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Keep your eye on the sky with Storm Radar by Weather Underground. High definition radar, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and real-time severe weather alerts make this the best app to have by your side when weather is closing in. View current conditions, daily or hourly forecasts at a glance and in a more detailed view. Now available free for iPhone and iPad! Features INTERACTIVE MAP • Radar: The highest resolution (250m) radar showing interactive animations for past and future data • Single site sweeping radar: get near real-time data from each radar site. Choose the radar site nearest your current location and view real-time reports on reflectivity and velocity. • Global Radar: An experimental radar layer with worldwide coverage. It combines existing radar data with a computer model proxy when data is not available. • Storm Tracks: Storm Tracks utilize the most advanced severe weather algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of an impending storm. This includes a storm strength rating, detailed components of the storm (such as wind, hail, lightning, and tornadoes), the speed and direction of the storm, populated cities in its path, the precipitation rate, and much more. • Severe Outlooks: See the overall severe weather threat for the next 3 days with details available by tapping on any risk level visible on the map. • Lightning: View lightning 100 miles around your selected location (Continental US only) • More: Full screen map with customizable data layers including: animated surface and jet stream level winds, earthquakes, fronts, tropical data, severe weather alerts, and more APPLE WATCH Experience Storm Radar on your Apple Watch! Configure the Glance view directly on your Watch to view the weather data most important to you. View real-time alerts for precipitation, lightning and severe weather. Access Storm Radar data through Apple Watch Complications. WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE! • Push notifications for precipitation, lightning (within a customizable radius) and detailed NOAA and Environment Canada severe weather alerts. • In-App alerts for precipitation, lightning and weather alerts from the NOAA, Environment Canada, MeteoAlarm and The Weather Companies • Hyper-local weather data powered by Weather Underground's network of over 250,000 personal weather stations • Tap on current conditions, daily or hourly forecasts to view more detailed weather data in list or graph view • Social weather: share storm tracking and radar data with your friends and family via text message, email, Facebook, or Twitter • Today widget for iOS 10 or higher showing real-time alerts for lightning, precipitation, and severe weather • Available for iPhone and iPad • Privacy policy can be found at: • Terms of Use can be found at: ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Great for Personal Safety 5/5

    By New Traveler
    Was recently driving from Austin to Abilene TX late one night & saw horrible lightning ahead of us. Used this app to determine which storm tracks were tornadic. Luckily the one to the west of us was not (unlike the ones heading north of Abilene) & app showed us we could make it to Abilene before the rain hit. Torrential downpour & strong winds hit shortly after we arrived at hotel. Was truly thankful for having this app.
  • Great app. Really like the detail and accurate info 5/5

    By donna-n- leigh
    Will always use this app
  • Hours in a day, 526 MPH wind. 3/5

    By Philement
    It seems the forecaster in the "hourly" room never talks to the guy in the "daily" forecast room. For example, daily says high of 81, low of 55, chance of precip, 60 percent, but hourly high for that day is 78, low is 62, and chance of precip 50 percent. And today, steady state wind, 15, with gusts to 526 miles per hour. Better take this app off autopilot and pay attention.
  • Essentials no longer applies 1/5

    By POedToo
    This was a great app when I first got it. Now, it is so bloated with extra stuff that it takes forever to open and update. The world has changed and some now depend on apps like this as part of their daily life. Yet for others, the most common and critical time for using the app is during inclement weather. I don't know about others, but under these circumstances I need the app to open and quickly provide information that could save the family. Not click the app, have it half load, then crash, restart and finally provide weather maps 5 to 8 minutes later. If this can't be solved, it will be time to move on. My families safety is too important.
  • Great utility 5/5

    By PEC32601
    Does just right when I have to check on where the storms are here in Florida.
  • Can't remove ads 1/5

    By RVR57
    I hate the ads! The ads take up 1/5 of the screen, large and intrusive! Pay to remove ads has been turned off! I'd happily pay annually to have these horrible ads removed. The ads make Storm look like any other cheap unpopular weather app. I've used this app for years and always paid to remove ads, I will never own an app that forces you to view them so I removed 4 stars. Prior to your decision this is how my 5 star review read: Previous 5 Star Review: A fantastic weather app that's reliable, detailed and feature-rich. The app has a wide selection of forecast data, radar and satellite maps. The interface is easy to use and provides a wealth of information. The map overlays provide live data that you rarely see in weather apps like fronts, wind speed, wind direction, lightning and more! I'd love to see the addition of a "temperature badge" which would show the current locations temperature on the apps icon and a 24 hour detailed barometer trend scale so you can view passed barometric pressure trends more easily. Currently it just shows a small line, more detail would be appreciated.
  • What I need, when I need it. 5/5

