Stash: Invest. Learn. Save.

Stash: Invest. Learn. Save.

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Stash: Invest. Learn. Save. App

Stash simplifies investing, saving, and retirement. You can start with just $5, and learn as you go. Join millions of Americans today, and build your future. -- SAVE MORE, EFFORTLESSLY -- Turn on Smart-Save to make saving effortless. This savings genius puts away just the right amount for you, automatically. Then, all your savings will earn interest, or you can choose to invest them for the long run. You can always withdraw at anytime for free. -- INVEST WITH JUST $5 -- With Stash, all you need is $5 to become an investor. We let you invest in themes, so you can build a balanced portfolio that reflects you. Each theme offers fractional shares of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), so you can invest just what you can afford. Then, use Auto-Stash to create an investment schedule and make investing a habit. -- FINANCIAL EDUCATION -- Learn how to invest with Stash. Our educational content will help you develop smarter financial habits. We provide simple savings and investment tips so that you can become a confident investor. -- BUILD YOUR RETIREMENT -- Stash Retire makes saving for retirement simple. We offer two types of retirement accounts: Roth and Traditional. With either account, you can get valuable tax benefits. And we’ll help you pick the one that’s right for you. Then, you can start saving and investing for the long run. -- SAFE & SECURE -- Protecting you is one of our top priorities. That’s why we employ advanced physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards—including 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)—to keep your money, identity, and personal information safe. Additionally, our custodian is an SEC registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA, NYSE, and SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details, please visit -- TRANSPARENT PRICING -- Stash Invest is free for the first month. After that, we charge you a $1 monthly fee for Invest accounts and a $2 monthly fee for Retire accounts. We don’t charge for deposits, withdrawals, commissions, or trading fees. When your account reaches $5,000, we charge a flat fee of 0.25% per year (that’s only $12.50 a year for an account with $5,000). Contact us anytime. We are here to help. Call 1-800-205-5164 between 8:30am-6:30pm ET M-F 12:00-5:00pm on weekends, or email us at for faster service. Investment Advisory Services offered through Stash Investments LLC (“Stash”). Securities offered through Apex Clearing Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC. *1 month equals 30 days from the date of account sign up. Other fees may apply. See our website at for more information. Important Disclosures: Information contained in the application (the “App”) should not be considered a solicitation to buy, an offer to sell, or a recommendation for any security in any jurisdiction where such an offer, solicitation or recommendation would be unlawful or unauthorized. Stash Investments LLC (“Stash”) is an SEC registered investment adviser. In order to open a Stash account, you must be at least 18 years of age and Stash is only available to US citizens, permanent residents and select visa types. Please contact us at or go to for more information.


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  • Appealing to start investing but monthly cost can be annoying 4/5

    By San Francisco Living
    Great concept and smart way to pull young investors in. Highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to learn and start putting money away. I would say this app is more for the beginner to middle range of investors. The concept of their ETF portfolios are designed to inform you of the overall aspect of the portfolio. Can easily see why many people download this app. Only issue I would say that they say you can start with $5 investing which attracts low income or students but the $1 monthly fee is a lot of you compare it to that initial investment. I mean obviously people will be putting more money away than $5, but just say someone puts $100 a month away and they pay the $1 fee. That’s 1% gone meaning they would hoping their portfolio will be gaining a fair bit each month Other apps have better price structures. But the interface is clean and user friendly. I’d rate it just behind Wealthfront for overall app.
  • Won’t let me sign in anymore on my phone 2/5

    By shock schism
    The stash app worked great for a while but all of a sudden I can’t login on my iPhone. I can only sign in online or on my IPad. However the IPad app won’t let me switch back and forth between Stash invest and Stash retire. It’s very frustrating and disappointing
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Aidan1011211
    Horrible app. The little $ i gained was lost to their fees including the 5$ sign on bonus. Would have more $ if mine was sitting in my low interest savings account
  • Not what is preach 1/5

