Talking Tom Pool

Talking Tom Pool

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  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Outfit7 Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Talking Tom Pool App

Get ready to party with Talking Tom and Friends in a completely NEW KIND OF PUZZLE GAME! Sling and match colors to clear the pool and win! It’s FREE and EASY to play, whether you’re young or just young at heart, so jump into the fun! There’s no other game like it. AMAZING NEW FEATURES: * Explore the exciting attractions of the new WORLD, the mysterious Lost City. * Party with the cool new water park VISITORS. * Beat the new Power Bounce and Vacuum OBSTACLES. ***HOW TO PLAY*** Here’s how you can rule the pool! SLING, BOUNCE, AND MATCH * Enjoy the game’s unique “sling” mechanic – just pull back the floaties, release, and let them bounce! Match the floaties in the pools to complete the levels and earn keys. USE GREAT POWER-UPS * The ROCKET removes all floaties of one color; * The UNICORN will make all your floaties multicolored for a turn; and USE THE KEYS to UNLOCK, BUILD and CUSTOMIZE THE WATER PARK * Use the keys you earn to open new levels and unlock more imaginatively-shaped pools with fun backgrounds. * Complete the 360 EXCITING LEVELS and beat all the challenging obstacles. * Explore worlds filled with pirates, dragons, and more! Join Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger in this exciting water park adventure. It’s the ultimate pool party and everyone's invited! Get ready to party with Talking Tom like never before as you bounce, splash, play, and build the greatest water park ever! Jump in and download Talking Tom Pool now – it’s free to play! This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising; - Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps; - Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again; - The possibility to connect with friends via social networks; - The option to make in-app purchases; - Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress; and - Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money. This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates that Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect the personal information of children. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information. Terms of use: Privacy policy: Customer support:


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Talking Tom Pool app reviews

  • Talking Tom game 5/5

    By tj90999
    This game is so fun and kid friendly
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lainee6
    I am so happy be I got the iPhone 8
  • Good children’s app. 4/5

    By Omimunchprincess
    It’s a good app. Passes the time. My child likes to play it. It’s an easy game.
  • Best. Game. Ever. 5/5

    By Dounought 🍩
    Friends: That game looks like it’s for four year olds Me: You have never experienced Tom Pool This game is addictive and amazing, play on the daily 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
  • Tom water 4/5

    By morey monkey1
    I like the game a lot but you need to give more lives and charge less coins, plus why would there be a chili pepper in a pool😂
  • ISIS Flag? 1/5

    By Over Halloween
    I am having a lot of fun with the game, it’s quick and not to difficult to learn. But, as I was rebuilding the pirate ship I went to raise the flags and they looked just like the ISIS flags. Black with a large white circle, if the developers were going for the white skull on black (typical for pirate ships) they failed. It’s a bit unsettling, a redesign is a must in my opinion.
  • COOL COMMENTS ABOUT THE TALKING TOM POOL 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏼‍♂️🚣🏼‍♀️🚣🏼‍♂️🏗 5/5

    By Dosonea
    This is a good ,amazing and cool app(also called game) I also love My Talking Angela I love it , I love it so much it’s free and fun!
  • How I like this game 2/5

    By Hottub82
    This game is not that good
  • I LOVE THIS GAME!! 5/5

    By prïñčéśś
    So, I just got this game like 10mins ago and I’m on stage 20! Yeah I know..if you like fun and easy, but challenging games, this game is definitely for you! I hope you learned something from my review I wrote and make sure you download it and give it a try!
  • Too many ads and crashes too much. 1/5

    By KPL 13
    So many stupid ads and then when you close the app after win the level this stupid ad comes on and then the game freezes and when you close the app you lost the level.
  • Never get this game! 1/5

