Sweatcoin - Get Fit And Active

Sweatcoin - Get Fit And Active

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  • Current Version: 2.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sweatco Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sweatcoin - Get Fit And Active App

The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app converts your outdoor steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences. 5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets me walking and rewards me for it too!” by Woo123789 “Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use.” - Men’s Journal “The easiest way to make some side cash by doing what you already do naturally — walking.” - TheNextWeb “New UK health app Sweatcoin launched in the Apple app store this week and has been an instant hit.” - Forbes “New Apple app launches in Britain that pays people to get fit” - Reuters “The app that PAYS you to get fit: Sweatcoin rewards people for the number of steps they make every day” - Daily Mail “If ever you’ve needed an incentive to exercise, a new app could give you a much-needed boost to get active.” - Telegraph Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency units called, as you might have guessed it, sweatcoins. You can then spend them on goods, services and experiences on our market place with our partners or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. Movement has value! And remember that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Sweatcoin uses your HealthKit step history data to continuously improve our algorithms and provide you with better offers at the right time.


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Sweatcoin - Get Fit And Active app reviews

  • Goals are too high to achieve 2/5

    By Ozman 101
    Getting the better items off this app can take up to or over a year, so it’s not too motivating to keep going. Celebrities use it as a plug for them to get free PayPal, Amazon gift cards and iPhones by having people add then. I’ve had it for two weeks and I’m at nearly 150$. I just wish goals were more achievable and the last few days my daily sweat coin hasn’t been giving it to me. Please make some changes please
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By Chassityraaaae
    Love love love this app!!!!
  • I changed my mind 1/5

    By 6612293941Bm
    From 2 stars to 1 star. The ceilings are too low, so pretty much it kills motivation to workout. I don’t really like the convertion steps which are less than a 1/3 of the actual count. Also, the ceilings and monthly subscription payment doesn’t make it attractive at all. Of course, this is my opinion. I can’t even get the prize the I want even if i reach the max sweat coins daily for a year.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By als_love
    It has worked great for me, and even me and my friends compete on who has the most steps or money.. It’s very cool😂
  • Worth Every Step 5/5

    By Jmarlyns
    This app is the real deal! I was able to save up $80 sweatcoins and buy something worth $95 US dollars and only have to pay $19 out my pocket!!! TALK about a deal
  • What is going on 2/5

    By Matthew1243758
    I have walked a total of 11,000 steps today and my balance for the day is at 0.00 I don’t know what I am suppose to do but if this is bug I would like it fixed because I love using this app and this makes it so much less enjoyable
  • I like it alot 4/5

    By Hdhddhdiajs
    This is a pretty cool app to be honest. Gets people in shape and wealthy at the same time. The only thing I think they could work on is more prizes on the list. Other than that, I definitely recommend it.
  • love the app, two downsides 4/5

    By Epicgamers101
    Pros: Great idea Getting paid to exercise Encouraging people to go outside (sort of like Pokemon Go) Very satisfying interface Cons: Support for Canadian app store perhaps? If only there was a way to directly convert sweatcoins into PayPal without having to get 3650 sweatcoins for a 50$ PayPal gift Overall, 4/5 stars. Great app!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Jean Dorilas
    GREAT APP‼️ but my daughter have a 5C and she can't get the app. Can you please change that😫👌🏾
  • Cash out option 3/5

    By Lendy1
    I like the app however i think the stuff the buy are along wait, they should give options to cash out the money
  • Wondering if it’s safe 2/5

    By CodeHayden
    I heard about charges in this app. Really not sure if that’s true or not. Besides that, best fitness app ever encouraging you to get outside.
  • Rockstar 4/5

    By ImBobwbu
    I like this app!!! It just needs a search bar so that way people could fine what they want!👍
  • Super cool 5/5

    By Annrisa
    Love the app, makes you motivated to walk outside, cool prizes
  • Good app 5/5

