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T-Mobile Tuesdays

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T-Mobile Tuesdays App

Hey, T-Mobile customers #GETTHANKED like you’ve never been thanked before. Introducing T-Mobile Tuesdays! Free stuff for T-Mobile customers & epic prizes up for grabs every week. No double talk, no loopholes, no BS. Time to get the thanking you deserve. Here’s how T-Mobile thanks you: • Get free stuff to use every week • Play for top-shelf prizes and epic experiences from the coolest brands around • Tell everyone how great being thanked feels with built-in social sharing • And the best part? It’s all for free, for real, for you every Tuesday Download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app now, and get thanked every Tuesday See Official Rules for how to play (including how to play if you’re not a customer). Review app terms, privacy policy and official rules at T-MobileTuesdays.com

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  • Perks of being with T-mobile 5/5

    By Convenient App Nook
    I've only had the app for 2 weeks (since I joined T-mobile), & it has been a joy to have. The Fandango deals are my favorite & I can't complain about free perks. I was able to rent a free movie & watch a movie in the theaters for just $2 flat price! I'm excited to see what else is going to be offered every week.
  • Video interrupts music 4/5

    By Smenin
    The app does the job of getting loyal customers free stuff, though the scrolling is very awkward. The intro video is better than the first version, but it would be great if it didn't interrupt music that is playing on the device!
  • Free shirt 4/5

    By Chancinator
    F r E e S h I r T
  • Even lamer than it used to be. 2/5

    By Allwooba
    Useless free stuff that no one wants. With this "update" you can no longer see in advance that next Tuesday's "loot" is worthless, instead they will make you wait till Tuesday. T mobile is a decent service. But this app is stupid.
  • Free is awesome. 5/5

    By emcilvoy
    I also don't get all the complaints with the free stuff. A free movie, a free Lyft ride, free money towards spa treatments, gadgets and hotel rooms!! I've taken advantage of all these things. The free stuff differs but definitely isn't total crap most weeks. There's room for better gifts and I mean this app isn't keeping me on t-mobile... other aspects of their company are but it's a fun perk! Be thankful!
  • Won't keep the app 2/5

    By mmeeeik
    The free things are....eh
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Ruffio72
    Major decrease in rewards. Waste of time now. Free digital subscription is not what we're looking for
  • No thanks 1/5

    By RecentUpdates
    Great idea at first, and can't complain about free stuff rewarding loyal subscribers. But what started out as something pleasant turned into clear sponsorships and pushed advertising by your partners. All the rewards are now either: garbage subscriptions to things like Conde Nast media (All their publications and narratives that have zero relevance; they must be getting desperate to spread their ideologies due to their recent political downfalls), or COUPONS enticing users to spend money on (likely) sponsored partners. Most of which, anyone could get by subscribing to their email advertisements anyways (i.e. Spend $75 and get 20 off), no thanks.
  • Rewards are fine, App isn't great. 3/5

    By Gydro
    It's probably because my phone is an outdated iPhone 4, but the app keeps crashing on me. I get inconsistent results when trying to start it up again, though problems usually happen when there's an update. Also, having to connect to my phone service means waiting like 30 seconds to validate my coupon, which makes store clerks wait on me. Otherwise, I'm not going to complain about free stuff. Free movies, sandwiches, and comfortable touch gloves aren't anything to scoff at if you don't pay anything for them. It's free. Whatever is offered isn't done so at any given obligation. What is there to complain about? (Except the app crashing, but with a family using the same carrier and newer phone models, I know the crashes are happening because of my outdated iOS.)
  • Nothing 1/5

    By Whatzitworth
    They are lying, the app is hard to use, nothing is "free" I have yet to be successful in redeeming anything. I tried the "free" fandango movie ticket and it will not accept the promo code. Worthless and very time consuming
  • Why??? 2/5

    By Questions94
    What is the point of sending Lyft rides ??? Lyft isn't everywhere and it makes it a wasted promo you could be using this to give other promos but I always get this useless Lyft promo that I won't be able to use for a good year. #Pointless
  • Just stop. 1/5

