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Teladoc App

A DOCTOR’S CARE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Teladoc® connects you with a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video consults. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen and resolve your issue. If medically necessary a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. * It’s healthcare when and wherever you want it! Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if medically necessary, for many medical issues, including: - Sore throat and stuffy nose - Allergies - Cold and flu symptoms - Bronchitis - Poison ivy - Pink eye - Urinary tract infection - Respiratory infection - Sinus problems - Ear infection And more… HOW DOES IT WORK? Request a consult – Open the Teladoc App and request a consult, provide medical history and pay for the consult. Your Teladoc account is also available online at or toll-free at 1-800-Teladoc. Talk to a doctor – Within minutes, a state-licensed doctor reviews your medical history and contacts you via phone or video. Teladoc consults have no time limit; you can speak to the doctor for as long as you’d like. Pick up prescription – The doctor discusses the issue with you, answers questions and recommends next steps. If medically necessary, a prescription can be submitted to a local pharmacy of your choice. HOW DO I GET TELADOC? Teladoc is a service provided to you as a benefit through your employer, health insurance, or other organization. Visit to learn more. This app allows Teladoc members to: - Authenticate your Teladoc account. - Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere. - Create and update your medical history. - Update personal, contact, login and billing information. - Utilize Apple Health integration to enable your provider to form a better diagnosis.


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  • Worthless for some illness 1/5

    By bodezafa 88
    App does a terrible job providing information on illnesses they can’t help with like strep throat. Snow closed all but emergency rooms so I resorted to Teladoc who glad took my money only to say they can’t help. Could at least offer a refund! Basically worthless when you are really sick.
  • Waited for hours . 5/5

    By Greenmadi
    App notified me 3 times that the doc would see me now. Never appeared. He was reviewing my record all 3 times. Every time I call help desk after waiting 30 mins I get a notification that I’m next in line. Not a good service at all.
  • Great 4/5

    By ghosttwin
    Very helpful, timly responses
  • Very helpful!!! 5/5

    By Bigwin15
    I had an infection. I needed an antibiotic, but didn’t want to risk getting the flu by going in to Urgent Care. The state of Alabama is currently under a state of emergency because the flu is rampant. The doctor called me back within an hour. He looked at the pictures I sent. He asked lots of questions. He called me in an antibiotic. It helped me get through the weekend till I could get into the dermatologist today. It ended up I had to have a cyst removed, but the antibiotic helped with the infection that was causing so much of the pain. It was a life saver...and I avoided being exposed to the flu!
  • 1 star is to many! 1/5

    By Resqu2
    Card is going in the trash, like others said they just tell you to go get OTC meds or go to a Dr. I hope my Employer isn’t paying much for this service. I will advise them to drop this service.
  • Doesn’t work as advertised 1/5

    By mvance
    The ad says “anytime, anywhere” but apparently not at 1 am on Sunday morning. The whole idea is it supposed to save a trip to urgent care, right? Not worth the two hours I spent loading all the info and waiting. App is being deleted, I won’t be back and I’ll make sure to let Premera know, too.
  • Maybe... could be good 2/5

    By lovetheloungelife
    I called in early December because I had gotten sick. The first doctor said to take cough medicine and wait two weeks. Well, I began having tightness in my chest and luckily the second time I used the app a few days later, the doctor recognized the symptoms and called in amoxicillin. That antibiotic for whatever reason has always been semi ineffective for me... I had a time in childhood when it took away most of the symptoms but wasn’t taking away all and the same thing happened here. I ended up feeling better then a week or so later I got sick again and called again, the first doctor also said just wait and see and the second was going to give me a Z pac but because I had spoken to 3 other doctors he wanted me to be seen in person. Well, reasonable I guess except I either had walking pneumonia or I had a viral issue. This went on for 30- 40 days by this point so I definitely needed a Z pac. I had to wait a few more days to get an appointment with my doctor bc this Dr wouldn’t prescribe anything (seems to be the case with most doctors on here too scared to actually prescribe anything as if I’m over here popping antibiotics... I maybe get sick once a year). So I called 7 days ago last, missed 4/5 days of work last week and am Now on day 2 of the Z pac. Had the last doctor prescribed it I probably would not have missed work this week (I’m starting to finally feel better) and I wouldn’t have been up all week from coughing. For this reason if you get a good doctor who is willing to prescribe based upon symptoms then this works otherwise you’re paying to have some doctor tell you to get cough syrup and nose spray.
  • Great service fast 5/5