    By iPodre
    Really good app.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Fitzaer
    'Can't get rid of them.
  • Pathetic. 1/5

    By yellowfjcruiser
    This app used to be great.
  • Best weather app!! 5/5

    By icurheart
    Love this! On time and accurate!
  • Disappointed no more ad-free option 1/5

    By Greedo222
    I have gladly paid extra in the past for the ad-free version. But for some reason that option has been removed, it is no longer possible to pay for an upgrade to the ad-free version. I cannot understand why the developer would not want that source of funds from willing, paying customers.
  • Great app 5/5

    By This us
    Great app, easy to use and it's free. What's not to love? I like the live radar, it's a handy feature
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Slifsgard
    I use it all the time. It provides exactly what I need plus just a bit more. And when I need to know, it is easy to find.
  • Was good Now bad 1/5

    By Memyself@I
    If you like advertising this is your app. I was willing to pay but I will not jump through 8 hoops to give you money. When my other device subscription runs out so will I. Guess what? I will gladly pay others for no ads.
  • Ad-free subscription gone: NOT HAPPY 1/5

    By Weather Control Central
    Update Apr 28 2017. Spring severe storms are here, and as others have noted, radar updates lag terribly behind. We recently had hail while Storm showed the cell entirely to the west. Why? The image was 10 minutes old. Other apps gave me images 2-3 minutes old. Do you know what I want on a radar screen? RADAR! Not a cheesy, flashing animated box obscuring an approaching storm. I paid to be rid of these. I want the option back. Note to the company: I never, ever respond to any onscreen ad. Relay that to the people paying you for ad space on my screen. To those trying to remove ads through the WU subscription: it didn't work for me. Mine was up for renewal just as Storm dropped subscriptions. The renewal had no effect on Storm.
  • Good weather app 5/5

    By BigBob73
    This app works well. The developer did a good job.
  • Update: Ads are back and they ruin the app 1/5

    By drtwofish
    Like others, this has been my go-to weather app for years, and I've happily paid to go ad-free. All of a sudden there they are, blinking and flashing away at me. I despise ads and won't look at them, so this app has been deleted in favor of the otherwise-inferior WeatherBug. I've been searching for a weather app like this for years. Great interface, full of information, easy to interpret, and ad-free (if you can fork over 2 bucks per year). I can't believe it took this long to get one this good!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Dcheeks30
    I gave it four stars just because there's always room for the best that I've seen by far with accuracy of weather.
  • Storm Weather App 5/5

    By blessedwithgracenmercy
    I love this app. Not good at watching the news but this app has been pretty accurate & helps me to prepare for the next day. I catch the bus a lot so I try to make sure I'm prepared.
  • You can remove ads! 5/5

    By Parenthoodless
    Came to complain about the ad issue and found the solution in the reviews.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By CatherineTheGreat37
    Use it all the time
  • Storm 5/5

    By Insp01
    Excellent I can see what is coming.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Blue wolf 47
    Great does super job in my area love this app does wonderful job
  • Poor update 1/5

    Whoever's awful idea it was too remove the ad free version needs to be fired
  • Is ok 3/5

    By Dano5857
    Don't care for the adds
  • Covers everything 5/5

    By TackyKid-pinoccio55
    Beautiful complete app. Can't ask for more.
  • Ads are back?! 1/5

    By one sane
    Used to be able to purchase an ad free version. They got rid of it, so I'm getting rid of the app. Deleted.
  • Love the quick data 5/5

    By 2ptwo
    This is the fastest storm tracker I've found. I love the lightning and tornado locators and related alerts. The app consistently alerts me ahead of weather channel or AccuWeather.
  • Was… Best Weather App …EVER! 1/5

    By IndianaDigital
    Ad-free subscriptions have been discontinued; UNACCEPTABLE! — I'll be leaving Storm for RadarScope and other apps that don't bombard me with distracting advertisements. I'm a NWS storm-spotter in Indiana and I've tried a lot of weather apps for the iPhone and iPad over the last few years. "Storm" by Weather Underground tops them all. The radar display offers a vast assortment of layers and being able to see the various reporting weather stations is a real bonus! I can view metrics from my AcuRite weather station right on the map. I use Storm and RadarScope (from Base Velocity) as my two primary Storm-chasing apps. #INWX KINGREEN66
  • Very nice..... 5/5

    By JerryMoose 2
    Up to the minute weather info right at my fingertips!😎
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By MB53MB
    Have been able to open app for last several weeks. Has always been my favorite weather app until now.
  • This app is falling behind 2/5

    By JPrecisionTint
    April 28 2017 - app is way behind now. Data isn't current. I remember when it was the best weather app around....
  • 10 minute Radar delay. No add free option. 1/5

