Stash Invest: Investing & Financial Education

Stash Invest: Investing & Financial Education

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Stash Invest: Investing & Financial Education App

Stash is a free mobile app that makes it easy for you to start investing. Get started now – it only takes a few minutes. Featured on CNBC, CNN and Yahoo Finance. - Start small. Think big - Invest as little as $5, add $10-20 a month, and gradually build your Stash. Withdraw your money at any time. - Build your own portfolio - Invest in a way that reflects your unique beliefs, interests, and goals. Choose from 30 investment themes managed by experts like Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock. - Learn to invest - Curated educational content to help you develop smart financial habits. Simple tips and guidance so that you can invest with confidence. - Transparent pricing - Stash is free for the first 3 months. After that, we charge you a $1 flat monthly fee. We don’t charge deposit, withdrawal or trading fees. When your account reaches $5,000, we charge an annual flat fee of 0.25% per year (so $12.50 a year for an account with $5,000). - Safe and secure - Stash provides bank-grade security. We protect your information, and prevent unauthorized account access. Our custodial service provider is a member of FINRA, NYSE, and SIPC. - Get started! - Now you don’t need a lot of money to invest. Download Stash for FREE today! * 3 months equals 90 days from the date of account sign up. Other fees may apply. See our website at for more information. Investment Advisory Services offered through Collective Returns, Inc dba StashInvest(“Stash”). Securities offered through Apex Clearing Corporation, Member FINRA, SIPC. Important Disclosures: Information contained in the application (the “App”) should not be considered a solicitation to buy, an offer to sell, or a recommendation for any security in any jurisdiction where such an offer, solicitation or recommendation would be unlawful or unauthorized. Collective Returns, Inc., DBA Stash Invest (collectively “Stash” or Stash Invest”) is a registered investment advisor licensed to conduct business in all 50 states and certain US territories. In order to open a Stash account, you must be at least 18 years of age and Stash is only available to US citizens, permanent residents and select visa types. Please contact Stash or go to for more information. Risk Disclosure: All investments involve risk, including the risk of losing money. Past performance does not guarantee future results or returns. Before investing, consider your investment objectives, financial resources, experience, risk factors, and Stash Invest fees. Some Investment outcomes and projections presented in the App are hypothetical in nature. Additionally, videos and multi-media provided are for informational and educational purposes.

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Stash Invest: Investing & Financial Education app reviews

  • Investing made easy! 5/5

    By Carlo Ferreira
    If you're not a numbers person or just don't have time to research the market, Stash is the easiest way to invest and the fees are competitive with any bank out there and this is at the Palm of your hand! Download Stash NOW!
  • Bad app experience. 1/5

    By Wall map
    I registered on the Stash App and then attempted to link my checking account number to the app. Even though I entered the correct checking account number, this app did not recognize it as valid. I have deleted the app as I consider it worthless.
  • Great For Those New To Investing 5/5

    By JonesHazel
    This is a great way to start investing with minimal knowledge about stocks, bonds, portfolios, etc. Give it a try!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Creativitycounts
    Love this app, I have learned so much about investing because of it and it has helped me to prepare for investing for retirement by understanding better ways to save and put aside. Highly recommend!
  • AWESOME!! 5/5

    By SS1CK
    Very cool app to start small and save.
  • The Perfect Gateway into Investing 5/5

    By Hard Cooked
    Slow and steady investing that build confidence in new Investors.
  • Worst! 1/5

    By Only pepperoni
    I didn't get to even use it, now if yo leave outside the United States don't even bother, or if you don't have a green card don't bother too, they are only interested in certain people money, that was a completely waste of my time!
  • Super easy to get started investing 5/5

    By iPhonatic
    Took just a few minutes to sign up and with $5 I got started investing! Links easily to my bank account and the investment ideas were super easy to understand, all low fee diversified portfolios.
  • Love the ease of use 5/5

