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sweetgreen App

You love sweetgreen. Now it’s easier than ever to get it. Bridging the gap between health and convenience, the sweetgreen app allows you to pay with your phone (no wallet necessary), order ahead, and earn rewards for every transaction in-store and online. The design is fresh and stunning, with sleek functionality that lets you modify salads, save your favorites, and order with just a few taps. For every $99 you spend using the app, you’ll get $9 toward your next purchase. And once you hit green status, 1% of your purchases will help to build healthier communities, either through sweetgreen in schools programming or our local impact partners' initiatives. Once you reach Gold and Black status, you’ll receive special swag, invites to exclusive events, and more. FEATURES - Order and pay in-app for pick-up - Shake + scan to pay via QR code in-store - Modify existing salads or build your own - Save favorite salads and orders for easy reordering - Share a link to your favorite salads with friends - Find the closest sweetgreen locations - Invite your friends to download the app, and they’ll each get $3 to spend at sweetgreen – when they spend it, you’ll get $3, too - Access both the app and online ordering (order.sweetgreen.com) with the same login – no more managing multiple accounts across platforms! sweetgreen integrates directly with Apple's HealthKit to seamlessly track calories. Questions? Comments? We’re all ears. Find us on Instagram (@sweetgreen), Facebook (facebook.com/sweetgreen), Twitter (@sweetgreen), and Snapchat (@teamsweetgreen), or drop us a line at http://sweetgreen.com/contact.


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  • No option to have salad tossed 2/5

    By NYCCuban
    Ordering is easy. App is attractive. Very convenient to pick up quickly when hard at work. All of that is ruined because I have to eat spinach leaves by themselves w/out other flavoring. I don't get the salad tossed and have to wait in line to get it tossed or fight to cut the line. It makes the app unusable. Next time, I will venture out even when in a rush. That may mean I go to sweetgreen or wherever else I think will be fastest. Or try uber eats...
  • I'm loving the SweetGreen App 5/5

    By ShadillacTime
    It works great every time and is very easy to use. I use it everyday and it is a breeze! I place my order through the app (earn rewards) and enjoy a delicious healthy lunch without any hassles. A beautiful thing!!! Thank you!
  • Can't use this. 1/5

    By rob11234
    It doesn't allow me to order salads with the dressing mixed in.
  • This App Never Works 1/5

    By MissEinDC
    I love Sweetgreen but this is the worst food ordering app of about 10 that I use. I spent 10 minutes today trying to order a salad and eventually gave up after multiple error messages and failures to connect. The app frequently crashes or gives you a "not connected to the internet" error (even when I am via WiFi and cell). And I have never been able to place an order if I wasn't on wifi. Please step up your app game Sweetgreen!!
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By mohdAlrashed
    The application design has captured my heart !
  • Wonderful app, wonderful food 5/5

    By missmushkila
    Love the ease of ordering! Being able to highlight ingredients is a plus (ex. Vegetarian options).
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By LPI4
    Awesome, easy app & better yet, always delicious with the freshest, best quality of all ingredients! :-D
  • Needs complete nutrition facts 5/5

    By FreeFlowMusic
    This app is the best way to sweetgreen. If you have a sweetgreen nearby and, like me, you enjoy (or want to enjoy) a healthy, hassle-free life, get this app. If you start ordering from there regularly (like me) you'll likely appreciate the ability to make custom bowls and salads and save your favorites, to make ordering even quicker. One addition would be huge though: complete the nutrition facts! Add fat, carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. I'd like to be able to send all nutrition data to the Health app. Separate from this app, if you haven't been to sweetgreen, check it out. Healthy, tasty fast food.
  • Order Times Work Poorly 2/5

    By Kaj_Z
    There seems to be a minimum 30 minute delay between when you can place an order and when you can pick it up. If you live near a sweet greens it is frustrating to not be able to simply come and pick it up asap.
  • Never thought something could make the sweetgreen experience bad 1/5

    By AuditoryCylopse
    Why on earth would you not mix things up? It's virtually impossible to do so with the fork and the experience of eating the salad is then 20x worse. At least make this an option! Until then, I will just have to brave the lines...
  • Crappy loading 1/5

    By litmajor101
    Terrible loading, not accurate inventory, kept messing up order and app wouldn't let me fix it. Couldn't order more than one salad at a time. Silly.
  • No way to contact restaurant 1/5

    By amandaeike
    This was my first time ordering from sweetgreens. I had to pick up my order (which was only two salads) in Los Angeles evening traffic only to realize it was incorrect. When you call their phone number, there is an automated voice that says someone will text you and it disconnects the call. When you respond to the text, the automated reply is that no one is available to help until the next morning. I called at 7pm and they close at 9pm. So now I will have to drive back in traffic in order to get a refund. Poor organization and communication aside, the salads were essentially a bowl of lettuce with very little ingredients. If I would not recommend this place to anyone.
  • Feedback 4/5

    By Joey Bernardo
    It would be nice if you could cancel your order via the app. Also it would be nice if you could add a note to order, such as "please mix my dressing and salad."

