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  • Current Version: 4.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Taco Bell
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taco Bell App

APP Features: • Customize anything on the menu. • Easy one-touch ordering. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • Browse our restaurant menu by category. • Add and use Taco Bell Cards. • Quickly reorder with our Rotate to Reorder feature. • View nutrition information. • Locate your nearest Taco Bell. Tacos, burritos, combos, crunchwraps, breakfast, drinks and sweets…so many good things.


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Taco Bell app reviews

  • Terrible App 1/5

    By MShermy
    I love me some good Taco Bell, but this app is just horrible. It never lets me submit orders anymore or save a payment method... what a terrible freaking app...
  • Is the app dead? 1/5

    By Hunter T. Graham
    I can no longer order anything. What happened to my favorite app?
  • Unusable 1/5

    By gclari
    Always get the message that you are having systems issues and cannot log me in.
  • Payment issues 1/5

    By xroyalrooterx
    App won’t accept multiple attempts to pay with multiple valid cards, no option to pay upon arrival, so this app is useless 👎🏻
  • Reliable 5/5

    By carlosflores3cf3
    It’s just awesome I can order my food the pick up instead of waiting in line
  • Cards won’t work 1/5

    By KirstiLouise
    I’ve deleted and redownloaded and the app still won’t let me use my card. So basically it’s a pointless app to have. Deleting.
  • It’s like they just gave up! 1/5

    By Steven_K89
    I started using this app when it first came out. Then I had login issues that never got resolved. Always got a system error message. Now that I’m back in there are never any “Offers” available EVER! It’s like they gave up. Idk what the point of this app is supposed to be? There is practically no incentive to keep this app anymore. Might as well just order when you get there.
  • NO DEALS 1/5

    By Kaj71011
    They offer deals, but never have any deals :(
  • App doesn’t connect with merchant 2/5

    By Lixa1376
    Every time I have used this app, my location states that they do not have an internet or app order on record. It’s frustrating because it takes a long time for the individuals scrambling in the back trying to figure it out, then their system updates and connects with app orders. Lame. ALSO, the menu items are far too ambiguously grouped together it makes it difficult to find menu items. A search bar would be so beneficial and something your technology development team should look into adding for the mobil app.
  • Finally Fixed! 5/5

    By julie585
    Back to 5 stars. It took a year to delete my expired debit card. Now that I was able to delete and not just add the card again it works perfectly. I missed this app so much! I’m so glad to have it back! Seamless ordering with unlimited options for example, “no onions and extra beans” 🌮 Taco heaven 😇
  • No deals 1/5

    By Corina12345
    I got this app for deals and there has yet to be one so what’s even the point of having the app
  • Order took an hour!!!! 1/5

    By acbjae
    I will never use the Taco Bell app again, and would not recommend it. It took over an hour for them to receive our order. We had already been charged and could not cancel or get our money back until they received the order. This app needs work.
  • Satisfied but not Highly Satisfied 4/5

    By Nathan Jung
    Rating 4 stars because app is functional most of the time and does what’s advertised. It is however missing my favorite drink in the list of options: Wild Cherry Pepsi. Most locations I visit carry it however it’s never listed in the app.
  • Where are the offers? 1/5

    By Leo Herrera
    When the app first came out it was marketed lot and it always had great coupons. I haven’t seen a deal in over a year. The app is virtually a glorified menu
  • Needs updated. 3/5

    By Jokerethan
    The app itself isn't bad at the moment. It needs a few things I feel. The menu is setup a little bit weirdly. The app for my iPhone 7 plus isn't updated to fit the screen properly so it's oversized.
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By jvmzpnny
    Jesus Christ push out an update that optimize it for iPhone 6/7/8/X it looks like crap
  • Convenient, could be better 3/5

    By Agentcat
    Super easy to put the order in and pay for it. Like how it queues you in line. Things I think could improve would be the amount of time between checking in vs them receiving your order (took almost 10 mins). If you could go back and view your order after you’ve submitted it, if you choose the wrong option between drive-thru and in-store you can’t correct your mistake. I also wish you could say “light” on stuff in your order, like light cheese or something. Another thing would be to be able to add sauces on the side, I love bean burritos red sauce and wish I could order it on the side through the app. I always forget to request it in the store once I’ve ordered online.

