Super Mario Run Stickers

Super Mario Run Stickers

  • Category: Stickers
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
648 Ratings
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Super Mario Run Stickers App

Stickers from Super Mario Run, which is now available on the App Store. Show off your feelings with Mario’s expressions, or use items to decorate your conversations to make them look like a scene from Mario's world. By adding a cap or mustache to a photo, anyone can be Mario!


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Super Mario Run Stickers app reviews

  • OK 1/5

    By Gigi Dennis
    I am EXTREMELY bothered by this 'Donna' person. Who in the actual heck responds with OK when someone says Hi there? What is her problem? What does she have against the sender of the message? And the winking Mario? Everyone is entitled to their own sticker sending but what Donna has said makes me reject all the stickers whole heartedly. Donna is a bad example for sticker sending and seriously needs to get her life together.
  • Don't know how to use it 1/5

    By xxgabexx1234
    Don't know how to use it
  • Where is the app 1/5

    By I lost my PokΓ©mon GO plus
    Why did you remove the actual app
  • New stickers, please! 2/5

    By Bub2013
    Needs new stickers now. It was all exciting when it came out, but looking at the same ole same ole get old. Please make newer stickers and add a lot of stickers instead of the limited 9 that's on there.
  • Me mad! 1/5

    By Irontnt123
    Me mad! ME VERY MAD! Me no get sticker of Mario going down tube! Me only get sticker of tube by itself! ME DISAPOINTED! Sincerely, Mad Man
  • Awesome Stickers!!! 5/5

    By Trey😍❀️∞
    Awesome Stickers for Super MARIO Run!!!
  • More stickers 4/5

    Rating it a 4/5 because of the sticker variety. Please consider more stickers and characters(be nice to have koopa minions)... can't get enough of Mario!!!
  • Good, but not amazing. 4/5

    By knuxtoast
    The stickers look nice, can fit into a text nicely, and it doesn't make that terrible flaw that most sticker-makers make. The flaw that I'm talking about is the flaw where the creators put words on their stickers. I'm happy to see that this sin is not shown in this sticker pack. The amount of stickers is not too impressive. In fact, I kinda want more stickers of the other characters. All in all, it's a good sticker pack, but not outstanding. (Also I noticed a review that demanded the stickers to be part of the game. I STRONGLY advise against that. I don't want to download a game just because I want to use its stickers. In fact, I wish other game developers seperate the stickers from the app)
  • Mario. 5/5

    By Gaby el de Mata. Villa Clara.
    Exelente. Me encanta.
  • Mario 5/5

    By Nintendo's Biggest Fan
    It's-A-Me, Mario!!
  • Good but... 4/5

    By BungtheBouce
    I like these stickers and they are fun to use, but I would prefer if instead of the characters from Mario Run, they were the character heads from Mario Party Star Rush. Just an idea. :/

    By jimmy325ifiofifofid
    The only reason for this app would be Waluigi stickers. There are no Waluigi stickers.
  • Crazy 1/5

    By Jamieforbes85
    I already purchased this as the full game on my old iPhone. When I upgraded I downloaded it again and it didn't restore my purchase. That is ridiculous.
  • Love Mario 5/5

    By PootyPatty
    Can we get some more Mario games?
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By Gggkklhph,b
    How do I use it?
  • Stickers or pictures? 1/5

    By a2010darwin
    In the App Store it appears as if MARIO is attached to or part of the message, he's not. It's like sending a pic and then below that is a message. False advertising
  • Finding the stickers 3/5

    By tracytupperware
    For those of you looking to find the stickers... go to an iMessage.. tape the arrow so your choices come up... tap the triangle protractor thing.. when pics come up... swipe left until you see the stickers ... hope that helps!
  • Fun! And some info... 5/5

    By Β«PikminFan946Β»
    I like using these! I finally can give someone a Mario cap, or put a coin right in someone's face! Anyway, some people complain about how they can't delete it. For one, go into iMessage. Tap on the sticker icon, and tap the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. You should see all the things you can use. Tap and hold, just like for apps. Tap the "X", and it'll delete it off your device. Done!
  • Best stickers ever! 5/5

    By aashindaa
    Soooo cute and fun. Please add more stickers!
  • Don't get this 1/5

    By Maxx782
    This app is good for about 5 minutes, and then you get sick of seeing Mario every time you try to find a gif. I used it once and it froze my phone and took over 10 minutes for it to finally unfreeze it.
  • Fun😁😁😁!!! 5/5

    By PA-Jim
    This is so awesome!!! I love Mario!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • нσω 1/5

    By Pgyfkxjdjsjdiabcksnvjsnkcns
    α•ΌOα—― α—ͺO YOα‘Œ GET α•ΌIα—° TO α”•IT Oα‘Ž YOα‘Œα–‡ α—―Oα–‡α—ͺα”•??
  • I love it 5/5

    By Jaxksepticalia
    I love the stickers they are very cool to send to people
  • New Mario 5/5

    By JonathanJSample
    I've been with Mario since he was scaling girders to rescue women from Donkey Kong. Joining him on iOS feels not only natural but exciting. Nintendo did a great job moving a Mario experience to this platform, and every time I pick up this game I find my time well spent. In the weird world of mobile gaming, Super Mario Run is a must have!
  • πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» 5/5