    By King • sarshes
    Started in July 2017 What i notice gains aren’t exact for some reason, the stock prices is up from when I started but my precent negative. I finally withdrew my funds which takes about a week. For some reason I couldn’t take everything $5short. More I use this app more feels like a scam. Great idea but not very satisfying long term. Talk to a real bank about stocks and saving accounts!
  • Unable to import or print tax documents. 1/5

    By Rageunleashed
    Exactly as stated in the title. It’s a good thing I didn’t make many trades with this.
  • Love the app, but! 5/5

    By VinnyB1137
    Every time I bookmark a possible investment category, they don’t go to the my bookmarks page! Small but just a heads up 😃 I can’t wait for future features!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Bet Diesel
    Great app for those looking to learn more about investment options. App functionality is pretty good. One knocks is the 1.00$ a month maintainance fee.
  • Faulty application does not allow retrieval of tax documents! 2/5

    By S.D.H.223
    For the application does not allow treat retrieval tax documents. I emailed the company twice I got the same Robo response. They’ve not resolve my problem I cannot retrieve my tax documents they keep sending me links to go directly to the app but no way to directly download or print the document. Avoid this app and this company they do not provide good customer service!
  • Big fan of this app. 5/5

    By qpcm
    Opened an account my for my daughter as well.
  • Beware ! 1/5

    By Rome - Boston
    I downloaded the app, and deposited some money in there. Two days later my bank says someone tried logging into my account continuously to the point I had to call to reset it. Two days later the same thing! They obviously have someone working at this app who is clearly a criminal. I had to change all my user name and passwords to ALL accounts. Now I cant get my money out, because I would have to give them my information again. BEWARE OF THIS APP DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
  • The worst customer support! 1/5

    By Loro62626
    Stash is ok if you can be absolutely sure you will never need customer service. It was a great app for me to start saving and investing. And to their credit, I did learn a good bit. However, in the last few months I have had questions and contacted support. Each time, the FAQ answers were emailed back to me, with maybe a word change here and there. When I replied, I felt their response was snarky and still not helpful. I have since moved my meager funds elsewhere.
  • Helping me so much 5/5

    By Yheiheonj
    Stash has helped me so save so much. I love investing.
  • Wonderful app. Easy and fun. 5/5

    By Zackzackzack1
    Wow, just pick a portfolio option and go. Stash makes it so easy to invest, and it links right to your bank. Easy!
  • Best Financial Learning/Investing App 5/5

    By slinger8417
    The customer service with Stash Invest is just as great as the amount of "Moolah" you will get back on your hard earned dollar. When speaking with the rep Tyler he was able to adjust and inquire on my portfolio in a manner no other investment platform I've experienced. They take very little money for to invest compared to other companies that take as much as $650 per transaction. You can't go wrong with this app and new form of millennial interest when it comes to investing. Awesome in every way
  • I’m sure it’s good 2/5

    By 22macky_
    I’m sure it’s an okay app, I’m in an investment club at my university and this app’s expectations and advice is spot on accurate... but it creeped me out a little when it asks for your social security number.... idk if it’s just me but that can set you up for massive identity theft if this app isn’t as legit at it seems, I’m just not that trusting.
  • Referrals 5/5

    By Andrew Bawi
    Love this app.... I even ask all my family and friends to sign up too, but never got referral bonus after they sign up.

    By KizzyCam
    I love the app I’m already invested but my bank is not on the app at all. Please fix this ASAP!! (My bank is farmers bank & trust) the logo is green and white and has like wheat/grass logo I’ll change to 5 starts when this is fixed! Thanks.
  • Why would I pay a fee 1/5

    By NYCXI
    I can invest my money for free with Robinhood why would i pay you guys
  • Scam 1/5

    By nepheworld
  • Great iPhone app. No iPad app 5/5

    By Sfeltz3
    I’ve never used an investment app and I’m new to investing in general. That being said this app has made it so simple to get my mind around the concept. Not only that but it literally encourages me to start saving today when I seen I could start with only $5. I even got $15 free from Sweatcoin to get me started. The only problem I hope they address soon is an iPad app. I found a way of installing the iPod/iPhone version. Just doesn’t look great on the iPad. This isn’t a huge issue however. I just use my iPad whenever I’m at home since it’s easier to see.
  • Great investing experience 5/5

