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Takl - Home Services App

Find pre-priced help for small jobs and chores like house cleaning, junk removal, lawn care & small home repair from background checked providers. The easiest way to hire home help. Enter your zip in app or see our interactive map on takl.com for city availability. Now in 55 metro areas across America and expanding quickly. To become a provider, visit takl.com/provider. PERKS • Convenient – order a job 7 days a week, whenever YOU are ready. No planning needed. • No waiting for estimates – Choose from 400+ pre-priced small jobs or create your own custom job with a set price. • Local approved providers in your community • Backed by the Takl Guarantee – if you are not satisfied, we'll work with you to make it right. • Customer Support available easily through the app. • No cash needed! Pay directly through the app, including tips. You choose a provider with star ratings including actual customer feedback to help with odd jobs like grass cutting, maid services, handyman services and haul away services. FAVORITE FEATURED JOBS • Apartment cleaning • Organizing pantry • Mount a flat screen TV • Leaf raking • Holiday light hanging • Power washing • Weed flower beds • Shrub/Hedge Trimming • Gutter repair & clean out • Pack boxes • Haul away boxes, appliances and furniture • Furniture assembly • Hang light fixtures, fans & curtains CUSTOM JOB Create nearly any small job you need for a pre-priced amount with custom job category. Used for everything from chopping fire wood to event set up to hauling away a giant hot tub. PROFESSIONAL HELP • Home-sharing & vacation rental managers have all used Takl for remote cleaning, trash removal, landscaping & home maintenance. • Interior designers use Takl for installation day services & home decorating help like moving furniture & hanging pictures. • Realtors use Takl to help home owners quickly prepare a house for sale. • Small businesses use Takl to find last minute help with office cleaning, tree limb removal services and small office repairs. Home owners can benefit from this handy service. Your go-to task manager whenever you need local help for housekeeping, maintenance projects, home improvements & other residential services. EXPLORE Auto & Boat Care: mobile car detailing, washing, replace windshield wipers, boat washing Electronics & Tech: mount flat screen TV, set up wireless router, sound bar installation, set up a printer Handyman & Small Repairs: assemble furniture, change filters, paint a wall, swing set assembly, install dishwasher Hauling: remove shed, remove boxes & junk, tree limbs, furniture and appliances for disposal Home Management: organize a closet, holiday decorating services, party set up help, polish silver Cleaning and Housekeeping: House cleaning, Scrub appliances, dust furniture, remove cobwebs, window washing, office cleaning Moving (Same Site): load or unload a vehicle, move furniture around a room or up/down a set of stairs Pets & Animals: Install dog door, dog walking, pet waste removal Yard: clean grill, patio cleaning, fertilize lawn, clean pool, rake leaves, snow blowing/snow removal Not all services available in all areas. Note: This app uses your GPS location. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Denying the app access to GPS location will prevent you from using the app as a provider.


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Takl - Home Services app reviews

  • Not enough providers 1/5

    By eclare78
    Maybe this app works in NY and LA but in Cincinnati there aren’t enough providers available, so I only got two offers, not the six I was promised. You also have people who are clearly just grabbing any job, even if they have no qualifications. Someone with “experience in real estate” should not be offering to do a cleaning job. Beware the cancellation policy or you might get charged. But good luck finding it - it’s buried in the Terms of Service. Not a good sign of their faith in the app!
  • Not in my area 1/5

    By jzaun
    I live in the US but they don’t seem to like my zip code.
  • Provider Contact 4/5

    By Texymom
    I think the Takl app is a marvelous idea and for the most part works smoothly. I think it would be helpful if there was a way to confer with the provider prior to when they leave for your house. Particularly if the homeowner needs to provide supplies. Such a conference would help to enable the homeowner to receive advice on products to purchase or avoid as well to ensure understanding of the work.
  • Horrible platform 1/5

    By lumonous Shaman
    It cost me $40 for a background check and I never got one job.
  • Came through, but communication options are lacking 4/5

    By AGuyWithAChore
    Trying to schedule a job from out of town, coordinating between two people. Being unable to communicate until the person is on their way is challenging and feels like a “leap of faith.” Thankfully my guy came through and did a great job... But having the ability to contact the person doing the job before they are on their way sure would be nice, to make sure there is time to work out any details.
  • Crazy Prices 1/5

