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Survivalcraft 2 App

What's new in the 2.1 update: - Play with up to 3 friends using split screen - Gamepads support - Female players - Food rot - Sickness - Flu - Jaguars, Leopards and Tiger Sharks - Rivers, and the mountains are much higher - Customizable paint colors ...and much more: full list of 115 additions at You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps and grow plants. Tailor clothes and hunt over 30 real world animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle to protect them from predators. Blast your way through the rock with explosives. Build complex electric devices. Craft custom furniture. Paint. Use pistons to build moving machines. Farm crops and plant trees. Make and combine 40 different items of clothing to protect yourself from attacks and weather or to look smart. Play with up to 3 friends using split screen. Possibilities are infinite in this long-running sandbox survival and construction game series. Survivalcraft brings features you love in the PC version of Minecraft to your mobile device: infinite worlds, caves, logic elements (electricity), pistons, weather, boats, rideable animals, explosions, clothes, armor and many more. It does so while maintaining its own realistic, survival-themed style and expanding the gameplay through custom furniture, proper physically simulated explosions, temperature simulation and many more. Enjoy!


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  • Glitch 4/5

    By Psychout16
    There has recently been a glitch in the world where lines of blocks come through and some blocks don't show. Could you please fix it? Otherwise it's a really great game!
  • Please read and tweak 3/5

    By 💗Queen of hearts💗
    Hi I’m 12 and I love this game , but I’m having a lot of problems with furniture and a request . When I put furniture down sometime a long wired line or object starts to show up on my screen which makes it impossible for me to continue playing in my world because if I add more furniture it gets worse please fix it it makes me sad because I can’t see and it happens on each world . I also think you shouldn’t have a limit on the amount of furniture . Please help this glitch or bug . Thanks !
  • Make the magnets work 1/5

    By Mysterious person;-)
    I built a beautiful city on one of my worlds. Then I decided to go exploring and after I was really far away from my build it started to rain.... I thought well it’s no big deal I’ll just build a sleeping spot and sleep through the rain... when I woke up I decided I would use my compass to guide me back home... only it pointed to where I was just sleeping! Make the compass prioritize magnets over the last sleeping spot! What’s the point of the magnet if it can overridden by sleeping somewhere other than where the magnet is? Why? I lost my whole build because of this. 1 star.
  • Plz 5/5

    By Ajlink456
    Can u make online multiplayer that would be awesome
  • Please Read 3/5

    By Silverfish37
    Hello, I recently bought Survivalcraft 2 after playing Survivalcraft 1, but it was very hard to start a world, especially if you spawn in a winter biome. Please make it so you cannot spawn in a winter biome and you don’t get mauled instantly the second you step out of your home during night. Also, it is impossible to see anything at night without a torch, so the first few nights, you are stuck in the dark not able to sleep in your 2x2 wooden hut. You do not have enough time to build a better house during the daytime before you can’t see. Also, the boars and things shouldn’t just attack the second you get too close. And add multiplayer please. Thanks.
  • Fantastic, and cool, but.. 4/5

    By Saulo Navarto
    I really love this game. I had it for 1 year. But the really unfortunate thing is the way that the fact that there is no multiplayer. I know there is a split screen, but it glitches and is uncomfortable when it comes to small tablets, and phones.
  • Great 4/5

    By herdhero21
    I love this game and have played it for years. Honestly, it doesn't need much else and is better than minecraft in my opinion. The only things that would make the game better is spawnable orcas, belugas, white tigers, etc, and make more items placeable on slabs and stairs as well as making them stay when water is around.
  • READ ME: More Ideas! 5/5

    By Minecraft Lover 836
    This game is great, but I haven’t played it in YEARS! Why? Because you haven’t made any updates! But even if you don’t improve it, here are some ideas: •Pets: Dogs, Cats, Parrots, etc, • More farm animals: Chickens, pigs, sheep, etc. • More horse colors and breeds • BABY ANIMALS • Mobs: Zombies, Skeletons, etc. • More oceanic animals: Whales, dolphins, other fish, etc. • AND ORHER STUFF And the 5% of people that are reading this, have a WONDERFUL day/night 😊
  • This needs to be fixed NOW 3/5

