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Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium

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  • Current Version: 1.5.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SangHeon Kim
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium App

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium is a game that helps relax your nerve(VR APP). Level up your Stone, create your own fish and make the Aquarium belongs to you! A beautiful ocean world waiting for you to explore! Add VR Game mode, you can watch the fish immersive! How to play? Level up the stone by tapping. Build Coral to double the vitality. Use vitality to create your fish. Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR Game mode. Features: 1. Simple Control---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap 2. Amazing graphics---you can view every fish in 3D dimension in HD 3. Lovely background music---- The song of a whale & the sound of water droplets all guide you to a beautiful musical world. 4. VR Game Support----Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR Game mode. You can watch little fish swimming overhead and right before your eyes—in 3D Follow and contact us If you have any suggestions or errors to report, please contact abysshelp@conew.com. We will do our best to respond to your invaluable opinions.


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Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium app reviews

  • Please implement this will be a wise decision 5/5

    By Noah Toney
    I want to sleep think it’s very good but I think you should implement a way to get pearls naturally like you can watch videos for diamonds and vanity and maybe some other sayings like different kinds of fish for St. Patrick’s Day like Easters maybe some other things I think it be cool if you could implement a new fish to support autism I think your veteran nimble platypus cost way too much I think you could push cost bit less but that’s my opinion I have been asking my mom for three days and that I will pay for it but yet she still thinks not sure with only one paying for it and if you could give it to me I would be very happy every day as she turned me down and threatens me if I don’t stop asking her she will ground me with me or take my phone away is very frustrated
  • Game crashes 3/5

    By Mrs. Stypayhoralikson
    I have been obsessed with this game for months now, until this last update. Now the ads won’t even load and the app crashes. It’s extremely frustrating whenever you have to watch an ad for the same reward four times in a row because it wouldn’t load the reward or etc. FIX THIS.
  • 😢🐠 desilusão 1/5

    By Skuns125
    Nao gostei fui enganado . Não se criam peixes eles feiosos
  • Must Add Fish 4/5

    By LA9958
    Can you please add: ocellaris clownfish, royal gramma, black and white damselfish, pacific cleaner shrimp, sea star, flapjack octopus, 1 year old green sea turtle, mako shark, queen trigger, sea lion, seal, giant pacific octopus, & plz bring back the marine otter
  • Valentine's Day event ruined this game 3/5

    By Tommypicklesss
    I have played this game for at least a year and loved it up until this event. I know they need to do events in different ways, which I'm open to, but this one feels like they are just trying to get money from us. The platypus takes three hours to get one item or sometimes they give you 2017 Valentine's Day event fish. I've also had the platypus come back with seeds or eggs when I've already maxed out the coral/fish, so it was a wasted 3 hour wait. The event is designed to make you to buy the Nimble Platypus because otherwise it will take forever to get all of the event fish/coral. I refuse to buy it. I feel sad because this is one of the few games I actually play. This event has taken the fun out of the game for me. If future events are like this, I will delete this app. This game was amazing. The events were my favourite part, so this was very disappointing for me. Please fix this!

    By Faye 2000 Vet
    This is a good game, but the app won't load. Before it finishes loading, it kicks me off the app! It is annoying that I have an app that takes up my storage, but doesn't work 😔
  • Beautiful Game... But! 4/5

    By Dyaus Pitar
    I really think Abyssrium could use some sort of connectivity to other players. It would really blow me out of the water!
  • Great game but... 2/5

    By Ray121302
    It was one of my favorite games and had been for a very long time. I loved how frequently you released special events with new imaginative fish, but the new type of event is ridiculous with no carry over of event currency and no event currency multiplier. Purposely forcing players to either spend money on add ons like the platypus or watch ads you get paid for.
  • Great and Addicting Game! 5/5

    By cassconti
    I found this game yesterday and have not been able to stop playing it! The graphics are amazing and when I leave my phone alone its super fun to see how much vitality I’ve gained! Im not usually a gamer but this game definitely caught my attention!
  • 5 ⭐️ 5/5

    By WolfySlayz_MT
    I think it’s a fun and calming game! Since I do have stress issues myself I can easily calm down while playing this!!! It has great graphics and beautiful music, that’s what I like about it!
  • About the New Valentines event 5/5

