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Target App

It’s the best of our stores and Target online at your fingertips. The Target app is packed with smart, easy tools to help you plan, find and save while you shop. Search our entire online and in-store product selection. Easily find prices, ratings and reviews and other product details, too. Swipe through the Weekly Ad, browse Cartwheel offers, and find deals. The Target app makes it easy to place an order securely every time. Have purchases delivered to your home, or pick up your order at your nearest store. Use Apple Pay for online purchases (requires iPhone 6/6+ or newer). Prepare for your next Target visit with our shopping list. Quickly add items with smart suggestions or our convenient barcode scanner. You will see Cartwheel deals for items on your shopping list. Maps are available for each Target store, so you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter which store you visit. Apple Watch App Make your next trip more efficient and a little more fun. The Target app makes it easy to manage and build a shopping list on your Apple Watch. When you’re in the store, it helps you find all the items you need. * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Target app reviews

  • Needs improvement 4/5

    By Kcmercs
    I really like the app - convenient, clean. I love that it tells me exactly which isle items are. But I really need a button that saves items for later if I choose not to buy them for the moment.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Design Mama
    The only reason I keep downloading their app is b/c the Target mobile site freezes constantly. It never works! But then I delete the app b/c I don't need a Target app constantly. It's a frustrating thing... Come On target, get the mobile site working!
  • Incorrect shipping 1/5

    By Escober1
    Upon checking out, you are able to specifically chose your delivery DAY. I ordered on a Sunday, and paid $15 for my item to be shipped by Monday (the next day). It SPECIFICALLY said, "get it Monday." This is not the case, per customer service at The app offers delivery days but is incorrect.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By JDizzlllllleeeee
    Why am I using this app?? I'm searching through items that aren't available online or in the store - so they are not available anywhere. When I attempt refine my search, it doesn't work. What a waste of time!
  • Won't even open 1/5

    By Esok
    Updated app won't even open. Never had an issue and use this app all the time to search and order... losing my business by not fixing Target!!
  • ApplePay in store locations? 1/5

    By Ztext
    Target needs to fully support ApplePay at all store locations. Target Red card also needs to support ApplePay.
  • Where are the reviews?!?! 3/5

    By Happygirl264
    I like the update but why the heck do you not allow the reviews to be read??? I see the star value but I can't click to read any written review. SUPER annoying. Especially because I review everything I ever purchase. This is a major bummer for me yall. **Update you fixed this problem at one point but once again the reviews are GONE!!!!! Please fix!!!
  • Lists 4/5

    By Jbailey9514
    This app is perfect except for the fact that you can only have one list. I would like to make multiple lists for different things like decor or baby stuff.
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By HeyhauteLisa1a
    Won't load Target Gift Cards when checking out - you have to go to website and check out that way in order to pay using them. Either that, or manually load them, which completely defeats the purpose of SMS and Email delivery methods. Furthermore, the app won't let me buy anything that isn't in stock currently at my local Target Store! Huh?!
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By Patrod_brzl
    I have been using this app for a long time but now it won't do anything but open. If I want to look anything up I have to use a web browser 😡
  • Reviews! 2/5

    By nnyletak
    You can't read any of the product reviews in the app! That's absurd!
  • App want load 1/5

    By Ladykia
    Target u need to fix your app it's not loading for some reason. Never had this problem before. Deleting the app till u fix this.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By kr08e
    So, so glitchy. Can't view ratings, screen freezing every two seconds and generally lagging as a whole. fix or bring back previous version.

    By Evilurgency
    Do not install this app unless you want Target to get all of your data off of your phone. Don't believe me? Google "Target Privacy Policy" and they will tell you themselves. I was unfortunate to find this out after I placed an order using the app using my standard Target login with the app which uses a throw away Yahoo email address. I've placed numerous orders at with that account and always the confirmation email goes to that address. I use the app one time and was wondering why I hadn't received a confirmation email. Turns out I had but to my highly personally hosted email I never give out to businesses but was the default account on my phone... Then I read the policy online. Do not install this app!!!!!!
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Mmer83
    App won't load properly or at all
  • Horrible 1/5

    By JP1957
    Won't load, can't get rid of the notification. Never had LD an app update do this
  • Bug app 3/5

    By Logi bob
    App with bugs all the time.
  • Gift Cards with Wallet 3/5

    By PhillyPride08
    Need to add a feature to allow you to your gift card to your Apple Wallet. You can do that with coupons and Cartwheel; why not gift cards. Kind of silly.
  • Never loads anything. 1/5

