Bleacher Report: Sports News

Bleacher Report: Sports News

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Bleacher Report: Sports News App

Your Team's News First! Get all your team's news and scores from across the web in one easy place with personalized streams that send alerts as soon as stories break. Be the first to know all your team's news! Allow Push Notifications To Get News Alerts! • Pick the teams you love and get real-time streams with hand-picked alerts so you know your team's news first. • Open a stream for scores, stories, videos, and pictures from all the best sources across the web – local papers, national websites, blogs, Twitter, & Bleacher Report • Break news to your friends with Facebook, Twitter, groups, email, or text message -- See what real fans have said in our 5-star app reviews: • "This app is great, 9 times out of 10 I get updates from BR before the ESPN app." • “Wow - I'm just blown away by how good this is! The stream is awesome, and the breaking news is dead on. So much better than trying to follow multiple teams on ESPN. NICE JOB FELLAS!” • “SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! - As soon as I got the app and added my local team, I got breaking news from my team before they broke the news on a local sports talk radio that I listen at work every day. From that moment I fell in love with the app!!! Awesome app, I recommend it to every sports fan!!!!!” • “Great app - Instead of having to go to multiple sites, I get a quick fix on my favorite teams with just this one.” • Awesome! - Best sports app there is! I love the team feature. I used to watch espn daily but now with this app I haven't watched in over two weeks. All the news is fast and to the minute. Bye-bye espn. • “Perfect - Get all your local teams big news in your notification center. How awesome!!!!!” • “Great App!! - This app is very useful for breaking news and interesting tidbits from my teams. Being separated from home sports city makes it tough to get a ton of info on just a couple teams I want to follow, better than twitter only sports related updates.” -- Feedback? Email Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:


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Bleacher Report: Sports News app reviews

  • Awesome sauce 5/5

    By Slobb420
    Simply Glorious
  • Downgrade 3/5

    By POG 1
    The formatting on this app is awful. This used to be my go to app for sports news but now it's too confusing to bother with. There are much better sources to get me good articles clearly The old app as far superior else we go back to the formatting. Otherwise I'm deleting
  • Bleacher Report Review 5/5

    By Ben Hatter
    Best sports app ever! Really wish you guys did fantasy football on the app though.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Artiepilgrim
    Love it
  • Sweet app 5/5

    By ChazzBased
  • Good app 5/5

    By DeadGauntlent45
    Love this app keeps me up on all sports things I think it helps If you want to know everything going on in sports.
  • Another sad excuse for a once decent app 1/5

    By Carl the truth
    This app took away the comment section and there went it's balls. Sad, sad pair of clown shoes in the abortion clinic dumpster outback type of app.
  • BS 1/5

    By Loopstyx
    Just got political, bye bye!
  • Bias 1/5

    By Pats Fan 2017
    If you are looking for a fair balanced SPORTS application I would go somewhere else to look. I've had bleacher report over the last few years and I can say today was the tipping point. I will never download this biased app again. I don't think this should be classified under a sports applications. This is a liberal media outlet at this point. Every other article has to do with politics not sports. If you have any conservative views this application completely and totally alienates you till you find the need to delete it. Every political article comes from the liberal view and there is not one single conservative writer or view on there team. Not only do they only post the liberal view they completely and totally take away the free speech from conservative readers. On these liberal political articles that they post they completely remove the comment section so anyone who disagrees isn't even allowed too. I'm not sure on what gives Bleacher Report the right to choose what people can or cannot debate about. This application brain washes people into believing only one side of the story. It's a sad day in this country when a sports application are firing there political opinions down your throats and completely silenced the opposing point of view. I would not recommend this application to anyone with conservative views or believes that just because you have a different view you shouldn't be silenced which is unjust and Un-American.
  • In Game Notifications 4/5

    By jpost8
    I love BR! I’ve told all my friends about how I believe it’s much better than ESPN. But my one struggle is in game notifications that ESPN does provide me - i.e. when my team scores, end of qtr, game start - can BR make this happen? PLEASE?!
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By shortbanks00
    Writing is suspect at best and app crashes. Looking for a better option to get my sports.
  • Too much politics 1/5

    By Dhdujdyjdfvdgc
    I look at sports coverage for sports, not for a liberal agenda.
  • Awful interface in new app 1/5

    By Poland1168
    Bleacher Report on iPad was a solid app, if a bit clunky. The new version replicates the iPhone layout, but it's ungainly, ugly, and acts like an iPhone app stretched to fit an iPad. Seriously, this is how iPad apps looked five years ago. Fail.
  • Rating this app 1 star is being generous 1/5

