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Streaks App

STREAKS. The to-do list that helps you form good habits. Apple Design Award winner. Track up to twelve tasks you want to complete each day. Your goal is to build a streak of consecutive days. * Streaks automatically knows when you complete tasks linked to the Health app * Streaks reminds you automatically when you need to complete a task * You can also create negative tasks to break bad habits “I was smoking 15 cigarettes each day. Streaks helped me to quit smoking by reducing and then eliminating my daily use.” - Ben, Adelaide. Streaks is highly customizable, including: * 45 different color themes * Almost 500 task icons to choose from * Choose how often a task needs to be completed or repeated “I've now reduced my coffee intake by 70% with Streaks, something I struggled with for 5 years. It's a life changing app to me.” - Otávio, Chicago. * Includes one of the highest-praised Apple Watch apps, including Health app integration, complications, and rich notifications. * Today Widget allows you to quickly view and complete your tasks * View your current and best streak, and a whole range of other statistics Questions, suggestions or other feedback? Please email, or tweet us @TheStreaksApp. If you like Streaks, please leave us a review! Your reviews enable us to keep improving and updating the app. ABOUT HEALTH DATA: On supported devices, Streaks reads data from the Health app with your permission to determine completion of your tasks. All data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on our use of data. Automatic step and distance data is only available automatically when using an iPhone 5S or newer, or using an accessory that writes to the Health app such as Apple Watch. If you have any questions, please contact


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  • Great App, One Main Issue 4/5

    By bigjnasty
    I am truly loving this app, I think it is the best habit tracker on the App Store for sure. I am taking one star away from this nearly perfect app for the simple fact that you can only have 12 habits at a time... now, mind you, this isn’t just for every day (I have a few habits that are weekly goals). I really wish I had the option to have add some more. Like that it is finite because it makes you focus better, and the UI looks good with six large circles. But what about just adding more pages of 6? I would like to cycle through 3 or 4 different pages and group them into 6’s.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Albtraum
    I really want to love this app. I love its interface, I love the Apple Watch interface, I love the options... The only thing I don’t like is the lack of good storage options. There’s an export option but no integration with a service like iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox to automatically save your data. So unless you restore your phone backup, which I as a habit don’t, then you have to rely on the manual export import option. This would be a five-star app if that feature was added.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By eeclehc
    I am so happy I came across this app. It motivates me to be great and get my daily goals completed. From flossing my teeth twice a day to drinking 2L of water a day. I am very pleased with the simplicity. It makes my days better knowing I hit all of my targets for the day!
  • Not Worth the Price 2/5

    By epa.127
    The idea of this app is pretty good, the execution is too. But the price of the app, 4.99, is a very high price. The app doesn’t really give you very much motivation except for the “joy of pressing a button” and I personally regretted purchasing the app. If you REALLY think the app is necessary for you, go ahead and buy it. Just remember that there is so much you can do with the money (like buying food for 10 starving kids in Africa).
  • I use it for work 5/5

    By DMar855
    My managers use this to build successful habits that help grow the business. It’s simple and effective. Could you add more pages or perhaps design a business focused version so we can run both personal and business Streaks simultaneously. Great work thanks guys
  • Need help! 4/5

    By Rajat Patil
    I have a task setup for Walk 5000 steps but it doesnt picks the data The app says that , With the iOS Health app, Streaks can automatically track certain goals. Walk 5,000 steps. Is there any configuration I need to do for the same so that the Streak picks up the data?
  • Polished but Unintuitive 2/5

    By JosephHatfield
    The app looks great but the UI is quirky, unintuitive, and ultimately so frustrating as to be unusable
  • HealthKit Bug 4/5

    By jcbowman
    I love the HealthKit integration. One of my goals is drinking 64 oz of water per day. As such, my water consumption goal should be titled, “DRINK 64 OZ OF WATER”. However, the numerical portion of the title keeps changing to seemingly random numbers that match neither the goal, nor the current progress. Please fix this bug. For what it’s worth, the ring seems to be accurate. It’s only the text that’s wonky.
  • Overly complicated 1/5

    By Cnjaime
    The design is not intuitive and I find myself clicking all over the place just to accomplish a task.
  • Powerful Little Tool 5/5

    By Codemanis
    This app is priceless to me as it has significantly helped me stay on track with some of my goals over the last couple years such as: Take Vitamins, Exercise, Read, Meditate, and Stop Drinking Alcohol. The ability to see my progress is an invaluable tool. This app should be pre-installed on every iOS device. A must have
  • WOW! Couldn't be much better 5/5

    By veryOrange
    I'm blown away and the beauty, simplicity, and features of this app. I've used my of the competing apps in this category and can confidently state that this is one of the finest and most complete apps I've used. Deserving of the design award and more. So nice I'd buy it twice! A+++
  • Worth it. 5/5

    By bronzee20
    This app has really helped me get disciplined with the things I need to do daily. If you’re into personal development or just have to get certain things done daily and need a reminder, Streaks is the app for you!!
  • Only 12!!? 5/5