    By Wescaymans
    Been very happy with this app and I've learned a lot about investments and how they work. Started out with 20 bucks invested in multiple companies that I had interesting I'm currently up to $500 in over six months time brought in close to $34 in returns. I know that might seem like chump change but after a while it will eventually be a consistent probable method for me to continue to Invest in.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Greg.balsam
    Investing made easy!
  • Great app and awesome concept 5/5

    By Jlucpicard
    The app works beautifully. It's intuitive, responds quickly as well as being visually appealing. The concept of Stash is great. Allowing people to invest in stocks who cannot afford the traditional methods. I thank the Stash staff and founders for making this possible.
  • Very good 5/5

    By TrayneRek
    Nice way to invest
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Mel143anie
    This app allows me to invest, while learning about investing. Really cool!
  • The perfect way to start investing 5/5

    By Singaba Hamabyo Thina
    For years my husband and I have known that it was dumb to let our saving sit in the bank, but we never took the necessary steps to start investing it elsewhere. The one time we did try, we were told that we needed $50,000 for our bank to even talk to us about investment options. With Stash I was able to easily invest $20 and then $100 and then when I saw how easy it was and how quickly my money grew, we invested several thousand. I love checking in and seeing that we have made hundreds on our initial investment. Obviously the number varies with the market, but whatever it is on a given day, it's much more than we would have with our savings sitting in the bank. I also love how Stash lets us invest in things that matter and explains investment options in a way that anyone can understand.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Rhj7
    Tons of fun! Easy to use!
  • Sweet app 5/5

    By Ig @drew_hill_oc
    Sweet app made 253$ from 1000$ investment, in two months I trade currency, however this app opened my eyes to some new investments 👍👍👍👍
  • Easy way to invest and learn 5/5

    By Lorelei77
    This app is great if you want to learn about investing and have little cash to start and little time to learn. Overtime, you'll see your small investment grow and it will encourage to invest more.
  • Awesome was of saving while investing 5/5

    By Biged142
    If you're looking to start investing, but you don't have a couple thousand to start off with. Stash is the place for you. You can actually build your way to owning stock. I actually really love this.
  • Great way to SAVE in Quality Investments! 5/5

    By Big Al Padre
    I love this app!easy to use , great investments actually the best investments, great selection!
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By VaSlim99
    Great app makes investing easy. Would recommend to everyone.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Ckosh794
    I have downloaded a few other similar apps for investing minimal amounts and this is by far the strongest platform. No point in discussing gains or losses, it's based on mutual funds - if you invested in any other app/site, you would see similar returns.
  • Great way to invest! 5/5

    By Misslee337
    I don't have to think and it informs me!! Encourages good- Enjoying my entry into investment for sure
  • Boom 5/5

    By bucknasty83
    I have sent many of my friends invites for this app. I enjoy using it as another source to save money!
  • Review 5/5

    By Dollardolly
    I recommend this to my friends, from penny stock savers to savvy investors.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Fonta5779
    Everyone should download this app and use it. I have had no problems with it an absolutely love it very educational and a great gateway into investing.
  • Start saving. 5/5

    By i2ancid
    Useful for saving cash, piggy bank with a twist. This app is super easy to use and a great resource for information. I totally recommend this app for anyone learning about the stock market, stock trends, or people trying to save money.
  • As advertised 5/5

    By Beauchamp51
    Easy to save money
  • Unique and Easy! 5/5

    By TonyV1213
    Love the setup, user-friendliness, and layout. Makes it fun. Keep it up, Stash!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By StevenReichman
    It will Grow on you-Easy to use-I was surprised what $5 a week turned into...Then I started raising my contributions!
  • Awesome way to invest 5/5

    By KyuGy
    Low dollar investing AND low costs? This app is fantastic! $1 a month to invest, from your phone, wherever/whenever, and you just need $5 to start. This is an awesome tool for people who want to build wealth but didn't think they had the money to do it.
  • Stash 5/5

    By Burnb504
    Excellent App!!! Smooth transactions and a very nice way to dabble in the stock market without the fees of a broker. I like being able to choose what companies I wish to invest and STASH keeps the clients well informed.
  • I love this app!!! 5/5

