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Keep your eye on the sky with Storm Radar by Weather Underground. High definition radar, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and real-time severe weather alerts make this the best app to have by your side when weather is closing in. View current conditions, daily or hourly forecasts at a glance and in a more detailed view. Now available free for iPhone and iPad! Features INTERACTIVE MAP • Radar: The highest resolution (250m) radar showing interactive animations for past and future data • Single site sweeping radar: get near real-time data from each radar site. Choose the radar site nearest your current location and view real-time reports on reflectivity and velocity. • Global Radar: An experimental radar layer with worldwide coverage. It combines existing radar data with a computer model proxy when data is not available. • Storm Tracks: Storm Tracks utilize the most advanced severe weather algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of an impending storm. This includes a storm strength rating, detailed components of the storm (such as wind, hail, lightning, and tornadoes), the speed and direction of the storm, populated cities in its path, the precipitation rate, and much more. • Severe Outlooks: See the overall severe weather threat for the next 3 days with details available by tapping on any risk level visible on the map. • Lightning: View lightning 100 miles around your selected location (Continental US only) • More: Full screen map with customizable data layers including: animated surface and jet stream level winds, earthquakes, fronts, tropical data, severe weather alerts, and more APPLE WATCH Experience Storm Radar on your Apple Watch! Configure the Glance view directly on your Watch to view the weather data most important to you. View real-time alerts for precipitation, lightning and severe weather. Access Storm Radar data through Apple Watch Complications. WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE! • Push notifications for precipitation, lightning (within a customizable radius) and detailed NOAA and Environment Canada severe weather alerts. • In-App alerts for precipitation, lightning and weather alerts from the NOAA, Environment Canada, MeteoAlarm and The Weather Companies • Hyper-local weather data powered by Weather Underground's network of over 250,000 personal weather stations • Tap on current conditions, daily or hourly forecasts to view more detailed weather data in list or graph view • Social weather: share storm tracking and radar data with your friends and family via text message, email, Facebook, or Twitter • Today widget for iOS 10 or higher showing real-time alerts for lightning, precipitation, and severe weather • Available for iPhone and iPad • Privacy policy can be found at: • Terms of Use can be found at: ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Mr 3/5

    By E Kansas
    Very disappointed add free subscription removed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Okiecalvin
    A real lifesaver when the TV goes out and you need accurate storm info
  • Storm app 5/5

    By Bear Paws Massage
    Helps up here in no man's land where it is sparsely populated and don't get great weather service from TV. Good to be informed and feel safe during inclement weather! Thank you!
  • DONE! 1/5

    By Absolutely None
    The app itself is good, and I don't mind paying a small fee for ad-free. BUT...the app is discontinuing ad-free AND won't respond to a question. Time to delete and find something better!
  • Time to delete 1/5

    By None1.
    Was a great app but with ads now you lose almost 20% of the screen.
  • Heres UR review! 5/5

    By ElWoodHenessee
    I Like It!!!!!!😎👍
  • how about a refund 1/5

    By Steven Estrada
    paid to remove ads. now get a popup they cancelled that and ads are back. nothing about how to get a refund
  • No more ad free offered 1/5

    By Zombie Bacon
    I've been a subscriber for years and was informed it will no longer be offered. This is a slap in the face for all your loyal supporters. Good job! I will delete it now.
  • Great App 5/5

    By bfisher003
    When bad weather is around this is my go to app to track it, no matter where I am. We use it extensively when RV'ing around the country.
  • Accuracy in Question 3/5

    By Mwietro
    I first noticed inaccuracies with current wind speeds. We were having an extremely windy day, but Storm showed just 4mph winds. Now I've noticed inaccuracies with current temperatures. Storm said 93 degrees yesterday, but the official high temp for our area was only 88. Not sure where app is getting its local data from, but these inaccuracies with current conditions are troubling. I don't have much confidence in the forecast data. Also, the forecast changes constantly. I was watching our chances of rain for today, and it changed from 20% to 60% to 0% all within an hour. It is impossible to plan more than an hour ahead.
  • No Ads?!?! 1/5

    By ComputerTech182
    This was by far the best weather app on iPad. After my subscription expired I discovered ads could no longer be removed. Time to delete!
  • Can't turn off ads any more 3/5

    By later2day
    This is my go to app for weather. I use it all the time and recommended it always. Then this morning I have ads. No problem, subscription must have run out. I sign in and they no longer offer the choice of subscribing to remove ads. Bad move. I saw where paying to remove ads in their sister app removes the ads in Storm as well so I did that and it worked. I don't really care much for wunderground, I won't use it, but had to do that in order to go ad free. Not cool.

