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Fortune 500 companies, the entertainment industry and companies around the country need your opinions – and we’ll pay you for them. Surveys On The Go® is unlike any other survey application on the market today because it pays in cash, not points. You’ll earn real money for surveys you can take quickly. We’ll send you notifications when paid surveys are available -- usually a few per month. Surveys are only available in the United States. You’ll be able to: Rate TV shows/movies, evaluate products and shopping experiences, all while you’re getting paid. And most surveys take just a few minutes. Surveys On The Go® values and ensures your privacy. We’ll never forward, sell or transfer your personal information. It’s safe and protected – guaranteed. Download it now, take a quick survey and earn your first dollar immediately.


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  • Great app 5/5

    By Kasheeep
    It did take me a while to earn some money, but the quiz’ come when you visit certain places. I wish more surveys would come faster.
  • Mom 5/5

    By MelissaBRN
    Great way to kill some time waiting on kids, carpool, soccer etc. And make a few bucks!
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By Crip city bird gang
    Can't go wrong! What's not toike about free money? I redeem and am able to treat myself to frivelous things I love!
  • Cashed out $13 5/5

    By Matthias-Todd
    Worked for me. Cashed out 13 in a little less than 3 weeks.
  • Verry good app 5/5

    By H Nang
    I like this app very much, doesn’t ask too many questions. Even I don’t qualify for the survey, It still gives me $0.10 every survey I take. I already cashed out $10.00.
  • Waste if time 2/5

    By amanda2331
    When you very first download this app you get many surveys. Once you get close to reaching the $10 mark to cash out, you will never get there. Also asking for personal account info with pictures is something that sounds like an identity theif. I would advise this company to payout for the surveys that are saying you don't qualify for at least half the amount that was offered at the beginning instead of 10 cents. That ridiculous especially when you answer 10-20 questions to even see if you qualify. That's a rip off!!
  • Survey Heaven 5/5

    By Christy987654
    I love this app! I've been rewarded lots of money which I usually cash out for Amazon gift cards! I do wish there were more surveys offered!
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Rise. My review.
    Not bad. It just takes a while to get any surveys.
  • Great Survey App in a Sea of other Worthless Apps! 5/5

    By bLehhGLiTTeR
    Okay, so here is my honest review of this app. I feel I can give an honest review as it's one of the oldest apps that I have actually downloaded after having to start over because it was worthy of my download. Now have I gotten rich due to this app, no, I am however fairly compensated for my time and efforts. This doesn't mean that I will not ever be disqualified from a survey. As another review said I have been given ten cents for my time. However you'd talking about two minutes of my time. Those ten cents sit there then comes a $2 incentive and they all add up. I've been very pleased at the fast payments sent to wherever you'd like from amazon to Paypal and so on. I don't feel they're sketchy as the review mentioned and in fact I've cashed it more then once. By cashed out I mean I hit the ten dollar threshold needed to cash out. It's actually so well of an app I've been able to single handedly rely on it to supply my petty cash for my other habit of playing paid contests for another app.. When I use survey money I feel less guilt then my hard earned cash to spend on frivolous things. Does it ask for your private info you ask?? Well no not really in fact you can turn down or decline any survey and incentive that you want and sometimes you'll still get ten cents for even giving a look at them. I know the reviewer is referencing a currently sent survey paying a quick $2. They state clearly right away that it's optional and if you feel comfy it specifically says they do NOT want your personal info. they want the idea overall of your mobile plan. Again if it's uncomfortable for you simply pass and I'm sure someone else will gladly tend to it for you but regardless don't forget all the other great surveys they offer. I'm proof I've cashed out more than a few times, again not easy money but still money none the less.
  • Review👍🏿👍🏿 5/5

    By Mefourwheel
    Great app
  • Takes way to long!!! 2/5

    By Stafthegreat
    Took me almost a year to reach 10.00 mark! W
  • Takes forever to build up money 3/5

    By Hi_its_ashley
    I’ve been using this app for almost a year, I am FINALLY able to cash out on it. You definitely won’t get rich off of this. I wish there were more surveys offered, as that’s part of the problem. You start out getting survey after survey until one day, nothing. Then you get one survey offered every few months, most of which will boot you off and give you 10 cents. I feel like I’ve spent absurd amounts of time on surveys only to get booted off at the last few questions and told I’m not qualified. Also, can you PLEASE let us “opt out” of surveys that we don’t want to take? Under NO circumstances am I going to give you photos of my bills with my personal information on it! This survey has been sending me notifications for MONTHS. Overall, I’m happy I’m finally about to get a nice payout, but this app could use serious improvements.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ccccccjdhdj
    Really cool
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Ruben976
    It’s an amazing app for my free time. Answering the questions are easy for me!
  • Overall decent 4/5

