Stocks Pro App: Stocks & Stock Market Tracker

Stocks Pro App: Stocks & Stock Market Tracker

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Postindustria
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stocks Pro App: Stocks & Stock Market Tracker App

Providing the latest data from the most trusted market sources, Stocks Pro for iPhone & iPad offers the easiest and most efficient way to track stocks and currencies. With this full-featured app all the stock market information you need is just a tap away! Stock Pro App Core Features: Effortlessly search and add stocks using a symbol or company name Monitor the profit from your investments in real-time Track your selected stocks in your Portfolio or Wishlist (multiple portfolios supported) Quick access to essential info: highs and lows, volume, price/earnings ratio & market cap Easily compare stock values and percentage changes to your portfolio Create custom stock alerts to notify you based on any conditions you set Visualize stock changes over custom time periods with easy-view charts Read the latest market news and share with others via Twitter & Facebook Gorgeous interface optimized for retina display Stocks Pro is the essential finance app for anyone who requires up to date stocks and shares information at the touch of a button. Download Stocks Pro App for iPhone and iPad now!


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Stocks Pro App: Stocks & Stock Market Tracker app reviews

  • Scepticle 3/5

    By sebastian dahl
    I like many others had to rebuild my portfolio. I'm also unawares at why there are ads even though it was stated to be ad free for previous purchasers of the old app that mysteriously stopped working last week. I've read numerous responses from the app team that they will fix this issue and rectify the ads. Not only for a free year but now for life. But mine hasn't been fixed yet. So I remain....
  • Nice APP: Previous failure out of the blue. 4/5

    By MPM2009
    Loved the previous application. Just spent an hour redoing the app with my holdings. New APP Doesn't reflect ETF funds holdings, can't add: Won't allow me to add the holding. As far as paying $2 bucks for no ads. It's all good; make the app functional for us apple users kindly. How hard is this? All works great besides the non ETF funds showing holdings / gains, etc. Next time the app goes black maybe an email or call, please fix the ETF issue. Thanks,
  • No Transfer of Old Watchlist? 1/5

    By Catluvsgolf
    WTH? The old app is deprecated, and you can't get with your "partners" to figure out how to move my watch list to your app? #lame #bedamnedifillreenterthem
  • Someone Call 911, We've ALL Been Robbed ! 1/5

    By Markintosh51
    >>> ZERO STARS <<< for your lame, ad infested, pathetic excuse for a replacement to a previously good stock app. You've got more excuses then Hillary Clinton, for why things didn't work out. And once again, it's pay (AGAIN) to play !!!
  • Avoid this 1/5

    By SD Flyboy
    First version was discontinued and replacement did not work. Lots of promises from the help service but not delivered. I'm still sitting here with a product I paid for and does not work. I'm moving on to one that does.
  • ridiculous 1/5

    By Michaelgor
    there are so many faults in this app. I downloaded it because their prior one died. it will not transfer your data from the old app and they, of course, blame the problem on Apple I paid for the original app and am stuck. One of my largest frustrations is the following idiocy. stock prices vary, often widely, during the day. The app keeps asking at least 3 times during the time you are adding the purchase as follows: let us say you bought stock x at 48.93 at 1100 during the session, but the stock closed at 49.57. at least 3 times i am forced to deal with a dialogue that says stock x closed at 49.57 are you sure you dont want to use that price. why on earth would anyone want to use a price other than what they paid to follow a stock they own. unfortunately for me, i have multiple stocks in several different portfolios. if you are the developer reading this, can you provide a rational reason for your insistent questions amounting to why would someone not want to follow a stock at the price they purchased it, rather than the price it closed at. why?
  • Wrong version. 1/5

    By Go 96
    I was given the ultra annoying ad version of this replacement app rather than the ad free version I was promised. Worth zero stars. I will gladly and promptly change this review if the problem is corrected.
  • 😑 1/5

    Another app company with shady business practices I paid a lot of money for the previous app so that I wouldn't have to see any annoying ADs and you're telling me I have to pay Again after a year. f*ck that ! πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
  • New app but still not working 2/5

    By 1cent13
    I downloaded this app after having issues with the old one. I downloaded version 1.2.1 the other day and noticed this morning that the stock prices are intermittently displaying 0.00 like the old app. Very frustrating considering how much I paid for the original app. 9/14 update: still see issues, the app seems slow to update and I get N/A temporarily in stock prices and the charts won't load, keeps saying data download failed.
  • Totally Wrong 4/5

    By nwtreasure2010
    Have been notified that we will not have to repay for ad removal if we have already paid with old app. Hope they follow through on their promise. If not, I will be back! Stand up and voice your opinion for what you believe in! Free ads for 1 year? Gee ... thanks! Already paid once to remove ads and to upgrade app and since YOU screwed it up and had to redo app and put out a new version, you want me to pay again in a year? NO! If your going to charge again I will delete the app after one year and file a complaint! ... totally wrong
  • Simple, Practical and Effective for My Needs 5/5

    By lapp-boi
    This app is practical for what I need. It is a simple interface that provides, among other features, an easy way to setup and track portfolios. The charts are flexible and detailed enough for my needs, and, the news feed for tickers has been useful for me. There are other features in this app, but I have not needed them yet.
  • Same issue? 1/5

