TD Bank (US)

TD Bank (US)

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  • Current Version: 6.4.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TD Bank, N.A.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TD Bank (US) App

The updated TD Bank app gives you secure, on-the-go access to your accounts, along with powerful and intuitive tools for managing them. • TD ASAP (TM) - Live Customer Service 24/7 • Open an account in app • Send or receive money to and from friends and family • Deposit checks – with a convenient check-capture tool • Pay bills to almost any company or person • Make immediate or future-dated transfers between your accounts • Locator tool – find the nearest TD store or ATM in the U.S. and Canada • Change your password and other profile settings • View account balances and activity – including check images • Review your statements • Give us your feedback right inside the app By clicking "Install," you consent to the installation of the TD Bank (U.S.) app provided by TD Bank, N.A. and to any future updates/upgrades. You are also acknowledging that you understand that the TD Bank (U.S.) app and any future updates/upgrades will/may perform the functions described below at TD Bank, N.A.'s sole discretion. You may withdraw your consent at any time by deleting or uninstalling this app. TD Bank, N.A. Member FDIC


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TD Bank (US) app reviews

  • Unusable 1/5

    By Usylesses
    The app won’t recognize my password and when I try to change my password it says “oops, you need to fill out both fields” even though I have entered my username and last 4 of my SSN. Who cares if it works though. Big Corp already has my money.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Dpnniejr
    You can easily access all your accounts on this app. Making deposits is also a snap.
  • Can’t not even log in 1/5

    By Aplink
    Haven’t had a chance to use it, because of course if you can not log in there’s no way you can use it!
  • Cannot even sign in 1/5

    By Talyasha
    I am able to sign in from my computer, but not via using this app. Pretty lame.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Lemmonade
    If you call customer service using the number from the app, they know it’s you calling. The greatest! Love TD and love this app. The app lacks polish and style I think but it works perfectly well. It could use a widget for notification center for account balances.
  • The worst banking app 1/5

    By Agxchcuvuvuuufufuuc
    It keep asking stupid security question
  • Hmm 1/5

    By Pilotricky
    Something went wrong
  • I might switch banks because this app is so bad 1/5

    By acemann10
    First time reviewer and I rarely complain but this app has been horrible. It makes me change my password almost every time I log in and features like mobile deposit don't work for me. Tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling, mentioned it to customer service but got nothing. Haven't changed banks yet out of principle that I've been with TD since it was Commerce Bank and the possibility that this is just an anomaly but this app is prompting me to consider a switch.
  • Buggy and poor customer service 1/5

    By Samin
    Title says it all
  • App crashing and sends me back to my home screen for no reason. 1/5

    By mad college guy
    I am a college student where there are no TD banks near me at all. I need this app in order to deposit my checks right away so I can buy groceries just to survive. I can't mail my checks home and wait. I switched to TD because TFCU was worse. You need to fix this. This isn't fair to your customers.
  • Tired of this App 1/5

    By LouM007
    This app makes me reset the password every time I'm going to log in, and gives an incorrect message saying that "you gave entered the password too many times" when that is absolutely not the case. It wastes my freaking time every single time. Ive had it with it.
  • Good Banking App 5/5

    By Powluccio
    The app is pretty good and has a pretty consistent look to the Canadian Version. A few things I’d like to see added to the app is the ability to see pending transactions to my credit card (as the Canadian version does). I’d also like to see the ability to disable my debit card if it’s lost, stolen or misplaced before being replaced in branch. I’d also like to see the ability to complete visa direct transfers from the app as well rather than having to call a rep to transfer between Canada/US. I did use the TD ASAP service and it was quick, it literally bypassed the wait times and instantly connected me with a live rep to assist me.
  • Meh...Missing some features 2/5

    By Nukesnow
    It has an outdated mobile interface. I could manage the poor interface , but it is missing the ability to view pending bill pays, bill pay history, or make a bill pay.
  • 3 business account owner at TD 1/5

