Spirit Airlines Check-in

Spirit Airlines Check-in

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  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Spirit Airlines
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spirit Airlines Check-in App

Ready for More Go? Download our new Spirit Airlines Check in app before your trip to get instant access to your trips, check flight status, check in to your flight and get your mobile boarding pass. Features include: Check In – Select your flight and check in instantly from the app Mobile Boarding Passes – Get your boarding pass right in the app on your smartphone and leave the paper at home! Add Bags and Seats – Add carry on and checked bags and select your seats before you go Flight Status – Check your departure and arrival times so you can start to plan your More Go moments My Trips – View all your upcoming trips in one place Booking – Quickly access our website to make a new flight booking ***COMING SOON*** Book a flight directly in the app Get instant updates regarding flight status Modify your flight after booking


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Spirit Airlines Check-in app reviews

  • Hardly ever works correctly 1/5

    By Mr1789
    I have only been able to use this app successfully 1 time. Most of he time it tells me I have no upcoming flights (when I definitely do) and it won’t let me get my boarding pass. When it would show me I had an upcoming flight, the times were completely incorrect. The app is just a low grade as the airline itself.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Magnajisk
    Website is awful so I decided to download the app hoping it would be better and all it could do was redirect me back to the website. It's almost 2018 Spirit get your act together
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By deepsquat600
    Booked a flight, nothing shows up. Says I should book a flight when I already did. No way to check in unless goin go under safari to check in via email, still does not show up in app, then can’t add to wallet for fast service because says we never booked a flight. Don’t waste your time.
  • Electronic Boarding Pass 5/5

    By Monicanta
    Nothing better than going to security directly and showing your phone to the officer as boarding pass, especially when you have no check-in luggage.
  • I hope the airplane works better than this app 1/5

    By jhm11
    This app did not work at all. It wasn't capable of successfully checking me in and could not find my record. The spirit website works fine but this app is a total waste of time and will add stress to your travels. I have had success with other airline apps but not this one.
  • Boarding Pass Disappeared 2/5

    By KremCB
    My boarding pass was available during the first leg of my journey from MCO to FLL but once I arrived in FLL my boarding pass disappeared. I was unable to retrieve the pass. Luckily I still have my email.
  • Lacking Apple Wallet support 2/5

    By rfarwell5
    I’m glad Spirit FINALLY has an app, but it’s missing a few must-have features, such as support for mobile boarding passes to be exported to Apple Wallet. Also, in-app booking, which they’re apparently working on.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Sandalong
    Made checking in super easy for my family of 6. Worked perfectly on the iPhone X. Now I have all the boarding passes on my phone!
  • This needs a lot of work 1/5

    By emopinata
    The app kept showing the wrong flight info for my return flight. I logged out and back in to see if that would fix it. Instead it lost my flight info altogether. There was no way to add it back. I ended up having to check in on the website which defeats the purpose of the app. Plus it would be nice if the boarding passes could go to Apple wallet.
  • The whole experience with Spirit is awful 2/5

    By twoangstroms
    I’m not one to write negative reviews almost ever, but Spirit has made so many choices that border on intentionally deceiving customers that it can’t be mere incompetence. From contradictory language about whether you can carry on one bag (yes — do not spend an extra $90 as I did, which they won’t refund) to giving you three ways to check in but none on them work, just returning vague errors, costing you an extra $10)... just double the price of a Spirit ticket when you are pricing flight options.
  • Can’t check in 1/5

    By Hurley0000
    All kinds of errors. Can’t check in or retrieve my trip info. They probably spent $10 to hire someone to develop this app.
  • Worked great the first time, but not since 1/5

    By __.- M -.__
    Initially, the app worked great for my first flight. However, when I went to check in for my return flight, the app can't find my reservations, my trip, or my passes. So, now, it's basically useless.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By rnr6698
    Could not even check in to my flight Input all the correct info - kept getting an error message
  • Works farely well 3/5

    By Fellow dev
    App works ok still has some bugs one of the main bugs is that the depart and arrive times for flights are the wrong time for all of them. This needs to be fixed asap as it is confusing and could cause one to miss flight.
  • Fix it 2/5

    By Bob saget number 2
    As the app is right now, it’s not so good. Can’t check in, track flight and can’t do a few other things without it saying network issue, now I thought maybe it was my network but no it’s not the app is just horrid. Fix it
  • Worst airlines app 1/5

