My Sprint Mobile

My Sprint Mobile

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  • Current Version: 6.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sprint
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Sprint Mobile App

Welcome to the My Sprint Mobile app! It's faster and easier than ever to manage your Sprint account. Here’s what you can do: • View & pay your bill • Review your payment history • Check your usage • Check your upgrade eligibility • Review plans and services • Troubleshoot connectivity, device and international service issues • Get support for your device and account • Report network issues using your current location

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  • Useless 1/5

    By Ika@dc
    The app update replaced a perfectly functional one and doesn't work. It is really useless - if you can't pay your bill what good does it do? When I log on, it shows a telephone number I do not recognize. I have deleted the app and will revert having to log on my laptop to pay the bill - when I find time.
  • Not friendly at all! 1/5

    By m_arid
    The old version was WAY better and easier to use. Why the change!?
  • Needs Speed/Latency Test Feature. 5/5

    By 35USC101
    Well done Sprint. I'd give it 5 stars if it had Touch ID. UPDATE: Glad to hear it will get Touch ID. :-) ------ UPDATE 2: Now what My Sprint needs is an integrated Speed Test/Latency feature. A user experiencing Slow Speeds should be able to run a Speed/Latency Test in the App to dedicated Sprint servers for accuracy, and then be able to submit those results when making a "My Sprint" issue report for "Slow data speeds". Customers would feel more assured after submitting these results as Sprint has more information about their specific issue, and Sprint would benefit from having this info while knowing that the submitted data is accurate and has integrity as the speed/latency tests were run from the device directly to Sprint servers. My Sprint App Team: Can you add this function into the App? Thanks for reading.
  • Fix the app ! 1/5

    By Canis majori5
    App does not let me login . I put my username and it's says it's wrong twice . Maybe the third or fourth time of attempts it lets me put my username . Now I can't get it to accept my security codes and pin for reset password . It's a mess it's not the first time . I hate this app ! Sprint of yuh care about your customers fix the app. Sprint review has more negative feed back than positive . I give this one star .
  • Trash 1/5

    By FilthyBasturd
    This app used to work. Now it doesn't work at all. Can't check my payment activity or anything. Hire some real techies to develop this app. This is pathetic smh
  • Sprint zone barely works 2/5

    By Larryhimself
    This app used to work but now has stopped working. Anything that requires you to log in (I.e. View your bill, pay said bill, etc...) will not work as you can't log in. I wish there were something positive to say other than the only use for this app is to make the company aware of any issues with coverage. Pretty useful tool for letting sprint know where you don't have signal; so nothing can change nothing in the end. 1% means something different to sprint obviously. 2 bars with sprint is the equivalent to having boost.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Safmedic40
    Tedious. I just spent 5 minutes trying to recover user name and password, then another bunch of security questions who's text boxes don't work properly only to have it crash at yet another security code question that got sent to the phone. I could have just called already.
  • Still some flaws 2/5

    By Nickivegas2786
    This new app is garbage. Constantly getting logged out. Being told 'technical difficulties please try again later' this app also limits the amount of times you can report coverage issues. When you go to pay your bill it also will sometimes not let you pay it and will give you an error
  • Replace the hotspot metering 3/5

    By GA TED
    Please let me know how much hotspot data I have remaining not how much I have used. I like the old circle meter. Maybe you could use bars in to space provided.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Knightfly
    This apps has been saying "technical difficulties please try back later" for 2 months now. A waste.
  • Ready to switch... 1/5

    By Brinahawk
    The app, website and customer service are all horrible. I have been trying to log on and UPGRADE my phone. It won't let me. Screen disappears. Tried to get phone sent to another address. Screen disappears. The app won't even let me log on. Aaand I just got locked out. Sprint has gone downhill. I did visit a Sprint store and had a rude experience. One more try, Sprint. Going to visit a store that has good ratings. If they act crazy - bye Sprint! Strike 4. More than enough opportunities.
  • Love It 5/5

    By Whatnxt09
    Love the new format!!
  • Anything Sprint is terrible 1/5

    By Pita X
    Only thing I use the app for is to report issues which is all the time. The network never improves. That feature on the app is pointless. Every time you contact tech support they always say their upgrading towers!! So how long does Sprint need to update its network???! It's been years already so how many more do you people need. Embarrassing
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By RanDaMan007
    Needs an option for payment arrangements in app instead of going to
  • Business account 1/5

    By Thick Nick26
    I can't pay r review my bill on the sprint app I have a business account with u guys and I can't do anything in the app please help
  • Why Not!? 1/5

    By 13MattR
    I'm trying to buy more data, but it's not even possible now.
  • Updated 2017 1/5

    By PushinDaisiesUp
    Ever since the new update the app no longer work. Always say unavailable or temporarily down.

    By urbanviewpoint
    Can you hear me now? GOOD! What happened to the app? Wow. If I had another set of hands I give you 4-thumbs down!
  • Need to separate the data usage for each line 3/5

    By gilliganpma
    This app used to be set up so I could see who was using the most data on my account. Now it seems to just make it look like everyone is using exactly the same amount of data. Please fix since that is the only reason I use this app.
  • Updated App on 4/18/2017 1/5

    By venessaPIRATE
    New update will not load bill. The screen says "Loading" and gives me the spinning wheel nonstop. Please fix! Serious problems with this update. Fix bugs immediately.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Cookeo200
    It hasn't been working lately. What's going on sprint!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ghekie
    It is 95% junk.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sprint paying guy
    Can't do NOTHING but PAY a BILL
  • There is nothing wrong with this app 5/5

    By kagy
    It works. It gives you all the information you could possibly want regarding your account, in an easily laid out format. What more can you ask for? For the life of me, I don't have any idea what the one and star raters are doing, but they're doing it wrong.
  • Terri 1/5

