Bleacher Report: Sports news, scores, & highlights

Bleacher Report: Sports news, scores, & highlights

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Bleacher Report: Sports news, scores, & highlights App

Your Team's News First! Get all your team's news and scores from across the web in one easy place with personalized streams that send alerts as soon as stories break. Be the first to know all your team's news! Allow Push Notifications To Get News Alerts! • Pick the teams you love and get real-time streams with hand-picked alerts so you know your team's news first. • Open a stream for scores, stories, videos, and pictures from all the best sources across the web – local papers, national websites, blogs, Twitter, & Bleacher Report • Break news to your friends with Facebook, Twitter, groups, email, or text message -- See what real fans have said in our 5-star app reviews: • "This app is great, 9 times out of 10 I get updates from BR before the ESPN app." • “Wow - I'm just blown away by how good this is! The stream is awesome, and the breaking news is dead on. So much better than trying to follow multiple teams on ESPN. NICE JOB FELLAS!” • “SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! - As soon as I got the app and added my local team, I got breaking news from my team before they broke the news on a local sports talk radio that I listen at work every day. From that moment I fell in love with the app!!! Awesome app, I recommend it to every sports fan!!!!!” • “Great app - Instead of having to go to multiple sites, I get a quick fix on my favorite teams with just this one.” • Awesome! - Best sports app there is! I love the team feature. I used to watch espn daily but now with this app I haven't watched in over two weeks. All the news is fast and to the minute. Bye-bye espn. • “Perfect - Get all your local teams big news in your notification center. How awesome!!!!!” • “Great App!! - This app is very useful for breaking news and interesting tidbits from my teams. Being separated from home sports city makes it tough to get a ton of info on just a couple teams I want to follow, better than twitter only sports related updates.” -- Feedback? Email Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Bleacher Report: Sports news, scores, & highlights app reviews

  • Epic Fail 1/5

    By Maidenalex
    If the intention was to make it easier for users, then you failed miserably. The all-white theme makes everything look the same, you no longer have the color distinction of your team feeds and that makes it much more harder to distinguish between articles, tweets, and all the other info from your particular team feed. Who was the Einstein that thought that making everything white and the same equals to easier and more user friendly??? It also is much harder on the eyes, I've found myself cranking the phone's brightness to the lowest level just to tolerate it. Also, no more saved articles?? Why?? Any change in an app should be to make them better and bring more and better features, not the other way around. Please restore back previously available features and bring back the team by team COLOR DISTINCTION for each team feed, and find a way to distinguish articles from tweets, etc., so that it can actually be EASIER to follow the content of each team feed. Epic Fail.
  • Don't like the update 1/5

    By Jrl123456789
    Is there a way to have it not auto play the videos?
  • Hate this version. 1/5

    By DFCTrack
    What did you do to my report? This version is crap.
  • Loved the app before 1/5

    By calbearfan
    Liked the bar with all my team's games when I entered the app. Now I can't find that.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Ragonk
    Team streams do no load anymore. Why mess up a great app?
  • Recent Update 3/5

    By GerryJ02
    This recent update changing the whole format stinks. Used to get all the updated feeds upfront now have to look all over for everything.
  • Update makes it quit working 1/5

    By ercrex82
    Not only is this update ugly but since updating I can't access any of the stories once clicking them on my iPhone 7. Used to be a go to app. Not right now
  • Two wishes 4/5

    By dtbrouillette
    I really like this app, but I cannot give it 5 stars because of two reasons. The first reason is the fact that you can only read about college lacrosse. I would love it if I could follow a team and see the scores of a game instead of just an article. Also I would like to be able to be notified when a game is going to start for a team that I follow and for a picture to be next to a players name.
  • New update stinks! Ignore fake reviews 1/5

    By CarpeDiem2332
    Absolutely no one gets excited about app updates. So many reviews are clearly from B/R employees! They read like a press release instead of a guy writing about an app
  • Not needed 1/5