    By torreyb27
    Really cool app get paid for walimg
  • My Personal Opinion 5/5

    By MayBeauty79
    This app is a really great app so far. I haven’t gotten any awards, but I’m at 2 sweatcoins already! I like to do it in my car, because it works like that. Just move your arms up and down, and you’ll be able to do it in your car! I can also oddly do it inside, and I don’t want that fixed, since it says you can only do it outdoors. Or it could be my GPS being weird on where I’m at right now. But I’m scared to see if it won’t work when I try to get an award. Can you please respond and let me know if the awards actually work when you get one, like the iPhone 8? Thanks!
  • Want the money 5/5

    By iamEpisode
    I Want the money
  • Outdoor Steps 2/5

    By Nick the dude56723
    Honestly trash at counting outdoor steps I walked about 1k steps and it only counted 370 of them and it take forever to load the outdoor steps
  • Direct Deposit. 3/5

    By littlebill16
    I made almost $200 dollars and I just found out that you can’t convert it into real money.
  • It's not real money! 3/5

    By Liyatastic
    You get some good offers but you need a substantial amount of Sweatcoin's to get real funds.
  • Great app 5/5

    By The truth in these apps
    I love this app! Not only does it motivate you to get fit by walking it pays you! And they hand out special offered like an iPhone eight! It is a great daily app I’ve had no issues with it. Plus you can add you friends and see the tops charts and on your profile it will show you your scores on each day
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By YES. IT IS
    Didn’t even recognize when I was outside. I run a mile outside every day and it didn’t recognize it as outside so I didn’t get any credit for it in the app.
  • I have question. 5/5

    By Taytaina15
    How do you transfer your money to PayPal? I’m trying to find a way and even look on YouTube. Does anyone know how to do it?
  • SweatCoin 5/5

    By Oof's Take
    It's legit people, don't take my word for it see for yourselves. From what I can tell you it seems most Items are limited but there is still plenty on the market. The value of this crypto-currency is actually set to increase in the coming years. It's a great idea to hop on now. What are you waiting for?? Oof out. -@ethedog
  • Great app, but having an issue. 4/5

    By WeezerJ1329
    There’s an issue where all of my steps are counted up but it didn’t give me my sweat coins.. is there a way to fix this?
  • Money for walking = win/win 5/5

    By ColtonAggie
    Get this app for a motive to exercise that they pay you, not you pay them. This app is the best!!!
  • SWEATCOIN!! 5/5

    By maseboy98
    This app is really amazing, I really love it.
  • Best App In The Universe 5/5

    By Magic1777777
    You walk everyday right? Why not get PAID to do it! This app is hands down the best way to earn digital currency just by walking. Its so simple a toddler learning how to walk can earn you cash! Tell all your friends, family and even enemies to join!! -Alex R. 22
  • Unsure 1/5

    By polys do it better :)
    I haven’t even opened the app yet and already am I wondering. But to some of the most recent comments like you ⬇️⬇️⬇️ is the whole point of it is the MOTIVATION you get from seeing the numbers go up. Your intentions of downloading the app was to work out and earn money doing it. Simple. The bigger picture is the MOTIVATION it gives you to WORK OUT. 🤘🏼💕💯 Now gonna try the app. 💁🏻
  • Beware: it screws your iPhone 1/5

    By Saad.ch
    My io11 on iPhone 7 was working perfectly. I installed this app 3 days ago, and everything started malfunctioning. Volume keys won’t change volume, lock screen kept freezing and issues with battery life as well.
  • Wow!!! 5/5

    By philomena o
    It's hard for me to believe that you can get paid while walking. This is awesome!
  • Great app 5/5

    By bwiz713
    I love it
  • Suggestions?? 4/5

    By AtillaDaHunt3r
    I love the app and the concept is amazing but there are limited options for rewards. Is it possible to add gift cards for food spots such as Panda Express and other restaurants?
  • Cash out with PayPal? 4/5

