Tamagotchi Classic -Original-

Tamagotchi Classic -Original-

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  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tamagotchi Classic -Original- App

Tamagotchi, the handheld game toy that has sold over 80 million units worldwide, is back and on your smartphone! ++ Game Introduction ++ - Support for Apple Watch.- You can now check on your Tamagotchi's status and take care of it on your Apple Watch. - If your Tamagotchi calls for you, it will show up on your Apple Watch. - Check your Tamagotchi's status at a glance. - Take care of your Tamagotchi's needs directly from your Apple Watch, like sending it to the restroom or feeding it. - Now you can play the original Tamagotchi on your smartphone! - Give them food, flush their droppings, and all the other fun things you can do to care for your Tamagotchi. Respond to your Tamagotchi's calls diligently and raise them well. - Two fun modes to raise your Tamagotchi! - There's a Toy Mode which recreates the original Tamagotchi devices from back when they first hit the scene, and a fully colored, touch screen enabled App Mode that you can switch between whenever you want! App Mode on this app is the only place in the world you can experience and raise Tamagotchi with special colors! - Collect Your Tamagotchi in the Gallery - Put all of the Tamagotchi you raise into a collection in your Gallery, and save pictures of them on your camera roll! You can even get special backgrounds or shells for use in the game once you've raised a bunch of Tamagotchi! Start raising your Tamagotchi today! *This application is the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e Gen1 app with support for Apple Watch. SUPPORT: https://bnfaq.channel.or.jp/contact/faq_list/1102 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: http://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/ By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/terms Privacy Policy: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/privacy Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more details. ©BANDAI,WiZ ©2013 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


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Tamagotchi Classic -Original- app reviews

  • Lazy 2/5

    By the-captain-13
    Lazy developing. Not worth $.99! Drains my battery like crazy.
  • Improvements that’ll make the market shoot up. 2/5

    By saoKlR1T0
    Bandai, I love you guys been buying games from you for years now, I have a degree in development so I know a good game when I see one and understand potential where it is viable, here is an amazing game that can blast the app market. Here’s some ideas that will help you, First, consider how popular tomogachi was amazing, the concept was creative and different, however the first gen was only so so in the consumers eyes. Now how can we build upon the work you’ve already done, easy solution, the future generations of tomogochi had amazing features, examples, shops as mentioned in another submission, praising your tomo, more games, friend connections etc. The list goes on. How do we use this concept? EASY, the player starts with first Gen, then gradually through playing and various experience gained the player can unlock the next generation of Tomogochi giving the player new capabilities in the game, not only will this boost sales ratings when the word gets out, it will bring all the tomogochi lovers back and the game may be sold for more then a dollar profiting the company well. I understand Bandai had to drop a few projects because of lack of man power and resources so this project won’t be on the priority list, or can it be? Millions possibly billions of people may buy this game because of its fun and simple reputation. The power is in your hands Bandai.
  • Stops Working Almost Immediately 1/5

    By B-Rod92
    Once the pet falls asleep, all the features stopped working. I wasn’t allowed to clean the pet’s mess. I wasn’t allowed to change the wallpaper after new wallpaper options were given to me. I reset the game hoping the features would start working, but they did not. This was disappointing.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Thaigress
    This operates as the tamogotchi of my childhood years and I was stoked to play this. No matter how happy or how much attention I give my pet, it ALWAYS days on the 6th day. Don’t waste your money
  • Make a new version - Too limited 3/5

    By julvel88
    While this version is nostalgic, it’s not very engaging long-term. I wish the developers would make a smartphone app version of the Tamagotchi P’s devices.
  • Absolutely LOVE 5/5

    By TheLeggingsGirl
    I grew up with have a few tamagotchis and recently got the new mini one. Because I love tamagotchis I decided to see if there was an app as well and I was super happy to see there was one!! I am so glad y’all stayed true to the original tamagotchis, it is so simple and just fun. Plus it brings me back to being a kid.
  • Notifications and apple watch integration needs to be fixed 2/5

    By Videot14
    This is how I remember this game but the notifications don't always work. I'll notice I haven't heard from my pet in a while and open the app to find two poos and it's hungry and unhappy. Please fix the notifications. I bought it to play on my apple watch but it's not a very good experience on there and you can't play rock paper scissors game to make him happy.
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By cacaw1
    Had an original Tamagotchi hanging on my backpack in the 90’s...this is EXACTLY the same! Thank you for letting me relive my childhood!!!
  • Five stars!!! Excellent 5/5

