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WU Storm

  • Category: Weather
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  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weather Underground, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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WU Storm App

Keep your eye on the sky with Storm by Weather Underground. High definition, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and real-time severe weather alerts make this the app to have by your side when weather is closing in. ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • Used to be a great app until they removed the ability to pay to remove ads 1/5

    By KingB2
    This used to be my go-to app for weather, and I gladly paid the yearly subscription fee to remove ads, which I hate seeing inside of apps because they take up so much screen space, and because, god knows, we see enough ads everywhere else, without having them clutter up apps in our phones and iPads. However, without any warning, the developers have recently removed the ability to pay the subscription fee to remove the ads, and we are all forced to see the ads whether we want to or not. I just deleted this from my phone and iPad and they won’t ever get any of my money again. They ruined what was a perfectly good weather app by not giving their users the choice to get rid of ads. I’m moving on to another app. There are plenty of other good weather apps out there where you can either pay to get rid of the ads or are ad-free. Too bad, as this is otherwise one of the better designed weather apps out there.
  • High/low still way off! Why hasn't this been fixed?!? 3/5

    By Solarbear16
    In most regards, this is a great weather app! I just don't get why they can't fix the issue with the high/low temperatures always being so far off. It has been years. The lows seem right, but the highs are WAY off - not even close! This seems like it should be a simple thing to correct. Otherwise, it's much better than any of the others I've tried. It opens with a large radar map, easy to see instantly, and you can add a bunch of information if you like - or not. It also has temperature forecasts right there, with more detail easily accessed. Other free weather apps have become cumbersome and too cluttered. This one offers everything I want to know at a glance. And the customization options are great! There's something for everyone.
  • Greatest weather app ever!! 5/5

    By Bigfan10077
    My favorite go to weather app. It has all the info you need quickly and the alerts are fantastic!
  • A Great App 5/5

    By Oldtimer 318
    I' m a active boater and have used your app for quite some time for good lead weather info - keep on doing what you're doing , it's great !! Capt Ed
  • Fast and accurate 5/5

    By midwest outdoorsman
    This app will eventually replace the weatherman on the 5 pm news. Fast and accurate!
  • ‼️PLEASE HELLLLP‼️ 3/5

    By The Blonde Cookie
    First let me say I've had your app on this phone and IOS previously. I've loved it - does what it's supposed to, no issues. I love that. (I'd give you 5 stars, but I'm a little irritated right now). If you can fix me, you get 5 stars, which is how I view the app performance (up to now). So, having said that, I can NOT completely download NOR delete your app!!! I've been working on this issue on and off all day. It's an iPhone 6 Plus, IOS 10.3.3 - NOT jailbroken, I'm the original owner. I deleted it in error (2 days ago), and went to add it again (today). I downloaded it early this morning. I was unable to get it to download completely (it went apx 2/3, then stalled out - and I waited several minutes). I checked online (a popular site that shows sites that are down), the App Store wasn't down, and no issues reported. I checked Apple System Status - no issues. Since that time, here's what I've done: Deleted it, then restarted my phone. I tried downloading it again - same thing. So, I deleted it again, and just for giggles, restarted my phone again. At that time, I realized it was still there ("2nd page" of home screen). I pulled it over, then tried to delete it (no go - the 3rd time I tried this). I went into SETUP >GENERAL >STORAGE/USEAGE >MANAGE STORAGE and deleted it that way. Then, restarted my phone, and for good measure, turned it off, waited and restarted it. IT WAS STILL THERE, and would NOT delete. Went into SETTINGS>CELLULAR, turned app, the App Store off and then turned phone off, waited and started it again. Then deleted it, turned it off, back on - IT WAS STILL THERE. I tried what Apple ("help page") suggested for apps that wouldn't download - open the App Store, download some other free app, delete it and then try again. No go. (And I have to add that I had to try that with the app in the 2/3 downloaded position on my home screen, because I can't get it to delete anymore). You can't believe what I've tried since then - EVERYthing I can think of, MULTIPLE times. At this point, I CAN'T get it to delete, the icon is sitting on my home screen, in the 2/3 downloaded condition (and that's WITH the cellular for the app AND App Store off!). I can no longer delete it - AT ALL. So I have this "ghost app" on my phone. I'm not happy with that situation. And I'm not kidding when I say I've tried EVERY possible thing I can think of, MULTIPLE times. I've held off "upgrading" my IOS, because from my experience (I've been on the 'Net since '96), it takes Apple (ANY software manufacturer, really) at least 1-2 iterations to work out the kinks (and I ~REALLY~ hate having to debug for them!). And at this point, I'm concerned about "upgrading" my IOS with your app hanging in limbo on my phone. I'd rather have your app there than not, but if I can't do anything BUT delete it…at this point, I'll take that option. I just need to figure out HOW to delete it.‼️PLEASE HELP‼️
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Outdoor photographer
    Lightning detector and storm tracks are a valuable native feature.
  • Switched to iPhone 8 2/5

