Teladoc: 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video

Teladoc: 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video

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Teladoc: 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video App

A DOCTOR’S CARE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Teladoc® connects you with a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video consults. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen and resolve your issue. If medically necessary a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. * It’s healthcare when and wherever you want it! Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if medically necessary, for many medical issues, including: - Sore throat and stuffy nose - Allergies - Cold and flu symptoms - Bronchitis - Poison ivy - Pink eye - Urinary tract infection - Respiratory infection - Sinus problems - Ear infection And more… HOW DOES IT WORK? Request a consult – Open the Teladoc App and request a consult, provide medical history and pay for the consult. Your Teladoc account is also available online at or toll-free at 1-800-Teladoc. Talk to a doctor – Within minutes, a state-licensed doctor reviews your medical history and contacts you via phone or video. Teladoc consults have no time limit; you can speak to the doctor for as long as you’d like. Pick up prescription – The doctor discusses the issue with you, answers questions and recommends next steps. If medically necessary, a prescription can be submitted to a local pharmacy of your choice. HOW DO I GET TELADOC? Teladoc is a service provided to you as a benefit through your employer, health insurance, or other organization. Visit to learn more. This app allows Teladoc members to: - Authenticate your Teladoc account. - Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere. - Create and update your medical history. - Update personal, contact, login and billing information. - Utilize Apple Health integration to enable your provider to form a better diagnosis.

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Teladoc: 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video app reviews

  • Useless For a Follow-up 1/5

    By Bennemi
    I recently hurt my ribs in a fall and went to Urgent Care. A week later, for a follow-up visit, they said to contact my Primary Care Physician (PCP). My PCP recently left his practice, so I tried out Teladoc. After a 30 minute wait, the doc came on and got my story. He said "What do you want ME to do? I can't do anything for you. I can't diagnose anything, can't prescribe anything." I told him Teladoc claims to do both diagnose and prescribe. He said yes, but not always, and told me to go see a doctor. Really? Really? That is your advice after I spent an hour signing up, 30 minutes filling out Teladoc paperwork, and 30 minutes by the phone?? What wss the point? We were supposed to have a video call and at least he could have seen the injuries. But nope, just a call to tell me the obvious. Thanks very much for literally nothing.
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By Jeremy22389
    I have not used the app before, but have used their service in the past for colds and minor things. Calls were always within five minutes and were always helpful. No need to go to the doctors office for a sinus infection or an ear infection.
  • Activation 1/5

    By Cryryee
    Was not able to add any of my dependents. Contacted them and was put on hold for over 13 mins. Then they could not talk to me because it was registered to my husband. Very aggravating.
  • Over the phone consulting 1/5

    By LOL469
    Not worth your co-pay
  • Exemplary App 5/5

    By azulpacifica🐚
    Intuitive, well deployed, and executed app. If your insurance allows the usage, it is worth the download.
  • Easy to use app and quick service 5/5

    By Photo_grl
    This was the best thing my employer could have offered its employees. I'm very grateful for not having to sit in an urgent care waiting room waiting to see a doctor for a prescription just for a UTI. It took all of 5 minutes to set up my account with my medical history, request a phone call and 10 minutes later, spoke with the doctor and she ordered my meds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Not a very helpful service 1/5

    By Meshy Pants
    Made a 5:30 appointment for my son and wasn't called until 8:30 when I was no longer at home. Complained twice to the company via email and never received a response. Feedback will also be given to my employer.
  • Simple, convenient. 5/5

    By Rjfrick
    When you're not feeling well, this is beyond easy to navigate once you've set it up. You can call for most basic health needs - colds, ear infections, minor injuries. Doctors are fast and ask great questions. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended over an urgent care facility.
  • Wasting my time more than trying to see an actual doctor 1/5

    By Ren Gundo
    Scheduled an appointment, got on 5 minutes beforehand, doctor never showed. Waited 20 minutes+ on the video chat to no avail. Also, the app clearly can't handle that the doc never just says xxx will arrive at the scheduled time. Now I'm waiting on their help line to sort out the fact that I already paid for a visit I didn't get. Wait for help is over 15 minutes already. This app is a mess...
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By bagarwal22
    The 'doctor' pointed me in the direction of some great websites that I already visited prior to the call. Afterward, she refused to prescribe me anything and said to grab over the counter items from the drugstore and call back if it doesn't go away in 5-10 days. Will delete the app shortly and look to get my money back for the phony consultation.
  • Convenient access to Teladoc 5/5

