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Stitcher for Podcasts app reviews

  • The most recent update is annoying 2/5

    By chiayiren
    I subscribed to Sticher for the ability to listen to different podcasts consecutively without lining them up in settling to “play next”. Now the recent update appears to be emulating iTune Podcasts features, it takes extra time and effort to line up the episodes I want to hear. What’s the point of this?
  • Complete trash 1/5

    By Ihatethisnicknamecrap$€¥¢£₩
    I have tried to open this app almost a dozen times. It won't open. How can I use an app that doesn't even open? Eff this app.
  • New UI terrible 1/5

    By PrincessofKats
    Please put the UI back to how it was. This version is incredibly unintuitive and irritating to use. At least put an option in the settings to use the old UI.
  • This app is a mess. I have iPhone 7+ iOS 11.1.2 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    Problems with Stitcher Radio that have been reported many times and they have not been fixed. Here’s the breakdown menu by menu. 1. Upon Launch-play My Favorite List. Launch time out and never starts playing the most recent podcast as in my settings. The app plays what it wants. Podcast I didn’t select. 2. Auto Play on Launch-function isn’t working.Times out. The app doesn’t start playing upon launch. I see the circle of doom and watch it time out and do nothing. So I have to manually play each podcast. 3. Playlist-the app didn’t skip podcast already played, but plays them again and again. 4. Continuous play no longer begins or works. 5. Mark played on skip- isn’t working. The app resumes episode of skipped content. 6. Debug is turned on but not sending the problems to Stitcher developer(s) to fix. So that’s not working. 7. I have cancelled my $34.99 subscription effective 4/18. Because I’m paying for premium access that I don’t get. 8. The HELP menus doesn’t tell me the end user how to fix the developer's problem. 9. I will be reporting this app to Apple. Perhaps they can pull it from the App Store until such time it performs as expected. So before you ask me any more… I have gone menu by menu to share the problems that affect me. So as the developer, I feel this should be a part of your checklist to correct.
  • A step backwards 3/5

    By chrisc51
    The latest version has a couple of issues which really bug me. The user playback interface is harder to use, especially when skipping forward or back. Mostly I'm frustrated because when it resumes playback of a particular episode it replays a section I've already heard or starts over altogether!
  • Getting Used To The New App UI Design 4/5

    By 1500Contacts
    New design seems a bit better. I’ve not experienced many of issues reported in the one & two star reviews, but also haven’t felt that the changes have added much more functionality than was there before.
  • I use it everyday but... 3/5

    By Lobstersouth
    This new update is not working for me. It’s a chore to add episodes from my favorites playlist to my saved episodes list. Plus it’s a chore to delete episodes I’ve already listed to. And the interface was better before. I don’t see how this is an update.
  • If zero stars were possible.... 1/5

    By CaptainTimmy
    I hate reviewing stuff but woooooooow....Who made this? It is incredibly hard to find what you want in the search and unless you have navigated it for a while you have no idea how it works in general...that is for sure not how an app should work right? A redesign is so necessary that its insane....ill probably cancel my membership until something happens, which is unfortunate because I love some of the podcasts on this app but if I cant figure out how to find something without getting frustrated while also paying money for something its kind of hard to just weather the storm that is this terrible app...
  • Once a great app to listen 1/5

    By Krish2
    This app used to be my daily app during commute. I was listening since 2011. Now the episodes are not downloading for offline playback. The messed up my playlist also. It is sad that the app gone bad after going premium.
  • Used to love it, now it’s a pain 2/5

    By Kgo5xd
    I have been using this app for over 5 years and over 5000 hours. I generally love it and use it literally everyday. I even paid for premium service. My biggest complaint with the new update is when I connect it to my ford sync. I can no longer control the player from my phone. You see my vehicle auto plays my iPod and I used to be able to just hit play on my phone app for stitcher to play but now it just shows a black screen that’s says ford sync and connected. I can’t control it at all from my phone. I have to unplug it, go to my app, press play then plug it in and then tell my vehicle to play usb with a voice command and hope it plays stitcher.
  • Functionality has decreased 2/5

    By Thunder Abraham
    So I love the content that I have as a premium member but the update has really decreased functionality. When you download an episode it no longer goes into the “listen later/saved episodes” playlist. So you now have to click download and also add to saved playlist which really messes with be ease. Hopefully that will change.
  • Gets worse with successive versions! 2/5

