Team Stream: Sports news, scores, & highlights

Team Stream: Sports news, scores, & highlights

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Team Stream: Sports news, scores, & highlights App

Your Team's News First! Get all your team's news and scores from across the web in one easy place with personalized streams that sends alerts as soon as stories break. Be the first to know all your team's news! Allow Push Notifications To Get News Alerts! • Pick the teams you love and get real-time streams with hand-picked alerts so you know your team's news first. • Open a stream for scores, stories, videos, and pictures from all the best sources across the web – local papers, national websites, blogs, Twitter, & Bleacher Report • Break news to your friends with Facebook, Twitter, groups, email, or text message -- See what real fans have said in our 5-star app reviews: • "This app is great, 9 times out of 10 I get updates from BR before the ESPN app." • “Wow - I'm just blown away by how good this is! The stream is awesome, and the breaking news is dead on. So much better than trying to follow multiple teams on ESPN. NICE JOB FELLAS!” • “SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! - As soon as I got the app and added my local team, I got breaking news from my team before they broke the news on a local sports talk radio that I listen at work every day. From that moment I fell in love with the app!!! Awesome app, I recommend it to every sports fan!!!!!” • “Great app - Instead of having to go to multiple sites, I get a quick fix on my favorite teams with just this one.” • Awesome! - Best sports app there is! I love the team feature. I used to watch espn daily but now with this app I haven't watched in over two weeks. All the news is fast and to the minute. Bye-bye espn. • “Perfect - Get all your local teams big news in your notification center. How awesome!!!!!” • “Great App!! - This app is very useful for breaking news and interesting tidbits from my teams. Being separated from home sports city makes it tough to get a ton of info on just a couple teams I want to follow, better than twitter only sports related updates.” -- Feedback? Email Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Team Stream: Sports news, scores, & highlights app reviews

  • New format isn't right 1/5

    By Really weak app here
    New format is really weak, I don't have Facebook and am not signing up just to use this app. I'm deleting the app and downloading theSCORE Instead it's way easier to read and you don't need Facebook to comment. Thanks again for making me switch over to the score they are great! If you guys wouldn't have change your app I would have never found out about them, cool!
  • Used to good 1/5

    By Jeff196879
    I already have a twitter account. I don't want pop culture rammed down my throat. Very liberal point of view and articles. Zooey but for sports I'll use the fox sports app.
  • There are better sports apps out there 1/5

    By Pat Man J0NES
    Some articles are good but a lot of dumb things clog the feed, like pop culture stuff that isn't really sports related. Comment sections use to be one of the best part of the app but connecting to Facebook will probably ruin that.
  • This app has gone downhill 1/5

    By Drakedaboss
    When I first got this app it had solid content. Then it became overwhelmed with idiotic opinion articles and pop culture. Now that they switched to facebook comments this app is dead.
  • Comments 1/5

    By SteezBurgerz
    You have to gave a Facebook to comment smh...
  • Even this review drains my battery 1/5

    By Good music Fan
    This app is a battery killer. The last few months they've made this app bulkier, slower, and worse. Even just opening it drains my battery 5%. 10 minutes of use and I'm down 50% and my phone is literally hot. They need to clean it up because it used to be good
  • Click bait, misleading, poorly written articles 1/5

    By ThisAppIsHorrendous
    I wish I could upload screen shots of what I'm talking about, but watch out! The BR headlines and the actual article once you click on it won't be the same. BR: "Problems at QB!" You click on the article: "No problems at QB." It happens all the time. Seriously Bleacher Report?! You're that desperate for clicks that you'll lie about the content and mislead your users? Wow. Pathetic. Not to mention the grammar problems, misspellings, and ads. Poor execution on an app that has a lot of promise make this a waste.
  • Going downhill 1/5

    By Jorgaleen
    This app used to be great. It was a great place to find a plethora of articles from various news sources. The in house b/r writers have never been very good, but the comment sections have always been entertaining. It's functionality has become increasingly unstable. The incessant ads for "slippy & slappy's podcast" is annoying. Removing the comment sections and going to Facebook comments (which I hate) is nail in thee coffin for me.
  • Comment Section change is trash! 1/5

    By Jeruah
    Now the comment section has been more cut down now to BR not having the ability to make comments for more than a month and using Facebook to comment now. Maybe this will stop the trolling on the app with now using FB to comment. Regardless the change isn't right!
  • Bring back old Comment system 1/5

