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Swype App

Why type when you can Swype? Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets. “There is no faster, easier way to input text on an iPhone” -– CNET “My favorite is Swype...It’s surprisingly powerful” – The New York Times Note: Go to the Swype App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes. Product Features: • Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype • An Emoji Keyboard with hundreds of Emoji to choose from and Intelligent Emoji support • Seamless regional dialect support and trending new words • 5 Free themes and more to purchase • Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures • Add or remove words from your personal dictionary • Customizable keyboard layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY) • Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone Supported languages: Arabic - العربية English English (AU) English (UK) Czech - Čeština Danish - Dansk Dutch - Nederlands Farsi - فارسی Finnish - Suomi French - Français French(CA) - Français(CA) German - Deutsch Greek - Ελληνικά Hebrew Hinglish - Hinglish Hungarian - Magyar Irish - Gaeilge Italian - Italiano Norwegian - Norsk Polish - Polski Portuguese - Português Romanian - Română Russian - Pyccĸий Spanish - Español Swedish - Svenska Tagalog - Tagalog Turkish - Tϋrkçe Ukrainian - Українська Vietnamese * For best results Swype is now for iOS 9 and above.


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  • Freezes 2/5

    By Lgbt0104
    I like Swype but it freezes a lot , have to restart my phone everytime it acts up , kind of annoying, they need to fix that problem
  • Solid 5/5

    By Escaladestylin
    I didn't like this at first coming from Swiftkey.. I have officially grown to love using this app. The automatic emoticons feauture and the accuracy of autocorrect are both great along with the swipe feature being good too. Swiftkey will go downhill fast now that Microsoft bought them out. This will become much more popular u predict.
  • I don’t like that this has the ability to access everything you’ve typed 1/5

    By Kcm1989
    Including bank passwords and anything you’ve typed prior to downloading it . There’s something that feels unsafe about it .
  • Why does it lock up so often!?! 2/5

    By GENUINEmynd
    I loved this app because it's better than the standard keyboard. However the past few months it's been locking up all on its own. I can such applications and I'll have to select the standard keyboard or turn this keyboard off in order for it to work properly. It's very annoying at this point because when I switch apps I have to change the keyboard. Please address this issue. I know I only paid $1.99 but sheesh!!!!!!!!!
  • Keyboard freezes regularly 2/5

    By finman65
    I’m typing this with the stock iOS keyboard, as I had to disable Swype. The keyboard had frozen on the numbers screen, and the only way to get Swype to work is to reboot my iPhone. This is the second occurrence in three days!
  • Abandon hope 2/5

    By Jedwardo
    I came from an Android and loved Swype. This was the first thing I installed when I got an iPhone. But this is by far not the same polished keyboard that comes with so many Android phones. This is constantly bugging out in ways that the only solution is to restart the phone. For example, the keyboard will randomly switch to the punctuation/number keyboard and get stuck there. Changing or closing apps does nothing and I'm unable to switch to different keyboards. I have to restart the phone. This is something that happens multiple times in a day. The autocorrect often fights me despite specifically selecting a word or spelling. What makes this all so sad is that this app seems to have been abandoned. This could be such a wonderful keyboard, but I, too, an abandoning it.
  • Terrible now!!! 1/5

    By JoniME
    I've used this app for a long time. Loved it in the past. Hate it now! I haven't done anything different and the words it comes up with is ridiculous.
  • Last update screwed it 2/5

    By Ccp3140
    Since your last update, Swype often screws up. As soon as I installed it I had problems. Before that I gave you five stars. Please fix what's wrong and release a new update. I installed on iOS 10, and had problems, and still problems with iOS 11, so it is not the OS, it is your software.
  • Back to almost great 4/5

    By scooter54
    I'm back to using Swype for taking notes, and I use it all the time. I find it much easier than typing about 85 percent of the time. Sometimes it doesn't get what I'm trying to put down, but usually it just guesses with amazing accuracy, even if I only come close. I Swyped this whole paragraph hardly looking at all until I was done. I had to change three words. Prior review: This app had become integral to my workflow as a journalist, as I use it to take notes in apps that record sound simultaneously, such as Audionote. But its inaccuracy in its quite amazing ability to interpret my key swipes fell from, I would say, 80 percent to 30 in the last few months. I'm not certain what has caused this or even whether the problem lies within Swype, itself, only that it doesn't work well enough for me to use now.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Uselessguitarist13
    Land to charge for themes I already had on previous versions
  • Nope 2/5

