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Swype App

Why type when you can Swype? Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets. “There is no faster, easier way to input text on an iPhone” -– CNET “My favorite is Swype...It’s surprisingly powerful” – The New York Times Note: Go to the Swype App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes. Product Features: • Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype • An Emoji Keyboard with hundreds of Emoji to choose from and Intelligent Emoji support • Seamless regional dialect support and trending new words • 5 Free themes and more to purchase • Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures • Add or remove words from your personal dictionary • Customizable keyboard layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY) • Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone Supported languages: Arabic - العربية English English (AU) English (UK) Czech - Čeština Danish - Dansk Dutch - Nederlands Farsi - فارسی Finnish - Suomi French - Français French(CA) - Français(CA) German - Deutsch Greek - Ελληνικά Hebrew - עברית Hinglish - Hinglish Hungarian - Magyar Irish - Gaeilge Italian - Italiano Norwegian - Norsk Polish - Polski Portuguese - Português Romanian - Română Russian - Pyccĸий Spanish - Español Swedish - Svenska Tagalog - Tagalog Turkish - Tϋrkçe Ukrainian - Українська Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt * For best results Swype is now for iOS 10 and above.


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  • Freezing in iOS 11. I’ve had it 1/5

    By Ron C. NJ
    Skype was never perfect but it was my preferred option until iOS 11, when it started freezing - couldn’t type; usually had to restart. Bye.
  • Fix this. 1/5

    By lexischrick
    Please fix the bug!!! If I press backspace too much or if I'm typing swiping whatever it will lock on the number group. I can't type anything at all because the keyboard freezes even if I'm trying to refresh my imessage. The only way I can't fix is is by going to setting and not giving the app access to my phone then giving it access again
  • looks cool but isint 1/5

    By Bah38
    The keyboard looks cool and the background of it but I wouldn’t recommend it. It often misspells words and does not do good with long paragraphs. Don’t buy.
  • Just continues to get worse 1/5

    By Ken junior
    I've been a long time paid supporter of Swype. I keep current with iPhones and iOS, sans the X. Glitchy enough I finally removed it. Literally 3-5 times a day while typing Swype would just stop responding. The solution was to head to the keyboard settings and remove full access and re-enable it. Always fixed the issue but lord it went from once or twice a week to multiple times a day.

    By Crappyshot
  • Locks up all the time now 2/5

    By Moviefan92
    I used to love this keyboard. Lately it’s been locking up constantly and I have to either restart my phone or turn off Swype and turn on. Sometimes that doesn’t even work. More issues than there ever used to be. Please fix! I
  • Kahteyehwritereuiewkusofprodleh 1/5

    By Wakadadledoo
  • Used to be great, Not so much now 1/5

    By OneVisionVideo
    The Swype keyboard freezes in iOS 11.2, even writing this review I am having to use the old traditional type EACH AND EVERY CHARACTER separately! Swype gets stuck on the number keys and won’t go back to the alpha keyboard.
  • Bug renders the app useless 2/5

    By AshlinsApple
    When it works properly, the Swype keyboard is AMAZING. I can type things faster and easier and is simply the better way to text. However, the app will very often freeze on the numeric keyboard and eternally become useless. Even after removing the keyboard from settings and reinstalling the app, the problem still occurs and it's gotten to the point where I can't use it anymore. I'm really disappointed about this bug and would have otherwise rated the app 5 stars.
  • Love it when it works, crashing more often! 3/5

    By Memphispups
    I have used swype for a long time and love it! That said, it is recently (6 months) crashing and locking up with ipad. I have to reboot to get it back on track. Hoping for an update to fix this. Thanks!
  • Very Disappointing 1/5

    By Ardant
    This "Living Language" idea isn't working out for me very well, nor is Swype itself. I try to type "near" and Swype enters "naked." It tries to insert other racy or sexual words, too--and these DO NOT come from my past word choices, either spoken or entered as text. It is as if Swype is trying to embarrass me or get me in trouble. Also, it seems that the longer Swype is on my phone, the smaller the effective area of each letter becomes on the keyboard. Swype thus becomes progressively more difficult to use rather than easier. I've now tried two alternatives to Swpye. What a relief they are, and how disappointing Swype! Sadly, this is the worst app I've ever tried.
  • Pile of garbage!! 1/5

    By GP-Joe
    Very inconsistent. Keyboard fails to load about 30% of the time. Sometimes it loads but the bottom row doesn't respond. I'd give it zero stars if possible!!
  • FRUSTRATED!!! 1/5

