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  • Current Version: 4.163.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sprint
  • Compatibility: Android
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Say goodbye to tech support, and hello to smart support. Tech expert is a faster way to premium support. Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus) customers can now access all the benefits of their Tech Expert service through the Tech Expert app, a companion app to the Sprint® Gallery app. • U.S.-based support: In seconds connect live to a Tech Expert based in the US • One-click access: Connect live or via chat • One call solves it all: Even the hardest problems are resolved in one call, 98% of the time • Smarter support: Get proactive notifications alerting you of your phone’s performance Who’s Eligible? The Tech Expert app is available to all Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus customers with iOS 8.0 and above. Important Notes Tech Expert is powered by Asurion. The Tech Expert app can only be used on compatible iPhone devices.


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Tech Expert app reviews

  • Sprint service 1/5

    By Quarterbot
    A string and two soup cans works way better!
  • Ughh 1/5

    By Lester1994
    I can't even send a message to start my chat.
  • Fixed my problem... this time 3/5

    By AmmariBoug
    Waiting for the rug to be pulled from under me. Sprint (notorious for bad customer service) did help me identify that I was in a service outage zone. (Why they would not inform customers DURING an outage is beyond me) but after 45 minutes searching online and calling. I got a dead end automated message that said download the app. So I did. Surprise I'm in an outage zone. Okay so they helped me this time. We will see if the service continues to deliver on more difficult issues. Also there are mostly spammy reviews on this App. Continue to scroll. 😑sooooo I don't think it's receiving as high of a score as it's stating. Most reviews don't even seem to be speaking about this app at all. Just random words thrown together and a 5 star rating. That seems fishy. And the App Store should regulate the scoring more closely.
  • Great App, but one complaint.. 4/5

    By MaxAbraham
    This is a great app that has a beautiful interface. However, I am extremely disappointed that you all didn't jump on the opportunity to name it "Techspert" instead of Tech Expert. Other than that, it's a great app.
  • Don't use sprint 1/5

    By moonorion
    This is the most fraudulent scam company in American history. Do not use!!!!!! They will fraudulently raise bill $100s. Refuse help or answers. I have proof on chat screen shots if anyone wants proof. They refused to answer BBB complaints s w anything but a prewritten fake email that has nothing do w your issues. Then after being always in time they cut your service after 5 days late cause you question their fake bills. This company makes Trump look like God. Stay away! Total fraud company!!!!!
  • Don't download 1/5

    By gameinghurts
    It wants ur phone #
  • Mrs. Robertson 5/5

    By Lydia E Robertson
    I love it they respond right away n fix what ever you need there very very very helpful Blessings to you n his holy name
  • Service at sprint store 5/5

    By Fgfghgd
    My phone was repaired at sprint store in Richmond heights the tech Justin was awesome and should get a raise in pay he had excellent customer service and he really helped me I don't know much about working my phone but he had so much patience and I really thank him and glad he work there I've been with sprint since 2000 and he was the best tech I ever came in contact with my name is Deborah Stewart phone number is 314-504-0410
  • Really like it!!!!!! 5/5

    By Little Buzzy
    The repasentivs no exalty wat to do my problem was fixed in no time!!!!!!!
  • Easiest way to get help... 5/5

    By Egg-headed
    The firs day I downloaded this app I immediately needed help with my sprint device. After i provided all of my information, i was connected with a Technician expert in like seconds I was impressed by that..I could understand the rep. Very clearly and she walked thru the steps and everything it only took about 2-3 mins and my sprint device is working faster than before... I would recommend this app for any sprint lovers instead of calling...
  • 🙈 5/5

    By rowealena
  • 开公司 5/5

    By 来参加了哈khxlh了很多lhdhl
    I took some time, a lot of fun
  • 老百姓好了 5/5

    By gxkgzw李嘉诚了解lhxlh
    What is the best in the world? Of course is it
  • 灵活性 5/5

