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  • Current Version: 3.5.6
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Tapas - Comics & Stories App

Put tens of thousands of comics and web novels in your pocket! Got a minute to kill at the bus stop, the bathroom (don’t worry – we won’t tell), or on your lunch break? Sounds like you need a story snack! Enjoy a quick laugh or get lost in a captivating story created by one of the thousands of creators on Tapas. ▸ Read up-and-coming authors and bestsellers like Andy Weir ▸ Sample stories completely FREE! The ultimate “try before you buy” ▸ Earn free coins to unlock episodes ▸ Join the community and support creators when you like, comment, and share ▸ Explore comedy, fantasy, romance, and more, or dive into one of our ever-growing collections – there’s something for everyone! Wondering where to start? Check out Tapas' #1 title, THEY SAY I WAS BORN A KING'S DAUGHTER, a tale of murder, reincarnation, and royalty, chock full of humor. Available in both webtoon and web novel formats. Download Tapas and get started today – it’s FREE! GET IN TOUCH Mail us: feedback@tapas.io Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapasapp Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app MORE INFO Creators work hard to make awesome stories for you to enjoy, and Tapas lets you support their passion. Tapas is made with love in San Francisco and Seoul by an awesome team. Please note that Tapas is only available in English at this time.


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Tapas - Comics & Stories app reviews

  • Almost Like We're Back to the Beginning. 4/5

    By YameMishina
    I love this app! I love being able to read some of my favorite webcomics. However I don't like this new thing (last few days) where I am getting notifications every 15 or so minutes that some comics I'm following have updated.
  • So amazing *^* 5/5

    By Gghfgds
    I love this app so sooo much! The Arthurs/artists are so cool *^*
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Kitkatcally
    This app is really great! I have a lot of fun reading all the comics and stuff! Their are some really talented people on here! The only problem is that it takes a while to build up coins, but that can be overlooked as you can still get the coins for free. My personal favourites are Satan and Me and Demons can’t be pretty! If you want you can use my code to get 200 coins ^^ It’s JELL410B
  • Oh, bugger 4/5

    By HopefulYetPatient
    I just got this app in the first week of Jan, and I think its great, but its crashing on me, and there isn’t an update available yet ter fix ‘er.
  • High quality. 5/5

    By CassMartz
    Quality content from quality people who create a quality environment for their fans to share together. I’ve never felt compelled to engage in conversation on any other platform aside from this one. 10/10
  • Title 1/5

    By thy_avatar
  • Download 1/5

    By angyuse
    This app was awesome at first. Nothing was wrong. Now, I can’t download or even do anything without it freezing up. I can’t download and even if I did, there’s nothing there. All of the downloaded episodes are blanks. Every time I open up a story, the app immediately freezes. It just repeats over and over. This is really frustrating.
  • mixed feelings 3/5

    By Sikkiz.edits
    I love this app and all the comics but it's hard to read more of my favorite comics when I'm broke and it takes a while to get coins by watching ads I hope the coin system goes away because it takes a lot to read your comics when you have to watch ads longer than reading the comic D: I always love to read the comics when I have coins but I'm getting sick of watching ads and I hope you guys just add in some ads here and there instead of doing coins please take this note in consideration :)
  • This app is Awesome 5/5

    By NiqueKane
    It’s a nice app, but I’d like to have a separation for the BLs and GLs from the Romances. It’d be nice, so I don’t have to scroll through all of the romances.
  • !!! 5/5

    By Jdndndjdkss jdnsbshdbd s
    Very good comics!
  • For-profit app 1/5

    By Maplerevenge
    Ridiculous. Each CHAPTER requires 70-200 coins. You can earn usually 10, TEN coins by watching a single advertisement. Entire stories cost typically a few thousand coins. Good luck with those advertisements. It’s pretty easy to tell Tapas is making a huge profit here. Most of the stories aren’t well written enough, and NO story is worth the thousands of coins the completed stories are worth. Is this Harry Potter? Game of Thrones? No, most of the authors are underaged, and it shows. It’s also insulting that most authors only give 5-7 paragraphs per “chapter”. If you want to read better quality free online stories, please look at Wattpad or Radish. Radish has a coin system too but at least it has some free stories, while everything on Wattpad is free (though most are the same quality). It says a lot that several Wattpad free stories are copied into Tapas but cost coins. Search up light novels if you want translated free trashy stories. If you’re looking for higher quality, I recommend searching up web serials online. The ones written by wildbow are really good. Do not fall for Tapas.
  • Great 5/5