    Loved your app for years. But it seems every time iOS comes out with a new update, crash and burn! Since the last iOS 11 update, the bottom part of the keyboard freezes. The space bar and the back button freezes. Then when you do a reset, it works for a few minutes, then it goes back to freezing. Also, what's with the disappearing screen, or it will go huge, then you can't find most of the keys. I really have loved the app until now. Now I'm so frustrated I could scream. Please expedite a fix soon. Thanks.
  • Need a new update 3/5

    By Datdiamond7
    I love Swype it is the best app out for the purpose that it is designed for. I think it is past time for an update though. I want to have the same emojis on the Swype app that my regular I phone keyboards provides so I don't have to switch back and forth. Or at least have the capabilities to save the emojis from that keyboard to my Swype favorites. I never want to change this app just give us a new update. It Keeps FREEZING and I have to reboot my phone to use it again.
  • Since the update my keyboard disappears! 2/5

    By KCassSLP
    I love this app and have been using it for years, but ever since I updated with the emoji bar it's like 50/50 whether a keyboard will show up when I need to type something. The only option is to shut down my phone and start over. Please fix this ASAP!
  • Need more language's 3/5

    By Acnomberdilomom
    Need to update more language's
  • New user -- love it but took advice 5/5

    By BarelySatisfied
    The reviews took a dive after the emoji feature freaked out existing Swype users, so as a new user the first thing I did after installing Swype was go to Swype's settings and hide the emoji list. This app blows me away -- I estimate it lets me type 2-4 times faster. It works so well I wouldn't be surprised if Apple buys the company. I hadn't heard of Swype but a client needed an alternative keyboard on her iPad, which annoyingly placed the undo button next to the spacebar after a recent iOS update. Swype's keyboard solved that issue. I then tried the main feature of Swype (drag typing) and was blown away by how effective it is! I can't imagine why mentally stable users would rate this poorly.
  • Autocorrect..? 1/5

    By JTravis13
    Auto current is ridiculous. Please fox it. It I'd making communication difficult. Thank yippy!
  • Uninstalling now 2/5

    By Sf1911a1
    When I had an Android phone, I absolutely hated everything about it and went running back to iPhone at the first opportunity. Truly, the only thing I liked about the Android was swipe texting. I was excited when I saw this app and downloaded it immediately. After having it for a week I can’t stand it and am uninstalling it now. It keeps auto correcting words to the wrong word and for example if I put a comma and then start typing, it makes the comma an X and connects the next word to it. It’s stupid and I’m very disappointed with the quality of the programming.
  • Swype Keyboard is great! But needs some bug fixes. 4/5

    By trabar319
    The Swype Keyboard is really great and has all the options that I'd want and need. The different themes are nice to have because I like the darker look rather than the standard white keyboard. The keyboard is easy to use and makes texting faster. It usually works flawlessly however, it does need some bug fixes. When I do some multitasking, flipping back and forth from the keyboard, it will freeze up and won't allow me to use it or even switch to my original keyboard. I've had to restart the phone and even uninstall and reinstall the Swype App.
  • Autocorrect is hyperactive now! 1/5

    By pevensen
    I'm tempted to turn autocorrect off. It seems like Swype is always changing "on" to "in" and vice versa when I don't want it to. It seems to change things when I don't tap on the suggestion. Is it trying to do some whole-sentence correction? I should not go back a word or two and change a phrase unless I tap and tell it to!
  • Blank keyboard when Swype is enabled 1/5

    By JBA45040
    I've had all the problems I've seen in other reviews at some point, and am now typing like I live in the past, because once again Swype quit working. Are your devs busy with other projects or what? Customers PAY for your app. Make it work! If it worked correctly, we might even recommend it to friends... but not when a problem like this happens for a week out of every 2-3 months.
  • Not worth it 👎 1/5

    By that1guyfromUT
    Swype used to be an amazing product, however it has been years since they’ve done anything interesting or new. Keyboards like Fleksy, SwiftKey, and Gboard have made Swype feel outdated and utterly lacking. Don’t spend money on this product, download SwiftKey (for free) for a better overall experience.
  • Needs some work 2/5

    By Speed Writer
    I've used Swype for a few years, and lately it's getting very glitchy, typing words that aren't words. I remove them from the dictionary, but they continue to populate. Please fix this annoying problem.
  • Keyboard freeze 2/5

