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  • Current Version: 4.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TD Ameritrade Mobile, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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TD Ameritrade Mobile App

On the go? TD Ameritrade Mobile lets you stay on top of your account wherever you are. Access the essentials, including equity and options trading, streaming quotes, real-time balances and positions, fund transfers, extensive news and research, and much more—all from your Apple device! Features: Follow the market - Price Alerts - Real-time streaming quotes - Charts - News - Level II quotes - Today widget Trade - Trade stocks and options (up to 2-leg option strategies) - Options chains - Order status Manage and monitor your account - Real-time balances and positions - Statements and tax documents - Mobile check deposit - Secure Message Center - Transaction history - Internal and external cash transfers Research and News - Third-party research including analyst reports - On-demand streaming video from Thomson Reuters and CNBC - Social Signals and Twitter feed integration - MarketWatch news sharing Operating system and other support - Apple Watch support - Touch ID - 3D Touch on App icon And much more!


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TD Ameritrade Mobile app reviews

  • No iPhone X Support 1/5

    By Brendan McCann
    Title says it all. Get with it.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By snas123
    Need iPhone X update not educational section.
  • Nice!! 4/5

    By Wilpr2016
    Plis more profile data-overview sec, like div pay date, profit margins etc 💪🏻💯
  • Good trading tool for the armchair investor 3/5

    By SEeich
    Handy app, but not as helpful as the website. Easy to use for checking in. Needs more links or access points to be totally what one uses.
  • Mobile app is very slow and clunky 1/5

    By TripGoBlue
    Poor performance, graphs don’t update, app freezes often. “Research” is a joke - the Yahoo Finance app has much, much more useful company data. Not suitable for real investors and is making me consider moving my entire account to another broker.
  • Could use improvements 2/5

    By elfhoe
    I really wish they would fix the options value. I woke up this morning to my account up $10k only to realize it was pulling the price of an ask on worthless options. Value shouldnt be the ask, ask is meaningless if there is no matching bid.
  • Like it so far, but would like to see a scrolling ticker 5/5

    The app has been great so far-don't have any particular issues or problems with that-I would like to a ticker across any window that I would happen to have open I don't know if that's even possible-but I would like to see a scrolling ticker with just my s stocks or the lock window or any other window that I might have open at the time.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Tech Warrior
    Been using it for a long time. Easy to review portfolio and related market variables. Easy to set up trades.
  • Recent chart failure 5/5

    By Busybtrapn
    I love trading with this app but with the charts being down or going black every time I try to use them is such a hassle like literally costing me money other than that app is perfect it’s fixed now
  • It shows incorrect options expire day 2/5

    By Matt-no
    At certain times of days, it shows Thursday instead of Friday. Sent email to TD, and they said it's my iPhone settings without pointing out what was wrong.
  • This is my go to app 5/5

    By Beatle12345
    For doing research, purchase, or just understanding today's market conditions, this is the best app I found.
  • Streaming Quotes 2/5

    By Psquare23
    Why aren’t streaming quotes available?
  • Slow updating 1/5

    By I➹ჂΰႼ∊✪ჂႬᴓŦ➷I
    This could be a good app if it weren’t 20 minutes behinds on price updates. I have to double check with other apps frequently to make sure that I’m getting the correct price
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Sir_Realist
    Excellent for palm trading.
  • Many options but should be simplified! 1/5

    By ShannieJD
    Needlessly wordy. I’m a lawyer and nowadays we are taught to be clear and concise. If you can say it in 1 word, do it. In this app they use 3-5 words to say something and it’s annoying. “Close a position” “open a position” “get a detailed quote” traders want to move fast. Not waste seconds reading unnecessary words. As Mark Twain said: “I would have written you a shorter letter if I would have had the time”
  • Incredibly unreliable 1/5

    By DanEleven
    I leaned that I can't trust the app for prices and balances
  • Extended hours reset problem 1/5

    By W3604321
    This application is great and very helpful but after hours when earnings or news announced and price changes , it resets to the closing price of that day which is annoying
  • I use this app every day 4/5

    By Donotdownload11111
    I do most of my buying and selling through this app. It's simple easy to use. Their other apps are complex and lack a simple interface. Also like that I can check dividends and money I made (or loss) each day. Bugs: - some common stocks don't have a working chart (SCG) and others. - they don’t read reviews and fix bugs. Previous bug now for more than two years without fixing.
  • Slow logging on 3/5