    By bentleyfam18
    Ever since I switched to iPhone 8 plus on Sprint network, the radar does not come up for me. This is my most trusted radar app and I would like to have it back. What is going on with it???
  • No Ads....or else! 1/5

    By dspdot
    I have paid for, and have had the WU Storm app for over a year. As an app itself, wonderful-a little bit of a resource and battery hog, but it’s crunching a lot of real-time data, so that’s expected. This morning and without any notice from the developers, my subscription ended last night with no chance to renew. I am now unable to pay to remove ads moving forward The app is considered free. I am not interested. I am deleting the app as of right this minute until they come up with a structure that makes sense. It’s too bad that the developers did not have the foresight to account for people like me. It may seem like a small point, but our society is inundated with advertisements and I am willing to pay to NOT see them. Do not download this app if you don’t want to see advertisements-which take up at least 1/6 of the screen. Please consider rating this the same until they fix this, or discontinue the application completely. This review is a change from my original which gave it five stars-and now it gets one. It’s also too bad they don’t have decimal points for reviews. 😮😱💀!
  • Best weather app by far! 5/5

    By XroUsn
    Timely data, intuitive interface and functions and some neat bells and whistles. By far the best weather app out there. Straightforward without the clutter of other weather apps.
  • Fish stir 5/5

    By Fish Stix John
    Just loaded the app about 2 weeks ago, it is great. It loads so fast, I used to have wait for "Radar" for a while and sometimes never came up. This is wonderful so far. Thank you
  • Still doesn’t work... 2/5

    By ac79va
    The one hour future radar overlay hasn’t worked in weeks. I’ve emailed the developer with no response.
  • I don’t want advertising 1/5

    By lagerloef
    For some bone headed reason you can no longer opt out of advertising.
  • Removing app due to Ads. 1/5

    By Newtek007
    This app has been my go to app. Unfortunately, the powers in charge have decided to no longer allow subscriptions to remove ads. Bad move. I cannot stand ads in anything that I pay money for. This app will now be removed in hopes that maybe one day they will allow the removal of ads again.
  • No support for Apple Watch 1/5

    By Sub--Zero
    Please update your app to support watchOS4...Your complication has disappeared!!
  • Works well 5/5

    By yo adrián
    I like the ability to predict my own weather forecasts.
  • Short 3/5

    By Gzerilli
    Nice app but falls short on iwatch. Does not provide radar on the watch.
  • Was a great app until 2/5

    By NR2D
    ...they did away with the advertisement free subscription. Please bring back advertisement subscription.
  • ADS 1/5

    By Jug End
    I have loved this app and it has been my go-to for weather for years, BUT, the decision to not allow ad buyout is ridiculous and shows a disregard for their dedicated users. RE-Allow Ad Buyout PLEASE.
  • Loved it until they removed the ad free subscription 2/5

    By Cybersnyder
    Deleted and moved on. Shame really, but I don’t want ad tracking.
  • Ads are huge, take up too much view space 1/5

    By Abbracia
    Love the app. Subscribed. Depended on it. Love that you can get distances between map (radar) areas by drawing on tbe screen. But once my subscription for ad removal ended, this app became a flashy nuisance. The ads are huge and distracting and three at a time. No longer useful, it is an eyesore.
  • Excellent mapping, radar is delayed 4/5

    By jajlutz
    Great overlays and features. I would work to improve radar imagery to update more frequently.
  • One of the best Apps 5/5

    By MacZilla Roared
    One of the best Apps I've used.
  • Love except for a couple flaws...... 4/5

    By Love2ClearClouds
    Love everything about this app except: 1) The Lightning Alerting Distance has remained at 100 mile radius and does not adjust to your preference. I prefer 1 mile to 5 mile radius but does not change from 100 miles to 1 or 5 miles. Why would I care about lightning 100 miles away, or even 50 or 10? I don’t. 2) It doesn't have pollen updates like my other weather app so I still have to use two. I'm highly sensitive to seasonal allergens and it helps to know how heavy the pollens levels are, especially the tree pollens, before I decide to go out.
  • Best Weather App 5/5

    By Caro1ynMar1e
    Does not get bogged down with ads like the others do. Gets you your weather fast with sufficient data and options! Thank you Storm! Keep up the good work!
  • Was the best 1/5

    By frankster222
    Was one of the best but now there is no way to get it add free. Annoying
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By BuffaloRivers
    I use this 3-5 times a day-- I'm a bit of a weather nerd! For years I'd used The Weather Channel app, but this one has MUCH more useful info....
  • Alerts never went over for 2 tornados 1/5

    By ladarrand
    We have had two tornado warnings tonight and an alert never came up. I checked my settings and should be getting something. Radar takes forever to load. I want intellicast back. It never failed to alert me and it was the best radar of any of the 6 sites I use. It was always my go to. Storm just stinks.
  • Ads block the screen 1/5