    By Kbc1501
    Does not save the boarding passes in the app
  • Boarding Pass 2/5

    By Dmi1279
    This was my first time flying Spirit. For the most part I had a very good experience except when it came time to show my boarding pass. Approximately an hour before my flight my boarding was deleted from the app and it said I had no boarding pass. I had to go back into my email, recheck in and have my boarding pass sent to my email and luckily they accepted that. It happened both ways.
  • when your desired feature isn’t on the coming soon list... 4/5

    By ennuioui
    Apple Pay?
  • Don’t sign up in the app!! 1/5

    By scotter_10
    If you sign up in the app, you won’t be able to create an account on their official website. I think they are currently addressing this issue. At least that’s what the lady in customer service told me. So hopefully they can resolve this issue soon and the app becomes much more useable.
  • Need to fix bugs 1/5

    By dawnriha
    - There is an option in the app to manage travel. When you click on it, it tells you that you have to go to the website, that the app does not support travel management. - The app would not allow me to check in, kept giving me an error. I finally had to go online to do it. - I clicked on the boarding passes in the app after I checked in online, said I had no upcoming trips. However the front page was showing my itinerary & flight for that day. Needless to say I had to print boarding passes anyway. And my ios is up to date so that isn’t the issue. Totally bummed. App is worthless right now :(
  • Unreliable. 1/5

    By Qrodi
    I checked in and had the boarding pass in the app. Actually 3 of them for the same flight. One showed no seat number, the other one showed no bar code with a note to see an agent, and the 3rd one looked ok. I got to the airport and the app gave me an error every time I tried to open the boarding pass. I had to print it at spirit kiosk. I guess the app is just as good as the airline.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Teeeeerrrrrrrrrrrible
    Terrible app. Constant errors when checking in. Also either displays wrong booking information or nothing at all. Complete mess.
  • God awful 1/5

    By screwedBySpirit
    This app is worse than no app at all. Great, here's your boarding pass. Now you're at the airport: no travel in this state. F* you no boarding pass. Have fun.
  • App doesn’t work can’t connect to server 1/5

    By ibillyko
    Fix your bugs
  • Lots of errors links to website 1/5

    By Peelage
    Not good for much. It won’t let you check in and always gives error messages. When you check in on the website, the view boarding pass option also says ‘content error’. It will show you up coming trips, but that’s about it. Needs a lot of work.
  • Boarding passes disappear! 2/5

    By HarleyFS
    Make sure you take a screenshot before boarding if you don’t know your seat number or have a print out! Also flight status times seem to randomly (and incorrectly) change. Very buggy!
  • AWFUL - So Basically Like Their Customer Service... 1/5

    By Anthony Park
    I rarely fly Spirit unless I absolutely can't avoid it. Their whole ethos just rubs me the wrong way. And this app (although they are calling it a "beta" - AKA half-done) is no different. I am currently trying to check in for my flight tomorrow. Firstly, the flight is showing completely the wrong time (1:04am vs 6:30pm) - go figure. Secondly, trying to check-in simply either hangs with a progress indicator or gives some nonsensical error. When I did manage to check in to my outgoing flight, the boarding pass is some proprietary scannable image that stays within the app rather than using iOS's Wallet which nearly every other airline supports and is clearly the way to go with an iOS app. I can only imagine they've done this to lazily keep their Android app the same. Most of the other features of the app simply don't work yet and are "coming soon" (it's nearly 2018 last time I checked). I should also note that for my outgoing flight, I arrived "too late" to check my bag (I arrived 45 mins before the flight) which is the same time as they stop accepting bags, even though I'd managed to check in via the app that time prior to arriving. The agents had zero interest in helping me get my bag onto the flight and said I would have to fly without it or they would get personally fined. I understand that this is a "no frills" airline, but this lack of desire to help and incredibly strict policies do not make for happy customers. Spirit recommends arriving two hours before departure for domestic flights, which is to say they don't mind keeping you waiting around at the airport for ages before the flight to keep their ruthlessly run schedule tight. I ended up missing that particular flight due to needing my luggage at my destination (what a surprise), but luckily booking another with Southwest in just a few taps of their app was extremely easy, and not something even possible with Spirit's half-assed app currently.
  • Sigh 1/5

    By DGM79
    Does anything actually work through this app? Everything goes to the website or call. My boarding pass was there for about 20 min then off into the freakin wild blue it went. No idea what happened.
  • Don’t close it once you get your boarding passes 2/5

