Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

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  • Current Version: 17.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sygic a. s.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps App

The World’s Most Advanced Navigation app, trusted by more than 200 million drivers. Whether you are travelling, commuting to work, or driving professionally Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is your one map for everything. _______________________________________ FEATURES • High quality TomTom* maps stored on your device • Voice guided navigation with spoken street names (TTS) • Offline navigation without internet connection • Free map updates multiple times per year • Live Traffic service finds faster route, avoids traffic jams • Mobile speed camera / radar warnings • Head-up Display (HUD) projects GPS navigation onto your windshield • Dynamic Lane Guidance & Junction View for safe lane changes • Real-time route sharing with Glympse - share your route, estimated time of arrival & location • Parking suggestions with info about availability & price • Find cheapest fuel based on your fuel type • Safety warnings about sharp turns and railway crossings • Speed Limit warnings on map • Fixed speed camera warnings • Alternative Routes & Multiple waypoints on route • Address/GPS coordinates entry by copy & paste • Avoid Toll Roads in one country or entire route • Pedestrian Navigation & Tourist attractions • Millions of points of interest (POI) • Dashcam that records even while you are navigating _______________________________________ Maps of all countries of the World from TomTom and other providers • Europe, Russia • North & South America • Africa • Asia & Middle East • Australia, New Zealand Please note that some features may not be available in all territories. Maps from TomTom and other providers. You can test drive all features available in the most popular Premium + Traffic license for the first 7 days after installation. After 7 days you can continue using the basic features or upgrade to the Lifetime Premium license. Need help? Please visit we are here for you 7 days a week. If you love our app, please leave a review. You will let others know how the app is, motivate our developers and help us improve our work. Thank you for your support. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Sharing videos from Dashcam is forbidden by law in following countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain.


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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app reviews

  • Good 4/5

    By Jolcsi56
    Facebook in my area in only problem is I want to search in Netherlands to help my friends to find some store nearby her! I paid lots of dollar dollar to buy all Europe map... I couldn’t opening the Netherlands map:(( i’m not sure about the problem.,
  • Much Improved 4/5

    By iosisunix?
    I stopped using Sygic a year ago due to No AppRadio support on the North American version and other problems. After watching how TomTom was continually updating the maps either because of Apple or the customer base outcry. I looked into Sygic again out of curiosity. I decided based on website overview of this version and the sale price at the time to try again. I could have waited for them to updated my existing version for free, but I want to try it. First of all, the routing is much better than in the past and the UI is a major step forward. The terrain feature works and it is distinguishable for the mountain views, valleys, etc… I found it comes in handy during night driving. Sygic needs to iron out some problems the with search features. I do find that sometimes the address are not exact and can not be found. Thus some of the really bad ratings seen here. I have not purchased the traffic option and I can not report on the detour routing. I used this version on 2000 mile roundtrip from my location to St. Louis and I enjoyed it. I have to say for a company to start from scratch again, you have to give them credit. For them to put this much effort to improve it and based upon the ratings, they have to continue with rectifying their customer base problems. Granted, their is no support for AppRadio, but I use the HDMI mirroring and have became used to the process. I wish to see this running on Apple’s CarPlay with out any question. Overall, i should have given this a 3 star, but the effort in these release deserves my rating. A note to Sygic, work on those issues and keep the price low for others to enjoy and CarPlay support.
  • Very good 5/5

    By Alma.iran
    Very very very good
  • Nice, but map for north Alabama is 1.5 years out of date 3/5

    By mzmyewski
    I’m not sure why, but the map for north Alabama is 1.5 years out of date.
  • Battery problem 4/5

    By saeedrch
    It’s a wonderful app, Everything is great but unfortunately it really is an enemy of the battery In 3 hours the app completely drains the battery
  • Good 5/5

    By 007bymeeeeee
    I love sygic and always save me time to reach my goal it's so gooooooooooood
  • iphone X 3/5

    By skate1411
    Nice app ,but I have a problem using coordinates at the search also there is no support for iPhone X screen.
  • Very nice app 5/5

    By srkses
    Please update for IPhone X.
  • I couldn’t find an address 1/5

    By pcman3550
    My first attempt at finding an address it couldn’t find which could be found one state away on Google maps. You have to download each individual map for each state you plan to travel through. Sorry, it has potential but I couldn’t use it for my upcoming trip.
  • Map is quite out dated 1/5

    By wangke323
    US-CA map is so old. I paid for the app but I can't even use a correct map.
  • So so so 2/5

    By Vb171850
    Needs more places information, app get frozen, etc
  • Sygic Iraq 1/5

    By البصرااااااااااوي
    Guys you have to update Sygic Iraq it doesn’t work with IOS 11 We have paid money to get it Please update it asap Otherwise we will report that to Apple
  • It has problem running for iPhone5S under IOS 11.0.3 3/5