    By car Carrier
    Atay away!!!! It will complicate your business. I cannot deposit check for days because MOBILE DEPOSIT NOT AVAILABLE!!!! Other than that very limitations in the mobile app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ChristyBunners
    I have to create a new password every time I want to check my balance. The Touch ID doesn't work. Extremely frustrating.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By 9Grandredline
    This is the worst banking app bar none. So bad, that I'm considering moving my money to a different bank.
  • Cant deposit checks!!! 1/5

    By Sergeque
    After the latest few updates 90% of the time I cannot deposit checks, and twice I was told that deposit was successful and for another week nothing showed up in my account, after I went to the bank they said that there is nothing pending. Thank you for destroying are useful app ... Just wanted to give an update, almost every single check that I tried to deposit these days says the same exact thing. Something doesn't match with the information on the check. This is the biggest crap of a app I've ever seen. You're a bank!!!!!! I'm sure you take more than enough money from us to make an app that actually works!!!!
  • Great new redesign but doesn't support Td Go 3/5

    By mlauer94
    I love the new redesign of this app, although I use TD Go and I can't sign in through the app which is quite annoying because I have to use the web version to access anything. Please support TD Go in the future version of the app.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Irvin1210
    Slow email support. Not a lot of features in the app.
  • Can't log in with credit card account? 1/5

    By wtJae
    This app ONLY supports for who has a checking/saving account with td. If you only have a credit card, use their website... It is not convenient at all...
  • Some Issues With "Bill Pay" Feature 3/5

    By SusieCardi
    Well the app always works for me, and then I have no issues logging in or viewing account information and making transfers, it's miserably fails with the "bill pay" feature. You can in fact pay bills, however you CANNOT see how much you owe for bills you have set up on bill pay. While this is fine if you owe the same amount for a bill every month, it does not work in instances of, say, an electric bill, which changes monthly based on consumption. Once they fix this and allow me to see how much is owed in "Bill Pay," I'll give the app a different rating.
  • Bad and very old app 1/5

    By Aharonariaharon
    Slow and old fashion
  • Close but not perfect 3/5

    By Chris Eskender
    I've had this app for a very long time and have processes many of the updates. This app has come a very long way. As I finally got my first credit card I have a huge recommendation, combine TD card services with the app. Why do I have to check two separate sources???
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Ayooitsreese
    Most financial apps these days are so much more sophisticated than this trash. Doesn't give you any notifications, and for the past month or so, I haven't been able to see my balance. A "didn't work this time" sign keeps coming up. I can't even check my balance how sad is that. Might switch banks starting next week if this continues
  • terrible 1/5

    By Mikeqchen
    Cannot login
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By eemamedo
    Terrible app. Can't even log in. Gives me error even though I use the same credentials on my PC and I am able to log in
  • Password bug 3/5

    By dbern4014
    There is a huge bug when it comes to the sign in password on the mobile app. I check my account much less often now (despite wanting and needing to check it more) because I can't go two consecutive visits without having to reset my password. I am on my 15th reset in a few months. I put in my information and immediately get the error: "you've exceeded the login attempts. You need to reset your password." Without fail, every time. It affects my desktop experience as well. And I no longer have the "use fingerprint" option to sign in. I'm at my wit's end with this bug. It is enough of a pain that I'm considering switching to a different bank. Please acknowledge and fix ASAP
  • It's SO EXTRA 1/5

    By Warren the unpleased customer
    It doesn't help me "Skip the call line" and this bank has sooo many issues. Switching immediately not worth all these problems.
  • Worst Banking App 1/5

    By Slugger 1
    First I had trouble with my own, called c s, changed it 2 f times and now I'll be lucky to do a simple transaction before getting booted! I, just like another reviewer, has been with td since they took over for commerce They're app just really hit BOTTOM!!!
  • Mobile deposit issue 1/5

    By Mira T
    Can't see money I did deposit with an app on my account.
  • Worst banking app available 1/5

    By Rcb22
    The TD asap calling doesn't work, just routes you to a general number. Be prepared to wait 20 mins plus to do basic things all other banks offer online. Like set a travel notice!
  • Can't log in - delete. Back to browser... 1/5

    By Sddddert
    First try says "something is not quite right". I agree with other reviewers, this looks like a 5th grade project. Spend some money on a good programmer. Banking on browser is the way to go. Still love TD Bank, they're just not ready for prime time on apps.
  • Password denied 1/5

