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Short on time and always on the go? Download the SUBWAY® App to find a store, order your meal and pay ahead, all from your phone. Currently available in participating locations across the U.S.. - Find: Use your phone to find a SUBWAY® Restaurant wherever you are! - Order: Place an order and pay ahead and it’ll be ready for pick up in just 15 minutes. Your order history is saved to make it even easier the next time you order! Please note: Remote ordering available for participating restaurants. For any questions you can contact us here: SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Subway IP Inc. © 2016 Subway IP Inc. All Rights Reserved

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  • Needs more 3/5

    By Crap Album
    I love subway, BUT this app needs to be as region specific as the menu. In NM, most expect to be able to order at least a side of Green Chili. Not even the option to customize your sandwich with local food.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Scnrocks!
    Using this app has made it simpler to order my lunch from work, home and even saves me a wait in line. I have spent hundreds with Subway, this just makes it easier to spend more. Good job on the development of the app because it just makes sense. I really do use this a lot as I live in Oregon and I work in Portland. Subway is like 3 blocks down but it is easy to order on the app, grab it and run back before 12:45 meeting!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Bounkers
    Once downloaded app won't open at all
  • Ugh 1/5

    By birds rock
    Ordered at 9am - reserved 10:30 pickup. What good is the reserved time and reminder email if you get there, there's a long line, and only one employee working and nobody's started your order and you have to wait in line? Sandwiches were finally ready to go at 11:05 -- a full 1/2 hour late! Don't offer a reserved time if the service isn't actually available. Nit with the app - limits you to 6 items per order but won't tell you until you try to add the 7th to your cart - after you wasted your time building a custom sandwich.
  • Like the app, BUT.... 3/5

    By GizmoNoH8
    I really like the app, but I truly dislike having to input my password every time I want to access. Would like to see integrated: * Touch ID * Option to add receipt for points not applied
  • Call the store before using 1/5

    By ytarm
    Downloaded the app. Liked being able to order and then pick up but after making an order then paying for the the order through the app I proceeded to the store to pick up the order only to find that the store does not use the online ordering system. Now I have two charges on my card. CALL THE SUBWAY YOU ARE GOING TO USE AND CONFIRM BEFORE PAY WITH THE APP. My bad I guess. Hopefully the extra charge will drop off.
  • No Pay Function 1/5

    By Tebowie119
    I honestly can't believe the pay function has been down thus long. Are you kidding me?
  • don't waste your time and lose your money 1/5

    By no more subway app!
    it's awful when you have a gift card balance on this app and can't even use it because they are still trying to fix this issue. it's been over 2 months
  • Pay function 1/5

    By Kim3883ac
    Restore the pay function or refund me the $20 that I cannot access!
  • Saved my man from going with out lunch!!!! 5/5

    By Amanda head
    My boyfriend travels a lot for his job he's a painter and deals with gas stations well the gas station that he was working at had a subway in it and he didn't have any money with him and he forgot his wallet at home. So me working at BJ's I went and I got him a SUBWAY® card assuming that he could just give the lady the information off the card and pay for his food. I mean it's a gift card right?!? well apparently that's not the case. So the next day again he's stuck outta town about an hour and a half from home and he needed lunch so I went online found the closest subway near where he was that since I already bought the gift card and I checked out the app. And by the grace of God it just so happens the location nearest him actually did online ordering and I was able to register an account put the card I'd already gotten on it and get him food and he is very happy!! thank you subway I appreciate this so much. I've become an on the go rush rush so I'm sure this app will be very usefully to so many!!
  • Download me now! 5/5

    By Jswarek
    This version works great for me! And skipping the line is AWESOME! Like 5 taps is all it takes to order and pay for your regular meal!
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Steve777dhdj
    Very irritating to use. Crashes a lot. Rather wait in line
  • No point in downloading 1/5

    By Manstield
    The pay function doesn't even work and hasn't for a month. Wish I had known that before I spent $50 on the app specifically for the pay function. Also they offered me no refund so they basically stole $50 from me.
  • Can't log-in 1/5

    By Shdrew
    App I had on my iPhone says I need to install update but nothing happens when I try to install the update!
  • Worked effortlessly, food was ready and fresh. 5/5

    By J.MacDFW
    The app allows you to order and pay pretty effortlessly. I liked that I had all the customization options and specials at my fingertips. I arrived at the store and simply told them I ordered on the app and they had it ready to go. I love it.
  • Fastest way to get your sandwich 5/5

