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  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SwiftKey
  • Compatibility: Android
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SwiftKey Keyboard App

NEW: All themes are now completely free! SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your device’s built-in keyboard with one that adapts to the way you type. The app learns your writing style to give you super-accurate autocorrect and intelligent next-word prediction, reducing keystrokes and getting smarter over time. SwiftKey Keyboard is loaded with features to make typing even easier, including multilingual typing, support for over 800 emoji (emoticons) and speedy swipe typing with SwiftKey Flow. TYPE LESS SwiftKey learns your writing style to predict your next word with uncanny accuracy. Autocomplete a whole word with a single tap, instead of typing letter by letter. TYPE MORE ACCURATELY Say goodbye to typos with autocorrect based on your personal writing style. SwiftKey even inserts missed spaces for you. TYPE YOUR WAY Choose a different way to type by sliding from letter to letter with SwiftKey Flow. TYPE IN YOUR LANGUAGE(S) Type in up to two languages at once, without changing any settings. ENHANCE SWIFTKEY’S LEARNING Sign up for SwiftKey Cloud to make SwiftKey even smarter in just seconds. TYPE WITH EMOJI Spoil yourself with over 800 emoji characters to enhance your words. --- SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad supports the following languages: -English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada) -Afrikaans -Akan -Arabic (Arabic) -Arabic (Egyptian) -Aragonese -Asturian -Bambara -Bashkir -Basque -Bosnian -Breton -Bulgarian (Cyrillic) -Catalan -Cebuano -Chichewa -Chuvash -Cornish -Corsican -Croatian -Creol Haitian -Czech -Danish -Dutch -English (AU, CA, UK, US) -Esperanto -Ewe -Faroese -Fijian -Tagalog -Finnish -French (BE, CH, CA, EU) -Frisian -Friulian -Galician -Gallo -German (CH, DE) -Greek (Greek) -Greenlandic -Gujlish -Haitian Creole -Hausa -Hebrew (Hebrew) -Hinglish -Hungarian -Icelandic -Igbo -Indonesian -Irish -Italian -Javanese -Jèrriais -Jola-Fonyi -Kashubian -Kazakh (Cyrillic) -Kikuyu -Kurdish (Kurmanji) -Latgalian -Latvian -Lingala -Low German -Luxembourgish -Malagasy -Malay (Malay) -Maltese -Manx -Maori -Maranao -Marshallese -Mossi -Ndebele -Northern Sami -Northen Sotho -Norwegian (Bokmål) -Norwegian (Nynorsk) -Occitan -Oromo -Papiamento -Papiamentu -Persian -Polish -Portuguese (BR, EU) -Romanian -Russian (Cyrillic) -Rwandan -Serbian -Sesotho -Shona -Sicilian -Slovak -Slovenian -Somali -Southern Ndebele -Spanish (EU, LA, US) -Sundanese -Swahili -Swasi -Swedish -Tamlish -Tsonga -Tswana -Turkish -Uzbek -Venda -Walloon -Waray -Wolof -Xhosa -Yoruba -Zulu Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 9 and above. --- Help and Support: Watch quick how-to videos for features and tips: https://support.swiftkey.com/ Read our FAQs: https://support.swiftkey.com/ For news and feature updates, engage with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/swiftkey Twitter: www.twitter.com/swiftkey Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/104673797745951113580 Instagram: http://instagram.com/swiftkey www.swiftkey.com


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SwiftKey Keyboard app reviews

  • No Korean keyboard on IOS? 3/5

    By Honey <33
    Pretty disappointed when I found out that swift key didn't have the Korean keyboard for their IOS app. I recently switched from Android to Apple and was going to stay a loyal customer but this is a deal breaker for me. Please make the Korean keyboard!
  • Lost all my info 2/5

    By Robynwill96
    Until today, would have been 5 stars for sure. Updated for iOS 11 and all of my stuff is gone. None of my predictions are there. None of my saved words. It's irritating as hell when I can't ducking cuss!! Fix it please!!
  • Very bad, One crash per every minute 1/5

