Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save

Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save

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Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save App

Stash is investing, simplified. Start with just $5 today and learn as you go. -- SAFE & SECURE -- Protecting your identity and personal data is a top priority for Stash Invest. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your data including 256-bit encryption. Additionally, our custodian is an SEC registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA, NYSE, and SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see -- THINK BIG. START SMALL -- Invest as little as $5 to start and gradually build your investments on Stash. Withdraw your money at any time. We let you buy fractional shares of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) so you can invest just the amount of money you can afford. -- FINANCIAL EDUCATION -- Learn how to invest with Stash. Our educational content will help you develop smarter financial habits. We provide simple savings and investment tips so that you can learn how to invest with greater confidence. -- BUILD YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO -- Invest your money in a way that reflects your unique beliefs, interests, and goals. Choose from over 30 investment themes managed by experts like Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock. -- AUTO-STASH: AUTOMATIC INVESTMENTS -- Choose a recurring automatic investment schedule and Auto-Stash will deposit cash into your account or invest it directly into pre-selected investment funds in your portfolio. -- TRANSPARENT PRICING -- Stash Invest is free for the first month. After that, we charge you a $1 monthly fee. We don’t charge for deposits or withdrawals, commissions or trading fees. When your account reaches $5,000, we charge a flat fee of 0.25% per year (that’s only $12.50 a year for an account with $5,000). Contact us anytime. We are here to help. Call 1-800-205-5164 between 8:30am-6:30pm ET M-F 12:00-5:00pm on weekends or email us at for faster service. Investment Advisory Services offered through Stash Investments LLC (“Stash”). Securities offered through Apex Clearing Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC. *1 month equals 30 days from the date of account sign up. Other fees may apply. See our website at for more information. Important Disclosures: Information contained in the application (the “App”) should not be considered a solicitation to buy, an offer to sell, or a recommendation for any security in any jurisdiction where such an offer, solicitation or recommendation would be unlawful or unauthorized. Stash Investments LLC (“Stash”) is an SEC registered investment adviser. In order to open a Stash account, you must be at least 18 years of age and Stash is only available to US citizens, permanent residents and select visa types. Please contact us at or go to for more information.


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Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save app reviews

  • Stay away 1/5

    By maxito_22
    Don’t bother, install Robinhood app instead. Also awful customer service :/
  • What I had been looking for... 5/5

    By snh2915
    Such a simple, educational and straight forward tool.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tj8291
    Right now testing the app out, hoping to gain some knowledge about investing. So far it's been good, Stash App is easy to navigate and understand. #TeamStashApp #juniorInvestor #StudentOfWealth #MoneyManagement
  • LOST money 1/5

    By OpheliaZombie
    I am a very beginner (and very low income) investor, and I’ve used Stash for about 3 months. I’ve been investing very small amounts just to get a feel for how it works, with the hope that I’ll eventually make enough to invest worthwhile amounts. I had $30 in my account for a while. Then, yesterday, I decided to beef up my portfolio a little with $40 worth of investments, bringing its value up to $70 - for a few sweet hours, until my deposit was declined. At that point, their clearing firm charged me a $30 fee and Stash drained my entire portfolio. I had to deposit $70 out of pocket to cover it. Lost my entire emergency fund with no warning, because I was trying to be responsible. Yeah, I know a $70 emergency fund is measley, but that’s the point - in trying to plan for the future and keep my money safe, I lost all of it. I hope I don’t get hurt or anything. On my income it’ll take a WHILE to make back $70 worth of “extra”. If you don’t have a crap ton of money to burn, DO. NOT. USE. STASH. Your tiny investment will turn into a 100% loss that has nothing to do with the state of the stock market. Just some greedy, previously undisclosed “clearing firm.”
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Zulupapa89
    This app is great. I can invest a little here and there. It has a good range of investments for all walks of life.
  • Robux 1/5

    By Rachael fink
    I did it for robux I’m 10
  • I love this app 5/5

    By L8rG8r400
    Great app, it helps me save a lot of money. I work minimum wage, and it helps me to escape poverty little by little.
  • Making Investing and Fun 5/5