    By Sweatcoin User
    I’ve been using the sweat coin app for a while now. And I think it’s a great app to use in order to get fit and make money at the same time. But I’ve noticed that the items that you can redeem from the shop have very large amounts of sweat coins for you to be able to purchase them. For example the PayPal $50 cash cause 50,000 sweat coins I believe in order to receive it. Which if you think about it if someone has for example, 91 sweat coins they might want to receive that same amount in cash so maybe you guys should try adding a way to cash out exact amount of sweat coins that you have to PayPal directly. I believe this will make sweat coin an even better app to use. Thanks for your time, and I hope you take this into consideration. Sincerely, sweat coin user.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Nurzhana1992
    Last week I wasn't been able to claim any daily rewards, it only shows the ad and doesn't add anything to my balance.
  • Makes walking “fun” 5/5

    By RachelMarieee
    I find myself walking around extra just to watch my sweatcoins increase! A downside is that what you can purchase is fairly limited but I believe once the app catches more momentum (and Sellers become aware of it) there will be more available. Other than that, this app is great! I try to spread the word every day.
  • Sweatcoin 5/5

    By JRussell17
    Pretty cool, definitely makes me want to stay active a whole lot more!
  • Sweat Coin 1/5

    By ArdyC.
    The app is fun to have. But as said already, would’ve been better if real money was involved. Also every time before I reach 2,000 steps my sweat coin stop counting my steps and act as if it’s loading. But the next day I still have the same loading steps from the day or two before and none of my new steps accounted for.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Dvancejr
    I walked outside for 2 hours. The steps were added to my total steps, but not my outdoor steps. I didn’t realize this until I finished my walk, and completely wasted my time.
  • horrible support 1/5

    By Chellebelle12334
    I've been banned for some weird reason after I told everyone on my contact list to join then earned 30 dollars and there is no way to really contact support unless you contact Twitter and when you do that they take at least a day and I still havent got help with the ban. if you want to make money by inviting all your friends don't you'll get banned.
  • OMG 5/5

    Although it takes awhile it’s worth it and encourages people to go outside
  • Great app overall 4/5

    By DiegoV2017
    I will give this app 5 stars once it gives google play and iTunes gift codes. That is the only thing I feel like this app is missing Google Play codes and iTunes.
  • PayPal 1/5

    By DisgruntedYakker101
    This app is cool and all but the offers don't really change much from day to day and it always a while to earn anything. The one thing that would make this app a hitter is if EVERYONE could transfer from sweat coins to PayPal. I've heard of others being able to but when I emailed the creators they said it was a tumor and that they didn't have that kind of technology yet or something.....shame. until they make that upgrade the app is just a fancy pedometer.
  • Doesn’t convert 1/5

    By Brilthegod24
    I do about 12,000 steps a day but the app doesn’t convert my steps to money, been happening for the past 2 days
  • PayPal and Overpriced 3/5

    By Hammy Jd
    To be honest this app is really good and it in courages people to go out and exercise but it would be better if you could transfer that money to a paypal account because most of the time when I ask a friend to join the app they ask me where the money goes and they don’t wanna join once they hear it’s not real money going towards an account. Also the items on the app I feel like there very overpriced and it’s going to take forever to get them but overall the app is fun
  • 5 Star question 5/5

    By Shdhdhdhshshsh
    This app is great I love it so far. I would like to know if you can get actual money off of this?
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Unicornpoop002
    All you have to do is walk and you get swish coins which later on u can use to get gift cards, workout leggings, iphone 8, forever 21 gift card, etc. You get more coins if you walk outside more but you do get coins from walking inside as well. It does take a while to save but hey once you reach that amount from just walking you could get a $50 gift card to forever 21 so😻
  • I like it 5/5

    By SO GOOD👍🏻👍🏻
    Very good app
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By ViewCritic
    I hav had this app for ten days and I already have 67.57 Sweatcoins! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP! The best thing I like about this app is that there are NO payments like “$3 for 15 SC!”
  • M 2/5

    By Gr33n43
    It doesn’t track the steps correctly
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Deeznuts2046
    While it does take a while to generate your sweat coins you still can get them fairly quick. Just walking to school can get to coins to save up and buy something that you want from there store!

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