    By NOStradomuz
    As other people have mentioned. Please fix this issue. Can't sit on hold for hours.
  • Needs a calculator 4/5

    By A Solver
    Love the app! Use it almost daily and for everything including communication regarding account changes or updates. Email contact is slow but if I needed something done faster I can call. I'd be lost without the app. Please add a calculator for convenience. My phone has a calculator but I risk having to sign in and out if I am away from the app too long. A calculator would be a great addition.
  • Touch id never works 2/5

    By ginnaangel
    Plus i don't understand why it is not possible to check the credit card balance in the same app.
  • Credit card feat. Need to be more updated 3/5

    By Sopie
    The bank app is great, but for credit card features need to offer what other major credit card offer. I want a text alert when my card is charged, I want to see my pending charges.
  • Bill Pay is limited 2/5

    By Gabba the Hump
    The app doesn't show pending bill payments and ebills. You have to log in to your browser to see them.

    By SomeRube
    Current successful apps UPDATE EVERY WEEK. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER FEEDBACK AND DEVOTE MORE RESOURCES AND TIME TO THIS TERRIBLE APP. Regularly I am kicked out of this app or it freezes or won't log in. Lately it makes me attempt to deposit my checks TWENTY TIMES before they're accepted! That's ridiculous! I cannot wait to close my TD Bank accounts.
  • Broken system with error messages that insult your intelligence 1/5

    By Sttrd
    Sorry TD Bank, but no, I don't think that your app giving me an error when I try to change my password is "Just one of those system glitches" or any other myriad of useless technical mumbo jumbo. It's just your app being poorly programmed trite with tons of missing features masquerading as being "temporarily broken".
  • From Hero to Zero 1/5

    I've been with TD since it was Commerce Bank. Huge decline in quality of service in every capacity. The most recent issue is that my password keeps getting denied. I have easily reset it 11 times (yes that's right TD... ELEVEN!) in the last two weeks. I called customer service for help and was on hold 35 minutes! Then the CS rep kept asking me what did I think was causing the problem??? Well, why don't you tell me TD!....Isn't it your app????????? A complete waste of my valuable time. When you also add in their reduced hours... Chase bank here I come.
  • Almost never works. 1/5

    By Kim Gia
    This app only works about 25% of the time. Very frustrating when in the go!
  • Works then doesn't 2/5

    By Valv22
    Keeps locking me out and not accepting my password. I keep having to change my password every time I log in with the app which shouldn't be the case. Everything else works with this app once I am in but that part is annoying.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Waheed mukhtar khan
    One of the best bank Specially employees
  • Correct info, still can't log in 1/5

    By VirgoBoi111
    Keeps saying «something doesn't quite match» and suggests I reset password. When I use the website the login works fine. Maybe it works for some, but has yet to let me log in through the app.
  • Pos 1/5

    By Fgjjshk
  • Worst app ever created 1/5

    By JRgetfit
    Easily have to reset my password 3 times per day... alerts I've created and have activated don't work... crashes frequently... thumbprint "sign in" is a joke... nightmare!
  • It needs a serious makeover.. app will not open 1/5

    By mjchap
    This app needs a serious makeover on all levels. Horrible, they need to fire the tec guy and get someone who knows About banking!
  • No problems here 4/5

    By Mactracker
    New customer for TD Bank and almost was not a new customer due to researching the app and seeing all the negative reviews. So far, no problems here. All seems to be working well. Will adjust the review if I hit problems. Don't see it happening. One more star to add if they eventually add push notifications.
  • Always works for me! 5/5

    By Soulsparare
    I don't know why this app gets such a bad rep. It works 99% of the time on my IPhone 7 Plus. Of course the other 1% is minor tech glitches. Besides that, I use it for my checking, savings, & credit accounts. Transfers are quick & easy. Touch ID log in is fantastic! The customer service line always helps me out whenever I find an error (rarely) or get confused.
  • I really like this app 5/5

    By Phisword1234
    It's clean and modern looking. You can sign in with Touch ID and do everything on this app!

TD Bank (US) app comments


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