Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

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  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Suicide Squad: Special Ops App

Join the Squad! In this official Suicide Squad film game, you have been selected to lead a special task force comprised of highly dangerous incarcerated Super Villains. It is up to you and your Squad of antiheroes to defeat the horde of enemies that try to stop you. Fight as Harley Quinn with her signature baseball bat, or as Deadshot with his rifle or as Diablo with fire. Can you complete the mission? Are you Squad enough? Features: First person shooter action optimized for mobile play. Survive as long as you can against increasingly challenging enemies. Master Harley’s, Deadshot’s and Diablo’s weapons and special abilities. Explore the city to locate health packs, ammo and upgrades in order to survive against your enemies. Compete against other players in a daily, weekly and all-time leader board. Record HD footage while playing and share it on social media.


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    By hdjcuskdicj
    Don’t get me wrong, this game is awesome and the fighting and graphics are great. But the only problem is the characters. You can only be 3 people! Which is 1.Deadshot 2.Harley Quinn and 3 El Diablo. Those are all great characters, but again I like killer croc, captain boomerang, etc. I really hope there will be a major update soon so I can really enjoy this game. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬
  • Yes it was good game but it needs more characters 5/5

    By Skskamakakam
    I Love The Game but it needs more characters and the phone but I love the game and the characters please fix it so we can have more characters love the game think you for making the game. Please make a update for characters that’s all we want I will rate 10000 if you do this please
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Yuitec
    This game had its up’s and downs in the game.The graphics were really good but while u play on to the game each of your characters gets glitched in your current player which is also a bummer especially when you are accomplishing a wave to survive. Another thing to, why not add a different map, new enemies to fight, and more of the characters like; Killer Kroc, Joker, Rick, the witch, Katana, Boomerang,..... and so on. Sorry to say but I am very disappointed with this game while I was playing this.
  • Pretty solid 3/5

    By Blakemwyatt
    You know it would be pretty cool if it add more characters
  • Pretty Good Mobile Game! 4/5

    By toomanyfestivitiesYT
    The fact this is a mobile game is amazing! This reminds me of CoD Zombies, the graphics are great for a mobile game aswell, my only problem is not being able to change the crosshair color.

    By Nikrawd
    This game is solid and pretty addicting but it only lacks more charecters...3 is not enough..and one map gets pretty stale after a while..pleaaaaseeee moooreeee charecterss!!!!
  • More character 5/5

    By Shane staley
    Awesome but really needs new characters.
  • Characters 3/5

    By BrAzYDaVy
    Add the other characters to the game its a great game but gets boring when you come back to it and see the same three characters again and again
  • An amazing game! 4/5

    By Batman bffs
    I have to say that I really enjoyed this game! It’s fast paced and has pretty good graphics for a mobile game. My only complaint is that I like to have more characters and a new map. Overall this game is a blast and I highly recommend that you try this game!
  • Team death match 3/5

    By lars_saundrs
    They need to make like team vs team like team death match on this game
  • #Want more people 5/5

    By Belcue
    When are the creators of the game going to add Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, Slipknot, and Rick Flag? Hope you can make those characters soon.
  • Update it more add new characters 4/5

    By HAZYFuN1
    Don’t let it be just another game add new characters and all of that stuff update it make it unique add an ending or just do stuff so it’s not just so plain but don’t get me wrong I love the game but its lacking a little bit of characters it’s just a thought😕
  • Good game but...... 4/5

    By Darksoilder22
    Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun game but there’s no shoot button. I don’t really like that. But other than that it’s pretty good
  • Add new characters and modes 3/5

    By Jefmon0301
    It’s a good game but need some characters and modes to make it interested
  • Great 4/5

    By hipster hampster
    I really like it the only thing we need is katana joker captain boomerang and killer croc
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Zenoseljhhgg
    It’s an awesome game but there is an problem when I always reach wave 17 the game crash and it stuck at loading when I reopen it And it also needs more characters
  • Bugs that need to be fixed 4/5

    By NLGC Outrider
    I can play the tutorial but once I actually play the game crashes
  • C’est pas mal 3/5

    By Me Sarko
    Au début c’est cool!! Mais après ça devient un peu énervant!!! Faut ajouter d’autres lieux et d’autres membres du suicide squad!! On pourrait les ajouter dans certains niveaux et pas au commencement, ca nous aurait poussé à aller plus loin et maint je vois qu’il y a des bugs!!!
  • Suicide squad 5/5

    By jazmynebell
    It is so good I love Harley Quinn
  • Good but 4/5

    By mig diy
    It's good but I wish it had katana or enchantress or croc
  • Review BTW it's good 5/5

    By Hannanail
    It's the best game ever but you should add some more characters like Katana and the evil witch that I forgot the name of!!!
  • Cool but 5/5

    We should have the joker seriously
  • More stuff added 4/5

    By J3llyrolls
    Everyone should just spam this review page until they at least give us more characters
  • Why?!?!?! 5/5

