Straight Talk My Account

Straight Talk My Account

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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Straight Talk My Account App

Take command of your wireless service, anywhere at any time! The Straight Talk My Account App lets you manage most aspects of your wireless service right from your phone. Here is how it works: -Once downloaded, open the app and after agreeing with the End User License agreement, you will have the option to log in (if you already have a Straight Talk Account) or you can create an account by selecting Create an Account. - Once logged in, you will be able to see your Service End Date, keep track of your Data Usage, refill your Airtime by selecting Buy Airtime or Add Airtime if you have an Airtime PIN. -Other features include Auto-Refill Enrollment, Reserve management, Credit Card management, Adding or Deleting a Device from the Account, viewing your transaction history or you can use our retail locator. Airtime PINs are located on the back of the Straight Talk Service Card. To read the PIN on the Straight Talk Service Card, simply locate the grey strip on the back of the card. Scratch off the gray strip in order to reveal the Service Card PIN. Not a Straight Talk customer? Switch now! Visit us at for more information


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Straight Talk My Account app reviews

  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By jbuitunes
    I’m an existing account holder and got the app so that I wouldn’t have to go to my computer every time I wanted to purchase minutes. I’ve literally had the app freezes up every time I try to log into it. It’s worthless.
  • Really slow 2/5

    By MSGpredator67
    It’s way slower than the website I can if it would be faster then it would be great other than that it just never loads
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By Wyndwillow
    Took less time to install than it did to purchase..With that being said I was delighted that the install went so quickly and with no trouble I did install from the web site so that may be the way to go.. Up and running in less than 3 minutes so far so good...
  • Not letting me login 1/5

    By BIGFOOT46789
    NOT Letting me login
  • Widget problem 2/5

    By Dogddddd
    For some reason the widget app is broken and It shows what data I used like three months ago. Not current data usage, Please fix this issue.
  • iOS Widget 2/5

    By Vitor Rossi
    The widget option on iOS does not update. It displays the first info as of when you download the app, and that is what it continuously displays. Needs to be fixed.
  • Please update 2/5

    By Skullage99
    I like the app it’s really useful,but the control center widget doesn’t update on my iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dry or die
    No one including StraightTalk support can get this Ap to function/open?
  • App / widget 3/5

    By renegade2032
    App works fine. The widget works for about a day and no one fixes it.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By NaurelIl
    Rarely loads/takes forever to load. Incessant reminders about service end date with no option to opt out.
  • The Worst 1/5

    By JRW928
    Worst. App. Ever. It never accepts my login and I know I’m typing it in correctly. To be sure I used the right email address I clicked on the forgot email link. It asked for my zip code but won’t accept what I type. It wants six digits. Zip codes are five digits in America. The dumbest person on Earth must develop this app.
  • PSA on Create Account trouble!! 4/5

    By moosenmeese
    If you go to the ST website and make your new account there, the choosing of a security question is not a problem. Now for a review. It's not great, but not bad. It's usable, and does what I need. Mainly seeing how much data I've used and adding airtime quick and easy. Only true downside of the app for me, after dealing with the crappy new account issue, is that the stupid widget won't load. I have not tried activating a device, or adding another device in the app. Ymmv on that.
  • Keeps asking me to pick a security question to answer....but there are no choices. Plz help. 1/5

    By cmb12000
    Can’t finish set up my account.
  • App won't setup your device unless you use Facebook account 1/5

    By Tigerwoogs
    Don't even bother trying if you don't want to use your Facebook account to setup your device.
  • Security question? 1/5

    By TDroyle
    I can't get past the security question pop up with no option to make one. Unfortunately I'll just delete this app if I can't even use it.
  • Question 1/5

    By Crypling depression
    To make my account the app asks for a security question, but there isn’t a field to enter anything into
  • The Widget is broken. 2/5

    By Gremland
    App works fine but the quick access widget stopped working about the time they did the last update. Has been stuck on 2 gigs to go from last month!
  • It asks me to select a security question 1/5

    By Britnidyan
    I can't create an account because it asks for a security question and there is no place for me to select one. Completely useless to me.
  • Cannot add my account 1/5

    By Western145wrestler
    Every time I try to make an account i get all the way to creating a password as I try and save account it tells me to pick a security question. Yet there is no security question available to click on. Like it’s lagging to pop up tried while hooked up to WiFi still would not pop up
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Kem.Kem97
    I like this app but the only thing that annoys me is how many times it notifies you when your service end date is when you go back to the main dashboard.
  • POS! 1/5

    By Evo driver
    Horrible product. Horrible app. Horrible company.
  • Error 1/5

    By Sledd57
    It tells me that I need to chose a security question but gives me no option to select one. If I can't create an account then this is is useless.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Sbtaylor
    Works great so far. I was able to swiftly and easily add a new data card. Did have a problem when I tried to register for an account, though. Entered the needed info, hit save account, and got a pop up saying to pick a security question but didn't see a field to do so. I'm guessing a glitch in the system or possibly just my phone. Still keeping the app, because I like being able to input the data cards myself :)
  • Please support Apple Watch LTE. The app is pretty good. 5/5

    By grumpythedwarf
    The app is fine and pretty useful. I am pretty bummed I can’t use the Apple Watch with your service.
  • New update 2/5

    By BJAM's
    The new update wont let me see my own data only the other phone on my plan and i don't know how much i have left.
  • -_-😡😡😡 1/5