    By drcleja
    Enough said.
  • Convenient but NO Offers 3/5

    By KingElgin
    I have several food apps and usually always get some discount or free stuff but nothing with this app it just says nothing now. The ordering experience has been good for me. Once I ordered a freeze and got a regular drink but they fixed it and I ended up with 2 for 1. I don’t do a lot of customizing because it adds up the price and I’m looking for a deal! Overall 3 stars due to the lack of offers in the section clearly marked offers ducks. But the food isn’t very expensive as it is. Although, McDonald’s app always has free and discounted items for even those who don’t order through the app so...2.5-3 stars for you Taco Bell.
  • So handy! 5/5

    By Beanybabee
    I love the app, we are able to order our food for lunch, pay in advance and it be ready when we get there! So handy when you only have 30 minutes to get food and eat!
  • don't work 1/5

    By Jesus00066235
    downloaded. made an account. ordered. got there, they said that they didn't have it. ordered in person like normal. don't know if i will get charged or what but it didn't work.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By jt2ze
    I love this app! Even for a vegetarian they make it super easy to customize your order. Then you don’t have to set a time and the location knows when your in the drive thru, amazing! If you don’t have it download it now.
  • I 👏 love 👏 you 5/5

    By Best game I've ever played!
    Taco Bell~ My love for you is eternal. You have by far the loveliest comfort food known to man. Whenever I’m hungry, I wish to get Taco Bell. I’m making my birthday theme Taco Bell. A Taco Bell cake, balloons, and everything. I would rate this one trillion stars. I love you, Taco Bell. -Your actual biggest fan
  • Not working 1/5

    By MareC22
    My app isn’t working. Yesterday the menu didn’t show up. Today it shows me the menu but wont let me add anything to my shopping cart. Ugh
  • Still waiting 2/5

    By PhantomGrey
    App works really well. Still waiting for an offer of some kind.
  • If they hadn't taken coupons away it would be better 3/5

    By ThaSoquids
    Otherwise it's nice to be able to get anything you want added or taken
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By jasonk44
    With this app I walk in, wait on line to tell them I’m here, and then they start on my order. So what’s the point of the app? With the Starbucks app I walk in, get my stuff, and leave - now THAT makes sense...
  • Eh 2/5

    By overclocksucks
    Where are the offers taco bell? I mean really it's been years and all you do is take items out of combos and keep the prices the same you never look out for the customer. Every single store I go to messes up my mobile order and always either shorts me or just make the items how they want to make them not how I PAID TO CUSTOMIZE THEM!!!!!! If I don't want bean and instead want double meat and pay for it then don't ignore it and give me a bean and beef burrito as if I won't go inside and complain... All taco bells are the same I've even had some tell me I cant use mobile order in the drive through.... Its ridiculous but even more so not offering a single offer in a good 3 years and I mean why? If you aren't going to give offers then just get rid if the offer section it's a joke... Just like the little puzzles no more of them either... As if a 5cent drink is going to bankrupt yall... I've so been told that I have to wait in line and confirm they received my mobile order which MAKES IT USELESS!!! Until your stores keep forcing people to give up the app it's going to keep going downhill.
  • Needs Apple Pay support 1/5

    By nugget-tn
    Needs Apple Pay support !!!! Bad who wants to add cc info not me
  • Never again.. 1/5

    By lftdbox
    Downloaded the app because I figured by now it’s been out long enough the bugs would be sorted out. WRONG! Placed the order, checked “in-store” while walking inside, after a couple minutes of no one in front of me, someone finally asked if I needed anything, told the kid I had a mobile order, she looked at the register, and told me I didn’t. Next kid comes up and asks if I already ordered, told him I had a mobile order, he said I didn’t. I read him my order along with the total and order number. He went into the back cussing and saying he wasn’t going to help me anymore. I asked for a manager, she told me I obviously didn’t know how to use the app, and that I must have ordered at a different location (we have one Taco Bell here) and there was nothing she could do. I then called customer support only to be treated exactly the same as in store and to be told I’ll get a refund in 3-4 days. I then decided to mention the attitude of the employees, and she somehow managed to write a complaint on them, without ever asking what store, or their names.. So here I am now with no money back, and still no food. It’s a shame I have to give you all 1/5 stars when you don’t deserve a tenth of it.
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By KimbleBees
    There is no benefit to this app. You order (and pre-pay!) for your food, only to have to wait exactly as long as you would’ve had to if you would’ve just gone in-store or through the drive-through without preordering. Every time I’ve ever used the app to order, it’s been a 15+ minute wait for food once I’ve arrived at the location. Don’t waste your time with this.
  • Where is the Apple Pay and iPhone X support? 3/5

    By GayGaGaXD
    Beautiful app, but after 4 months of having the iPhone X on the market and still not support for its screen and still NO Apple Pay support. It would help loads with checkout.
  • Typical Taco Bell Service 1/5

    By mjwii75
    So I like tacos. I’m from Texas and I like all types of tacos. When I need a quick fix, even Taco Bell has its place. But, I pretty much swore off of Taco Bell several years ago because no matter how hard I tried, my order is always wrong (literally 100% of the time across multiple locations). I chalked this up to poor execution and poor management. So I stopped eating Taco Bell which made me sad. So, I gave their app a try. Super excited that I can order my food through a database that simply cannot make a mistake. Not the case. After ordering Taco Bell once again through the app on few occasions now, the verdict is in. Taco Bell cannot fill a role within their organization with human or computer that can deliver to you what you order and pay for; from my perspective, their only mission. If you are like me and trying the Taco Bell app in desperation to get your quick taco fix, you are better off making them yourself or if you are fortunate enough to live near a good local taqueria, buy local. There is no fixing bad management from the top down and Taco Bell epitomizes this.
  • Seriously Flawed 1/5