    By MO_sisu
    This app rarely works. Pointless.
  • Would like to share items 3/5

    By Brian from MN
    I would like the ability to share items within a product page. If this functionality is there and I'm not seeing it, make it obvious. For me personally, you're losing sales to competitors by not having this. Simple process would work - Tap Share, tap copy url and then paste into my text field. If I want to share today I go to a competitors app to do so and I'm gone from Target. Thank you!
  • Love Target, too many changes. Not consistent 3/5

    By ANGRsMomHolly
    Annoyed that mobile coupons are now only in the cartwheel app. It seems like Target can't make up their mind on where they want to go with this app. Ever changing features.
  • Registry unusable! 1/5

    By 133188
    U can't actually log in to a registry to update it. Ridiculous... "unexpected error". Update your app so it will actually let you log in.
  • "Pick Up In Store" option never works 1/5

    By Chicagosbabypenguin
    It's very annoying to have an option on the app that would be AMAZING if it worked but never does. No matter what store location I choose, regardless the state, it always says "not enough stock." They should really remove this feature if the stores cannot carry enough stock to satisfy the app shoppers. And it's not just 1 or 2 items. I shop at target regularly, more than a few times a week, and I am constantly on the app, no matter what item I try to pick up in store for as long as the feature has been available it has never worked and it's very frustrating. Either add stock, or remove the feature. No use having a pointless, disappointing button there that you can't use. This coming from someone who loves Target - so I know they can do better.
  • Oops, something went wrong 2/5

    By SeekerCons
    Constantly gives error messages when in store...any Target store. Doesn't show item location unless I'm home. Useful app...if it worked in Target.
  • Categories are a mess 2/5

    By Tracy's Account
    If I click on accessories, I expect that to show up... not here on the Target app. Clicking is like spin the wheel, you'll get anything but what you need. I am not able to browse by category and I'm going around in circles. Hope this is being worked on. The app is confused.
  • Don't use for in-store pickup! 1/5

    By Private Parts Please
    The in-store pickup process is a nightmare. The cashiers aren't trained in how to use it and they don't even know how to log into the system. You're better off just buying the item from the shelf - as they don't pre-pick it for you at all!
  • Target 1/5

    By babbyaries23
    The app keeps taking me places that I am not asking to see perhaps if I'm in the baby area it shows me make up or keeps making me tap on the same things over and over again
  • Was a great app 3/5

    By 🌙🤘🏻🙃
    This app was great, but now there is a glitch so if I click on clothes it shows me Christmas trees 😂
  • Love Target but... 2/5

    By boomgoesthebeat67
    When I go to the categories and click on one such as 'accessories' it brings me to another sub category of things that have nothing to do with anything like appliances. Not very helpful when I am trying to find something I don't know the name of.
  • Confused categories 3/5

    By 😕 annoyed
    Categories are getting mixed up when I try to browse. Clothing and accessories are not working properly, showing things like furniture and baby products, while the others seem to go to their respective pages. Search function still works so far, though. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Didn't help.
  • Freeze my iPhone 1/5

    By Squirrrrrrr
    Bad version.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By I ❤️ Radio
    Like the app but still needs work...everytime I try to bring up the weekly ad and try to swipe it to the next it won't go to the next page & it freezes on that page...can't even page down on that page to see the individual products...frustrating!
  • Ad view keeps exiting... 2/5

    By JimReviews
    When you view the weekly ad, it randomly exits back to the list of ads. Very frustrating.
  • Shameful webapp 1/5

    By jdsny24
    I downloaded this app bc the webapp is absolutely unusable, perhaps purposefully.
  • It shows nothing 1/5

    By KaitlinKirk
    The app is blank when I click on anything. I even turned the location on seeing a previous review and when I try to shop on the website it shows "no results found". I just want to buy some decent maternity pants. Being stationed over seas and a big Target lover... This is very frustrating.
  • Cant scroll pages 1/5

    By Xhskfkakdka
    It refreshes every time you scroll and so you cant find anything or it refreshes, so dumb
  • Can't select my store location! 2/5

    By MegHell
    I'm disappointed..I can't choose my store by using my location or Zip code, etc!! I keep getting an error message...ugh!
  • I've had better service from! 1/5

