StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log

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StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log App

Build the body and strength you always wanted. StrongLifts is your personal trainer. Get the simplest, most effective workout plan to get stronger and build muscle. Rated 5 stars by thousands of users, StrongLifts has already helped thousands of people change their bodies and lives. Apple featured StrongLifts in their TV commercial “Strength”. Applause rated StrongLifts the highest quality fitness app of 2016 and 2017. Here are just some of the results people have achieved with StrongLifts… • Used for 3 months! Excellent results 285lb squat! • Great app. I've gained 8 pounds of muscle in 3 months. • This app is great for beginners. After 12 weeks I'm now aiming for the 300lb squat and getting my bench above 220lb. • Brilliant app. In 3 weeks my squat has gone up by 45lb. It's an exercise I've struggled with in the past, but now it's one of my favourites. • Being middle aged, overweight and never lifted weight this was what I needed. I am gaining muscle and strength, losing inches on the waist and squatted 220lb for the first time. Definitely worth a try for someone new to lifting, I am more than happy. Here’s how to get started with the StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Plan… 1. Enter your best lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift,…), or start as a complete beginner 2. Watch how we calculate your optimal starting weights for each exercise 3. Get motivated by how much we predict you’ll be lifting in 12 weeks 4. Follow the workout plan, and build strength and muscle! Stop wasting time in the gym, and start getting results. The StrongLifts 5x5 workout plan only takes three workouts a week of about 45 minutes each. The workouts are simple but effective… • Intense, full body workouts to target every muscle with only three exercises • Free weight, barbell exercises like Squats to build maximum strength and muscle • Science-backed “Progressive Overload” to trigger gains and motivation • Easy start with high exercise frequency to master proper form • Rest days between workouts for optimal muscle recovery • Visible, objective progress to keep you motivated • Simple workouts to increase gym consistency Most fitness apps only log your workouts but don’t show you how to get results. StrongLifts guides you through each workout like a personal trainer. It does all the thinking for you so you can focus on lifting. With StrongLifts you’ll know… • How much weight to start with • Which exercises to do each workout • When to add weight, and by how much • How to adjust for failures and plateaus • When to deload, or switch sets & reps • How long to rest between every set • How much to lift after a break You'll love the simplicity and ease-of-use of StrongLifts. Most fitness apps do too many things and are complicated to use. StrongLifts keeps it simple and saves you time… • Easy to log - tap the circles to enter your sets, keep tapping to lower the reps • Easy to adjust - tap the weight to change it, or let StrongLifts progress the weight • Easy to follow - rest after each set, do your next set when the timer rings • Easy to track progress - watch your strength increase on graphs • Easy to learn - watch in-app videos of workouts Apple Health compatible: sync workouts, body-weight, calories Download StrongLifts and try the full workout plan for free. Unlock StrongLifts Power Pack to get even better results. It includes warmups, plate calculator, assistance exercises, and more. StrongLifts Power Pack is available for a single fee. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Purchase is available on any other Apple device. Our goal is to build the simplest, most effective way to build strength and muscle. We improve StrongLifts using your review and feedback. This is how we help you get "5-star" results in the gym. StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Guide: Knowledgebase: Support: Privacy Policy:


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StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log app reviews

  • 5 Star App & Workout 5/5

    By Brian Fort Mill
    Best workout and app. Dramatic improvement to my exercise routine. App makes following schedule (and tracking progress) a no-brained.
  • Questionable performance 3/5

    By LowzMom
    This app was great when I first downloaded it. Then when I got the paid version, I’ve had nothing but problems.
  • CBW 5/5

    By Sara.Mom
    Great program. I love hiding the app. Tremendous results.
  • Great app for awesome workout 5/5

    By ramorganmd
    I’ve been doing StrongLifts for 5 years. It’s an amazing strength building program. The app makes it easy to keep on track!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Raven19x
  • Best starting strength program 5/5

    By SlimShadyFan4
    It's simple and effective, it will keep you busy for the first year, until you become an intermediate lifter.
  • Latest version 3/5

    By Bjive
    Is pretty glitchy and has a lot of freezes and crashes.
  • Amazing app, great program, real results 5/5

    By Spidermike85
    Hands down best lifting program I have ever followed. This app led me and my wife to build a home gym in our garage.
  • Great app 5/5