    By Taha Cheshm Ghashange
    About iOS keyboard Last version of iOS and keyboard We have too many crashes The keyboard is useless in this condition We have one crash in every minute Why u do not solve this bug in ur keyboard?? Even simple and little keyboards have not such a problem Why the mighty SwiftKey must has 100 crashes per a day?? This keyboard is nerve wracking When we use ur keyboard in Google docs or somewhere else in google applications, the crashes happen 3 times more One CRASH in one word Update after update And u do not solve this Useless and worthless updates... On the other hand: We do not have this character in Farsi: hamze I mean this one: ءءءءءءءء And why we can not turn the character preview off??? And in farsi keyboards, the sounds key is beside the space and in right side of it We have many many accidentally touches on it This is very nerve wrecking Especially when I inform u: predictions of SwiftKey is completely stopped when on of these characters accidentally added to a word! We have to erase all of the word and retype it, oooh While this key has a very rear use in Farsi U must remove it and place it in second layer of keyboard
  • Issues after new update 4/5

    By Jedabeal
    Having some issues with the keyboard switching between SwiftKey and original keyboard sporadically. Once those are taken care of it'll be great again.
  • Iphone 7s plus 1/5

    By 160meters
    Doesn't function on OS 11, unable to INSTALL. Instructions outdated maybe?
  • Swipe doesn't work without full access 1/5

    By NOStradomuz
  • Best 5/5

    By Mehdiking1982
    Best of the best
  • Hey Developers 4/5

    By Ladydragonz
    EDIT:Besides the predictive text the stock keyboard has been receiving more and more features that SwiftKey is not keeping up with. Please add more gestures! Still the best stock keyboard replacement for my apple devices. Please add multi-touch gesture for cursor select like the apple keyboard with two fingers. It's very helpful and I find myself switching keyboards to just use this feature on the stock keyboard on the iPad pro.
  • No telugu support 2/5

    By VRK7182
    I have trouble getting the telugu keyboard unlike in Android
  • It's better than a standard keyboard, but 5/5

    By Fooducated
    I use it on both iPad Air and iPhone 7. I use this as my main keyboard because it is awesome. The new clipboard is over the top. I deleted SC Key keyboard that I had used for years. Please keep improving it before someone else makes a better keyboard, I'm a loyalist. :)
  • Incredible app 5/5

    By Jyone13
    Incredible App. It did disappeared from phone, it is still on the tablet.
  • Bug fix plz 4/5

    By pouriafghklloj
    Doesn’t work correctly on ios 11
  • Can't one handed text with this keyboard app 2/5

    By Kristina's Nano
    Love this keyboard it has great predictability but Microsoft has a similar product that was called WordFlow and now sadly not sold through the Apple app store. Wish swift would create something similar to WordFlow to make typing one handed easily. Apple on iOS 11 FINALLY got a keyboard option to type one handed but I hate typing with touch typing.
  • PLEASE incorporate granular cursor control! 2/5

    By DaghenamDave
    I love this keyboard but the ONE thing that still keeps me from using it exclusively over iPhone keyboard is its inability to match the granular cursor control that iPhone's keyboard offers. This single but amazing feature keeps my using iPhone's keyboard the majority of the time. If you guys can mirror the granular cursor control/text highlight feature that iPhone's keyboard has I will rate this 5 stars and use this keyboard exclusively - Hell, if you guys could pull this off I'd be willing to pay for it. BTW I'm aware of the current cursor control available but it is NOT NEARLY as good iPhone's.
  • Step backwards from word flow 2/5

    By TaterMcK
    Auto correct is not as good and has not adapted to my writing style. No ability to shift to left or right hand optimization (curve). Swyping delivers nonsense words and the delete feature for incorrect words forces me to delete every letter rather that reverting to the word I swyped and allowing me to move forward rapidly. The color options for the keyboard are a lame diversion from the lack of functionality.
  • Not as good as android version 2/5

    By Lakewestsands
    I used to only use swift key on my Android, now have iPhone and the iPhone version isn’t even close to android version, android version had option to put numbers on top of keyboard which I loved so I didn’t have to use the number button, please add this feature to iPhone version and I will gladly use it again
  • Best keyboard ever 5/5

    By hoseinnry
    Hello Im a user from iran, i try many keyboards like Gboard and Go keyboard and.... But this one is the best one 👍🏼 It have everythings i need like change language key or emoji and its so fast But i wish there is a number row too in the later updates... How ever tnx for this great app🙏🏻
  • Change keyboard click sound! 5/5