    By nosaints43
    In my opinion, the update this dramatic was not needed. This changed everything and now we the user have to find our way in trying to get this app to work properly and find way around. It's not easy.
  • So white 2/5

    By Cafu!
    Give us an option to have night mode its too bright
  • Giant step backwards 2/5

    By Team_Sexy
    The current version is just awful, and it doesn't improve with use. It actually is awful. It used to be really nice, now I'll be looking for a similar competitor, I hope there is such a thing. Why did BR have to 'fix' something that worked great a couple of months ago?
  • Great app ruined 1/5

    By Gearhead since 98
    REALLY don't like the new look. Change it back, please. The new appearance is harsh on the eyes, and I can't spend much time looking at it. Loved this app, but if you don't fix it, I will delete. Don't care about the new features at all.
  • Super poor update 1/5

    By J.Braimbridge
    C'mon bleacher report, this update is horrible. Updates are supposed to be better not worse, the version before was way better visually and the user interface was so much better. This update is a downgrade NOT an upgrade. Used to be my go to for anything sports, now it's just BLAH.
  • Won't even let me update... 1/5

    By zsundevil
    "Unable to download app at this time" it's been 3 days. Figure it out pledge.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By 110614937
    Do you actually want to lose users?
  • Black icon 5/5

    By Toakdkelsb
    Ayyye like the black and white colors, only using it's going from second page apps to first page. Thanks BR
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Fifty149
    Time to find a sports app!
  • Nice 5/5

    By rthsrs
    A lot nicer looking than the old app. I'm a fan of the new logo too.
  • White background?WHY:( 1/5

    By Towel Snapper
    I'll drop if a dark background isn't offered as a choice!
  • Get back to the basics 2/5

    By 4katsmore
    It's pretty obvious, people aren't happy with your app. Please fix, get the fans involved.
  • Need help finding new app 1/5

    By Pickinganicknameisannoying
    It was the best sports app out there. I've never wrote a review but I figured I'd pile on to these 1 star reviews because b/r blew it. NEWSFLASH: we liked commenting freely w/o Facebook. Forget the couple trolls, truth be told they could be funny sometimes. We liked saving articles. And we liked the old layout. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Seems like some employees got bored and decided to revamp the whole thing. See ya later
  • Bad Update 2/5

    By Ezrabud
    Why do companies do this? The app was great as team stream and you go and make it ugly.
  • "Save Stories" gone w/New Version 1/5

    By williamj0315
    Everything about the new update to BleacherReport is fine....Except for the fact that they, without notice, got rid of the ability to Save Stories. Besides that I personally see no reason why it was decided to get rid of the option to save stories, BleacherReport should have alerted users beforehand so Saved Stories files could have been transferred.
  • New update 1/5

    By J.R.inCt
  • Can't open app 1/5

    By Pilgffhjff
    Ever since the app update bleacher report doesn't open for me.
  • I Miss Team Stream 1/5

    By sarbs
    Not a fan of the new app or replacement for Team Stream... The old version had its problems and whatnot, but the new one is just not good at all. Gotta find a new "go-to" sports app, asap!
  • Generic 1/5

    By Brosephjones777
    ESPN app with Spotify color scheme
  • New update is trash 1/5

    By Vulderoga
    Love BR but cant update, had to delete the app then download again, then the app wont open. This is trash. I cant give less than 1 star review. But If I could I would give 0 stars. Thank you Bleacher Report. Used this app everyday for 3/4 years. Now I cant even open this app on my iPhone.
  • Love the look of the new app 4/5

    By fearthebrow
    This new B/R app is awesome! The look and feel are very modern, and it just seems so much more intuitive than TeamStream. This is coming from someone who works at a company called Red e App (I know apps). Of course with any new, massive updates to an app, there are kinks that need to be worked out. When I leave the app to check a message or anything, I am taken back to the homepage upon returning. Not even closing the app, just leaving open but switching to another and back. This is frustrating because I have to relocate the article and point I stopped reading in order to continue. In the old TeamStream app, you could close the app completely and reopen right in the same article you were previously reading and scroll to your spot to continue. Would also like to be able to save articles again because there is so much content and only so much time to consume it. The Fire section isn't really something I'm going to use but I get why it's been added so that won't factor into my review. Just wanted to note for others that it's not for everyone but you don't have to click it so why complain? If I notice anything else I will add here. Also, will update to 5 stars upon bug fixes because this upgrade is 🔥.
  • After a couple of days.. 3/5

