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  • Current Version: 7.1.1
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Hungry? With the SUBWAY® App you can find a restaurant, order your favorite sandwich or salad and pay ahead, all in seconds. FIND: On-the-go? We got you. Find a SUBWAY® Restaurant near you, get directions, view hours and other things you want to know – like if the restaurant has a drive thru or serves breakfast. CUSTOMIZE: Like extra olives? Us too. Customize your sandwich just like you would in the restaurant. Swap your cheese, pick your toppings, toast your bread – the opportunities are endless. TOP IT OFF: Not sure what to add to your sandwich? Leave it to the experts. Add a sandwich with suggested toppings directly to your bag - keeping decisions low but deliciousness high. SAVE A FAVE: Have a “usual”? Don’t waste time digging through past orders. Save your fave to make reordering a snap. PAY: No wallet? No problem. Pay for your food ahead of time through the App or in-store using your mobile wallet. What are you waiting for? Download the App and start eating! For any questions, you can contact us here: Mobile ordering is only available at Participating restaurants. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Subway IP Inc. © 2017 Subway IP Inc. All Rights Reserved SUBWAY Restaurants Web Site SUBWAY® App Support Application License Agreement

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  • Grrrrrr 😡 1/5

    By FranRivera21
    What is the purpose of having this app now?? It is of no use to me now since I can't do anything with it. I can't order, I can't see my points...😒 The app was waaaay better before all the fancy shmancy stuff. It looks pretty but it's basically useless.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By PowayBob
    Worthless app. Don't bother to download. Doesn't work.
  • Horrible. Don't bother downloading 1/5

    By Cmor1701d
    You can't redeem coupons or WORSE use accumulated points via the app. This app is for online ordering only so no improvement in functionality since the previous app. Also, not all veggies that the stores have can be ordered via this app. Why bother. No real convenience to be had here. Just order in the store. The app might save you 2-3 minutes but it's not worth it.
  • Better 5/5

    By peck2
    The latest update is finally working again I think it's easy to navigate well job done it only took 4 updates to get it working!
  • Gift card split 4/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Ability to spit payments: part gift card and rest on card. This would be nice if you have just a small balance remaining on gift card. Thanks!!
  • New version has some problems 1/5

    By Wwf101010
    I found the last version to be user friendly and quick to use. This version gets hung up frequently, and it is difficult to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. Last week I wanted to resubmit an order but make a change, and could not figure out how. It used to be amazingly easy. Today I clicked "add to bag" about 20 times before giving up.
  • No Bueno 1/5

    By JasonH_NZ
    App does nothing but order. Never any specials despite it being marketed as one. The "deals" are just the regular footlong deals or the meal. What a waste.
  • FIX IT NOW 1/5

    By Marceeelelelelelel
    I feel like an 80 year old using an iphone for the very first time on this app. Super INconvinient. It asks you to pick a subway location like 50 times. I'm so over it. Omw to get Mc Donald's instead
  • With new app, can't even order! 1/5

    By AussieSteveGuy
    This update with the new UX is horrific. Not only is the UX funky, I can't even figure out how to place an order any more...can't get past finding the location. Sad in that with the old app, orders were straight forward; sadly I'll likely take my biz elsewhere.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By 349877225104519836
    Wish they had an option the select "I'm here" like the chick fil app.
  • Can I have the old app back? 1/5

    By James Goodell
    It just took me 15min to sort out this new app. With the old app it was easier to order from the app and then pick up on the store, not so any more. The old app was much better and easier to use. Once I use up my last $20 on my subway card I'll be switching back to burgers.
  • New app is terrible 1/5

    By Space__Monkey
    Awful interface. I just have up and ordered elsewhere.
  • The worst! 1/5

    By rboven
    The most frustrating app I've ever encountered!
  • Less for more 2/5

    By Nopossiblenames
    The new APP has added features and a pretty face, unfortunately I find it a lot less friendly and useful than the prior version. You can no longer combine balances on SubWay gift cards; locating the payments area is less obvious; personal account information is not obvious how to access; log on the APP is not as good as prior version. The balance transfer ability is available only by using a computer and signing on- why can't the APP still do this??
  • Useless 1/5

    By MentalGorilla
    This was about 50 steps backwards from the old one. My favorite feature is when you work through menu after menu after menu after menu to order a simple sandwich and it gives you an internal error. That's fun. Doesn't deserve one star.
  • Not working 1/5

    By donwalker93
    I've tried many ways to use the application. I've tried to close it. I've tried to delete and download it again. I even did a soft & hard reset on my phone. Nothing seems to work when I want to use the application. I can get as far as customizing the order and that's it.
  • Horrible after update 1/5

