Spotlite - Sing Freely!

Spotlite - Sing Freely!

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  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spotlite Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spotlite - Sing Freely! App

Spotlite is a new music app where you can sing original music, karaoke and cover songs. Get followers and fans or support your favorite artists by gifting them virtually. Share your vocal talent and interact with other singers! Features: -Sing along to millions of songs with lyrics and accompaniments; -Enjoy DUET feature with other singers; -Make live streaming performances; -Ues special audio modifiers to make you sound like a professional singer; -Try cool filters to make your own music videos; -Share your works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; -Get fans who gift your songs; -Social networking with music lovers and singer-songwriters in the community. Spotlite respects copyright and all songs on this music app are authorized by record companies including Universal, Warner Chappel, SonyATV, EMI Publishing, and BMG. New songs are added on a daily basis, covering genres of pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, R&B, country, INDIE, REGGAE, Jazz, Latin, EDM/DANCE and more for you to explore! Questions?


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Spotlite - Sing Freely! app reviews

  • Given me a lot of opportunities 5/5

    By 18594!,$;&2!/&;!
    I'm a singer songwriter and it's hard for gigs to come by in a big city like LA, but this app really changed things for me. I've been taking part in the contests regularly, and it's been great to be able to put my music out there and have genuine organic fans watching and appreciating my music. It is relatively new, so there are glitches here and there, but the admin team has always been very helpful in getting them resolved quickly. The contests run every week and it's a great chance for any upcoming singer or songwriter to put their music out there and have people listen to it too :) this app has given me a lot and it can give you a lot too!
  • Great icon 5/5

    By HalaZahir😜
    There are real people INSTEAD OF ROBOTS interacting with me when I sang or live streaming in Spotlite. It makes me feel like a pop star, which is an experience you can hardly have in daily life. I’ll keep this app.
  • Awesome karaoke app 5/5

    By sportylucy
    Excited to land on this app! I’ve followed some talented singers on Spotlite, and they also listened to my works. It’s so incredible and miraculous. Every one should have a try.
  • free app 5/5

    By wowgirlgo
    It does not have things like “7-day free trial” or “7-day VIP trial”; instead, all songs are free all the time. It makes me feel reassured and I can always sing whatever I like without worrying I may get charged. Please keep this way.
  • very nice! 5/5

    By Super super girl set~~
    My grandchildren and I sing together with Spotlite, which has become a good pastime choice for us over the past weeks. There are many classical music I can tell as well as songs for the youth.
  • Awesome karaoke app 5/5

    By Villkilly
    Awesome karaoke app. I sing a lot with my friends and upload them as videos which all become golden memories for us. And I think the “private” function is a brilliant idea because I don’ want to publish everything to everybody sometimes.
  • amazing app 5/5

    By hdhdjdjjdjjdjjdjshhw
    An amazing app because it provides a platform for original singers and songwriters. They have contests called “Original” which reward the most highly-voted singers who uploaded works on the app. I hope it can become a community for original singers and indie creators. At least it’s a chance for performers to be viewed.
  • Interesting 5/5

    By xinlon95wzl
    Just downloaded this app less than a week and it’s quickly become my favorite pastime. I do cover and join in the singing contests. I think it’s more fun for anyone interested in live streaming, interacting with performers exactly when they sing and play instruments. Yet purchasing in-app gifts needs coins.
  • I like it so much!!! 5/5

    By Janetbing331
    This app is a must-have. The comments and followers you get are real people instead of bots other apps use. So it feels very immersive to communicate with other music lovers on Spotlite. I like to listen to other original or amateur performers like myself!
  • easy an d convenient 5/5

    By singercool
    The app is easy to use. You don’t need to spend time figuring out how it works. Just simply sing. So I like such kinda experience. It suits people who really like sing. You won’t be distracted by complicated rules.
  • great app 5/5

    By supervoicegirl
    For anybody who likes singing it is an awesome app with a great idea. I have become a bit addicted to this app. I use it a lot to relax myself from heavy work every day. People with negative reviews actually don’t fully understand the way it works.
  • Enjoy sing 5/5

    By NicolleWhite
    I enjoy singing on the app. I can perform in front of camera without having to worry about getting too much attention. And at the same time I get lots of followers who vote my works and buy virtual gifts for me. I really appreciate that! So I think the app has an amazing idea and I hope more interaction among users can be ensured.
  • My love lol 5/5

    By DJ.J.Smith
    I found loads of songs newly added on the app, which is a big surprise. Last time when I logged in, my favorite songs were not included, but this time they appeared after I searched them. Seems they are still enlarging their song stock. Keep going.
  • Worth recommendation 5/5

    By johnnydsa
    You won't regret if you download this app. I've kept it for a long time. So far it's great and friendly. I don't think there is any scam cause rules are clear. The company's customer service always responds quickly!
  • bravo! 5/5

    By Irunandwin
    Thanks for all those who have voted for my songs in Spotlite. It means a lot to me. I NEED to practice singing harder here for there are more and more people supporting and following me.
  • Good app 5/5

