Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game

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  • Current Version: 1.0.244
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: BonusXP, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stranger Things: The Game App

Stranger Things is back! Prepare for Season 2 of the award winning show by joining Hopper and the kids on a new, action-packed adventure. * It's 1984 all over again. Experience an action adventure game just like the ones our heroes would have played back in the day. * Explore Hawkins and its surroundings. See your favorite locations like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab. Uncover exciting areas you've never seen before! * Solve puzzles with the unique abilities of each character. Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has an entire collection of bats to swing this time. * Collect all the Eggos and Gnomes you can lay your hands on. You never know what they might unlock... * Compete with your friends' Speed Run times on leaderboards and social media.


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  • Favorite mobile game ever!!! 5/5

    By ThatCubanGuy
    Loved the game and really look forward to sequels.
  • It's great except... 5/5

    By disappointed customer ??
    I downloaded this yesterday and everything was pretty good, it's the only game app I have and I'm addicted! Except when I opened it today the audio wasn't working. While the settings said "Sound: on" and "Music: on" while it showed me that I couldn't hear anything! My phone is fine too it's just this game's audio is off somehow? Please help me fix this?
  • Could not stop playing 5/5

    By Miss Allie
    What a great game!!! I wish there were more out like this because I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • No more problems! 5/5

    By JazzyGhost
    So, yesterday I completed the first dungeon.All was well and good until I log back on today and find my progress is GONE.So I did a test.I started a new game, logged off, shut the app off, and then joined back.Sure enough, that save file was gone as well.From what I played, the game was amazing.But I cant play the game until this bug is fixed.By the way, I am using an iPad Mini 2, so that may have something to do with it.But anyways, this game is amazing, would definitely recommend.Just try the test that I did to see if your game is bugged too. After Update Great!My progress has been restored, and I can play again.But wait.My game crashes after 5 seconds.Im stuck in the Hawkins Laboratory, and crash after every 5 seconds, or move towards the book next to the television.I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I still can’t play.I’ll try a few more times, but if it doesn’t work, there’s another bug that needs to be fixed.Props to the developers for fixing the first bug though, that was very helpful. Update Tried a few more times, and it worked.No more bugs to fix from where I’m at.This game is truly amazing, and if I see any more bugs I’ll be sure to keep updating this review.
  • NO glitches, Fun gameplay, Strategic, And is VERY clever!! 5/5

    By Adelai Scranton
    I am a HUGE fan of stranger things and cannot wait for season two to come out soon! This game is literally PERFECT for ST fans and still amazing even if you aren’t One! This game makes you think, strategize while also have fun. Nothing takes too long or too short of time to complete and is always fun to play! My #1 favorite game on my iPhone

    By Buckeye State Girl
    I love stranger things and am completely obsessed with it when i hears there was going to be a game I freaked out and downloaded it right away the day it came out. This is the best game ever it is very challenging with more characters along the way! This is the best app EVER!!!!!🦄🦄🦄🦄
  • Honestly best game app ever 5/5

    By rpbobby
    This is the best game app I have ever played in the iPhone.
  • DO NOT UPDATE. Loved it until I updated. Lost everything! 2/5

    By Yosemite Sam's wife
    A few hours of fun adventure play that I was recommending to everyone when I ran the updates on my phone and lost everything. Just deleting it now. Not going to waste hours playing again if it will just get deleted with the next update. I hope others aren’t as unlucky. Truly disappointing. Fun game though up until that point.
  • Love it. Thank you!! 5/5

    By EvenStephen2000
    Just wanted to say thanks for your labor of love. This game is great and is much appreciated!
  • wonderful game 5/5

    By Dosy_555
    I really enjoyed this game .. so now we have finish the game 100%. so there is any update or new chapters many thanks
  • Better than a 1980's arcade 5/5

    By JskaMarie
    I would have shoved a fist full of quarters into this game back in the 80's. Super fun mix of puzzles, mazes and item seeking. Awesome character specialties that match them so well. Finding video tapes, eggos and gnomes were an awesome bonus while searching the rest of the map. And the craziest part is you didn't ask for a single cent. No pop up ads. No buy more coins. No purchase extra hearts. No pay for "Eleven" character. Completely free. I cannot wait to see who your hidden character is! Please make more of these.
  • I want more! 4/5

    By JillyO1974
    I finished the game. 100%. Will there be more? I can’t get enough.
  • Bug I found 5/5

    By sir_fapalot
    This game is f**king amazing. I've played through it once and I'm on my second game. Only problem is, im currently in the level 6 dungeon, the Hawkins lab part 2. Im on the 3rd floor down, and I'm stuck in that room where there are a bunch of colored lasers. I got the lasers turned off, opened the elevator door, got the key from the green chest, but now I can't open the blue double doors at the top. No matter what I do, it just flashes and does nothing. I tried changing characters, even using Eleven, but nothing works. I exited and reentered the dungeon, nothing. I restarted the game, nothing. I do have a key so I should be able to open it. Other than this bug, the game is really good. Best rpg I've played in a while. Do urself a favor and get this game. Edit: before I read the dev's reply I resetted my save. Everything works fine now.
  • Best Game I’ve played 5/5