    By Baseball_2014
    Bring back old comment system
  • Go to hell ESPN 5/5

    By Nerw32
    Way better than generic old ESPN thank you bleacher report your app and company as a whole is very underrated.
  • Cringe 2/5

    By The graphing migo
    Used to be pretty good, I got all of the updates I wanted and the articles were fun to read. Now, it's a bunch of pop culture. I routinely get updates for something like "Barack Obama getting buckets in fire hoops mixtape" or "twitter roasts chargers for new logo" or "Antonio brown is swaggin' on defenders taha" and I cringe terribly. I wish that bleacher report would stop ruining their sports content with this stuff, but they probably won't.
  • Pretty bad 2/5

    By JBoogie040192
    This app is pretty bad. You get a notifcation, maybe 40% of the time it will go to the actual post. The other 60% of the time, it will send you to the homepage and you have to search for the actual post you got the notification for. Seriously?
  • Nba 5/5

    By Ae_30
  • Good but.. 2/5

    By DyreLogan
    What's with the notifications? Is it hard to separate the "rumors" from just receiving plain old scores like in the past? I just want my scores, I don't want to read about what the Yankees or the Dodgers are doing. Just give me scores. Is that so hard to ask for? I get notification after notification (with zero app badges mind you so most of the time I don't know they are there because I get the notification and ignore it since it's mostly news and rumors) and hardly any of it is scores. Separate the news from the scores or I'll separate myself from this app.
  • Paparazzi level journalism 1/5

    By CrimsonandRay
    Garbage writing, equivalent to click bait headlines and lowest denominator journalism expected from grocery store checkout line tabloids.
  • Like everyone else says, this app used to be great. 1/5

    By MaryMaryQuiteFU
    Honestly, I would love to read some of the articles they post...too bad they don't even show up when I click on it. Why even give me a notification for an article at all if it's buried amongst 10 random tweets and Insta posts?
  • Best sports app available 5/5

    By Beairk
    BR gets what real sports fans want. Only place I can go that captures all sides of the conversation. The articles are on point, the notifications are fast, and the social posts add a lot of the commentary I would normally try to find elsewhere.
  • Takes up a lot of storge 3/5

    By Willy-G the neko maid master
    While the app itself is small after a while it takes up to 2 gb of storage to the point i have to delete it and reinstall every so often
  • Was good 2/5

    By Colbycal
    Was my favorite sports app. Now you're forced to read tweets from bloggers and their lead writers and there is no way to filter who's tweets you see. Going on the mma section, why do I need to read bleacher reports lead mma writers political view tweets?? I've had this app for a long time but am looking for a new one.
  • Bleacher radio 1/5

    By cousydickster
    What happened to bleacher report radio? This is awful listening to schedules and old sports news please bring back the reporters
  • Used to be Great 1/5

    By 123456789barry
    I used to really like the app. Now, when I finally filter through all the adds and tweets and instagram and other crap, and I get to an article I want to read, I can't read the article because it says page 1 of 8 but there are never any buttons to go to the next page. This app has gone down hill.
  • Politically correct sports news 3/5

    By Your Cousin Fred
    Decent coverage, but hey like to jam the political correct stories down your throats and always disable the comments there. Non stop PC BS. How about stick to sports.
  • Gets worse with every update. 1/5

    By HuskerRat
    When I get a notification and I click on that notification the next thing I should see is the story I was interested in. Instead it goes to the long list of stories that I don't care about. Difficult to find anything of interest.
  • Junk!! 1/5

    By Robtlerma
    To much twitter involved, which is nothing but crap.. DELETE!!
  • The best period ! 5/5

    By Thedudedue
    This app is awesome!!!!
  • Pummels anything from ESPN 5/5

    By Man o food
    The best!
  • Review 3/5

    By j.rathbun
    Love that they give you news and all of that good stuff. Although it seems that they add politics to sports.
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By Chmst1999
    App used to be great. I stopped watching ESPN streams and began getting most of my info through this app. I made a point to click on advertising links frequently, hoping to generate some revenue for BR. Articles are still great (I think), but I can't ever get to the end of an article without it crashing. For example, a recent article on the relative strength of 2017 MLB farm systems includes a review of each team's top ten prospects. Of course, BR authors list them from weakest to strongest, but don't include shortcuts to each team's analysis. As I scroll through the list, it keeps crashing. After an hour of using the app, I never saw the top ten farm system reports. I can't get it to load. BR sometimes writes their articles so that each new team or concept is shown behind a "next page" link. Same problem occurs, however. If I'm only interested in one team, or teams in my division, the system is so unreliable that I've decided to never even attempt to read an article that list the "top X" items, or follows the format listed above. Advertisers beware, if you are advertising on those pages you are probably being negatively affected because most reviewers blame the ads for the site's unreliability, when I think it probably is an underlying delivery problem.
  • Solid Sports News App 4/5