    Lately the radar has been about 10 minutes behind. During tornado season this is way too far behind. Also they removed the ad free purchase option. I hate the ads. I am happy to pay to remove them. If the 1.99 wasn't enough to cover costs then raise it. Please fix the radar delay and bring back an ad free option.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Lyden2233
    No longer ad-free, no longer on my phone!
  • Awesome best weather app. 5/5

    By loudogcentral
    By far and away best app
  • The BEST weather ap 5/5

    By lwr1943
    The features and ease of use make this the best for all weather needs
  • Old version was better 4/5

    By Stevekrys
    Old version was better
  • Add my voice to the others... 1/5

    By winsomebulldog
    I've paid for ad-free service for years, but now I no longer have that option? Seriously? 😠 The obnoxious ads make the screen showing daily/hourly forecasts so tiny that it's almost useless, even on my iPad! I seriously cannot fathom why you'd take an app that was the best at what it did & remove functionality. It's the epitome of idiocy. So congrats, WU. You've alienated countless former fans with one stupid decision. Well done. 🙄
  • The best 5/5

    By Redfeesh
    I love the Storm app. All of the information and options for what you want to see on the screen are nice. The radar is accurate enough where I live that I can actually predict if it will rain at my home and roughly estimate how much.
  • No way now to remove ads 2/5

    By crashmstr
    This had been my go-to app on iPad and iPhone, and the $1.99 a year to remove ads was a great deal. Now, they no longer have a subscription to remove ads (my sub expired recently, which is how I found this out) and the ads take up a huge amount of space on the iPad. Deleted off my devices and looking for alternatives.
  • Snakatack 5/5

    By Snackatack.
    Liked it much better when, for a couple of bucks, could be rid of those pesky ads.
  • Reliable and Detailed 5/5

    By ymeister
    Most dependable weather app filled with detailed pertinent weather information. I've used a considerable number of weather apps in the past and none have come close to the performance and features this app has to offer.
  • Ads 3/5

    By Gumbo 70427
    I would give it 4 stars if they hadn't stopped offering ad-free. I don't mind paying a few dollars a year to eliminate the ads. They probably make more on the ads.
  • Best app, worst ad removal 4/5

    By Shooshie
    This was the best weather app ever, and still is, but they've made ad-removal very hard to do. You must log-in to Weather Underground app, not Storm, sign in and remove ads there, then come back to Storm, sign out and sign in again. Where do you sign in/out? In the Ad Removal area, which you now may be skipping over, thinking that it's newly non-functional. Sign-in is there, but only hidden in the "Remove Ads" menu. You can't remove the ads directly from Storm anymore without this two-app approach, BUT YOU CAN STILL REMOVE ADS IF YOU FOLLOW THOSE DIRECTIONS. Bad design, WU, really bad design. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Storm supercedes Intellicast and takes its place as the Best Weather App on the iPad, iPhone, and related devices. When you live in the Midwest, having access to clear, accurate, complete, and timely weather information can mean the difference between life and death. TVs are a problem when the power goes out, and they aren't always looking at where you live, so the TV is an anachronism in modern weather forecasting. Either you use a mobil device running Storm, or you leave your fate to chance, along with those you love. Let's be clear about something from the start: Storm is a big improvement over Intellicast. I used and loved Intellicast daily for many years, and I know every feature in it. All of them. They are still there, except for nationwide lightning symbols (they'll probably add it later). Lightning strike symbols in your area can still be viewed, though it's on a separate map for alerts. The best changes are in the interface. A swipe of the finger can take you from map to data and back again. No more digging in a menu to get back to the map. You can set the notifications for alerts, including the distance for it to report rain or lightning. (default is 10 miles) Storm will follow you wherever you go, always showing the nearest weather information and alerts on the map. It will access nearby private weather stations for local temperatures and wind speeds that you simply cannot get from big network-based weather stations which only show you the readings from their offices, which are often downtown in big cities where the weather is quite different from that of the suburbs. (concrete, heat, tall buildings produce a weather of their own, btw) You can save favorite locations instantly by tapping and holding on the map, then clicking "add location" when the local info pops up. Couldn't get any easier than that. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods... you can track everything in real time (or as real as it gets), and plan your evasive actions as necessary. A ruler icon allows you to drag a path from any points to measure distances, so you can better estimate how much time you have before a storm reaches you. We have followed in real time and great pain the tornados that have leveled neighborhoods in and around our area and the various tornado alleys of the Midwest and Texas. The tornados show up in Storm before we hear about them from weathercasters, and many we have seen in Storm we never hear about elsewhere until after-the-fact. We have given iPads to loved ones (including the elderly) who always get them out and follow Storm to track tornados coming their way. It's one of the few things they take with them to their cellars. Someone said the data is 20 minutes delayed. That's not true. Some data may be slightly delayed, but most of it is there instantly or within a couple minutes. I've timed it. The longest was an earthquake, whose data took maybe 5 minutes to show up. (Surprise; the most powerful, consistent daily earthquakes are in Oklahoma, not the Pacific Rim! But we get frequent quakes in Dallas, too.) There have been many negative reviews, some claiming other apps (or using several other apps together, rather than one great app) are better than Storm. I laugh at the suggestion. It's silly. Storm is the best app out there. I've bought over 30 weather apps. Nothing (including several apps combined) comes close. Please familiarize yourself with ALL its features, learn to set the distances and location preferences for warnings, the types of data you want on-screen or accessible quickly with on-screen buttons. (yes, you can customize the interface) Learn what the fan-shaped graphics are with their various shapes and colors. Red-triangles mean tornados. The fan shows the probable direction and speed. Tap it for pages of more information, including the height of the cloud, which tends to shoot up when a mesocyclone (yellow square and fan) is about to break into a tornado. Show surface winds or jet stream winds (yes, they're still there, despite someone who said they are not) to get an idea of what's brewing for the next couple of days. Show the front indicators for broad-ranging weather movements. One more time: this app can save your life. Don't depend on a weather app that can barely tell you what clothes to wear. They may be pretty, but they won't help you when a tornado is bearing down on you. Nor will an app that requires expert meteorological training to interpret. Storm is the app for emergencies. Don't be caught without it. Put it on every mobil app you own. Make sure your children know how to use it. Spread the word to your neighbors, friends and family. I don't own stock; I'm not shilling for Weather Underground. I'm a believer in this app who for several years now have depended on it and Intellicast before it to keep my family safe. (and it has) Decide for yourself; don't go by the oddly negative reviews. (one wonders at their motivations) Try this app and learn all its nooks and crannies. See what it can do. Someday soon your life may literally depend on it.
  • No longer 5 star 3/5