    By Igoohard
    I’ve been using this app for about a year now and I’ve made around 50 dollars from taking surveys. I also qualified for a local radio station survey through the app and was awarded a 75 dollar amazon gift card for listening to the radio station 3 days in a row and giving feedback daily . It does seem like a lot of the surveys that pop up I don’t qualify for and only get .10 cents . Some surveys you don’t qualify for you won’t get anything for but hey maybe it’s just because of my shopping and spending habits and they don’t need my particular input on things. Like I said I made some money and some money is better than none so 4 stars from me. You can get some decent cash back if you qualify for the ones that pop up.
  • Pretty Useless 1/5

    By MD3214
    Ive probably been notified of the one survey that needs pictures of my smartphone bill at least 50 times. Perhaps an option to dismiss permanently so we're not wasting each other' time. What happens in the majority of surveys is you'll answer 10+ questions, not qualify, and get a dime. Don't bother with the radio surveys that take 15 minutes of your time and then freeze either.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Debr821
    This app is easy and reliable. Love it!
  • Easy extra money 5/5

    By Rlhcutie
    This app is an easy way to make a few extra dollars each month.
  • Nice Bucks When they count 5/5

    By Mickeee
    This program is easy and stress free. It works awesome when you allow location tracking, then you get some high value in store surveys. Works great in a small town, but I have seen amazing availability in larger cities that I visit. They will round up your dollars to Amazon gift card, or pay you out cash through PayPal or Visa. Starbucks is also an option.
  • Where’s the surveys 1/5

    By Dhdjbdbdhhdhdnfudhdudhdv
    I’ve had the app for about 6 months now and I Quit getting surveys and I’m just 3 dollars from redeeming ??????
  • Real money for time spent 4/5

    By BiggityBancroft
    I’ve made at least $100 with this app. Even if you don’t qualify, you get ten cents. Some in store surveys take five minutes and you get $5. Not five stars because frequency seems to have slowed down as of late.
  • Love this app!! 4/5

    It’s so easy and perfect for when you are listening to music. I made $13 off of it so far and I used that money to buy myself a swimsuit! Only thing is I haven’t had any surveys lately, I use to get a lot more.
  • Cool app! 5/5

    By Doiknowu2day
    Love this app!, very reliable and interesting !
  • Fairly satisfied 4/5

    By AjayMin
    I went in fully knowing they will make more off my information than I get in return, so no issue there. I usually get kicked out of a survey I don't qualify for early in the preliminary section so it doesn't bother me as much. I've made a little over 14 dollars just doing little surveys here and there in the past three and half months. As for the cons to this app, there are often long stretches of no surveys which can be a little annoying but most annoyingly is constantly getting a push notification that I have a survey, usually a good money amount, waiting for me, but then loading the app to find no surveys waiting at all. I would really like it if this problem could be fixed. When I do get a good survey, the effort is usually fairly minimal for the payout, and it is better than other survey apps I've seen. Only one entertainment survey I did took a very long time and effort for only 2 dollars but I wasn't doing anything at time so I guess I can't argue.
  • Good, but could be better 4/5

    By Rich22ws
    I have been completing surveys since, well, I don’t know quite when, but I just cashed out for $45 that I otherwise would not have had. It was painless, though sometimes it is frustrating that they provide you with many questions just to determine that you do not qualify. They also should save information from your account to feed you proper surveys instead of asking the same questions over again ie. Gender, Age (though age range does change)...but you get the drift.
  • Interesting 5/5

    By P e a c h e s
    It’s fun but wish there were more surveys and that once I reject a survey I wish it would stop popping up.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By leej312
    It’s free money for taking a quick survey
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kfgala
    Easy way to make money
  • I love it!! 5/5

    By Marie210
    Easy money, you won’t regret it.
  • Not too shabby 4/5

    By Bggcasting
    Pretty fun, I don't mind taking surveys so being able to do these simple ones and getting a little cash at the same time is nice. It takes a little while to rack up the money but I got almost $12 in about 3 weeks from just a bunch of small surveys. The only thing that bugs me is that it seems impossible to qualify for any of the big money surveys
  • Nice & Easy-BUT doesn’t remember your stats 5/5