    By oMega2B
    Can increase task number?
  • Clean & neat 5/5

    By Rce5678
    Great app, clean and easy to use; must neater than any of the free apps attempting this same purpose.
  • Needs day start and end configuration 4/5

    By ghostskwid
    Awesome app but glaring oversight, nothing feels worse than rounding out a day only to see a red 6 at 12:30 when I go to bed also missing a task completion from the previous day that I finished in that window of time.
  • Best habit tracking app 5/5

    By Shepherd517
    I use it to track a variety of habits and the integration with health app and Apple Watch is simply genius! Wish they can also mark this app as a productivity tool instead of only a health app. Would’ve saved me a lot time searching for the best habit tracking app.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Bad birdie
    Permanent whiteboard in my pocket. Love it's simplicity. What gets measured gets done.
  • Life changer 5/5

    By 675M
    It seems so simple, but it has been so powerful in getting me to be more mindful about what I want to change.
  • Still figuring it out 4/5

    By Cuppo
    I’ve only had the app for a week and I like the concept... still figuring out how to best utilize it.
  • Great! 3/5

    By J_Magnolias
    Great app. It’s helped me tackle some bad habits and start healthy ones. With the new year one of streaks was erased? Why?
  • Works great 5/5

    By CleeSr
    I have been a consistent use her for more than a year. It is simple and effective.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Katazui
    Amazing app, very intuitive, and user friendly. I would like to ask for one feature. I’m quite a night owl, so my day doesn’t end at midnight, usually ends at 4am. I hate the fact that the streaks break at midnight, would love to change the clock to 4am instead at midnight, I hate the fact that this does that.
  • Amazing app & some suggestions 4/5

    By iMyata
    This app is wonderful and has a seamless UI that makes me want to complete my habits. I've been thoroughly enjoying it so far and using it many times every day. The today widget is also nice, but as of now it's buggy - it always shows up blank on first load. Additionally, I have a small issue with steaks resetting exactly at 00:00, because since of them (writing in my journal) I do before going to bed, and if I go to bed after 12, my steak is broken - I have to go to settings to manually fill in the day, which misses the point of the app. Lastly, the stats layer is not super intuitive and I haven't found it very informative yet. However, these are all small suggestions and overall this app if great and I'm excited for future updates.
  • Uses App Prompts Perfectly 5/5

    By OneTrueNate
    Streaks actually used Apple’s stock review API, so I was able to leave this review effortlessly! They also consistently update the app and add new features, which is much appreciated. Buy one, use forever!
  • Great app, but one thing 4/5

    By icidro_
    This app is great, but I wish there was an undo if you accidentally mark the habit as complete.
  • For daily reminders and weekly goals 5/5

    By nonnygoats
    I love this app, even more since they expanded to two pages of goals. I have everyday reminders, like taking vitamins and drinking 64oz of water, with timed reminders, as well as step goals (every day and 3x/week stretch goals), reminders to update my blog, to cool at home a few nights a week, etc. It helps me track both my health and professional goals.
  • Not good or user friendly 2/5

    By Blaundi
    I’m not pleased at all with your program. It’s not user friendly and VERY hard to navigate. YOU NEED TO WORK ON IT!!!
  • I don’t often pay for apps 5/5

    By Popeyek1 b-more md
    I’m glad I did on this one. Was using another free one which maxed out at 5 habits. Beyond that you had to pay a yearly fee. It made more sense to spend $5 on Streaks. Currently tracking 9 habits. It’s absolutely helping me create and keep habits that I’ve need to stick too.
  • Top pick 5/5

    By Y6drums
    My top pick on productivity app. 👍🏻 (unless you have more than 12 things you need to do.
  • Is “a godsend” too strong? 5/5

    By Jenni9095
    I’ve been trying to reinforce good habits many ways but nothing has worked... until this app. Now I’m back to working out regularly and feeling great! Thank you and well worth it! ✨
  • I feel like I’m improving every day! 5/5

    By wofg
    I got this app to track my water intake and reading habits. It’s been such a helpful experience so far! Love how it reminds you to stay on track and I feel like I always have something to do when I’m not doing anything. Great app!!
  • Confusing UI 1/5

    By Komocode
    What’s the black page for or is it the same as the orange task page? How do I undo a task? One of my tasks is a calendar icon, but when tap on the gear icon, how do i delete that task? In the calendar view for one of the tasks, i accidentally tapped on an old day. I’m tapping on that day to reset the icon look for that day but can’t seem to return it to the original state. Will this affect my stats?
  • Go Streaks 5/5

    By Busybeebusymee
    I love how simple this app is. I hope they keep it this way. Recently added stats that are helpful and not overbearing.
  • Apple Watch interface is extremely buggy. 2/5

    By BeingDS
    It is a real pain using this app on Apple Watch. If you complete one set of a task on your watch and then open the app on your phone, often all the remaining reps will complete -- even though you never did them. And it's sticky - using "Undo" on the watch won't work. You have to go into the calendar and delete all your progress and re-enter them from scratch... Oh and good luck remembering how many reps you did. This is honestly extremely experience-breaking. If I could find another app that did exactly what Streaks does, I'd never use it again and wouldn't miss it.
  • 12 tasks? 1/5