    By App Hog 1
    I keep a black background because the brightness triggers MIGRAINES! Am now using AWESOME dual-screen (on iPads) RadarScope! It RELIABLY updates every two minutes, like STORM used to. Major FAIL for WU since adding ads! I have it on black background and now getting bright white FLASHING ads across the whole top of the screen! I refuse to use it until they are gone!
  • Cert. Emergency Manager 5/5

    By OG Claiborne EMA 1
    I wish this app, well apps period, were around while doing Emergency Management. This is designed to give you the info you want and need quickly. Excellent
  • Ads are a deal-breaker 1/5

    By MMKtx
    I have used this as my main weather app since it was Intellicast and happily paid to have ads removed. Since opting out of ads is no longer a choice I have moved on.
  • Most accurate !!! 4/5

    By Raptor2009
    We're busy folks that don't have time to watch the local weather on the tv so this app is perfect for us. Accurate forecasts for any place. Whether it be for work , vacation, home or business trips , STORM has us covered.
  • Ads killed the app 1/5

    By d_kapp
    This was my favorite weather app until they forced their ads on me. I've deleted my weather underground account and deleted the app.
  • My go to weather app 4/5

    By Downriverdude
    This app has just about every feature you might need in a weather app - radar loops that's you can Zoom in and out on, and all kinds of customizations for overlays like Lightning strikes, wind speed and direction, and more. There's so many features in fact it can be a little confusing and you can easily clutter up your map view, but after practicing with it and experimenting with the layers and overlays you can customize it to your needs. If you want just one good weather app this would be a top choice.
  • Best Weather App out there 5/5

    By MsMarvel29
    This app has all the features that anyone who is interested in keeping an eye out on the weather, especially when it turns Ugly. You are able to see exactly where the storms, tornados....ect are headed. Recommended for all. Enjoy!!! dpetunia29 😎
  • Way to screw up a good thing 1/5

    By jack in seattle
    WU, you want to make a few more bucks, go ahead, charge for no-ads subscription, most people happy to pay, but don't give us junky ads racing across the screen and no way to get rid of them. Until you do, you have lost my eyeballs and many more. If there was a way to give you minus stars, I would.
  • Now ads start showing up 1/5

    By zydecomo
    I got this app a couple of years ago and it was great also got marine forcast. Now ads are popping up and it crashes or is very slow. What happened? I will be looking for a different app that is more stable.
  • Good all in one 4/5

    By crl713
    Good all in one weather app. Handy handy good quality radar and brief overview which could be drilled down easily. The local weather station is great for my woods area and pretty much matches my own readings. It is what I'm using now, and bought the ad-free. Hope weatherunderground keeps this app maintained.
  • From the best to annoying 2/5

    By Bonzeye57
    I loved Storm! Clean interface, a massive amount of information. Now it's a strobe flashing in my face. I understand you need to make $$ and you deserve to. How about a a subscription?
  • No ad option removed, down goes my rating. 1/5

    By rsarvie
    With the removal of the no-ads option I was gladly paying for, my review is decreased. Bring back no ads please.
  • Backward thinking 1/5

    By FLplayer
    Have used this app since it started. Being an avid boater was ecstatic when it was added... I recommended it to anyone that would listen. Would pay ten times what was being charged.... now you removed it and turned the app into just another so-so weather app. Very disappointed. Guess not all changes are progress. Sure decisions being made are money driven. Going back to using NOAA.
  • So close. 1/5

    By Adam522666
    What the heck is taking up so much space??? Also not being able to remove ads is a move in the wrong direction. Heck I'll pay more than $2 just let me remove them! UPDATE: Still the best weather app but I've had to drop my rating because the app takes up a ridiculous amount of space. Currently over 500mb of data and and I can't understand what they are needing to cache that would take up that much changes all the time...radar changes all the what on earth are you saving at that taking up over 500mb? Fix this and my rating will be back to 5 stars. Update: Videos can now be hidden so I've updated my rating to 4 stars. The best weather app out there (and I feel like I've tried them all). Not so sure about the new daily view...I really like the old way better but I'm sure I'll get use to it. One thing I'm not too excited about is the Videos section. The thing that makes this app great is there isn't a bunch of unneeded stuff (until now). PLEASE don't turn this in to a bloated app with unneeded sections or at least give me an option to disable what I don't want.
  • Meh, not what it used to be. 1/5

    By StreetMedic380
    Can we get Intellicast back, please? In no particular order: What the heck in this app is taking up 2.67 GB of space in my phone's memory?! It's the third largest app on my phone, and number one is Music, with a library of almost 1,000 songs. Makes no sense. Precipitation alerts are a waste. Time and again it taps me on the shoulder to tell me it detects precipitation within ten miles of my location ... when it has already been raining for hours. Thanks for the heads up. Why, oh why, in God's name would you do away with the ad-free subscription version of the app? Are you daft? See you later, gang. Deleting. I'll check back in a couple of months and see if you came to your senses.
  • Wish easier to select PWS 3/5

    By dsienko
    Easier PWS would be nicer, also where's the Android.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By MTGMAN1
    This works wonderfully. We use often for planning golf, recreation, and trips into and through the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
  • Terrific Weather App 5/5

    By SF Peaches
    Very easy to use, gives me pertinent information very concisely. The radar works really well and the ads seem to be the least obtrusive of any free weather app I've used!!
  • Review 5/5

