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  • Current Version: 2.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Valve
  • Compatibility: Android
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Steam Mobile App

With the free Steam app for iOS, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. With the Steam app for iOS, you can: - Chat with your Steam friends. - Secure your account with the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. - Access your inventory, trades, and the Community Market on the go. With Trade and Market Confirmations, you can be sure that your items never leave your account without your approval. - See the latest screenshots and posts from your friends and the most popular content from across the Steam Community. - Keep up on the latest news and discussions from your favorite groups and games. - Remotely download and install your games straight to your PC at home.


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Steam Mobile app reviews

  • Great service/“platform”. Glitchy app on iPad Air 2. Over-secure imo. 3/5

    By Cutbuzzed
    I can’t say enough about Steam, I love 99% of every aspect, but this app is so much better on Android - or at least worse on iPad (never tried it on an iPhone). Half the time it doesn’t even load my confirmations to sell, the UI feels much nicer on Android, and holy **** please decrease the Mobile Authenticator process time by at least half. I mess with my phone a lot so it’s a real pain in the *** to have to wait that long every time I want to re-install it on a new system, especially if you’re selling or buying community items frequently. I have a backup code, I have a phone, isn’t that enough security to seamlessly switch devices to receive codes on? I mean I understand they want a positive user experience hence the super-security on community market transactions, but the time wasted practically cancels it out. Oh and just to mention again that the app is not quite polished on my iPad, I run across various bugs frequently, which really isn’t fun.
  • Well, 2/5

    By Gravy Minklestein
    once you get used to the clunky interface, the lag that sends you back a page every 5 seconds, and the 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘺 𝘣𝘶𝘵𝘵𝘰𝘯𝘴, it’s - wait - no. Don’t get this app, walk across the room, power on your computer, and open Steam. Easy as that. Has 2 stars because the Steam guard is better than spamming my email.
  • Base-line requirements 3/5

    By Lord Garmadon ,:{(
    Steam is fine on my computer, sometimes I struggle with things but I figure things out with enough time and practice. This really just throws it in a hole. Now nothing against the valve Corp, this review is solely on the app, not the developers. The app is good for buying things and maybe browsing some things for games when you are bored or want to keep up-to-date, and it helps when i want to buy something (bought AC origins over the sale). BUT it logs me off constantly, I’ve had to go to my vault, copy, paste, and redo the same process about 3 times a day in order to check stuff. It really wasn’t designed for a phone, buttons are small, letters are small, etc. my advice: stick to your desktop.
  • FINALLY: Sort Wishlist by Discount 4/5

    By bu11etpr00f
    FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for Steam to give users the ability to sort their wishlists by discount for years. I know it's not "technically" an update to the App directly, but at least it's a start. They also added information about the OS, the overall Rating, and tags. Now they just need the ability to also sort by Multiplayer and by the games your Friends already own. Oh! And please update the App for iPhone X! 😎
  • Keeps logging me out after like 5 minutes 3/5

    By Artixqyr2
    Great app apart from this issue I’ve been having recently
  • Gimmick 1/5

    By YuriArmy
    Glad we all got this shoved down our throats to sell useless trading cards ammiright
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Go SU
    Thanks for the two factor authentication I never wanted
  • App Forces Me to Log In EVERY Time 2/5

    By Renaissance_M4n
    I love being able to handily check the steam store and add titles from podcast recommendations but it loses almost all convenience factor when literally every time I open the app, I have to re-log-in. Ridiculous. (iPhone 7+)
  • Please update this! 3/5

    By ClashMan01374828
    Most features don’t even work! Please fix this app!
  • and when its downloaded it just not opening it 1/5

    By Mšhārī £:
    this is dumb cuz it just say login but i don't even have a account and when i download it on pc it take sooo long to download and when its downloaded it just not opening it (fix this dumb thing)
  • Needs some work. 3/5

    By Jacob8Bit
    -I'd like it if they made it easier and workable to remotely download steam games on my PC. - A friendlier and prettier interface would be nice. - I would like to be able to change my profile's status. - I would like to view my pending friend requests. -NEEDS OPTIMIZATION for when Valve updates steam with new features UI changes!!!
  • Mine is stuck on that steam guard page not letting me login 1/5

    By Colmin
    Even when I relaunch the app it won’t let me login

    By SnackCouch!!
    So, I know you phone Gamers think you can be a pro by getting 'Steam' but, PC is where it's at. I mostly use it to contact my steam friends, and checking prices when I am on the go.
  • Steam App Useful 3/5