    By evrdrandosity
    Only 12 tasks in total can be made... if you only have 12 tasks to complete each day; you’re one lucky person. You’d have better luck setting reoccurring reminders in apples reminders app over this. Go purchase “productive” or use habitify instead.
  • Great For Building Habits 5/5

    By The Builder....
    I must say this app is very good at helping you to create good habits! I’ve been using it for several months, and its ability to also tie in to the Health app is a great feature. Highly recommended!
  • Well Designed to Develop Good Habits 5/5

    By Damon McLay
    Streaks is well designed to help set goals for new habits and track your progress. The tasks can be customized to fit your exact goal and frequency. It only allows for six goals to be tracked so it’s not going to work for multi-task projects or a standard to-do list. Instead it’s built to help develop a few good habits at a time (e.g. walk 3 miles every Tuesday and Thursday, go to the gym three times a week, and stand up from my desk once an hour on weekdays). It’s very motivating to be able to mark a task complete and see the ‘streak’ number increase as I start meeting that goal more consistently. And if I’m not meeting a goal there’s no build up of incomplete to-do tasks. Intuitive reminders help remind me of the goals I’ve set and I can quickly get an overview of how many times I’ve completed a task. It’s a beautiful design with smart functionality to help me get more of what I want in my life.
  • Great UI and responsive dev 5/5

    By YayC.
    I only used the app briefly because I needed something more numbers-oriented (eg, pages read). That said, the UI is great for tracking simple habits, and the developer responded promptly when I asked about a refund (has to go through apple).
  • Tricky to get into, but rewarding and customizable 4/5

    By Sleepy Fella
    I bought this app after a user had stated they had achieved surprising weight goals. The biggest set back for me is procrastinating and not keeping track of my daily tasks. At first I was excited to set it up and test out the functionality. However, when I started using the app it was cumbersome to open each time I wanted to record a behavior. In the search/quick menu the UI buttons were small so when pressing them in vibrate mode I sometimes complete an entire multipart task instead of just the single part. There are no title separators for the icons so you had to think about the classifications and identify what groups they are yourself, this leads to searching for a while before you get through it. This aside, once you get used to the UI the app is very customizable which is enjoyable. You can select multiple color schemes, icons and even the home screen app badge can be modified. The 12 tasks keep the measuring manageable, but I find that the streak is no more than a remainder. There is a sense of urgency to keep your streak going. However, I would love it if I could assign my own personal rewards for keeping a streak. This way the streak becomes more meaningful. Great job guys, credit where it’s due. This app could change your life if you use it right. Worth the money.
  • Very nice! 5/5

    By Larisa_M
    I love the design of this app. It looks great and makes it a pleasure to check the circles to mark my habits as completed.
  • Beauty over function 3/5

    By Vulgar demos
    This app looks nice. But the settings are super annoying. Way too abstract with tiny icons and unintuitive organization to change and organize tasks. You have to relearn how to do any little thing each time just because it so different from every other app. Also super annoying two-screen view rather than scroll. This is doubly annoying when trying to view stats because you have to look at each screen individually. Graphs don’t really tell you anything. Seems designed to look nice in a preview but not really function efficiently. And no way to mark a task incomplete — you have to wait until the next day, so badge icon rendered meaningless with morning habits.
  • Enjoyable to use 4/5

    By FWBII
    It a nice way to stay on track the Jerry Seinfeld way. Would like to see more stock streaks to pick from. I lack originality.
  • Such a simple concept 5/5

    By Urmomsmom700000001
    This is just a simple concept but it really works. It has helped me stop bad habits I had a grow new ones. I love it!
  • Want to take weekends off 1/5

    By Nick0195
    I want to take weekends off from my habit practice and keep the streak from Monday to Friday but app doesn't allow that.
  • Perfect Nudge in the Right Direction! 5/5

    By AppJen
    The desire to maintain my long-term streaks pushes me to do just a *little* bit more than I would have done if not for the motivation this app provides. As days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, small, daily tasks really begin to add up to big accomplishments! Thanks, Streaks!
  • Simple and effective 5/5

    By Nicoledm
    It does what it says to do, and it does it well. This app is accessible and functional. Just what i wanted.
  • thanks for the rainbows. 5/5

    By thematthews
  • says you can have 18 daily tasks, not the case 1/5

    By Vghjdsjjgsgsadfss
    still can only have 12 daily tasks
  • Love this app 5/5

    By nickname failed again
    I’m healthier and achieving life goals. Thanks! Plus it’s got a really intuitive design and is easy to use. Just love it.
  • Fixed next day! V3.1.2 Update opens and immediately crashes 5/5

    By mewoody
    Updated: Dev fixed it right away with v3.1.3. Still love the simplicity of the app, though would love to see iCloud sync/backup added.— Loved the app (5 *) until latest update v3.1.2. App won’t open for more than a split second on my iPhone 7+ after updating. 🙃. No access even after a soft and hard reset.

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