    By michellie wellie ellie oh!
    The one and only time I decided to shop at was for a Christmas present for my 3 year old daughter. I ordered them November 26th AND IT NEVER ARRIVED. I literally had to contact you guys to be told I can get a refund or a replacement. When I asked for a replacement, I was told IT WAS OUT OF STOCK!!! And not just that, I was told that I had to contact UPS... wait, isn't that your guys' job?!!!?! To shop stress free??? NOPE. I was told my order is stuck in Washington. I LIVE IN ALASKA. I literally went to Walmart just days before Christmas just to get the pony she wanted. When I FINALLY received my order, the packing for the toys were all banged up from being thrown around for about a month. Not even worth wrapping up for under the tree. and get this: THE WRONG HORSE WAS SENT. 😱💀💀👎🏼 I will NEVER!!! be shopping here ever again nor recommending ordering from
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jcsluss
    Such a terrible app, when I filter to see if I can get it local or order online it still pulls up the same products. So what's the point of using filters if it shows out of stock?
  • Cheats 1/5

    By stmck
    On several occasions we have noticed that prices in the app do not match prices in the store. Eucerin lotion for example was $10 in store and $6 in app (we scanned the barcode in the store using the app to find the price in the app). Legos were 20% off prior to Xmas, we found a set for 39.99 less 20% in app, the store shelf also listed it at 39.99 less 20%, the registers rang it up at 44.99 less 20%. The fact that the Cartwheel is a separate app is also annoying. Walmart has it's savings catcher in the app. I also don't like periodically being logged off in the app.
  • Pressured into the app 1/5

    By Heyya077
    Forced to dl the app because the freaking website was holding information hostage on my phone. I would click links and it would direct me to dl the app. If I wanted it, I'd have it already.
  • could be the greatest app mankind has ever seen 5/5

    By Burgundine
    Wish Cartwheels and Target was one app. If you're reading this Santa, make my wish come true. oh and I also want Redcard in Apple Pay and Apple Pay in stores, plus I want to scan my groceries and pay without any wait in line. wow, you can do all that for me. thanks Santa
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By littlelemon1012
    I love browsing through this app for deals and things to add to my wishlist. I love the design and efficiency. I've had no bugs or issues.
  • Useless app, no way to really delete and close account. 1/5

    By Look n click
    It shows in App Store as "Update" after I had deleted, so, I suspect it was hidden and not deleted. Also, try to close your account with Not worth the effort and pretty intrusive.
  • I ❤️target 5/5

    By Sparkling ✨Allison
    Me and my aunt love to shop here it is awsome
  • This App Needs Help 2/5

    By Expensive to play
    This app was working fine till a couple of weeks ago when my gift card wouldn't load on my app unless I connected to the store's wifi. Also, now when I try to load my gift cards by using the camera through the app it doesn't work, so I have to manually enter the gift cards. Hope it's fixed soon!!!!
  • Can't work without location enabled. 1/5

    By Hansen-Quao
    Just like their website, you can't view anything if you have location disabled. It either displays a blank page or says "unexpected error" if you do a search. I just want to browse and or shop. Disclosing my location should be optional (and enhancing/contextual experience, but only if I so choose it to be) and not a requirement as a user. Not every user is comfortable giving away their location. Not impressed for an app from a brand as big and seemingly respectable as Target.
  • Gender neutral 1/5

    By digitalfive
    Super, super annoying that you can't search by gender. It actually makes for an irritating shopping experience when I have to look through all the little girls shoes for my boy. Totally missing the target with their "sort by relevance" option. Why can't I look for just boy stuff????
  • Pittyful sales processes and procedures - terrible experienxe 2/5

    By PixelRogue
    12/24/16 Online experienced demos much worse than in the store. Placed an order three days back. Eventually had to call the order in (three days ago.) Was lucky enough to get a great woman from a Texas to help. We placed the order and technical glitches complicated things a little. She resolved the issue, called back the next day to confirm. Turns out the order was still having trouble? So she said she would keep an eye on it and get back to me today. Turns out the order was cancelled?!! No call back from her. I am here now 50 minutes into yet another call to resolve a small $149.00 order. Spent about 3 hours already...getting bounced from one department to the next. They are saying they have no ability to read notes on the account? No way of communicating back with the woman who was so helpful? So painful and no end in sight.
  • I need download app target version 8.5.1 5/5

    By Dellalienware88
    I need download app target version 8.5.1 but not have more app and just have app target version 8.11.0. You can help me to download app target version 8.5.1 thanks you more for app

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