    By Dssfl82
    This app finally helped me save money. I am learning so much. Thanks Stash
  • Terrible service customer 1/5

    By vinicmf
    I’m trying for days to get questions answered, but they automated system keep sending the same answers. I’m trying to upload my docs, but takes forever. Not worth... there another options on the AppStore.
  • Very limited... 3/5

    By Acramirez38
    Good app for somebody who knows absolutely nothing about stocks and doesn’t mind paying a monthly fee for something that should be free. For anybody who knows a little about stocks and wants to keep a diversified portfolio, this app is useless. Try ROBINHOOD or M1 FINANCE - both are 100% FREE.
  • Lost 70$ 1/5

    By Bmax0909
    I got a new phone downloaded the app on my new phone and couldn’t remember my password. Tried to resent my password and it keeps telling me they are unable to at this time. Been 3 weeks and they are still unable to reset my password. Tried to call and of course can’t get a response. So I’m out of 70$ Do Not Use This APP!! Just start a savings account!
  • I want to close my account! 1/5

    By Rina.m
    The lack of organization on helping you close an account is horrible. The send you to a solutions menu, and if you try to contact them. They send you the same email back to back. I have been wanting to close my account for ever! They keep trying to drafting money from my account..
  • Unable to download 1/5

    By Thunder muffin
    Have been trying for three days and I cannot even get the app to download from the iOS App Store. Sits there showing no progress and the app icon says "Waiting." Have tried several things over the past three days as of 2/9/18.
  • No round ups. 1/5

    By Alanna999999
    The whole point of saving is to not notice it when you are poor as dirt. So I’m paying for a savings account? That’s all it seems to be.
  • Really good for beginner investors 3/5

    By jimmy pantos
    It’s really cool app for newly investors ,it takes you step by step to invest even with a very little amount of money with videos and a great support system As I said it’s good for you to learn the financial game The app is very user friendly and everyone I believe can learn to use it The only thing I don’t agree with this app and with some other apps is that you don’t have a choice to take of from your portfolio some stocks you don’t want ,it comes always as a package , Other wise I believe is a great app
  • Annoying updates 1/5

    By Scient5000
    Every time an update arrives, it logs you out.. this is so annoying... hate these updates..
  • Not worth the hype. 1/5

    By robert_smithy
    In a few weeks I actually lost money (about 10% on 5 different investing portfolios); so I sold my shares, had to wait a week to settle my funds, then another few days after that to withdraw my funds after they’ve been settled. Still haven't been able to withdraw them though, so I tried to get help - they said I’d have to wait 48 hours before they could respond due to high email volume. I understand this is a long term investment strategy app, but I’m confused as to why the very few strategies they seem to have don’t work, and then when you want your money back, they seem to have an extra amount of trouble giving it back to you. Not worth the time or the money, I’ll be heading back to Robinhood.
  • Great idea, poor support and function. 1/5

    By Graveled
    I had read reviews and wanted to check for myself, mistake. Sometimes reviews are from a spiteful punk who gets his kicks from tearing down someone else’s work. This is unfortunately not the case with Stash Invest. As stated in other reviews, transferring money back to your bank can be a nightmare. I expected a normal 7-10 business day industry standard return. What I received was a 12 day wait and a 25 minute hold with customer service only to be disconnected. Let us not forget the lack of funds in my bank account to boot! One can hope that I will someday be reunited with my hard earned cash. With better options available pretty much everywhere, I would suggest a hard pass on Stash.
  • Charges fees like a bank 1/5

    By Pickeira
    I was interested in this app until one pay period I decided to pay off a credit card and left less than $5 in the account that I set it up to pull from... then they charged me $27 for insufficient funds.... 👎🏾 nope nope nope 💥 wont be using this app anymore. Did I forget to mention that they locked my account and that my real bank refused to give them access to me account so that I could use the app fully.
  • Can’t login to app 1/5

    This new update screwed things up. I can’t login to the app and I can’t reset the password after sending contact emails numerous times. It sends me to the stash website. When I try to reset my password the site won’t accept it. Will call their contact phone number that I found online 800-205-5164.
  • Technical Issues 4/5

    By MissK77
    In general, I like the app. I’m not a finance person, but this feels like an easy way to invest. The problem is the support team. I tried to email asking why Face ID is no longer a login option, and they told me to reset my password. That’s not the issue. The issue is there used to be a feature available on the app that is no longer there or no longer working, and I’m seeking clarification on whether that feature is gone for good or if they are having temporary technical difficulties. So good app, but terrible technical support.