    By John&Charles
    Last time I rated four stars for something stupid because at the time I had no idea there were hidden event fish. Now this update, is the kind of thing I have been waiting for! I have always wanted seasonal coral and fish that are unique (they don’t just swim around) I actually recommend to all the players to buy the nimble platypus. It is worth the money. Just because you have the option to buy something doesn’t mean you have to. It makes no sense to rant over a update and how the nimble platypus costs money. I would support the company no matter what. It is completely fine with me that the company wants to make money. I will support them. Anybody who is caring would agree with me. It’s a free game. That means they need to make money some how. You are not forced to pay, It is just recommended. I have bought the nimble platypus and it was worth every penny. If you were smart enough you would just grow to love the update. I actually like this better. No hidden fish that are crazy to try to get, Fish that don’t just swim around, Seasonal coral and more!
  • The Valentine’s Day 2018 Event is Bad 1/5

    By Hooper nooner hoop
    Even with song of the moon activated, the number of roses you collect do not multiply. I liked the old events more where you collect roses to unlock fish as opposed to having to send out a platypus that does not come back for 3 hours at a time, and it does not guarantee that you will get something new every time he comes back. I’m wasting all of the event points I saved from last event, and since song of the moon does not multiply the points, I will not have any left for the next event.
  • Horrible Event 2/20/2018 1/5

    By UnderworldFire
    The Valentines event is a blatant, shameless money grab and is EXTREMELY unfair. I am completely disappointed in Cheetah Mobile and Idle Idea Factory. This game used to be fun then you tried to force your customers to buy things. Your treatment of players is deplorable. Please make the game fun again.
  • Fishy 5/5

    By JulesMat
    I love this game so much
  • Good but glitchy 4/5

    By Monkey pants 16
    I really really like this game. It’s fun, entertaining, and takes hard work. The only thing is it’s a little glitchy. When I’m trying to unlock hidden fish sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m trying to unlock the moorish idol by taking a picture of the mystery chest 5 times but it hasn’t unlocked. (There is a whole guide about hidden fish) Then I tried sharing it 5 times but that didn’t work either. (It was focused on the chest too) I’d like the moorish idol to add to my collection but it’s not working. Plz fix it!
  • They Don’t Let You Reset and The Game Is Extremely Unorganized! 1/5

    By Game lover 228
    I re-downloaded this game because I wanted to restart. I had had it deleted for quite some time, and I wanted to get a fresh start, but no matter what I tried, it didn’t let me restart my progress, nor prestige. The option of restarting the game should be available, but it isn’t. No matter what you try, it just doesn’t work. My first thought was to mess a little with the Game Center in the settings, but there was nothing I could do in settings. Next, I looked in the in-app settings. Nothing. I even searched it up, and I eventually went to their support ticket, but when I went to select which product I needed support with, Tap Tap Fish didn’t show up. I am very worried about the app and the app’s creators and editor’s organization of the game’s support. The instructions specifically said to fill out the ticket and that this option is irreversible. But, like I said, the product didn’t even show up. I do not recommend this app, just because of this reason. During gameplay, there are LOTS of times when you may want to restart, but, you can’t.
  • I love this game but it crashes all the time 3/5

    By The Golden Hen
    This game is so fun, cute, and simple to play without being boring! However, I really wish it wouldn't crash so often. I can rarely watch an ad without it crashing, which seems like something the developers should want to fix because they are losing out on money. It also crashes when I open the goals menu and try to share a photo. I also wish I could convert all the different currency (vitality, pearls, and diamonds) to one another because I do not use the diamonds but I use the pearls often. I am a patient person, but when the app crashes about 7 times every time I play it, then I get really frustrated and want to delete it. I really like this game but there are some technical aspects that I really dislike.
  • Why does it keep crashing? 2/5

    By It's me245
    I would love this game if it didn't crash after you watch a video or when you take a photo of your fish.
  • Farewell F2P 1/5

    By Leschvon
    I am leaving this game. It's not me. It's this update.
  • ᏟᎾᎾᏞ 5/5

  • This latest release is a complete and game crippling money grab. 1/5

    By Mango_0
    I hope you devs know that everyone who plays this game can see right through all your bogus excuses. I suggest everyone find the Facebook group and voice your frustrations there as well. I used to play regular player. I’ve bought almost every event fish since I started playing. This last update has completely changed the way the game works. The only thing there is to look forward to is adding new even fish with every update. But the new mechanics have made it hopeless and boring. Again, please find the devs on Facebook and let them know they are spitting in our faces with these latest changes.
  • Crash 2/5

    By YoLoIsSAc210
    The app crashes to much please fix this quickly😕
  • I love it 5/5

    By Splash_99
    The game is so soothing, aesthetic, and cute. The music and colors are great.💕
  • Love it 5/5

    By LSmelley
    This game is AWSOME. I totally recommend it. It is fun, and easy!
  • New update takes the fun away 1/5