    By L28S
    Pretty cool way to make a few extra dollars in your free time! It would be good if they were able to streamline the surveys you get better so you can make more than .10 on a regular.. still a good random way to earn extra cash!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By JenHop19
    This is a great app. Doesn’t bug you down with tons of surveys. Always quick and easy. $$$ adds up quick.
  • Takes awhile 3/5

    By Wheremycoinsat
    I just got to $10 but it took several months. Ive noticed when i got closer to the cash out the surveys stopped. Youll hit a survey that says $6 but after you think you are answering the survey you arent, they will most likely tell you that you arent qualified so youll receive $.10 Its cool if you have nothing better to do, arent relying on this, and if you are patient. I forgot to mention you only have a certain amount of time to answer the survey. Half of the time they never notify me. You have maybe 10 minutes at most to answer it.
  • Read 3/5

    By longlive me
    It was alright finally made 10 bucks that took me a year
  • FREE MONEY!!! 5/5

    By Ziggie201294
    This app is great.. yeah, it can be a little frustrating when you take a survey with a lot of questions and it says you don’t qualify.. but I’ve had this app for a couple years and I’ve got a decent amount of money from it. I cashed out about 3 times since I’ve had it (one time it was over $40). The most money I’ve got from a survey was probably $4-$5. I told my friend about this app and she got $10 from a survey for just talking about a McDonald’s cup.
  • Not worth it! 1/5

    By Thisbeallverysaddening
    This app is horrible. You answer tons of questions ,so they can get data from you. Then, they make it almost impossible to reach the $10 limit to redeem rewards. You would have better luck with a different app. I should have lessened to the other reviews.
  • Works good! 5/5

    By BigTony5
    Not a ton of surveys, but i've made $10 so I recommend it!
  • :) 3/5

    By *AliCat52*
    Pretty decent. Takes a while but it's free money.
  • Easy $15 3/5

    By Monkeyf*****
    It’s an easy way to make $15 if you have a year to rack up 10¢ at a time. I would highly recommend their merchandiser app if you’re looking for a substantial payout. You won’t get rich by any means using either app but it’s easy money. Trustworthy company, hopefully they begin to get more surveys available
  • I like it. 4/5

    By agg1230
    Other than answering 10 questions to be told you don’t qualify I really like this app. I just redeemed close to $50. And I’ve redeemed Amazon gift cards for $30 and $16 ... I really like. It’s easy money.
  • Freezes during surveys 1/5

    By Daniwildcatspill
    After spending a lot of time on a survey it will freeze. I was 88% through a very VERY long survey when the whole screen froze, forcing me to exit out of it and lose all my progress. (I have screenshots to prove) So I lost 40 minutes if my life and I didn't even get my 2 dollars. Don't trust this app, it just wants to steal info and not pay.
  • Frfr works 5/5

    By ...chill notification squad
    Took my about 5 months to get $10 but still, also instead of completely giving up if u can’t claim it. Email them and they’ll help you sort it out.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Flcracker36
    Great way to earn extra $. I’ve had no issues with the surveys or getting paid promptly. I would highly recommend this to family and friends. You’re not going to get rich but it’s worth the download.
  • If you qualify. 3/5

    By Erastet
    There is an ok amount of surveys. There are however more surveys I am not qualified for then there are that I am qualified for. There needs to be more surveys that “all” people qualify for. If you get one that is more than $1.50 chances are you won’t qualify.
  • Ksty 5/5

    By ksty1574
    This place is a great way to make money
  • S'all good man! 4/5

    By KAEwtf
    I really like this app. I wish they did get more surveys because it's much easier to do surveys on here than any other app I've used. My only real complaint that prevents the 5 star rating is that your cash out is $10 and it seems like the surveys didn't come in as frequently once I hit $9. Otherwise this app is amazing!!! If you don't qualify you still get $.10 which is way better than other survey apps that pay you nothing when you don't qualify.
  • Everyday Opportunities 5/5

    By Nic Ren
    I receive a question everyday and get paid even if I don’t qualify for the survey.
  • Best survey app 5/5

    By Eyecandy1704
    I love this app because they have fun surveys and easy questions, quick payout too
  • Not so good 2/5

    By Shanise❤️
    I am very disappointed. Surveys are hard to come by. It’s like 1 survey per week or more instead of several per day. 👎🏾👎🏾
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Paysalm
    Great app! The more you visit stores the more surveys you get. It’s fun to do the surveys and the pay wells

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