    By johnnydangr
    No way to remove ads anymore. What’s worse is the ads take a quarter of the screen - there are much better radar apps that show full screen radar.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By C-Rhymes
    Wunderground has been great at providing more weather information, i.e. data, than other apps I have used and Storm takes it to another level. Graphs of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc. It allows you to select the nearest weather station so you can actually see fronts moving in. It also has wind maps that allow you to see current wind conditions. This app is awesome.
  • Best Weather App 5/5

    By WebDeb3233
    Far more accurate than the local news station, this app has every bit of information you need or would like to know. You can display the information in graphical, text or chart form, by the hour or by the day. The home page shows radar and any alerts. It's fantastic - LOVE this app!
  • What were they thinking? 3/5

    By Dave a. P
    An otherwise gorgeous, super functional app that I use professionally as a pilot. But they won't even take my money to remove the tacky ads that clobber a large portion of the screen and restrict my ability to evaluate my flight path. Seems like a case of fabulous programming with incompetent leadership/oversight. Will switch when an equivalent competitor comes along.
  • Great ap! 5/5

    By Ex-prof
    Accurate and easy to use.
  • For power users 5/5

    By jbryan
    Feature packed weather app for users who want a bit more than 10 day weather forecast.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Matukut
    No ad free version anymore- really annoying
  • Paid for ads - got ads 1/5

    By JoN8282
    Paid for the no ad subscription - just got a new iPhone and it won't move over - says they don't offer it anymore. This app would be great but I refuse to watch a giant banner ad in my weather app
  • Eliminating Ad-Free Subscriptions? 5/5

    By KenHartleyReed
    The app tells me you are discontinuing ad-free subscriptions? Is that true? If I see an ad, I’ll move on... Happy to pay for the service, but not willing to be bombarded with marketing.
  • Love It! 5/5

    By RRino
    Great app.
  • Happy that I got paid app 5/5

    By Giant Cyclist
    Absolutely disgusted that the paid app is gone. Deleted. Re-rated to 5 stars, was able to get ad free through WU. 👍
  • Best Apple Watch app for weather 5/5

    By cpdreher
    Works how it should!!!!
  • Can’t believe ad-free is gone!!! 1/5

    By WeissXB
    Dropped from 5 stars to 1. I’ve had a paid subscription to this for years. Now I don’t have that option. I absolutely hate ads in my essential apps. Looking for a new weather app. This has immediately replaced two other weather apps I've used for quite a while. Great job!
  • I like it 5/5

    By Fluffyteegan
    Storm is easy to use and does a good job for weather!
  • My favorite weather app! 5/5

    By muckamuck
    Really like the detail this brings to weather understanding and use it to support our production agricultural business. I especially value seeing weather fronts and surface winds. Improvements have been made for rainfall predictions but could stans further improvements. Update October 5, 2017 I'm very disappointed the ad-free subscription is no longer offered. The app works well on a phone, but losing screen area when needing to look critically at weather really detracts from my needs.
  • Ad ridden 1/5

    By opkopk
    App was good and I always paid for it. Now it’s full of ads and I’m deleting it. I’ll pay Carrot now.
  • A+ 5/5

    By Luckyluckylucky5
    Really like this app. Helps me look at weather fronts when my migraines are going to come. Great data!
  • Good App Previously 1/5

    By kil3t
    This was a great app. Now you can’t pay money to remove the ads. Pure freemium garbage now.
  • Tap to view, but not on watch 4/5

    By jordanj23
    Overall best weather alert that works with the Apple watch. However,I got the weather alert notification on my watch which said to something like “tap to see what’s coming” however I was tapping like an idiot on my watch thinking it would show me more on the watch app or tell me to unlock my phone. Anyway, nothing happened and realized the notification was really meant for my phone which would allow me to tap and see more. Not a big deal but annoying that I’m told to tap on my watch notification only for nothing to happen.
  • The weather app 5/5

    By JWalk130
    The Storm app is my go-to app for weather. Being able to measure the distance to storm cells and see their velocity is awesome for everyday weather awareness and also in aviation mission planning. By far, this is one of the top 10 apps on my phone and tablet.
  • Incredible App 5/5

    By W-Square II
    Totally delighted. Accuracy is amazing. Roofers were reshingling our cabin. App let us know visually exactly when the job needed to be finished before the rain would come, or if tarps needed to be pulled out. Pinpoint accurate. Also amazing is the hour by hour forecast for rain that helped us determine when they could finish up with our cabin garage re-roof. Best app in years.
  • Most helpful weather app 5/5

    By Violinisttoo
    Storms is so thorough and far more accurate than weather reporters. It's actually correctly showing what's coming and approx when weather will move in. While traveling you can see in winter what road conditions actually are and surface temperatures. Makes for a safe and secure drive during winter storm seasons as well as any severe front coming through. Storms can locate your position while driving so you don't have to know where you are to check that weather. Never leave home without it. Stephanie in TN

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