    By MikeV81
    Nice concept, the app works good enough, but the prices are insane. Easily 30 to 50% more than I would pay finding the service myself. No thanks.
  • Lots on flakes 1/5

    By Airadine
    Great concept however unfortunately nine out of 10 providers will flake on a booked job.
  • I'm so happy 5/5

    By Nana Tamie
    Richard was on time. He was friendly and professional and did a terrific job putting my drapes up today. I highly recommend him.
  • Quick Service 5/5

    By HouseyBird
    I made my call, selected my service provider and had had my repairs within an hour. Very satisfied!
  • Registration 1/5

    By BeanerNnewbiE
    I wanted to check this out but I couldnt get pass the registration because I dont receive text messages. There should be an option to send it to email. Frustrating.
  • Awesome Job Done ! ! 5/5

    By RaffyFern
    James did a great job cleaning my gutters. He showed up early and was very courteous. He was very thorough and cleaned up after his work. Thanks Jim !
  • LOL $10 to change a battery 1/5

    By MyNicknameIsJ_
    I downloaded the app just to see if the rates were reasonable. I checked two really dumb tasks- changing smoke detector batteries and changing lightbulbs. No joke, it’s $50 for up to 5 batteries and $45 for up to 8 lightbulbs. If you have to pay $50 for five minutes of unskilled labor, I shudder to think what a real job would cost. Total waste.
  • Furniture moving 5/5

    By Striker2014
    Easy to work with, fast and did a nice job on short notice.
  • Don’t get!! 1/5

    By Sashllely
    They charge you $35 just to sign up to become a provider. That’s so stupid!
  • Professional, awesome handyman! 5/5

    By thegreyandwhite
    David was right on time, was super friendly and did a fantastic job! He didn’t leave until we were satisfied, and ensured everything was perfectly done to expectation. I’d hire him back again!
  • Trampoline assembly 5/5

    By martfh
    Thomas arrived right on time and was very pleasant. The trampoline was in three boxes and very heavy. Thomas did a great job with it and it looks awesome. I would recommend him for any job.
  • Started strong, has fallen off considerably 1/5

    By The Last Nicky
    Provider rates have dropped lower and lower... Customers have to pay as much as hiring a professional..... Only people getting a good deal are platform managers...
  • Poor cleaning service 2/5

    By ears-up
    Just the most lame cleaning job I have ever seen. Did not mop or wipe down anything.
  • Michael! 5/5

    By Proudblondemom
    Was awesome!!
  • Last minute custom job 5/5

    By mysugarmouse
    I went on TAKL to see if I could find someone last minute to help me clean and organize my chaotic universe! I was hoping that even 1 person would be available to help me, I did not know at that time how the app/Company worked. Individuals sign up to provide their services and when I posted a job all those that had signed into the app are notified! Within 10 minutes I had 6 people to choose from! All of them Had 5 stars ratings. The service was fantastic I will definitely Be using it over and over again!
  • Takl treats their service providers like garbage 1/5

    By Kibitzjoe
    I fdid about 20 jobs for Takl and got generous tips and five star ratings at every job. But time after time, Takl treated me like garbage. Problems: -Takl doesn't trust its workers. They do not allow them to contact customers until two hours before the job. Imagine you agreed to paint something and you realize that customer didn't specify, say, what kind of tv mount they're using and you don't k ow what tools you need to bring. Well guess what, you're SOL until two hours before the job. THEN you can squeeze in that last minute trip to Home Depot. -Takl punishes workers if they cancel a job less than 24 hours in advance. Imagine you have to take someone to the hospital, or a pipe bursts, or you have to reschedule an appointment, or you get stuck in traffic and have to cancel. Doesn't matter the circumstance; your account is instantly suspended and you lose every single job on your schedule. (But customers can cancel without any repercussions whatsoever). -Takl does not value the needs of providers. Their goal is to make it convenient for the customer. They don't care about convenience for YOU the provider. They don't care that sometimes something comes up unexpectedly in your life. They'll still suspend your account. They don't care that means lost time and money for you. They don't care that it's added stress for you. You are nothing but a robot meant to serve them and their customers. -Imagine if every single time you called in late to work, your boss suspended you without pay. On top of that, imagine you had to make long drives to visit customers all over your city, and they frequently canceled on you at the last minute. Now imagine you have bills to pay on top of all this. That's what it's like to work for Takl. They don't care about you.
  • Honeymoon (1st time last time customer) 1/5