    By luv_mist
    Was a great app when my coworker gave me the information on it. Honestly turned out to be tremendously convenient. Then the bugs where the keys start freezing or the suggestions take over. Can only adjust and deal with this for so long before the abuse is too much. I’m looking for another. Potential gets you only so far. In don’t potentially waiting. Sure they haven’t updated this thing properly since I made the purchase. Don’t waste your time.
  • Inability to add to dictionary on iPhone 8 running iOS 11 2/5

    By Togo Party
    Horrible. I just came to iPhone from Android, and loved Swype on that platform. Swype has some issues on iOS, though. After following their instructions for adding words to the dictionary, my typed word doesn't show up in the "Word Choice List.". Until this is fixed, Swype is useless for me.
  • Buggy, even after all these years 2/5

    By JarheadPAO
    The app is continuously shutting down or reverting back to the old keyboard. But what's most frustrating is when the Swype keyboard fights against you to type unique words it does not understand. Is there a better swiping keyboard out there???
  • Waste of money 2/5

    By Fmfnvhcj
    Symbols gesture and Capitalization gesture do not work
  • Autocorrect bug!!! 1/5

    By RoBuJr
    Could you please fix the bug where your words get autocorrected when you press the "punctuation" key. Even with the autocorrect feature turned off, it still decides to switch what your typed to some random word that may begin with the first letter if your word. This has started to get very annoying because of this and the very long time it's been since this problem started or addressed. People have been complaining about this problem for years! I'm having to give just 1 star.
  • Better Than Bacon 4/5

    By ACharlesE
    Well, maybe not really. But this app works perfectly for me.
  • Problematic in key ways 3/5

    By MsPixx
    Touchy keyboard, freezes, and a pretty weird autocorrrct. Try to type "me" and it changes to "Mr," for example, or nonsensical phrases like "mg gygg." Consistently switches to incorrect versions of words and often replaces an obvious choice with something bizarre. Hard to correct as Swype just keeps deleting your typed out desired word. I spend more time correcting/carefully typing instead of Swyping than I do just writing a message. Might have to switch back to the regular iPhone keyboard. Swyping on my old Android used to be faster, but now I feel like it takes twice as long and is frustrating.
  • Problematic 1/5

    By Durad
    Works great on my att iPhone. On my Verizon iPhone, it disables the capability of syncing my outlook calendar with my desktop.
  • After 2 years... 1/5

    By EnkiBello
    I got this app over 2 years ago. Still, it has not improved. Massive annoying auto correction, it's insane. You can barely write anything. I really need to find a better swipe app. Please stop the mad auto correction!!!!!!!!! Also.. It freezes all the time..

    By perdiemmedic
    what happened in the latest update. The prediction is completely off. Eden egged (see, what is that, should have read "Even when" )I'm watching exactly where my fingers go with precise movement, the results are COMPLETELY OFF
  • i like it 4/5

    By :D <3!!
    its ight. i wish they'd allow you to turn off auto capitalization though
  • I went back to Swiftkey 2/5

    By Glados Wesker
    I really like the idea of Swype and the multiple language feature. In fact, that's why I purchased it. However, the first thing you'll notice is if it incorrectly guessed the word you are swiping and you want to correct it, backspacing will erase the entire word. You'll also be spending your valuable time adding a lot of words to the dictionary, even actual dictionary words like armadillo. And if you want to talk about the zombie horde, get ready to talk about a lone zombie horse. This pales in comparison to the annoyance of its spelling and grammar correcting. It will inevitably change words when you aren't looking and because of the changed word, change the verb tense, so make sure to always proofread even if you had been proofreading as you went. There's always a surprise. And this is the main reason why I went back to Swiftkey. The last issue which is the most minor is the ugliness that is the emoji menu. It is blurry and pixelated. Looks like the normal emoji icons have been stretched to fit a certain size against their will. But worry not. If you send one, it will look normal.
  • Great idea 2/5