    By leland 😀
    There's a bug when the furniture when you place too much of it. It could make what blocks invisible or something please fix this bug right now. Update by the time of this it's getting crazier and crazier. I see some people know the glitches and some people my upload world which they spot the glitches so fix this up please thank you.UPDATE The sound isn’t working right I can’t hear anything else might be silent. This isn’t right I want the sound back please sound isn’t right it’s muted I should check the settings please update this now this is important thank you needs to be fixed right now.
  • Amaz,needs update 4/5

    By 12ash43
    I love this game been playing it since version,1.The only problem is that this game speaks farming , but there aren't any sheep,goats,leashes,pets,and horse carts!baby animals would really help your status including new animals, I know how hard it is to code things and understand your pressure all I know is these thing would help your game a lot. Thank-you for reading!🙂

    By Boids!
    I really really really like survival craft and I really hope that there are are a little more up a date because so far it’s pretty satisfying. I like the different world that there are and that you can download there are so many! But I think it should be a little more appropriate(for the little ones.) there’s this one world where I think it’s not appropriate for the(Little ones) don’t like get rid of it but also just get rid of that one well don’t get rid of the game please. Please read this otherwise it’s kind of a waste of time. But not really. Because I kinda like this. But is there a way and if you’re listening please reply, is there a way to get multiplayer without it having to be on one iPad? Even you people that play it is there a way I love you know please say something and I’ll come back to here to see if I can read it. OK thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I really like the game.
  • Add more guns 5/5

    By K10102323
    Please add more guns a bullets bullet boxes like in real life like a shotgun with shotgun shells hand guns with the right bullets and a p38 with the bullets and please a AKM Rifle with AKM bullets please do it as soon as possible oh and season changes
  • More than 5 worlds 4/5

    By Animlluvr
    I have been playing Survivalcraft for a while so I was excited when SC2 came out! I have really enjoyed playing this game, well worth the money. However, I would like to be able to upload more than 5 worlds. Every time I want to go and change something in a world I already uploaded, I have to go to Dropbox, delete that world, go to SC, upload that one, the go BACK to DB and export the updated world in SC and then publish. I know it’s not that hard to do, but I would like to not have to go through the hassle.
  • NEEDS elephants 🐘 5/5

    By Wildlife Wonder 🦒🐘🦌
    This is one of my favorite games, it’s better than Minecraft! I love the animals and the controls! The only thing it needs to make it complete are elephants, mine carts/ rails, and multiplayer on multiple devices. More animals would be nice too (hippos, tapirs, beaver, penguin, etc)
  • Love it, just one thing.. 3/5

    By TheTenaciousTrader
    Stop just adding animals. When I kill one, all of a sudden another one or more appear(s). I’m getting frustrated with it! Also can there there be an update with umbrellas in it? Or dresses and skirts? And don’t have have four biomes have one and have it change over time.
  • Too much. 2/5

    By The._.Name
    This game is not playable. The devs tried to do way too much with the features in this game, I know they probably want it to be realistic and all but it’s literally easier to survive in real life stranded in an island than it is in the game. Right when you spawn you “Start to feel a little chilly.” How are you supposed to craft clothes and get food and all that when it’s you’re first 5 minutes of the day, and I know it’s not just me being a sucky player because I play lots of 1st person survival games, and I was playing on harmless and I froze to death in the first 10 minutes. I really, really love the concept of the game and all, but please just tone it down with all the extra stuff and I hope one of y’all sees this.
  • Survival Craft 2 5/5

    By ssdc-inc
    I have been playing survival craft since the beginning but have wanted to make it easier to upload worlds and the ability to search by name for them
  • My Review 4/5