    By cmp3535
    Was on my honeymoon and had my lawn cut. Gentleman sent me a text the job was done. So I paid and left a tip. When I got home to my surprise the lawn was not cut. Let Takl know the situation and they told me “Unfortunately, per the Takl Terms of Use, the time period to dispute your chore has passed. If you have any further questions regarding this, don't hesitate to respond here.” What a terrible way to treat a first time customer.
  • Well done! 5/5

    By Exkiwi59
    First time using Takl and it will not be my last! Chris was prompt, did a very good job and was very pleasant to work with. Will certainly use this provider again!
  • Sucky Job, Sucky customer service 1/5

    By U_304
    !!!!DONT USE THIS APP!!!! I got a $20 refund and wasted $30. I wanted my bathroom cleaned. $50 was pretty steep, but I really wanted it done. I was told I would have 6 options. I only had 1. He was a handy man. He fixed things. I worked as a handy man. I fixed things, but I sucked at cleaning. I don't know how good he was at fixing things, but he also sucked at cleaning. Our bathroom isn't incredibly dirty to begin with, but I wanted someone to really clean our tub. He showed up late, stayed for no more than 30 minutes, and left soap scum on the walls. I was able to run two fingers through it. I marked the job as incomplete. They sent me a text 3 days later saying they would give me a $20 refund. That means I paid $30 for someone to wipe down my sink and mirrors... He didn't mop. He didn't clean my tub. He didn't clean my walls. I barely trust he did the toilet. He definitely didn't do around the toilet. Overall, I feel cheated. They should have reorder someone new to come clean it and just eat the cost of both people's work. If they wanted to be really nice, they could have offered a discount on the next service. If they wanted to be lazy, full refund. --- It's been a week. They still haven't responded to my email. I also see someone else had a horrible experience.
  • Rebel Gregory 5/5

    By Soydphdjxogf
    Nathan did an awesome job! Totally would recommend!
  • Bed removal 5/5

    By Marandwalt
    Perfectly done, Victor was an amazing worker. We’d definitely grab him again for our next job.I tipped hi, personally that’s why I didn’t put nothing on the app. We will definitely use this app again. Thank you. Sincerely The Kings residence
  • Customer service 1/5

    By nicely done!
    While they are responsive, it’s not helpful at all. I had a provider clean my empty 1 bedroom condo after I moved out. He texted me and told me he would dust the blinds for an extra $50. That chore was listed on things he was already going to do. He was also supposed to clean out the drawers, fridge, cabinets, baseboards. None of it was done. I texted him and told him to go back. The baseboards are still not done and there is dust on the ceiling fan. Takl said they wouldn’t help me. I literally wasted $80. It’s not my responsibility to have to continually follow up on the same job. I hired someone because I’m too busy at the moment to do it. Takl pretty much said “sorry about your luck” and I wasn’t even given the opportunity to rate my provider. Shoddy work, shoddy company.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By RhondaWish
    I love this app very convenient and easy!!!

    By LaMaisonChenier
    Very Fast and very pleasant to work with!!!
  • Great idea but flaky, at least where I live 2/5

    It’s a great premise and idea but as a provider, the app & customer base in my area can be super flaky. A job is submitted and in seconds either ‘another provider was already selected’ or the job gets cancelled after its submitted. Advice to individuals contemplating being a provider, chat with Takl 1st in the app and inquire how there usage and coverage is in the city where you are. If they say they ‘are working on their campaigns and promotions in that area’, it very likely you won’t even make back that $35 for your background check fees for A WHILE & is an unreliable service for you. If it’s a city they are well established then I can see this being beneficial for customers and providers alike especially in small cities without a lot of traffic. It would be good for ‘extra $’. I really do like the idea and premise of it but there definitely are some holes to be filled. Also ‘supposedly’ before Takl posts the job they take a look at job request but I’ve noticed some really big discrepancies in fair pricing or with jobs fitting descriptions. They say that’s where they counterbidding comes in later but if it’s a job for “now“ with arrival time within an hour, the haggling doesn’t a lot make a lot of sense especially if the counter bidding inly shows after 45 minutes. I recommend if you want to be a provider, do your research. If you want to be a customer, this could be great for many people in various situations. It’s a creative & innovative idea that just needs A LOT of company campaigning and promotions to expand the users nation wide with heavy use in EVERY city especially major metropolitan areas.
  • He will get it done! 5/5