    By Maui Kid
    Not sure why this is happening. I had purchased no ads and now I'm having to repay. I don't even get the complimentary year. I recommend everyone stay away from this app until the bugs get worked out. If they ever do. To bad, because this was one of my favorite stock apps.
  • Addressed issues 4/5

    By Robie22
    First, the older version of this paid app broke without warning, they didn't realize for days, then after a week, they tell us to 'upgrade' to this new app and gives us features we already paid for 'free' for a year. So after a year we'd have to pay again for features we already paid for! Follow up: I appreciate you addressing the issues but I hope you also understand the feedbacks to prevent these issues to begin with. Thank you.
  • Would give you -5 five if I could 1/5

    By Brumos 49
    Installed new app and it has ads, so just paid to remove them... charged me 2x. It is obvious you deleted the old ad-free version so you could force the ad-version on use. Crappy new version is crashing already on me and the white background is hideous. Way to make a great app a pos.
  • Pure crap 1/5

    By Lester Moore 44
    What a piece of crap. I paid for the Pro version to be ad free, they totally screwed up to the point that a new app needs to be substituted, and in a year they'll want to be paid again? They can piss up a rope before I'll spend another dime with these fools. And don't think it's an upgrade. New app- all stock data needs to be entered again. To repeat, pure crap.
  • App has turned to cr*p. 1/5

    By johnnf
    I have used and liked the app for over a year, then they switched software provider, so they say, and it really blows. I paid, PAID, so that I could have features and NO ADS, now with this ?upgrade I will be getting Ads, starting next year. That was not the deal, not why I paid. Best of all, I have to re-enter all my stocks manually, previously were backed up to the Cloud. One star rather than none because "0" is not allowed. I want my money back.
  • Ugly 2/5

    By iphoner700
    Deprecated? It means that i will need to purchase another license after one year due to developers fault?! Cmon!!!
  • Confused 3/5

    By 5teve5
    Other than the white background replacing the black background I see little difference between this application and the Stocks HD app which was "deprecated" in favor of this app. This creates a lot of extra work for me as I must recreate the portfolios that I had created in the prior app. In addition the black screen was easier on the eyes. I also fail to understand why I would want to give this application access to my brokerage accounts - it sure seems like an unnecessary risk in this age of Cyber theft.
  • AWFUL! 1/5

    By maryk2023
    I can't get anything on this!! Was forced to download this because last App crapped out! When will we be getting an App that we can actually use?! Forced to give it at least one star..ZERO!
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By UsMale12
    I bought the stock pro it stopped working and get switched to an app that's only add free for a year? That's not what I paid for in the original app.
  • WHY BOTHER? 4/5

    By Flickacaseyjake
    I've had this app for 2 days and it does not display stocks prices-just shows all 0's. Why can't this be fixed. I have deleted this useless app UPDATED REVIEW: Now that I have uploaded the most recent update this app works perfectly. Now worthy of a 4 star rating. Thanks for your quick reply to my issue!
  • Thanks for the quick reply! 5/5

    By Laurel leaf
    Thanks again for your quick reply! Per your suggestion, I updated the app & now it works great! You're the best!!!
  • Crashes on startup 3/5

    By Bobbo1213
    Previous version wouldn't show Nasdaq stocks. This version immediately crashes on startup every time. Update: after reinstalling it seems to be working now. Thanks for the help. Upping rating to 3 stars (since I shouldn't have to reinstall). Update2: all zeros again for market indices. Come on, guys. Update3: latest version working for now.
  • App works as advertised 5/5

    By MoTown Al
    After the update on 9/8/17 app works well.
  • Needs update 2/5

    By Magaton
    I keep deleting and reinstalling and seems like I see problems with other stocks showing zero!!! The old version was much better. Sorry guys I give up, deleted it forever and going to a different and more reliable app!
  • D.O.A 1/5

    By JAJ327
    Forced to download this program after previous version was disabled. Worked for one day then stopped loading some information-useless!
  • Crashes, useless 1/5

    By Loving this puzzle
    Don't bother...
  • Broken 1/5

    By hsv_guy
    Stock values all zero! Will not display value or percentages, will not update. Deleting this app and going back to Yahoo! Finance.
  • Stocks Free to Stocks Pro - terrible 1/5

    By Duggan123
    The Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq all show 0.00 in version 1.2 build 83. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By S1942
    Not able to get the app to show any of the recent data from all the markets. Totally worthless. Would like to go back to the previous app.
  • Update only solved part of the problem 4/5

    By Anopholies
    Followed the instructions posted earlier when my program closed within 5 seconds of opening and failed to list any market data for many of the stocks entered. Deleted the app and loaded the new version. This cleared up the problem with the app closing but it still fails to find and display some stock market data. I like the program but am waiting for a fix.
  • Portfolio tracker 5/5

    By Anonymous1234567890
    Nice simple app to track your brokerage portfolio and make watch lists
  • Easy to track stocks, gains and trade right from the app 5/5

    By artruist
    It's a simple and functional app I love. It shows me just what I need: live stock prices, gives alerts for price changes as defined by me, tracks gains and losses and reading stock news. I'd pay to remove the ads!

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