    By Tolga M
    The app has increasingly had trouble recognizing when new episodes of podcasts come out and updating them in my feed. You either need to go directly to the podcast's page for new episodes to refresh or restart the app (which doesn't always work). Also, the new interface is terrible and counterintuitive.
  • Great app almost complete 4/5

    By Glionam
    Thanks for the app it is versatile I like it a lot . I will give you 5 STARS if the narration speeds include 0.75X speed too. I would appreciate it a lot because this speed is very useful for ENGLISH LEARNERS.....THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU ...Bye , Bye
  • Tried to give the update a chance... 2/5

    By Stormy Riot
    I've been using stitcher for years. The most recent update has now made almost every function more difficult to use and access. It's also not registering that I've listened to podcasts and I'll realize a few minutes in that I've already listened to an episode. Some won't even play. I've removed saved episodes and had them show up on that list again... there's just so much wrong here. It's really disappointing but after about a week I may have to move on.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Gbw08
    Because it syncs to my car, I used to use Stitcher almost exclusively for listening to podcasts but now it's near impossible to navigate and even view older episodes. I'm moving to apple's podcast app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Galeti
    I love this App ! I am using it since 3 or 4 years !!!! I love it ! I travel so much and many times I need to listen offline and that is great ! One of the best things is that you can choose channels like favorites and the app will download these shows automatically so you can later listen !! 5 stars !!!!!!
  • Five Stars to Two since update 2/5

    By emannaz
    I was always very happy with Stitcher especially the features like the listen later menu and being able to sort the playlist content by unheard or most recent. But, since the latest update of iOS or stitcher, it has become very cumbersome and simple user features, like already heard podcasts being marked as played, are not working consistently. I continually have to Stop what I am doing and advance out of a podcast because I have already heard it that day. Also, the new format is clunky and harder to get around. Having a drop down immediately under the podcast episode title with things like listen later, was very convenient, now I have to scroll to the bottom read through a list of options written in a small font, and figure out what I want to do. Descriptions are hard to get to as well and the title screen for episodes just seems to take up space with really serving any purpose except obscuring options I want to get to. I have use this app for years and always highly recommended it but I’m now looking for a new app to use.
  • Decent 3/5

    By yesdnilr
    Was pretty good when I first downloaded it a few months ago. Glitches seem to occur recently though. Randomly can’t play some downloaded episodes, doesn’t pick up in the right spot when I pause and go to start playing again, have to restart the whole app when I plug it in to play through my car ..
  • Terrible and definitely not worth paying for premium 1/5

    By Trl88
    App is terribly glitchy and has unintuitive controls, never picks up on the right episode or place where you left off, and if you’re not watching the settings carefully will use your cell data to download a bunch of episodes. Even on premium some of the shows have ads or dead air you need to sit through.
  • Works well, but ads are too loud 3/5

    By not for openGL ES
    Works well. Enjoyed using, but advertisement got too loud. Needs volume limit to protect ears. My ears hurt right now from listening to stitcher and my hands were occupied and so I could not used my hands to pull off my earbuds. I probably will have hearing loss.
  • Latest update breaks the whole app 1/5

    By msmcdpoli
    The latest update does not download any of your Favorites. When you play an episode in your favorites, it fails because it is not downloaded. The new interface is not useful since you cannot move the time indicator easily (if at all). I have been a loyal “listener” for six years and unfortunately I have to say this update is horrible.
  • Overall good 4/5

    By consecutive1234
    I’m liking the update so far. I’m having a problem though with the app starting an episode at the beginning almost every time if I have to pause it.
  • Too difficult to navigate 4/5

    By Jon_Orlo
    This app is too difficult to navigate for specific episodes, and even shows. Most of the time I search for a show, such as Comedy Bang Bang, the search does not load anything. I absolutely LOVE the premium features on this app, which is why it isn't a one star revirw, but this needs fixed. I can't believe I would rather use the Howl app. Edit - I have gotten used to the layout and it hasn't been much of a hassle. I still LOVE all of the premium content they offer. Adding one star. This app still needs work on navigation and it needs a better que. Re-Edit Nov 2017: MUCH better layout.
  • Old shows are gone...fixed 5/5