    By connerwaid10
    For those interested Survival craft 2 is very fun. It can be entertaining and teach you what to do in parts of the wild. I have had this game since the first version. I absolutely hate Minecraft, so this game is almost all I play. -But there are something’s missing. Remember that In my and some other reviews opinions you should add: - A way to Tame and domesticate some animals like say wolves and jaguars and a few other animals. When you trap a animal and make it use to it being around you in a way. It should not attack you, but be use to you. This will make survival craft more realistic, and it will let you be able to have a predator as a pet. Also this will interest the people that care for anaimls a lot more then the actual purpose of the game. * A lot of reviews have requested that. - *also dogs and cats! This is one of the most popular request!* to have a dog hunt by your side!* and a cat* - Another way survival craft would be better is to add tornadoes and hurricanes (only granite and harder materials should be able to withstand it) (can turn it off in settings) This will benefit the game by making it more exciting. It will interest the people who are very scientific and the excitement will be fun. -Be able to spawn humans (India’s and villagers) this will help the player be able to have fun and interact with the humans -more rare animals (Do not make them easy to find) but their needs to be some more rare animals like different species that you cannot spawn but can lucky find. *A lot of reviews request this -Different and more types of rare animals. The developer should NOT make it any easier to find then, because it is fun being hard. If their where rare animals everywhere they wouldn’t be rare. The developer should have like rare penguins, rare flamingos, catfish and the developer should add crows to the game. Understanding you can only had so much in a game, you should try to add this because this will benefit the importance and difference of Survival craft then most block games. Although their is room for improvements their are more positive then negative. More positive about this game is: -A lot of animals -Rare animals (white tiger/white bull,etc) -rain/thunder/storms -everything else Their is too much amazing things about Survival craft. I hope you (the viewer) will or are enjoying this game. Thank you for reading my review. I hope you use my ideas. Maybe in the future I will give this app 5 stars. :) Note: I would prefer to be wrote back by the developer, not a requirement.
  • Best rip off of Minecraft 4/5

    By PupCup2371
    If you get tired of Minecraft sometimes and want to try something new like Minecraft this is the game for you. It’s editing and it actually has real animals. I think I even like this better than Minecraft.
  • Body temperature 4/5

    By Kiskomi7
    Everything is perfect except that I HATE the body temperature. I know it’s realistic but it’s really irritating. At least for Minecraft u didn’t need to feel any warmth or cold. It would be A LOT better if u exclude that.
  • Please Update the game 4/5

    By Jedijpm
    I have been playing this game since the first one originally came out, and I too have loved the advancements, however there needs to be a major update coming out. It’s been WAY too long without an update, and there are still major areas that need to be addressed. Personally, I think there needs to be alligators and or crocodiles in deep lakes, and add something like a Yeti for snow biomes, since you have wear wolves, a mythical creature. I think there also needs to be a bigger food variety for farmers, something easier to find and grow. PLEASE ADD THESE
  • We want Multiplayer!! Not split screen! 1/5

    By bro12345678901234567890
    I thought you could do both!!! Plz fix!! This game looks so much fun!! But where is the multiplayer!
  • Stained glass 5/5

    By Clap fjord
    Hi I love your games and I was wondering if you guys could add some stained glass like red, blue, black etc . Please do it I would love this game even more . Thank You
  • Vehicles 4/5

    By The Dog fighter
    I love the game but it just needs a couple of new things such as vehicles, it needs tanks, trucks, pickup trucks, basically every vehicle known to the Earth including trains planes and weapons for the vehicles that need weapons, and helicopters air planes, and race cars Space shuttles and finally it needs a way to go into space or the moon
  • glitching 4/5

    By Peanut52600
    love app but it keeps making certain areas’ blocks invisible
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By Jrg & jeg
    ~Multiplayer should connect without having to use 1 device ~MORE HORSE COLORS AND BREEDS ~Ability to take off saddle ~Horse gaits (canter, gallop) ~Ability to name animals ~Animal breeding ~Animal babies ~Actual horse tack ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Lcrmc
    I love this game. It’s better than the original no doubt. But it would be five stars easy if there was a search bar on the community content downloads, instead of just sifting through recents and best rated.
  • Excellent game, here are some tips 5/5