    By Branden1423
    I remember when this app used to be about sports. Now it's editorials are laced with political undertones and it's push notifications are rarely about sports but mostly about the latest drama going on on Twitter. It's sad really...I discontinued using ESPN's app because of these same issues and now have to move on from this one as well.
  • The best 5/5

    By Firemarshall 34
    Thousand times better the. ESPN, great inside knowledge
  • Poor display on iPad 2/5

    By Ryan M R
    The app only uses a small part of the iPad screen. This is designed like a phone app that has been moved to the iPad. Weak.
  • 😒 1/5

    By Meister Zeigler
    Not getting any score alerts/notifications, only news/videos, should also change the premier league logos for the teams to their actual crest instead of their current jerseys/kits, would also be nice if it said what channel the games will be on for each team
  • Older was better 1/5

    By Mh9967
    Thought the old app was an A+ (if it isn't broken, don't fix it). Don't like the new app's layout at all.
  • good app 4/5

    By Thomas McCaul
    It is undoubtedly a great app for sports info, stats, and scores. One thing I would personally like to see is the ability to scroll through moment by moment game info like you were once able to. As of the past couple months, while you still can touch See More - which shows the description of, let's say, an inning - but you can no longer scroll down to see previous game information. Also, it is apparent the Red Sox page has a bug as all week it does not show the game as it is happening or incorrect scores. It currently shows the Sox and Reds are playing today at 7:10 but the game is over. Additionally, it is showing articles at the top from two days ago and nothing since. I'm sure it is unlikely to happen but it would be cool to be able to permanently remove or filter particular authors from the tweet section. Oftentimes they are no longer with the team, nonsense, misinformation, incredibly redundant, or worse, reporting on teams I do not follow. Regardless, as you already know BR reigns supreme...
  • Fix update 2/5

    By Dudemikeyp
    No new tweets from sports writers on my teams page. Same headlines for past 24 hours. Really lame. Might as well just use Twitter. Bad look
  • Bleacher Report 5/5

    By mikedrfish
    Great source for all sports!
  • Solid App 4/5

    By OCD Runner
    Pretty solid sports app.
  • Great but why not cycling? 4/5

    By Lalter1
    I use this app every morning over a cup of coffee to get my sports fix. Generally, I love it. However, with all the sports you cover, why not cycling? It's a great sport and I'd love to know who won yesterday's stage of the Tour de (add race here).
  • Decent sports app 3/5

    By Vhudson
    An app that was once the best for sports news and highlights has faded to pure crap to what it once was. Don’t get me wrong still a good app. But not what it once was. Taking the comment section and plugging it into Facebook comments was a real crapper and other things too. Bleacher report please please see this and give us back the best comment section in sports apps. Give us back the old bleacher report.
  • Really good app 5/5

    By VS1408
    Love the reminders of my topics
  • Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... 2/5

    By HiloHawaiian
    In a word, ruined. Change is not a bad thing. Taking a fresh look at success on a regular basis is prudent. Releasing a completely new design that has little to do with that successful past design can be foolhardy unless executed perfectly. This is NOT an example. The navigation is worse, the reliability shaky. OK, it’s pretty. That wears-off fast. There are other choices, and I’ll take a fresh look at them...
  • Everything 5/5

    By savmirr
  • What happened 1/5

    By Unkymike
    Used to be a great app, what happened? Guess I'll have to find somewhere else to get all my news. So disappointed!!.
  • I was able to change the homepage to my teams only! 3/5

    By Detente4203
    BR send me an email showing me how to set the homepage to my teams only so that I don't have to have things come up about soccer and other things that I don't care for. The only thing left for them to do is get rid of the political stuff which I hate even more than soccer! Then I would give it a five star rating for sports content!!!!!!!
  • Old version much better 2/5

    By SR22pilot
    With the old version it was easy to select my team of interest and scan them news. Now I have to scroll through a lot of articles I have no interest in. I gave up. I used to look at the BR Team Stream app every day but no longer. I hate the user interface. I just read the response. The problem is that there is no easy way to scan and then select what to read. I used to start BR, select a sport or team and then scan the items. I even expanded the small news items at the top of the small column to see what was new on Twitter. Then I could select what looked interesting and only read that. Now I have an endless stream of large blocks of articles crammed in my face. No thanks. I tried it a couple of times and I have given up. It is easier to scan SI or ESPN. Even if I only select on team, then I have to keep changing the setting as I go from team to team. Even if that was ok, I don’t want a big block fir every team article. I want the small narrow column I used to scroll through quickly. Ugh.
  • Hate the new format 2/5