    By TshevL223
    It’s Exactly how it was growing up!! Five stars! ☺️
  • Keeps resetting 1/5

    By Esachika
    It never gets past the second stage before it just dies... forcing you to reset. The thing is that there’s nothing wrong with them and they just die?? Don’t bother with this app.
  • Wallpaper 5/5

    By Lilsissy92586
    So far I’ve had no issues with the game except that I can’t get my wallpaper to change. It’s not a huge issue but when you pay for a game you expect everything yo work, also maybe putting how long it take for your tamagatchi to get to the next level and star. I just don’t ever know when it’s going to upgrade. Awesome idea! Love it!
  • If you loved it in the 90s, you’ll love it now!!! 5/5

    By sweetmarilyn26
    Great app! Thank you for keeping it old school!
  • Coming from a 90s kid 5/5

    By gmc_1112
    I love love love this! Just how I remember it. Wouldn't change anything about it. So worth .99 cents
  • Born in 1985.... THIS is exactly how the was! 5/5

    By Ballsdeep130
    How awesome. This is exactly how it was when they were first introduced in the 90’s. No fancy graphics, no fancy buttons, just the three buttons and you knew exactly how to use them. I read the reviews and I have to agree with one of them. The one that states that the bad reviews are left from 13 year olds (more less any kid in today’s world). They are exactly right. This game isn’t anything like the current games out. It’s a classic. So this ‘teen’ generation will think it’s most likely stupid and annoying that they can’t grow a tamagotchi in 5 minutes. It takes time and many many days. I remember having many tamagotchis as a kid in the 90’s. Excited to see that it’s the same as I remember/had. No fanciness, just a good 90’s Classic that’s on your phone. Hands down, worth .99 and should totally be 5 stars as it’s exactly how it was back in the day. Thank you for not changing. Sometimes change is good, but seeing something that brought so much joy to me as a kid in the 90’s looking exactly the same in my 30’s is such an awesome feeling! I’m totally a Kid at heart! One thing I’m excited to see, how I can interact with it on my Apple watch. Such a neat feature!
  • Bring back! 4/5

    By Jans_87
    Bring back the human babies
  • Lazy developers who don’t care about this game 1/5

    By でへべろ(•w<)
    It’s completely selling on the nostalgic feelings, last update was a year ago, shop feathers still not added, everybody knows how easy it is to just add something you already have to a very simple game. This game does not worth a dollar, developers literally put 0 effort into it, I bought it anyway cuz I used to love this when I was a kid. But honestly this just feels like a cash grab
  • Childhood dreams come true 5/5

    By Jennabug1988
    Amazing game. I love how nostalgic it is. So easy to pick up after not playing the original game in 20 years. I recommend you download this app and relive your childhood dreams
  • Way too much 1/5

    By Biblegirl09
    11 notifications in 20 min? And now my tomagotchi is dead already. Who has that kinda time? I can't remember for sure how quickly they died back in the 90s but for a modern person you can't expect someone to play it that often! I can't be on the app every 5 minutes taking care of this thing.
  • Addicted once again 5/5

    By Bonny111
    I love it! The original Tama was the best Tama. They've upgraded the graphics but left everything else simple and easy to enjoy! I've gifted it to people twice already! I haven't enjoyed an app this much in ages!
  • Wish I could give LESS stars NOT ORIGINAL 1/5

    By Sweet Kateybird
    NOT A GOOD APP!! My actual tamma's had generations! This kills your tam in spite of perfect attention. I'm a SAHM to A teen & HAVE no job. This STUPID TAMMA DIES CONSISTENTLY. SO infuriating for a dumb game which I played 20 years ago with enjoyment. BOO.
  • Cute, but could use some work! 3/5

    By thedeerqueen
    As an owner and a avid lover of tamagotchi, this app is to die for! Just like the original tamas! My only issue with this app is that when I use it on my Apple Watch, the notifications aren't in English! Hopefully this is fixed soon! Otherwise, super cute and great for tamagotchi fans of every age :)
  • My Childhood Memories 5/5

    By TedTalkLover
    This is exactly like the real tomagatchi I had when I was in elementary school. I couldn't be happier to relive my fond memories! Thank you for recreating this classic toy 😊😊😊
  • Good but bad? 4/5