    By ShawnZzzzzzzz
    I have to be honest. I was mad at this game for a while. I was certain it was unbalanced and unfair. In truth it is, but I figured out how to thrive anyway. I always play on challenging mode, and I don't recommend playing cruel as there are too many ways to instantaneously die including riding a horse that jumps when you're under something, falling between a fence and other object, or dismounting a boat when too close to an overhang to name a few. Once you learn the basic mechanics of the game survival becomes really easy. Day 1 for me is always building a shelter. The day ends faster than you think and you will not survive the first night outside due to predators. If you start near snow, get as far away as you can - cold survival is extremely difficult and it will take you days before you have the right materials to make what you need. First thing you do is punch a tree to get enough wood to build a crafting table, digging tools, and a door for your mini shelter. You'll need the digging tools to gather blocks faster to build. Adore it gets dark. Make sure there is enough room for a stove tomorrow. Day 2 is always food and a stove. If you saw any game animals on Day 1 you can try to kill them if the predators didn't already, but some fight back and others can outrun you. Chase them into the water and use a boat to catch them, or just make a boat and go fishing. Fishing involves sailing around until getting attacked by a barracuda or shark - you can sail backwards while hitting them with a machette. Make a furnace and cook them and now you have a couple days worth of food. Don't ever eat uncooked food, you are too likely to get sick. It's all pretty easy from there. The next important thing to do is get feathers. Make a literal boatload of wooden spears and practice your aim on the open ocean until you get a bird. Once you have your first feather you can use a bow which should make bagging another 1-2 birds easily. Always leave a few arrows at your house should you die, otherwise you'll be back throwing spears again. Predators are the most frustrating. Most game animals will get killed by the overwhelming predators after day 1. You can't eat predators either. You also can't eat the same thing every meal or you will get sick. My solution is to live by the ocean and eat a mixed diet of fish (sharks mostly) and birds. Both of which you will find in abundance within a fairly short sail of your home. Pay attention to the location of sunrise/sunset in relation to your home though, it's very easy to get lost at sea. Also always carry an extra boat, getting ambushed by three sharks will sink you pretty fast. Best of luck, it is possible, and lots of fun.
  • Kinda stupid 2/5

    By Lili3131
    I can't really say a lot because I barely played it but so far it seems like another stupid minecraft ripoff but the created is way too money hungry.waste of money to me and for the creators,try to COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEA. sincerely,Kingninja
  • Very fun 5/5

    By jeannieDunn
    Totally worth the money
  • Confused 3/5

    By Liv Bacon
    How do I change my skin??? Very confusing.
  • Some Suggestions! 5/5

    By Guiltyraccoon62
    These suggestions won’t be life changing if you do or don’t do it, so that’s that. Here are the suggestions~ • Refrigerators- to store food so that it won’t rot. • More rideable characters- maybe even griffons, or hippogriffs, whatever you want to call them. They are supernatural creatures, and they could be ridden on. • Dogs and cats (pets)- to have a trusty dog at your side to hunt with you could alter your future in the game. • More sicknesses, like sore throat, common cough, just things you may get every once and a while. If you do this, then you could make colds more common if you live in the colder areas. • More biomes- like tundra, arctic, sand dunes, mountains, jungle, caverns, swamp, and also more decor (lily pads, weeds, and more) • More plants and crops- farming is my favorite activity in this game, and I hope that more plants will come around- anyways, here are some examples~ - corn - rice - beans - tomatoes - potatoes - carrots - celery - wheat - grape - olive - sugarcane - tree nuts - barley - apple Holy cow, that is a lot. Don’t have to do all of that. • More meats- like for pig, pork, and bacon (that stuff). That’s it for now! I’ll add more through time.
  • We need eagles and hawks ASAP 4/5

    By hawks and eagles
    U guys seriously need to make like eagles or hawks it’ll make the game way more interesting and make like seeds to play in that will make me want to play more and seriously I want it ASAP
  • One problem 4/5

    By Lnvbvbf@1346
    So, I love downloading worlds from the community. So, I really want to upload a world, but I don’t have Dropbox and I can not upload anything! If you can, please let us download worlds without Dropbox. Besides that, I love the game and keep up the good work! Edit- So I figured out how to upload a world without it but whenever i publish a work it says profanity in the name and I don’t even know what that means Edit 2- Okay, I figured out what profanity means now but all I said was “ town rp 4 Gavin” idk how that is profanity
  • Please make updates. 5/5

    By LilRascal05
    The last time they updated it is in July. I think the developers have quit updating the game.
  • Awsome please add 5/5

    By Lady Grim202
    I would love if we could breed. Also if we can have a egg for people to make a city or something that we can talk too and give them jobs. Also maybe carriages for the horses and donkeys. And dogs cats and other pets. I would love to go back in time like dinosaurs. Also myth animals like fairies and unicorns. Thanks for reading
  • Glitch 4/5

    By gonzo7578
    Blocks sometimes become invisible. I've read it's from complex furniture but i don't know. Please fix it's extremely annoying
  • I love it <3 5/5

    By Happyanimallover10
    I absolutely love this game it's amazing! I think it's better than the original minecraft ( in my own opinion) I have a few suggestions too. I was thinking you could add dogs and cats. There could be different dog breeds like you have different horse colors. You could have border collie spawner, and it can be used to herd cattle like irl and you could add a German Shepherd for protection or maybe even a pit bull or any other big dogs, and you could add a corgi or a golden retriever or other family dogs like that for a travel companion or to play with, kinda like the cats can be. :3 thanks for reading!