    By Cameron12345678987654321
    It was a good marketing scheme at first, but it's time to move on T-Mobile! All this app does now is market other products, it isn't a rewards thing now. This is about T-Mobile making more money from additional advertisers. Anything T-Mobile is giving away to reward its customers is available for free online for everyone. Come on T-Mobile, I know you attract a lot of low income consumers but we aren't dumb.
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By Meavlet
    Love this app the movie tickets are my favorite!
  • Constant updates 4/5

    By Meeko0000
    Thank you for this app. However why does this need an update literally every other week??
  • Not impressive 2/5

    By vb3081819vb
    Appreciate the effort, T-mobile, but it's annoying how you have to update the app every week for the app to even open! A lot of the free things repeat themselves every week, so it's not that surprising and doesn't make me come back to the app each week. Some of the prizes also run out because of high demand which is disappointing. The free Lyfts are only available on Tuesdays - who needs a Lyft on a Tuesday?
  • T-Mobile lose days 2/5

    By Moeeezy
    I was excited when they had pizza and movie tickets. Now it's just absolute garbage. Nice try though.
  • If it worked... 2/5

    By Celintx55
    It's okay. It constantly needs updates which is fine but I can never update the app! Choices are limited as well. There is a rare good offer.
  • Losing hope quickly 2/5

    By Angry customer #5,000
    I've been doing this since free Pokemon go in Aug and have not won or heard of anyone winning the "big" prizes. I can only get so many free Wendy's milkshakes to make this worth it every Tuesdays. Also the app is real slow and sometimes glitchy
  • Updates 1/5

    By Annoyed m8
    Why is there an update almost every week. Makes me not want to even use the app. It's pretty annoying.
  • It's FREE Stuff People - Every Week! 5/5

    By dworthy12
    I'm amazed at how people are willing to complain about free! Yes, there was an overwhelming response at first, and Domino's couldn't keep up with demand, so there's different free stuff each week. Every week may not be something you are interested in, but there's been some pretty good stuff. Plus a free Lyft ride every week. When is the last time Verizon or AT&T gave you anything for free??
  • Wouldn't highly recommend 2/5

    By Olgamiami
    The app doesn't have a valuable offers. It is a waste of time.
  • Tuesday comes with updates 1/5

    By Buddy100
    Don't think I've ever seen an App that needs to be updated every week so you can receive your small Wendy's Frostie. Not worth the trouble.

    By Killa condescend
    Bad rewards you will never use same stuff you will never use evevry Tuesday and you will never win big prizes and only reason I gave a star is because I have too and one time it gave me free wi hd from Buffalo Wild Wings
  • People hate free stuff 5/5

    To read the reviews it shows the trend of what's wrong with our society. Complaints galore. Yes I'd love longer windows to use the offers but I'm not gonna bag on them for it. The movie tickets are great and it's all free stuff. Geez people.
  • Makes you look forward to Tuesdays 5/5

    By Cyanide
    This has been a really awesome app; from quality clothes to free movies and lyft credits I have no complaints. Some weeks it's more advertising than value but I've never been disappointed!
  • You ungrateful wenches 5/5

    By One sad chuze member
    Seriously people? You're going to complain about an app that gives you free things every week? #firstworldproblems if I ever did hear it! You must be an imbecile if you're getting "baited into subscriptions". Anyways it's GREAT and I use the free stuff every Tuesday because I'm poor.
  • Really lame... Turning into coupons 1/5

    By Bambujr8
    The "rewards" have only gotten worse and worse... At first this app was pretty good especially with the free pizza, but now the prizes are horrible.. Like, magazine subscriptions?! Who wants that??? $20 if I spend $50? Bring back the pizza, t mobile
  • As one said before me cruddy prizes 1/5

    By kats9livesfive
    Totally POINTLESS.. Ways get people to spend money and sign up for Subscriptions..I know that maybe to some the prices are OK but there's no Wendy's near me I'm not into sports and I wouldn't trust the extra fees that the Lyft wouldn't be clear on..The only nice thing at the beginning ,was the free pass for free data for a year with the Pokémon go ,beyond that nothing.. The only reason I'm up to giving three stars at least only because of the Pokémon Go data thing ..
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Tashkent Yankee!
    This app is crashing after few seconds on iPhone 4 w/ iOS 7
  • Ok... I guess 2/5