    By Mr. MonkeyBoy
    I am a frequent Taco Bell customer and was enjoying the convenience of using this app to preorder my food. There is a section for special offers and so far, to the best of my knowledge, no special offers have ever appeared, not a big deal but strike one. Then one day there was an update and my account just disappeared, all my history was gone, and I was completely unable to log back in, strike two. So, to bypass the frustration of losing my account, I’ve been ordering using the “Order Now” feature. Not once but on TWO separate occasions the app claimed to have “trouble” processing my credit card. I resubmit my order but even though the restaurant has no record of my 1st order, my card has been charged twice. The other day again there was “trouble” with my card and I was charged 5 times! Strike three, I’m done!!!
  • Add Apple Pay 1/5

    By Jason Pruitt
    Please add Apple Pay. Also the location near me doesn’t accept AMEX so I can’t pay with the app - wish I had known this before I took the time to put my card info in. Apple Pay would have made this a more seamless process. Please add it Also this app looks like a hip HTML page. Just make a clean design please.
  • Fine for customizing 3/5

    By Twood121
    Easy to customize order. Didn’t know some options were available before using the app. I’ve used it 2x. 1st time was great. I checked in about 1 min away, food was ready right after I walked in. 2nd time I checked in early, went inside and waited 5-10 min. Cashier said I had to check in at the counter even though I did it on my app before the order can be made. Kind of defeated the purpose. Maybe a glitch???
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By K!NN3RS
    Used to be able to get coupons when ordering through app now always check back later or some problem when doing drive through please check into stopped using because of this been a long time thanks.
  • Not enough Stores accept Mobile Ordering.. 3/5

    By JJMM1776
    There are 20 Taco Bell stores in this Metro area, only about 5 of them participate in Mobile Ordering and that is just unacceptable.
  • Useable but in desperate need of update 3/5

    By niatish
    Website looks and navigates better, still use the app since it makes to order process easier. Update for iPhone X/iPad and add Apple Pay please.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By A Poteet Pirate ARGGGG
    I've used it twice. I really like how easy it is and I don't have to hope that the cashier understood me correctly. I just order, pay and show up to the store and pick up. So easy! Makes the line move quicker! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Wrong prices 2/5

    By Soldar
    App use to work great. Now it’s giving the wrong price for each item.
  • How is it hard to make the resolution to what my phone is? 2/5

    By Jimmy1230000
    I have a 7 Plus. They still haven't made this app compatible for the plus devices yet. It's been 4 years...what are you doing Taco Bell.
  • Rewards/coupons? 2/5

    By IAmTheHitman1
    Add rewards and coupons and this is the best app ever
  • Zero deals 1/5

    By Lyzdog
    Means zero stars if I could. Why have an app with no deals? Deleted.
  • Liking it 4/5

    By Bonnie B. 717
    Set up and used tonight. Order was correct and didn’t have to hand my card to anyone to pay. Resolution was good on my iPhone 6s+ and it was very easy to customize each item. Didn’t see a way to order extra side sauces/dips...?? So far, it’s been one of the easier apps to use for fast food.
  • Where’s the deals? 1/5

    By John Schultz
    When the app first came out it would provide “offers” or “deals” to get free food, or $1-2 off your order, buy this get this item free; but for almost two years now I haven’t had any any time I open the app. Initially that was the main reason I would use the app, now I don’t use it all. Failed app imo
  • Won't let me log in 1/5

    By pikleboy3
    Despite multiple attempts at problem solving, I still cannot log in to save my information. This is irritating and there is not a reliable way to report this issue.
  • Broken and useless 1/5

    By stumbleshoe
    No way to edit an existing saved payment method or delete one directly. When there are payment issues you can’t save the order or submit it and pay when you pickup Those payment problems are usually issues on the back end and not a problem with your card. Login on a second device logs you out on the first. And the shopping carts apparently is stored locally only, not shared between devices. And when you do submit the order, supposedly nothing gets made until you tell the app you have arrived for pickup. What actually happens is nothing gets made until you walk in or ask for your order in the drive through. The employees aren’t making anything until they talk to you. So this app doesn’t save you time at all. So zero advantage to using this broken app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By edifice98
    Extremely confusing GUI - every time I open it I’m frustrated and end up going to the website instead of using this ugly app.
  • Where did the offers go? 2/5

    By Joshesc
    They used to have offers - like X% off an order but they don’t have any at all. McDonald’s has offers everyday. Smh

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