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Steam Mobile

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Valve
  • Compatibility: Android
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Steam Mobile App

With the free Steam app for iOS, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. With the Steam app for iOS, you can: - Chat with your Steam friends. - Secure your account with the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. - Access your inventory, trades, and the Community Market on the go. With Trade and Market Confirmations, you can be sure that your items never leave your account without your approval. - See the latest screenshots and posts from your friends and the most popular content from across the Steam Community. - Keep up on the latest news and discussions from your favorite groups and games. - Remotely download and install your games straight to your PC at home.


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Steam Mobile app reviews

  • disappointed 2/5

    By EvilSnowman98
    whenever i open my wishlist there’s no design to the text. it’s just blue text with a line under it, it does the same thing on my pc in the store as well. not a big problem but extremely annoying because it doesn’t tell me what the games are unless i click on them and sometimes they don’t even load. this needs to be fixed
  • Useful app and so smooth but.... 4/5

    By Mehrab4K
    This app need update(please update UI and fix all bugs and add new future)please release a new update! Thanks
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Reviewer11235813
    Browsing the store is like walking waist-deep in a swamp and remote install doesn't work. You're rolling in hat money, hire a mobile dev and make a native app for god's sake.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By JoeGearharr
    I have to sign in every day because the app won't keep me logged in. I've followed every troubleshooting suggestion I could find. Clicking buttons tend to require two screen taps (like adding a game to my wishlist). Watching game videos regularly shows me a black screen. When viewing a game, scrolling through the pictures/videos section requires a precise finger location on the screen. Overall, it seems like this app is simply loading a mobile browser view that isn't optimized for touchscreens.
  • :( 1/5

    By animedcfreak
    Wish we can play without using a desktop app and computer. I don’t have those, sadly. This app is not so bad though.
  • I can’t create an account 1/5

    By Riverside Lulu
    I can’t sign in because I don’t have a account and I don’t know how to create one the game is honistly dumb it give me option to create an account. Please fix that I want to play it but I can’t.
  • 1 year since last update?? 1/5

    By joshxkerrigan
    I know asking for it to fit my iPhone X screen this early on is useless, but looking at the update history, the last update was a YEAR ago? Man does that look bad for the company, could they really not afford a mobile update in the last year??? Get it together, Valve.
  • Great idea but... 1/5

    By ManGoesMangos
    Idea is great but execution is terrible. I don't use most features so this is based on my experience. All I do is browse games and buy them for my PC. That in itself is a drag because the pictures and videos consistently fail to load especially the first video trailer. It plays the audio but has a black screen. Idk if its just me or not but how am I supposed to know if I'm gonna like a game or not? I usually have all bars of signal or Wi-Fi access and still its crappy... Needs a redo.
  • Surprised 1/5

    By No more updates like this
    There are so many complaints about the market lock, why hasn’t anything been done?
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Srimp727
    Please make the app compatible for the iPhone X
  • Chat with friends 4/5

    By Damian008
    Good app, I use it to chat with gamer friends. One bad thing in the recent update I have to log every time I open it... please fix this issue! Before it stored the password; now it’s a little annoying.
  • Auto Signing out 3/5

    By JesusSosa1
    It signs me out of my account and i have to put in my password everytime go on the app.
  • Where’s the place to register? 1/5

    By Broccli ark
    No place to register or write a email to ask
  • Confirmation is broken 1/5

    By Unicorn_Shade
    Every time I go to confirm an item I want to sell on the market the confirmation screen just sits in an endless loading screen. Please fix!
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Yoft1
    App hasn’t been updated in a year and shows black bars at the top and bottom of the screen for iPhone X
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Kelestin
    Gaben is lazy
  • Steam guard Notification 1/5

    By WeiYoko
    Steam guard does not work for me anymore, No notification since the latest iOS 11.1 update, could the devs please optimize the app or have a toggle just for it to show on the notification.
  • Too much for iPhone to handle 2/5

    By Clash'o
    The setup is great, the idea is great, but the iphone just can’t handle it. There is constant lagging and teleporting all over the place, and you’re going to accidentally click on a game when sliding down because of the lag half the time. Almost none of the videos on game store pages work on mobile either so you’re mostly looking at screenshots to decide if you want a game. FIX THE LAG AND I LOVE THIS!
  • Excellent Utility for Steam 4/5

    By Jeff Hurricane
    This app comes handy when you need authentication code and store confirmation, and notification push is great and responded in time, you don’t have to open it every time you need the code, for me that’s really nice. You can also check your friends, see deals and review your purchased games. But still there are some flaws, the UI is horrible. I still have no idea why they made an HTML wrapper of Steam website but not an actual app, it would be nicer if they made some redesign.
  • Great app but minor issues.. 4/5

    By IAMjinxX
    This app is pretty nice for a mobile app. I haven't ran into any negative experiences other than that I cannot upload any photos onto my Steam account via mobile for some reason. Reinstalling doesn't seem to fix it nor does it prompt me to allow the app access to my photos. Because of this, I cannot manually enable it in the iPhone settings.
  • No iPad Pro 12.9in or iPhone X support. no multitasking support 1/5

    By sandsow
    App feels like it was made for the iPhone 3GS. Does not cooperate with newer hardware in the way that you expect valve would make it. Steam in home streaming should be added akin to what moonlight does for GeForce GameStream on iPhone and iPad.
  • It’s good enough 5/5