    By Jjl70
    This app was really great but over past months the content quantity seems way down, very few good stories. Lots of useless tweets. And the new format leaves much to be desired, much clunkier to click on my team feeds and lots of empty white space on the home screen.
  • A great app ruined with iOS 11 updated 2/5

    By Doc jab
    The team stream was great, but now that it forced me to update it looks like an iphone app on my iPad Pro. Doesn’t make sense to go from a full screen app to something that is just centered in the page like you are on an iphone when you are in landscape mode. Used to be able to see multiple stories at once and decide which one I want to read now I have to scroll up and down constantly to see what news exists. If you are going to do this I might as well stick with ESPN who does this up and down format perfect.
  • Why so small? 1/5

    By Bigmil73
    I’m not happy that it doesn’t fill my screen. It looks like a iPhone app forced on a iPad. This was one of my favorite apps and I am longing for the old version I take everything back if there is a setting to fill the screen that I am unaware of.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Hilltop8300
    Really liked the old app. This is awful.
  • Storage hog 1/5

    By Wh1te Rav3n
    App takes up 53 MB. Documents and data... 653MB!!!! Are you freaking serious?!?! Settings is practically hidden with its tiny grey on black icon on one screen. Click clear cache, noting. No pop up saying complete, just nothing. Go back and check, still taking up 653 MB. Force quit settings and app, try again, stil 653MB. Reset phone, still 653MB. Also it’s basically a poor cluttered twitter feed anymore.
  • Was happy! 4/5

    By ninerboi!
    Come on what happen with the baseball live scores. It was nice being able to see the players on the field and who the pitcher and the batters where. Now it's just who's batting and you can't really do anything. Will give 5 stars when it's back to how it was or is made better. But other than that I love Bleacher report.
  • This app is great 5/5

    By Liam Lamphier
    This application is fantastic. I use it all the time, it never lets me down. Only problem is that sometimes it tells me news 2 times, but that isn't a true problem to me
  • A real eye sore. 1/5

    By The slugggg
    What did they do ? The format is so visually ugly I had to delete it. 😝
  • My only sports app 5/5

    By Zzzzztop
    Real time, real sports, real news.
  • Eh it's ok 2/5

    By crispee
    I just like Team Stream better. So much wasted real estate.
  • Yeet 5/5

    By heymydude
  • Really great app 5/5

    By irisharmy2418
    Love this app and having up to date and minute twits to read during the Notre Dame and Cubs game
  • Best Sports App 5/5

    By Shim45Bix
    Best App for Keeping Up With Your Favorite Sports Team and What's going on in sports and kicks 💯💯
  • Everything Sports 5/5

    By Brett13112
    Best app for up to date sports news

    By Ghhfhhgf
    I hate him as do we all. They are sooooooo bias to the left!
  • Go back to the old format 1/5

    By Big Guardog
    Loved this app until this year. Will be deleting it now,I never use it. It's nothing but confusing navigation,commercials,and bias interviews. Until they go back to the way it was,this app will continue to fail. Loosing way too many loyal users,and it may be too late to redeem itself.
  • All Politics 1/5

    By Dawgs355
    B/R is trash. Every other article is left wing garbage. We want sports, not your politics B/R!!!!!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Ecunn504
    I love this app better than any other sports. I'm able to see news from my favorite teams, and sports. Also, I can see trending sports related videos, and shoes. I like how I am able edit experience on the app.
  • My go to sports app! 5/5

    By Tut4Tat
    It's great!
  • RIP in peace b/r (thanks Zucc) 1/5

    By ky_land
    First of all, I'd like to thank Bleacher Report for telling me that Eifert just scored a TD before it was confirmed. Nothing like waking up to much needed fantasy points to find out they were truly that, fantasy. Just one example of how I'm disappointed daily by this app. What used to be a great sports community featuring interesting writers and an unrivaled comment section is now populated mostly by bum a** writers complete with Facebook-only comments powered by Zucc. Insightful articles and riveting sports-related discussions have been replaced by force-fed left wing trash and pop culture updates that would make TMZ roll their eyes. Bleacher Report is the sports app equivalent of a 60 year old man desperately trying to keep up with the times to appeal to a younger (and more stupid) audience. RIP in peace b/r. Gone but never forgotten

Bleacher Report: Sports News app comments


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