    By @elvisitron
    It's outdated.
  • Years using SwiftKey keyboard. A+ 5/5

    By Johnny Fountaine
    Sept 14 update made this keyboard way more efficient. Even the click sounds sound better and quicker then the default Apple keyboard. Great job guys. I would buy a skin that won't show the SwiftKey logo and a darker Grey.
  • Doesn't come up half the time 1/5

    By Baka_Patrol
    Last update broke it.
  • Language 5/5

    By Dragonior
    Could u plz add a korean option?
  • I like, but limited 3/5

    By Shabby DuBois
    I'm using the regular iPad keyboard for now. I love the android app, but this one is a bummer. Can you (and I typically hate people that beg for features in a review but...) can you PLEASE include a more functional number pad? There isn't a good reason to have just a line of numbers across the top. The new iPad 12" has sooo much extra space that your keyboard is now looking and acting comical. Thanks for your development project here and I will gladly look forward to using it again when you make use of the real estate and at least re-locate the keypad screen you have for android.
  • last update crash problem 1/5

    By soheil9898
    very very crash
  • No longer working after the update 1/5

    By AnonSooooo
    It won't load now. If I try opening the app itself it doesn't even do anything. Also tried deleting and re-uploading with no effect.
  • ÓTIMO! 5/5

    By LeaoSerruya
    Muito prático. Excelente
  • Fast 5/5

    By Try It! epic!
    I'm typing this review with SwiftKey... It's awesomely fast. This took me about ten seconds to write with one typo.
  • Best stock keyboard replacement 4/5

    By Mrlemmers
    Lots of people seem to really enjoy the Gboard, it just doesn't feel nearly as great as this one. Since the last few versions this keyboard has become so incredibly smooth. I don't know if this is the same with older model iPhones but on the iPhone 7, this keyboard is awesome and the theme honestly blends with iOS better than the stock keyboard. If there were voice dictation as well as continued updates to the predictions algorithms the this will definitely be the best keyboard.
  • Android vs iOS 2/5

    By hkokel
    I have been a loyal user of SwiftKey since 2012. I always owned an Android and it was just the best app onir prediction, autocorrect and sync. But now I own an iPhone and I see I don't have the number row at top here. This reduces my speed of typing a lot. Specially because lots of characters are available now only at 3 level deep. So I don't see any benefit of using SwiftKey on iOS. But it works really on Android.
  • SwiftKey (Ewe keyboard) 5/5

    By Okrebe kuku
    This is amazing. I started using SwiftKey when it came out and I've not gone back to any other keywords since. This keyboard has so much cool features and jut today, my home, Ghana specifically Ewe keyword has been added to it! SwiftKey akpe na mi kakakakaka! (Thank you very much)
  • Love this app 5/5

    By spac92
    I'm so happy with the updates so far. Really like the new themes and the fact that there's an emojis predictor. Super helpful. Would like to see support for voice dictation although they may be limited by Apple.
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By JoezyWales
    Best form of texting "GET WITH IT Y'ALL" Jah❤️💯🇬🇾™️
  • SIZE 5/5

    By Otunbaeco
    I will really appreciate it if you guys can make iPhone SwiftKey like android,we want RESIZE on IOS version.
  • Emphasis on easy corrective.. 1/5

    By Jeff2005lee
    Swiping is my primary typing and I think there are a lot people like me. I still want easy fix or easy correction on error I made or on error from your prediction. The predictive is way enough and I know it will never be perfect which show up unwanted and unavoidable. I want you to put more emphasis on easy corrective than predictive. It relieve a lot of pressure struggling to make correction and out of control. 1 remove a space after a swipe so you can pick and choose correct word or you can erase it with backspace in one stroke. It also allows you to put space voluntarily on your own. Or you can continue swiping. 2 when swipe to fill a word or correct a word or add letter to a word in the middle of the sentence, please fix to align and adjust the space between words.
  • Does not want to update! 4/5

    By Bo0Stin
    Love the app.. one of my go to keyboard apps but the latest update does not work . It keeps failing and the icon stays blacked out and also won't let me delete the app off my springboard. Please fix this .
  • Amazing... But... 4/5

