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Hungry? With the SUBWAY® App you can find a restaurant, order your favorite sandwich or salad and pay ahead, all in seconds. FIND: On-the-go? We got you. Find a SUBWAY® Restaurant near you, get directions, view hours and other things you want to know – like if the restaurant has a drive thru or serves breakfast. CUSTOMIZE: Like extra olives? Us too. Customize your sandwich just like you would in the restaurant. Swap your cheese, pick your toppings, toast your bread – the opportunities are endless. TOP IT OFF: Not sure what to add to your sandwich? Leave it to the experts. Add a sandwich with suggested toppings directly to your bag - keeping decisions low but deliciousness high. SAVE A FAVE: Have a “usual”? Don’t waste time digging through past orders. Save your fave to make reordering a snap. PAY: No wallet? No problem. Pay for your food ahead of time through the App or in-store using your mobile wallet. What are you waiting for? Download the App and start eating! For any questions, you can contact us here: Mobile ordering is only available at Participating restaurants. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Subway IP Inc. © 2017 Subway IP Inc. All Rights Reserved SUBWAY Restaurants Web Site SUBWAY® App Support Application License Agreement


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SUBWAY® App app reviews

  • Nice look. 4/5

    By Keydraa
    App looks amazing and runs smoothly but customers need to be able to use coupons with online orders. also needs more customization for extra cheese, perhaps someone wants double cheese but wants two different types ? also not an extra cheese button for pizzas.
  • Murph 1/5

    By Livekauai
    If I could give zero stars I would. Does not work at all
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Bsiqosnxkwpnf
    Really disappointed how bad subway is at handling a simple concept for other restaurants. The pay in store never works well and is always a hassle
  • App is crap 1/5

    By mcoke61
    Just wanted to locate nearest store to see if it was convenient. I needed to create an account just to do that. Deleted app. Useless.
  • Really? 1/5

    By bbcnsfw
    It won’t even let me create an account without telling me the code has been already used. Now I’m out of attempts. Looks like a scam just to get my information and email.
  • Location Unavailable 1/5

    By Chapin0905
    The location I go to worked when the app first came out and was amazing. Now it doesn’t work for no reason. So fix the app or take down the false advertising that says we can use the app to order
  • Latest review 5/5

    By kingofnomedia
    I use this app every weekday because I don’t like standing in line. Self employed and I want a short easy lunch. I have thrown this app away 3 times but I have to say they have improved it finally. Since the last update I have had no problems. Today I received a call to let me know they ran out of the bread I ordered and they canceled the order for me, customer service. Now the long line looks at me and you can see in their eyes what the? Go for it. Earlier review I have had problems with ordering enough times that I am dumping this app. I just tried canceling an order and the phone number they gave me was a fax line. I hate this app for wasting my time. How do I give Zero stars
  • Horrible 1/5

    By K dubbin
    Overcomplicated Unclear navigation and hardly reliable. The old app was quick concise and reliable. This however is a headache Update Every update makes the app more unstable and more unreliable. Making me wish a jimmy johns would open up near me
  • Just plain does not work 1/5

    By rixt3r862
    I am completely unable to add a form of payment. Every time I try, it just displays a useless error message that says “Oops! Payment cannot be added. Please try again.” There’s no explanation of why payment can’t be added, or how to fix it.
  • Can’t open. Crashed after login 1/5

    By Kaykay8269
    I have never been able to use this app. Once I push submit on the login, it crashes. Every time. Had to delete.
  • Convenient, but needs updates. 2/5

    By Jarred.Turner.93
    It’s great if you’re in a hurry, but there’s no way to get your points with your subway card and the last two times my order has changed from the time I place it on the app to the time I get to the restaurant. Kind of a bummer.
  • App don’t work & serious lack of customer service 1/5

    By DisGirl1462
    Can’t log in at all......Update: I get an email via Apple that Subway responded to this post - I been trying to call them & I’m on hold for an eternity, then when somebody actually answers the phone this person said “this department doesn’t handle mobile app issues” & redirects me to tech support, then instead of going to tech support it kicks me back to the main menu which is tedious on its own, then I email them to respond & they email me back with this automated response saying they’re working on the mobile orders issue which wasn’t even my issue because I can’t log in to the app at all, you tap the login button to login & nothing happens - shame on you Subway, this’s obviously how you handle business 👎🏻
  • Ronald 1/5

    By R.gower
    It won’t work charged our bank account for 9 separate orders on different days.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 10086sx
    It doesn't support iPhone x and apple pay
  • iPhone X 3/5