    By graciefighter79
    Very useful
  • Apple Watch app? 4/5

    By Spaniard84
    This app could really use an Apple Watch app that integrates with heart rate monitoring and possibly managing music (skip, play, stop, etc). I’ve been waiting for almost 6 months since I suggested it last and get very excited when I see an app update, but then I’m disappointed when there is no mention of the Apple Watch app. Otherwise, the app is great and I enjoy it very much.
  • Best lifting app there is! 5/5

    By Kirk App Tester
    Best Lifting App there is. Simple Straight Forward Has enough features to be useful, but not overly complicated.
  • Amazingly effective 5/5

    By JD's Bees
    The app performs as touted. Stronger than ever! At 63yo, following this program is the only thing that keeps me on track during a workout. Thanks, Medhi!
  • Great simple app 4/5

    By JinF
    Great app very simple could use a little more toggling for free but I understand they would like to make money. Still very useful even for free
  • Love this! 5/5

    By methodfour
    Super easy way to get started with weight training. Please make an Apple Watch App! Would love to ditch my phone!
  • Need to debug 3/5

    By RareLubear
    When editing weights for an ongoing workout, specifically when decreasing bench press in this case, the weight increments will go into 1.5 increments and will fail to go back to the proper increments.
  • A place to start 4/5

    By rodmanprice
    The app is glitchy. The program isn’t perfect. But you have to start somewhere. App: It’s easy to use. But the rest periods and reminders sometimes don’t cooperate. I’ll tell it to stop. Then in the middle of my set it reminds me to stop resting. Happens a lot. Program: Yes, you should be doing Starting Strength instead. But an old shoulder injury makes power cleans nearly impossible for me. And you can change from 5x5 to 3x5 in the settings. Hey, at least this is a program. You’re training instead of exercising.
  • Awesome tool! 5/5

    By Bluemage919
    Amazing tool to use to keep track, and build consistent strength. I am a Crossfit athlete who knows that to build muscle, and strength you need a regular strength training regimen. This tool, and the 5x5 program have been invaluable to making that happen!
  • Great free even better paid functionality 5/5

    By MapLovin
    Really easy to use this app. Love that it is simple.
  • Love StrongLifts 5/5

    By Brooke B.
    Just got back to it after unrelated injuries set me back a year and swallowed my pride and started with a bare bell again, 2 weeks in and watching carbs I lost 12 lbs of fat and feeling stronger again
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By LisaGaylord
    Changed my life💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  • Easy to use, gets the job done 5/5

    By chimmy17
    Perfect app. Easy to keep track of everything.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dbamachine
    I am 58 and this workout is amazing. I highly recommend it!
  • Bondsman Workout 5/5

    By Simon The Bail Bondsman
    Best workout for strength to tackle or run through a mugg!!
  • App works great 5/5

    By 20buckspoorer
    Regardless of how you feel about the 5x5 workout, this app works great for tracking your 5x5 workouts. It’s simple to use, has built in timers for rest periods, and graphs of your progress.
  • Bigger and stronger 5/5

    By Dr0320
    Getting bigger results and stronger muscles with 5x5
  • Great app, but really wants you to upgrade 3/5

    By jrmcdoodle
    The app advertises a lot of features in-app that would offer a lot of great flexibility to my workouts, but they’re all locked behind the pay wall. I understand the need to turn a profit, but some simple things like changing your sets/reps should be free in my mind. If you’re satisfied with the base StrongLifts plan then you won’t have any issues.
  • Excellent structured program!! 5/5

    By HankPayton
    This is a great program for the novice through moderate lifter. Also, great for injury recovery.. ensuring gradual increases to avoid added injury
  • Highly recommend!! 5/5

    By Ahiddenagenda
    I am a 47 year old man. I’ve never lifted before in my life. I was out of shape and overweight. I started the StrongLifts 5x5 workout four months ago. My personal results have been phenomenal so far. The transformation of my body has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve gained way more muscle than I expected in this short of a time. I still have stubborn visceral fat that I am trying to lose so I recently added HIIT on the rowing machine on my off days. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in another four months!!!! Thank you for this workout!!! And the App makes it so much easier than trying to keep track of everything yourself. Do yourself a favor and start the StrongLifts workout, download this app, and once you see how awesome it is, upgrade to the paid version. Very well might be the best ten bucks I’ve ever spent in my life; literally!!
  • Not sure what happened... 2/5