    By Ken85711
    What an exceptional app and service! Not only have I set up an account for myself but one for my son. Great way to promote saving and thinking about investing for the future. Love it!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Andrés Lazo
    Great app, nice revenues!
  • Great beginner investing 5/5

    By 07tcracer
    So far I have learned a lot with stash and on top of it I’m saving money for the future. So easy anyone can do it. Thank you stash for helping me finally start saving and investing!!
  • Nice App 5/5

    By 3Nadh29
    Nice app. Easy to use for beginners
  • Excellent App to begin longterm investmentments 5/5

    By Gamer 90210
    Very low hassle easy to use app that makes longterm investment a breeze! I began investing $25 a week for the past few months to set aside money for longterm holding as an emergency fund. This way it will actually grow over time instead of sitting in a firesafe losing value... thanks inflation... Anyways, amazing app would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to begin investing.
  • Can’t even link Chase account.. 2/5

    By CiaoSucka
    I wish I was able to actually use the app but it gives me a black screen with the chase logo when I try to log in and connect my bank account. It let me know when my password is incorrect, but when it’s right... it does nothing.
  • Easy way to learn investing 5/5

    By NoviceDesigner
    This app is helping me to LEARN about investing, not just randomly buy stocks and think I know what's going on. Remarkably easy to use and attractive interface. This app has made me go from indifferent about my money to actually giving a flip about my financial future.
  • Not bad for first time investors 5/5

    By Dgochi
    I like it! It's my first time dealing with investments, stocks, and all that. Good app overall. Easy to use.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Connor9221
    Very easy to use and lots of great tips
  • I love the app 2/5

    By Dot.roxie
    But I keep getting so much mail, where is the paperless option? Is there even an option?
  • Actualizar a español también 4/5

    By ichristianortega
    Español pelase Spanish pelase
  • Financial Fun 5/5

    By M&MParkland
    What a great way to be introduced to investing while easily saving money. Great app!
  • 6 months and in love with the app 5/5

    By Niquepg
    By far my favorite app on iOS. I never though, staring at number could be fun. Watching my money grow week by week is very exciting. Even with the fee is ok, because I knew nothing about investment before this app. It is a great learning experience for myself. My only complaint is the lack of relevant information on the today widget on iOS. Maybe do something cool with Apple Watch!
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By David The Govenor
    Love it
  • Such a joke and scam!!! 1/5

    By Guzzyflux
    PLEASE BE AWARE!! If you decide to withdraw your money, please be aware that they will STILL withdraw the $1 monthly fee(without notifying you). I figured that if I don’t have money in the Stash account, they would regard that as if I’m not using the account and not charge me the monthly fee. WRONG!!!! They WILL charge the fee directly to your bank WITHOUT your consent and WITHOUT notifying you. The only reason I knew it happened is because I got a notification from the app saying I had $1 available to invest(days after I withdrew my funds). That was a complete lie. They withdrew the $1 from my bank account and then used it for the monthly fee. Very, very crooked. I planned on withdrawing my money temporarily, then investing again in the near future, but not now. This is a very shady company.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By successful843
    Great investment tool, pick a portfolio deposit the money and watch it grow. I really love this app.
  • Great little app, but... 1/5

    By Nzyman
    I know I can sell my stock, but it goes back into Stash holdings. I don't see an option to receive my money directly... if there are instructions they are well hidden
  • Easy investing 5/5

    By Rostov1
    I’ve been using Stash for a year now and have found it to be such an innovative and well-run investment tool! The app works great and the investment advice is spot on. Buying fractional shares allows me to invest my small amounts of cash in a highly productive way that seemed impossible before! Thank you STASH!
  • Awesome investment tool 5/5

    By BrandonTN
    This is really helping me get into investing. The huge returns on the measly 5 dollars really show what’s possible with investing.
  • Easy lunch money 5/5

    By R0berto45
    Hands down better than acorns because of so many things such as easier app to operate. This is good for study, none risky profit
  • Easy 5/5