    By alicia_1
    It always crashed just after I opened it. Sometimes crashed after I chose a destination and tried to get directions. It was good while it was working, it gives forecasts, visual, vocal directions. When it crashes several times when you trying to get directions, it frustrates. It didn’t happen before IOS upgraded to 11.0.1. It also doesn’t have small roads map, like the pathway from main road to my house, or main roads to a point in a community which is actually quite misleading. I paid for the package deal. I feel really disappointed now.
  • The best app 5/5

    By noor ala noor
    It's the best app ever !!!!!
  • Nice 5/5

    By shorty860
    Best app ever
  • Pretty good but 4/5

    By Drywalltoolsplus
    It is a good well done gps app my only problem is it is a battery hog and I do not know how to make it not pull all of my battery power on iphone 7s. I then go back to google maps so I cannot use very long even plugged in as I use will not charge but stay the same then start depletion so I have to stop when it gets to 20 and switch apps. I do not know how to make it better
  • Perfect app 4/5

    By Snorton48
    Fully functional nav app with points of interest, speed camera alerts, etc. can use for walking. Indispensable if travelling without internet access. I am now trying to use this in Porto Portugal. The database seems to lack the most common POI such as train station or the most famous cafe in Portugal. This is the first failure I have had. Don’t know why but it’s frustrating.
  • Very disappointed!! 1/5

    By Cstaylorod
    Fool me once.... This looked great out of the box, I was wrong!!!! Obviously, this is a European app. I knew where I was going, the app tried to have me make a “U” turn, eventually, it just stopped!!!! I ask for the way home, it takes me two to four miles out of the way. I paid for the US premium app, I hope it happens. Waze is a lot better. What I really like is the HUD. But, the GPS stinks!!! Big time. Do not buy this app until it gets better. Also, others have mentioned the iPhone gets HOT, it does!
  • GPS 5/5

    By Ajazz66
    It’s a wonderful app, I am loving it
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Qwerty666677777
    Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon Skywalk 4.5 hours? Really? 1.50 using google maps. Bought this app because there is limited or no coverage by Grand Canyon. It didn’t work. Tells you to turn left in 250 ft and shows right turn on the map at the same time. Drains battery very quick. Don’t waste your money.
  • Should have option to keep North "up" 3/5

    By Brad Bulat
    After rotating maps, the view switches to direction of travel pointing "up". I need the option to lock North pointing up.
  • Iraq map update 5/5

    By ssyar81
    it is very useful but I really need an update for Iraq map... thanks
  • Bad.. And really missed up! 1/5

    By Hussainov
    I originally bought the app for 69 dollars, world map not including traffic (at the time I purchased the app, live traffic was a subscription I think). But after a short while, I checked in and saw the price for the world map and lifetime live traffic for 39 dollars. Now they want me to "upgrade" my license and buy the lifetime traffic for 22.25 (sometime they want me to pay 16) dollars only! I contacted them because I thought it was not fair for me and that they would fix the situation. I thought that they would value a longtime customer! But they did not care and said that they could not do anything because they just changed their business model! Using this app in the city that I live in right now would not be feasible without live traffic, so I guess I will stick with Google Maps or Waze at this time.
  • Great 5/5

    By simpledown
    Greta app ,always gets me to where I need to go. with no problems
  • Appalling battery consumption! 1/5

    By Rex Bogin
    Tried over 5 days with same route, same direction and the battery usage of this app is appalling! Used Google Maps, which has its own issues but Google used up 10% battery while Sygic used 50%!!! Standard settings used, so I don’t understand the massive difference in battery usage.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By rst969
  • Buyer Beware! 1/5

    By 171Bk
    1 star rating by default. I wish I had the option for no star. I purchased the Premium + Traffic North American Lifetime maps & this company switched my account to Basic World maps. I would like a full refund!
  • Needs to have car play added 3/5

    By charlesjk1965
    Most newer cars now have car play and maps cross over this would be a good one for it.
  • Please fix map iraq 5/5

    By aso.itunes
    Please fix map iraq
  • Search bar overlaps 5/5

    By SenMel
    Search bar of Sygic overlaps with iPhone’s (mine is 6 plus) top bar in iOS’ latest version
  • Good app but.. 4/5

    By Vbaboli
    Well, it seems to be a well written app and more appealing than waze, but, why charge money for it? What more commercial service that you are providing that requires to charge users. I think if the full version is free, it would compete with waze.
  • ✨✨✨✨✨ 5/5