    By Cupcake lover42
    Shane was great, he showed up on time and got the work done! All around a good guy.
  • Great Job! 5/5

    By Mary Kay House
    Used Dori to clean the bathroom. She did an incredible job. Using the app was super simple. Very pleased!
  • First Takl experience is a win!!! 5/5

    By QueenP28
    I used Takl today for the first time and what a great and convenient service! I've had an old table, boxes, and headboard in my yard for over a year. Once a friend mentioned the Takl app, I knew I had to try it. I'm happy to say, in one day, my yard is clear of random trash. Our provider was kind and came back for what couldn't fit in his truck. I'm impressed and excited that there is an option like this. Thank you Takl!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Catcave21
    John was on time and quick
  • Payment Policy Is Overly Restrictive 1/5

    By rbApostate
    If my customer finds me via takl, and wants to pay with a check or with cash, that’s our business. I’m perfectly willing to accept electronic payments through the app, but I also believe that any entrepreneur is entitled to accept any type of payment they figging want. Eff this garbage.
  • First time user. 5/5

    By Kay in GA
    I would definitely recommend this app. I thought of a project I needed to do at 3:00 am, remember hearing the Takl commercial on the radio and decided to give it a try. I got a friendly and professional at my door at noon. He finished the job to my liking. I will definitely use this app again.
  • Dishwasher 5/5

    By IKE42801
    Excellent job! Print, courteous, informative and a pleasure to work with.
  • Takl 5/5

    By Reddebbee
    I have used Takl 4 times so far, and have been more than pleased. The app is user friendly, and very easy to use. I have used it for various tasks, the latest being computer related. The Tech, William, came out exactly when he was supposed to. He was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. I LOVE Takl!!
  • Fantastic job! 5/5

    By Eriknpf1
    Clint was great, he arrived early, completely prepared, and got right to work. Very happy with his quality of workmanship and his professionalism! Thank you TakL and Clint, we will definitely be future customers again!
  • First time to use APP! Love it 5/5

    By exAAstew
    Kirk was so helpful and so pleasant! Very hard worker and will be using him again really soon. Thank you for cleaning my shed. I was petrified to even go inside it but now it’s free of cobwebs and dirt on the floor. The wasp nests are gone too. I could do jumping jacks and high kicks in there now. It’s perfectly organized. I’m so very pleased!
  • Great experience using tackle I highly recommend this service 5/5

    By tsckle
    Awesome Service! Shawn is a excellent excellent cask R. I will use the service again.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Syao09142014
    I had very high hopes for this app and was very disappointed. I wanted someone to clean my home and the providers available were all random people with no experience in cleaning houses.
  • Great experience!! 5/5

    By Steve-H
    William was fantastic and did such a great job with our bookshelves. I highly recommend him!
  • Just what I needed When I Needed it👏😃 5/5

    By Bates99er
    Richard arrived on time. Completed the job quickly and expertly. I hesitated to add on an additional chore and missed the opportunity to see how easy adding on additional work after the job was started. I regret I didn’t add the additional item. I’ll know what to do next time. This was my first job. It won’t be my last.
  • Friendly Speedy knowledge and efficiency !! 5/5

    By Ladeelyrics
    Great service. Quick response time . Friendly and helpful !!
  • April 5/5

    By CRBTN
    April did an amazing job cleaning today! Arrived very promptly & used super products - house looks wonderful!!!
  • Takl is my lifesaver lol! 5/5

    By gbyrom4
    Second time using this app and it’s been good service both times and it didn’t beat up my pockets either time plus saved me a lot of time. All I can say is eazypeezy!
  • Haul away TV 5/5

    By Smontgo
    On time and very nice young man. Job was done quickly. I have saved him as a favorite.
  • No! 1/5

    By txdan
    Prices are very very high.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Sandy's 6s
    I am so pleased with the job completed by Juan. He did the job perfectly. He’s such a friendly, pleasant person. I will be happy to use his skills in the future.

Takl - Home Services app comments


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