    By Iter.autem
    add a feature where removing items in the wishlist is as simple as swiping left on the game and clicking remove.
  • Really Steam? 1/5

    By Watermelooaan
    update the app its almost been 2 years
  • Great 3/5

    By KR_Metus
    Great for checking the steam store without being on my computer.
  • No push notifications 1/5

    By ThE-iTCH
    Please fix this otherwise functional app
  • Most features don't work. 1/5

    By Bathsalt Addict
    Seriously steam? How much money have you made and you can't make a functional app? Videos don't play, you can scroll through images of games to get an idea if you'll enjoy it. You can't even click on the images and view them. This app is awful don't waste your time. It's worse than their lazy attempt at a mobile site.
  • Needs more..,. 3/5

    By Critic1971
    Maybe add where u can download and install and update games on ur phone.
  • Slow, unoptimized feeling. 2/5

    By Daryn C
    App is way to slow to be useful. Feels like it should be optimized. Also, feel like I have to login every single time I use that app. In turn it makes steam guard even more of a hassle to use.
  • Expected more from Steam 2/5

    By EverbareHonor
    It’s clunky, it’s hard to find things, I use an iPhone X and it doesn’t fit my screen size, videos don’t play and it crashes. I also noticed that they haven’t updated the app in over a year. How disappointing. I also use big picture and it’s UI with its bugs feels abandoned as well.
  • Outdated, slow, and full of bugs. 1/5

    By SchneiderNicholas
    Unfortunately, the app needs some serious updating. Currently, it does not fit the screen size of hardly any modern phone, on the iPhone X it is especially obnoxious having an app the size of an iPhone 5 screen. In addition, the major bugs I have found are: 1.) An odd glitch where switching between apps causes it to flash the messages and keyboard when sending or receiving. 2.) A bug where after switching back to the app it duplicates messages sent. 3.) Especially since the latest iOS and on the iPhone X, chat is offline for a good 2-7 seconds upon opening or sometimes switching back to it or turning the device out of sleep. 4.) A very frequent bug where it says the other user is typing while they are not. To fix this, you have to go back to the friends list, refresh, and then go back; sometimes that doesn’t even work. Also sometimes tells other users you are typing when you are not. 5.) Not necessarily a bug but definitely something that should be changed: when you switch apps even for one second, it sets your Steam status to away. For anyone talking to someone else on the app from the computer client, it’s obnoxious. It should definitely wait at least 3-4 minutes for people who have background refresh on. 6.) You cannot change your Steam profile picture because the app will not prompt iOS for photos. Please fix the app. It’s been over a year since the last update.
  • Notifications broken 4/5

    By Isyat
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some reason I am not getting the chat notifications like I’m supposed to... I have to constantly be checking if there are any new chats (desperate yeah I know😂)
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By "Steve"
    Exactly as the title says. Not that I actually expect valve to deign to releasing an update. Who needs to update their apps when you can sell hats and skins...
  • It’s ok...buggy. 2/5

    By Serge717
    The app is what it’s supposed to be, everything that the desktop app is but mobile. However, it is not as intuitive as other store apps in this day and age. It’s buggy, crashes, UI is not always responding correctly, and visually seems a bit out dated.
  • Update the UI 4/5

    By Oliver1617
    It’s a really good app but there is some bugs so please valve fix them and update the UI :) <3
  • Not the worst 2/5

    By plasmatacos
    I keep having trouble signing in I even tried changing my password but still not working even wouldn’t work logging me in hopefully this isn’t a little kids steam account pc steam forever
  • Make a function where you can play any game anywhere. 4/5

    By Kyle😄
    Please make a thing where you can stream games to your device from your pc
  • It’s good. Just needs improvements. 4/5

    By Cars0419
    This app is helpful! I can check sales and buy things on the go! The only thing is it’s outdated and it needs to be more mobile friendly.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Poopitair
    The apps pretty good but there’s a few things it needs/needs to be fixed. Not being able to trade (other than offering a trade), the videos for games not working and half the time whenever they actually do work it crashes, not being able to use group chat, not being able to activate a product, not being able to view the workshop from its own tab (it’s a hassle trying to find it). other than that I’m sure there’s plenty more I forgot but saying that the last update was over a year ago they need to fix some things
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By jmlfnaf
    I try to find a steam but nothing said it was going to try to find five minutes later five minutes it does nothing to make me try to sign in again
  • Money conversion 2/5

    By just n idea
    Should have a way to convert money from other gift cards to steam cash
  • Adequate, but needs updates 2/5