    By Virtigris
    So, I bought the game. I fell in love with it. But, I'm not very old and I have school. However there's no "pause" feature so, my tamagotchi always dies before reaching adulthood I've had 3 tarakotchis and a nyrotchi. I got a connection V1 and it's more convenient. I just keep it for the stickers! In conclusion, it's not bad, but it lost momentum with me after a month. 4/5 Please add a pause feature! ⏸ (just a button on the top is fine) (Update) It's summer vacation now. So, I think I will be able to take better care of my tamagotchi. Still though, please add a pause button. I have a V2 now and it just says "pause". And if you are worried about the time passing, just copy what you did on the connection. So unless you wanna go COMPLETE REMAKE of the original, please add a pause button. (For the people in school/meetings @ work/etc.) Thanks! (Update no. 2) Also, please add the gen 2 characters like mimitchi And kusatchi.
  • Cute but Boring 4/5

    By Chille Tid
    The pets are cute and bring nostalgia, but it gets boring. Back then, these games were our "fidget spinners" or trends of the time. But since we have much more complex games, it's not that "fun" anymore.
  • Don't buy this 1/5

    By rpgwaffle
    This is honestly one of the worst things I ever spent my money on, it's nothing like the original
  • Overall its good but.... 4/5

    By The Kitty Bean
    I like this game, you can leave the tamagotchi for like 6-7 Hours and it will still be alive. But one thing I don't like is that my tamagotchi died at 5 years old and I don't like that. I just hatched another and I hope it lives longer this time, I hope you get some useful information from this review, bye! A few days later... P E O P L E!!!! IT DIED AGAIN AT FIVE YEARS!!!!! P.S. a few died before that from me not taking good care of it I'm not a good mother lol. P.P.S. Pause option please not that I have a problem with this but other people do so pplleeaassee!
  • DO NOT GET 2/5

    By Cutie0059
    This game gave me anxiety and annoyed other people by constantly making my phone buzz! A waste of $2
  • Man. 2/5

    By VoidWalkers
    I just got this, and really was feeling nostalgia already. I was born in 2001 and remember always playing with these and having A LOT. Then they all just disappeared from me and society one day. I saw it on top charts today and paid 0.99 (hopefully worth it) So far I'm kinda okay with it but I think it needs more updates It's awesome that I can have these littlest pets without holding one of the real things in pubic. That would be embarrassing especially as a male. It being an app is perfect. But please just update more, and also please add what each care symbol does and when to use it in the tutorial. I'm still confused about when and how to use the discipline care icon. Update: Think I'm finally just gonna delete the app. I do this a lot with a lot of apps. I barely have any game apps. It's gotten really boring and my pet just died of age I think. I thought it would be more fun or lasting but I guess not. Just gonna delete it so it's one less thing on my mind that I don't like
  • Boring 2/5

    By whgard
    I wish this emulated other tamagotchi versions, like the v4.5. There aren't many features in the game.
  • Make it exactly the same! 4/5

    By skennedyrose
    Love the nostalgia of playing this game; however, I wish the characters were exactly the same as V2 along with the age profession. I feel like some of the fun is missing from the game when there are only so many characters in it's early life. Also I never remember it dying so quickly at age 5. I turn away for 2 hours max and it's dead without having notified me, whereas the actual ones I could come back after half of a day and it would still be alive. Love it overall though!
  • Wallpaper glitch 2/5

    By Kyna M
    It's no fun to earn things I can't use. Please fix the wallpaper so that it actually changes.
  • Pretty Good 3/5

    By Lalaluxyylu
    Maybe it's me but I don't remember my old tamagotchi being this needy. Love the concept & the nostalgia. Also, it won't let me change the background in the app. Not sure why, I can change the shell but not the wallpaper.
  • been waiting for this app for soooo longgggg 4/5

    By drusilla.d
    every time my battery died on my keychain tamagotchi i would wonder why there was no tamagotchi app.. wish i could play games with my tamagotchi on here like i can with my normal tamagotchi but hopefully an update will make that happen also could you please tone down all the yellow it's painful to look at
  • Wallpaper Glitches 1/5

    By RabidPanda8
    It's a shame that the wallpapers stop working after a while. Once I unlocked the greene wallpaper that says "Tamagatchi!" I was no longer able to change my wallpaper at all!
  • tamagotchi app needs update badly 1/5