    By Scott Gann
    A great source of information about all of my favorite teams. Would recommend. However I would like to see college lacrosse with some actual articles and news (same articles for the past several months). I also think that there are not enough articles in each feed and too many social media posts in the feed
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By mb049
    They send interesting articles, but half the time u click on the link and then can't find the article. And when u do find the article u want u can't even read it because you are spammed with ads. Sad.
  • PC Crap 1/5

    By carporter
    Comments disabled for PC and SJW causes. Also, anything female related or homosexual is never allowed to comment on either.
  • Nothing but old tweets 2/5

    By Omar & Erica
    Very hard to find new articles. There needs to be a way to choose your feed. I don't need tweets from bloggers.
  • App Won't Update and Can't Provide Feedbsck 3/5

    By Matt Gallatin
    Right now the app is stuck showing 2:39 left in the 1st period of a hockey game of the team that I follow and won't update. And since the app won't let me provide feedback even though I have an email associated with my account I will provide my feedback here.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Bpags85
    Changed for the worse
  • Great app! 5/5

    By GOAT-est.
    I'm in college now and don't have too much time to watch ESPNSC like I once did, but with this app I can still keep up with my favorite teams.
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By El booger
    App was WAY better early on. Now they are trying to maximize PPC revenue instead of strengthening app. Pushes BR features that you didn't subscribe. Too many ads, too many forced videos... Going BACK from an article in your team stream should take you back to where you came from, but app doesn't do this. Example: Click on Warriors article from team stream, going back takes you to Warriors news, not Team Stream. Typos all over the place, becoming (not a good thing). Get rid of the frat house mentality and start maturing as a company.
  • What happened??? 2/5

    By The Dubious
    Used to be a great app, but now drains my battery like no other. I opened it for 3 minutes and it dropped my battery from 73 to 66, not to mention the heat I'm feeling from the back of my phone. Awful.
  • Not as good as it once was 2/5

    By Joshua6350051
    I used to love using bleacher report team stream because it would have plenty of articles to read whenever I went to a particular stream. Now it's just filled with tweets and instagram videos and it's really annoying. I'm going to consider ESPN or some other sporting news app because team stream isn't good anymore.
  • Decent 4/5

    By caman370
    Better than ESPN
  • More ads than sports, always crashes 1/5

    By Radioactive Man to your Fall Out Boy
    This app is trash. Mostly ads, and crashes frequently. In fact the only thing that actually works is the ads... go figure
  • Issue 4/5

    By HarryCox28
    I love this app but videos ain't working and it's pissing me off and it's not working under the my channel stream and the teams stream now
  • Issues 1/5

    By Sandoval #48
    Crashes a lot
  • B/r 1/5

    By Hamady ndiaye
    This app blows now
  • Spam 1/5

    By Zulu_x
    Notifications are all twitter drama and Trump. It's literally spam for your phone. Uninstalled.
  • Don't like the widget 4/5

    By Universal Language
    Why is it showing me NBA games that happen tomorrow and the next day instead of the ones on right now? I just want a widget that shows upcoming games first
  • NBA standings 3/5

    By Elpapo8
    Please list the standings by conference not by division, no one cares about division standings. Or at least have a toggle that lets us choose
  • Helpful but sorta terrible 2/5

    By Gamecocks21
    Great for getting alerts and keeping up with sports news. But i can't believe some of the stupid stuff that passes for news there. I don't need a random person's irrelevant tweet about the news or highlight. I can manage that waste of time ok but I really get frustrated when I follow an alert to a story that doesn't show up inside the app. Also a lot of the stories require me clicking though a bunch of links that either don't work or are very tedious. I doubt that's that apps fault, it probably come from the fact that bleacher report doesn't doesn't actually report sports news, they just repeat what other sources say. Which is fine but often a pain
  • Please fix 2/5

    By Hdiysgejsuxgshxomzbd
    This app NEEDS an update now. It constantly closes the app every time I open it. It's really frustrating. Please fix
  • Needs better video support 4/5

    I love this app and I have used it for years, but anytime I try to watch a video on this app I can't watch it full screen and if I try to, the video just goes black. Essentially videos have not been working properly for me and it's quite annoying. Everything else about this app has been great!

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