    By Ali_konan_33
  • Not viable way to uninstall/delete 1/5

    By Alx Meza
    But continues to request to be updated.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Midnightwolfdemon
    I've tried installing and reinstalling and this just doesn't to anything. No stickers appear and nothing shows up. What a wast of time! And so I deleted the app and everytime there is an update on Itunes, it won't go away!!!!!!
  • Reviews are messed up 1/5

    By AvengerPod
    The reviews for Super Mario Run Stickers are mostly reviews for Super Mario Run. What is going on? Are people just stupid or has Apple or Nintendo made some mistake where the reviews are posted for the wrong app?
  • Constant Data Requirement 4/5

    By Solosoul
    The required data connection kills this game. Can't play it when traveling. Son can't play it on his iPad unless there is wifi available. Makes the game completely useless when it can't be played "mobily" on a mobile device because of the necessary constant data connection.
  • Well... 4/5

    By Kishadi
    Maybe every single one of these reviewers should stop reviewing the SUPER MARIO RUN APP on the listing for SUPER MARIO RUN STICKERS. Idiots. I like the stickers, the game is great. If you want to rate the game I would suggest rating the game on that game listing. Thank you and have a nice day.
  • Don't.. 1/5

    By J3nn))))
    I can't uninstall this and I can't find it anywhere one my phone!
  • Why Update an app I already deleted 1/5

    By Nuttystan
  • bug 1/5

    By matrixtyler
    although i haven't downloaded this sh*t, it is installed automatically. plus it's no fun, just a bunch of mario stickers. we're not living in 20th century... btw steve, it's on iMessage
  • Please integrate into the game 2/5

    By timmc94
    These stickers are actually pretty fun to slap on photos in group conversations to make people laugh from how ridiculous it is. But there's really no reason for it to be separate from the SMR game now that it's out! Just make the Stickers available when you have the game downloaded like so many other games do, instead of having a separate download.
  • this dont work 1/5

    By steve the rican
    this app says installed but it doesnt show up anywhere on my phone
  • Mario 2/5

    By Avnord74
    I have install mario sticker and i have paid for that but its not working and i font know why
  • How to uninstall 2/5

    By December SunShine
    Anyone have a clue how to uninstall the icon stickers?
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By ShakeNblake14
    Ignore the haters. This is an amazing game. Totally worth the $10. The same people that say it's too much upfront spend $10 a day on candy crush. MARIO TIME!
  • Very good game 5/5

    By leotefo
    Love this game of Mario , fan of Mario games . Love to have it in my pocket
  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 5/5

    By Andncnjdnnx
  • No Stickers 1/5

    By SharondaR
    I don't see anything to use 😒
  • LUIGI 4/5

    By DragonFire632
    Please add Luigi stickers. I would like to copy Luigi's cap and mustache onto some photos
  • Pay once never have to pay again?! FINALLY thank you Nintendo 5/5

    By Warpedsunshine
    Listen this game doesn't advertise or claim that it's in anyway f2p! The fact that I read all of these negative reviews over people wanting to be able to play the game for free is appalling! The gameplay is so smooth, no crashing, glitches or frame rate drops to date. Also the colored coins?! I've spent a few weeks trying to collect all of them & the fact that the levels change & get more difficult as you get to the later coins was an enjoyable surprise. The toad rally was a nice surprise as I wasn't aware of this feature previously before downloading SMR but I hope the developers will work on fixing the way that we can choose the matchups, I tend to find my opponents are grossly overpowered compared to my current level!! Also adding more items to decorate the town would greatly improve my overall experience with this game. I do not regret paying to play upfront vs micro transactions where I most likely would have ended up paying more anyway!
  • Price 3/5

    By Nordon mitchell
    This game is great in my opinion. Sure, the price tag may be a little bit high but I feel it is worth it if you have the money. Plus the game is awesome, Thanks Nintendo!
  • Nintendo's Desperate Cash Grab 1/5

    By Loved this
    The game is worth paying for, no doubt. But not $10. The price makes it obvious that their team didn't ask themselves which price point would make them money and match the value of the content. They must have only asked themselves, "How high can we push the price to exploit our loyal fans' nostalgia?" Judging by the swarm of 5 star reviews by people saying $10 is worth it for a runner, Nintendo succeeded with a few people. I highly suggest holding off on buying the game until it's at least 50% off. And there WILL be a sale because EVERYONE that knew about this game assumed It would get 4.5-5.0 stars and 2.5 stars is a horrible smear on Nintendo's reputation. Funny side note: When the games review score settled on 2.5 stars, Nintendo came out and said because of the score they aren't releasing any DLC for the game ever. So they basically acted like a child and said "fine, if you won't buy our things blindly then we won't make games for you anymore." Really shows you where their mindset is at right now. Such a shame.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Bosco hakeem
    This game is great. Its worth the $10! Once you pay the dough it opens up a Pandora box of perks. I always have 90+ rally tickets.
  • Stickers 5/5

    By Karenpuli17
    How do you access the stickers, does anyone know?
  • Awful 1/5

    By Mr vegan
    There is no reason to pay 10$ for such a short game no matter how nostalgics we all get playing this.
  • Broke my phone 1/5

    By Saicas
    I downloaded it and it didn't show up on the home screen. I restarted my phone, but still no app. So I don't recommend you get this app
  • Worth it 5/5

    By janray123

Super Mario Run Stickers app comments


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