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Taco Bell

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Taco Bell
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taco Bell App

APP Features: • Customize anything on the menu. • Easy one-touch ordering. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • Browse our restaurant menu by category. • Add and use Taco Bell Cards. • Quickly reorder with our Rotate to Reorder feature. • View nutrition information. • Locate your nearest Taco Bell. Tacos, burritos, combos, crunchwraps, breakfast, drinks and sweets…so many good things.

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Taco Bell app reviews

  • Overall yay 4/5

    By User1267435
    Love this app overall but occasionally it has glitches that make me want to throw the phone. Lol, like tonight it won't let me log in as there is some kind of system error- "try again later". 90% of the time it's great. I order my food, tap "I'm here" when I'm about 3 minutes away, walk in and grab my food.
  • I Stoped eating TB! 3/5

    By Leaflylover
    So i have contacted support several times in the last month and still no reply about my app that just stoped working with $5.49 still on TB Gift Card "thats my last review" Now they have fixed my issue i will give them 3 stars untill i use them more often
  • No offers 1/5

    By UGAdawgsballout69
    Used to have good offers to incentivize downloading and using the app. Now there's nothing. App is old, so the resolution looks weird on the new iPhones (I only have a 6 and still looks like crap). Deleted and now I go to other establishments.
  • Absolutely Fantastic 5/5

    By mistahmazza
    Very well designed compared to other fast-food apps. Used today for the first time and the process couldn't have been easier. App is very easy to navigate and use. Well done Taco Bell!
  • Used to be Best food Ordering app in the industry 2/5

    By Bill S in Fulton
    You guys used to have The best food ordering app in the industry and I have tried a bunch. Now I have tried your current version with my I5, I6+, and I7+ and there are areas where it sends you for choices that are grayed out. It says it cannot read my Taco Bell cash card (but you show how much is on it). The amount on card is adequate for purchase. Then send me to sign in again. I exited out of app and got a burger at Wendy's without the hassle. I hope you fix this app or at least put up the old one from a few months ago and maybe allow current one only for those customers that don't mind being unpaid alpha testers or beta testers. You can fix this app. 8/22. Looks like y'all have fixed the app. Thanks. I knew you could do it
  • Koopatoptop4 5/5

    By gobblew
    yummy mexican restaurant
  • Iffy 3/5

    By Ay'Rika
    It's cool but sometimes it won't let me order certain things on the menu
  • Wish it was more useful. 2/5

    By George from St George
    Hard to use. Can't combine cards for more than $50. Can't use to pay in stores.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Ordananza3
    Whenever I try to login via the Facebook button on the opening page, it tells me that I have already authorized Facebook and then it force-closes every single time. Highly irritating, and it renders the app pretty pointless. I'm glad to see, months later, that this problem has not even been addressed.
  • Sometimes genius, sometimes a train wreck 3/5

    By FormerTargetPharmCustomer
    When it works perfectly, it's genius. Especially for big orders. So convenient. However, once, the store totally lost my order and I had to reorder $50 worth of food verbally. A few times, the app just wouldn't let me get to my local store. And every once in s while, it lets you order something that no longer exists.
  • Review 3/5

    By CassondrasGirl
    The menu items are hard to find. There should be a search bar to find the items more easier.
  • NO OFFERS!! 2/5

    By Me👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
    You literally get one offer just to get you to download the app and you don't get anything else after that. The app functions ok other than that
  • No offers ever 1/5

    By Debuck03
    I've had the app for months with no discount offers. It's says coming soon. How long is soon??
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By _/*•*\_ Stand Down
    To eat
  • Please update 2/5

    By Nickivegas2786
    Please update allowing users the opportunity to use their gift cards that they uploaded to the app. I uploaded a $25 Taco Bell gift card I got but can't use it at restaurants because it doesn't give the option to use it and none of the employees know how to use it
  • Great app 5/5

    By FooFigthersFan12
    C'mon people you know Taco Bell is always a great choice!
  • Incomplete order 3/5

    By I❤sibb23
    Received order with no problem but order was incomplete and they would not answer the phone. Frustrating. Should have just ordered at the window. But would it had made a difference
  • Nice app no specials. Where are the coupons??? 2/5

    By Frizzy j
    Step it up Taco Bell
  • What happened Taco Bell? 1/5

    By Silybear90
    When I first got this app, I loved it! Always had the food ready shortly after I ordered and didn't have to wait in line. After a few months the app stopped working. The Taco Bell are use said they had just got a new owner so that was the reason. Here we are flash forward 1 1/2 yrs later and it still doesn't work. After I submit my order and orange bar comes down and says "something went wrong try again". I'm done trying again!
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By PrestoBay
    Havent seen any offers since i loaded the app months ago. What's the point???
  • Incredible. 5/5

    By Joelhawkins
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By Just some dude 85
    This app is horrible now. Like everyone else said, no deals anymore! And the cool little puzzle game that gave you free stuff after so many visits. It lost all its edge...now you just order your food that sometimes actually gets sent to the store. And the menu is so disconnected from the stores...they don't have the same menu...it's more limited on the app. Get your stuff together TB!
  • Great app, but never have offers like they did before! 4/5

    By Ryguy64747
    I love this app but should start adding offers! We ordered more when the offers were available...
  • Great!!! 4/5