    By Garden Of Death Roses
    When you play games with your little pet, you will always have to lose in order to get a heart. Not really fun if u have to lose each time. Feeding the pet doesn't give u much options Notations are pointless each time the app sends u a reminder it's ether ur pet has poop & is sleep & cant clean it so your pet dies. Or it's nothing. Needs improvement not worth paying a cent
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By a.s.l1995
    Don't let the bad reviews fool you! They're probably 13 year-olds who have never played the original. I got it when it first came out when I was in elementary school (I'm now almost done with college) and this is EXACTLY how it was. I absolutely love it. 100% worth the $0.99!
  • Just okay. 2/5

    By Khearn2
    I'd rather get batteries for my old one and play with it. This is pretty boring.

    By Volcano Goddess
    I love the tamagotchi connections and I can see so many improvements for the app if you would please update it to have such capabilities as the tamagotchi connections handheld 💛💛💛
  • Tommy just keeps on dying. 1/5

    By elisewander
    So here I am taking care of Tommy, being a good mother, feeding him, playing with him, answering every one of his calls and he keeps dying at five. Thank god I can't have kids, but hey, if I could at least I would know they would only live till FIVE and continually DIE.
  • To the Devs 4/5

    By Evolvede
    Update the game and add the shop feature. You'll have double the people downloading this if you do. Take advantage of the nostalgia factor alone. You got me to download this app for that very simple reason. Stay true to the original we all grew up on, never leaving anything out. That's what makes people turn away or lose interest. But besides that, what you have right now is an amazing stating point. Anyone who grew up in the 90's will enjoy this as it stands. Bringing back old memories and such. Once it's fully up to date, no questions 5/5.
  • I expected a little more 3/5

    By J-girl 101
    For $0.99 I guess it's not bad but it's not great. Considering that tamagotchis came out more than 10 years ago, you would at least think the app could be as good as they were. Being able to earn points and buy things was half the fun. I hope they update it to where it is exactly like the V3 or V4!
  • Poop 4/5

    By God Girl 777
    I love it!! Just like the original! It just has one glitch. Overtime my tamagotchi poos, I have to exit the app before I can do anything. Other than this, great game!!
  • Apple Watch feature doesn't work! 2/5

    By Blakelydawn
    Kinda cool playing on my phone but I downloaded this to play on my Apple Watch to have the nostalgia feeling of playing on a smaller screen. 90% of the time it doesn't work and even when it does you can't play games on the Apple Watch with it and it doesn't even move around like it does on the phone screen. This needs to be fixed!
  • Pretty fun! 3/5

    By AmesMoney
    It is fun, but I loved the actual tamagotchi more because I would play games for coins so I can spend them in a shop. I loved that. I loved picking what to feed my tamagotchi instead of bread or candy all the time! This game is okay, but it would be awesome if there was an update with the coins and the shop.
  • It's perfect for what it's advertised 3/5

    By KrisseyDJ
    It's nice, but I personally prefer later versions where you play games to earn points you can then spend in the shop, and when there is more options for tamagotchis you can hatch. I hope you come out with an update that includes later versions
  • Apple Watch Fail 3/5

    By heymalory
    Love the app on my iPhone 7 Plus but very upset with the Apple Watch app. I can't even play with it and there's no animation whatsoever. Please fix ASAP! It would be so much fun and closer to the original to be able to play on my Apple Watch. Until then only giving 3 stars.
  • Love it but 4/5

    By Gamer85234
    I wish that they would make it that you would be able to breed and have kids I would love to see the other models too.
  • Qwertuiopashklhdvsnnsjwkqksbjekwksjhdkq 5/5

    By Ncdhjstyjghffcbhfhhgx
    Wonderful! All of the ferrets were so grateful I was feeding them, and they were very affectionate. Then I went to the supermarket and bought a pomegranate!
  • Ok Game 4/5

    By IpodAlex
    It's ok, but it's hard to keep up with caring for the pet. Like if I'm asleep and feed it and the next day it's dead. I'd rather play this if the notifications came later on and if the pet wouldn't be hungry for at least a few hours.
  • I get the same adult every time and dies too soon 2/5

    By Addicitive Zombie
    It's annoying, I get the same adult stage every time I play. It's not fun

Tamagotchi Classic -Original- app comments


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