    By roughouse
    Great info for even our little town of Port Ludlow. Good inf.
  • Can't remove adds 1/5

    By RVR57
    I hate the adds! Pay to remove adds has been turned off! I'd happily pay annually to have these horrible adds removed. The adds make Storm look like any other cheap unpopular weather app. I've used this app for years and always paid to remove adds, I will never own an app that forces you to view them so I removed 4 stars. Prior to your decision this is how my 5 star review read: Previous 5 Star Review: A fantastic weather app that's reliable, detailed and feature-rich. The app has a wide selection of forecast data, radar and satellite maps. The interface is easy to use and provides a wealth of information. The map overlays provide live data that you rarely see in weather apps like fronts, wind speed, wind direction, lightning and more! I'd love to see the addition of a "temperature badge" which would show the current locations temperature on the apps icon and a 24 hour detailed barometer trend scale so you can view passed barometric pressure trends more easily. Currently it just shows a small line, more detail would be appreciated.
  • Get Rid of Ads 1/5

    By AJL51
    This was my "go to" weather radar app until I suddenly started seeing those large, blinking and annoying ads appear at the top of the screen. I wrote the developers to reconsider the decision to not offering an ad-free option. what is the probability of that happening?: about the same as rain in Death Valley in July! Looking for another app in the meantime.
  • Best weather app I've found! 5/5

    By Jefffra
    This app gives you the weather and tells you when it's coming. I've used the weather channel, weather underground, AccuWeather, and many more and this one is by far my favorite. It gives you second by second detailed weather. I just love it! Helped me get through a storm!
  • No longer a Winner 1/5

    By Protector57
    This was among the best after Intellicast was discontinued. But removing the ability to buy an ad free version drops it to the bottom of the pack. A real shame customers are ignored. I don't begrudge them for making a profit, but not offering an ad free version at any price smacks of blatant disregard for the clients they allegedly serve. Time to find a new weather app.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By BronxBilly
    Much preferred the former. I find this version difficult to navigate. It is colorful, however.
  • Forcing Ads 1/5

    By Adam279Miller
    Now forces ads. Delete.
  • Ad removal is confusing 4/5

    By Derring-Doer
    You can't remove ads from the app within the app. You have to do it from the Wunderground app. I figured this out by reading the reviews here; it was not explained within Storm. Other than that, this is a fantastic app.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Taylorfan32
    I live in Tornado alley and have used this app exclusively to keep up to date on weather. I also paid for an ad free experience, now the ads are intrusive and I'm not given an option to pay to get rid of them. This was an incredibly short sided business decision. I'm going to have to find a new app to rely on that won't force me to put up with ads. Suggestion to the owners of this app, might want to take some business 101 courses.
  • Absolutely the Best! 5/5

    By IzzyNole
    I have at least five weather apps on my phones and I was always switching back and forth for different info. This has it all! The lightening and storm track is so helpful. On the iPad and and iPhone Plus you can measure the distance. It is outstanding!
  • Useful and comprehensive 4/5

    By PB Maryland
    Once you get used to he way Storm packs info onto your phone screen, it's easy to use. Yes there's a little strip of ad space at the top. I don't have any trouble ignoring it.
  • Surely... 1/5

    Removing the ad-free in-app purchase option has to be a joke, right?
  • Works as expected! 5/5

    By Simplesimplesimple65233
    Does exactly as it's designed
  • Good app. Say no to ads. 5/5

    By Gh1949
    I really like this app. It gives me all the information that I need in a concise, easy to read format. I also have WU and find that I use both equally. I hope that the owners change their minds about ads as I will find a different app if they quit allowing ad free subscriptions. When I am trying to use an app such as this, it is extremely annoying to have ads getting in the way of the information. When that is the case, I generally note the ad and try to avoid buying the advertised product or service. CONTINUE THE PAID AD FREE SUBSCRIPTION. RATING IS 5 without ads and 3 with.
  • Remove ADS.... 1/5

    By zibrah
    Great weather app until the ability to remove ads has been taken away. Those ads just ruined it!
  • Used to be good!! 1/5

    By firemanwaldo
    This was by far the best weather app for me. I had the subscription version that allowed no advertising. Now they are advertising? I will NOT be using this app anymore. Ridiculous!!
  • Hate the ad placement but otherwise great 4/5

    By TeachNTech
    The placement of the ads at the top of the screen are near other buttons so it's easy to accidentally hit the ad, and get taken to a full advertisement, when I'm trying to select a different location.
  • Ads?? 1/5

    By pete2001
    This used to be my go-to radar product.. but without the ability to remove ads, Bye Bye!! Radar scope is a superior product anyway. And there are plenty of more attractive products out there for forecast data.
  • Was the best, but new changes bad 1/5

    By Walt457
    It was the very best weather app until they dropped the option to pay for an ad free subscription. They also eliminated the option for monitoring tides, and sea navigation. If they want more money, than charge more, but don't drop services.
  • App crashes constantly 2/5

    By Smooth1991m
    App crashes literally every few seconds! It is super annoying! I wish they'd fix this!

Storm Radar app comments

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