    By milly45s
    Never ever in a million years get this game, it is stupid and horrible and when spent, like, two weeks trying to get past level 76, the game froze, and then when I got back on to it, it had deleted the level I had completed! I wish they had negative stars because I would give this game a -5 stars. This happens a lot with this game so to the people who created this, please fix all the freezing up of this game, because other than that it can sometimes be fun SOMETIMES!😾
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Olivia Vuca
    This game is awesome and super fun. I definitely recommend this app to everyone because it’s awesome

    By your.average.player
    Okay so I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and have been enjoying, a few hard levels, but I eventually beat them. But then I'm level 116 and I can not seem to beat it, but after around a week, I beat it, yay! But after I beat it, it freezes on "level complete" and I have to start all over. And still can't beat it. This is the second time this has happened. Some please fix it already!!!
  • You have the best game ever 😎🤩 5/5

    By king 2094
    Thank you very much and I hope you’re doing better today
  • Toms pool 1/5

    By Ghjduhs
    This game is so unfair. It cheats you on everything. It makes you pay for unicorns when I need them.
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By twisting.boss
    I love this game
  • No fun 1/5

    By treytin
    Don't get
  • تقيمي لل لعبه 5/5

    By ع ب د ا ل ل ه
    كانت مذهله لأكن الاعلانت الي لما تخلص القلووب
  • News levels !! 5/5

    By Lame!!!!
    Awesome game and me and my boyfriend really enjoy playing it and seeing who will beat it faster. I love the new levels thanks to the game designers for making them instead of just letting the game stay the same forever!!! I always enjoy playing this game it is so much fun
  • Why?!?! 2/5

    By Dgolfpro
    Why did you make it so an ad now plays after EVERY level? The occasional ad didn’t bother me, but now it seems I’m caught watching more ads than time actually playing the game!
  • It made me want to break something 4/5

    By somereviewr
    I like this game but after a while I Started to get extremely stressed About it to the point were I wanted to scream my head off but it’s still fun

    By Erikabj
    This is such a good game. I play it 24/7. I currently have it maxed out on level 360 because I can’t stop playing it. I also have my friends hooked on it and I think that you should also get this app. This game is 20 out of 10 and I highly recommend!!!!!
  • Game is fun, but ads are insane and game is buggy 2/5

    By It's a Love Hate realationship
    Look, I understand that free apps need ads to fund themselves. I really do. But the amount of ads in this game is absurd. Fail a level? Ad. Pass a level? Ad. Sometimes, ads will pop up in the middle of a level. The worst is after a success, however. Oftentimes, the ads freeze up and crash my game, resulting in me losing a life and having to redo a level. It’s incredibly frustrating. Not only that, but the game frequently freezes, which drains battery from my phone and sometimes forces me to restart. Sometimes, the screen will turn and I’ll only be able to see half of the game after an ad pops up. It’s infuriating. The game is fun, and I really like it, but the ads and the bugs make the app a nightmare
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Happy Zee
    The ads are a bit much. When an ad pops up after completing a level, you can’t always get out of them. This has cost me lives on multiple occasions and I have to redo the level all over again. You must put your screen on orientation lock or that’ll cause the game to glitch as well. Like most games that “let you win” or “make you lose.” If the developers would fix some problems it would be a good time passer game.
  • 🎶 5/5

    By ♥️Lolo
    اللعبه مرره حلوه وممتعه
  • Freezes too much 2/5

    By Adrian Miller
    Game is fun, but freezes way too much. Freezes when watching videos to get more lives, and when it does, you lose the life. Fix the bugs and it may be more fun. Deleting to you get it fixed.. don’t waste your time till they do it right.
  • One of the best apps actually made for kids 4/5

    By loveeblue
    Really fun for me and my daughter
  • Cute but... 3/5

    By LiIiLiIiFlOwR
    I found three problems with this game. One: you cannot pay to turn off the adds. Two: crashes a lot. Three: Why no earned coins???? If they fixed these things I would like it better.
  • Ok but crashes a lot 1/5

    By Purplehze13
    After you complete a level it may or may not crash....good luck
  • Ok 4/5