    By marlin515
    Dr called me quickly and we talked about my sinus issue and dr called in medicine for my issue. Very fast service very professional thx
  • Complete fraud 1/5

    By WmH2
    Here is a complete break down of their failures... on my first and last use of their service. 1) I requested a video consultation... according to the marketing I expected to get an answer within 10-20 minutes. I got a phone call after waiting over an hour, saying that there was a back up and revered to a phone call. 2) then the phone call came in, it was hard for me to clearly hear the doctors voice. I asked him several time to repeat his name. After several attempts I gave up. 3) after a very brief description of my symptoms, he proscribed medicine... I don’t believe that the consultant was very complete. 4) after 24 hours of the proscribed medication not doing what was needed. I had to go to an urgent care center. Something that I should have done the day before. 24 hours after the urgent care center, my symptoms are so gone.
  • Rushed and lied to!! 1/5

    By Marcb916
    Called in because I thought it would be convenient since I knew I was having flu symptoms. Spoke to a “Dr” who was extremely short, abrasive and rude. In one question she said “I’m sending a prescription in for you for 5 day treatment. BUT because of Ga law I can only prescribe 3 days. You have to call back in after the 3 days to get the other 2 days prescribed.” She kept on repeating GA Law GA Law when I asked for clarification. Or I could go somewhere else. Pharmacist confirmed for me that she was completely lying to me as I assumed. They just want you to make another appointment for a second fee. Interesting enough, my fiancé used a different service Dr on Demand the same day for same symptoms & was prescribed 10 days of the same med with no problem at all. AND great service by the “Dr”. Won’t be using again at all.
  • Still waiting 1/5

    By This is going to kill people
    Video wait times well over two hours.
  • No call back yet 2/5

    By Ebilha
    I’ve been waiting over an hour to get a call back. Seems like they had a good idea when they came up with this, but don’t have the man power to keep up with patients.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By GoodfellaPj
    I’ve tried to activate pin and Touch ID five times with no success. Every time I log back in, Touch ID and pin options are unchecked. App needs a lot of work and upgrade.
  • Worst service. 1/5

    By Klaususafa
    First interaction was awful. Could not communicate with the doctor. The doctor would only recommend vitamins and ended up having a sinus infection that required antibiotics. Would not listen to me and did not help at all.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Hollywood 16
    Talking to a doctor for 3 minutes & get diagnosed with a sinus INFECTION. I totally agree but when I go to pick up medications I was ONLY given a NASAL SPRAY that has NOTHING to help fight my INFECTION!! I then called for a follow up & a nurse calls me back to basically read the doctor notes that I have access to to tell me I was not prescribed a antibiotic!! She was of NO HELP and only spouted off policy. I’m SICK & need help. TELADOC took my money & did NOTHING to get me better. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM!!
  • An extreme disappointment 1/5

    By Saki Masato
    I called in with what I know to be symptoms of a bacterial bronchitis which can only be treated with antibiotics... I don’t ask for anything like this often because I am allergic to many antibiotics as it is, so it is an extreme circumstance that I would ever request one...I told the doctor what my symptoms were who said, before I could even finish, “Sorry you will have to go to the er or a clinic “... my doctors office was booked and are closed the next two days after... I was shocked I paid $40 dollars for a “ just go to the er” when Teladoc is supposed to prevent that... I plan to set a doctors appt for my upcoming Wednesday off day...and I will NEVER use or recommend Teladoc after this experience
  • From an RN 2/5

    By NurseCorin
    My overall impression is the service is OK. I called to get a RX for Tamiflu. I had started to experience flu like symptoms after being exposed to the virus. Being that I have a newborn I wanted to be proactive and treat the family ASAP. After receiving separate consults ($40 each) for each person in my family I proceeded to pick up my meds from Pharm. When I arrived the pharmacists informs me my 5 yr old daughter’s dose would be $300. I asked why hers was so much more I was told due to the fact it was in suspension. That made sense...except my daughter could have taken a pill. The MD hadn’t even asked me if they could write the RX for the capsule. If they wouldn’t have been in a such a hurry maybe that option could have been addressed on the original call. When trying to call back to get a new RX it took over 14 hrs and 2 phone calls for them to resolve the issue. Tamiflu is a time sensitive treatment and the wasted time put my family at risk. I would have done better just to go to Minute Clinic or called my primary. Deleting the app cause I won’t have my time wasted again.
  • Dont use Teladoc 1/5