    By WheresWagner
    This style keyboard is the only thing I missed from my android days. However, it freezes on me, leaving me unable to type, and not able to switch to the stock keyboard. This makes me have to reset my phone to be able to type.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Horrible since iOS 9
    Freezes when the punctuation keyboard is used. I have to turn off my phone to get it to work as I’m unable to use any keyboard. Soooo annoying and I’ve been using Swype for years without this issue.
  • Once Monster, on iOS 10 & 11 experiencing issues 3/5

    By Jamaica Blue
    My original review 1-2 yrs old raved abt how good Swype was & worth the modest price. I still like it, wish to continue to use it, but must make exception & downgrade the experience. The emoji prediction sometimes gets in the way. I am now experiencing sporadic keyboard lock-ups using an iPad Pro. Resolution usually required a hard reboot. Not a problem if you can remember what you meant to say after a 2 minute interruption. The lock-ups occur almost exclusively with 2 apps: Twitter & Purple Platform and were there under iOS 10 & now iOS 11. I've been blaming those apps, but it is undetermined the precise origin mix. If PP is running in the background, the freeze can happen during another active app, albeit rarely. (CAVEAT: I am running an older version of PP at present). I am tying it to a conflict with the keyboard b/c (a few times it has been less than complete freeze): changing to another keyboard returns control.
  • Great idea 4/5

    By Nicolleio
    I previously gave a bad review but... There were some configuration options that i didn't notice...my bad. Turn auto correct off or you're in trouble with anything that isn't cut and dry. Secondly, this keyboard tends to hang randomly at times. To get around this when it happens, goto Settings->Keyboards-> Swype and toggle 'Allow full access'. This forces a reset. I get these hangups alot with Notability.
  • Don't waste your money. Can't even use it for this review! 😂 1/5

    By lanieann7
    11/27 - Another update and I'm just going to be honest. It's a real piece of 💩 that they obviously won't correct. The good developers are probably employed in the Android devision because that version works well for me. #MAGA 11/12 - still freezing on number board, mostly in Twitter. For some reason, it worked for three months, but now constantly freezes and just shows the number/punctuation keyboard. Froze again when I started this review!
  • If you're coming from Android, this isn't the Swype you knew. 1/5

    By DaringOne
    After getting my shiny new iPhone X, I immediately went for my favorite keyboard from Android. Unfortunately, what I found was a shell of the same keyboard. You get the swipe ability, and some of the theming, but almost no other settings. No syncing dictionary, and you can't turn off the auto punctuation and it's driving me nuts! Stay far away from this, don't waste your dollar. The free Google keyboard is really a better option for anyone coming from Android.
  • Was great, now awful 2/5

    By MichaelB1969
    Using on iPhone X. Freezes up. This is the best swipe keyboard when it’s working...but doesn’t work often enough.
  • Love it, but locks up 3/5

    By mgdtke
    Love the app when it's working. Locks up 3-4 times a week and I have to turn off my phone or go into settings and move the keyboard select up and down the list of keyboards. It's annoying, but normal typing id's a million times more annoying.
  • Much better "swiping" than Swiftkey. 5/5

    By J.McGonagle
    I like to swipe. Apple doesn't do it, so I had to go with a custom keyboard. Swiftkey might have decent prediction, but their swipe function is bad. I'm glad I bought this. The price is cheap, and more than worth it.
  • Why 4/5

    By No1Dunn
    Parenthesis words are words chosen almost every time instead of desired words. Why does it always choose the words I don't want instead of the words I'm (in) saying? And what the heck is up with yet (Y:626) and you (Y:705) I have to fix them every time! Please remove the number option (optic) for words. Love (Louvre) the app and use it all the time!
  • Useful when it doesn't freeze 3/5

    By Wild Billl
    I find it surprisingly accurate for swiping with my big fingers. I also love've that I can long-term the buttons to get numbers and symbols without hitting the "?123" button first. Have been using it about a week or 2 on my iPhone 8 plus. 3 or 4 times I've been typing and the keyboard freezes. Only way to get it to work again is to select the default keyboard, turn off Allow Full Access, then turn it back on and deselect Swype keyboard. When it happens it was froze in multiple apps and phone keypad still worked, so definitely the keyboard, not the app I was in.
  • What a Nightmare. Buggy! 1/5

    By Odin's Elephant
    Always freezing up. Hate 😠 it!
  • Best swipe-to-text by far, imo 5/5

