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SpotHero - Get Parking Nearby App

Park smarter with the SpotHero iPhone app. SpotHero helps you get everywhere, easier by making it fast and convenient to find and reserve parking in major cities. Plus, when you book your parking spot in advance, you can save up to 50%. SpotHero gives you access to thousands of garages, lots, and valets nationwide. Whether you’re commuting to work, heading to the airport, or exploring your city, we have a parking spot near you. Use the SpotHero parking app to reserve parking in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Miami, New Orleans, Newark, Oakland, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. How does it work? It’s easy. Just look, book, and park! 1. Look: Enter the dates and times you need parking. Then compare parking garages and rates near your destination. 2. Book: Pre-pay to reserve your spot. 3. Park: Follow the directions on your parking pass to your selected garage, park your car, and go! Parking for work? Create a business profile to separate business and personal parking expenses, then automatically send receipts to Concur, Expensify & Certify. Have a WageWorks commuter benefits card? Use pre-tax dollars to pay for daily parking near your work. Have a question? Call us at 312-566-7768 or email Our Customer Heroes are standing by ready to help every day from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. CT. Find us at: Facebook: Twitter:


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SpotHero - Get Parking Nearby app reviews

  • Times Square parking in NYC for 30 bucks 5/5

    By Shomnat
    This app really works. I was a bit doubtful at first when it said 40 bucks for 6 hours of parking really close to Times Square. I reserved a spot and also got a discount of $10.00 making it $30.00 for prime NYC parking. It was also valet and the instructions were very clear and the attendant knew what to do and i didn't have to pay anything extra. It was easy, reliable and cheap. The app also is very good in searching places and nearby parking spots so you can plan your trip around it.
  • Works Wonderfully! 5/5

    By Deb122782
    A friend recommended this App to me & it works wonderfully! As long as you take the time to read the details of the parking spot (which this App does a superb job of doing) BEFORE you book the spot, you'll have a smooth transaction. Every parking spot can have unique requirements & knowing these prior to booking is so helpful & you must take the time to read before booking. I will continue to use & recommend this App!!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By See-bis!
    Easy to use. Works like a charm! Customer service is fabulous!
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Ariel☺️
    I love it!
  • Booked Parking at Last Minute 5/5

    By JohnThrives
    I was driving to downtown Los Angeles for an event and was not able to find parking. Thanks to SpotHero I was able to find a nearby parking spot and paid via Apple Pay. Everything works as advertised. Make sure you follow the special instructions for parking in the application because every parking is different.
  • They're here for you 5/5

    By Sintiamcd
    I have used the app several times in San Francisco. It is simple and fast. I found that spot hero finds places with the best prices. I have had problems at one garage a couple of times, but Spot Hero got on it right away and solved the problem. They even quickly sent me out a refund when an attendant was not at a garage and there was no way out other than to pay again. No hassle, no weird questions just "here's your money & thanks for letting us know." Great customer service
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Rodney57
    Tried to book parking downtown chicago. App of course makes you pre-pay. Used app for directions and it could not find parking garage that had an alley entrance. Drove around for 15 minutes with the app taking me everywhere but the garage. Had a meeting so i parked in another garage and lost my money. Good luck on getting any refund from them. Lost $24. Never again
  • Great app, better service 5/5

    By CigarZin
    I have use this app a few times a week for the last six months without a problem. The app is solid and easy to use. The few times I have had issues, customer service was extremely responsive and the resolution was worked out within minutes. This is my goto app for parking in the City...
  • First Time! 5/5

    I was really satisfied with how easy I used this app. I had to try it out. I parked in the Argyles parking lot near Hollywood Palladium for the Niall Horan Concert. So I paid $6.30 since I used a promo code. Very happy considering the parking rates nearby were $10-$20. Will definitely use again!
  • Best way to Find parking in Chicago hands down! 5/5