    By sweetgreenlover
    Favorite app. Love sweet green so much.
  • No online ordering at my location 1/5

    By M-DUKE
    I was really looking forward to finally sampling the food, especially after I got a coupon from my gym in Berkeley. Well, apparently online ordering is not available at the Berkeley location! Why on earth would they promote an app that you can't even use at all locations?
  • What are you waiting for? 5/5

    By Faynyc
    If the line at your SweetGreen is as long as the line at mine, you MUST use the APP! Not only will you sweep in like a deft ninja and pick up your salad, you accumulate points and rewards. Why wouldn't you??
  • Best salads in town 5/5

    By LawyerAndy
    Everything about Sweetgreen stands out. The freshness and quality of the ingredients and the friendly and excellent staff are just the beginning of the Sweetgreen experience. Add to that a wonderful location, lovely eat in space and a unique pickup system for those looking for takeout. Finally, an outstanding app that allows for easy ordering, payment, and pickup along with a Rewards program have made this my go to place for my lunch.
  • Can't update app 1/5

    By sally in dc
    The app would be great if I could update it and use it...
  • Not a very good App 1/5

    By LeoSands
    I had a horrible experience with this app all due to the way it's designed. First, there's no way for you to leave comments to the stores for further instructions. Perhaps this could have avoided all the trouble. Next, the way it works is you place the order, go to the store location and at the pre-determined time your order is ready for you. The problem is, they screwed up my order and I didn't find out until I got home. So I would suggest you all triple-check your order before you leave the store. And absolutely make sure you get dressing. Finally, when the orders are made they are sealed tightly in a plastic bowl. But I suggest you literally open them up and check to make sure they put inside all of the things you ordered because they didn't do that for me tonight. The way the app is supposed to work is you order, pick up and leave. But in reality what you need to do is order, double check, open the sealed bowl, check again, talk to the staff if there's anything missing, and then you can leave. You can say it's a "user unfriendly" system.
  • Seamless ordering experience 5/5

    By Cat N.
    Love love this app and the ordering experience.
  • Better than the Starbucks app!!!!! 5/5

    By halldc87
    Better than the Starbucks app!!!!!
  • Broken essential function 3/5

    By Heurich2012
    I love this app except for a pretty annoying inability to be able to "swap for free" ingredients. I always delete the cheese and try to add another basic thing like cucumbers and it charges me extra every time.
  • Fantastic salads 5/5

    By navinsharma@yahoocom
    Superbly chosen and fresh salad ingredients with wonderful dressings. Not to be missed!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Ecana
    Best rewards program. Easy to use interface for ordering. 10/10
  • There should be a dressing mix-in option! 2/5

    By Kill Jim🖕🏻👿🖕🏻
    Why not allow patrons to specify whether or not they want their salads mixed with the dressing? Sending someone off with the dressing on the side inevitably means that there will be some harrowing attempt on one's desk at work, or on public transportation or something, in which part of the salad ends up on your desk, or dressing is flicked onto your blouse, or some such. Plus it's nearly impossible to get the dressing incorporated into the salad reasonably in the first place so it's not a great solution.
  • The best restaurant app 5/5

    By Rex
    Love ordering my salads from this app.
  • Great app for even greater salad shop. 5/5

    By Miss Abbey
    Sweetgreen makes Chop't taste like fast food. Their app is informative, intuitive, and beautiful. You won't find a better spot for tasty, healthful food.
  • Love the app, wish it handled substitutions better 4/5

    By Ccccccccttttttt$123
    Great app, beautiful interface and easy to use for ordering and payment. One gripe I have is that it only lets you substitute ingredients within the same category at no charge. I shouldn't have to pay extra for substituting a premium topping with a cheaper base topping! Should be cost-based. Otherwise awesome, I love sweetgreen
  • Good food good food 5/5

    By OG12
    Good food
  • Checkout process could improve 3/5

    By Goobie111
    Please add a line on the final checkout screen showing my credits so I can choose to use my credits or not towards payment. Sometimes I order for other people and don't want to use my credit. Thanks.
  • Easy and convenient 4/5

    By Enzo65
    This app is very efficient to use and works great. Usually you can select a time to pick up even if it's only 10 minutes away. It's awesome that you can enter an allergy in your profile and then all items with this allergen are highlighted in red and an exclamation point is next to the menu item. Using this is so convenient and ordering couldn't be easier.
  • Apple Pay please 1/5

    By Meta Vector
    In this day, when no one can keep hackers out I am dismayed that this company does not support the much more secure ApplePay. I can't trust a random startup with my credit card info and full contact info. Please let us know when you fix this security hole.
  • Annoying glitch 3/5