    By YouCanReachMeNow
    I've used Teladoc multiple times for the 4 or 5 years. With little difficulty, I've been able to get advice and treatment for a variety of illnesses. From a temporary filling of an on going prescription to treatment for allergies and bronchitis. Now, I can use the app to request a consult and review my history. I like it.
  • Awesome - Future is now 5/5

    By JDDunne
    Great way for a quick check in With a Doc - perfect for travel!
  • Long Wait Time 1/5

    By Jcsclisa2006
    I waited over an hour for a video conference. Since I fell and hurt my knee pretty bad I didn't think that doing an over the phone consultation was the best option. Now I think it would have been. I was told I would never have to wait longer than 15 minutes- that's a lie.
  • What happened??? 2/5

    By jellybean1015
    Usually I hear back within 10-15 minutes. It has been over an hour. The app says the doctor has begun my visit. Still waiting for him to call. My normal pediatrician didn't act concerned so I wanted a second opinion. So much for fell asleep and I am ready to go to sleep as well. Very disappointed.
  • Family Friendly? 3/5

    By Sharky3333
    The app is a little complicated for setting up family members, especially older children. It would be much simpler for all to have the app connect to the medical history on my insurance account (BC/BS). This was purchased through that insurer so they should be more connected (with my permission of course). Older children don't have a clue how to set up medical history. This is not realistic.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By raphaelamorim
    Said they'd sent the prescription. Showed up on the app. Was never available at the pharmacy. Run from this.
  • Waste of money do bother! 1/5

    By hmoobkwm
    Call the teledoc Doctor told her my son had ear ache she didn't prescribed nothing said it was common cold. The doc looked like she just woke up from bed. Waste of money. Not recommended to use. Took my son in for office visit turns out he had an ear infection got him some antibiotics. PROBLEM SOLVED.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Yea12211
    Don't waste your time waiting on them just go to urgent care. The "doctor" I spoke with didn't actually do anything to help or even really listen to my problem. I paid for the service that would have been better spend somewhere that actually helps your problems.
  • Good idea in theory but horrible service and not worth it 1/5

    By Mister Wack
    Took an hour to get a call even though they made it seem like it would be much shorter. Doc looked like she just woke up and seemed quite bothered to even be taking my call
  • Amazing 5/5

    By daveg788
    On vacation in CA and have a wicked sinus infection. Doctor called me within minutes and quickly sent in a prescription to the pharmacy for a Z-Pak. Call was only $8 with my insurance and saved me a trip to urgent care which would have cost me significantly more and taken much longer. Highly recommended!
  • That was easy. 5/5

    By AntyM2422
    We live out on a ranch. 30 minute drive to the nearest medical facility...and I've got the flu-crud. Phone call back in about 15 minutes. RX for Tamiflu called into the pharmacy just 8 miles away. This was a Godsend.
  • Waste! 1/5

    By Sncdjnvfijfvdnijvenfivjn
    Well I was lucky enough to have this service for free with my insurance. That being said I would not waste my time on this at all. Took 30 mins to get a response. Would not prescribe a simple z pak. Gave me advice that is common sense I.e drink fluids and get rest. If it cost me a penny it would have been to much. Save your time and money!
  • Waste of money and time 1/5

    By Missblip
    The doctor didn't listen to me at all. I told him my symptoms of a sinus infection the doctor didn't ask me any questions he automatically told me it was a cold and there was nothing he could do. I have had multiple sinus infections and sinus surgery because they have been so bad. I know when I have one and what they feel like. The doctor ignored what I was telling him and told me to take ibuprofen. I ended up having to go to the urgent care to get any relief and support. Do not use this service why tell someone your issues only to have them not listen and do nothing for you. Save your money.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sick CPA
    Simply awesome. Wish real life doctor offices operated so quickly!
  • Idea is good 2/5

    By pmp72
    How many husbands call the dr for themselves?? You should be able to designate another adult to call for you. Log in states it will use fingerprint but if you log out it doesn't remember anything in your phone.
  • Great 5/5