    By mwestfall
    The app itself is fine overall, and I like having it, but it could use a refresh. Also, super annoying that it logs me out so frequently. I have to log in almost every time I use it.
  • Needs some work. 2/5

    By Madam Mercy
    I enjoy using this app when I'm away from the desktop version, but they need to continue tweaking it some. It'd be great if I could click on links that friends send so I don't have to copy/paste it into my web browser on phone. It would also be awesome if you had the ability to change your profile picture and choose something from your phone. It says choose file but from there it doesn't allow you to change it. I'll change my rating as updates come out to fix and implement different features. EDIT: as of feb 3, seeing which friends are in-game is no longer a thing. Please fix this right away.
  • Great app 1/5

    By Happyline behappy
    One 2.5 rating!!! What did you think you could play steam games on mobile now... of corse not you can track the real steam chat with friends and that’s all I need for a 5 star rating
  • I really don’t get it... 1/5

    By Phatboyjawsh
    I honestly don’t get why Valve is horrible with their Steam products - such as their mobile app or Steam customer services, etc. People pay good money for things online and sometimes there are issues, yet Steam seems to be the worst when it comes to solving them. It’s as if they have a “better luck next time” policy. Anyways, aside from their horrible customer service, now their app is failing too! It’s been at least half a year now that I’ve encountered the same bug on this app - where it doesn’t show which friends are in game. It’ll simply just say they’re online, away, busy, or offline. They still haven’t fixed it?? I’m sure I’m not the only one getting this issue either. What is the matter with them?? How are they still a company when they seem to be the laziest out there? I don’t get it..
  • App needs serious update 1/5

    By Fullosseousflap
    Will upgrade rating if improved. Too many areas are broken compared to desktop or mobile browser.
  • Latest update broke the app 1/5

    By SmartBarley
    The latest update broke the app that you can’t even login anymore. On top of that, it always showed that you had a message in the form that they wanted you to connect to fascistbook, with the notification NEVER going away. And you can’t buy things and have your computer at home download the games while you are at work which is a bogus feature to not have.
  • I rather get computer Version😞 1/5

    By thejr.king
    When I got the app it told me put in a password that I never even made so basically I can’t even use the app I was excited to play new games that recently came out but that needs to be fixed I gave it one star 😕🙁
  • Its great 5/5

    By saint for god
    It is great app and is fairly stable one feature that would make it even better is in home streaming to your phone
  • Let me login then 1/5

    By Icosace1022
    All I see is a blank blue screen with an error message saying please log in but there’s no message anywhere that will let me login. Thanks
  • Great app needs update!!!! 4/5

    By Jtaylor64
    Needs updated, will not show what friends are playing
  • Trading cards 3/5

    By Wizzat
    Please stop sending me notifications and badges for new trading cards. I. Don’t. Care.
  • Logs me out every time 2/5

    By Cool769
    Great for checking steam, chatting with friends, checking sales, and trading. But every time I go on it, I have to re log in. Which makes it not very useful, because I dread having to type all that in every time I use it.
  • Gone downhill 3/5

    By MrsREO
    Can no longer see when friends are in games. Still a bit useful for chat and sales. Mobile Authenticator service works fine.
  • I keep getting logged out. 1/5

    By Crossmoneymaker
    This happens on my main device and my iPad. Both are different Steam accounts, and both suffer from a log out bug. It randomly logs outs when you are not using the app. It's really annoying to have to login anytime I just want to browse the Steam store and chat with friends. valve plz fix
  • Worst App I’ve Ever Downloaded 1/5

    By Dis. A Pointed
    Prompted me to verify my steam marketplace listing on my steam app. When I was creating the listing on the steam app.... Real great design. So glad this app works and let’s me sell my stuff on the steam store. NOT. This crappy app caused me to lose out on money. Was going to sell 4 items for $2.50 each, and by the time it removed the “security” hold on my account (7 days) the selling price of the item dropped to $0.80. Don’t waste your time or patience on this sorry excuse of an app.
  • It technically works... 2/5

    By sjr56x
    So I didn’t start using the app till I found out about the market place benefits. Trouble is that it hasn’t been optimized for a phone even a little bit. It basically looking at the webpage through your phone, so everything is usually too large or you have to scroll to fine it. No games transfer to your phone, and honestly the only thing it’s good for it notifications about sales.
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By Artin98
    The app is too simple, classic and old style. I want an app to enjoy using it while browsing the prices and offers on Steam.
  • iPhone X? 2/5

    By Jeramie Swarts
    Does this app get updated anymore? If so please update for iPhone X

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