    By BlendaBlain
    Keyboard lacks precision
  • Good, but not great. 3/5

    By SerratedGrin
    I've been using it since it came out and I definitely prefer it over the stock keyboard, but it crashes frequently or won't load at times. When using it on Facebook it makes it hard to see what you're typing because it doesn't push the content up like the stock keyboard. My last gripe is that they haven't updated the resolution of their emojis and they look blurry as hell. I'm switching over to Gboard to see how that goes.
  • Love it 5/5

    By @postalcowboy24
    IOS 11 second update has made the app text in all caps. Please update. Lost without it.
  • Still technically works 2/5

    By Mrlemmers
    Give the keyboard an update for iOS 11 at the very least. They brought back dark quick reply messages, and with that it would be awesome to see a dynamic keyboard theme added. As well as seeing the resolution of the keyboard and slide effects tweaked. Still see slide trail remnants if you slide through things too quickly and everything of this keyboard literally feels like it was a rushed app with no real attention to details. Sad because I don't really think that Android Swype hardly sees any new versions these days
  • Too many bugs! 1/5

    By Swype H8r
    There are way too many glitches and bugs and there hasn't been an update in over a year. I can't believe a paid app like this is so poorly maintained. I use it all the time but I often have to restart my phone because the keyboard locks up and I can no longer type anything!
  • Sorry, what I was worried about, happend 1/5

    By Taha Cheshm Ghashange
    A very good and powerful keyboard With Farsi support Can say it's one of the best But a very nerve wrecking problem we have!! When I press space more than one time, the keyboard add a dot automatically This is something must be able to turn off or on I use continuous spaces very very much, and I do not want a dot in middle The most worst thing was it for me Please and please let users to turn this option on or off (And character preview must be able to be turned off as well) I am waiting for ur answer Will u do it for us??
  • Needs to be updated 1/5

    By Clwilk
    It's completely wonky now in iOS 11. Need an update yesterday.
  • No updates! 1/5

    By iiloverr
    Can we get an update? Like being able to Swype in two languages. Example going from English to Spanish without having to switch the keyboard. How about being able to make the keyboard a little more compact so it can be easier to reach all keys with your thumb when your using the bigger screen iPhones?
  • Not working 1/5

    By Metric91
    This app is was working great but completely freezes my keyboard since updating to IOS11
  • Keeps Freezing 1/5

    Keyboard always end up freezing when using Swype for months now. Have to remove swype from ‘Keyboards’ in settings to use the keyboard again. Still no fix?
  • It's very accurate but,,, 3/5

    By GtrInLA
    Needs a serious update! Come on fellows!
  • Love it but... 3/5

    By Kida04
    I love this keyboard, but there are some serious short falls. I love the swipe action and the ease of use. I don't like the emoji set up, but that's a minor inconvenience since I don't emoji often. 😁 My biggest problem is that anything dealing with numbers gets auto corrected. Why? When I'm trying to type a time I don't want 128th:30 I want 12:30. Hoping this gets fixed soon!
  • Abandoned app riddled with bugs. 1/5

    By glenh2oman
    The developers clearly don't care about keeping Swype functional. You can't type inside fillable boxes on web pages (like the YouTube search bar or address form). Sometimes the keyboard locks up. More often it doesn't show up at all. After all the headaches I switched to SwiftKey. Stay away from Swype!
  • Much better on Android. 2/5

    By Parker In China
    I've had Swype since the very beginning. Years ago on Android it was better than today's iPhone version. On upright 7+, there's plenty of room for the Carriage Return... But it's not here... Sometimes the keyboard UI freezes up. There's Chinese language on Android, but none on iPhone. Google's version is only slightly worse, but that's free. Step it up Swype.
  • Use SwiftKey instead 2/5

    By Tony Uncet
    Nuance took this great piece of software and ruined it. Download SwiftKey instead which has a much better typing keyboard. I think the devs for this app are gone. I wish they would just release the code to the world so people could develope this keyboard as open source.
  • Swype is a must! 5/5