    By Conwayn
    Love teladoc. My grandfather was a family physician and I grew up calling him for prescriptions and medical advice. Teladoc has the same feel of being able to speak with a doctor whenever I need and quickly get a consultation or prescription. The app is easy to use and much appreciated. I do find it annoying that the app doesn't save my login information, when I'm sick and using the app and my eyes are watering, it's a pain trying to look up my login info and get it all typed in. I always select the 'remember my login' and it never does
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Hran48
    Teladoc saved my vacation! Doctor called me back at 10pm within 5 mins, answered all my questions , and prescription was at the pharmacy within 30 mins. Awesome!
  • Impressive 5/5

    By secroft
    Set up account on computer. Then downloaded user friendly app. Scheduled a call from doctor and paid. Doctor called, confirmed verifying information, called in meds, and offered additional healthtips. Saved time, money, and sick leave.
  • Don't waste your time or money 1/5

    By Cams150
    Seriously, do not waste an ounce of your time or money! The HR department at my work raved about how great this is but it's a joke! I spent 40 dollars for a "doctor" and who sounded Indian to call me back and I could barely understand him. I told him I knew I had a UTI and had hopes I would be prescribed antibiotics. He told me I would have to go see a doctor in person. Waste of time and waste of money, don't even bother!!
  • Still waiting... 1/5

    By Mxgolfcpu
    I requested a visit through the app. It says my visit is pending. Waited a week and never heard from anyone. Emailed them then called them. They said they would put me directly into the queue and I would hear back. Didn't hear anything from them for 4 more days so I emailed them again, they responded that my request was escalated to their health services department and I would hear back shortly. Two more days and I still haven't gotten a response from them. The app still says my visit is pending. Complete waste of time. Don't bother.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Daaniellee
    Waited almost an hour after my schedule appointment and no one called me. Tried calling the help center and was on hold for over 30 minutes until I gave up. They charged me $40 for nothing. Feels like a scam.
  • Great for what it is for 5/5

    By Kvtolman
    This is not for complicated diagnosis, drug seekers, etc. but if you need a doctor to consult on the weekend, this was great. The doctor spoke clearly (he was from the US, not a foreign call center) and listened acutely. My family doctor wasn't available and this was a convenient fill in when I needed a refill.
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By Bojack ghostman
    Avoid if you can
  • Great first impression 5/5

    By Jennf0723
    If it's this easy and quick I will most definitely be using again!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Bettybutterz
    It's so convenient to talk to someone and not have to wait to be seen. I didn't have time to go searching for a dr and Teladoc heard my symptoms and gave me antibiotics for my infection and I was able to go about my day. Thank you!
  • I wanted to love it... 2/5

    By Elk12345678
    I really tried to love this app and service but frankly, for me it's been a hassle and an exercise in frustration and wasted time. My review comes from having set up my account to having experienced an actual Teladoc appointment, so I've been through the whole process. I won't bore readers with the minutiae of the myriad hassles I've had with Teladoc, but suffice it to say I'll be sticking with brick and mortar doctors from now on. Others might have a great experience with this service and I don't want to steer anyone away, but if you decide to use Teladoc, know you will need to exercise a lot of patience and don't have super high expectations. The idea is superb, the execution is lacking.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Pactac05
    Don't use this service. Bad service all around.
  • Awesome well worth it! 5/5

    By Ashlee423
    Just used Teledoc for the first time. So simple, and convenient! For the same price as my standard co-pay I got awesome service. The doctor called me within a half hour. Asked me a few questions and called in my prescription for antibiotics in minutes. So effortless. No one with a ear infection and strep feels like waiting ages in a Doctors office. I'll definitely use this service the next time I'm sick with something simple.
  • Seriously. 1/5

    By Im a nurse.
    This was a complete waste of my time and money. First it cost $40 just to get them to call you and then they can only give me three days of an antibiotic. Want me to turn around and go get changed to see my pcp. Such a complete waste.
  • Patient 5/5

    By L Weisberg
    Great experience! Quick callback with expert and calming assistance. Thank you!
  • Service 5/5

    By Bigblue2082
    Great experience,great service and quick
  • Perfect Solution for Common Illnesses 5/5