    By Taehameep
    A variety of selections I can always spend time on
  • Just be Honest 1/5

    By Webcomic_Addict
    I've given this apps transition a year-long chance and I'm over it. The app is free, but the webcomics the app advertises heaviest are becoming increasingly more costly, and more difficult for the impoverished to access with time. Be honest, you guys want everyone to make money off of this including yourselves so just STOP spamming poor comic enthusiasts with your "deals" when you've completely stopped giving free coin boosts. Just charge for the apps usage already. In the mean time, the rest of us will be over on Line Webtoons app enjoying their lack of spam and their surplus of webcomic artists who set up their own patreons and their own advertising.
  • I’m loving it 5/5

    By Mreservicman
    It’s pretty great ;)
  • I love Tapas, but... 4/5

    By Maya Henry
    i really love tapas but the latest update has really been messing with my reading experience. every time i scroll down, the app glitches and it won’t load. i don’t know if it’s the update or my phone, but i can’t read the comics. i hope this gets fixed because i want to read my comics...thank you.
  • Loading 4/5

    By foxgurl101
    Love the app but with longer comics the app has started to not load the whole thing and I’ve had to back out and reselect the chapter after scrolling a bit.
  • it doesn’t let me read the comics!!! 1/5

    By ashjta
    i cant scroll down and its annoying.
  • one small problem 3/5

    By fourc's
    i love the comics and formatting of the app..but it keeps crashing every 20 mins
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By TheMysticalWorlock
    I love it! Perfect for reading on the go and has so many options for both comics and novels.
  • I can’t change my password... 4/5

    By Awkward taco kat
    Okay, I’m pretty ticked right now... I’m needing to tell my reader that I’m going on a hiatus, and I can’t... for some reason I am not able to sign into my account on my computer. I’ve tried to reset my password, but it just takes me to the app to put in my current password... I can’t put my current password in if I don’t know it! I know I have my email right when I try to sign in, but it’s saying my password is invalid...

    By thenotsomomfriend
    Okay hi! I would like to start out with Tapas is AWESOME! I Love the way it is and the comics and novels! And that the creators of the comics always somehow find ways to get their stories printed out. It super cool. It's just... the coin system. I know I know, I shouldn't be hating on it. It's coins and I should just deal with it myself, but... Ugh! It's killing me! The fact that the coins are hard to come by even when you watch ads or successfully invite someone to make an account, in the end, the price to read a chapter or even the entire story gets way too high. But seriously I have no right to judge.
  • Great app one problem 4/5

    By trbljoy
    Tapas is a great app to find all kinds of wonderful content and I’m a frequent user of the app, however ever since I updated the app it glitches when I try to scroll ㅜ.ㅜ . Please fix this issue, because other than this it is a really great app.
  • Unable to scroll 4/5

    By Julybebegirl
    I absolutely love this app and all the different comics that they provide. However, just recently I haven’t been able to scroll through the comic chapter and it glitches out.
  • Love it but 5/5

    By Ex-Minecraft Lover
    There’s lots of glitches. Especially when I’m reading where if I’m scrolling it lags unless I scroll really fast which is just impossible to read then. Also, there’s end parts of chapters missing and it’s annoying missing out on info. It’s great and there’s lots of stories!
  • Hmm 5/5

    By csalinas
    I love this app but the new update is horrible. My comics won’t open. And I bought a comic it took my coins but didn’t unlock the episode.
  • Great for reading, great for uploading 5/5

    By Thatotherguythatisoriginal
    Has a lot of great webcomics and a nice community that can give you tips on your own webcomics.
  • Please fix this one thing😞 4/5

