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Target App

It’s the best of our stores and Target online at your fingertips. The Target app is packed with smart, easy tools to help you plan, find and save while you shop. Search our entire online and in-store product selection. Easily find prices, ratings and reviews and other product details, too. Swipe through the Weekly Ad, browse Cartwheel offers, and find deals. The Target app makes it easy to place an order securely every time. Have purchases delivered to your home, or pick up your order at your nearest store. Use Apple Pay for online purchases (requires iPhone 6/6+ or newer). Prepare for your next Target visit with our shopping list. Quickly add items with smart suggestions or our convenient barcode scanner. You will see Cartwheel deals for items on your shopping list. Maps are available for each Target store, so you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter which store you visit. * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Target app reviews

  • Finally a good app from Target! 5/5

    By robobrum
    Great app, everything I wanted was available for shipping, and it accepts Apple Pay. Perfect!
  • still more things for target to fix 1/5

    By iPhone User27
    I can't put items from my cart to "save for later". I don't get notified when an item I had in my cart went out of stock. I can't send a link of the product to someone through the app. Also, if anyone has location services turned on and you scan an item through the app to check if it's cheaper on so you can price match, the app will give you the price the item costs in the store so essentially, you won't know if it's cheaper online unless you check through safari. I bought a $13 book and scanned it through the app. the app showed the book was $13 but when I got home and tried scanning the book again, I saw the book was actually $7 online so now I have to go back and get a price adjustment. it's ridiculous
  • Can't share items 2/5

    By HiddenPaw
    I don't like that I can't share an item from the app. I also don't like that I can't write product reviews from the app.
  • No school supplies this year 1/5

    By oOoLeilanioOo
    Every single time I go to my cart after adding a multitude of school supplies to my cart it crashes, I am beyond frustrated. Nearly $100 in school supplies for one child alone will be going to a different store if this isn't fixed soon! Update: still horrible, how is this app not fixed yet?! It's been nearly a year now! I wish I could give it less than 1 star!
  • Update "fix" 1/5

    By missuzdnova
    The most recent update claims to have fixed issues but has just created new ones. No matter which barcode I scan, nothing comes up anymore. Please fix the "fix"!
  • Can't scan barcodes anymore 1/5

    By Sarah in Alton
    Recent update - no longer able to scan items to find at other stores. Lame!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By DominickGoode
    T H I S A P P S U C K S: it doesn't let me by any thing.
  • Not worth it! 1/5

    By ashaliemarie23
    So many times I have gone in to purchase an item that is "in stock" only to waste too much time walking around trying to find an item that isn't there despite what the app says. Then I get the half-asses excuses for why it's not correct. Like I am really to believe there are 6 people walking around with Monopoly in their carts. Why bother even having an option to tell me it's in stock of it's just going to upset me when I get there and it isn't. Or maybe this is a marketing ploy to get me to walk around the store and buy other stuff anyways. Didn't work today. I actually put all the other things I was going to purchase back. And I won't be shopping there for a long time!
  • Bad & Getting Worst 1/5

    By CLS49622
    Target's app is just bad!
  • Love Target 5/5

    By fairies68
    Target is great and so is the app.
  • So/so 3/5

    By WErvin
    I'm so frustrated that the toddler sizes and kids xxs+ are all in one section. I prefer to have toddler girls, girls, toddler boys, boys categories instead of having to filter by size. Other than that I am fairly happy with the app. Apparently the cartwheel stuff is a mess but I haven't given it a try.
  • Don't like it 1/5

    By KerenA93
    This app needs to be fixed. The categories are a mess. I don't know what's going on but i really hope this app gets it together so I can start using it again.
  • What happened???? 2/5

    By Sugarlose
    This app used to be so good, but now it crashes a lot. When making lists, a lot of the categories don't work; so much stuff is missing or there's "nothing found." I used to love using the app, but now it's annoying to even try.
  • Can't view weekly ad 1/5

    By Gustergirlie
    I just downloaded the app. I can't set my local store thus I cannot view the weekly ad. I've tried searching by zip code and city. Very disappointing.
  • Better before 3/5

    By Johanna1313
    I don't like that it has changed to scanning barcodes only for deals on cartwheel. Sometimes I just want to see a price or a store location with one simple scan.
  • What the heck happened? 1/5

    By Jelllllooooo
    It used to be just fine but now it won't even let me set my home store. It constantly says that there is no store in my area.
  • App is Broke 1/5