    By pepmeister5
    The app worked great before. I placed all my orders and company orders on here. Now it is completely useless. Not intuitive at all. Can't place any orders. I have gone to Subway less now because of this. Should have had it tested by us before it was released. It should be a good user experience for first time users.
  • Utterly useless!!! 1/5

    By Tmey775
    Will not allow me to add my order to the bag and check out! Horrible updates. Bring back the old version. At least it worked!
  • Worst App EVER! 1/5

    By Hook1217
    I was told by an employee that I needed to download the app in order to receive rewards points. So I stood there and downloaded the app, using my data, only to discover its only an ordering app. The manager then said I automatically get the rewards when I order. This made no sense to me since there is no way to track it. She then said, "You just pay then you'll see." I felt bad because there was someone behind me, so I just paid. She then shows me the coupon at the bottom of the receipt and says that is my reward! You've got to be kidding me! This is the manager! And is she really believing what she is trying to tell me??? Needless to say, I will be deleting this app from my phone and will not be giving Subway my business any longer! There are plenty of sandwich shops out there that have much better customer service!
  • New app is absolutely awful! 1/5

    By Ifcnfdkgbnf
    I cannot believe how broken this thing is. The old app worked just fine. Now they came out with a new one that does not work at all. I have spent the last 20 or 30 minutes trying to order a sandwich. It's enough to make one go to McDonald's!
  • Bad design 1/5

    By DonnieNutz1
    I know you have to redesign the app every now and then but you don't improve upon the app only make it worse. I don't see my gift card anymore or my points for buying your products. Making an order is way too complicated and long. I can't redeem my points. When someone orders a drink and chips the discount for making it a combo doesn't work. If I were your boss I would make you start all over again and in the meantime reload the older version. Now I can't add my choices to my cart! You guys need to fire the app team! Horrible! Horrible app! So horrible I don't even want to eat at subway anymore!
  • Really what the heck?? 1/5

    By Silverevo23
    It lost all my info.. worthless.
  • What was wrong with the old one? 1/5

    By rp sandwich
    Now all I get is enter all error!
  • If I could give less than a 1 star I would. 1/5

    By Kevstat1212
    It used to be he best thing. I work construction, and I would hand my phone around and in 10 minutes we could have 6 subs ordered and it was all good. Now I have to help each person out with their order and that's if the app even wants to work properly and not make me start over in order to complete an order. It takes about 45 minutes to make a order now. It's the worst design and we have officially given up on this. Subway will lose our business until they come up with a better app to order from. What kills me is they had a app that worked great and then they updated to this garbage and it has been awful ever since. Hope they come out with a new update soon
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By bruce.hammerlee
    Old app was simple and functional. What used to take 5-6 taps now takes 15, when it works at all. Useless animations and non-intuitive options. I'm currently stuck on a map screen and cannot place an order. I'll try again in a few weeks. (And Subway, if you ever get it working again, figure out how to add a complete list of options available at a given store.)
  • Nice interface but lacking 1/5

    By OBenjab
    Can't get past the Start Order screen. The touch system is bad and very touchie, can't bring up favorites. This is a good start but need some simplicity.
  • I can't order!!! 1/5

    By Theultimatescrub
    I customize my sandwich, and then there's no way to submit your order. I wish they had left the app the way it was before the upgrade.
  • Mid June Attempt 1/5

    By Js3GS
    Update: tried adding the sub of the day for Tuesday to cart, app crashed, going elsewhere. The only thing that really needed changing from the old app was maybe the security of processing card payments and updating the menu, everything else was fine. No turning back now that you paid some programmers to spruce the app up.
  • Used to be bad, but worked 1/5

    By Lnvfx
    Now it doesn't work, and it's way worse. Guess somewhere else is getting my business.
  • If Negative 1 Stars Existed 1/5

    By Mn Debs
    The previous Subway app version was so easy and efficient. This one randomly has no favorites and no order history. Once I went to help and there was no button to get back to the app. Closing the app didn't work, I had to go to contact us to get the app off the help page. I now order on my PC. Mobile ordering no longer exists for me.
  • Can no longer use the app to order 1/5

    By MyOwnEvilTwin
    In an endless loop of "update app" when I launch the app and "open" when I go to the App Store to update. Fail.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Enlewis
    Like others, I can't find a way past the location screen that identifies the Subway I would have selected. I cannot start an order. Very frustrating.
  • Horrible, horrible, horrible 3/5