    By Skip52numnuts
    Great game, great controls, great story . One of the best I have played on IOS. What a concept to offer such a great game for free that is enjoyable and not dominated by constantly trying to separate you from your money. I didn’t want it to end and I hope with the missing character that means there’s more. I would give it ten stars not just because it is a fun game but because for once someone offered a great game experience without the the drag of IAps! Keep um coming!
  • Fun little game 5/5

    By Veraymix
    Pretty fun game. Hope there’s more content soon. Found a (bug?) where you can key farm on a mob by repeatedly entering and leaving a room. This ones at a late point in the game so it may be redundant but will replay to check for others.
  • Bug 4/5

    By Daxson
    I can’t get through the last gym door in the middle school. I’ve seen YouTube tutorials with people having no trouble getting through but it won’t open.
  • Awesome game throwbacks are best 5/5

    By Irfman2004
    The learning curve is great for casual gamer I love the throw back factor games like lost Vikings and other puzzle slash combat games
  • Best app yet 5/5

    By T!m0314$
    I highly recommend this game. Add free, no pay to play, just fun 👍🏻.
  • Trapped in Library 1/5

    By Hayden1992
    I’m trapped in the room where we first learn of Dustin’s Pudding Cup “power”. I collected and used the key card on the locked door in that room and it is still closed and locked. Now I’m forever trapped in this room. I’m beyond disappointed. I have never had such a permanent glitch in an app before.
  • THIS is how you make a game! 5/5

    By The Universal Critic
    I've never given any app/game 5 stars, but this one deserves it. I wish it was longer!
  • Awesomest Game EVER 5/5

    By ZJHoffman
    I am in love with Stranger Things and this game. Its so fun and instantly addicting. With tons of references to the show, this is a game any fan needs! The animation is great, the music is perfectly on par, and I love how much there is to do. I also finally found Eleven (who is unbelievably awesome by the way) and all the waffles! I love it when you collect all the VHS tapes and you get to watch the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer in the theater. However, all I need is the 13th heart piece and then I complete the game. Does anyone know where that one is? Anyway, download this game now!!! It’s literally the best thing ever.
  • I love this game 5/5

    By Hello tomato
    I am IN LOVE with stranger things!!! This app just makes it better and better
  • Omg sooooooo much fun 5/5

    By ACRll
    Can't say enough; great combo of puzzle, strategy and cuteness. As a fan of the show I just love playing this- more levels please!!
  • I NEED HELP 5/5

    By Hamster10138
    I was enjoying the game but i am out of rocks for lucas’s slingshot and now i can’t play anymore. please make an update where i can buy rocks!
  • Greatness 5/5

    By Mad dadi
    Season Two Game Please!!!!!!!!
  • Forgets save state 3/5

    By Weeooweeooweeoo
    It’s happened to me 3 or 4 times now where I’ll play a decent bit (like during a car ride) and then next time I load the game a day or two later the save seems to revert to a previous state. I had saved multiple times after the first level and gotten Will, and now it thinks I’m right back to having just beaten the 1st level. Frustrating.
  • Great and classical 5/5

    By FfILI
    One of my favorite games. Really love the classical pixel style. Sometimes a little bit challenging but playable. Especially the bugs are fixed (I had some issues but not anymore). Now I'm thinking about watching it on Netflix
  • Stranger Things keeps it old school👍🏽 5/5

    By A_S57
    One of the best games. Brings back old school gaming memories.
  • not challenging 3/5

    By Fee09876
    Interesting but no challenging. It does not have enough or clear missions, so it gets kinda boring after just walking around in circles through town over and over again.
  • Just a great game 5/5

    By Epsteinfernwinkle
    This is the most fun I’ve had with a game in a long time. Really lots of fun. Well done
  • Great game!! 5/5

    By Clemtine💙
    Love it!
  • Fun and challenging but a little too hard 4/5

    By Okay but still kind of boring
    To start if I love this game! It isn’t too easy as to where you can beat it in an hour but the first four chapters ((or five whichever the one before the library is)) are challenging to a point. One problem is that I can’t find the last balloon in the sewers no matter how hard I looked. I watched play throughs and where they found it, I don’t seem to have it there. I don’t know if this is some strange glitch or what. Another problem I have found is that the library level might be too hard for some players. I know that I have been trying for over four hours on this level with the officers and flashlights and I just can’t seem to beat it no matter how hard I try. I would love to rate this five stars because this is the first game that is 100% free. No buying levels, no buying items, no buying anything! I love this game so much but I would really love to rate it higher if it was slightly easier
  • Love 5/5

    By Tara })({
    I love this game! Wish it had a joystick.
  • Nostalgic, Free, SNES Glory Reincarnated. 5/5