    By Coin freak
    I recently retrieved 800 coins and then one day later they just disappeared, can I please get my 800 coins back it will really make my day.
  • Very good but locked 4/5

    By Fhydcbkkjkkbxxd
    This app is a very good app. But one problem. You have to unlock the stories with coins. So if you want to get free coins, then you have to either watch a video or invite your friends. I hope that they will have more events so that we can get more free coins. But otherwise, this app is very good.
  • LOVE this app!! 5/5

    By Stacybh
    I just discovered this app a few days ago, and I’m LOVING it!! Not only are there a bunch of incredible stories on here, they are very largely stories with excellent representation of queer, disabled, POC, and otherwise marginalized folks, both as writers and as characters. As a queer, disabled, middle-eastern, Jewish comics lover, this makes me extremely happy!! I also really like the coin system, because it allows me to unlock chapters solely by watching ads instead of by paying for them, while also giving me the option of avoiding ads altogether if that is my preference. The ability to tip creators is also really cool!! Thanks for making such a great app!!
  • Great content, but latest release broke free coins 4/5

    By Reviewer23000
    I wasn't having any issues until I took the latest update. Now Tapas crashes every time I click on the free coins link. I keep watching for a new update to fix that and hope one is coming - and not that I'm just out of luck b/c I can't upgrade to IOS 11.
  • REALLY GREAT but has a problem rn 5/5

    By FrostyEmpressGreenIceWolf
    This app is an extremely good one. I love it's content, the way helps creators, and it's logical system of coins and keys. Speaking of which, I especially like how you can earn free coins by simply watching adds. I usually watch adds on my phone (an iOS 10.3 running iPhone 5) but now I cannot. Every time I attempt to open the free coins tab the app crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Tapas app and it still doesn't work. I am writing this review because when I tried the give feedback option it told me to set up an email which I have already done. It was unable to send an email to the developers. However, this is a true five star app that I love and use daily. Without this small irritation it is pretty much perfection.
  • Crashing? 5/5

    By Spank4all
    The app is a great place to read comics, but I seem to have a problem with the most recent version of this app on my iPad- it always crashes when I go to the 'Free Coins' page. It'll work just fine if I go to the store where you can purchase coins with real money, it seems to be that purely the 'Free Coins' page doesn't work. Hope that gets fixed, but great other than that!
  • I love Tapas! New update has issues 3/5

    By riverrapids532
    I use this app a ton and I love that I can watch ads for coins (even when I have to watch a lot) but the new update is crashing my app every time I go to watch them. I even tried to delete and reinstall the app; didn't work. Hopefully this gets resolved soon because I have a few premium comics I follow that I can't see the updates of without buying them ☹️
  • Recent Update: Free Coin App Crash 1/5

    By Tetra444
    When trying to go to free coin section app immediately crashes and goes to home (iOS)
  • Arts great but actual app needs only a few things adjusted 4/5

    By makosaphoto
    I really like it. The only problem is when your trying to get coins via comer takes it some times freezes up and some of the adds don’t work on apple iPhones. But it’s usually okay.
  • One of the Best 5/5

    By Kaleponi
    Immediately surprised and pleased with this app, both with content and performance. It's easy to use/navigate and it is chock full of GREAT stories with FANTASTIC artwork. It's a go-to app that lives on my home screen now, right next to Instagram. Yassss!
  • It’s ok but not good 2/5

    By Nope neon
    It’s a good app but the coin system is very crappy . It’s really hard to get coins . I’m a student so I don’t have time to watch adds to get 10 coins and I’m unemployed so I don’t have the money either...
  • Fun app needs more free coins 5/5

    By Coolbeanjeans
    Please give me the coins
  • Awesome app, amazing content 5/5

    By AngryBlobfish
    This app has lots of great comics and novels.
  • Good but- 3/5