    By Mark L SH
    Really easy to use. Pre pay and purchase parking in Chicago, SF, NYC and DC! I love this!
  • Beware - you may still be towed 1/5

    By Feral Korbie
    If and when Spot Hero tows your car in error, their customer service is limited to telling you to find your own ride to the tow facility, pay the towing fee, and send them the bill. This app worked perfectly four times out of five. But the fifth time cost me a huge expenditure of time and mental anguish. Addendum - got my refund in the mail for the tow. Still one star for the app...paying me back for the errant tow was all SpotHero did for me. I would expect a lot more after being put out so egregiously.
  • 😊 1/5

    By Tracymac
    My car was towed when I went over my time accidentally however the team at spot hero has been great thank you for being so kind and handling it very well
  • Save $$$ with Spot Hero 4/5

    By NuBizGold
    I have used this app often and it is fab. Have saves money and have avoided the need to search for a parking spot.
  • Used in St.Louis and Chicago! 5/5

    By Funn124
    Found the app when going to a cubs game to find a cheap spot and it worked great! Used it again when in Chicago and again no problems. Just pull the information up on your phone and it's super easy. Just booked my 3rd spot for a Cubs/Cards game in St.Louis. Super easy to cancel a reservation if needed also.
  • I got a Ticket! 1/5

    By chifons
    I've received a couple of tickets so far after using Spot hero - extremely disappointing, after having paid more for the spot than if I had just showed up at the lot. After contacting and emailing Spot hero the ticket, LOU from customer service confirmed it was taken care of and few weeks later I receive a delinquent letter saying I owe the ticket plus additional charges. Poor service!!!
  • Got to my rehearsal on time! 5/5

    By montagcello
    My sister was driving and we were racing from a performance in the suburbs to a rehearsal in Center City, Philadelphia (we're professional musicians). Traffic. No time to find parking. I had used SpotHero in NYC and it was great. But this time, it really saved us. I booked as she drove, we pulled into the garage (easy to find the closest one to our rehearsal), ran to our rehearsal and arrived just in time. No stress, saved money, saved time. Thank you SpotHero!!
  • Simple to use. Fantastic service over the phone. 5/5

    By Red Brick Mama
    App was super simple. Online was super simple. When our event, unfortunately, canceled, I called to receive a refund. It was easy, great service, friendly, and they were understanding.
  • Amazing Customer Service 5/5

    By AJos320
    I recently had an issue where there was another vehicle in the spot I had reserved (unsure if illegally parked or overbooked). Regardless. I was on the phone with the customer service rep and he was so friendly and was able to find me a new spot close by. He also covered the difference in price. 10/10 would recommend for Chicago.
  • Works great in NYC! 5/5

    By Nradv
    Been using for 5 years. Definitely saves you $. I think it's best of all the parking apps. If drive up rate happens to be less they credit u. Plus you can cancel your res in the app . Cust service for me has always been easy and excellent. Negative reviews must be the competition :-)
  • Works great, saves $ 5/5

    By Copters
    Decent app. Good service. No issues using it. If you find you will not be exiting the parking lot within your allotted time, the app allows you to extend the time for a reasonable extra charge. I've called customer service a couple of times and they were able to take care of my questions. Developers: My only complaint is that I use this every day and every time I log back in to rebook a spot, the app asks me to rate my experience from the night before. Listen up developers: don't keep asking for a rating every single time when you are using the same garage over 20 times a month.
  • Love It 5/5

    By Newsie(22)
    I've used the app approximately 8-10 times since downloading it and it's been a gem. It's great for finding inexpensive parking spots in a major city filled with high priced lots and garages. I recommend it every chance I get.
  • Do not use Spot Hero 1/5

    By ColeBreeD
    Our Spot Hero parking was $20.00 on site $10.00. They also placed us 4 blocks from The Pico Metro Station in Los Angeles when there was $10.00 parking across the street. I did not know the area, I do now. Do not use Spot Hero.
  • If you stick to rules works seamlessly 5/5

