Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls

Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 5.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TALKATONE, INC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls App

Make free calls & texts via WiFi or cellular data, no cell minutes used, all with the Talkatone free calling app. Download Talkatone for your very own free US/Canada phone number! Call for free in the U.S. and Canada, and make cheap international calls without using your minutes. Send and receive picture texts and group messages in the U.S. and Canada. Call, text and share. Stay in touch with everyone you love with Talkatone. TALKATONE FEATURES: FREE PHONE NUMBER Get a free phone number to make and receive free calls/texts to other U.S./Canada numbers. Talkatone can act as your cellphone, even if you don’t have a cell phone plan! FREE CALLING & TEXTING TO U.S. & CANADA All SMS/MMS texts and domestic calls (US/Canada) are free. Even group texting is free for all Talkatone users. FREE PICTURE TEXTING & FREE MMS Text photos for FREE to any U.S. or Canadian number, without using cellular data. CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS Don’t pay ridiculous fees just to call your loved ones abroad. ALL international calls to you are also completely free! PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS Take your iPhone, iPod or iPad with you when you travel. Call and text U.S. or Canada phone numbers on WiFi, without paying outrageous charges. TURN YOUR IPAD OR IPOD INTO A PHONE Call and text friends and family from your iPad or iPod with Talkatone - No cell plan required. FREE WIFI PHONE CALLS No data plan? No problem. Just connect to the internet and use WiFi to make free calls & texts. EARN FREE CALLING CREDITS Achieve effectively free unlimited international calling by completing our simple free offers. Download Talkatone for free texting and calling from your very own custom phone number! IMPORTANT NOTES Talkatone does not support 911 emergency calling or texting. Carrier data charges may apply. Contact your carrier for more information. CONTACT US We are happy to get your feedback and help you solve any Talkatone issues. Just email us at, and we'll get back to you promptly. TERMS OF USE Talkatone's terms of use and privacy policy are available here: SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION • International Calls — Allows unlimited calls to select countries for $12.99 monthly. • Remove Ads — Stops displaying all ads for $1.99 monthly. Subscriptions are automatically billed to your iTunes Account and auto-renew. You can manage subscriptions in your account settings. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. LEARN MORE See more about Talkatone at


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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls app reviews

  • Cannot send videos 3/5

    By Meek and Nic
    A buyer wanted a video of a product I was selling but there is no option to do so please add a video feature
  • Useful 5/5

    By Cdymlr
    I use this to buy and sell on the internet. Great app, some bugs here and there. Usually works flawlessly. Highly recommended for anyone that doesn’t want a phone bill.
  • So slow 1/5

    By ivykingle
    The app is so slow, keep loading and always full of ads. Not worth the try!
  • Can't get incoming notifications 3/5

    By crmsnlc
    This app had been working great, but now I don't get any incoming notifications. I'll check the app at some point and notice that I've got missed calls/voicemails.
  • I'm going back in!! 1/5

    By FB/Prettyt002
    Ok I'm changing my review from Bs to this is some real BS! Like my message logs keeps deleting it's self this update keeps crashing the app! Man a good thing is clearly getting messed up here! I thought the new UI was ok oops I was wrong it doesn't display time stamps any more it keep breaking your longer texts into shorter like I word or sentence strips like what! Ok ok and no customization! Like why take that what probs did it cause? Non in my book! Why are your developments set backs I've spent money in this app that's why I'm so upset about this update please do another to fix and bring back what all was took that even got me to keep the app smh sometime some people can be just a little too smart for their own good but we talking about this disaster of an update! Don't bother with upgrading you will regret it! As of sept 19th 2017 this app has become unusable for me ! After I updated on the 14th I can't even message!! The app freezes then closes out! I've restarted my phone, did a reset, had all other apps closed out, and still no change in this app!! It was working fine before this last update!! I have messages and phone numbers on here from 2015 so I'm scared to delete the app and reinstall.?? Idk what else to do this number that I have I've had it for years now so I don't want to loose or change it! It's used for too many important reasons! What is going on please help!!
  • Very very bad and it's been sometime I don't know what's wrong 2/5

