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Target App

It’s the best of our stores and Target online at your fingertips. The Target app is packed with smart, easy tools to help you plan, find and save while you shop. Search our entire online and in-store product selection. Easily find prices, ratings and reviews and other product details, too. Swipe through the Weekly Ad, browse Cartwheel offers, and find deals. The Target app makes it easy to place an order securely every time. Have purchases delivered to your home, or pick up your order at your nearest store. Use Apple Pay for online purchases (requires iPhone 6/6+ or newer). Prepare for your next Target visit with our shopping list. Quickly add items with smart suggestions or our convenient barcode scanner. You will see Cartwheel deals for items on your shopping list. Maps are available for each Target store, so you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter which store you visit. * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Not registry feature 3/5

    By Sabeka
    You can search all products and put things in your cart, but can't update or even view your own registry. Also, can't view other people's registry. That's kind of odd to not add when developing this app. Other than that it works well. Add registry, Target
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Jennibeem
    Just updated and still crashes
  • ApplePay? Apple Watch? 1/5

    By UnknownAnnonymousUser
    Target needs to fully support ApplePay at all store locations. Target Red card also needs to support ApplePay. Removing support for Apple Watch is heading in the wrong direction.
  • The new update clears filters when you sort 2/5

    By Wei2long
    Every time I sort from lowest to highest price, the filters go away I end up with thousands of items of inventory that have nothing to do with what I'm looking for.
  • Make bug fixes a priority! 2/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    I'm sure the app can run a lot smoother taking up 75 MB or so on my iPhone 6s with better instructions, especially those telling the program how to show the offerings to us! Nuff ced!
  • Absolutely horrible experience with this latest version 1/5

    By elcampeon
    I spent half an hour picking my items, and when I went to check out I couldn't because the app crashed repeatedly. After numerous tries I finally figured out that it needed to be updated. I updated it, which took forever. After updating it it still crashed. So I put my items back. Went home, deleted the app entirely and downloaded it again. I got this latest version and it worked at home so I went back to the store and spent 30 minutes picking out my items again. When I went to check out the new version also crashed repeatedly and it would not work at the store!!! I had to leave my items again because I could not pay. All told I spent one hour and a half dealing with this stupid thing. Now I am home again and the stupid thing works. But I can't risk going back to the store shop, and then have the app keep crashing over and over again and not letting me pay for items, because I use my gift cards load it in the app to pay for stuff in this thing just want to lower it. Total piece of garbage.
  • They dropped Apple Watch support. 1/5

    By Glorbisol
    They dropped the best thing about this app, which was the Watch app! Please bring it back!

    By Hillcaption
    Can we please allow apple pay I would like to purchase things with my apple money on this app without have a credit or debit. We should be allowed to do in app purchases on here with our apple money. Money is money like come on please!!!!!
  • Cannot share a page 1/5

    By Smaart-ash
    I just switched to iPhone from android. I have to say this app was way more efficient on android. I would really like the option to 'share' a product link with friends through text messaging, email, Facebook, etc. This is really disappointing.
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Monique0789
    Store availability is sometimes wayyyy off. Also, add a "save" option. The shopping list option just erases the item once you click it. So I can't really go back and revisit things I've saved to the list.
  • App update is bad 1/5

    By Demanda70
    This app suddenly keeps crashing ever since the last update. I can't do anything and it's very frustrating. I use it to check locations and prices and it is now a waste of space on my phone.
  • Crash! 1/5

    By J Lowry
    Latest update does nothing but crash!!
  • Very solid app 4/5

    By Antsinthepants
    This app will do almost everything you expect a Target app to do. Look up products, see the weekly ad, even tell you the location of products in store.
  • Needs to open safari for recent orders 3/5

    By Stupidreviewnicknamesetting
    Other features are great, I just hope that the recent order feature is integrated into the app.
  • Setting store problems 2/5

    By arkling
    when I try to set a store it either gives error or crashes the app.
  • Location doesn't work 2/5

    By Marcus H.
    I can find items for, but keep getting "unexpected errors" when I try to locate a store.
  • Using notifications for promotions 1/5

    By Siros
    I just received a push notification from this app "Home sale! Up to 20% off Pieces for every room". This is in clear violation of the App Store rules §5.6: "Apps cannot use push notifications to send advertising, promotions, or direct marketing of any kind." Please stop spamming unless you want your app removed from the App Store altogether!
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By The Brazilian Babe
    I often use when I am at the store to find the isle locations of certain products.
  • Now requiring? 2/5

    By jawapy
    Now requiring guests to sign in with their account before ordering. Who thought this was a good idea?
  • Good design 5/5

    By KingArthurVI
    Easy and nice to use, pleasant design too!
  • Gift cards 5/5

    By Omfuzzle
    I'm an employee at Target and something for that app that would be great would be combining gift cards. Customers always get promotional $5 Target gift cards and load them on their phone. At checkout I have to scan 20 different gift cards sometimes and it'd be a lot easier if you could combine the cards you load on your phone.
  • Loading takes forever! 2/5

    By c19612
    Really really slow! It's annoying. It takes forever to load more results and sometimes it won't even load pictures! I don't wanna sit and wait for it to load for 20 minutes. (It's not my wifi) Target needs to up their app, it's just not a success.
  • What the heck? 1/5

    By BBQCheps
    Target will not let me add any products to my cart and will always get include an error message to tell me to try again. C'mon Target, I want my deals.
  • Hate it now 1/5