    By wickedbridgett
    Investing has never been easier! I absolutely love that I can see day to day how my investments are progressing or regressing and change things up with just a few clicks. My only issue is that I've become addicted to checking it, but that's a personal problem.
  • Gateway into the Investing World 5/5

    By asmith2379
    This app is a fantastic gateway into the investing world. Stash is extremely user friendly and built to be a teaching tool for the average or new investor. On top of all of that, the design really caps it all off. If you are looking to start or continue as an investor, Stash is the app for you.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Biohazardbrooklyn
    Really simple and basic. Perfect for first time investors!
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Tatum #1
    I have enjoyed using this app! It is helpful to get initial investors started. Stash gives a lot of easy to digest information. It have helped me save. It cost nothing to invest for three months. It is a dollar a month afterwards. I got $5 to start. It is a dollar a month after than. Considering there are no trading cost, this is a gigantic bargain.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By dragonhead00
    Safe and easy way to take baby steps into the investing.
  • More options 4/5

    By Few things I would change
    Would be nice to have more options on trading, layout of app is great
  • For the everyday person 5/5

    By darmall
    Awesome app. Very easy to use. Lifecycle fund so u don't have to manage other then making contributions which u can automate!
  • Love this so much 5/5

    By Saige243
    A possible tip: more how-tos? I'm still a bit confused on some things. Tutorials always are the way to go👍🏼👍🏼
  • Only time will tell. 5/5

    By Bwenner09
    So far I love the app. I check it multiple times a day. For me (just a broke college student) it's been fun to put 50-100 bucks in there and watch it. Some days I lost a couple bucks, some days I'm up a couple bucks. Been super fun. Love it and recommended it to all my friends.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Tweakfuzz
    Stash is a great way to start investing!
  • Painless! 5/5

    By Donna92058
    This app makes it so easy to save. I have a very small amount deposited from every pay. They give lots of great tips & make it easy to invest.
  • Good for small savings 5/5

    By BikeBeanBrew
    This is just another Way of learning the market and I have myself set up on auto stash and so far not so bad. I will probably use it to get up to 5k then take my money out and put it in vanguard 500 or something idk, I'm learning. This app is easy and interesting. I already recommended it to a few friends so they can start saving and stop spending.
  • Exciting!!! 5/5

    By Docoller
    I'm really excited about this app. I'm a novice investor and the ability to invest small amounts of money at a time take the fear away and allows me to experiment and get excited about investing and saving.
  • Noice! 5/5

    By CamyG1311
    As a first time investor, with little knowledge of the stock market, I feel like this app does a good job with explaining what's what and how to get started.
  • Great fun but not a substitute for a 401k 4/5

    By Suburbank
    This is a great fun app and a good way to start. Best part is that you can set it up for a few bucks a week and it's less than a few Starbucks. Not really for serious investment.
  • Stash 5/5

    By tone49
    Really awesome app!! Removes the mystery behind investing!!
  • Beginner Investor 5/5

    By sb1178
    5 star for the app functionality and ease of use. Figured it out in a few minutes and there are no glitches. I see some others reviewing the app based on opinions if people should be investing this way or not. That's a completely different discussion. I agree that if you have cc debt you should be paying that off before investing here but that doesn't take away from the app. The app works well and is a fun way for beginners like myself to learn a little about investing.
  • Safe, Easy & Fun Way to Save a Few Bucks! 5/5

    By Aja M.
    I love it this ap not only b/c it's so easy, however, it actually gives a more detailed insight on how to save & invest with very little money. It also provides tips on how, & where to place your money. The screens are easy to understand in a sense of which companies/packages would make sense for your investment style. It's also great how they reward you with $5 for referring a friend, & your friend will get $5 too😆! It might seem scary at 1st to enter your personal info-But this Ap is legit. You can contact customer service with their 800#, and actually talk to a person who knows what they're doing & they give you straight answers. So, STASH AWAY MY FRIENDS 😄👍👏!!
  • Very usefull and practical 5/5

    By SCN Rick
    Nice App!

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