    By Silly snake🐍
    The idea of offering customers free stuff for using T-Mobile is a good idea, but the rewards they have chosen are pretty pathetic. The app also runs slow, no matter where I use it, I even tried a different phone. The app has hope, but it is not quite perfect yet.
  • Changes 3/5

    By matthwe enlish
    What happened to the old giveaways like free movie tickets and free lyft rides? Bring them back please
  • Eh 2/5

    By IAmPunk
    A lot of times it seems like just a bunch if random junk and discounts to get people to spend money at stuff like the grommet and stores most of us have never heard of or care about. More Lyft & food/snacks would be better
  • No 1/5

    By vovgam
    Simply No.
  • The best 5/5

    By La Chispita del Panquesito
    This is free stuff you guys! Take advantage of it. I just recently won a three month membership to indie flix no strings attached! Get this app and start your rewards
  • Free but not too good 3/5

    By YG2015
    I hate the offer ends quickly. We can't all buy things if we get paid on a Friday. Also I'm tired seeing the same free stuff. Free is good! But if I'm paying 163.00 a month I want better winnings :)
  • Pointless things 1/5

    We always get the same stuff every Tuesday and I doubt people win the big prizes like the VIP trips and all . Just try to give us better things .
  • Baiting subscriptions 2/5

    By Forest Warren
    Every Tuesday they are just baiting me into some subscription based service where I get a month free and then I'd get hassled to pay for the next month. Actually give away something instead of catering to business partners! Not really worth the time.
  • Can go wrong with free stuff 3/5

    By Old school 989738
    This is the only app on my phone that ignores the fact that my iPhone has the mute switch on - it still plays the loud music, I have to manually turn it down volume as the app is running.
  • Yes 5/5

    By Jsndisvdjsj
    Free stuff, why not?
  • Crashing on iOS 7 every update 2/5

    By V Floridan
    Update I uninstalled it and reinstalled, able to run it now. The app was crashing Immediately. I have an iPhone 4 on iOS 7, which is supposed to be supported. The sounds playing even when muted is a bad feature.
  • It's a solid app. 3/5

    By BriMac0518
    No problems really. App works as intended. My problem (and what I've deducted two stars for) is the fact that one, you only give us a very limited amount of time to make use of the special offers we're given, and two, most of the stuff you offer is pointless. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that you want to thank your customers like this. I've never heard of another company doing anything even remotely close to this. I think it's really cool of you. But how about a discount from a grocery store or something useful? I don't need a subscription to a magazine I'll likely never read and usually don't have the time to sit down and watch movies. How about a discount on our bills? Just a couple suggestions. Thanks though. For thinking of your customers.
  • Free stuff rocks! 5/5

    By Moedatflyguy
    You won't be getting a free trip to Disney land but you will be getting something free. I appreciate the thought.
  • Prizes aren't great! 2/5

    By StupydSyk
    The app is cool, but the prizes aren't well thought out. They really don't appeal to me so ehhh.
  • It's all free but, 3/5

    By Scooby_Doobage
    The app doesn't even run at all on my device. It says it supports devices with ios7 or higher, but crashes on startup with my ios8.3 device. Doesn't make much sense to offer anything without a functional app, but at least I'm not paying for anything...
  • Freebies aren't good anymore 1/5

    By fritzyo
    I used to be able to get a free frosty at Wendy's or 25 dollars off zappos, but now i get stuff like 3 month subscriptions to magazines or something called "indieflix".
  • Used in Buffalo Wild Wings and fandango excellent 5/5

    By Vry good app
    Excellent. Free food and movie
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Hanaroo
    They do offer u coupons but whenever I try to use it... Most of them doesn't work.
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By Hidorta
    I don't know why people have so many complains, I just got any movie at any theater for 2$ common. I'm looking forward any Tuesday, thanks t mobile ❤️❤️
  • T-Mobile is a terrible company for this 1/5

    By Silentash94
    There is no way this app is rated this highly someone is makeing fake accounts to up the rateing and make fake reviews if this there is no way this many people can like this awful app
  • Overall pretty good 5/5

    By Johany_h
    I have no issues with the app. I just wish the Lyft promo appeared more often, but obviously beggars can't be choosers.

T-Mobile Tuesdays app comments

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