    By Bacheljinks
    When in the store they'll no longer display sale prices, forcing me to screenshot sale items at home and price check them once I'm in store. Also when in store, looking at an item in the app opens the store map, which is great if I need to know where to find an item, but a lot of times I just want to see reviews or details of a product. App also took up 1.3GB of space on my phone, no idea how or why. Deleting and will just use a browser until they improve.
  • Nice Design. Product Inventory is 100% Wrong 1/5

    By PrinceofHB
    The app has a nice design, but you can't trust the in-store inventory. Employees have confirmed there's a 24 to 48 hour delay in accuracy. That means it can be completely wrong. If it's wrong, by have it in the app. Poor experience.
  • "In stock" is a lie 1/5

    By whpsh
    App tells me that something is in stock at my favorite Target. But it sold out hours ago. What's the point?
  • Lies 1/5

    By Roryhavens
    Says stuff is in stock when it isn't.
  • Red card 2/5

    By Melissasplace
    Would be nice if you could check your Red Card balance, transactions and pay it on this app. And not have to be sent to a browser.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Pretty_ryn
    This used to be my favorite app because it paired with my Apple Watch. I could create a list on my phone of what was needed and then when in the store I just had to look at my watch and it told me what I needed to buy and what aisle it was in.... VERY CONVENIENT when you are wrangling a toddler. You could check things off as you bought them and it would go to the the next item til your list was complete. Then I could switch to my cartwheel on my watch and checkout was a breeze. I had to wipe my phone and reset my watch... Very disappointed to find it's no longer in the app for my watch
  • Most of the time it works 3/5

    By Eastbelle
    Sometimes, it gets buggy. But, I can use it to shop online and I can pay with Visa Checkout, Apple Pay or add another card. Convenient when it isn't crashing. Wondering why I'm not able to see other reviews for this app, though.
  • Checkout a nightmare 1/5

    By Ginlovesapp
    Target can't figure out payment checkout. Credit card payment won't accept anything less than a 4 digit pin when the pin# on their own debit cards are 3 digits.
  • Confirm red card number at checkout? 2/5

    By swtcookie55
    What's the point of me saving my red card in the app when I can't even checkout and it asks me to verify my red card number when it's already there? The point of saving my red card as payment is so I can check out quickly and don't have to punch in my card number every single time...
  • Not fully baked 2/5

    By wabbott81
    It's ok, but their inventory tracking is horrible. For your local store, it will tell you that something is in stock when it is not. It will also tell you that something is not in stock when it is.
  • Product Sharing 3/5

    By MandiR30
    Please put back the ability to share products. I find this really helpful when telling friends and family what my children would like for Christmas/Birthdays.
  • Random items in my cart... 1/5

    By MrsCSmith
    There are always items in my cart that I haven't added and the items I do want to purchase disappear from my cart! Needs an update to fix the bugs!
  • Totally Ignored app from delevoper 1/5

    By itskashifkhan
    Hundreds of items which always say in stock.. and never are.. useless app..
  • Inventory management untrustworthy 1/5

    By Mitch-11456
    Three times now I've found an item out of stock at my local target. So the app tells me to go to a farther store to get the item, so I drive 30min away to the store that says they're in stock. Then I find the item, wait for an employee, and they're out of stock. What's the point in offering this app if it gives false information? Lesson learned- always use!
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Skyam
    Very misleading pricing. At the store I get higher price than I was given before I was there. Had to open website to have target price match themselves.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Veronicaa26
    It's frozen and won't update nor delete from my phone
  • Refine recommendations 3/5

    By It's a farm game
    Needs to be modified to allow shoppers to easily find coordinating sets. If I order a sports bra, it recommends that I order sports bras in other colors. I'd rather it show me leggings in coordinating colors. By the same token, if I buy throw pillows, I want coordinating wall prints, a slipcover, and curtains, not more throw pillows.
  • App crashes too frequently 2/5

    By AlphaJackAlphaYankee
    The app is too unreliable after each App Store version update. Too bad it has to removed to save space. Besides that, the bar code search feature is the only good thing inside the app.
  • Horrible Application 1/5

    By Tmg6494
    Crashes, doesn't properly open connecting links. Doesn't offer registry on the app, and adding to the cart isn't a simple step. There's always multiple problems, regardless of their updates, in using this app.
  • Weekly ad fails to display 1/5

    By CoffeeFuerte
    The app has failed to display the local ad for the past two weeks. The app support leaves much to be desired. In order to get support, you're required to call a number. I did so last week. The rep told me that I should go to my local Target to get the ad. My primary use for the app is to view the ad before ever going to the store. This is an incredibly annoying problem. Last week, I could not view the store ad in the app until well into the week.
  • Weekly Ad Won't Load 2/5

    By Eau Claire, WI
    For two weeks in a row, the weekly ad won't load. Once this is fixed, I will happily give a higher rating.
  • Most recent version crashes immediately 1/5

    By Lucygoosey81
    Normally I'd give a much better rating for this app, but after the update released yesterday (2/17/17), the app crashes immediately upon opening it. So...pretty useless. Please fix this!!
  • Red Card 4/5

    By MissouriRocks
    Great app! Is it possible to update it so that we can pay our red card balance through it?
  • Login issues 1/5

    By Miszyoshi
    I have to reset my password every time I attempt to log in the app.
  • Lame. Half app and half browser 2/5

    By The Rivershark
    The point of having an app is to be logged in all the time and have smooth integration. Many services in the app send you out to the browser which requires you to log in with an email and password. A pain for people like me who don't have this password memorized - not to mention the extra pain of typing it all in. Integrate this to the app!!!!
  • Keeps crashing. 1/5

    By mav6
    I've used it in the past, but now it crashes every time I try to start it.
  • Not Functional 1/5

    By Go500
    Can't add anything to the cart since my update. Shopping list doesn't work either. Everything is not clickable.

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