    By aPocky
    With every update, it is getting slower to log on.
  • Thus newest app version is superior!! Oct 2017 5/5

    By JS Jackson
    Great App
  • Great 5/5

    By Chemypoohbear
    Great problems
  • Apparently I’m the only person whose Touch ID stopped working. 3/5

    By FTown Bryan
    Must be me
  • Good for a beginner investors like me. 3/5

    By maidoxhi
    I don't know for others but good enough for now.
  • Good app 5/5

    By NwAppUsr09
    Nuff said
  • Great app 5/5

    By Djxndjfjdjv
    No issues, great app
  • Love it. 4/5

    By KingAus22
    This app works well. I just wish it had more of the content that the website offers.
  • Fast, easy, responsive 5/5

    By IOSRaver
    Everything I need to know about my portfolio is quickly accessible and easy to find on the screen. I also love Touch ID (not a new feature, but something I value immensely). Checking stocks has never been so easy.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By NJPAB
    Even with my not-so-technical self. This ap has allowed me more flexibility to trade quicky when called for. Well done
  • Nice mobile website TD 5/5

    By Afl4719
    I like the new site information and access to data...fantastic! Keep up the excellent work! TD Keeps getting better!
  • Version 4.18.3 update - still can do better 1/5

    By BigJ489
    Update for version 4.18.3: Apparently TDAM is withdrawing support for older apps so please fix this current version that I’m forced to needs a few user-friendly fixes Note: I also have TOS app but this one gives better “feel” for price changes. I make tons of trades per year so am very interested in having a good app. 1) price/bid/ask numbers in condensed view are still too small because there is too much unused space around the digits. If you can make the #’s a little larger or shrink the space surrounding each that would be great. The sizes from version 4.10 were perfect, use them. 2) In order entry, the # of shares box is too small. When you start typing shares more than 1,000 it cuts off and you can’t see what number you’ve entered until you finish and see if you have an error. This is wasting time when entering orders. Please make this Box larger. 3) the font for prices and amounts in all other windows besides main price screen are thin and hard to see. Go back to 4.10, you had everything sized right in that version (fonts, charts, etc) 4) in charts can we please get rid of the Red color for Bollinger Bands?? That color is difficult to look at. And BTW, who chose pink color for the volume?? It’s kind of an eyesore. Is there any way you can give the user the ability to choose the colors for the chart?? That would be appreciated. Also, in the chart why are candlesticks so small? there is a lot of unused white space in the chart. The candlesticks need to bigger please. I trade for a living and am 100% mobile and every time you make something in the app more difficult and less efficient it has a negative impact. Been a customer for 20 years and would love to assist in making a great app. Please contact me to help you with this. ——— Update for version 4.17: The tickers are still too widely spaced, can we get this adjusted please? The color green is too bright, should be a little darker. The charts have gotten worse and not better, red Bollinger Bands are impossible to see. Price alerts button is too close to other functions and gets in the way, need to be moved asap as it constantly gets accidentally touched/activated. Don't even get me started on the order entry portion...very difficult to input even the simplest number of shares for a trade. TD seems to have made simple tasks more complicated C'mon guys, you've had better versions in the past. I've been a TD account holder for 19-20 years and am 100% mobile for all my trading and market activities. Is there any way I can join an app 'Advisory Board' for mobile to help guide you in your efforts to make a great app? Any way I can become a beta tester to recommend features that actually benefit active traders?? You guys are close but seem to have made some inexplicable decisions on this app that IMO are not beneficial to active mobile traders. --------- Two issues with 4.13 are that: 1) the spacing between tickers in "condensed" view is too wide. There is too much white space between them and the numbers. Also, the font for the letters and numbers is a little too thin. 2) the charts aren't as good as prior versions, too small to view. Also in charts, why do BBands show as red color and volume shows in pink color?? The color scheme makes them hard to see. Can we control the colors?? I preferred version 4.10 better
  • Good app👍 5/5

    By Ejh090
    It's a very great app, I like it a lot.👍👍👍👍
  • Not a fan of it. 2/5

    By Squidman2009
    The price quotes are delayed, Robinhood is better especially no commission fees!
  • Most of these reviews are correct 5/5