    By 可惜更可贵kdoh客户端khx
    Follow your feelings
  • Gauzy 5/5

    By Jdkdjdhhs&&:)3)j
    The real king will go forward
  • Fsdddsss 5/5

    By He'd?gfv¥¥((
    There are many mysteries waiting for you to discover
  • 你们买可口可乐 5/5

    By 橘子肌肤kgxkg举行出口igzig
    You're a good choice
  • Zxnxnxmxnxn 5/5

    By Dvcidjkhxhdh¥&:)
    Fun share, of course
  • 来精彩绝伦 5/5

    By 良好习惯kgxkg看好想看好kggx
    Believe in yourself, do you want it
  • Dyrudydydgfh 5/5

    By Duigkcvkcy
    Hope I can play of special happy every time
  • 我听见他说 5/5

    By 给萨克斯管afj开通使用zgjsg
    This is a very special software, like
  • Fzpntxpjycj 5/5

    By Svgsdb
    Really is a very rare software, the play is not difficult, very interesting!
  • Hcyjoyxjo 5/5

    By Stgutzgutx
    Good bad software, fascinating, I like it very much
  • Cyjorxib 5/5

    By Dygixtcu
    Very good play software, each time can play of very happy!
  • Jvlnh l 5/5

    By Fzvjfov
    True good, so a good software makes me very happy!
  • Fzicyxxy 5/5

    By H bjychouc
    Hope I will become better and better
  • Tsifcinpnp 5/5

    By Xyonviohux
    Very good software, every time we play all let a person fondle admiringly!
  • Filgxhlgxhkfgl 5/5

    By Hdmchzjcxh
    It's good to can have a good time, every time, I like it very much
  • 合适的 5/5

    By 发觉djsj大家的加入xbaba
    I like to believe you also like it
  • Dhxhxh 5/5

    By Hzhshshshshh &hi)3¥¥
    Beautiful very nice like it
  • phCdM 5/5

    By 哦恭喜哟sgmsy独立afmts
    High performance software, very useful
  • gsl 5/5

    By 的引路人ykyd一瞥dulsy
    Which stylist design, very useful
  • 额度!fHl 5/5

    By 啤酒厂oydo如来sgmys
    Friend recommended download, very perfect
  • erNMgsfzhl 5/5

    By 灵活性khxog和Y的ydUr
    Friends are around, we play together ah
  • etMBryso 5/5

    By 是否合影qrhqr三天几夜stjt
    Since the software all fondle admiringly, don't stop
  • erMXffl 5/5

    By 目标下看过kgzkg度Uljxlg
    It is like to play with to my friends to play together
  • etMzrwrsup 5/5

    By 佛法片放J短裤
    Super powerful, super love it
  • EtKBrrl 5/5

    By 青春逼C考虑把岑文化
    There is no longer good software, then it
  • etlderai 5/5

    By fizfjkd溜之大吉为目的Ggog
    It took a long time to find, god helps whoever helps them
  • etj 5/5

    By l h s hzj到哪ljxlh
    Really designed to perfection, the perfect software
  • BdssjbfkaxD 5/5

    By Sngxhhchchksjgdge@h)vvcf
    Like to play with friends can communicate with communication
  • FwirwqfjffhcAfipgoyfadhlk 5/5

    By Dhljshhdhfb&):?:?:!!
    Good product, everyone is using it
  • Uwipltwwtizlhswtkdhpurwwti 5/5

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    That's interesting, I like, really is a very rare software!
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    Interesting software, so you don't play a shame, I hope we can always love down
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    Too good, I like this style of, hope to be able to last forever!
  • Lakefront floyfsdsal 5/5

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    So interesting software was the first time I see, is really good
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    Very good, and the special fun, I like it
  • Skdjfhhg 5/5

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    Every time log in the in the mind very happy, hope I can always love down!!!!
  • Kdjcjchh 5/5

    By Jjdjdj &¥)):
    One of the best software in the currently used, no
  • 大港口 5/5

    By 也可sgnsg送给那个sfnfs
    Too fun let me can't from pull ou

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