    By Madamoisele
    One reason I rarely step inside a Subway is how long I have to wait in line for my food, especially at lunch time. With this app, I order ahead, breeze in and snag my food while everyone else is waiting and staring, and leave. Perfection! I've already started eating 4x more at Subway because of this app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Capetownann
    Easy to use. Crew at Jewel Lake store (Anchorage, Alaska) always fast with order. Thanks so much!
  • Good... 5/5

    By Aguy1994
    Good app has everything a person will ever need.
  • Wallet app 1/5

    By kiwil01
    Please add Wallet support for gift cards/points, this will be the only way I keep using this app. The feature was announced close to 2 years ago and you still haven't updated to support this
  • Garbage 1/5

    By WinTheDay33
    Update your UI, this apps feels like it was made in the early 2000's
  • Broken 1/5

    By Boss nerd
    Fix the in store pay option
  • "Out of Date" - Updated Today 1/5

    By manquedamour
    The app just issued an update today, yet I've downloaded this update and then when I try to log in, I'm told the app is out of date and must be updated to continue. What kind of broken mess of an app did you load into the update?
  • Cannot log in after update 1/5

    By Sjbklyn
    Please fix this. I enter my passcode and a message comes up stating this is an older version and it's not supported. Same thing with my password.
  • New Update Not Working 1/5

    By Tuckness
    I just updated this application as prompted, and the new version is not allowing me to log in. I am getting the prompt, "This version of the SUBWAY App. is no longer supported. Please download the latest SUBWAY App." When you attempt to update the application again, it shows that the latest version is already downloaded.
  • TouchID. 1/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Please add TouchID. I wish it had Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) support to store my gift cards in one place. Great start for an app! Wish list: 1) Add Apple Pay support for in-app payments. You just added PayPal--almost there. **2) Take out passcode and allow for TouchID. This would be great.** 3) Ability to delete a gift card. 4) Ability to split payment partially via gift card and other part via credit card 5) 3D Touch for quick order! Other than that, it's great and fast! Thanks!!!
  • Version not supported 1/5

    By Mike Wheelz
    Just updated to the new version went to login and it says this version is no longer supported please download the latest version. This version just came out today!
  • Clunky and they didn't get alerted so had to wait 1/5

    By Jtsd4243
    Starbucks nailed their app. Subway app is pretty clunky. But I stayed committed and went through. I really wanted this to be a simple way to grab and go lunch after the gym three times a week. After all the trouble of the app, they didn't even get alerted at the store so I had to wait for them to make a sandwich. Luckily she made a mistake and gave me a foot-long instead of a 6 inch. But all in all a totally clunky experience.
  • Super easy! Love this!! 5/5

    By Natdianne
    Thank you, Subway! I love how easy you make it for me!
  • No ability to PAY through the App 1/5

    By Jkilgor2
    Without the ability to pay for my order within the app, this app is useless to me. I used to be able to walk in and pickup my sub in under a minute - even with a long long. Now, I have to "cut" in line to pay for my order, adding time and displeasure from other customers.
  • . 1/5

    By X Subway fan app
    Don't use this app. Doesn't work.
  • One fatal flaw 1/5

    By 19Lucas92
    You have to go through the entire order process before finding out that the app needs to be updated! Then you have to update and go through the whole process of selecting your sandwiches. You would think it could let you know up front if it needs to be updated.
  • Updates 2/5

    By Jwisch
    Last 4 times I have used app I put full order in put in passcode then it tells me it needs an update and erases everything. I understand updates, tell me before I go through the process of ordering 4 different meals.
  • Cannot pay with app 1/5

    By mcclden9
    I loaded $50.00 on this card from a gift then went to Subway. Got to the counter and could not use to pay so had to shell out cash while people were behind me in line waiting. This totally is unacceptable by Subway to be so narrow minded that you must order online. If I'm with a group of people for lunch and they decide to drop in at Subway and get in line to order, I have to hold them up, order online and wait. No!!! I want to watch my sub being built. Whoever the manager was that made this decision needs to be run off.
  • Can't complete order 1/5

    By Mirandakelley
    Makes no sense to have an app that doesn't finalize the order in the end
  • The app makes it easy to order/pick up! 4/5