    By H.Ip
    They gave me an prescription that my insurance don’t cover I wasted my time and $40.00 only to talked to the doc less than 5 minutes go see a real doctor people.
  • If I could give no stars I would 1/5

    By Loshie94
    I used the teladoc for my ear infection the lady I got was not personal asked me every question for a ruptured eardrum and told me to take sudafed and Advil. Later that night my ear drum did rupture and I had to go to the real doctor the next day and pay more money to be seen, I had a seriously bad ear infection and ruptured eardrum they couldn’t see how bad it was and I had to go back, but my “doctor” on the phone said that sudafed and Advil would be good enough. I called customer service and they said they would give me my money back this was 3 weeks ago and I just got an email that the fee is non refundable, I would never recommend this to anyone, fake doctors, lying customer service.
  • Easy Peezy 5/5

    By Mzpattic
    Love it! I woke up with an earache, and had a feeling it was a sinus infection and really didn’t want to go see my primary care physician with all the sick and coughing people hanging out in the lobby waiting to be seen. So I called Teladoc and within 10 minutes I had a doctor fro UC Davis call me and we went over my symptoms and agreed it was just a sinus infection. He called my pharmacy and in 20 minutes my prescription was ready. It only cost me 5.00 for my consultation and saved me time and money. I was back home within 40 minutes and resting in bed. He prescribed me antibiotics and told me to get some over the counter decongestant. I am good to go! It’s been 5 hours since I started both meds and I already feel much better. Great option❤️
  • Not good 1/5

    By Naturaltlisa
    Made an appointment and never received a call. I then call to cancel and they apologize but list the reason a no show. Off to expensive urgent care for me.
  • The future 5/5

    By brianrmurray
    Awesome app, excellent user interface and underlying workings. Got the doc within 30 minutes and in 5 minutes was done and had my prescription sent straight to CVS. Perfect!
  • Took 4 hrs to call me back 2/5

    By Update keeps crashing 12345
    Not ideal
  • What the mobile app needs 2/5

    By NMoldover
    1. Spell check as you type symptoms. 2. As you enter the symptoms, the app needs to tell you right away if you’ve exceeded the amount of characters versus at the end of the process (see #5) 4. The ability to copy and paste information (phone numbers) without telling me they are wrong. Because the app adds “(“ to the pasted phone number 5. I Must must must be able to look at the summary page and change the date/time or ANY other information the app finds offensive without having to scroll through the entire request form to re enter all information. These features will go a long way to user satisfaction of this request process.
  • A God Send 5/5

    By Bohemian Barista
    I love this app! The female doctor was so nice and helpful. After I set up my account, I got a call within 5 minutes. So worth it if you don't want to get dressed (and try to look somewhat decent while having the plague) and wait for a doctor to see you as you cough up a lung and everyone scatters to one side of the waiting room... Now I can go back to bed and stay cozy until my prescription is ready!
  • Best option but not for everyone or every issue! 5/5

    By firefishcook
    Service is quick, easy and efficient. I am a firefighter and In my line of work I frequently get poison oak, this is a fast and simple way to get meds on board before the rash spreads! I’ve been 300+ miles away from home fighting fires and been able to speak with a doctor then pick up a prescription in my fire truck with no interruption to my job. Breathing in all the smoke we do, I frequently get sinus infections and this is the easiest way to get antibiotics before the infection turns into bronchitis, cough, and a fever etc... If you are sick and know what you need this is the service for you. If you don’t know what your issue is and need tests and prefer 1 on 1 with a Doctor in person, this probably isn’t for you. If you live a long distance from an Urgent Care Clinic or you have little ones at home and don’t have someone to watch them while you go to the doctor, this might be a better option. No one wants to lug healthy kids into a waiting room full of sick patients to sit and wait for hours to be seen... I have only had 1 time using Teladoc where it took 15 minutes to get a call back. The consultation went fine but the clinical team was backlogged so it took over 20+ hours for my pharmacy to receive the prescription. Had I picked a 24hr pharmacy, it might not have taken as long. Typically from the time I submit a request for a consultation to the time I receive a text from my pharmacy letting me know my medication is ready for pick up is about 20 minutes.
  • Dr knows nothing 1/5

    By drknowsnothing
    Doctor had no clue what he was talking about. I have had the flu for 4 days and he prescribes me an antivirus that only works in the first 48 hours SAVE YOUR MONEY
  • Paid $10 to hear “try mucinex” 1/5