    By Adey McLyn
    Makes investing easy without the complicated number that investing usually brings. Just put your money into whatever you feel passionate about and make money with easy access.
  • Fun and secure 5/5

    By Hgarcian
    Very nice app!!!
  • Loved app 5/5

    By Blaahhh1234567890
    I really like this app, it is easy to use and great for beginners
  • Msnubie57 4/5

    By Msnubie57
    Love it! It’s my secret weapon.
  • Easy app for starter investors 5/5

    By Cynthia In SoCal
    I enjoy using this app to make smaller investments. It's a fun learning tool for anyone who wants to learn more about stocks and investing in good causes.
  • Best performer in class, but worst UI 3/5

    By Aphroti
    Numbers speak themselves. I tried all the simple investment APPs, this is the best. It is always good for quick investment s and small amounts. If the developers are actually reading this, please improve your UI, it is very hard to use. It is far from intuitive and many basic functions are very hard to find.
  • Jj 5/5

    By Health77
    It’s a great way to save money and watch it grow.
  • Ridiculous company 1/5

    By Acerunner11
    They happened to hit me right before my payday and because they couldn't get their dollar they charged me $30. I'm broke living pay check to pay check and wanted to start putting money away. Stash took what little I had in there and put my stash account $10 in the hole. Bad form Stash. Will be taking my money elsewhere
  • Don’t get this 1/5

    By DAT BOI DAT LUVS ROBLOX we all want to have a lot more money am I right or am I wrong? With this app, apparently you can get more money. But to get that money,you pay money then how are you getting money if you’re going to spend it? That doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Great way to save 5/5

    By DeezNutz666
    Absolutely love this app. I'm not an analytical person, more visual. The graphics and charts really have kept me on track with my investment. Highly recommend for anyone looking to build a portfolio.
  • So easy 5/5

    By JorgeL912
    This is a great app for me. Very helpful and simple to use. Investing for dummies. Thanks! 👍🏽
  • Awesome 1/5

    By By #####
    This is so dumb
  • Great 5/5

    By Full time driver
    This is a great app. It teaches you how to invest while holding your money. I have bought and sold investments without any troubles. I like how they made it like a game and that makes it fun. I will keep going with this app and see where it takes me.Have fun!!!!
  • Newbie to investing 5/5

    By Ijgrier
    I really like Stash because I don’t know a lot about investing and this app allows me to learn while investing little by little. I like the explanations it gives in the information sections and the informative emails they send and also the low monthly maintenance costs. This is a great app for beginners and advanced investors alike I think.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Get tenders
    Easiest way to invest money I've only had the app a few months and have made a decent return right from the first week
  • Was facing foreclosure , now collecting dividends 5/5

    By BKhippy84
    Great app and very informative. It's all up to the investor on what to do with the information that stash gives you. ETF's are a great way to step into the trading arena because your buying into diversification, which is a MAJOR 🗝🔑..... I've been using stash for 3months and Im very happy with this app. Good luck and happy trading
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Blackninja41
    The app is simple and explains everything you need, plus you can actually make money.
  • The age 3/5

    By Porsh88
    Why is this 4+ is this a kids game?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By izze28
    A great way to understand investments
  • Loving STASH 5/5

    By Beastniz
    Love the fact that I can invest as little or as much as I like, when I like. The app is very educational and a great avenue to invest. The ETF offerings are very conducive to all styles and desires of investing. I love STASHing!
  • Cool idea, but super annoying to use 3/5

    By Mikeeyeyey
    Why are there so many POP-UPS within the app?!! While I'm going around the app and investing into portfolios, I'm constantly getting pop-ups about investing more, diversifying, etc. Also, there are high expense ratios on a majority of these funds, so beware and do your research.
  • Awful, useless, hard to get money back 1/5

    By Julia new
    Awful useless app that makes it very hard to get some money back
  • My way 5/5

    By Bennys65
    I get to make my own financial choice on what I invest my money on. Not some outside investment company that charges large fees. The freedom to choose is in the palm of my hand!

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