    By amazen311
    It's alright...would like the option to switch to a dark mode...that seems to be the issue with most people
  • Unneeded update 1/5

    By Timmy1372
    App was actually doing much better lately but nooooooo lets just screw it all up
  • Stories disappear 1/5

    By Troyboy300
    App is useless after stories go blank after a few seconds of viewing them
  • Awful update 1/5

    By Avatarfan981
    It's too bright, much worse layout to find articles on streams. Miss the gray theme. One of the worst updates I've ever seen drove me to write one if my only app reviews.
  • Nobody watches game of zones. 1/5

    By dz2017
    Just give us the scores, need and highlights.
  • Lame wrapper for box scores is lame 2/5

    By MurphCorp
    Gross. There are APIs for this data that surely an app this big can afford. Using a slow loading wrapper of the website is lazy, clunky and ugly
  • Hate It 1/5

    By TRam1230
    Long time B/R user...Hate the new update!

    By codyt
    Terrible, disappointing, confusing, ugly, overly ambitious. As you can see, I kingly request to revert back to the previous layout.
  • Update 2/5

    By Khhdrhdtf
    The new update is trash. The old version was much better. It looks tacky now
  • Updated review April 2017 3/5

    By Sdpc2
    Use it everyday, but I really dislike the new version. The old one was much easier to read, had the information that you wanted clearly and concisely. The new one is confusing and doesn't show what I want to see
  • Please go back to the old logo and layout 2/5

    By Corey Murphey
    This new logo and format is just annoying and bothers me. The notifications use to stand out, now I just skip them bc of the dull black.
  • I don't like your update 1/5

    By Billyd41
    Zero stars. Can't leave well enough alone.
  • Bring back saved stories 1/5

    By El Cidly
    Horrible update that no one was asking for
  • Really crappy update 1/5

    By Bnv68
    I deleted espn app because it looked this way. I hate the way the content is displayed. It was so much easier to navigate the app. Now it's really hard because of the white bar at the bottom. Really poor design
  • Stellar Update 5/5

    By Ashes The Savage
    Smooth and efficient. The addition of 'Fire' was excellent. They trimmed the fat and now I love this app. Well done BR. The negativity coming from the update I feel is greatly unwarranted. If you read some of these negative comments, they minuscule negatives, it's just whiney. I don't particularly like the new icon, but that's my preference and has no effect on how the app operates. People wanting a comment section in the app is a ridiculous gripe. This is a news app, not social media, I don't want a bunch of idiots voicing their uneducated opinions.I want sports news, and that's what this app delivers. Overall this app has seen a huge improvement.
  • New update 1/5

    By ChiefDoosky
    Absolutely terrible. The layout is all messed up and the new color design is god awful. I will give it a few days to see if I adjust but if not, my once fave app will be UNINSTALLED
  • Don't like the white background. 3/5

    By N/a duh74
    Don't care about the other stuff. Pretty much the same thing, but more blinding and I'm guessing kills my battery quicker with the white background. Disappointed.
  • A once great app, turned to junk 1/5

    By drl33083
    I have used the bleacher report for years on multiple devices and always loved it. But now they change the layout so it looks like every other generic sports app. I receive notifications on sports i do not follow, nor ever did. However the worst offense is changing the comment section to facebook only. I have been using BR for years with my BR account and now it is null and void. And i have no desire to get a facebook account to comment. These changes have ruined my BR experience and is causing me to delete my app, oh well, its been fun.
  • No saving articles!!! 1/5

    By Pgarcia0610
    Come on guys!
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By UO Duck 2003
    Now you can't tell what articles you've read. Things were fine before, why change!?!?!

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