    By SeattleAdventurin
    Logging off and back on fixed the missing episodes issue. Thanks guys! Back to podcasting 😊
  • Used to be great, 2/5

    By Greahm2
    I used use this app constantly and have a subscription. I finally have become fed up with updates that make it unusable until a new update sort of fixes the issue. They had a good simple straightforward app, that has become too annoying to bother with.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By fnordess
    Terrible search. I subscribe solely for ad-free How Did This Get Made archives, and I wish I didn’t have to. It’s impossible to search for specific episodes or change the sort order on a show’s main page.
  • It’s so pretty now! 5/5

    By vanessai
    I still use this app every day. Great source for news, comedy, and true crime shows. Love the redesign and improvements to listening preferences!
  • I get it, but it is time to act your age 2/5

    By bsimpson82
    Lots of these reviews are just angry people on the Internet. And, in this case they do have a point. I have been using Stitcher since 2011 with over 4000 hours now, this update is very bad. The UI is vastly over complicated and unintuitive. The download function acts strangely, and the new ‘it is downloaded mark’ is so small that I cannot see it. I understand that the developers are desperately trying to monetize this product. They probably figured that they had updated the UI and add some features in order to do that. I don’t think that was true. Trying to add new features and update just broke the app and makes them look even more foolish during the money grab.
  • Slight improvement on the ui, but some fundamental problems. 3/5

    By Slntpsych1
    When you're playing a podcast outside of the app, it no longer saves your place on the podcast. So it'll start where you started it when you were last on the actual app. Also previously you were able to touch the icon above the now playing podcast to go to the list of episodes of that podcast but now you have to touch the podcast art and press on "more episodes" which seems like one too many steps. Step in the right direction for the most part, but you have to remember people are usually listening while not looking at the actual app.
  • Don't do it 2/5

    By ADB1988
    Awful update to a previously fine app. Podcasts no longer sequence by hour correctly. Can't find anything.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Troxad
    It was just good enough to use before, but now that it’s updated, I can’t view archived episodes of Comedy Bang! bang!, which is the reason I’m paying for Stitcher Premium in the first place! If this isn’t fixed soon, I’m cancelling my subscription.
  • Problems with update? 4/5

    By writingchick
    I love stitcher and use it daily, but my shows aren’t updating with this latest release. Please fix!
  • Meh—switching to Overcast (after years of using!) 2/5

    By Dinghuu
    Habit & loyalty to what seems to do the job finally have to die. So tired of one of the most personally important and journalistically notable podcasts loading late—On The Media (from the obscure producer WNYC Public Radio) Ditto New Yorker Radio Hour. Wrote to them multiple times . . . crickets. Whatevs, Overcast looks like it’s the sh*t! Buh-bye.
  • I knew how to use the old version... 1/5

    By gadjitfreek
    The new version is such a paradigm shift that it adds unnecessary complexity to what were simple tasks and makes it too easy to delete your favorites. Blue with a small arrow is ridiculous compared to blue that turns to green and I used to be able to simply click the checked box to delete a saved show instead of the multiple steps it now requires. I've accidentally deleted favorites in the last few days. A completely unnecessary batch of changes that does nothing to improve the usability of the app and even harms the usability.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Hack40
    Where to begin? I use my IPad to listen to music and podcasts in my car via USB port. Used the Podcast app from ITunes. No problems. Tried Stitcher Premium to access back catalog, mostly Gilbert Gottfried. I have the app set to listen offline. Doesn't always play episodes offline. Doesn't resume. Interface is NOT user friendly. Yesterday, a show started playing that I had no interest in nor did I even search for it. Came from nowhere. I then kept getting a no network found message, which kept popping up even though I repeatedly hit OK to clear it. I love Gilbert and some of the other podcasts, but I will be canceling my subscription. Update: can’t cancel the subscription, but will not be renewing. App is playing something called Stitcher Picks without me doing anything. After 2 months, support finally got back to me and said they would have support look into this. That was 2 months ago! 4 months, no solution, no response. I guess because they already have my money, it’s tough luck.
  • 11/10/17: Upon launch auto play no longer works. 2/5