    By P_velasqz
    I have used SwiftKey for over 2 years now, on an LG Flex, a Note 4 and now on iPhone 7. I absolutely love this app, although on iOS I do extremely miss the haptic feedback on the keyboard. Also there are some functionalities that SwiftKey should implement from apple's native keywords. But all in all, to me it's always the first app I download.
  • Lacking voice support 4/5

    By Daneshbod
    It is a good keyboard with support of gliding. Unfortunately no voice to text support, in their website they mentioned that this is because of Apple's restrictions. But Google has a workaround for this, check out Gboard by Google. For now I stick with Gboard.
  • AWESOME!!!!!! 5/5

    By Hbkscorpio
    I'm so glad after departing from Android I can swipe.
  • Love the new clipboard feature 5/5

    By Books2718
    Clipboard made my favorite keyboard even better.
  • Wrongly changes words 3/5

    By Chronogos
    This app changes your words right before sending the message, usually the really common words that I don't misspell like "hood". Also, it's not a real QWERTY keyboard because there are no number keys, no shift key and no arrows. This keyboard is simply too basic and the autocorrect much less effective than other keyboards.
  • Microsoft word flow was better but they killed it 3/5

    By mah@cbh
    Why doesn't this app add spaces and capitalization after periods automatically like Word Flow?also,why doesn't it allow me to felt (delete) a word I just typed by hitting the back / delete key like Word Flow which was brilliant? I have to delete the whole thing letter by letter until it maybe, hopefully figures out I didn't like what it just interpreted . I don't understand why it just added that space before that period automatically but at least it capitalized the first word of a new sentence without making me do it manually.it's amazing to me that it didn't just add a space and capital letter to this sentence when it did the last one. Microsoft, when you killed Word Flow, the most brilliant swipe keyboard to date, why didn't you incorporate all of the intelligence from that app back into Swift?
  • Great keyboard! Still some things missing 4/5

    By Rishay97
    Maybe enable voice enabled texting and better 3D touch functionality?(Like the stock ios keyboard) It's great to hear that the app now offers many free themes and it's updated the appearance so they look extra clean! The crashes are far less often so that's great. Keep up the good work! 5 stars as promised
  • Buggy ! 3/5

    By Scarlett Pimpernal
    I loved this keyboard in Android, but it is buggy on my iPhone 7. Predictions often don't display, even though pressing the blank key shows they are there but not displaying. And now, after downloading an update, it disappears and defaults to the ios keyboard when I use Evernote. PLEASE FIX IT !
  • Not working 1/5

    By Benneyapr
    Since the recent update, this keyboard won't open for many of my apps including Apple messenger. So, it's pretty much useless right now. Aside from this issue, the predictive text is crappy & it's constantly auto-correcting to words that don't even make sense in the sentence. I just need to take the time to look for a new keyboard app to use.
  • Where did Happy Holidays theme go? 4/5

    By Townandcountrytraveler
    That keyboard color scheme was my favorite. Please bring it back.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By lmog1991
    Now it refuses to stay open as the default keyboard and the last update deleted all of the words I've added to the dictionary and now it won't relearn them.
  • Update issues 3/5

    By Phillip825
    I like it but I always have to delete it and download again whenever updates are released. It won't update. Also I have no other keyboards installed except the native Apple keyboard and Swift still gets knocked out as the default keyboard too often. Would get get 5 stars if these two things were corrected.
  • Best in prediction but bad in swiping flow 4/5

    By krishna4693
    The keyboard is good in predicting words. For example, if I added a new word to dictionary or use the same word repeatedly, this keyboard predicts very accurately. But the swiping flow is not as smooth as Swype keyboard.
  • Delay quando aparece e trava direto. 1/5

    By Doppleganger Ladrao
    The keyboard locks several times and has a delay of one or two seconds to be avaliable. As times it appears but is disabled, Then I think it is ready and tightening it closes and stay in the loop and wait for it to load. Frustrating.
  • Since recent update 1/5

    By MAC vs PC
    My SwiftKey board doesn't even work.i can't open the app anymore after uninstalling and installing again it still doesn't work
  • The new update does not Complete 2/5

    By Za3d
    The new update doesn't Complete and stops.

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