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  • Current Version: 7.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SUBWAY Restaurants
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hungry? With the SUBWAY® App you can find a restaurant, order your favorite sandwich or salad and pay ahead, all in seconds. FIND: On-the-go? We got you. Find a SUBWAY® Restaurant near you, get directions, view hours and other things you want to know – like if the restaurant has a drive thru or serves breakfast. CUSTOMIZE: Like extra olives? Us too. Customize your sandwich just like you would in the restaurant. Swap your cheese, pick your toppings, toast your bread – the opportunities are endless. TOP IT OFF: Not sure what to add to your sandwich? Leave it to the experts. Add a sandwich with suggested toppings directly to your bag - keeping decisions low but deliciousness high. SAVE A FAVE: Have a “usual”? Don’t waste time digging through past orders. Save your fave to make reordering a snap. PAY: No wallet? No problem. Pay for your food ahead of time through the App or in-store using your mobile wallet. What are you waiting for? Download the App and start eating! For any questions, you can contact us here: Mobile ordering is only available at Participating restaurants. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Subway IP Inc. © 2017 Subway IP Inc. All Rights Reserved SUBWAY Restaurants Web Site SUBWAY® App Support Application License Agreement

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SUBWAY® App app reviews

  • Getting Better 2/5

    By Tracer18
    Have to be in a strong signal area in order for the Subway search location to work. Won't work for me with 2 bars. Please add the ability to use coupons on the app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Kee Styles
    Keeps Crashing!
  • Just doesn't work when not using GPS 1/5

    By D.W. Wang
    Great looking compare to the old one. But can't order any food make it nothing. Can't search for restaurant if you do not allow to use location services. I try to search by ZIP, nothing but a empty pop up window. I mean really just a empty pop up. Try to search by zoom in on the map. Not working either. I don't like to be forced using GPS when really does not need to. Hope someone can fix it.
  • Can't locate a store 1/5

    By J450ND
    I get weird errors at every screen. I can't find a store to order from. I get "Sorry, no Subways in this area. Try expanding your search." I can't search or select any stores. Nothing is available. I tried with an existing account and created a new one. Both get the same error. I deleted the app and installed again. Same error.
  • Too many problems 1/5

    By Sisin3
    This app is so unintuitive and glitchy, that it takes longer to use than ordering in the store and waiting. Even if it manages to save an order, it often errors out when submitting. If it does complete an order, sometimes the store doesn't receive it and you go to pick it up, you have to order again. Also, some ingredients are not available, such as provolone cheese. It would be awesome if it was reliable.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Investor guru
    Bugs: ordering from App is tough since a lot of sandwiches you click on have errors like Spicy Italian
  • Needs Apple Pay!!! 2/5

    By x9rj4kc9NAIuzwU0DWI7
    Needs Apple Pay as a payment method...also needs to show the city in the address field EDIT: City is now shown when in the map view, but not at the top in the "ordering from" area. Also still no Apple pay option is a fail... I'm not going to trust subway with my credit card details nor do I want to use PayPal... Add Apple pay or a "pay at store" option.
  • bad update 1/5

    By Rev Crum.
    The new updated app is junk. Have tried for 3 days to log in and it keeps erroring out.
  • Looks amazing! Still haven't fixed many bugs. 3/5

    By townmoron
    Please please please fix the issue where you cannot get past the "currently selected" store to start your order unless you switch to a different store and back. Most people order from the same store every time, so this is a frustratingly absurd bug to have (especially for this long).
  • Worst app update ever! 1/5

    By HorribleApptoSaytheleast
    Used to take a minute or two to fill out an order for my family. This app update has crippled my ordering quickly and is one of the worse apps I've ever used.
  • Log in button 1/5

    By alycia126
    I already have an account with the subway app but it won't let me log in! The button won't work....
  • Worst fast casual app 1/5

    By Long time ExpediaUser
    Not intuitive at all. Cannot select all bread choices, cannot select less meat if desired, make an error and must start all over. Yuck!
  • Don't download this app 1/5

    By IH8LyftBitch
    It's complete crap. My boyfriend is trying to place an order and he's using PayPal to pay. The app keeps saying there's an error. I suggest you just go to a completely different sandwich place.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By KaRBoNxBaSSx10
    Unintuitive, creates duplicate sandwiches, and when you're finally ready to submit an order you get an error message. I continuously have issues with Subways app since it was released.
  • Keeping my personal info private 1/5