    By GrayVills
    Never heard of this app and the company before. But they are great judging from their karaoke product. They are keeping releasing new versions week after week nonstop. The efforts will lead to an even better app soon.
  • The video filters are cool and impressive! 5/5

    By Steve19921992a
    Seeing a better me performing music I love….It’s the best thing I can ever imagine. Hope there will be more filters haha.
  • can't stop using Spotlite 5/5

    By jerry5724
    The app is an encouragement for people who love music sincerely. You can sing all songs withoue being charged. You can save your works as private ones if you are not that confident. You can compete in their contests and win money with your talent even. I’m not qualified to win prizes now, but I enjoy the singing process.
  • James Yao 5/5

    By James Both
    Live streaming is cool and I can see singers’ real-time performance and even chat with them. Why not have more sections for people on live?
  • Good 5/5

    By mecoon.dr
    It's good to have songs with lyrics and accompaniments.
  • Coolest singing app i've ever used 5/5

    By dr.aswho
    Just downloaded the app. Like the featured songs! How can my works get featured?
  • Really fun! 4/5

    By SamiVills
    I love the whole style of this app, but I do have some suggestions I hope you'll consider...I would love to save my songs and videos to my camera roll, it'll be good to know how many likes I get instead of just views (I'm weird like that haha) And it would be really really good if you could make searching for songs easier, also, there aren't many options, for me anyway. I love Christian music and there's not many songs in that category. So I hope you consider these, cause I really want to continue using this app. Especially since another app like this I loved basically died a few years ago with all of my songs vanishing. Thank you.
  • ? Those bad reviews are all competitors? 5/5

    By Catmeow12
    I haven’t run into problems some other people described. Things are great with me. It’s a super user-friendly app.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By nhozv
    Thanks Spotlite developers for this amazing app. After tying soooo many singing products I finally settle on this one. Recommend it to all.
  • favorite karaoke app 5/5

    By dxstd
    This is my favorite karaoke app. The developer makes all songs free, which gives everyone unlimited access to their whole song stock. People who really love music cannot reject this.
  • No communication 5/5

    By Dyvonishere
    This app is fun and a good tool for exposure. I personally won a contest and have received my winnings. So all reviews saying otherwise are false. I have and will continue to recommend this app for professional singers and people who just want a little karaoke fun 🙌🏾
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By bree1990
    Yeah 90% of the top ten are people that buy coins and vote for themselves.. ... pretty lame

    By FirstHorizon
    I think this app has an amazing idea and I hope more interaction among users can be ensured.
  • A MF SCAM BINCH ! 1/5

    By Vivisqyyourwelcome
    hm so my friend won the contest and he hasn't been contacted to win the money 🤔🤔🤔😳 funny how yuh done bafooned cause he boutta take this shiz to court ! Good luck hunty !
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Friendlife
    I wish that we can see how many likes on the videos we have
  • Fun 5/5

    By szeuus
    I’ve followed several people on the app casually, and I found them really amazing after listening to their songs. It makes me even exciting when I realized they also followed me and gave votes to my works! I think ordinary people and unknown singers are worth listening to, and this app is exactly the platform.
  • Private community 5/5

    By hdbsvx
    I love the app because I love singing yet too shy to sing in bars with friends. I use Spotlite to practice singing by myself. I don’t like to be interrupted when I am singing, so an app is a good choice. Spotlite has a new function—record and save my songs as private works that only available to me. It means a lot to me and makes me less nervous. And the private works can be reuploaded as public ones when I want to share with my friends.

    By Jermdizzel
    The sound quality is incredible, the song book selections are great, looking forward to more songs added on, the filters for audio are incredible and super user friendly! I'm not entirely sure what the other review is talking about with wanting all that personal info, but I'm like three days deep into this and it hasn't asked me for any of that stuff. If it does I'm out for sure, but yeah it's AWESOME!!!
  • Defraud app. Really carefully! 1/5

    By Enjoytopmusic
    This app was developed by china company. When you buy vote or cash out, they will collect your credit and Social number. You should remember that The US company (amazon, Uber, Facebook, twitter..) never request Social. Why does Spotlite require it? I think you will know. It's very very dangerous.
  • Fun to use the app with friends 5/5

    By Richard Lala
    Very friendly to use and sing solo. I remember it requires a VIP to sing solos on Smule, but it’s all free here. I think it’d be better if Spotlite got more recent songs in their stock. I’ve invited my friends to the app and we have lots of fun recoding audios and videos.
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By Hippie54390
    App is sketchy Af about payment, asks for Social Security Number. Clearly a scam.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Quinn99977445366457
    Worst selection I've ever seen, no Linkin park, no Green Day, no AC/DC, nothing. Don't bother
  • Need improvement on syncing voice and music 3/5

    By Gandhit
    Tried to sing with an earphone (as recommended by the app) but my voice ended up sounding out of sync to the music. Didn't happen when I sing without earphone, but then I could barely hear my voice behind the music.
  • Won't let me upload anything 1/5

    By Tweety Bird 101
    I just got this app, so I don't know anything about any scams like everyone else is saying. But all I know is whenever I try to upload a video, it only uploads 1% then says it's failed. And it won't even let me upload a different profile picture without it saying that's failed too. Also it keeps saying I "won three free gifts" but then I go to the gift section and it says I have nothing soooo. All I can do is watch other people's stuff. Update: The video didn't upload and got totally deleted and the upload tab is gone. 🙃