    By Jimy3405
    Best and most useful app I have on my iPhone and my iPad. I can text at least 3 times faster using Swype on both the iPhone and the iPad. In fact I can type with Swype faster and more accurately than I could type on my desk top computer using a regular keyboard. Those that are giving it a low rating haven't practiced using it. There is a learning curve for it, but it is amazing once mastered. Five stars for sure. 👍👍
  • Not bad. Love Swype. Needs improve. 4/5

    By Vraniol
    Using Swype more than 4 years. And 3mo with IPhone (Plus). Still needs to improve. Freezes sometimes. No microphone button/icon, very inconvenient. My Words in library disappears a lot. Emoji not here. But it's 4 stars anyway!!! But i can't leave without swyping. Guy, read reviews and improve.
  • Very glitchy!! 2/5

    By Scootn5
    The app started out just fine but within 2 months it started to pop up with no keys. Now there is either a regular lag or nothing at all.
  • Please fix bugs and dumb word substitutions 2/5

    By Muusic
    I have to agree with many of the reviewers that this app is extremely frustrating. How about some common sense? Is "Ann" more common than "an"? I could go on and on with weird weird it picks over the most common words. You know that the correct weird was an option because it shows up on the list above the keyboard, yet it'll pick the most bizarre choices. And why can't we turn autocorrect off? It's set to off but it keeps changing words. If I have to type an acronym, it'll keep changing it over and over if I don't save the word. Get a clue - if I retyped the same letters after you change it, that's what I'm really trying to type. I find this code to be astonishingly stupid. And now it keeps freezing, which makes it almost unusable because I'm not going to keep rebooting my phone so I can type.
  • Have to spend too much time fixing words 3/5

    By Unusualaesthetic
    I like Swype in many ways, I loved being able to type so fast with my android, and I'm glad this app exists. I've been using it for a year now, and it is mostly good. However, I am finding myself lately typing a regular word (spelled correctly and a common usage word) and having it change immediately to something completely different! And there are a lot of gibberish words that pop up or even REPLACE a normal word that I'm typing. Then I spend too much time going back to correct a word, then having it change on me AGAIN. When I'm having to go back and fix words so often ("if" often changes to "of" after I've typed "if" correctly), it kind of voids the point of using this keyboard for speed.
  • If there was just ONE more feature 4/5

    By JTMalik
    I love this app and it saves me a lot of time but if only there was an option where you could turn off auto capitalization?
  • Speaking a different language 2/5

    By barbarellaqotg
    I love this app, it used to work like a charm, but all of a sudden it has started returning a bunch of wrong words. What's up? Did you tweak the backend or something? And if so, can you put it back the way it was? To show you what I mean, here's what I just wrote above, without me fixing all the bizarre typos Swype inserted: I love this app, ity used to with lithe a charm, but ask if a sudden it had deserted resetting a bunch of wrong words. What'd up? Fig you tweak the bankers or anything? And if so, cash too pushy it back the way it was?
  • Constantly freezes 1/5

    By 8dolcebella
    Have to frequently uninstall due to habitual freezing.
  • Wrong words 80% of the time. 1/5

    By Micenation
    Basically swype for iPhone is terrible, stuck with it for a year to see if they update, but nope. Will be using SwiftKey instead.
  • Crashes a LOT! 3/5

    By Buzytek
    I really like Swyping, but I hate keyboard crashes even more!! The keyboard is very unstable and either hangs me up on the numeric keyboard or doesn't bring up a keyboard at all. This is very frustrating when I am trying to fill out a form online! PLEASE fix this!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AMJ1362
    I had always used this app when I was an Android user. So happy iPhone can use it now! Read all the directions, and have had no issues as it learns my strategies! Thank you. I actually have injuries to my tendons on my thumbs from texting so much as a Realtor, and this has helped tremendously!
  • Finally a Swype app for iOS 4/5

    By tashawillie
    I'm not sure why people are rating this app so low. I had this when I owned an Android and it works just as proficient if not better on iOS. If it's being rated low I believe it's because it's not being used correctly. I used it to write this message just fine.
  • Crashing issue 3/5

    By Allenkerose240
    Keyboard is great when it works but sometimes it's doesn't want to open up so I have to close whatever app I'm using so that I can re open it said app to try to get the keyboard to show up.

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