    By Iman82
    Don't go over time! I needed to use customer service once and I was in Chicago and they were very helpful.
  • Bad 1/5

    By SharonS82391
    Thought I'd give it a try since I heard an ad on ten radio saying you got $10 off your first park. The code didn't work. Used it anyone because the full price was okay. It was confusing how it worked, with my spot reserved until tonight but my reservation expiring in 15 minutes. What does that even mean? You have to park in 15 minutes of buying? And then when you go to leave, if there's no attendant right there (which there wasn't) you have to call one to come down and validate your ticket. All in all I probably wouldn't use again
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Frustrated bob
    App requires you in put info while driving. If you pull into a lot the app directs you to, too late - charged full price. I tried to get reservation as pulling in but system wasn't working. Called "customer service" and was supposed to get call back. Never did. Did receive an email that my card was not charged. Doesn't help since paying full price. Clearly they had record. I called. After 15 min of waiting for person to get me an answer from her manager, was told nothing can be done. I have regularly used BEST PARKING. Always reliable. The one time I had an issue they sent a check. They know customer service. Now I am deleting No Spot Hero from my phone.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ModelTProTrader
    RIs has been a great app. Last time I purchased parking for $11 and they did not mention it was discounted. When I was pulling out of the garage, it showed the amount was $22, but when I scanned the barcode from SpotHero, it accepted it. It was a 50% discount.
  • No Refunds 1/5

    By VicB457
    I attempted to use spot hero to get into a parking garage but the code would not scan. As such, I had to pay for the spot with my credit card even though I already paid spot hero. I contacted spot hero asking for a refund and they asked me 7-8 questions over 4 emails regarding the spot, usage, asking for credit card statements, etc... after all this and a week later I still have no refund. Do not waste your money!
  • Fights with user over time 3/5

    By StellaCat
    This is helpful once you get it to accept your chosen arrival and departure times, but the numbers constantly change throughout the process. This morning it insisted on giving me 8:00am today through 8:00am tomorrow for $30 (stating I was getting "extra time at no charge!"), when I wanted 8:00am - 6:30pm for my usual $22. I finally got it to give me 8:30-6:30 for $25... then I arrived early and had to use a meter for 30 minutes since I had no idea what kind of hassle or price gauging I would get at the garage. Can be especially frustrating in a pinch when you're in the car, about to pull in the garage and the app is fighting you every step of the process!
  • Fantastic Support! 5/5

    By Aheld
    I had a problem with my WageWorks parking card and the support I got calling in was fantastic. 10 min and the issues are resolved. Thanks!
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By Back Mountain Resident
    Used in DC for the first time. Quite intuitive. Allows cancellation within minutes of arrival time. Also allows you to extend reservation through the app. Great features. Was seamless.
  • Great App and Awesome Customer Service 5/5

    By JimiPurse
    It's really an awesome way to find parking for events or work or whatever in a big city. Have lived in SF, NY, and DC and used seamlessly everywhere. Great (cheap) parking for baseball games, and the monthly parking garage for work. Customer service always answers the phone. Quick to refund when errors or glitches occur - both by user or the app. I highly recommend this app for anyone who lives in or near a city and owns a car.
  • This app is an easy way to steal your money. 1/5

    By 5starkansan
    I booked a "parking spot" with SPOT HERO in an extremely busy city, SPOT HERO guaranteed the spot 110% - normally parking in a city as the one I stayed at runs for approx: $62 a day, but when I saw this service stating "they partnered with private parking garages in Big cities" and would do 2 days for $32 I was sold. Everything on their website and all seemed legit. I was wrong, and I found out in the most inconvenient way.. There was no spot upon arrival, in fact there was never a spot reserved for me. No customer service follow up, and I was charged a ridiculous amount of fees for a service I never benefited from.
  • Push notifications pointless 1/5