    By Dannah Fitzgerald
    When you add the new jalapeño/tomato/corn topping to your salad, it disappears when you add the salad to your bag, leaving the rest of the toppings. Can't mobile order my salad because of this.
  • Incorrectly charged twice 1/5

    By momostatic
    The app charged my credit card the wrong amount on two different occasions. Don't show me one price, charge me another, and then just say you're sorry for the confusion when I complain about it. It's a bad customer experience. Fix it.
  • Enable Notes 3/5

    By Chloe2579
    As a new Sweetgreen costumer I'm impressed by the convenience of the app and their pickup process (so happy I don't have to rely on a human to get me my order!). The one thing this app is missing is the ability to make notes or comments for my order. Would I like my warm bowl mixed? Yes, but I can't tell the restaurant that. Would I like extra dressing? Maybe, but I can't tell them that. Add extra eggs? Love to, but… you get it. Add a comment feature and you'd have a five star review from me.
  • Freeeeezes 1/5

    By MacBrooks
    Anytime you add something to the cart it freezes. When you finally closed it enough to get to checkout, you get an error message. Very useless.
  • Looks pretty, weird flow 3/5

    By Optimus Crack
    The checkout flow is weird/long. First timing using it, I thought I was going to buy the salad 5x without confirming. Still forget when actual checkout occurs. But overall, nice to look at. Majorly lacking a "mix salad with dressing" option. That's like 50% of the reason you go to Sweetgreen. The salads are mixed really well. Why is this not an option using the app? You already trash the salad if I leave it for too long, so it won't get soaked...
  • Can't order from phone 2/5

    By nhejduk
    I love scanning the app to pay in-store, but I can't order a salad from my phone because when I try to set a pick-up time the app just shows a bunch of blank "time slots" and it's impossible to pick a time. Would be a wonderful app if you can fix this!
  • Room for improvement 4/5

    By Imaginarywanderer
    App does what it's supposed to, but it would be really helpful to have a special instructions field for requests like "mix all ingredients" or "please use clean mixing bowl that hasn't been in contact with seafood," for example. Also would be nice to favorite locations when there are multiple Sweetgreens you use regularly.
  • Wish I could leave a note 3/5

    By Sarahkate622
    I think this app is pretty solid. It lets me customize every aspect of my salad and pay for it on the app. It's very convenient. The only thing that bugs me is when you get a to go order they don't chop and mix everything up. Maybe it's a soggy issue but I don't care, I wish I could leave a note on my order so I could specify to mix up my salad. Edit: PLEASE LET ME PICK UP MY TO GO ORDER MIXED!! Part of the joy of sweet green is that everything is mixed together but not when you order it to go. It really makes me nutty.
  • No ApplePay, clunky payment process 1/5

    By sonivore
    Instead of just using ApplePay like the other restaurants in the area (or online with the seamless app) this app makes you create an account, provide all your personal details, and to pay, you have to launch their app and scan a old-school barcode. Your food is great, but your POS tech is weird—please consider ditching this slow/confusing system and just use ApplePay!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Very frustrating to use
    This app and the website both are incredibly buggy and take forever to load at every stage (with good internet connection). Took me 45 mins to place a simple order bc I got so many error messages. Please fix the bugs- should not be so hard.
  • No comment area 1/5

    By My forever bagel is coming!
    I think it's ridiculous you there is no phone number for sweet green. This app needs a comment area or a place to list allergies. I can't even use it because of this nor can I call and place an order. Very frustrating.
  • Still need option to add gift cards to app 5/5

    By raccohen04
    Great app but I am still waiting for a feature to add gift cards to the app so I don't have to carry them around and can easily check my balance. I brought it up and the store and was told "it's coming" - hurry up!
  • You guys need to test your app before you put it out there 1/5

    By BigcityEd
    Really bad. Don't make me do your job for you. Hurry with an update
  • Highly convenient 5/5

    By Shaun MM
    Using this app, you can order your food in 30s and then simply pick up your order off a shelf. It's the most streamlined pick-up experience I've had.
  • Dressing option 2/5

    By EricSuzy
    In the store, the salad makers ask "How would you like your dressing: Light, Medium, Heavy or on the side?" This is an important and value-added customization. This is why I love SweetGreen. Please add this option during ordering. Also, in App Settings, have a saved Yes/No option for Dressing Mixed In (or Dressing On The Side) and Light, Medium, Heavy.
  • No Apple Pay 2/5

    By Elliotjhug
    Without Apple Pay why would I choose to give these guys my card details vs swiping my card in the shop? They push their app really hard in store but I don't understand why I'd use it at all right now.
  • Can't checkout 1/5

    By Prescience86
    Can't checkout. Just hangs. Why has your app sucked for always?
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By samxsamxsam
    Tried to reset my password through the app. Was sent an email with a link and reset my password, but turns out I just reset my "web" password and not my "rewards" password. What was the point of this feature/link then?! I have no idea how to figure out how to reset my "rewards" password. Too much effort for an already overpriced salad.

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