TD Bank (US)

TD Bank (US)

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  • Current Version: 6.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TD Bank, N.A.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TD Bank (US) App

The updated TD Bank app gives you secure, on-the-go access to your accounts, along with powerful and intuitive tools for managing them. • Check balances • View account activity – including check images • Review your statements • New survey! Give us your feedback right inside the app • Deposit checks – with a convenient check-capture tool • Make immediate transfers between your accounts, or schedule future transfers • Pay bills to almost any company or person • Locator tool – find the nearest TD store or ATM in the U.S. and Canada • Change your password and other profile settings By clicking "Install," you consent to the installation of the TD Bank (U.S.) app provided by TD Bank, N.A. and to any future updates/upgrades. You are also acknowledging that you understand that the TD Bank (U.S.) app and any future updates/upgrades will/may perform the functions described below at TD Bank, N.A.'s sole discretion. You may withdraw your consent at any time by deleting or uninstalling this app. TD Bank, N.A. Member FDIC

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TD Bank (US) app reviews

  • Td bank isn't the best 1/5

    By Amburleena
    They charge you $15 in fees every time you go below $100. They also wouldn't let me keep my student checking when I was still a student. They also charge you for a paper statement fee of $1. I didn't know how to turn it off and never even looked at the paper statements so pretty much every month TD bank got $16 out of me. It's a lot when you don't have that much money. I don't recommend this bank. The app itself is okay, nothing brilliant.
  • Online deposit is useless! 1/5

    By John€|€|><_*
    Guess I'm not the only one. When entering the digits to the check amount it only enters multiple zeros. Trying to delete the numbers with backspace only adds more zeros. Shame!
  • App never works 1/5

    By Poodle hat
    This app constantly locks you out and you have to call and get your account unlocked. Worst of the banking apps that I use.
  • Online deposit such a disappointment!!! 1/5

    By Rianaize
    I manage to download this app to my phone. And I tried to use the online deposit, wow, amazing...! You basically can't enter more than one digit number plus zero zero and zero! I wasted my time using this app! Tried to call the customer service, they can't help either! Waiting for the tech guy to answer the phone is just like waiting for a miracle happen! Don't download this app if your intention is to save your time from going to the bank to deposit some money from your check. You'll be disappointed!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By The rater ✊✌✋🎶💚❔👌✊👋🎵💔
    The previous version had some bugs according to past review but now it seems to run with out issue. The app is fast and easy to use. Definitely recommend it for mobile banking. TD Bank never fails to impress.
  • desperately seeking TouchID 2/5

    By HelpMeHelpU212
    This app desperately needs TouchID, which I thought it had at some point but no longer. On a relative basis, this app ranks in the bottom quartile of banking apps and needs much improvement.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Createanicknametheysaid
    Love that TD is concentrating on delivering more mobile solutions to their customers! I love the app and cannot wait to see what other features come out in the future!
  • Too much 2/5

    By Upast12am
    Keep the app simple please, there's so much useless things to click on. I just want to see my account balance, I should be able to click the app, Touch ID myself and see my balance.
  • Fair app. Somewhat buggy. one minor glitch 3/5

    By samrecord
    While tdbank is technologically behind chase or Bank of America (even citibank in some cases), it's still nice that they have an app that takes deposits. With that said, there is a pervasive glitch that is minor but one that I find eye annoying. When the app takes a photo of your checks front and back, it usually turns on the camera flash - which is nice. EXCEPT for the first photo (check's front side). For some reason, the app never switches o the flash for this first photo but does so for all other photos. This can cause the front side photo to be blurry or dark or be cast by shadows. The workaround is to retake the front side photo which activates the camera flash - I do this every time and it is a bit annoying - especially since it is so clearly an unintended bug that has not been fixed since the deposit feature was first released in 2015 (I believe). The other thing is that this app sometimes simply doesn't work due to some sort of network communication issue or something. It can be an entire day before it starts working again. This is very frustrating. I hope they fix these issues soon.
  • Useless bill pay function 1/5

    By yuropean
    Since I cannot see my electronic bills in this app, i.e. the amounts to pay and due dates, the bill pay function is pretty much useless. How I am supposed pay a bill if I don't know how much and when to pay it?
  • Fix your UPDATE 1/5