    By _ChrisMe_
    I used this app a lot. Loved it. Then one day it just stoped working. I could not get to grocery list. So I could not add to or see list. I uninstalled the app weeks later. Installed it again, still no joy. New app just sits there at [Get Started] screen and eventually crashes.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By TamLTip
    This app is easy to navigate, has everything I want and not only is customer service easy to access they're a dream to work with.
  • What happened?!? 1/5

    By lappsp1
    Cartwheel and the list function used to work together so smoothly. Now when adding an item to the list I nearly have to type the entire word before it suggests what I am looking for and even then the top suggestions are totally off the wall items...very frustrating when trying to make grocery shopping as quick as possible!
  • What happened??? 2/5

    By Everything Target Lady
    This app was with app at store while saving on cartwheel offers was so seamless...I would prepare beforehand and could be in and out of the store in no time! So now my major disappointment is that the list no longer sorts when you get to the store...this is not okay! I spent so much extra time the past couple times I was there doing circles to get everything on my list. If this doesn't change back, combined with target no longer having the large selection of target coupons to print from website I think I might be done with weekly shopping trips to target. So sad.
  • Best Retail App I've Used 5/5

    By Tyrell_
    Everything I need: making shopping lists, scanning items for the price and location in the store, checking out the weekly ad for deals. Now that Cartwheel is integrated - free coupons! - I immediately see coupons once I scan something. Literally one step. And if I want to see the product details, I just click on the picture that comes up after scanning. Target makes it all so easy and nothing is asked in return! Savings on top of savings. One minor issue is that the weekly ad does take longer than usual to appear once I click it. Minor tweaks can speed that up back to normal but everything else works perfect for me! Oh, and I also use the app for online shopping as well; it's quick and easy... and because I have a red card I always get free shipping. So I'm really pleased.
  • Recent updates broke the app 1/5

    By *jayme12*
    Please fix app. I have not been able to access the ad since the previous update.
  • Major app issues 1/5

    By MR MTK
    You can't input the DPCI's in the app any longer nor does it scan the label in the store... resolve this issue
  • No order tracking in app 2/5

    By MichaelRyan02
    I want the app so I can track orders using Touch ID to sign in because logging in to the website on my phone is a pain. You app is useless to me because it redirects me to a website where I have to manually sign in again.
  • Awful Update 1/5

    By That808wonderful
    The savings scanner update is terrible. If I scan something I want to see the product details, product photos, if it comes in other colors, if there's an online discount code. Now I need to search manually to pull an item up. Get rid of the savings scanner or give us an option to tap on the item to view the product page like it did before.
  • Can't view weekly ad 3/5

    By Ana Evans
    I've tried several times to view the weekly ad since the update with no success. Something as basic as this shouldn't be a problem that lasts for days.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Pretty_ryn
    This used to be my favorite app because it paired with my Apple Watch. I could create a list on my phone of what was needed and then when in the store I just had to look at my watch and it told me what I needed to buy and what aisle it was in.... VERY CONVENIENT when you are wrangling a toddler. You could check things off as you bought them and it would go to the the next item til your list was complete. Then I could switch to my cartwheel on my watch and checkout was a breeze. I had to wipe my phone and reset my watch... Very disappointed to find it's no longer in the app for my watch... considering deleting the app now
  • Can't set store location after update 1/5

    By SMill3032
    With the latest update my local store wasn't listed anymore. When I tried to set my store it says there's no target in my area. I tried entering in the zip, city and state individually and also all together and each time it says there's no target in my area. I have four different target stores within a 30 minute drive from my home! Please fix!
  • Horrible Update - Removed UPC Scan! 1/5

    By BexMom99
    I loved this app until the most recent update removed the UPC scan. I used that feature to efficiently scan & add items to my shopping list. I would have purchased a dress that I saw in store store today were I able to scan and search online for the size that I needed.
  • Glitches need fixing 2/5

    By Fleurescence
    Can't set up location preferences so I can't see the ads. Also see where I can pick up. If Target is moving in this technology age and making their store have this special set up I've heard about, this function better be fixed by then.
  • Rendered useless 1/5

    By Pummelcore
    The recent update has removed vital functionality. Even sharing an item - sharing! - has been removed. The mobile site is a better alternative, full stop. Deleted.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Ikeylak
    Horrible update, the best feature about the target app was the barcode scan. With the update that feature is crap! What the heck. They need to bring it back.
  • Horrible update! Change it back 1/5