    By Cat Brownie
    It is an ok game. It was fun until I hit level 75 and everything went the other way. I had lots of fun though. But it is almost impossible to get past that level. It might be easier for others but not me. And I get the point that it should be hard, but then it's no fun when you can't do anything. I keep loosing hearts every time, you might be thinking " oh that person doesn't know how to play" or " that person is bad at playing the game. It is so easy" but I don't care, so I just need to say to future players, this game gets harder than it starts.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bella💖rose
    It only gives you 5 lives before you basically have to stop playing. If you run out of coins, you have to buy them, or spin the wheel to get coins. Once you pass all the levels, you can’t get more. You have to wait until they update it. The upside is that it is entertaining...
  • Review 5/5

    By Claire Allinder
    This game is fun and gives your mind a challenge
  • It’s fun but annoying 4/5

    By Aniyah Randolph
    This game is really fun. It really is fun to play with when you are bored by it is also annoying because when you are playing this game and you win a level it sometimes glitches out and makes you have to redo that level and it doesn’t give you your live back. But other then that the game is fun.
  • Annoying 3/5

    By Kenzie🙂
    I love the game but when I run out of life’s what am I supposed to do then? I have to get off the game and wait 15 minutes to play again like wth? If u want someone to play your game then give them the chance to. Also I don’t like when it lags and I lose a life for something I couldn’t control.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By none✊🏻
    I can't even get past level 33 because they don't give you enough plays we should always get 19 plays👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • GamerLuv 5/5

    By GamerLuv
    Great game awesome colors
  • Adorei 🤗🤗🌴🌴💦💦♥️♥️ 5/5

    By 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Fun 3/5

    By Crystal_H3
    It’s a pretty cool game, but it gets old fast.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Cloclomomo36
    I am literally addicted to this game. I got it on February 4th and I got to level 120 on February 11th😂😂 y’all need to change your add because. I MADE IT TO LEVEL 120 AND IM SO HAPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
  • Good game 5/5

    By coolapples123
    I think it’s a really good and fun and addicting game but I don’t know how to get gold?$
  • 🏅🏆 5/5

    By Ralhie
    Great game guys😤🤔💯
  • Fun but crashes 3/5

    By OMGzKakaniz
    This is a pretty simple, fun game. Fairly mindless, in a good way. But often the game freezes after an ad. Somehow it has a knack for freezing after a hard level, in my experience. ;-) The game will remember the life and/or items you used but not that you beat the level, so it’s pretty frustrating when it happens. For now I’m still playing.
  • Toms Pool is awesome 5/5

    By tmenz
    I love it it’s great and so educational and fun the more water parks I pass the more fun I have looking around at the whole world I love it the slides and the little details are amazing!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Cowboy73132
  • Great game 5/5

    By 800phil
    It’s a beautiful game, easy to play, it’s an great way to pass the time
  • Slow 3/5

    By KaeeLane
    I love the game it helps me cope with my anxiety attacks and ground myself, but it takes so long for there to be new updates and new maps. I beat the game out faster than they upload new maps and have to wait for what seems like forever. Please upload a new area. I’m dying from boredom with out this game.
  • Having fun 5/5

    By Tree Topper 6
    Easy and challenging !
  • SO SLOW 1/5

    By Ryanm9187
    This is a fun game, but it runs so slow on my phone. I play plenty of other games with no lag issues, but this game will barely run. It might have something to do with all the ads, but then again I’ve played plenty of other games with ads that still run fine.
  • Tom pool 3/5

    By i ❤️bear bear
    I’m give this three stars because when I get couple levels higher I get off of the game for a couple hours and get back on and my level has changed to a lower level
  • Boring 1/5

    By xjtxgxjg
    This game is boring I would download something els it’s really fun at first but when you play it for it a while it gets boring I mean I like talking Tom and all the other gams with Tom but this was such a rip-off Good thing I didn’t pay for anything

Talking Tom Pool app comments


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