could use it exclusively. There needs to be a power button to turn the cable box on & off. A more seamless way to switch between tvs would be nice too. Nothing worse than finding a show & then realizing the app is set to a different tv.
  • App unavailable or not working? Maybe this will help 1/5

    By Ness@37
    WARNING:You might find yourself doing this process almost every week, starting all over and the app might NOT want to download. I was encountering some difficulties with the app connecting with my device. NO CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE COULD NOT HELPED ME SO I FIGURED OUT MYSELF!!! I tried everything from restarting the device to uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I resolved the problem by login into my spectrum account and downloading the app from there and it finally worked. I guess because of all this changes to improve the service is like restarting the programming on the app as well. Hope this was helpful.
  • Can't even open anymore 1/5

    By MsChelle
    Nothing works any more. The tv app or iPhone or iPad. Unbelievable.
  • Not working...again 3/5

    By Librarygirl123
    Why have they not fixed this.. I am connected to my home wifi.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Seven out!!
    Horrible support! Waste of time and money
  • So disappointing 2/5

    By Maestromom85
    I love using my iPad to watch TV, but this app bumps offline frequently, or gives Channel Not Available messages. Get it together, folks!
  • Does not consistently work 1/5

    By Hotwheels1000
    Wow, I was excited for this app and looking forward to spectrum streaming. It makes perfect sense and in theory is a great idea, but the reality is not so great. Constant buffering, poor resolution, and out and out not connecting at all is on the rise. I did what they troubleshooting forums suggested and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Even restart my devices. I have even missed the endings of programs I was watching because of it. After six years of no tv and only Netflix, I am sorry I decided to give it another go. Hopefully this app will be fixed soon or at least let me use the apps provided by the stations and not force me to use an app that clearly does not work well.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By PKFarmer
    I have used this app for years and now it won't work. It will not play any channel. Please fix it. Thank you.
  • Marks show as watched when it's not 3/5

    By gaubro
    The app is ok but if I pause a show even kin of close to the end of a show, it makes the show as "watched" and I have to start all over to see the last part of the show. With no fast forward it's really frustrating. Also it kicks me out from time to time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Zane Lowe
    I don't recommend this app 👎🏽 fix this asap!!
  • Fix it. 1/5

    By unhappy in Selma
    I was mostly happy to have this app, but the one channel that I want to watch, MeTV, for a few weeks has no sound. What is up with that? Are the updates tested before they are turned loose on us? Doesn't seem to be the case. I am considering dropping Spectrum Charter and picking up Netflix if things don't improve soon.
  • Constant problems 2/5

    By lrc109
    App works and then gives error not available when accessed the next day. Can only get to work after uninstalling and reinstalling. Bright House app never had a problem.
  • "Updated"??????! 1/5

    By Diva2145
    I never experienced as many issues with this app before Spectum "updated" it. The app is definitely a reflection of the company. Not updated. Not customer focused (contrary to the commercials they keep board casting). It's annoyingly inconsistent and I NEVER thought I would EVER SAY THIS, but I MISS TWC! :( If you're worst than TWC, you know you have to be pretty awful. - Like others, it often tells me to connect to my network. Ummm I'm already connected to my network. Searching for channels is simply ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Also, as of late, the app loses audio. The picture is there but there's no audio. A few times, the screen just goes black. Nothing. Whenever any of this happens (connection to network, no audio, black screen), I have to restart the app, in the middle of LIVE TELEVISION! 😒 😡😤😖
  • Buffer. Buffer. Buffer. 1/5

    By You are so many times do
    It's ridiculous how many times one episode can buffer. It's definitely not my internet connection; my internet is not thru Spectrum. I can watch any other streaming service app with zero issues.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By What is the point??
    One of the basic things I would expect from a cable tv app is to be able to set a DVR recording. This functionally doesn't work on this app, and I get an unintelligible error. Please fix.

    By Jayhawks Rule!
    I don't want to have to sign in twice a day...or even once a day!
  • Your Home WiFi to Use? Useless! 1/5

    By orlandopirate
    What good is this app to me if I have to be connected to Spectrum HOME wifi to view more than a select few channels? I need this app when I'm NOT home! You also can only view the basic channels when you're connected to a SPECTRUM hotspot. Listen to your users Spectrum. Your users have TVs in every room of their houses these days so your restrictions make this app of minimal value. You should let us view all channels anywhere we want considering the premium we pay for your TV and internet service! I Really Miss Bright House Networks!
  • Jimmy Joe 1/5

    By Capt. Klutz
    App has not work since the latest update. Keep getting and "IGE – 9000" despite restarting and reinstalling the app, it simply does not work. Additionally it appears that The app on Roku does not function as well. Get your act together Spectrum

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