    By Blue1703
    The latest update is completely useless. Try to type in an item and nothing is available in store. Bar code scanner no longer works like it did before to give you information on an item. It's completely useless now. Fix the bugs!!!
  • App won't open!!! 1/5

    By Rogering
    This app has missed the "Target". Reinstalled app several times and restarted phone. Keeps getting stuck on opening screen.
  • Can't use. Takes me to a smart aisle screen 1/5

    By Smiley76.11
    Can't do anything other than read the privacy policy
  • Fluctuating prices 1/5

    By Balooeyezz
    Items are often regularly priced lower on than in Target stores, so always take a look at the website. However, BE WARNED: if you check prices for through the app, the price will adjust to match the in-store price based on your location. So if you're standing in the store, the app will detect this and inflate any lower website prices to match whatever your local Target store is charging. But if you visit on Safari, even from within the store, it will show the *actual* online price, which can often be lower. You read that correctly: WHEN YOU ARE AT THE STORE, THE APP LIES BY ADJUSTING TARGET.COM PRICES, TRICKING YOU INTO THINKING THE WEBSITE IS ALWAYS CHARGING THE SAME PRICES AS YOUR LOCAL STORE. It makes you think you have the ability to compare prices in-store vs. online, but in actuality deceives you. Pretty shady business practice.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Rgp510
    This app just doesn't work at all. Nothing like Wal-Marts
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Bbf2015@@@@
    I was in the store looking for a lamp and it was saying there was no availability at any store in Arizona, when I look online they are all over 😒
  • Horrible stars! 1/5

    By MD2VA
    Taking away the scanning feature was the most ridiculous thing you could do with this app. The scan function, as it was previously, was the most important and useful function of the entire app and the main reason I use it. Not being able to access product reviews and information by scanner has rendered this app absolutely useless. Whoever thought up and approved this useless change in function should be fired. This app will be deleted until Target changes it back to the functionality of its former version.
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By Smashley morales
    No matter what zip code I put in it tells me there are no Targets in my area?!?? Please fix !
  • Can't find stores 1/5

    By Phil Hendry
    Can't find my local store, so can't browse the ad.
  • Can't get pass walk through 1/5

    By kraigspear
    Interesting having a walk through that you can't finish.
  • Stuck app 1/5

    By hot-wasabi
    Stuck on the 2nd screen! Nothing I do will go past it. There are no buttons to click to get past it. The only thing that works is the tiny link to the web page of the privacy policy. Did anyone even test thus app out?
  • Useless scan feature 1/5

    By Brendadawn
    Tried to scan an item to find it in a different size in a nearby store, and that feature no longer works. I also tried to search for a clothing item by brand name and any possible description I could think of, and...nothing. My search resulted it many items with other brand names. Still trying to figure out how searching for "Merona blouse" would result in a listing of swimsuits and furniture. :) Please help!
  • #makesnosense 1/5

    By Julia Greenfield
    I used to use the app to scan product and it was absolutely wonderful! This update I thought was an April Fools joke:( This update took away the best app and turned it into a Cartwheel app...which we already have! What app developer(s) are you listening to that thinks this made sense?
  • UPC Scan 2/5

    By pinkbird1
    The target out more than I'd like to admit it! ;-) One of the features I use most often is the UPC scan. Are you there in target store to scan an item to add to my shopping list in the app. That way I can remember I saw something I liked that I want to shop for later, show someone, or purchase online to send as a gift. Now, when you send a UPC it does basically nothing, specially if there is no deal/cartwheel for the item. I really hope they bring the scan to go to the item's page feature back. Today at Target I tried to scan a bathingsuit with the app because I wanted to see if it was available in other colors or sizes and get more information from the website but I couldn't pull it up (it just told me that that specific suit was available in the Target I was standing in-duh--and there were no coupons). It was really disappointing and I didn't buy the bathing suit.
  • FIX BUGS 1/5

    By yodaluuke
    Cannot scan in store ever. Cannot login to my account in target app or any other of the 12 apps that I use to login with when I could on a week ago. Lastly searching for Only At Target items never works and never pulls up, EVER. Please fix this IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Use to work before update 1/5

    By QueenmrsC
    The whole your store is not working
  • Can't get past 2nd screen 1/5

    By SharrynB
    With the latest update - I can't get past the 2nd splash screen. It's stuck. And I read the other reviews about the barcode scanner if that's gone - no bueno! I used that all the time. App is useless until you fix the splash/intro screen.
  • Frozen 1/5

    By Rwm4604
    Stuck on the aisle screen and can't move forward. Has become useless.

Target app comments

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