    By Kitcap Forever
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP FOR THE VERY IMPORTANT REASONS: 1. They ask for your SSN for "credit card purposes." THIS IS A SCAM. SSN is not needed ever, and they will not hesitate to use your SSN for other purposes. 2. The positive reviews are super super sketchy. They sound like bots typed them, or a paid representative. 3. Competitions never end within the time allotted. Also, the rules for competitions are vague. 4. ALL things are vague. There are some things in the app I still have no idea what they mean or how to use them. All these vague rules and descriptions are really messing with my head. 5. "Cash out your coins?" Sure. For how much money? Well, here's the thing: you don't know. You need to fill out all your credit card info and SSN beforehand, which is super super sketchy. Don't download. The only thing it does for you is let you practice singing, but there's a million other apps that can do that with no catch. Trust me, there's not going to be a $2000 reward without some kind of catch.
  • Asks for social security number... 3/5

    By Katejjjjsfdshvch
    Ok so so far it's an ok app, but review is being written because when you go to "cash out" your diamonds, you fill out a form where it asks for your name, address, and social security number.... last time I checked you do not need a social security number to pay someone. PayPal, venmo, hand written checks, straight up cash... all these things do NOT require your social. It feels really fishy that they'd be collecting this info from people. ☹️
  • AWESOME APP!!! 5/5

    By One2watch7
    I love Spotlite! Super fun and easy to use. It's honestly better than any other singing app out there. Check it out!
  • Bad, awful 1/5

    By dogz._.
    When I clicked sing it would not let sing and I would search it it would proof it was gone. Don't get this app 😡😡
  • If you like being scammed please download 1/5

    By NateyB613
    I will start this by saying it's a great idea. The execution is flawed. It is a way to make money but it isn't based on talent! In a way it's a Ponzi scheme. You can buy votes and not be talented and you aren't judged by people who know music. If you're willing to pay 500.00, you'll win every contest. They are vague and deceitful with rules and time frames. I rated this a one star because I can't rate it zero.
  • BEWARE!!! 1/5

    By Misstasha924
    I have won a contest, and can say that I did get paid HOWEVER It was pretty stressful trying to get in touch with them. The money was for my grandmother so I entered another contest to try to win money to get my husband and I home to see family we haven't seen in 2 years. We're in ministry and money is tight, so our family and friends voted for me like crazy!!! I even had allot of people vote for me whom I didn't know because my performance was the best hands down. Suddenly this guy who is a TERRIBLE singer pulls ahead. He literally bought all of his votes. You can tell because he had no comments on his song (because it was terrible) and he had no shares so those votes were not from referrals like mine were. As the person before me stated, their "rules" are shady. They stated that the last chance to submit ENTRIES was 7pm PST. They did not specify the cut off for VOTES. In fact, I have a TIME STAMPED message at 10am (8am PST) that said there was 12 hours left in the competition which would be 8pm PST. Since the guy who was buying votes would buy more every time I got more votes, my friends, family and I were waiting until the last hour. Unfortunately, they closed the voting an hour earlier than specified in the time stamped message. So basically my friends and family, (some of whom bought votes for me) were tricked out of money. The guy with no talent won because he bought his votes and I got second place. Take a listen at the first and second place winners of Spotlite Sing 7 and decide for yourself if it makes sense. I hope this app fails. It is a joke. By the way, I tried contacting the admins for Spotlite for 2 days to clarify the rules via the app as well as email, and fb messenger. NONE of them got back to me. In the last 5 minutes, one contacted me back on the app about something I had asked earlier that had nothing to do with what time the contest ended. No, she waited until AFTER the competition was over to do that. Beware. These people are Scammers.
  • Scam! 1/5

    By StampHappy
    Contests can be won by "buying" votes. Or maybe that's the way the app developers intended it to be, so they don't have to legitimately pay out contest winners. Contests don't end at time specified, rules are fishy and not very clear and developers don't respond to email inquiries. Don't waste your time! Just take a look at all the 5 star ratings, they look like they are written by a marketing agent and not a legit user. All the lower ratings are written in a way they seem real. Don't be fooled and don't waste your time!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jay El Are
    Love it a lot!
  • 😑😑😑 1/5

    By Nellybelly626
    The pictures lie. The App Store shows they have songs from Justin Bieber's despacito and heathens but they are not on there. And a lot of the song lyrics don't match up with the timing of the music. Not my favorite karaoke app.
  • A app allows you earn money by performing. 5/5

    By eskimo889
    I like to sing, so when I heard there's an app allows you to sing karaoke, join contests and win cash prizes of the contests, I downloaded it immediately. Now I like to share all my performances to my friends cuz in that way I can win some free votes.
  • Awesome!!! Good choice for singers 5/5

    By 潘沐沐Doris
    I do love this app!It's pretty cool and easy to use. I download the app to join the contest. $2000!!!If you want to got the money and love singing, it's a good choice.

Spotlite - Sing Freely! app comments


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