    By XxEeveeLeexX
    I actually very much enjoy this app and the website in general. Its very nice and easy to follow all of my favorite artists but my issue is, Why do I bother to save coins for comics when my coins end up disappearing and I end up with nothing saved? The coin system for comics is very frustrating because it seems like all of my coins disappear. I save up coins to tip artists and unlock comics yet I can’t do that when I have none for some mysterious reason. Please fix this issue because its frustrating. If it doesn’t happen i’ll most likely end up removing the comics that require coins to unlock or moving to a different website/app to follow my favorite artists. The first few times it happened I didn’t care much, i just watched ads to get them back. Now its bothering me too much to ignore anymore. I can only watch so many ads.
  • Can’t reset my password 1/5

    By Cat is mad now
    While I was making a account it glitched and put a password for me i logged out and tried to reset my password and they set me a reset password email and I pressed on the link or button and it just says”We couldn’t find what you were looking for”I don’t get it how am I supposed to get in my account now without knowing my password
  • I am so FRUSTRATED ios 11.1 issues 2/5

    So recently Ive just updated to ios 11.1 on my 5s and I am greatly angered! Demons cant be pretty just updated and I wanted to earn coins to watch the next episode. But whenever I click the ad and opens and I press play its doesnt respond! I can go to the link for the app but it wont play the ad. PLEASE FIX THIS
  • My coin's!! 4/5

    By nicholas.dell
    I was happy to get some coins for being a new member but they disappeared before i could use them and without notice i was kinda sad... The app is still really cute and easy to use however i feel the download's can be a little smoother to load ...
  • Free Coins 4/5

    By Viewer is Angry
    Please use my invite code MARI641C when you create an account. This will get you 200 free coins! The reason my review is 4 stars is because it’s too difficult to get enough coins to unlock an episode without paying real life money. Other than that this app has a lot of great comics and novels to read!
  • Entertaining and free entertainment! 5/5

    By thebiggestdickstick
    I love this app so much!! You see so many different art styles and plenty of genres to choose from. The library feature is great as well as the mail system. Give it a try, honestly lots of talented people on there.
  • I can view more ads again after the update 4/5

    By blackjwl
    The + button started working again and I'm able to watch 11-12 ads a day which is okay I guess. Better than the 2-3 ads per day I had to go through.
  • Best thing thats happened to me. 5/5

    By outfigurable
    i discovered Tapas over the website and multiple specific comics, as i noticed they were all on the same platform. Comic reading is my passion, and Tapas makes it easier to do that. unlike many people, i really like the coins system, as i have read whole stories by just watching ads. but its sad how it keeps getting less and less. first it was around 26 coins, then it was 21 (and sometimes 100? that was a glitch that made me happy haha) and then it decreased to 12 and now its 10. now, i get that you need more money, and i support that, but seriously? do i have to watch 36 ads for a chapter? but now, Tapas is a part of my LIFE. i go on it daily, and if not, the next time for even longer. As a somewhat fellow artist its become my DREAM to work with all those amazing artists on Tapas. sadly, though, theres currently a bug for me where i cant do anything other than going to my library, because it crashes. if i click on the Mail, it crashes. if i click on a story in my library, it crashes. i hope you can fix this soon, as its making me sad not to be able to read my daily dose of comics. thank you very much for reading , and have a great day/evening/afternoon.
  • Good 3/5

    By OtakuOvGaming
    Would recommend, the app is great for finding nice comics and novels. However some of the more, intricate of each are under ‘Premium’. Premium requires you to spend coins; the way to get coins for free is to watch adds- however due to the update, the coins given after watching an add has lowered. The only way to experience a full premium comic is to watch 10 hours of adds. (Literally) Also whenever I attempt to click on a comic in my library- the app closes. This rarely happened before but it seems more bugs have been implemented in the latest update.
  • It works great if you don't wanna read their stuff 2/5

    By JessaVon
    Unfortunately I do wanna read their stuff so that's bad. Every time I try to open anything, the app crashes.
  • Great Comics but... 3/5

    By eccentricconnoisseur
    This app has hundreds, possibly thousands of new and interesting comics and novels to read. However, the app makes it so that you have to either purchase coins or watch videos in order to read. If the video watching feature was more consistent and awarded slightly more coins, I would be giving this app 5/5. It's just unfortunate that can take ten minutes just to read one episode. Hopefully they will do some things in the future to make it slightly easier to earn coins.

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