    By Harperiq
    I had the full version of this app last year, but had to take a few months of from the gym. When I reinstalled the app yesterday, I couldn't restore my purchase. Even when I tried to buy it addition I kept getting 'there was a problem connecting to the store'. So until that's fixed, I'm going to have to look for a new app.
  • Great app 5/5

    I used the free app at first and after a few weeks, maybe a month later I just bought the app and glad I did.
  • Great app 5/5

    By RogerRabbit1337
    Love the app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Perry Wiseman
    This program will make you strong!
  • Go to app 5/5

    By slayer62
    This has been my go to workout app for years and it only gets better. I love that it keeps my records since I started. It is motivating to see where I was and encouraging to see I can get back there. I love this app and am beyond thankful that it’s free.
  • My yearly go-to workout to start off the year 5/5

    By Dahurtu
    No excuses! It’s easy and customizable depending on personal goals. I run Spartans, play Ice Hockey and run half marathons. I do 5x5 and add accessory exercises to prepare men for race season and maintain fitness for hockey in my 50s. It’s like having a personal strength training coach. If you fail, the app guides you to improve and continue building up. This is essential.
  • Simple and effective 5/5

    By Zombiemuffins13
    App works great. Excellent for beginners since the app includes instructional videos.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Thug559
    Found this when I was searching for workout routines on YouTube. I went on to the website read everything started doing it actually this was the first app I paid for. Then when I started following this workout and began seeing results.I can safely say is Mehdi knows what he is talking about. Keep up the good work.
  • Simple and reliable 5/5

    By Steve Hardt
    Very user friendly.
  • Easy to use app 5/5

    By UKGUY88
    I’ve been looking for an app like this. It has helped me get back into a lifting routine
  • Excellent app. 5/5

    By Myurkiw
    I had been using my notepad, calculator, and timer to track my workouts. Now I can track it all in one place. Plus it takes the guesswork out. Awesome app and awesome workout. Thanks Stronglifts.
  • Love this app. Easy to use 5/5

    By I love yurli
  • Great but hate the glitch 2/5

    By Typing monk
    Good in keeping things simple but sometimes it will deload you even if last week it said you should add more weight.
  • Great Program 5/5

    By Powpowanonymoua667658
    It does all the thinking for you. I’m hoping when I’m done with StrongLifts there’s something available for Madcow.
  • Great & only request quick section for form tutorial 5/5

    By Izzy aka Isam
    Great my brother used this along side with gnc products (protein and stuff you can get from a store, nothing illegal) and he has put it on a lot of strength and looks healthy. He hasn’t gotten bigger but very much stronger. only improvement I’d advise is the tutorials. I’d rather see pictures and read. At the same time, I’d like the info to be be precise and only for the form. Not background info such as “why this technique is better” Tho if I was interested in that, I’d appreciate a separate section for that. Great program.
  • Great App 5/5

    By cforecki
    Solid app that keeps you on track. Does all the planning for you whether you are hitting a plateau or taking a break. This app is my go to when lifting on a program.
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By Brian t. Hotchkiss
    The best beginner’s lifting regimen. Period. Stop looking for better.
  • Great and simple 5/5

    By Work Flowiest
    Just a nice way to get a nudge, challenge yourself to add, be consistent. You should be familiar with the movements. Videos are helpful.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By EdKman
    Been using for just a week now but already can see what a great tool this is for a beginner like me. Looking forward to getting stronger!
  • Free 5/5

    By Hdheishbebskdksbvwvs
    Unlike the other apps this one truly is free and just makes it easy to keep track of your 5 x 5 lifts
  • Best workout I’ve used 5/5

    By Chris Zuber
    I decided to get back into shape, and I’d heard of 5x5 before. After reading up on it I decided to go for it. The app makes following the plan a piece of cake. Well designed, simple, as Medhi says, it does the thinking for you. It even asked me if i wanted to deload after having to take a week off for a business trip!
  • Love the idea, but extremely buggy 1/5

    By Cbaker423
    If you use any of the customization workout options, this app becomes extremely buggy. Crashes, forgets to log my workouts

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log app comments


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