    By paohio
    I can get the same advice from my husband for free. He’s a realtor! Not a physician! So now I pay another $25 to go to urgent care to get a script for the antibiotics that I truly needed. Never again! I will tell all my co-workers about this great new “service” we have been provided with. Great concept. Poor execution.
  • Competent Reviewer 5/5

    By Hospice CEO
    Background: I’m a middle-aged guy with a busy job. I don’t have any major health issues and I don’t get sick very often, maybe just a few times a year. Review: This service is phenomenal. However, I only use it for common illnesses - sinus infection, eye infection, stomach issues, etc. Anyone who gives this a negative review is simply expecting too much. You cannot avoid going to the doctor’s office if something more complicated is wrong with you. If you think your illness is simple and you likely already know what’s wrong with you, this service will be perfect for you. Have a realistic mindset about what is happening and what you need and you won’t have any complaints.
  • Teladoc not! 2/5

    By Txjames7507077379
    Talked to a dictor on the. He had some type of computer hookup with lots of background noise. Bad clod with fever cough runny nose. Prescribed Zyrtec and Mucinex. Both over the counter. Not worth the effort. Minute clinic or equivalent next time.
  • Still waiting for a call 1/5

    By Tcox8213
    Scheduled a call for a specific time. An hour later and still no call
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Sandraruthless
    Really easy to use. Convenient for people who don’t have time to wait at the doctor’s office for hours.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By CaraDawn
    I set up my account on the app within 2 minutes,ade an appt and a doctor called me within 5. Just waiting to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy now. It's so nice not having to leave the house and sit in a waiting room when you're sick!
  • Very Convenient 4/5

    By Music musical
    Teladoc got me well by the next day to head to work prescription. Teladoc sent prescription to pharmacy I picked script up before the pharmacy closed and start feeling better before work next day. Customer was great lots of questions but worth it.
  • Very difficult to use. 1/5

    By ..prop_mom
    I’ve tried to use Teladoc twice. Both times I never received a call back. There is nowhere on the app to find out where you are in the queue. Then when you log in to make sure you are still in line, if they’ve dropped you there is no way to find out why or chat w/out starting all over. I would NOT recommend!
  • Used twice 2/5

    By Kirstie Edwards
    I give such a low rating as the 2 times I used this service I never received advice to treat the problem only to mask the symptoms. Also the first visit was nice and quick receiving a call 10 minutes after setting up the appointment. The 2nd call was to find out after finishing the first set of medications why I still had the same symptoms and getting worse. This appointment I had to wait almost 2 hours to speak to a doctor. They said technical difficulties. Well even after his visit and following his advise I still had to go visit a 3rd doctor this time in person to hear that yes I had what Teledocs told me I had but it had gotten worse and now I’m on a strong antibiotic because Teledoc never prescribed be one. I did not have blood drawn or anything that Teledoc could have done and Even walked away with same diagnose that both doctors from Teledoc gave me but with one difference . I needed an antibiotic to clear this up as indicated by 3rd non Teledoc because it had been going on for ridiculously too long and obvious just from my symptoms I had an infection from the bronchitis !!! The First Teledoc even told me he thought it wasn’t viral because it would have passed since calling him. I wasted so much time on this service as the 3rd doctor who was non Teledoc asked why did they not issue you an antibiotic?
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By jaimetwiins
    I requested a call an hour and a half ago and nothing! Im still in the “ QUEUE “. Im just going to go to see a nurse practitioner at CVS
  • Poor Customer Service 2/5

    By New to GF 87
    I’ve had two good experiences with Teladoc Doctors however, the communication/listening “skills” of the customer service reps are sorely deficient. I can understand wait times and technical difficulties. I cannot excuse poor listening and rude manners from call reps. I could have taken my son into the pediatrician in less time and been treated with more respect from their admin staff. Now, I can’t even go pick up my prescription because I get to wait more time, already on hour 4, for my son to be “seen” since customer service has no idea what they’re doing. Yay.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By frankta01
    Great app, great doctors, right when I need them. And super low copay with my insurance!
  • What do you expect 1/5

    By Z:)
    I used the service for ear infection. Obviously since they can’t see your ear they could not give me anything. Waste of $40. If you just want advice and want to pay for it, then this is for you. If you need medical care, go see a real person.
  • Terrible first impression - Rude Doctor 1/5