    By Todd1962
    UPDATE: following a hunch I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app from the App Store and everything seems to have returned to normal. Changing my review to three stars from one until I see how things go. Original review: Someone keeps "fixing" what's wrong with this app and making it even worse in the process. In addition to all the other failings mentioned in previous reviews all of my favorites and payment methods have now vanished along with the ability to actually add any meal I want to buy to my "bag" (known everywhere else as a "cart"). This happened four days ago and it still hasn't been fixed. Before all of this I was eating most of my meals at Subway. I've had one there in the last four days because of these problems and I suspect I'm not alone. Maybe Subway could consider how much money they're losing and choose to hire someone who actually knows what they're doing instead of continually pissing off loyal customers? Just a thought.
  • New version is terrible. 1/5

    By Mountain D
    This new version is confusing to use. They should go back to the old version. I don't understand how "starting an order" is supposed to work. I find my subway then i cant place an order. It wont let me past finding my store. How does this stuff get approved for distribution ?????
  • How did this pass App Review? Or Subway acceptance? 1/5

    By WT9T
    Start an order with the button and the bottom of the landing screen. Be shown my usual store, marked Current Selection. There is no way to confirm the selection. I cannot proceed with my order. Cancel back to the landing screen. There is no other way to start an order. Sometimes the app gets sideways when data is corrupted. Delete the app and download it again. Launch the app. It immediately shows an alert that says I must update it. The only button takes me to the App Store, which offers only to open the app because the current version is already installed. Tap the Open button again. Repeat the update-required alert. How did this pass App Review? How did it pass Subway management's acceptance review? Short of losing payment records this build cannot be worse.
  • Hire a new App Developer 1/5

    By Heroking76
    I used the old app to order a sandwich four days a week, on average. This new version of the app with the broken updates is ACTIVELY driving away business. Third time I've tried to order and couldn't. Hire someone with a work ethic and fix this garbage.
  • Worse with every update 1/5

    By Robot Matt2k
    Every update of this app makes it worse than the app before. Everytime I use this app I think they couldn't possibly make this app any worse and then voilà they surpass my expectations of how bad of a job they could do. Now I can't even order food. It just sits in the "find a store" screen. I found a store. It's the same store I used last week and the week before that. Delete everything you've done and go back to the original app.
  • "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" really applies here 1/5

    By GoPackers!!!
    How could such a large company that spends so much on advertising blow it so badly by allowing an untested app to get out. The old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" really applies here.
  • Totally useless 1/5

    By Bob803
    I spend more than I should at Starbucks because they make it REALLY easy to pre-order and pay. The Subway app is totally useless - except perhaps for finding a store. As many of the other reviewers have reported recently, you can't get passed the "select store" screen. Tried deleting and reinstalling app several times, rebooting iPhone, with same results. My local Subway typically has 20 people in line between 11:30-12:30, so standing in line is not an option.
  • Drove me to competitor 1/5

    I cannot figure out a thing with this app and the fact that it's AVERAGE score is the lowest possible rating - and the company hasn't addressed it - really shows that it could not care less about its customers than it already does, not to mention its franchisees. Absolutely unacceptable in today's mobile and connected society. It all starts with subway's point of view - make it easier to get what it wants, not want its customer wants.
  • I can't even order! 1/5

    By Beth34
    What the heck! Orders won't move to cart. Oh well, guess I won't buy from Subway.
  • This app does not work. 1/5

    By Bowtyl001
    It keeps asked by me to choose what location to order from, then once I can actually choose a location I customize the sandwich and then it won't let me add it to my bag.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By patrickwestgate
    Used to be functional, but the latest update has rendered this app unusable. Cannot select store, my order history is missing, cannot "Add To Bag". Very disappointing.
  • New app stinks! 1/5

    By VanceWill
    Why do corporations always think they need to change a good thing... if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Bad move subways!
  • Glad I'm not too hungry 1/5

    By jtwoodiii
    It seems like it gets worse with every update.
  • Just what I need (not)! 1/5

    By Xcxcxvrigasdte
    Really excited to find the Subway app. Then, I tried to use it. DISAPPOINTED ! I finally got a sandwich built but could not add it to my bag. I gave up and went to the store and ordered it in person. Please let me know when this app really works.
  • Really...? 1/5

    By K******m
    Why in the world do you change an app that works great in the first place. Used to be a great app now it's horrible!
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Dibeme
    Once you have a location selected you can't order. I changed locations then changed back to the one I wanted to finally be able to order. Once I have my sub customized the app won't let me add it to checkout. Maybe one day it will work again.
  • Went from being a decent app to unusable 1/5

    By aW2665
    I used to order food and pickup it up on the way home for work. No having to sit in a line, it was great. But the past update made it nearly impossible to even order anything. Makes no sense at all why they would downgrade a relatively simple and easy to use app to something that doesn't even allow you to place an order. Dominos is right next door so I suppose I'll just use their app instead... at least it works.
  • I used to love the app 1/5

    By Mattmeg423
    This new updated version is horrible. I used this app every Monday to order subway. Now it never even lets me order. Very disappointed.

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