    By mami chino
    Very very bad and it's been sometime I don't know what's wrong with the app these days I can't log in and it keep saying reinstall I hope they gonna find something before it's too late
  • Off track again! 1/5

    By Lance J.
    An app that displays fraudulent ads is a problem. Today, Talkatone started to display ads to me that pretended to be from Apple. The ads told me my iPhone was infected with a virus and that I must immediately go do something. This kind of ad is totally fraudulent. Talkatone should only choose legitimate ad partners if it wants to be a respectable operation. By choosing poorly managed, out of control ad partners, Talkatone puts its users at risk. Talkatone, feel free to respond and let everyone know that you've eliminated your bad ad partners. Older review: Talkatone is awesome again! Yes, they had a few app issues a while back - weird database corruption stuff and bizarre ad behavior. But now all seems awesome again. Talkatone is one of my favs, and it's great that it is now behaving as it should. Kudos to the Talkatone team for addressing user concerns AND providing a good uptick in features and usability. Old review: Back Talkatone is bad now - the local database of calls and texts becomes corrupt. The only known repair that I know of is to delete the app and re-install, which fixes the issue. A local DB repair option would be a nice touch if Talkatone can't figure out why their code is causing this corruption. This has been going on for a month+, and there are lots of reports of this issue. Ya know what we'd do in my software dev shop with such a major bug? We'd lock ourselves in a room until we figured out the root cause and produce, test, validate, and deliver a fix. This is not rocket science. I can no longer recommend it.
  • Poor 2/5

    By kurtisha
    It was a great app but now it just bugs out and not work !!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Daneannnnnn
    This latest update ruined talkatone for me
  • Unable to place call 1/5

    By Lnay77088
    Every time I try to place a call, it rigs once and then it hangs up. This is a business phone line for am I supposed to do business if no one can reach me? Also, if someone calls me, they cannot hear me but I can hear them.
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By A_Green_1981
    This app has become complete garbage..... It steadily freezes up and crashes.... I would never recommend it 👎🏾
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jojo real 2
    Love this app
  • Last Update Makes It Unusable! 1/5

    By DonGoozle
    It worked great until the latest update. Now the app is completely useless. The ads are so obnoxious that I can't even call a number before it's take me to the App Store for an ad. When I press back it takes me right back for another ad. It drops my calls as soon as I answer them...if it even rings. Completely useless!
  • Please fix app after latest update 1/5

    By MiamiBeach305
    I recently update the app and ever since I can't type a message, it freezes everything, blank screen when I open messages. Extreme lag in typing (minutes!). Everything else, other apps becomes unusable while Talkatone is opened and frozen. Please fix asap! It's bad! It's simply unusable from what it used to be a perfect working text and calling app, until this update. Extremely disappointed.
  • An Unreliable App 1/5

    By arttop11
    9/14/17: the new upgrade killed Talkatone!! Come on guys, improve it not make it worse. have been using the app daily since 2013 but the service has drastically declined in months.
  • Mediocre app at best 2/5

    By Jstetreault
    App works decent, when it works at all. Full of glitches. App worked flawlessly for the first two months I had it (save for minor hiccups that I expect from any app) and then slowly started to get worse to the point it was almost unusable. The pop ups are so repetitive and frequent you literally cannot type a message or use the phone. The texts and phone calls have a 20 percent chance of not even coming through but will still show on your missed calls log and text log. The app needs work. It's usable, but will frustrate you more often than not.
  • This app needs a major upgrade top to bottom 1/5

    By JJOHNSON1105
    I love this app but it's needs so much work my phone never rings when someone calls me and when I am on the phone this app tends to end my calls outta the blue it's even worse when it comes to texting because I never get a Notification when I have a incoming text I don't see it until hours later