    By Drudgehead
    Spirit only makes sense if you want a cheap last minute ticket with the expectation of a clunky user experience- this app stands true to that. I’m glad once I had customer service on the phone (so they could initiate a refund since this app helped charge me twice) & that they helped my boarding passes appear on my profile. Yeah do yourself a favor and block out an extra 30 minutes to deal with this spirit app when checking in ahead of your flight.
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By Barhoom_hanood
    I walked to the TSA check point and the app won’t show my boarding pass. It says you have no trips, I tried opening my trips in the app. It still doesn’t show the boarding pass. Luckily I had it sent to my email. In the return trip the app showing TSA pre check on my wife’s boarding pass, although she hasn’t applied for one. The app. needs more improvement.
  • Vanishing boarding pass 2/5

    By Noffon
    Worked as expected until I was ready to board.... the boarding pass and flight disappeared... fortunately I was smart enough to take a screen shot as well as get an email copy. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. That’s a pretty serious bug.
  • Better than nothing 3/5

    By Sicilianvirgo
    Finally an app. Ok but still buggy. Also you need to add Apple Wallet support for ticketing ASAP!
  • Can't book a flight? 2/5

    By Molly rownnnn
    What's the point if you can't use the mobile app to book a flight? Their actual website is so complicated and not mobile friendly so I was excited to download the app just to redirected to the deskstop site sigh. Spirit I love you but please make app for booking or make your desktop site mobile friendly.
  • worthless 1/5

    By tlt1984
    this app is worthless. it keeps showing different flights on my reservations. my trip included connecting flights and both boarding passes disappeared after first use. i coulnd't check in using the app either. please fix problem
  • Not Even the Bare Minimum 2/5

    By WadeFL
    Only offers check-in ability. Doesn’t allow managing or even viewing a purchase itinerary. Totally lame waste!
  • Can't check in 1/5

    By Georgette_
    I keep getting an error message when I hit "accept" at the hazardous materials page and it won't let me check in.
  • Check in issue 1/5

    By KESH56
    Not able to check in when you have a lap infant attached to the reservation. This is the only airline app that won’t let a family check in online because of the lap infant. Get with the program guys. It’s 2017
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Grillcleaner
    I uploaded the app and put my password in and it keeps giving me a general error login. Super frustrating. So then I created another account and same thing happened and then when you go to the actual site online it doesn't work. So best option is to create a log in on the computer and use that.
  • Bad interface 1/5

    By Dogggie101
    Worst service
  • Wouldn't recommend for boarding pass 2/5

    By Chlochlo1013
    I downloaded the app and saw my boarding pass right away, I used the boarding pass on this app to get through security with no problem. When it was time to board the plane, my boarding pass was one. Luckily I had it emailed to me, but I wouldn't count on this app.
  • Yes APP! 3/5

    By Grandma_5Star
    Been waiting for this. Thank you. However my boarding pass disappeared shortly before boarding. Luckily I have it screenshot in my picture.
  • A Sweet Convenience 5/5

    By kyle.power
    The app makes it so much easier to check-in before you even get to the airport. No need to worry about printing your boarding pass, just head straight through security and on to the gate! Also helps to avoid missing the 45 min check-in cut off time. You can even check-in and store boarding passes for your entire party! Life saver!!
  • HKS 1/5

    By Winerun
    Does not work. The night before my flight I checked in and saw my boarding pass. At the airport my flight disappeared as well as the boarding pass. The flight then reappeared and when I click on boarding pass it said error. I deleted the app and reinstalled and got the same problem. When I did get the boarding pass the night before you cannot put it into your wallet. I had to go to the ticket counter to get my boarding pass and convince them not to charge me. They were good about that and did not charge. This app needs an upgrade.
  • No Wallet Support 3/5

    By Dov+
    Please add Wallet support for boarding passes

    By Jay.avz
    Finally Spirit you made our days at work easier!!!!!!!!!
  • Mobile Boarding Pass 5/5

    By EmulatedBinary
    Finally mobile boarding passes in the app! Let’s see what else comes in the future.
  • Great entry into the app world 5/5

    By Raging Yogi
    Easy to use and store boarding passes. Also good for checking status. Looking forward to seeing a complete app that allows booking soon.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Sjneft
    Super excited that spirit has an app now! Very easy to use and makes travel even better.

Spirit Airlines Check-in app comments


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