    By Lord_Hoth
    Ever since the last big update I've been unable to so much as log in, I've had to use the mobile website because of how trash this is. Please get your head on straight and fix this app, it was so useful before.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Curiosityj judogi
    Nice way to manage TD Bank things
  • They provide pen in the branch 1/5

    By Wish4oth3rs
    That's it
  • Deposit stopped working 1/5

    By Phat Pat w/ a P
    Mobile deposit stopped working recently and when I called for help they couldn't help. Have to go to nearest branch to have them take a look at the problem. Very inconvenient 😡
  • Check deposit broken!! 1/5

    By Grockin500
    Check deposit doesn't work on this version no matter how many times you try...
  • Bank balance after each transaction 1/5

    By Jakadoll
    I am disappointed that the TD Bank app does not show my balance after each transaction. Every other bank's app provides this. It helps me with reconciling. Instead TD Bank app just shows one ending balance. I wish it would add the detailed rolling balance after each transaction. Please make this modification .
  • Dislike the new version! 1/5

    By Valentine66
    I wish TD could go back to the previous version... The one that actually WORKED! Can't upload the check, says: "hmmm, might be temporary glitch, try again". I'll save you time, Nothing happens when you try again, and again... And again.
  • Good to bad 1/5

    By Desimom1230
    E-deposits stopped working on last revision. Does anyone check the app before release??
  • Sign In Options 3/5

    By Bufgctuhdrfv
    I hate how every time I want to sign in, I have to type in my password AND answer a security question. WE WANT FINGER ID!!!
  • Please make bill pay history available 1/5

    By Dgyyegjuyrdu
    Very frustrating I cannot check my bill pay history to research if a bill was paid. The full website on mobile doesn't work either because of some pop up window they use for the bill pay tab, which doesn't work on mobile. Very irritating.
  • Touch ID used to work... 3/5

    By Gloucester Jim
    The loss of touch ID functionality is a real disappointment.
  • Improvements 4/5

    By MeInQ8
  • discouraging 1/5

    By jaylenedejesus
    i hate the td mobile banking app. the app is lacking in accessibility. All i can see is how much i spent i wish it was more detailed.
  • Annoyed!! 3/5

    By Phoenix8174828389
    Every time I open the app for something as simple as checking my balance, it shuts down, and says there's a 'glitch in the system'. I've always updated to the latest versions and i still continuously get this notification. It's extremely annoying
  • Just One Complaint... 3/5

    By Jmowry
    If you try to check the hours of a nearby bank in the app, you MUST have your location settings on; in the app if you click locations it will take you briefly to a screen where you'd think you could type in a zip code, but if your location settings are off it always brings up a message that you need GPS enabled. I just use Google instead, though I'd love it if I could just type in a zip code in the app like before! I refuse to turn on my location for one app, but this never used to be an issue. Please put it back the way it was, or allow us to just type in a zip code! 🤔😕
  • No credit card app 1/5

    By Ben4578
    Why you don't have application to manage credit cards.
  • Generally good. Severe flaw. 3/5

    By ThAdEa82
    Great app. One big exception. Bill pay. It has issues with paying bills on time. Why in the 21st century in the era of electronics does it take a bank 5 days to pay a bill? They can use an echeck, but refuse to do so with certain companies. Why? It just delays the process. There should be some control over what gets paid by echeck and what gets sent by snail mail or everything should get sent by echeck. Also some issues with edeposit.
  • Locks me out of my account 1/5

    By BusterFella
    Okay, it asks a security question after I ender my password. That's BS. I forgot the answer and I have to talk to somebody to unlock my account. You better fix this nonsense right now.
  • Works well for me 4/5

    By Dipseydoodle
    I like this app, no recurring issues I can think of. But one thing that bothers me and is keeping me from giving it 5 starts is that there is no way to see pending credit card transactions. You can view them on the card services website, it would be nice to be able to see in the app too
  • 1000000x better than last years model. 5/5

    By Tfoxxxzzy
    Works perfect all the updates are worlds better than how it used to be. Now viewing my balance/depositing checks is a breeze. I'm so happy they added the finger print reader, finally! Keep it up!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Bdjbghvdhcs
    Worst app ever, nothing ever works. Absolutely horrible. Wouldn't even give a 1 star if I didn't have to.
  • Slow & too much going on 2/5