    By Mzqueenbumblebee
  • No use 1/5

    By drtbk01
    Will not except Facebook or email pass codes what's the point if you can't even sight in
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By Chubbsthtsme
    I love Talkatone but I think it should support MMS and I think it should link with the phone so it can ring through your device instead of the app because you don't always know when people calling.
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By 1Emma
    Like others, I have the issue of the App Store opening whenever I try to text. I can type maybe 3 letters before it takes me to the App Store again. It can take several minutes to type a single message sometimes. If this is fixed, my review would be an easy 5 stars because the messages DO get sent and received and it is free to use. Just needs a fix with this ad thing, and quick.
  • Awful 2/5

    By CurlyFly
    I have to remove the app from my phone & re-install it several times per day for it to work.
  • Just lost the app on iPad after today's update 2/5

    Don't know if I lost everything. Will try to delete icon and re install, if my account tele number and alllll my msgs are gone, contacts and all. ...hope not 😞 I have really loved this app. UPDATE deleted the icon from desktop on iPad then re installed and signed in with email address to get a code. Everything is still there!
  • Annoying ads, I stopped using it for that reason 1/5

    By Melsheik
    Annoying ads and pop ups , I stopped using it for that reason. Masses up your massages and remove parts of it, specially when I'm on 4g. I don't recommend, i get pop ups every 2 seconds:(
  • The best free VOIP I have found 4/5

    By IB74
    I have used this for calls and messages, and it works as intended most of the time. Sometimes I do not get my text alerts or have troubles getting through on the phone. But other than that it's very good...totally free, no gimmicks like other apps (where you have to buy or "earn" credits). It has a PIN lock if you are using it as a second line for sensitive or private messages and calls, which is nice. It also gives you an actual phone no., so it's not subscription dependent. You can also "burn" your number and get a new one while retaining your history...which is a very nice feature if you move or start getting spammed. Other than minor bugs...this is the best VOIP of all the ones I've tried.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Some random name karamba
    Never managed to make a single call.
  • Notification doesn't work 2/5

    By ChampDabber
    Title says it all and I receive messages late
  • Buggy, scammy garbage 1/5

    By applereviewsuser
    Garbage app and service. I don't see how Apple allows this scam in their store.
  • Texting 3/5

    By Sidbug9
    It was great at first ... but not really now because I'll send a text and it will act like I sent it and but it didn't. And like I won't get people's messages ... it's really frustrating!
  • Needs restricted call blocking 3/5

    By Cece iphone savvy
    Someone is calling me restricted 103 times a day and I would like to be able to block them but I can't u need to fix this
  • Great for nonCell connected Wifi devices 5/5

    By BZ19552013
    Contacts does not allow me to delete a contact, even after deleting or moving a contact in my iPad contacts. Just reporting here that Optimum blocks the phone connection on their OptimumWiFi network which is installed on Optimum-supplied business and residential routers (but off-LAN on the residential side), because the ISP has its own residential cable phone service. It works fine on one's own residential Optimum-connected LAN (which I have). Perhaps the merger could convince their new European owners to change this policy.
  • Freeze screen 1/5

    By Bon 李
    No matter how many times i fresh my screen but still freeze screen on my ipad 😫
  • It removes your number after a month 1/5

    By Dnsnsna
    Don't recommend to use as a second line. They may just suddenly change your number without consulting with you. And I really need my old number and even contacted the customer support. But pointless. They didn't give me my old number. Answer to the developer: it's not true that it was not active. I still received very important messages which were directed to this number and opened the app at least 5 times a week. What is more I never received your notification!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By 750111
    This app used to be great. Now it's complete garbage. Totally unusable due to App Store continuously popping up, and some BS site that tells you have a virus. Well, this app is a virus.
  • No call audio 2/5

    By RiskyK2
    My dad tried to call the app number. I answered, he couldn't hear me & I couldn't hear him. Only when I yelled did some sound go through. I didn't have a phone case on and spoke normally. The texting works fine, I just cant put the # on a job application if I hope to get a call back.
  • Best for keeping a private number 5/5