    By Friends101fan
    Please update for iPhone X
  • Does not work 1/5

    By mrfrr
    Tried numerous times to set up my account. Will not send activation code to my email
  • Utilize the special instructions!! 3/5

    By Music-Appreciator
    I'm giving this three stars simply because I happened to have a good experience. I was able to customize my sandwich the way I wanted it but then again, I didn't order anything fancy it was just a cold cut combo. However they did not have my preferred chips option, they only have five options listed on the app even though subway stores have way more options than that. I went ahead and selected lays original flavor chips even though I intended to get lays salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips. So I just put in the special instructions that I wanted the salt and vinegar chips instead of the original flavored chips and the employee that was there saw that and was able to get my order ready the way I wanted it. When I got to the store to pick it up the employee mentioned how the app should include all the chips options that your specific subway has to choose from. Otherwise you risk losing business because people won't know what options they can choose from and may not like the options that are listed on the app. But aside from that, I had a good experience. My food was ready on time so that was good, I'm not too hard to please. I just suggest anyone using this app to utilize special instructions so that your sandwich or whatever else is a part of your order comes out the way you want it to if the app doesn't list the options you want. We shouldn't have to rely on the special instructions though, I really hope the makers behind the app are listening to our feedback and working to improve it
  • Dumb. 1/5

    By During fm,fun
    This app is literal garbage, don’t waste your time just go buy the stupid sandwich.
  • Time options? 3/5

    By mpmccormick
    It would be nice to be able to specify when order is placed or ready.
  • Over developing 1/5

    By Crazynicknamereq
    For an app to fast food restaurant, this app seems more complicated then it needs to be, From setting the password to customizing a sandwich. It is not very intuitive. Keep it simple.
  • Seriously needs some work 2/5

    By LexaLlew :)
    It’s a very nice looking app but struggles functionally. You can’t even make wraps with this app which is frustrating because even though the turkey, bacon, guac wrap is listed, the breakdown shows it ONLY with hoagie rolls or flat bread so you can even select the type of wrap you want (ie, spinach, tomato, etc). It has potential to be a great and useful wrap but right now it’s missing a huge component!
  • Can't select flavor of fountain drink or bread 2/5

    By MsMechelle35
    Most of the app is ok but it will not allow me to change bread or select flavor of soda. That irks me.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By jess87w
    I like using the app to order but not being able to fully customize a meal is frustrating. Not being able to choose side options for kids meals doesn’t make sense. Not having all the chip options on regular meals is irritating. Please change this!
  • Doesn’t work most of the time 1/5

    By AshlyS
    This app is okay, but for the last 2 weeks I have been unable to use it to order. Every time I open it it tells me there is an error and to try back later. It doesn’t even give me the option to order it just says do you want to add something else to your cart, but my cart is empty and then tells me there’s an error. I can’t figure it out. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this. It really only works less than half the time for me. I plan to delete the app. It’s pointless.
  • Do Not Use 1/5

    The old version was so much easier to use. Do not bother. App assumes a certain combination. Changing ingredients is not intuitive. It’s now easier if I to the store and wait in line to order—maybe that was the goal. Forced to drive, I now have options at JJs, and others.
  • Update Required 1/5

    By snookalo
    Just downloaded this. Needs an update the app says before using it. No update avail as I just downloaded it. Useless
  • seriously 1/5

    By Pre-believer
    you cant even pay with a gift card? what is this crap?
  • Need to redeem coupons in the app 1/5

    By Benwiggs1
    App works well but needs to have a way to redeem text offers and mailed coupons when doing mobile order
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By NGE11
    Worst app for a fast food or fast casual restaurant I’ve ever used. There also seems to be a disconnect between the app and the store. I’ll just get Jimmy John’s when I want a sub in the future.
  • Crashes when trying to find location 1/5

    By E-Team Family
    Every time. Such a bad bug. Please fix. 😕
  • Revising my review 4/5

    By EOOW
    I’m revising my review after my meltdown this past weekend. I tried to order a sandwich on Saturday and it took fifteen minutes of closing the app, rebooting my phone, etc. Not sure of the issue because I had no problem on Sunday. I like the app and it is very convenient. Sometimes it is finicky. I also can’t order my Minute Maid selects on the app even though they show a picture of it with the breakfast choices. Overall pretty decent.
  • Location doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ipadaddict69
    I travel a lot and loved this app. Now it won’t find a location. Not sure if it is due to iOS 11, iPhone X or just doesn’t work
  • The app 1/5

    By wjwallace
    I love subway. They fit perfectly with the new diet or new way of eating that I'm doing. But. The app will not let me create an account. I tried 5 different times. That quitting terms for me. DELETED! Sorry. It won't let me do no stars. So I have to leave one
  • This app is basically unusable 1/5