    By Ziggy Rigby
    We accidentally made a reservation for midnight rather than noon. What's the point of having push notifications if it doesn't notify you when your reservation is expiring so that you can extend? We paid an additional $20 fee for being out late. Will not be using this app again.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Carszszzs
    Great app, had a hassle free trip to LA with quick, cheap, and closeby parking all over the city.
  • SpotHero, my hero 5/5

    By Etm0416
    I live SpotHero. It is so convenient to book a spot. It is very convenient to cancel a reservation if need be.
  • Parking zero 1/5

    By chonies0
    I totally used this from a recommendation and it was a total waste of time. In Austin tx the parking spots are not up to date and the parking spot information is not accurate. Yes it took me an hour to park I had to call customer service. To leave was also a chore. I will not use these guys again.
  • OK but ... (updated) 5/5

    By unklespunk
    Great app as long as you don't have to extend reservation beyond original time slot. Adding an extension thru the app is frustrating at best ... and I was charged three times for the same spot, more than twice the regular rate for the garage. Of course I haven't had any response from their 'Customer Heroes' UPDATE: I have been in contact with SpotHero customer service and they have gone above and beyond to rectify the situation. If you encounter problems using SpotHero mobile app, I strongly suggest making use of the help screen through the app - they offer assistance by phone 7 days a week (6am-11pm central).
  • Just that great 5/5

    By Delcablu
    I work in DC and boy is this helpful. I'm so happy I found it 🙂🙂
  • Very helpful parking app 5/5

    By Branzburg
    It's expensive to park in NYC. I've used this app a number of times the past year to find reasonably priced parking garages in Manhattan. Probably saved at least $15 each time, plus had a reserved spot. Will definitely use it again!
  • Highly Recommend 5/5

    By KNP900
    App is super easy to use; service is great; I'll never park downtown in Chicago without using this app again!
  • You Need Spot Hero! 5/5

    By Keshia B.
    I am a Chicagoan, and the cost for parking in the Loop or in the big lots is ridiculous. I love SpotHero! It is simple to use, and I appreciate that I can book my parking space in advance by selecting my times. Get this app!!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    Most of the places I go I can't find information in this app. For example, Macy at 7th and Flower st DTLA.
  • The best!!!! 5/5

    By loves1087
    The best parking app in Chicago. After several years of using the app, I have never had an issue entering or leaving a reserved parking spot. They always have the best prices and spots available.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Rose4937
    Always seems to be there in a crunch. Simple and easy to use.
  • Amazing time and money saver! 5/5

    By ameusel
    I was able to reserve my spot early and park ALL DAY, from 8:30am - 8:30pm in D.C. for just $6!! D.C. All day. Just $6. AND it was valet service directly across the street from the conference I was attending. It would have been $16 but I had a promo code from DC101 radio (fast). Even $16 would've been great because the conference was charging $53 for all day with valet service! I've lived in and around the city for the past ten years and have never parked all day for that cheap. I definitely will be using spot hero for all future parking in D.C. It's such a great money and time saving tool to have.
  • Great app 5/5

    By aminson
    Parking garages have been close & cheap & secure! Easy to use app & no printer necessary!
  • Excellent tool for your job search 5/5

    By Leahm10446
    Love your app. Your my hero!
  • Pretty good! 5/5

    By Joe234477
    Got the app for parking in NYC. I used it twice. Once it worked perfectly with no issues but the second time the parking attendant gave me an issue and charged me even though I had the app. I didn't have the time to fight with him so I just payed him and kept all receipts and records. I followed up with the support team at spot hero and they were fantastic at helping me with the issues (the parking attendant was just ripping me off). They sent me a check and said they would follow up with that specific garage.
  • Though I did love the app 5/5

    Hopefully some improvements will happen over time.
  • Fast and easy parking 5/5

    By What?me?
    Best app to find inexpensive parking in the city!

SpotHero - Get Parking Nearby app comments


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