    By psychopixie
    I created my account, went through the email verification process, placed my order, and was pleasantly surprised to find my order ready for me to pick up when I arrived at the indicated time. Like another person mentioned, after I'd entered my card information, the system "timed out" on me, but all I had to do was select the card I'd just entered and hit the final button to complete the order. I originally wanted to pay with cash, so it was a bit disappointing that there was no cash option for payment. Also, it would have been nice to have a "toasted" option, but I suppose I could have put it in the special request section. I had made a special request to have one of my sandwiches cut in fourths, and the friendly staff made everything perfectly to order!
  • SUBWAY 5/5

    By Perfection Seal
  • Frustrating!! 1/5

    By Shoppergirl541
    After completing an order and trying to checkout app asks for an update. This happens quite often causing a person to spend valuable time reordering. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
  • Subway app is less then useless 1/5

    By Fritti
    Now that subway has removed the pay option from the app, my gift card balance is stuck in subway cyber space, locked away so I can see it but not use it. Subway is a rip off to steal your gift card balances. I'll never eat at subway ever again!!!
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Sosmotherly
    Absolutely love this app! Ordering for a group is so much easier with this app. Thank you Subway!
  • DON'T USE THIS APP!! 1/5

    By Dfishjr
    Worthless app. After taking 10 minutes to order several sandwiches, it then required me to set up an account, then required email verification, after that it asked for a passcode, then erased all but one sandwich order. After reordering, I find out I can only pay by PayPal, gift card or credit/debit. NO CASH OPTION, so I entered my CC info and hit pay and I got a message telling me it timed out! Plus, there was no place to input a coupon. We ended up going somewhere else. Horrible experience! I can't believe they spent money on this P.O.S. app.
  • Stupid app hurts chain 1/5

    By WeirdMe
    How stupid. App waits till you finish inputting all 9 orders (15 minutes) before it tells you app is no longer supported. Well after it updates you lose your order. How many f$ing updates do you need on this stupid app. I will NOT EAT HERE ANY MORE. Jimmy Johns from here on out.
  • Works Great For Me 5/5

    By radianthawaii
    Time saving ordering, & payment with the loaded my subway card at multiple locations.
  • New App Coming Soon! 5/5

    By AndyGD14
    To let everyone know Subway is releasing a new app launching in Spring. Completely redesigned and more user friendly. I know current app was a fail but this new app definitely has much needed changes.
  • Add honey mustard to the sauces!!! 2/5

    By Ser5469
    Add honey mustard to the sauces!!!
  • Absolutely Unacceptable 1/5

    By mattsmalling88
    The app was always slow and clunky. Even so, because I didn't want to carry a few separate gift cards, I loaded the funds onto the app. Subway has now suspended their payment service on the app with my gift card funds still on it without warning! The transitions using the app are never smooth at the restaurant. According to the staff, they can't do a split payment using what is left on a gift card and any other payment. This means if there funds less than an item on the menu, you can't use those funds. The one time I did order through the app, they had no clue the order came through until I went into the store and told them I was there to pickup an order via the app. The staff looked puzzled, said sorry and then requested that I wait in line to give my verbal order to them as that would be the quickest way to fulfill my order. Unbelievable.
  • Online orders 5/5

    By Dave12768
    Great service.
  • Useless in Canada now 1/5

    By jwvanderbeck
    I used to love this app. Sure it had its UI problems and wasn't the best out there but it worked and made ordering my daily lunch fast and easy. Now it is completely useless for Canadians. For some unknown reason, despite it working fine, they decided to disable all functionality in Canada and now the app just displays the Subway website. I don't need an app for that!
  • User unfriendly 2/5

    By Dilly555
    Original account creation was clunky and time consuming. Just now it let me place an order for 6 sandwiches before bothering to tell me that app version is no longer supported. Ya think they'd tell you before placing a lengthy order.
  • I do love this app its very easy to use 4/5

    By Rio1177
    The only thing that kept me from giving this five stars is the fact that you cannot pick the pick-up time. I would have liked to make a pick-up time for a half hour out from when i ordered the food but it picks the time for you. That's that only thing i do not like! Everything else is good!
  • Tells you to update after the order 1/5

    By freedom_vigilante
    I hate this app They got everything right except whenever you are in a hurry and order a sandwich it tells you to bugger off because of an update you must perform. Hate using it but also hate standing in line.

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