    By Spg1972
    This app is perfect if you are a single person who likes to text or call dates and keep contact info private until later!
  • GarbAge 1/5

    By Donjustjordan
    This app is garbage can't even text one letter without popping up to the App Store delete this app immediately if you have it wish I can give it zero stars but u have to tap a star
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By ChrisFarker
    Works as expected. Free number, can send/receive calls and texts to US based mobile phones. There are ads -- but it's a free number. So far, so good.
  • The Best Free Call & SMS App! 5/5

    By jenskie999
    I love the features! I can now call US & Canada phone numbers for free using my internet!
  • App Store pop up 1/5

    By Todd608
    ** Update ** Since the developer has replied confirming this App Store opening and interfering with the app....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO FIX IT. They obviously purposely programmed it this way. I also get a wonder screen that takes over and goes to some site telling me I have viruses in my phone. Yeah right. Gotta wonder what these crooks get paid to send you to a website like that. AVOID THIS APP. If you have buy two cans and a spool of string to talk to someone instead, I recommend that. DE-LEETED! WHY IN THE HELL DOES THE APP STORE KEEP OPENING WHEN IM TRYING TO TEXT? I close it, this stupid program keeps reopening it. Are you trying to make me purchase an app to support you? You keep asking me to rate this app you REALLY want my rating now? Well, here is your 1 Star rating. You deserve much lower for this adware infested piece of garbage.
  • Still the best! 5/5

    By Chris de CA
    After contacted Talkatone support, I've got my original phone number back in a couple of days. They are still the best! ------------ I have contacted Talkatone and they responded quickly and are looking into the problem. Not sure about the cause yet. ------------ After the update, now Talkatone forces me to pick a new phone number whenever it tries to log in on app startup. I can't dismiss or bypass it. What's going on? I don't want to change my Talkatone number!
  • Nice but one thing they must add 4/5

    By #me myself and I
    I like the app but it would be better if you were able to send videos and friends could send them to. Then it would be the best texting app ever.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ashlynbs1012@2006
    I can't get on it just keeps kicking me out
  • Redirects to App Store 1/5

    By Sun123x
    Cannot even text for 30 seconds. Continuously redirects to App Store. Worked for a month with help desk. No resolution, just promises
  • App now works 3/5

    By The OnionEaters
    Apparently app won't work in a folder. Once i took it out and put it on the home page, it works ok. Almost like it used to work. Slowly they may make it back to 4 or 5 stars someday.
  • I Love this app!! 5/5

    By Gaby_Is_Fire
    So, I broke my phone for a while, and I needed something to communicate with, so I downloaded this app on
  • Thanking you for squashing bugs 5/5

    By Opticell
    Whether all issues are being resolved, I don't know, but am impressed with all the work being done, the effort, to squash what you can. Kudos. New feature please: toggle text messages between displaying all and new only text messages each time the "Messages" button is pressed. Problem I have on iPhone & not iPad, there is one unread message I can't find, even after seeking every message in history, deleting messages is not the option for me.
  • 4 stars means Very Good app 4/5

    By Farahani Mohsen
    It' very good application . Thank you all.
  • Constant Ad Interruptions 1/5

    By Hpdmaker
    I have been a TaT customer for quite sometime now. Over the last several months the ads have been nonstop. I understand it's a free app and there will be ads but it's so bad that if you're on the phone you can't put it on speakerphone bc an ad will interrupt the call and it goes back to the earpiece on the phone. If you're trying to send a text you're lucky to get a word typed without ads popping up and sometimes I can't even get a letter typed. I have to close completely out of the app in order to attempt the process again with less interruptions. Would be 5 stars but without consistent functionality due to incessant ad pop ups that redirect you to the App Store it is a well deserved 1 star app now!
  • Crash, Pop, Bag 2/5

    By Eachtohisherown
    Holly Cow is this app inconsistent! When it works it's great but when it doesn't lookout. Make a call and the a flips to a white screen. While in the app it flips you over to the App Store without touching anything. Looking for a different app.

Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls app comments


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