    By earonds
    This game is SNES redefined for the mobile platform. It is quick and easy and completely free. I can't really complain other than I wish it could've been longer. The game is quite large and the environment is a beautiful 16-bit version of Hawkins and the character sprites are spot-on. The entire Stranger Things experience has been converted into an SNES Legend of Zelda clone that kept me happy and entranced for a good 8 hours. My experience had a few bugs and unsaved data, but it brought me back even further to the days of desperately blowing into the NES or SNES cartridge after the fuzzy screen of death appeared right before Ganon did. Take it for what it is and enjoy a few hours of true old school throwback. Thanks BonusXP and Netflix for giving the older gamers a bit of their past back and for not being greedy about it. Can't wait for October 27th.
  • Very fun! 4/5

    By KelcieW
    I had previously encountered a problem exiting a room but because I was so early in my game progress I just reset the game and I've gotten farther now than I was the first try.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Rednunu525
    Although I am at a part where I have no idea where to go. It’s like the quest stopped. I’m almost to 50% and I don’t know what to do. I found it. I just missed some tapes in the dungeons. I got it all and I’m loving the game!
  • Its Great!! 5/5

    By KILLERCOW9962
    I love the game and how it sticks to the 80’s feel along with the show but I can’t actually get to will. I can find him in the sewers but I don’t know how to actually get to him.
  • Whyyyyyy? 3/5

    By Soulitch
    I was having fun with this game, but after the last update. I lost a big chunk of my saved game? I just ask why, why me? Just whyyyy??? Would have been a five star.
  • So fun but so hard 5/5

    By Gabbychase1013
    I got the app yesterday and i can’t get past the laser thingy/// im in the dungeon and my character is Hopper someone help pleaseeeee but it’s my favorite app now!!!
  • Lost data 5/5

    By Chancenator
    I love the living hell out of this game and invested a good amount of my time I was really happy there was a new update but I was very saddened to find my progress all the way from chapter 6 after beating the evil scientist I have to restart I got on today and it started me as Mr cop in the front of his trailer is there a fix or must I really just stay back and do this whole thing over again
  • Wonderful game 5/5

    By Michael J Hildebrand
    Great game inspired by a fantastic show. Give it a download and play.
  • Perfect companion to the show 5/5

    By cgervais
    Can’t stop playing - love everything about this game: the look, the feel, the sounds. Well done!
  • Awesome game that’s FREE!!! 5/5

    By Uejenebdudiue
    I love the in game dialogue the special abilities of the character. The music is very fitting a retro style RPG game. Edit: I got past the game ruining glitch and beat the game. Do yourself a favor and download it. It’s awesome.
  • Best free game 5/5

    By Bishops53
    I enjoyed this game. It's free! I played the game before I even watched the series and it's so cool to see so many" StrangerThings "in the game that's on the show
  • Insanely Amazing! 5/5

    After playing the first 5 chapters, i feel that chapter 6:the hydra is impossible to complete, i have no idea if i need a quest item or a certain character, however if someone does know the trick to beat chapter 6, please do respond in the reviews, ill check. Edit: i searched up how to beat it already, thank you, by far i think this game is gorgeous and honestly 10/10 graphics and the storyline is on point. I'm excited to get the new character when season 2 comes out!
  • Love this game. Only 1 flaw 4/5

    By Wrath1104
    So, I love this game. I sat and played to 42% my first time playing. It's very Zelda-like with hearts and weapon upgrades, dungeons and bosses. It's definitely fun to plan. However, like nearly all other apps, I thought it would save upon exiting the game, it does not. I didn't find out until a few minutes ago when I had to restart the game. It would be nice to have a tutorial prompt early on to explain how to save. I am pretty upset, because I wasted a lot of time on my initial play through. Edit: I am extremely pleased that developers made an update that addressed my issue. I honestly find it rare when a developer responds directly to a consumer. Thank you!
  • Disappointed.... 1/5

    By Mordee615
    I’m a huge Stranger Things fan and was really excited to try out the new game! I downloaded it the day it came out and immediately had issues. In the very first chapter there is a glitch with the lasers and I cannot get through a certain door. The update has not fixed this for me, unfortunately. It looks like it would be a great game that I could spend a lot of time playing if it weren’t for this issue....
  • Buggy (fixed) 5/5

    By Anti-Venom_2099
    I’m currently in a level where you start off in the bunker near Hawkins Lab and when I get to the part in the sewer and I accidentally went off in the level by floating away from the map via high current and the game would just load the checkpoint where I have to float to the next area and the game still loads me to the part where I float causing me in which i respawn for no reason JUST to experience experience this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER *infinity symbol* again Please, FIX THIS!! Edit: Thanks BonusXP I knew this version fixed the problem
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By RampantAndroid
    Got stuck in the final level. Got a key card, then somehow it was gone. No way to progress further in the game.
  • Save issue fixed 5/5

    By bennywp
    After getting 4 hours in or so I closed the app. Opening the app to continue I found my save file to be gone completely. Very disappointing. Be warned don’t play until they patch the game to not delete save files when app is closed. Fixed

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