    By Mr. Wrigglesworth
    I hate the ads. I loved being able to pay to have no ads. So sad you changed. I'm looking for a new weather app. I have loved the long term hour by hour forecast. Has helped me plan long trips. Really sad that ads have destroyed my pleasure in the app.
  • no good for Asia 1/5

    By AC1689
    radar not show in Asia, radar coverage just 10% of Taiwan.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Greg Czarny
    It's unfortunate that they removed the Ad-Free experience. Ads are awful and I definitely don't mind paying to get rid of them
  • Ad Free 5/5

    By Wis Wild Weasel
    Thank you DeanOfMyrtleBeach! My Storm app is ad free again thanks to the steps you provided.
  • From 5-Star to One 1/5

    My family and I have enjoyed the ad-free version of this App for over 2 years. It was my default weather app. However, it appears this paid ad-free version will no longer be offered. This is a shame. I will be looking for a replacement weather app immediately.
  • Storm is still AD-FREE! Read how-to in my review! 5/5

    By VisionaryPilot
    Update: Back to 5 stars, but please update the 'Remove Ads' description within Storm! It's killing you! Only reason I realized I needed to purchase a one-year ad-free subscription through the original WeatherUnderground app was because another reviewer mentioned it! This should not be the case. Please make it VERY CLEAR to your Customers and shepherd them through the process. That's the proper way to provide Customer Service and retain Customer Loyalty. Nearly had the divorce papers signed, WeatherUndergroud/Storm Team! Glad we've worked it out... for now 🙂 I will continue to require this app as a fantastic supplemental flight planning tool to all of my students. You provide one of the best, most data-rich interfaces available. You should go talk to ForeFlight. You've got a clear opportunity with the Aviation market! Storm's interface somehow joining forces with ForeFlight would register on the Richter Scale! No kidding. I even show this app to airline pilots, frequently, and they're floored by the amount of data available, and how well it is all laid out. I was originally interested because you were the only developers providing an app that displayed the various frontal systems and precipitation signatures simultaneously. What I uncovered was a treasure trove of other precious gems! Don't even get me started about the beautiful, genius, Apple Watch App. Let's just say it is ALWAYS on my watch face. Period. All this for just $2 per year! Yes, please! 🙌🏾 If you're a weather geek, this app and subscription is a no-brainer. Original: As a flight instructor, this was one of my favorite, most-crucial apps. Not only did I use it, but required it of all my students! Now this non-sense about being unable to remove ads has me looking for another weather app. I hope a competitor steps up to the plate or the developers of this app reconsider this horrible decision. C'mon! Get it together!

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