    By Vlr1414
    The app is pointless. It doesn't accept any of my information and won't let me add a device or literally do anything the app is supposed to do. Same as the website. Get your crap together straight talk!!!!! 😡😡😡
  • Won't allow login on new iPhone 1/5

    By dcypher64
    Uninstalled....c'mon programmers, fix your code?! Same login credentials work on PC/web.
  • I have to change password for every login 1/5

    By miredoti
    Horrible app
  • Interesting. I don't understand what all the negative reviews are about. 5/5

    By DominatorIV
    This app works near perfectly. I had no issues logging in, I get my information I need, so on and so forth. Only issue I've noticed is I can't access notifications or settings unless I logout and login again. So yeah, not sure what all the negativity is about.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Brimon19
    This app is the WORST! Every single time I open it, it makes me log in again. When I put the CORRECT email and password, it says it's wrong and I have to create a new password. Every single time. It never works, it's completely useless.
  • Trash!! 1/5

    By abmiral302psn
    Got the phone a month ago for my son and have never been able to log in because it always gives an error message! Straight talk PLEASE fix your freaking app and website. My 10 year old could do a better job! Seriously
  • 20% useful 2/5

    By Fats Dulange
    May be useful to see your data usage when it allows you to log in, but if you want to do other things including adding airtime.. forget it! Pathetic app, but great cell service. Go figure.
  • Internal error 1/5

    By Classicrun
    Doesn't work. "Technical difficulties" here and at customer service.
  • Error 1/5

    By Lupon3rd
    I am getting an OSB-3800 error and can't login
  • Dosent Work 1/5

    By Patricia B. Kay
    Il keeps crashing
  • All those negative comments are true 1/5

    By avengerbulldog
    The only time I've been able to log into my account twice in a row without problems was once after having the escalation team resolve this. However that has never happened again. The website has been worse, if not equally poor. But that's probably due to the fact that I tried at least a dozen times to get this resolved with tech support. I downloaded this app hoping I would be able to manage my account, then deleted it when I got the same login errors. I'm convinced that level 1 support can't resolve any issues outside of what can be solved by the script they run you through. It is nearly impossible to have an issue escalated, and then the fix you get from the escalation team only works for a short time.
  • Fast and helpful customer service 5/5

    By BoBsopmac
    I contacted customer service through the app and was immediately helped. My grandmother has been using this service for years and has never complained of problems.
  • Password issue 1/5

    By Newuser2777777887
    It will not accept the same username and password created their web site.
  • 1 star is to good for this app 1/5

    By DragonShark16
    Can never login even though I know the login info is correct. This app is nothing more than a pile of crap!
  • Crashes constantly. 1/5

    By Jarek Bannister
    I try to check how close my data is. I go to use the app it says I need to log in. So I log in then it flashes to next screen saying I need to log in. I keep doing that 6 or 7 times before I just give up. It doesn't work for any practical purpose. Fix your stuff!!!!
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Smallville30!
    I put on phone to check balance and add phone cards. I can log in , but cannot add device. It always says something went wrong. I called straight talk and they said everything was connected, and I should be able to login. Still cant You cannot go any further if you are not able to add device. I used to be able to do this w/o adding device. No point of having app if you are not able to use it, and company does not seem to care to fix it, or how to take care of problem. Would get 0 stars if up to me.
  • Unstable and Unreliable 1/5

    By Iowa Teddybear
    This app worked sporadically for several months and then stopped recognizing my password. When I clicked on "Forgot your password" and entered my email address, I saw a message that informed me that my password had been successfully sent, but no email message ever appeared in my inbox.
  • Works fine 4/5

    By artwerx
    I saw a lot reviews about the app not saving log-in info and not working but they must have fixed that. It works great, shows my usage, renew date, rewards, etc.
  • Lol 1/5

    By Booty fresh
    I just wanted to say the bourgeoisie will crumble
  • Good 4/5

    By Dawson2928
    Very good for checking how much data you use
  • Just like Walmart, Trash 1/5

    By ChadrickTD
    If you want good phone service & a good app you've absolutely come to the WRONG place. Good news though, my straight talk iPhone works on Verizon prepaid with excellent service & the same price!
  • bag steamin pile of it 1/5

    By BlackDonaldTrump
    first off- when you login and hit save my info it never does, ever, so make sure you keep that 700 digit any MEID card with you... it will not work work properly with hotspot tracking ... it says send a text message (which is a hotspot so you can't send a text message) if you want to manage your data... I do imagine what I think it would say if you did work right and that's pretty good I guess. also the main point of the app is probably so you can buy a service plan within the app itself, The spinner roulette wheel of excuses I've gotten validation errors / invalid card / network error / blue da ba de da ba di / etc. so i just go back to the ST website which works well. that you are I mean honestly every time and I want to do something fun or exciting you make it out that way I hate so much about the things that you choose to be? if you are for looking for an app that causes enjoy general frustration and lack of rationale + wastes time... you found it look no further !

    By Ebaxter1990
    This app is garbage. It won't let you log in or create a new account it says you can log in with Facebook but nope. This is a free app and it's not worth it.
  • TERRIBLE! 1/5

    By Rafy360
    Terrible.. It won't even log me in It keeps saying wrong password. And when I fix the password then the email is wrong it says, so I don't know what's wrong with this app but it's not working at all for me both on Android and iPhone 6..
  • Password Doesn't Work 1/5

    By mp3andrew
    After creating a password it will only work once, then claim that the login is invalid. This happens on both the website and iPhone app. I've reset the password many times with no luck. This has been an ongoing issue.

Straight Talk My Account app comments


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