    By Jcarlo913
    It's great to have access to my accounts but I think it can be designed a little better. And it really grinds my gears that this is the only app on my phone I can't sign in with my finger print even though it was stated that that was an option now. And why do I have to answer my security questions every single time.
  • This app is steadily getting worse 1/5

    By Bella!!!!:)
    Use to work fine. Now it no longer deposits my checks. After numerous attempts it can't deposit my check, "because something on the check doesn't match". Very annoying! It's been happening for weeks now! Please, fix the problem!
  • Almost perfect! 4/5

    By RobbyB1975
    I like the recent updates, but it needs two things to get the fifth star. First, don't ask me my security challenge questions when I'm logging in with Touch ID. Unless someone chopped my finger off in my sleep, I think it's safe to assume it's me. Second, I'd like to be able to view my pending bill payments like I can view my pending transfers. Other than that, I really like the app!
  • Terrific app! 5/5

    By kerrywyler
    This is a first-rate app, I use it nearly every day and it's made my life 100% easier. I don't understand why some people have given it a bad review - I have never found it to be slow, quite the opposite (hint: it's probably your phone). This is a feature-packed and (in my view) indispensable app for any TD Bank customer and it's beautifully designed too! And no, no one paid me to write this review. A really great banking app. Thank you! :)
  • Not good enough 1/5

    By Onnbn
    FAR behind other banks app
  • I would give zero stars if I could 1/5

    By Bobbgghfdfhgwfvgrghh
    Don't use this app... had it for a while and I've been charged overdraft fee twice which is $35.00 a price for a total of $70.00. I rarely keep cash in my checking for my debt card and when I make a purchase I alway use the app and transfers money into it. It'll say "immediate transfer" but that's not the case they'll take there sweet time to transfer it but will claim that you have "available balance of $$.$$" but the money won't be in there and when you make a purchase that causes an overdraft fee. This happens a multiple of time and to many people. Horrible app for online transactions.
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Annoyed TD customer
    Always an issue with Touch ID, mobile deposit, is reviewing my account. EVERYTHING even after so called updates Please create an alert/notification when money has been deposited!
  • Mobile deposit doesn't work since update 1/5

    By niglynch
    It used to work fine. The new automatic camera takes several attempts to take a picture of the check, and then it tells me that entered information does not match the check image.
  • Good but could use more features 4/5

    By xfagma
    This is a decent banking app, but there are some features I'd like to see implemented in the near future. 1) Notifications whenever money is debited/credited into your account 2) Widget for the home screen drop down menu
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Eynas
    The updated was very well improved! However, if only there was a notification in the app where you can receive an alert that a deposit has been made, that would be Awesome. Other then that, great app to get if you're with TD Bank!
  • Good but SSSLLLOOOOOWWWWW!! 3/5

    By Usmc1833
    The app is good. I am happy with the services but for some reason it is soooo slow. Logins take close to 2 min on 5G wi-FI. That's a long time.
  • Freezing and no action 1/5

    By Sageleez
    Seems like the app has a loss for words😳. Freezes then does nothing. Sometimes have to use the web instead.

    By Ur a noob
    Just stays loading forever when I want to access my accounts, very annoying.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By rasul385
    Easy to use, intuitive, Touch ID support is awesome, helps a lot. Nice job, TD
  • Success 5/5

    By Devon The First
    I just deposited two checks remotely with this app and am feeling real grateful to the software creators. Time and energy saver, it is.
  • Can't even log in 1/5

    By JDT95
    I can't even make it pass the log in screen. It doesn't recognize my log in info.
  • App freezes 1/5

    By Collegestudentonthemove
    The latest version of the app always freezes when I get to the 16th digit in my long password. I have done everything to try to solve the problem such as re downloading the app and making sure my updates are current and still I can't get into my account through the app. For someone who does most of their banking on the go, this is very inconvenient and I can't further emphasize my disappointment with a bank who claims they are "America's most convenient bank."
  • Auto finance 1/5

    By JGB 111
    Can't log in to TD auto finance. Says account is locked, but then I can't reset it because it can't find my account. I can login on the web with no problem.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Fffcvvbbbnnnnbbbbvcdss
    The app freezes on iPhone please fix it,

TD Bank (US) app comments

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