    By KAdamWhite
    I’ve enjoyed this game for over a year, but the latest update breaks or removes too many of the things that make it fun for me. Latest valentine’s event feels like a cash grab, and the cash-free progression options (multi-finger tapping, song of the moon) have been gutted. Unless the next event reverses some of these decisions, it’s time to try a new game and let this one go.
  • I can't even open the game 1/5

    By Justice Bringer
    I used to play this game while back and it kept crashing every time I actually got into the shop or watched an ad. So I deleted it because I was losing my patience(ironically since this game is calming to most). Today I wanted to re download it and guess what? It wouldn't even get me to any visuals. The logos would appear and then it shuts off. Repeatedly! I even deleted it and redownloaded it and it still didn't work. I hope the developers have time to fix more crashing bugs. This is/was a really great game...
  • What the crap has happened? 1/5

    By Carolyns87
    Ive been playing this game on and off for almost two years and this update is the worst. Too many hoops you have to jump on through and customer service is THE worst. I deleted the game and hopefully ill find something just as fun as it USED to be

    By Solitairehater
  • No longer enjoyable 1/5

    By Kittyshadowkr
    It’s sad when devs change and slowly you see the death of a formerly perfect app. This time, the changes affect the entire mood of the unique events that made this game so enjoyable for players to up their usual playtime in order to unlock all the game had to offer. I’d recommend visiting the reddit for this game to get the full scope - this game isn’t worth a long review & my fondness of what it used to be is soured the more I have to think of how poorly it’s been handled and “updated” over the past year.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Bri97K
    I got this game when it first came out. I love it so much. I just love all the new updates you guys are putting out! I am so glad! You guys should come out with another update where you find another lonely corallite and you merge them and help the lonely one with more fishes! And create a city for the fishes so they have something to do! And also we should be able to name the fishes. Also, we should be able to mark a fish our favorite. 😊 please add those!! It would be amazing

    By meh dogs
    Every single spacial day it is spanserd by tap tap fish I thought if I rate it I get a spacial fish but no :/ but I’m proud I’m not hacked any more becouse the last time I played it I got hacked so it let 1 of my fish not go in the water so if I put in a fish a Radom other fish gets taken out and I was like what da? So I reset iPod still I was hacked I tryed every thing not to get hacked until I knew it was a hacker so I did not play it for 3 months so I’m sure the hacker gave up but how did he know it was ima put tags becouse I don’t wanna get hacked ###### HOW!!!!! I thought hackers onley buy stuff you did not buy that was strange so when the app was loading I was watching stranger things chapter 3 after that I watched the death cure from the maze runner and the scorch it was cinda good so it was done loading so yay I stared playing
  • Alsome fun game 5/5

    By biggest fan of kris allen
    I love the graphics and it is just calm and not loud and it's not anoying
  • Noice 5/5

    By Gloopin boopin
  • Wonderful, yet a pain in my bucket 3/5

    By EllaPatience
    This game has so far wasted my money, and been slowly getting worse. Yet, I can not stop playing it. Though, with many other people reviewing on here, the Valentines Event is one big topic. I do like how it changed up a bit, and was much different from the past events, yet, it stinks. You can no longer use song of the moon to double the event currency, which defeats the whole purpose of fun and calming. It causes you to have to watch ads to get currency, unless you’d rather prefer tapping for a year. I hope future events do not end up like this. I have also purchased many things, and not received anything, which is wasting my time and money. This may just be my opinion, but the in app purchases are way overpriced. Though the rest of the game is fun, calming, and beautiful with amazing graphics, a great setup, beautiful music, and is just over all fun, it can be VERY frustrating.
  • 🐠🐟🐬🐳🦐🦑🐙🐡🐋 5/5

    By QueenSaphire76
    This is so much fun! It’s super relaxing. I love the calming piano music, and how the fish just swim around my phone. VR mode is great as well, fun and relaxing to watch. #ZEN The graphics are great, and it’s nice to look at, but I have one complaint: cost. I feel like to level up your rock, or to unlock new fish, it costs a lot and takes a while to reach it. Other than that, this game is so much fun, and I love to play it! You must get this!
  • VERY GOOD 5/5

    By Family Frendly
    I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOO MUCH But I Reached 35 Days Playing And After Did Not Get A Daily Gift Thing Please Help! 🐋Tap Tap Fish
  • It's a great game but it stole $20 from me 1/5

    By Xhinde
    I love this game, i think it's fun and cute... My only issue is that it stole $20 from me... I bought a ghost whale a few days ago and didn't recieve it. I tried "reporting a bug" but i still haven't gotten an answer. All i want is my $20 back or my ghost whale.
  • What a disappointment 1/5