    By Hymns stable
  • Worst gps app ever 1/5

    By ibejoann
    I took a road trip today and I could not get this to work right. I keep getting a screen pop up to speak the command but when I close it a few sec later it would come back. I downloaded the map for the state I was going to but it could not find the address for any place I went. I will never use it again. I would like all my money back that I wasted on this app and then delete it. Junk app, not user friendly
  • Very good gps and AR system 5/5

    By twilight123455
    The gps on the app is so good I recommend the app to anyone that like an AR gps system worth the $8.99
  • Worthless in Europe 1/5

    By Rand Jay
    I bought it for a trip to Europe. When I tried to use it while in southern Italy and biking in Provence it was a complete fail and proved to be a waste of money. It could not handle the roads without constantly spinning the display. I had high hopes and had invested in the road view/augmented reality feature which, if it had worked would have been extremely helpful. Unless you drive a lot of straight roads, save your money.
  • Sync 3 Ford 2/5

    By Toy1000
    En la página de Ford dice que es compatible con sync 3. Y llevo 3 días y no logro que jale
  • Traffic 1/5

    By gputput
    This took me 30 miles out of the way and sent me in heaviest traffic taking me hour half longer to get home
  • abdo sygic 4/5

    By sygic p
    je l’utilise depuis des anées et je suis très satisfait. De plus la mise à jour assez réguliéres permettent d’avoir des cartes toujour à jour,un plus non négligeable . sygic c’est le top 👍
  • Maps taking a long time to download 3/5

    By DankNA
    When open the app, it starts saying downloading your map, but then it takes a while. Please fix this.
  • بهترين در ناوبرى 4/5

    By نيكى
    سلام اگه كسى اپ بهترى مى شناسه لطفا معرفى كنه
  • Almost there 3/5

    By gadget_boy
    So far this app seems to be the only one on the market to combine the Dashcam and gps and routing all in one. As someone else commented the prompt for directions would be better if there was more leeway so that you could prepare to turn. The routing is reminiscent of Waze but not sure if waze data is actually being used. It would be great if there were a default routing option like the garmin, maximize freeways or direct route or shortest time. Right now I can’t really trust it to give me the simplest route nor the fastest time since I can’t tell if local traffic is taken into consideration. Having the maps offline almost got me to pay the $15. I chose to use Cantonese for the voice and English for the maps. The verbiage was a refreshing compared to the garmin. I was really shocked when it spoke out the exit number and numeric freeway names in Cantonese as well. Whoa! However it keeps saying “off” and stops. My guess is that it was supposed to say the street name but because I selected Cantonese it didn’t say anything for the street name. If it spoke in Cantonese for everything and said the street names in English that would be a winner. It’s also got a nice feature to save video while still recording, although it wasn’t intuitive. I like the 3 minute recording buffer, but not sure if you could customize the time or just the storage, eg 1gb = 3 min reserve? It also would have been nice to try out the augmented reality directions since the premium had a free trial. It was $9 I might have paid for but now that will never happen cause I didn’t get to try the product first. Overall good product but short on a few things else my $15 would have been shelled out. Until then google maps will stay installed
  • Game changer 5/5

    By rangersparkle
    This is the second year I used the offline navigation to save battery life and roaming charges in Europe. Using the pedestrian navigation in Paris was a game changer on my vacation. I know how to maneuver those tiny streets to get where I want to go quicker. I bought the premium, as after 2 years of testing, I was not only sold on Sygic, but grateful for it!
  • Nothing special 1/5

    HUD doesn’t work. Doesn’t display on windshield. Map program is no better than free ones. Waste of money.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By MJH-!
    Update 10/17: Latest app update still hasn't fixed the search issue. Nice looking map and features, but until the North America contact search and find location functions are improved I'm sticking with the Garmin app. This app currently can't search contacts without an impractical work-around, and ability to find POI's seems limited. Needs fixing/updating.
  • Kk 5/5

    By Kyrik64
    The most useful app and works perfectly.
  • Najhoršia navi 1/5

    By Dusan G
    Veľa chýb - nespokojný Telefón sa prehrieva Ukazuje zmätočne trasy Nepresnosť navádzania
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ma.vil
    I've been using Sygic app on all my travels to US Europe Asia, in fact its my favorite one. Its offline map is great.
  • Bad app too laggy just use google maps 1/5

    By BLU3_LA_
    I bought this app for the sole purpose of having the dash cam when I drive due to an accident that had recently happened. The dash cam is the slowest part of it all. Sometimes it doesn’t even save what it recorded and if it does, then it takes three to four minutes after you press save to actually save the video and if you close out the app you might as well kiss your dash cam video goodbye. Overpriced junk.
  • Some problems 4/5

    By The4mco
    No matter if I choose distance measurements in: feet/miles or yards/miles the APP defaults to meters.
  • Great app,GPS 5/5

    By jovan224

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app comments


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