    By The Boan
    I have been a fan of Subway for many years. I travel quite a bit for work and I would use the app a couple of times per week to find out where the closest store was located and what the hours are in whatever city I happened to be in. The new 'upgraded' app won't let you do anything without registering an account and signing in. I have no desire to give out my email, phone number or any other personal information just to find out if there is a Subway nearby that's open. App deleted.
  • Wasted my time 1/5

    By hungry in HI
    Choosing a subway store in a particular area, not just where you are located, was problematic. Building a sub was relatively easy and well done. However, I received only error messages when trying to actually place the order. 20 minutes. No subs. Fail.
  • Badly designed app 1/5

    By Adam Smithe
    B for effort but D for execution.
  • Poor app! 1/5

    By JBnCO
    I try to Add a card for payment, and I get an error message stating invalid card, which it is not. I sent a message to customer service and have not heard back. I would like to use the app, but unable to do so. Willing to give better rating if I can at least use the app.
  • Please Accept Apple Pay 2/5

    By Bealeson
    If I pay on the store I can pay with Apple Pay, why can't I do so in the app?
  • Crap 1/5

    By shxner
    Since the latest major update (when the whole app was redone) it hasn't worked for me at all. Complete friggin garbage.
  • 30 Minutes to Log In 1/5

    By PFenner
    There's is less security on my banking apps. Took me 30 minutes between password resets and captcha errors. I'm buying sandwiches here.
  • Reincorporate Loyalty Points 1/5

    By musicmaker4the1
    I'm sure you left this feature out of your new app to make it harder to accumulate and use loyalty points. Notice I haven't been back. Remember the word is "loyalty". Look at your app ratings. More one stars than any other rating. You should rethink this. Marketing fail!!
  • Why no loyalty points for purchases 1/5

    By Looktrick
    Deals are nothing special. I have no desire to get free chips.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Manu5342
    Every time I send a verification code to my email I put it in and says it already exists and to try again
  • Frustrating!! 1/5

    By Lovindoxies
    Every time I enter a code to verify my email it keeps telling me that EVERY single one you email me is already taken!!
  • Favorites are useless 2/5

    By Teshiron
    The app offers an option to save an order as a favorite, but it saves it with the store where you placed that order. There's no way to place a favorite order at a different store from where you first placed that order. Why? You have the same sandwiches at every location, why attach a particular store to a saved favorite? Useless.
  • Can't order... 1/5

    By Balistic
    Keeps saying cart is expired. Updated.. restarted, same problem.
  • Location option 1/5

    By RoadagentDD
    Why not give an option on "front page" to find a subway location without requiring registration or starting an account. When I travel all I am interested in is finding a subway.
  • Does not work iPhone 7+ 1/5

    By SpanishCop
    Managed to log in with email and password. After being in App I can use apple pay within App but I cannot access points, I can't access my profile for name phone number or anything. It says Error please try again later. Worthless!!!!
  • Updates Have Helped but needs work 2/5

    By RustyDuck
    Some room for improvements: -TouchID..... -I can no longer consolidate subway gift cards. Why remove this? Have to do it on website now. -If you have a paper or texted coupon, the app is worthless, no way of entering coupon codes. Would be huge to fix this. If you wanna use a coupon, you have to wait in line, not good. -Add an option to just warm meat of some sandwiches if you don't want it toasted but want the meat warmed up only. I add the note to the order, but it comes out at the bottom of the receipt and they always miss that note or only see it when they are almost done making the sandwich. -provide subway card balances at checkout so I can tell if I have enough left to pay for my order.
  • Worst App on my phone 1/5

    By Mach10Mike
    Navigation is what they need. They want you to start at the point they define. Order a sub. Pick a store. Not all stores are shown and once you pick a store you can't move on. If you want to order in person and pay with the App you need to "X" out of several screens before you can get to a payment method. If you use a subway card you have to go into your account to see the balance. Dunkin Donuts got it right, you got it wrong. BAD!! BAD!! BAD!!
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Suzuki14258
    Error, error, error, won't even let me login to my account. Before I even get halfway into logging in it says error. DONT PUT YOUR GIFT CARDS ON THIS APP. You'll never able to use them again.
  • App works great! 5/5