    By Bornskinless
    Works just fine
  • Useless 1/5

    By MikeyGTAvcFTW
    The app is frozen more often than not. May take me a day to “verify” market sales because I resort to refreshing and restarting the app again and again. Steam, you have the revenue, find the budget to FIX THIS GARBAGE APP. Unacceptable for your users. I’m done whining now.
  • xd 1/5

    By omai wa
    wish it can play steam games
  • A Hot Garbage App that Someone Diarrhea'd in. 1/5

    By King Peefart
    I hate that I am required to use this app in order to list my $.03 cards on the market or make a trade for something. Thanks for protecting my $5 backpack. LET ME TURN THE OPTION OFF.
  • Needs work. 1/5

    By Cletus_Jones
    It’s extremely difficult to watch the videos of the games I’m looking at buying, the UI is a joke, and trying to navigate anything on it is laughable. But hey, you can finally use your phone to talk to your friends using the app!
  • Why? 1/5

    By sonartoremember
    I am locked out of my steam account since the phone I had this app on stopped working. I am punished for having less security and punished more for a broken phone. Thanks valve.
  • Clunky 2/5

    By Jim El
    This is by far the clunkiest first party app I’ve ever used. Add swipe back for the love of Pete!
  • Doesn't Support Purchased Videos 1/5

    By Casey O.H.
    I purchased some videos during a Steam sale. There's no way to watch them on iOS. Literally the only reason I downloaded this app.
  • Great 5/5

    By $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&
    I love more security that's easy to use.
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By davidpdx
    I have around 20 requests for selling trading cards queued up, but the app softlocks on an infinite loading screen when I try to click the notification.
  • Good but Could Be Better 3/5

    By Wulf_Oman
    First off, my main issue with the app is it is CONSTANTLY, and randomly, logging me out. If this isn’t random, it’s not explained anywhere WHY it’s happening. My other issue with it is there is no “home page on open” option. I’d like to see it have a start up displaying the primary homepage like the desktop version. It’s the best way to find new games - so without it, all I do is log on, check my notifications, and close it. I’m probably better using a browser for it in that case. But besides those, the interface is nice and it has almost all the same functionalities as the desktop version.
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By Krazy1256
    It won’t even let me sign in and I put my correct info 4 times it still didn’t work I would give it a 0 if it let me
  • Not native and not updated 2/5

    By HawkEye1194
    App works fine but I don’t like that it’s displaying a web browser and is not native. Also the app is never updated.
  • Here is what you do. 1/5

    By Dumbnickname
    Trash your iPad then buy a ms surface and you can stream any game from your monster gaming pc and play it with very minimal battery use. This app is like trash beyond trash.
  • F**k this app 1/5

    By S.s. Tom
    Steam decides to make you have to go through multiple steps in order to sell a two cent csgo skin. Cute. F**k off. F**k you steam.
  • Not Good 1/5

    By Shireeeeeebagginssssss
    It's like 20% scrolling through lists and 80% rage when you can't watch the games videos or look at their screenshots. Please make this app useful. It's agony to use in its current state.
  • Underrated 5/5

    Not discord, but it is good.
  • To much security for adding funds. 1/5

    By Smbever12
    It annoys me a lot that you have to be in a specific location to add funds. I have been sent steam gift cards from America and since I’m in Canada I can’t use them. I understand they do it for security but wth would I steal a gift card from America and bring it to Canada . Or since I don’t have a credit card yet I have to use my parents. But since we moved to Canada we can’t use her credit card since it’s set in the US.
  • Friends 4/5

    By stormthegamer22
    I can't have friends because I can't pay for a payed game please help I want to be able to have friends on steam.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By S2 | ProsLists
    I think there could not be a better app for trading with this when I’m on the go I can add people and simply say “I’m not at my computer at the moment can you wait until I get back on?” And get more trades done.
  • Security code for new login does not work 2/5

    By Nakashoji
    I received the warning message that I logged in on a new browser or mobile. Requested the security code, but nothing happens. Cannot login from iPhone!
  • Dad Chat 5/5

    By DivoMaddie
    Use this app running in the background so I get chats from my dad when he's ready to play!
  • 那你很棒棒哦 5/5

    By aaaaaqw111
  • It’s okay but... 3/5

    By HecticHero
    This app is decent. It works the way it’s supposed to, and I haven’t had any problems with it not working the way it’s supposed to. But I recently accessed the Steam webpage from my phone and I realized, it’s basically a website link that you download. The website(accessed from my phone) is identical to the app. It’s not really a huge problem, it just seems lazy. Couldn’t you guys have made the app less clunky? It’s like you just made the app just for the security function, and everything else is a after thought. Please make it easier to navigate. I figured it out, but it annoying.
  • I can’t use it 1/5

    By Landon077
    I’m trying to play a free game on it and it keeps saying I don’t have steam installed
  • Good app but codes not sending 5/5

    By Hehehdhdhdgdggd
    Good app but when I get to the Steam Guard Code it is nit sending.
  • Plz add 4/5

    By TimmyN.
    You guys should add apple credit for a payment
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By 'Ru
    Store page video doesn't work, the app is slow, and why in the world is my wish list so buried under so many steps? The normal mobile site in Safari is better, at least for browsing the store. This app hardly ever gets updates, and it shows.
  • Just KEEP ME LOGGED IN! 2/5

    By y alex o

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