    By Liz06253
    I highly prefer this to Swiftkey and feel like I can't overstate how helpful it is for me. Typing is really efficient and you can, for example, backspace an entire word immediately without having to do each individual letter. You can also click back on words you had typed earlier and get suggestions for other words you might have been meaning to swype instead, which makes corrections really easy and enables you to not have to edit every single word as soon as you type it. The algorithm guessing what word you're going for is also really effective. You can easily and permanently remove the emoji bar. Individual emoji suggestions or just words you don't want to be there can be removed by holding down on the word (or emoji) when it's suggested and deleting it from your dictionary. You can also add words to your dictionary. Well worth the chance and money to give it a try if you like this way of typing.
  • Great when it works 3/5

    By Vandrajo
    Sporadically doesn't let you toggle to ABC. Just staus on the number screen.
  • Get rid of emoji bar! 2/5

    By Uberharry
    I love Swype, but that emoji predictor has got to go. I've used Swype for years. The emoji bar totally screws up the nice clean screen and it is incredibly distracting.
  • Love the app, but way too buggy on iOS 1/5

    By Rasputin_ky
    I love Swype so much that I didn't want to buy an iPhone until iOS supported Swype. I have been using it for a couple of years now, on an iPhone. It's very unreliable. Sometimes it won't work on WhatsApp, sometimes it won't work on Safari. I don't have these problems with Swype uninstalled. I don't know if it's Swype or if it's the closed eco system of iOS that's the root cause of this problem. I never had this problem on my old galaxy nexus phone.
  • Keeps changing out to it. 3/5

    By K dog r 6
    Please fix this auto correct problem as it is definitely an issue that I shouldn't have to deal with every time.
  • Constantly Freezes with the newest IOS software 1/5

    By CruiserGa
    Only way i have found to unfreeze is to restart phone. I just deleted it although i love it when it works!
  • iPhone X bug 3/5

    By Chris7478
    I keep having to delete and redownload this app because of a bug on my iPhone X where the very bottom where the space bar is becomes unaccessible over time. Please fix!
  • Unusable the last couple of iOS updates. 1/5

    By GandalfTheFunky
    The keyboard freezes and becomes completely unresponsive. I’ve deleted and reinstalled twice and it was fine for a couple of days, but I’m not doing it anymore. It’s very frustrating to have to stop what you’re doing and go into settings to uninstall a keyboard before you can resume.
  • Frequent freezes and other bugs 1/5

    By aogail
    I normally use android and I love Swype for android, so i purchased it for ios when it was released. It has always been very buggy. It regularly locks up, meaning no response whatsoever to touch input. It's also often very slow to appear when selecting text fields. When it does function, the swiping accuracy is maybe 80% of the android version. You also get none of the great swype key gestures. It is really disappointing how badly the ios version behaves when the original android version is so good. Update: Swype is basically unusable. With a keyboard you need it to just work. I'd say half the time it just fails to load. Nuance really needs to fix this.
  • No Longer Satisfied! 1/5

    By MtthwFshr
    Upon first purchasing the Swype App everything worked fairly smoothly. For the past few weeks the app has been freezing and even force closing. I would recommend trying another gesture typing application such as Swift Key. At the very least do some homework and research prior to making a purchase. Even if you own an older model iPhone, as long as your software along with ANY downloaded application are both updated to the latest versions most everything should run smoothly. ** I have an iPhone 5s and I'm assuming this applicant along with many other applications in the App Store are tailored to work better on the new model(s).
  • Auto Correct Bug & Hang ups 2/5

    By BIllyMc2011
    I quit using 3 weeks ago because of the same autocorrect issues others have stated. Very frustrating to have your word replaced just when you are done and hit a punctuation. Since iOS 11 it has been real buggy and hangs up a lot. I have to back out of the app in using, go to another one (ex. Safari) type something then come back to the original app. Even shutting down the original app and swiping it off does not fix this. Please send some hope that you are working on it.
  • Fatal flaw 1/5

    By Bufftwr
    Sadly while the program works well it is missing the voice to text button on its keypad for those of us that like to speak to our phone for messages rendering this program quite useless for you have to keep switching keyboards just to go voice to text
  • Auto "incorrect" really a problem 1/5

    By elliekadams
    This app is too buggy to be useful. Just now I typed the word "deer" spelled correctly. Three times in a row it autocorrected to "feet". Waste of money when it takes you longer to fix errors the app is introducing.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By My name 1977
    I wish I could get a refund since it doesn't write what you Swype. You have to go back constantly to correct things. Very annoying

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