    By BINK42
    I've been using this app for 10 or 12 years now. They had problems with the app , but got it right now. I have quite a few accounts they keep them right if you take your time and be sure your where you want to be. I still don't know why my totals don't stop changing even at 9pm eastern time. They told me some other outfit runs the portion of the app. I don't understand why. If you withdraw a hundred thousand or so in a month, they do give you a call and ask if their doing something wrong. There good to work with if you can get past the telephone menu . Another sore spot.
  • Ameritrade : Easy & Practical 4/5

    By KnobzCity
    Solid platform for investment maintenance. You can view real time quotes, place an order w/ a seperate tab showing all pending orders. You can customize which info. is presented(%,$,+/-, etc.). Only complaint is the flat service fee for each sell/trade. -Great
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Waldofriends
    Very functional and easy to use. Haven't used others for comparison but I really find this user friendly and rich with information. Love the easy way to view positions and gains/losses, what you paid vs current value both at unit level and total amounts.
  • Mobile App very good but needs to be better 4/5

    By 85%Pleased
    Love the clarity of account info and valuable insight with the research tabs, etcetera. But a few times too many over the course of each quarter the TD Ameritrade servers are overloaded and it takes 20-90 minutes to get through which is highly upsetting at the market opening and you're trying to manage some positions that may have a "falling knife" occurring! And what recourse is there other than to call Customer Service to complain and threaten to move accounts to another Brokerage. I've had to ask for some free trades to offset this. They were not offering anything but an apology. The company needs to invest in more infrastructure so they would not be a problem like this in the future. I would really want to see 0 or <=1 instance lasting less than 10 minutes per quarter going forward. I hope this Review gets the attention it deserves or the company could start losing tens of thousands of accounts.
  • Great mobile app 5/5

    By MarkP)
    The site is easy to use and offers countless features. I have tried other mobile trading apps and they fall short of the ease and convenience of this one.
  • Easy to use App 5/5

    By tbrambe
    The app is easy to use and gets updated often with new features
  • Got nothing bad to write 5/5

    By Tech me
    Not a bot...I actually use it daily and l.o.v.e it!!!
  • The best at what it does...for a price. 5/5

    By SDSexton
    I opened 3 trading accounts based on online reviews and TD is by far the most robust. It's FANTASTIC for learning and the tools it provides new investors is incredible. ...and then there are the fees. I've found that as I'm starting out, zero fees are where it's at. If you can fund your account with enough $ to get the TD promos they have...awesome! If you're doing small transactions to get your feet wet, the $7 trades will take time before you realize any gains. That's why I prefer my Robinhood account. I have $ in both, but I see immediate returns with RH and they get more of my trades.
  • Good platform 5/5

    By Mucky M
    Easy to use and navigate through their platform. Quick transfers. No complaints.
  • Good easy to use site 5/5

    By mindmapp
    Been using for years and very easy and user friendly. If I could make one change it would be for the app to automatically update for a stock split. The number of shares updated but the cost bases did not so it looks like a huge loss. Its been nearly 4 weeks and it has not reset the cost bases to match the stock split
  • Does almost everything I want 4/5

    By DtockDoc
    Except for some finer points this app meets all my requirements. I love it and highly recommend it.
  • Problem with 4.4 4/5

    By rtduvall
    Ever sense I loaded 4.4 can on longer access quotes
  • It used to be fine 3/5

    By Bobuelo
    Something has happened with this app lately. It used to be fine, but a month or 2 ago started acting up. Now a certain stock in the watch list will be not moving at all compared to where it is if u hit the day chart. It will offer to delete a stock from the watch list. Just when u select to look at it. It won't load the correct chart period of time.
  • Great stuff! 5/5

    By GeneKnowz
    I really like the RT quotes screen. The detailed quote is best in class.
  • Responsive, easy to use, informational 5/5

    By Marcelo Bailey
    Best trading app out there
  • Great app 5/5

    By BNwogu
    Use all the features. I really the ability to toggle between my different accounts and execute all transactions through the mobile app
  • Bugs 3/5

    By beemrb
    There software bugs and stability issues with the tool. I brought some specific examples to their attention but have not been fully resolved
  • Constant Glitches 3/5

    By Joel90069
    There always seems to be a problem with this app. This morning started with a new issue. When you press on a company in your watchlist it asks if you want to delete it rather than going to the information screen. Mail is always a problem. I’ve reported by it never gets fixed.

TD Ameritrade Mobile app comments


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