    By psandle
    Doctor stayed on with me for less than 2 minutes. Seemed extremely uncaring and he interrupted me twice when I didn’t directly answer his question. He was not personable or cordial at all. It seemed like he was just trying to finish and shove me through the system... not sure I even got a valid solution to my Sinus infection... I will probably never use this app again.
  • VERY Disappointed 1/5

    By Rupmh
    I was pretty skeptical but wanted to avoid a visit to urgent care so gave this a try. Made an appointment and was called by a doctor pretty quickly. That’s where the positive experience ended. The doctor explained that he couldn’t prescribe me eye drops for pink eye and I needed to go to urgent care for an eye exam. Walked into urgent care the next morning, paid my copay, was seen quickly by a doctor and I was handed my prescription eye drops (with no exam by the way) in barely more time than the Teledoc experience. Wanted this to be a good experience since it’s completely covered by my insurance, but it was a waste of time and extremely frustrating. Would give this zero stars if I could.
  • Absolute joke! 1/5

    By kmb0019
    This is an absolute joke! I know when I’m sick. Telling me to take a steam shower isn’t going to get the infection from my nose!
  • Why haven’t I been using this? 5/5

    By Mommy&Equestrian
    Today at work I could feel a sinus infection coming on, I set up all my medical history, kids medical, and added our pharmacy on my computer at work I think it took maybe 10 minutes. Came home downloaded the app to my phone put in my request. Within minutes I had a very nice dr on the phone, he asked me a few questions and sent a prescription to my pharmacy then recommended a local dr to fallow up with as I haven’t been able to take the time to do it since we moved. It was fast it was free through my insurance and it was so easy! I’ll never use a urgent care again for a general sickness! Most of the time all they do is make me wait forever in a waiting room, run tests I don’t need, and don’t give me anything and send me packing and give me a hefty bill! This is definitely the way to go!!! I can’t wait to tell everyone about teladoc!!!!
  • Lifesaver! 5/5

    By Swilson223
    I wasn’t going to be able to get to the dr, but am miserably with kidney stones and UTI. I thought I’d give this Teladoc thing a try. $10, 1 minute phone call, and I have Rx waiting for me at the pharmacy! I was so pleasantly surprised by my experience. I will definitely use this service again.
  • So much better than sitting in a waiting room 5/5

    By JDimon
    Great first experience using this service which I had forgotten about. I was trying to just make it through so I didn’t have to waste time when my boss insisted I go to a doctor. Shared with him I would go for that 3 hour tour on my next day off when he reminded me of this service. Teladoc may not be able to help with everything over the phone, but it will certainly be a first stop.
  • Best medical service I’ve ever had 5/5

    By The_crack_fox
    Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Last thing I want to do when I’m chilled and dripping with snot is to drive in sub arctic temperatures, park, and walk a mile to a doctors office, just to wait 45 minutes for him or her to tell me I’m sick “NO $@&) Sherlock!” This will revolutionize the industry. Nice doctor called me within 5 minutes, diagnosed me, and sent meds straight to my pharmacy! I’ll never have to tough out a flu again. Can’t sing enough praises! Hallelujah!!
  • Siri listens better than the doctor 1/5

    By sehughes89
    Just got off the call with a doctor for a nasty cough I’ve had for over a week. Being a pharmacist I know all the over the counter products I should take and how antibiotics shouldn’t be given for everything. Told the doc I’ve been taking x, y, and z for the past week and it’s getting worse. And his “prescription” was x, y, and z, exactly what I’ve been taking that hasn’t been working, oh plus hot tea... when I said that’s exactly what I have already been taking his response was “ok, keep doing it”. How you can make a recommendation to keep doing what hasn’t been working is baffling and negligent. Oh and you want me to call you back in a week when I still don’t feel better? So you can just take more of my money. Next time I’ll save the time and money and ask Siri how to treat myself and when her response is “hmmm this is what I found online” I bet it will be the same quality service Teladoc just provided. Never ever using this “service” again!
  • Stella 5/5

    By Pudgymeister
    This is by far the best medical app for anyone that is busy and does not have time to get sick. My only concern is that this unknown best secret will get out to the masses and slow their process down. If I could rate better than a 5, I would give them a 10. Way over my expectations and I am difficult. Good job people.
  • Quick, Easy, thanks! 5/5

    By ifownjunkie
    On the phone with a doctor within 15 minutes right from my own bed. Sent a prescription for the flu straight to my pharmacy. No scheduling, lines, or crowded wait rooms of sick people!

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