    By DonDonBooBoo
    Have had a sinus infection for about a week. Feeling crappy. Recenly moved. The last thing I wanted to do is go into the doctor's office, get handed the same clip board with the same HIPAA, health history, financial responsibility, family history, etc. Go in and tell the assistant my symptoms, have them take vitals, and then explain it all for a second time to a doctor, to get to the end game here. Right tool for this job. Interface is clean and simple.
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By Bbdtjtpt2006
    Teladoc is a great service. I've used it twice - months apart - and both times I was impressed because it saved me time and money and the doctors were thorough and great. On both occasions I got a call back within 10 minutes and the docs had obviously read my medical history before calling. They asked clear, pointed questions and explained why their opinions and diagnoses. They gave me clear instructions about taking the antibiotics they prescribed. The prescriptions were sent electronically and ready for me when I picked them up. The entire interaction took less than 15 minutes and was done from the comfort of my home at night. Great job Teladoc!
  • Waste of time and Money 1/5

    By Brad 12245+7
    What a scam. They told me that I had not been sick Long enough to warrant a script (3 days ) but that I could schedule another appointment with them if I was still sick after 7 days. I immediately visited my family doctor, he properly diagnosed me and provided medicine. Don't waste your money. My business is also cancelling this service.
  • Unhelpful 1/5

    By MissBlazinAsian
    Horrible first experience. Spoke with a Teladoc doctor Monday and they gave me a low dosage Rx that did not fix the problem. I tried to get it fixed that same day and sent them the prior Rx I had gotten from my PCP. They in turn gave me an automated response of wait 72 hours and then contact us. Which conveniently might I add is the same time restraint that would cost you another visit. Fine, you want another $8 from me, I can accept that. Except for the fact that when I did get my follow up Teladoc appointment, not ONLY was the doctor 20 minutes LATE, he then told me he wouldn't change the prescription after all and to go see a specialist. Even after I told him that the specialist I want to use is booked for months. I have no problem in taking their advice, because I planned on making a dermatologist appointment ANYWAY. However, I need something to treat the symptoms I'm experiencing NOW. If you can't even give me a simple prescription for which I sent a picture of the actual bottle and dosage that I received a few months ago from my PCP, then what CAN you do? So now, I've wasted 3 precious days of my time, while the issue has progressively worsened, because you made me wait 3 days to call back and tell me you refuse to do anything but tell me to call another doctor. That's not worth $8. I paid you $1 per minute, $60 an hour to tell me that? Thanks for nothing. The app itself isn't great either. The messaging system won't allow you to send any new replies after one initial reply. After that, you have to invest more time and call the 1-800 number. Which to me, the whole point of Teladoc is to save time, not waste it. Which is exactly what happened to me. Unless you have the common cold or flu, don't bother. See your PCP and save yourself the hassle.
  • Jhcfdtgghhh 1/5

    By Vghjigfddfghh
    Awful app and long wait times
  • Scam Service 1/5

    By Slickwizard
    I had high hopes for this service and really hoped it would be all that some say. I got setup in the app and within 15 minutes I received a call. That was nice and worked as expected. The reason for my call was for a sinus infection. I get them once or twice a year. Generally an antibiotic or steroid combo gets it knocked out. At about 15 seconds into the discussion, I was stopped and told to take vitamin c and drink water. Doctor was short and sounded like he was in a hurry to just get off the phone. Now, try to call in to complain or ask questions. I'm told that it will be more $$ to get another review of my case. Then was told someone will call me back about the concern. It's been 2 weeks and no call. You call in and just get routed to leave a call back number. There is no customer service for this company if you have an issue. I ended up at a local doctor and yes, a sinus infection. Got my meds and paid another co-pay. So all in all, this is what I've seen from my experience. They have no customer service, no quality control and in no way do they care about the quality of care for their patients.
  • Best service ever 5/5

    By Hate this app 1000000
    I am 50 with three kids so more than familiar with insurance and docs. This service is the best benefit my company has ever given me love it. Quick replies and awesome service
  • Best Telehealth App 5/5

    By MrBoobs1
    Very engaging app. High def video in app was easy to use and had great resolution.
  • Worst virtual physician ever! Stay away. 1/5

    By Love2save2011
    I tried this service because my insurance covered a majority of the cost. I was also really sick, and didn't want to leave my apartment. I thought I had strep throat. I took a picture and waited. The nurse who called me back was not friendly and basically told me to battle it out for another week and see if I felt any better. I ended up going into urgent care anyway. It was very cold out (-7), and I was diagnosed with thrush. If she couldn't help me, she could have just told me to go in to urgent care. It's a giant waste of money.

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