    By Bwine40
    I love the game and how you added tiger sharks and bull sharks. I think you should add great white sharks that are close to shore, because the killer whales and belugas are too far out. Plllllsssss add these!!!
  • It’s really fun but... 4/5

    By TheAwesomeOne117
    This game is really cool and fun but I feel like it was better with out sicknesses and I would like it a lot better if you could have more pets besides camels horses and donkeys. I always want a pet dog or something but I can’t. I also would like to be able to search worlds on community content and be able to play online.
  • Fun but not 5/5

    By thepageturner
    It’s a fun game but you need penguins and even a option of needs more animals.
  • I have played since the original came out it is amazing 5/5

    By Horvine
    Just one thing please add more modern things and maybe NPC people
  • Everything else is great 5/5

    By Jokid lady
    I really enjoy how this game works so far. What people don’t understand is that they aren’t playing the game right, so please ignore rotten food and sickness.
  • Two problems... 1/5

    By KNT Daddy
    It's really hard to find the worlds I like in Community Content now. So can you please make a search button that can help us find our worlds by names? It would be great then. You're doing a great job just add a search button. And another thing, the community content seems to be having more and more inappropriate worlds. And I try reporting some worlds but I’m not sure if anything has happened. I still see these inappropriate worlds on the community content. I even tried changing the community content settings from normal to strict and it works but there are hardly much worlds and some appropriate worlds are not there on strict. I just wish something could be done about the inappropriate worlds, like maybe you could update it to where the person can take worlds out of community content but just to his/her own private server or iPhone, so the worlds are still on community content but not on his/her edited community content. I hope you get what I mean. Anyway sorry if I complained too much, it’s just that this problem has been going for a long time.
  • Needs iphone x support 4/5

    Need ipone x support. It looks too small o my phone
  • Survivalcraft 5/5

    By Jcpckgdh
    They should add plains and bikes and more weapons
  • Hate The Rotten Food and sickness 3/5

    By Carsonator 8000
    The new update is Ok but the thing is the rotten food. When I'm on survival mode on my survival world and I realized I was getting hungry and go to my food chest and everything was rotten. I HATE the rotten food. I will never play on survival mode again if they don't do something with the rotten food and everything I eat gets me the flu and sickness it’s just not fun. The play anymore. I loved playing on survival mode until the sickness and rotten food. Please change the sickness and rotten food or please make there be like a freezer or new fruits to the game.
  • Great game, but I’ve got a few requests... 5/5

    By Director of Fun
    First, I wish there were dogs and cats, they could start out wild, and you could tame them. Like with Horses. Second, I wish there was a way to play multiplayer through the internet... like with no splitscreen multiplayer. You just can’t fit all of your fingers and your friends fingers on such a small little screen. I really do love this game! It is my favorite game right now. Just figured out how to work the furniture! Took me almost all year!!! Thankyou!
  • Join friends with no split screen 5/5

    By Cool-123546 Leo
    It’s a great game but me and my friends want to play together without split screen so can you make it to where you can join friends worlds please
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By ...Spar7an...
    I have been playing since the original survival craft was new. I have loved the advancements especially when we finally got a musket. Here are some suggestions to make the game even better. First off plz add online multiplayer like at least local wifi join. Split screen is a good start but if you added online multiplayer it would be so much better. In my opinion, I would love if you added more guns, maybe some modern and different kinds like pistols, revolvers, assault rifles, light machine guns, launchers, etc. It would also be cool to add pets to the game like a dog, cat, or parrot. Maybe add a backpack to carry more items. One more thing that would be awesome is if you added things like usable drawers, chests, refrigerators, sinks, etc. Basically usable storage and appliances. Other than that, it is a fantastic game. The main thing you should consider is online/local wifi multiplayer. Other than that keep it up!

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