    By rpadilla4
    Bugs were fixed! Thank you. This app worked fine once than it constantly gives me an error message. If it worked like it suppose will be a very convenient app. But the bugs need to be fixed first good luck.
  • App is fine; process is broken 1/5

    By Bald Guy
    I ordered via app while a friend just walked into the same store. Four customers put in orders for a total of 7 sandwiches AFTER my sandwich was submitted and paid for. But they didn't start mine for nearly 10 minutes until after they received the order.
  • Still can't place order 1/5

    By jar8
    The app was not great looking and was not very user friendly. Now it looks great and is much more intuitive, but it doesn't matter if you cannot actually place the order. Thanks for adding the Honey-oat bread option. When I place order it still says "There was an issue with your order. Please try again." Update: Deleted app. I tried a few more times to place order, but it did not let me. I'm going to Firehouse Subs now.
  • Fast and easy! 5/5

    By DanTedesco
    Great interface. Easy to use. I recommend it!
  • Menu 1/5

    By Dell82
    Could not use what U suggested but the address is 10645 NW 7th ave. Miami fl. And yes it is the latest version. This started about 2 updates ago. Thx
  • Needs review option 1/5

    By @please fix
    The app is getting better but the problem is the order takers at the stores can't get the customers subs 100% accurate. Ingredients are left off or put on by the sandwich maker at the stores. It seems like it's real hard at times for subway workers to read the orders and then make the sandwich to the customers satisfaction. A review option for the customers is needed so workers and stores can be held accountable when they don't make your sub right.
  • Change the bread? 5/5

    By Teach me 98761233
    I'm trying out the new app and I can't figure out how to change the bread. I like flatbread and that type of bread was an option on the old app. How can I change the bread???? Update: figured it out and changed my review to 5 stars!
  • Good for friends & family orders 5/5

    By the-pants
    I am a Dad that has lost his mind and can't remember everyone's order preferences. This app helps me get what people want to eat without worry. Thanks!
  • Can't See Your Points 1/5

    By Points Total is Missing!
    Why not put point totals on app? They used to appear on your previous app! Why sign in to the website just to view points? It makes no sense!
  • Can't add items to cart - ISSUE RESOLVED! 4/5

    By boxcar67
    This app update is terrible! Every time I try to add an item to the cart, I get - "Internal Error: Cart expired or invalid." With the latest update, this problem appears to be fixed. No worries. I still prefer the version prior to this one, but at least Subway is improving the app.
  • Where do I see my points? 1/5

    By Funky Visions
    I can't find the points on my card anywhere. You use to show it. Now I have to login to the website? Not helpful when I'm trying to use points st the restaurant. Boo!
  • A whole new world 5/5

    By Johnnygoldybiscuits
    This has been ap has been completely remodeled. It is effortless and easy to use. Really great! I love everything about it
  • Getting There 3/5

    By Digitaltrends2020
    Overall I like the app for paying in the subway store. I really wish I could re-load my gift card within the app, like Starbucks. I'm sure they are working on this. Currently you can only go online to re-load your card. Subway needs to train their employees how the app works with their systems. I have to teach the employees.
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Iphone_Junky
    I'm glad the developers are listening... I recently re downloaded the app after an awful "new look" launch earlier this year. Looks like they are addressing the issues with the new version so much that I actually placed my first order in months. I'm one of those people who would rather not stand in line if I don't have to.
  • Hey subway read this 1/5

    By Kurtec
    Why not have the ability to change stores for your favorite order. Are you unaware that people order from different stores. Serious flaw in your app.
  • Taking The Subway 4/5

    By Redline06
    Very practical to get ahead of the lines for those knowing exactly what you want. Nutritional information is updated as you build the sandwich for those wishing to know it's info. Overall it's an effective app.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Aqusuqa
    The most aggravating app I've ever seen it works about one in 5 attempts the last purchase I attempted to make said card was expired?
  • Worth the wait 4/5

    By Mikestivic
    I've been a Subway fan for a long time and an app user for over a year. The new app is a major upgrade, and easy to use. It took exploring a little to figure out how to change the bread and toast it, but I love the way the customize feature works! Looking forward to more improvements. Update: thank you for fixing PayPal! Update: the app is much faster, and the restaurant locator looks much better. Nice job!

SUBWAY® App app comments

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