    By 3shepards
    Love this app it's wonderful
  • App is great...but the human element is lacking 2/5

    By jp538
    I agree with one of the other reviewers that the main reason I like using the app is to eliminate any confusion on how I want my order prepared. As for the app, it is great for showing the different options available. However the actual humans who put the order together almost never seem to get it right. Can't necessarily blame the app for that, but definitely limits its usefulness.
  • Great 5/5

    By Misty Moss25
    Love this app
  • Awesomely easy 5/5

    By DARUE56
    The app is super easy to use. Clear categories. Super easy to order and customize. Great idea photos. Quick payment entry.
  • Conveniently Charged Me 1/5

    My order never arrived at my local Taco Bell. Had to wait nearly an hour to get my food, once they finally honored my emailed receipt. No point in this app taking up any more space. Thanks, a lot.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Redrosesunset
    I love being able to place an order and pay all from my phone. I also love that I can just let them know once I'm in the drive-thru so that my food will be fresh and hot when I pick it up.
  • It works 4/5

    By Ruthiepee
    Never had any problems with payment or picking up the order at the drive thru. That part works perfectly. However the "offers" and "game" section haven't been updated in months, so it could use some better interactiveness. Favorite features are the calories and customization options.
  • Why can't you give this no stars?? 1/5

    By Emma Zacrina
    I can't make an account because the Facebook login just crashes I've tried everything I hate this app
  • So much easier ordering vegan this way. 5/5

    By BenTitsworth
    It can be pretty difficult communicating what I want and don't want on an item. This simplifies it.
  • Thanks scam school 4/5

    By Paras ghost
  • Best App for the Best Food EVER 5/5

    By DLhuegs
    I love this app. It has an aesthetically pleasing and functional user interface. Works well for me every time, and it's amazing how many customizations you can make in advance so you're not waiting 20 minutes in the drive-thru. Thank you, Taco Bell!!! 🙌🏻🌮 P.S. It would be awesome to be able to order sides of the sauces as an option in the app, please!
  • Great 5/5

    By Duh Ayana
    Love it so far
  • Best app in the store needs update 3/5

    By craigularguy
    Read the title.
  • Great 5/5

    By McMeekin
    Works great. Just need more offers. Have had none in months.
  • Liked it at first... Now just feel like I fight it... 2/5

    By jeffreywiggins
    Update 8/2017--- Still seems slow however it is improved. Has a deals area that has "been coming" for over a year which seems pointless and stupid. It does order and I can pick it up in drive thru which is its basic function. Lastly it wants to use your location service all the time instead of just when the app is in use which means it wants to run constantly and send background data which runs down battery and I think is an invasion of my privacy so I tell it never
  • Not faster...no more offers 1/5

    By LisaBellaZ
    They used to have so many offers for percentages off of ur orders but have not had any new offers in months. Ordering online through ur phone is very convenient but you still have to wait in line once you get there and I've always still had to wait why they made my order. What is the point? The app is supposed to help you avoid the lines and the wait. Horrible!
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Paploo
    Easy to use.
  • Easy ordering 5/5

    By Rick1111111111
    Love this app! Love that we can order and add everything that we want, and make sure that we take off the stuff that we don't want. Just if we could get the people at our stores to make it correctly!:(
  • No great offers anymore 1/5

    By Kiyo-pon
    Other first food restaurants' apps always offer great deals. Further, this app is not easy to use. I do not this app.
  • This app use to be great 2/5

    By Tval43
    I have used this app so many times in the past and loved the convenience. Also I felt like our order was correct more so than going in to order. But my favorite part was being able to pay without handing over my credit card. We've had at least one time when after using our card at the drive though there were fraudulent charges the next few days. Lately though this app just won't work. At first it would let me put in my whole order then when I went to submit there was an error and the order was deleted. Now my Taco Bell location is unavailable. What the heck Taco Bell?
  • Yummy 4/5

    By lonngooch
    I really enjoy the usefulness and the convenience of this app. However, on one occasion I bought something and when I got there they said that they did not serve that anymore. This really made me upset. The app should know what is available at the store that you ordering from at all times. At all times
  • Pretty Good 5/5

    By LisaaaaG
    Good app, easy to use, but I wish they had coupons in the app.
  • 70s taco beller 5/5

    By longlegcajun
    The app works really well and you can see all the choices that they really have and you can take your time ordering I have several different apps and I like this one it works good
  • Make a run for the border 4/5

    By WildcatMatt92
    I have a couple of things I order regularly and being able to reorder from history is great. The names the app gives to my orders are whimsical and is a nice touch. Occasionally though the app won't bring up my info and I'll have to close and reopen but this might be a network connectivity issue.
  • Won't place order 1/5

    By Jm9975
    Have been unable to use online for a few weeks... Will say submitting order then tells me the gift card isn't a valid form of payment... Currently zero stars!!! 😢
  • Way better than McDonald’s 5/5

    By the Otter
    Our family uses this app a lot—probably too often, really. It works extremely well and we’ve never had the syncing priceless others have reported. Great app!
  • Love! 5/5

    By apricotbaby
    My girlfriend and I use this often and we love it. Very easy and convenient!!!

Taco Bell app comments

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