    By Jess tha mess
    I am not your typical upset app reviewer. I am incredibly patient and understanding, but Stash does NOT deserve your time or money. As a young professional I was attracted to the sleek app design and concept of saving for the future. The “support” team are incompetent and lack the motivation to care for you. I have been trying to cancel my account and receive my $70 back for over a month now.
  • Pay money to earn money ????😖 2/5

    By katietiger
    As always you gotta pay for it monthly.....
  • Trash 1/5

    By Drunkenbottle
    If you’re poor and life isn’t great. Don’t bother, this app will make you suffer.
  • Great idea in theory 2/5

    By AmandaMarie30
    I thought this app was great until I wanted to withdraw my money. They still have close to 1k of mine in their system and am having a hell of a time getting it back. Open a savings account at a real bank.
  • App woes 2/5

    By buffalo517
    If you belong to a credit union, think twice. I’ve had nothing but trouble since signing up, and support is lacking.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Brian24jersey
    Two days later my weed stock is up two bucks
  • Great for first time investors 4/5

    By Portable man
    I have been using the app for almost a year now. The app has a great layout and gives you everything you need to understand investing. It is easy to use and has helpful tips and guides. It updates in a timely fashion so you can see how your investments are doing during market hours — what a great feature. I also enjoy the “superb owl” ads. Transactions are great. I have yet to try and take money out though.
  • Disappointed so far... 1/5

    By dmalako
    Stash lost my initial investment and then began charging me paper fees for paper mailing I never signed up for. So far customer service has not been helpful. For anyone signing up to learn about investing and get their feet wet, beware. I have not invested much, as I was trying it out, but so far they have either lost or taken 22% of what I have put in. No bull market can make up those numbers. Would be better off just putting it in an interest bearing account.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Huh fugues
    If you love loosing money you’ll love this app. Haven’t made a positive roi yet
  • Lose Cash with Stash 1/5

    By Truckersato
    That’s all
  • Scam 1/5

    By MrMichaelL
    I’m a low income person and wanted to start investing and I used the usaa app and the acorns app both work fine. This app however was very appealing in that you see what you buy the return rate and history, it had good profiles and groups for stocks that you could buy at any amount. After a decent amount of money was invested over the year they gave me a message saying funds didn’t clear and then they locked my account. I’ve tried emailing them 3 times already and haven’t heard anything back. I feel as though they have stolen my money. And this is a separate matter all together from the ridiculous 30 dollar charge they throw at you. I just want to pull my money out and forget this app. Additionally I want to tell people to be careful with this app and maybe avoid it all together.
  • Do not use! 1/5

    By CripsWilson
    This app cost a dollar a month! Unless you putting in 10s of thousands of dollars your return will not beat 12s a year. You'll lose money. And the worst part is they say it's very liquid but I've been waiting over a week to deposit money into my bank!! All the while they charged me another dollar. I reccomend apps like acorn or Robinhood. Not stash Edit: It's been 2 weeks, I've sent multiple emails, but I still can't transfer money to bank. Stay away
  • Not for me 3/5

    By ATL<3er
    I'm a beginner and I decided this app wasn't for me but if you know what you're doing and don't spook easily, you might like this app. If you have questions CALL don't email!

    By Ddd778899
  • Steer clear 4/5

    By Xxxxxxx1212
    Starts out good, easy to use, then linking bank account problems started. Customer service is ok, if you can get in touch with them. Issues resolved.
  • Not updating Portfolio Value! 1/5

    By spotty287
    Markets been open for 50 minutes now and the portfolio value is still not updating!

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