    By Patrick Dooley
    This app is basically unusable. Tried to order four sandwiches, and after 20 minutes of jittery back and forth we gave up and just went to the store to place our order. Terrible software. Please take a look at your competitors like jimmy johns and copy their app.
  • Wierd requirements. 1/5

    By Shiva135
    Horrible requirements to use the app. You have to have an account. You cannot signin using Facebook or Google. Wierd password requirements. Phone no. is a required field.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By drichey99
    I have an iPhone 8+ and iOS 11.1.2. I have tried numerous times to login to the app with my existing account. I go through the verification and it appears to be logging me in and then kicks me out of the app to the home screen. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. No go. This is also the most inconvenient way to let the developers know of problems with app.
  • Great app, if they look at the order 4/5

    By Mrs.BeeZee
    My husband’s sandwich was supposed to be toasted & have Swiss cheese on it. I took a screen shot to verify the order & those specifications were present on the order. It was so easy picking up the order 😄👍🏼, but when he went to eat it later, he discovered that it was NOT toasted & there was no cheese on it. ☹️👎🏼
  • More WiFi needed 3/5

    By my Mustang
    I downloaded the app for the Wi-fi at 1 or 2 locations. But one thing that needs improving is more Wi-fi at more locations. I’m not on a unlimited plan (along with others) and it would be great to implement more locations with Wi-fi and some locations with charging at tables (starts as a beta and if it’s a successful go to all locations). The charging at tables and Wi-fi at most to all locations would be a plus because they are located within a few blocks at most from schools (2 blocks or less) and/or major companies (4 blocks and less) and/or tourist area (had 2 in the area but 1 closed and the other one is in a key area), so it will benefit all kinds of people in my city. And it benefit myself and some people I know to go to more of the Subways around my city (when we are close to another Subway, instead of going to a place that has wi-fi and/or outlets in the area).
  • Can't Use 1/5

    By LillyRoseFlower
    App is useless now. Deleting this.
  • Can’t even access the app 1/5

    By Rs02
    Trying to access the app and can’t even register. I’m told my verification code is incorrect even though it’s exactly what they emailed me. Subway, I just want to order a sandwich and I don’t want to jump through hoops!
  • Junk 1/5

    By Rathwirt
    You can’t do anything in this app without an account being made first.
  • Info 1/5

    By Russell Gudaitis
    The app is a great ida but it is unresponsive at times also it would be nice if i could see the points balance for my card
  • Horrible buggy mess 1/5

    By Nemastic
    How can such a large corporation put out such a armature app? I don't even know where to start. Get with the times you are losing out on tons of cash Subway.
  • Needs the Gluten Free bread option! 1/5

    By Happyus3
    UPDATE: Please allow the gluten free bread option when building a sandwich using the app! This app is now useless to us since we have 1 GF family member and the app doesn't list GF bread as a choice, even though our Subway offers it in the restaurant. Additionally, the updated version is nowhere near as easy to use as the original version. It crashes and is slow overall. Original: I love this Subway option! We used to avoid Subway with 3 kids because the lines are always long. Not anymore! This app lets us build our sandwiches quickly and easily and even pay ahead of time. We just show up, skip the massive line, and get handed our order. The fact that the options are limited for sides on the app is alleviated by the fact that they let you grab them at our Subway so I can still get the chips we want even though they don't show up on the app. This is a game-changer for us when we occasionally need to eat out and find a fast food option. Genius!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By DAK-Mom
    The app is impossible to operate so best to avoid for now.
  • i ran over my dog because of this app!!!😡😡 5/5

    By Your mothersdingus
    using the app to get a spicy Italyan sub from my loca l sub-way and my stupid kids dog was under my car and i felt a bump bump and new what happen. still got the sub thogh. pretty good. too much mayo. 9/11 stars.
  • The is no longer useable 1/5

    By Synergistic Doc
    II can't even get the app to open now. You need to get a programmer that knows what they are doing and KISS❗️ It shout not take a rocket scientist to figure the App out.
  • Won't let me add payment 3/5

    By Clandnsh
    I keep trying to add my credit card as a payment method. Once I fill out the card number and my name it won't let me continue
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Kimicobj
    I love this app. It's convenient to place my order ahead of time and pick it up and it's all ready for me. However. For some reason every time I have attempted to place my order recently the app would crash. I have tried deleting the app and redone loading. I have tried resetting my phone. I checked for any updates and nothing. Still crashes I really hope this can get fixed so I can place my order again and enjoy it again.
  • No function 1/5

    By DEHSD
    No order capabilities. Only menu and mapping of restaurants works

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