    By Songjoy1234
    Beautiful fish. Good graphics. And good events up until this recent frustrated, boycotted, money grab valentines event. The game is beautifully charming by it’s simplicity without the events and the events were a time of getting limited time fish that looked great. The valentine event has gorgeous fish, but it has a bad system for getting them. You get them out of Gacha like machine based on pure luck and which is illegal in several counties. I want you as the developers to think is it good to have an event that gets us more money, but will piss so many people off? Or is it better to have an interesting event with a better way to get them. You as the developer would get as much money as the other one ( or in our current situation more ) but it will keep the old players still engaged. I know you want to switch it up a bit but this is the wrong direction.
  • Cheetahmobile, why? 3/5

    By VillagerX3
    I loved this game. It was all I could ever ask. With all the fish and corals, I was beyond over satisfied. The gameplay was fair and beautiful... Until the Valentines Event arrived. Cheetahmobile thinks they can trick us. They think that they can make it impossible to gain roses (the event currency) so they can make us watch their ads to make money and make us buy a stupid $10 ‘premium’ platypus to make the wait time 2 hours shorter. Events used to be a bit tough but fair. But now they disabled the Song of The Moon/Spirit of Life abilities on event currency so you can’t gain any roses besides watching their paid ads. They also made it so the previous event currency you ended off with wouldn’t come back. There are no thrills of the event, and you basically do this: Watch 5 ads, wait 3 hours, get a random thing from a platypus. Repeat. You don’t get to choose what you want (unlike previous events). It’s random. I hate it. With new updates come new bugs. These bugs will delete your roses. NO JOKE. It happened to me twice using the VR and logging in at midnight (for the MahiMahi). All my hours of watching paid ads were worthless. 😑 I’m sorry that I’m this angry but you made an amazing game into a terrible game. But other than this selfish event, the game is awesome. 👍 Thank you.
  • Valentines update 1/5

    By Ms_greeneyes
  • You Lost A Loyal Gamer...... 1/5

    By Uniquenameo
    I have been playing this game for two years until this Valentine update. It's just not fun anymore. Only money, time, and frustration. I've paid to play before, but now, nothing seems worth it.
  • Wow 5/5

    By xXViksgirlXx
    This game has touched me in how smooth it is I recommend it for any age
  • Good not great 1/5

    By disappointedTAPTAPPER
    The game is cute colorful and a waste of time, it wants you to play daily for at least an hour. The money you make is dumb slow and it would take you no joke about a year to buy a whale even with playing everyday. Some think it’s peaceful I think its to simple to play daily like honestly who wants TO WATCH 10 ADS a day for what? Nothing at all
  • Super fun 3/5

    By Mnemosyne99
    Wonderful game. Lost stars for the in-app purchases though.
  • Heck 4/5

    By OfficiallyBrianaa
    So my baby polar bears give 2 candy / roses whatever for the event, but it’s giving me 1 now. Why? It’s going to be a waste of my money if this doesn’t get fixed.
  • Feb ‘18 Update ruined game 1/5

    By DaMinkus
    The most recent update for the Valentine’s Day event removed a solid chunk of the gameplay and made it significantly less fun. This was from my favorite game for over a year and I will now be uninstalling.
  • This game is wonderful 3/5

    By ?????:-)
    The game itself is wonderful, however I have found a game breaking glitch. The coral in my game isn’t giving me any vitality. Right next to the coral it says 0 vit/sec. Its impossible for me to get any fish anymore.
  • Can't Start Over if I Want? 3/5

    By Pangendeer ✨
    I played the game for months and months then uninstalled it, but i redownloaded it because i wanted to start all over but then I found out that there is no way to start over. no matter what, the game will load whatever your previous progress was. maybe you could make a thing where you can start over to get another type of currency or something, other clicker/idle games do that.
  • Lost My Roses 1/5

    By MrAnthrope
    During special events, the game has in-game items to collect and spent on event fish. Over the last year of playing, I have collected a surplus of almost 1.5B (I.e., 1.5 million) items. For Valentine’s, the items are roses. So my rose count started out at almost 1.5 million. Imagine my shock, when the count suddenly went from 1.5 million to 5. Not 5 million; not 5 thousand; Just 5. I submitted a bug report, but have not heard back. If I don’t get these items back, I guess I am done with this game. No more ad revenue from me!
  • Overheating and Battery Draining 3/5

    By Miss blah
    I’ve had this game for a while, and liked it, but there are still a lot of issues. I left my phone with the app on for only about 10 minutes, and my phone almost overheated. Also, my battery (was 90%) is now 73%. If this could be improved, that would be great! P.s. I really dislike this event, and there are probably enough complaints about it, so I won’t go into any detail.

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium app comments


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