    By GimmeDatThang
    With this latest update on launching the app in the longer plays my favorites automatically even though the setting is set to do so.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Lkjuiop
    Seems like most complaints are unreasonable. I've been using this app for 6 yrs and have listened to it for over 2000 hrs. Very few issues ever. But nothing is perfect.
  • Can’t download episodes anymore! 2/5

    By 28PodcastsLater
    I’m a huge Stitcher fan; I’ve used it for over 500 podcasts hours since 2016. Today’s update has rendered the most important feature—the ability to download episodes for later listening (to listen w/o using data)—no longer functions! Selecting “download episode” does not add it to my saved episodes screen; the episode selected for download will say “waiting for download,” but not complete. This feature does work on my iPad, however. Also, it used to better indicate which episodes were saved to the device (green icons vs the little tiny down arrow). Two stars because the new interface is crisp. Please fix ASAP.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Ravencore
    Awesome app

    By PJ4YHWH
    Why did you have to mess it up❓⁉️⁉️❓⁉️This latest update has made it impossible to download❗️Won't work❗️Pull down to refresh, completely frozen❗️I was thinking maybe I shouldn't update because of garbage like this❗️Fix it or nix it❗️
  • Horrible interface 1/5

    By RexSaucy
    The search function is terrible. It doesn't search for episodes even though it has a tab that claims it does. Looking for a particular guest on your favorite podcast? Too bad, Jocko. Sometimes after finishing an episode, it plays the next chronologically. Sometime it decides on a completely different podcast. I finished an episode of a comedy podcast and it started a podcast about makeup. That's absurd! In addition, it's frustrating that backlogs of podcasts I like are no longer available for free, but hidden behind a paywall of a terrible app I don't want to use. Yuck. Stitcher, get your stuff together. UPDATE v 8.0.0 - ugh even worse. No longer shows archived episodes. Says I'm not signed in. What am I paying for here?! This is a disaster app.
  • So Slick 5/5

    By Wadenxxx1
    I’ve been waiting for Stitcher to upgrade, esp. visually. They are the tried and true authentic podcast app, but really needed a big update as the old app was pretty old. This is it and I couldn’t be more excited.
  • Easy to Use, Always Reliable 4/5

    By Jimbob 1
    I have a playlist that always brings up the latest program without me having to search for it. It works all the time and has never crashed on my iPad or iPhone, ever. I’d award 4.6 stars if I could. 5would require perfection, and it’s darned good but not perfect. Yet. Good job developers.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Acawthorne
    Almost impossible to navigate. Least user-friendly app I’ve ever used. Will be deleting immediately when my free trial is over. Sad, because I love How Did This Get Made. If you’re gonna shove all your good content behind a paywall, you better make sure it’s a 5 Star app (or at least, you know, not infuriating to use).

    By oOovwguy
    11,700 hrs. Love this app
  • Run away from this waste of money! 1/5

    By Dashbug
    I wish I had NEVER wasted my money on this terrible app. I paid for the premium version and if I had just burned my money in the street I would have at least seen the flames.
  • Update broke the app 2/5

    By Mezocyclone
    Whatever was changed caused the app to break. it no longer loads up when you try to open it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By CandyVB
    This is without a doubt the worst app in the history of apps. If it were possible, I'd give it negative stars, but I'm being forced to give it one.
  • Once great, now useless 1/5

    By Sqrt7
    4000+ hr listener. This was once my most used app and now it is useless. Many of the podcasts I've listened to on this app for NINE YEARS are no longer available on Stitcher. They are often painfully slow in updating the feeds with the most recent episodes. Customer support is typically slow to respond (weeks) to get unhelpful responses to feedback or questions. They continue to fail to fix this app.
  • Terrible Podcast App 1/5

    By ZOD
    This app is required for some premium content. It’s needlessly difficult to use. Searching is bad, content organization is bad, suggestions are disruptive, audio quality is poor. Podcasts often begin to “skip” requiring the app to be closed and then reopened. Playback may or may not begin at the point you stop listening to a podcast. The “play next” feature is obtuse enough that appears to be completely random. It’s hard to stress how utterly unintuitive the UI really is. If it weren’t for the premium content I’d never use it again. I’m actually listening to podcasts less since being conned into buying “premium” access via this poorly designed and implemented player.

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