    By tanner banananas
    I love the game but I have to mention that you forgot a couple of characters, The characters you forgot is the boomerang guy, Killer Crock, the katana girl, and the guy that tried to escape but he got killed
  • May need maintenance! 2/5

    By X-Factor109
    Game glitches after first squad member death.
  • Read ASAP 1/5

    By Jackson0105
    I hav nevr playd so rite now it sucs
  • Meh 4/5

    By ChaceHackett
    It’s a really good game with potential but it lacks characters 🤧
  • Amazing, but rather stale.. 5/5

    By Iso9001
    So this game is amazing. That's the first thing I want to let people know. The graphics are good, and I like the idea of auto shoot because of the wave kind of thing to that point where your aim is just... ijlwdoigoedpiucepqiruhcpqieh Yeah. So, the next thing is that I would like different maps.. It's very stale when all you do is cycle the map and go around and around. I wish each mission has increasingly difficult missions and 10 waves each. Then you can get upgrades that permanently save and you can go on different missions in different places, and a prologue, sort of like the movie suicide squad. That's all I ask, thank you.
  • characters 4/5

    By jdfilipino1
    can you add more characters ples... we all need that for the real suicide squad feeling
  • Great Game ! 4/5

    By ItsMizzy973
    The graphics and gameplay is excellent 👌🏽 but are yall gonna update soon ? At times the characters don’t follow when approaching the next wave & the longer you play, it seems like the more bugs occur. I wanna give this 5 stars but much needs to be improved 😐
  • Something nice to say ! 4/5

    By 🥓🍪🍪
    Well I love it😂
  • Good but not as good as critcal ops 3/5

    By DQ90
    The game is good the movie is good but the game needs more chareters and need multiplayer 🙂 so pls dont get mad at me for writing this review 😥
  • Way better then the movie 5/5

    By willbook09
    This game is pretty good, considering how bad the movie was.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By MaryJanexoxoxo
    This game actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would. A little buggy but a good time killer.
  • Great, but needs more characters 4/5

    By Crown duel challenges gone 😱
    This is a great game that I enjoy playing, but the lack of villains makes it boring. You should add more like joker, and be able to create a squad with three people, not have to do the same old characters every single time. PLZZ MARIO PLEAZ
  • Pretty good but 4/5

    By timelapesvideos pro
    Please make it so you can onlock more characters and weapons
  • I love it but one problem 4/5

    By Minegala123
    I love it so much I could play it hours a day. My favorite character to use more is El Diablo and DeadShot. The only problem is why cant we use the other characters from the movie??? Please answer that because I really want to be other people too! Please add more people and Ill play it more! BUY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVNT!!
  • I don't understand 4/5

    By Amari gario
    It only has deadshot harley Quinn and el diablo where are the others
  • Add more members 4/5

    By leaginglizard
  • Need to play as the joker 1/5

    By Pugdogguy
    Add the joker
  • Ammo Glitch 4/5

    By Cunkysama
    I usually get up to about 40 waves every time I play the game..So whenever I go to the supply box, I only get ammo upgrades once because the other characters disappear if I get another one. For example, if I play as Deadshot, Harley and El Diablo will disappear once I upgrade. Not only that, but my ammo will reduce to the way it was from the start (150). The only way this doesn't glitch is if I keep Deadshot's ammo at 225, Harley's ammo at 72, and El Diablo's arson at 85. It bothers me because if I die, then when I try to switch to another character, my game will have both the character on the ground and the character I am playing as, and it won't let me move or shoot, and it won't show the weapons or health on the sides. So when I try to restart the app, it crashes and it gets stuck on the loading screen, along with the health and weapons buttons on the screen, and it will just stay on that screen. Hopefully they can fix this.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Topdawg97
    I love this game not like but love you should download it and whoever made this game thumbs up to you
  • suicide squad 5/5

    By Frank itch
  • I love the game 5/5

    By k2rams59
    Hey if the developers see this I just want to say that this is a great game in every way but please make a suicide squad2 for mobile and have it multiplayer. Other than that it's a great game my first try I got to wave 18 i love the intensity
  • Carters 4/5

    By better then happy wheels
    The game is great it need multiplayer and more charters though and a campaign then you will a awesome
  • Freezes up on home screen 1/5

    By Spaztheman
    Freezes up and gets stuck on home screen on iPhone 6s plus. They need to stream line this app.. Game play was fun while it lasted won't load now beware
  • More characters 5/5

    By Luke the best of the west
    Needs more characters, but amazing apart from that point!
  • error problem 5/5

    By shyworrior87
    ok i just got the game and when i try to share the video in youtube it shows a error please fix this divelopers
  • Multiplayer 4/5

    By fcbffggvv
    Awesome game but need multiplayer
  • Great game but... 5/5

    By DramaLlama101

Suicide Squad: Special Ops app comments


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