    By Awsomeness Angry Birds
    I hate the new app. I can not turn data on and off from my phone. I have to call and get a rep. When I need to do this y'all are closed.
  • Touch ID 1/5

    By MazeJack
    Standard feature like touchID should have been implemented long time ago. Do you really expect me to remember and type my password each time I log in to check my bill or the usage.
  • Fix it 2/5

    By Snowman556
    It's a good idea but I can't pay my bill which renders it useless. Fix it
  • Very bad. Almost useless. 2/5

    By Gadager
    Search does not find what I search for. No easy way to find answers to questions. It does show what l you owe Sprint as soon as you open the app. No surprise there. Confusing and useless.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By NDBill
    App is constantly getting stuck in loading mode. I've had to reboot multiple times to get the app to open. The app also constantly goes back to the sign in screen and then won't except my password. After a reboot it bypasses the login screen as it should and goes right to the billing screen I routinely check the data consumption of all four phones on my account. The last several times I've done this it showed identical data usage between four phones down to the 10,000 decimal. This is nearly impossible. How can I keep tabs on which one of my kids is using too much data if the app shows us using identical data amounts. Further, those data amounts didn't even equal the total amount of data used. Very frustrating
  • App sprint zone doesn't work 1/5

    By A Saleem
    App won't work on my iPhone 7plus keep saying technical difficulties try again later for like 2 weeks now I delete it and install it delete it and install it delete it and install it keeps saying the same thing
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By annewithaneeeeee
    This new app is absolutely ridiculous!! I can't believe how many times I've had to reset my password because it keeps telling me mine is wrong or not strong enough when it just worked last week. C'mon Sprint. Get it together.
  • Gives no answers 1/5

    By happyjlove
    To read any question ,the app deletes it before I can read two words.
  • Makes me sign in EVERY time. 2/5

    By NWS Min
    It's MY phone!! Why should I have to sign in EVERY time? Why can't it use Touch ID? This "app" looks like a Mobil website to me (once I'm signed in -- did I mention EVERY TIME??!) It's far better than the previous version. But the sign issue needs to be fixed.
  • Not working the last few days 1/5

    By Coachthayes
    It won't show me anything!!!!!
  • This app stinks! 2/5

    By CAD_GUY
    Sprint says that they are within 1% of Verizon's area coverage. They aren't in my area. I wish I would have stayed with Verizon. Sprint stinks and so does this app! It worked nicely the first few times I used this app to pay my bill. The last three times all it does is say "LOADING" on the screen when I try to authorize the payment. Good thing it's a free app. Needless to say I'm done with this app. I don't have a good enuf computer anymore to go online so now I just pay by phone. Sprint needs to get their act together in more way than one. Good luck!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Jbesaw
    Love the new app!
  • The app and mobile pages are terrible 1/5

    By Eff_Instagram
    The sponsor may have switched from Verizon to sprint but I'm going back to Verizon or at&t
  • Useless Sprint App 1/5

    By Rebeldoug
    This app has no way to communicate directly to Sprint. If you have a problem it refers you to several FAQs instead. The old one at least allowed you the ability to leave a note not this one. I'm unhappy with Sprint's service and with this app.
  • How many times do i have to authenticate!!! 1/5

    By Lostinherb
    This update is horrible!!! On multiple occasions had to authenticate. Several times once I'm logged into the account if I log off it asked to authenticate again.. sent passcode every time.
  • Disaster 1/5

    By Sharksfan1334
    Deleted after 10 minutes and two mandatory password changes. No continuity. Frustrating release from a tech company.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bz1ask
    Just a poor as the previous version. Waste of an app. Really provides Sprint customers with nothing of value, much like Sprint service, employee incompetence, and lack of customer support.
  • Absolute Asinine 1/5

    By Sarausa5
    What a joke! I've been a sprint customer for practically 12 years. What a disaster this app is. The fact that it takes an hour now to get someone on phone is not ok either. What a complete waste of people's time and money. To pay a bill you have to jump through hoops and then some. Get it together sprint or we'll be taking our 4 lines (about to need 5) somewhere else. 😳
  • Sprint is going downhill 1/5

    By AwesomeSpenny
    Ever since the latest update I can't pay my bill. Constantly says the card is unable to be processed. Then I go on their website and it refuses to log me in. Sprint is failing badly right now. I feel very unsatisfied with their mediocre service.
  • NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! 1/5

    By A Zynga Game Player
    You can't login. You can't see the whole page you're on or move around to see it. The font is HUGE and not reducible. Call or go to a store. Don't even bother with the app.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Kristin Sanford
    Your employees have no info on how this App works I'm vary frustrated by sprints Incompetency I call a rep and there Clueless they have no idea Verizon looking pretty good right now
  • Useless since update 1/5

    By Trillatony94
    I was using this app for a while now to pay my monthly bills but since the update, it is no longer possible for me. I try logging in and it resets and tells me to log in again. I had my username resent to me along with a new temporary password & both the app & mobile site say they do not recognize the account. Don't think I will be jumping through hoops to reach their customer service on this
  • Disaster 1/5

    By Unckle Boosh
    Needs fixing, too difficult to log in and view account
  • Sprint App. 5/5

    By 06 Megacab
    I like it. Payment info is up to date. Keeps account history. I get payment reminders.
  • Hard to use latest version 2/5

    By Yogrammie
    I am finding it very difficult to make any changes via the app. I can't change the allocation of data. Very unfriendly. IMO
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Howaresomanynicknamestaken
    This app is poorly laid out. Sure it's pretty but it's got a very ugly coding. Atrocious. I've tried setting up payment arrangements and it won't let me change the date. Constantly has me signing in. Half the time it doesn't even let me pay. Sprint...get your act together.

My Sprint Mobile app comments

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